wrstwell lookie there, xTEMPLARx did return17:09
wrstgood morning... well afternoon for you xTEMPLARx17:21
xTEMPLARxindeed, just barely!17:21
xTEMPLARxprolly won't be talkin much for the next few, as I'm all over the place in the office17:22
xTEMPLARxso my apologies up front :D17:22
wrstha ha17:23
xTEMPLARxis nobody adminning the team page these days?17:28
wrstI don't think so xTEMPLARx, did you just volunteer?17:29
xTEMPLARxi let my membership expire so now I'm not in.  but if nobody's adminning it (i.e., Zach), then me trying to join is for naught17:30
xTEMPLARxoh wells17:31
UbikI think Zach went on a permanent vacation17:35
xTEMPLARxmust be nice17:43
xTEMPLARxif I could afford one of those I would too17:43
wrstxTEMPLARx: no I can rejoin you18:31
wrsthmm that sounded weird18:31
wrstbut xTEMPLARx ask to join I can approve18:31
* Monkey_Shines pokes wrst 18:50
Monkey_ShinesiOS autocorrect and irc are not good matches18:51
wrstha ha18:51
Monkey_ShinesSpend more time correcting what I type18:51
wrstMonkey_Shines: what client are you using?18:51
Monkey_Shineslimechat atm18:52
Monkey_Shines<----- xtemp18:52
wrstI am using iQuassel, not the best on iOS but at least keeps me connected to everythign18:52
wrstMonkey_Shines: I was pretty sure with that nick you had to be xTEMPLARx for some reason ;)18:52
Monkey_ShinesYeah I thought about grabbing that18:52
Monkey_ShinesThat's why I was asking if you were still using quassel18:53
Monkey_ShinesThis is my minecraft username18:53
Monkey_ShinesFigured I wouldn't get in a fight with nickserv this way lol18:54
Monkey_ShinesThis client is actually pretty decent18:54
Monkey_ShinesIs iquassel written by the quassel folks?18:56
wrstxTEMPLARx: it isn't and it isn't the best but works19:08
wrstno tab complete is the biggest problem19:09
wrstI would say it is better on ipad than iphone, quasseldroid is a better client I think for quassel19:09
wrstbut how iOS handles background processes has a lot to do with it19:10
xTEMPLARxthis is true19:24
xTEMPLARxor doesn't handle them, rather ;)19:24
xTEMPLARxin most cases19:24
xTEMPLARxat the same time, though, i don't want apps I forgot to fully close slammin' my battery life when they're not in use19:24
xTEMPLARxa quassel client should just connect when I have it up, and disconnect when I don't19:24
xTEMPLARxsince quassel allows that with any client anyway19:25
xTEMPLARxallows that to work well*19:25
wrstyeah but it is a bit irritating19:26
xTEMPLARxhow so?19:26
wrstI would prefer to have the option to kill my battery if I want19:26
wrstthe whole reconnect process19:26
xTEMPLARxif it would just do it quickly without much interaction it wouldn't be AS painful19:26
wrstbut it auto reconnects now with latest update, it is  improved19:26
wrstyes and it is much less painful than it was19:27
xTEMPLARxat least with quassel, once you're connected, you still have your channel history to scroll back thru19:27
xTEMPLARxwhereas with a standard client, you have all the above problems but with none of the scrollback19:27
xTEMPLARxusing quassel now19:57
wrston ios?19:58
xTEMPLARxNow I am20:00
xTEMPLARxInstalling a LENEL server atm and it's being uncooperative with awl express20:03
xTEMPLARxSQL express that is20:10
xTEMPLARxthank you iphone20:11
wrstha ha20:16

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