tseliotricotz: 346.47 builds fine with buildfix_kernel_3.18.patch applied and linux 3.1917:30
tseliot# dkms status17:30
tseliotnvidia-346, 346.47, 3.19.0-7-generic, x86_64: installed17:30
ricotztseliot, the question wasn't if it still builds with it, but it this patch really needed ;)17:39
tseliotricotz: if I remember correctly, the driver builds without but then it fails at runtime17:42
ricotztseliot, hmm, did you report this upstream?17:43
tseliotI don't remember the exact error (drm bus something)17:43
tseliotno, but I assume they are already aware of that17:44
ricotztseliot, ok, did you check if it still fails without the patch?17:45
tseliotricotz: not yet. I've only used a chroot for today. Tomorrow I'll see if it boots17:46
ricotztseliot, alright17:46
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