Kilosmorning all05:06
inetprogood mornings05:50
Kiloslo pro05:50
Kiloshi barrydk  06:00
barrydkMore Kilos en almal06:01
Kiloshi Padroni  06:08
Padronihow are you?06:09
Kilosalive and you?06:09
Padroniever seen this error:  ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxx does not exist. Dropping to a shell initramfs:06:09
Kilosits seems to have lost the drives id06:10
Kilosboot-repair will fix it06:10
PadroniI fixed it myself 06:11
Kiloswell done, what did you do?06:11
Padronirebuild grub after booting up from live disk and mounting the drive 06:11
Padroniand the /sys /proc folders06:11
Padronithis happened after a small update ran06:11
Padroniand I rebooted06:11
Kilosmaybe you can then explain how it loses it06:11
Padronicame back : pc is dead06:11
Padroninot a clue06:12
Padronibut it seems it uses a device id to boot the disk06:12
Kilosupdate to what?06:12
Padroniinstead of the boot location like /dev/sda106:12
Padroninot sure06:12
Padroniwasn't even a big thing06:12
Padroni<2mb update killed my Ubuntu06:12
Kiloswow 06:13
Kilosold drive?06:13
Kilosmb or mB06:14
Kilos2mb is about nothing06:14
Padronii know06:14
Padroniwas a real small update06:14
Padronithen killed my damn machine06:14
PadroniThe nice thing about Linux is: you can fix it yourself.06:14
PadroniThe bad thing about Linux is: you have to fix it yourself.06:15
Kilosi use boot-repair06:15
Padroniyeah that would have been my last resort06:15
Padronihad to try and do it myself first though06:15
Kilosgood thats how you learn06:15
Kilosand refresh memory06:16
Kiloskeeps you on your toes06:16
Kilosi only had those probs on old drives06:16
Kilosdicey drives06:16
Padroniyeah this is a old 160GB drive06:17
Padronimay need to replace it06:17
Padroniany way to clone my current install to a new drive?06:17
Kilosya them dd commands do it06:17
Kilosthats what Squirm  uses06:18
PadroniI will speak to Squirm next time he is here06:18
Kilosi only use dd to zero drives that are badly corrupt06:18
KilosMaaz  google cloning a drive with dd command06:19
MaazKilos: "Disk cloning - ArchWiki - Arch Linux" https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/disk_cloning :: "Using DD for disk cloning - Server Fault" http://serverfault.com/questions/4906/using-dd-for-disk-cloning :: "Full DD copy from hdd to hdd - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange" http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/144172/full-dd-copy-from-hdd-to-hdd :: "2 Methods To06:19
MaazClone Your Linux Hard Drive - MakeUseOf" http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/2-methods-to-clone-your…06:19
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  06:19
PadroniThanx Kilos06:21
mazalMorning everyone06:34
Kiloshi mazal  06:35
Padronihi mazal06:44
inetproKilos: did you see my site?07:01
Kilosdid you use the git stuffs?07:02
inetproI know the fly won't like this but it's so simple with github07:02
inetproPadroni: http://inetpro.github.io/07:02
inetprojust a proof of concept at the moment07:03
Kilosisnt the lp way the more secure even though its more work for dom mense07:03
Padroniare you a webdev, inetpro?07:03
Kilosi want the site to stand forever07:03
inetproKilos: the fly will help you with it man07:04
inetproPadroni: https://pages.github.com/07:04
Kilosi know 07:05
inetproPadroni: I was just playing around with nikola a bit last night and just wanted to complete the cycle by deploying the site somewhere07:05
Padroniah ok07:05
PadroniI have written so many site frameworks the last 5 years07:05
PadroniI should go see where I have lost/stored them07:06
Padronishould be on one of  my computers somewhere07:06
PadroniI write websites from the ground up, starting with the CSS 07:06
nuvolario/ oh hi07:06
PadroniI finish about 70% of the CSS before writing a single line of HTML07:07
Padronithen it all just clicks in place07:07
Padronihi nuvolari07:07
Kiloslo nuvolari  07:07
inetproKilos: build your site with nikola from scratch, forget about cloning ubuntu-za07:08
inetproit's so simple, really!07:08
Kiloshaha inetpro  he just has to find time to fix what we broke first07:08
Kilosall the wui stuff too07:09
Kilosalso it has to be related because we are driving the initiative07:09
Kilosisnt that page we see what the fly built already with nikola inetpro  ?07:12
Kilosthe one with the broken wui now07:13
inetproKilos: it's as simple as http://getnikola.com/creating-a-site-not-a-blog-with-nikola.html07:14
* Kilos looking07:14
Kilosai! more to get mixed up with07:29
Kilosa slug is/was a bullet07:29
Padroni27k bounce mails in the queue07:37
Padroniyou just KNOW someone will bleed for this...07:37
Padronithat's a lot 07:43
Padronibut certainly not the most I have seen07:43
Padroniit can be 10x that much07:43
Padronia decent spam script can knock out thousands of mails / hour07:44
Padroniif left unchecked...07:44
Kilosinetpro  question did you do that in your Projects folder or another place08:04
inetproKilos: does it matter?08:05
Kilosi dunno?08:05
Kilosgo work man08:05
Kilosi go start cooking08:06
inetproKilos: the command 'nikola init mysite' will create a new folder 'mysite' wherever you are at that point when executing it08:07
Kilosno need for the venv stuff?08:08
inetproobviously you need to do the pyenv stuffs to get nikola runningt in the first place08:08
ThatGraemeGuyit sounds like "obviously" was not the right word :-p08:09
Kilosya its like saying get in the car and go to shop, but not saying take car keys with first08:10
Kilosso stubborn our pro08:16
Kilosobviously you must fetch the keys in the kitchen first08:18
=== danfowle1 is now known as danfowler_ahoy
Kiloshi Squirm  09:03
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  09:03
Padronihi Squirm09:05
Padronihi TinuvaMac09:05
Jacques_StryMorning all09:20
* Jacques_Stry bathes in the silence09:22
Kiloshi Jacques_Stry  09:22
Padronihi Jacques_Stry09:22
PadroniWe will be launching that site this week.09:22
PadroniYou need to give me links to any tech-ish WP themes you can find09:22
Padroni(yes, you get to have a say in how the site looks.)09:23
Jacques_StryOk - I'll better work hard on that article then09:23
Jacques_Stryhaha i'll check a few themes out09:23
Kilosdeegee  wb09:32
Kilosdavey on holiday09:32
mopkopHello All!09:59
Jacques_StryHi 10:01
mopkopIs the use of Bazaar explorer recommended?10:02
Jacques_StryHaven't tried it10:07
mopkopIt seems very user-friendly.10:10
Kiloshi mopkop  10:10
Jacques_StryIt does10:10
mopkopHi Kilos!10:10
Kilosare we UTC +210:31
Kilosthat is is gmt and utc the same thing?10:32
Kilosdont all answer at once10:32
Kiloshi magellanic  10:35
Jacques_Strywell gmt is a timezone - time physically used by countries. UTC is not - it's a standard used as a common time for countries to compare time10:36
mopkopWell technically, no, but for all practical reasons, yes!10:36
Jacques_StryBut practically for us it's the same thing10:36
=== deegee is now known as drussell
Kilosok so we are utc+210:36
Kiloshehe drussell  wb10:37
drussellsomeone stole my nick, forgotten how tedious it was to eject interlopers10:37
drussellthanks Kilos, you have a good weekend?10:37
Kilosyes ty and you drussell  ?10:37
drussellKilos: yes thanks! :o)10:39
mopkopHello barrydk!10:40
mopkopShould I put my emailadres on ubuntu wiki? I see superfly put a (a) instead of @, is this to prevent crawler bots collecting the address for spamlists?10:47
Kilosya like that10:48
Kilosand (dot)10:48
mopkopI really don't mind. I know I had the same problem with it on a website I built. There is some JavaScript app to stop the bots. But I eventually found gmail's spamfilter to be more than enough to stop all the spam from comming in.10:51
Padronihi Jacques_Clone11:01
mazalI need help from the guys that know their stuff11:10
mazalHow do I check if my install is leaking memory ? And if yes what is causing it to leak ?11:10
ThatGraemeGuyapplications can leak memory11:26
ThatGraemeGuynot really sure what you mean11:26
mazalI want to know , if any apps are leaking memory , how do I find it11:29
mazalis there some way to check if it's occuring11:29
Kilosi need to do that11:40
Kiloson me11:40
mopkopI think there is a new app for that :)11:41
Kilosive tried earplugs and nose plugs and keeping mouth shut but no good11:41
mopkopYou must close your eyes too!11:41
* Jacques_Stry Buddah - See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil11:43
Kilosand do no evil11:43
* Jacques_Stry imagining Kilos as buddah statue11:44
Kilosinetpro  amper http://picpaste.com/nikola_site-wyxEAuGj.png11:54
Kilosnow i need to sleep11:59
superflyKilos: wat maak jy? I've already got a basic Ubuntu-Africa site set up, and if you committed a whole lot of nonsense, I can get rid of it.12:09
Kilosim playing superfly  its nowhere near your site or our bzr stuff12:10
Kilosnot even in projects12:10
Kilosnor at launchpad12:11
mopkopIs there any CMS packages that produces static pages (like Nikola), but with back-end web-login?12:14
Kilosthe pro said i must leave all commiting to you superfly  so im playing because the pro doesnt like me resting12:15
Kiloslol he is too impatient12:15
* Kilos hides12:15
mopkopShould I just leave Future goals and Contributions open for now? 12:34
Kilosas you do more things then you can go add them12:37
PadroniJacques_Stry: you still here?12:39
Kilosi should have made it like this superfly  http://picpaste.com/nikola_site1-JqENi2lU.png12:42
Kilossorry for upsetting you first12:43
mopkopIs Maaz's translation program broken?12:55
mopkopMaaz translate Lekker12:55
Maazmopkop: I couldn't translate that: Please use Translate v2.  See http://code.google.com/apis/language/translate/overview.html.12:55
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=== Padroni-brb is now known as Padroni
inetpromopkop: fix it13:17
mopkopIs the sourcecode on launchpad?13:17
mopkopIn all probability, I'll just end up breaking it more :(13:18
mopkopI assume, it's Google that changed their API handles, that caused the program to break.13:19
mopkopUhm.... "Google Translate API is available as a paid service." That's a problem...13:29
mopkopNow Microsoft has a free one. Oh the irony!13:31
SquirmMy head hurts :/14:31
Kilosits thinking14:33
Kilosim sure thinking is bad for the brain14:33
PadroniI set up a new blog today14:33
Padroniabout ubuntustuff14:34
Padroni*ubuntu stuff14:34
Kilosim gonna hit you14:34
Kiloswhy do we have to ask for the link14:34
Padronicoz it is not ready for public viewing yet14:34
Padronistill waiting for my other contributor to post his articles14:35
PadroniI added 4 so long14:35
Kiloshi nlsthzn  14:59
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos ... didn't get to the "reporting" today... perhaps later tonight if baby allows or then tomorrow I guess :/14:59
Kiloswhats happening14:59
Kilosty nlsthzn  14:59
Kilosbabies chew time14:59
nlsthznyup and not much sleep >.<14:59
nlsthznand was busy preparing paperwork most of the day when I got a chance ... yawn15:00
=== Padroni is now known as Pad-a-way
mopkopNikola stopped working!15:26
mopkopIt says 'ImportError: No module named datetime' when I try to build15:27
mopkopMust I re-install python?15:27
Kilossomething else you did wrong15:32
Kilosimport error only?15:33
mopkopMust I run Nikola in the virtual environment?15:33
Kilosnot you must be in a site to do it15:33
Kiloswhat site do you want to see?15:34
Kilosinetpro  woot i dont know what happened but africa running here on local15:35
mopkopI am. A branch I made to add the trello link15:35
Kilosdid you fix something superfly  15:35
Kiloswait for pro mopkop  15:36
Kiloshe understands these things15:36
Kilosgo see my picpaste so long15:36
Kilossigh i need to solder my glasses back together15:37
inetpromopkop: see: https://trello.com/c/wLYOqOld/42-learn-to-use-nikola-and-bzr15:39
* inetpro wbbl15:39
mopkopI already set up everything. It worked Yesterday before I updated Ubuntu to 14.10. I think it might have deleted a file.15:43
Kilosjust run that stuff i pasted for you yesterday15:43
Kilossomething is missing15:43
mopkopI tried to do everything from scratch. I cannot clone pyenv, because it says it is already there, everything is fine until I type in pip install --upgrade nikola, then it tells me "Too many levels of symbolic links"15:49
Kilosoh my15:50
mopkopI think I broke bash.15:50
Kilosim lost young man wait for a brian15:51
mopkopGonna try a restart.15:51
Kilosoh the pc?15:51
Kilosmopkop  are you winning16:27
mopkopNo, I reinstalled Python, still the same problem. I think 'Too many levels of symbolic links' mean the filepath is too long.16:28
mopkopI'm going to try and delete the pyenv program and clone it all over again.16:28
Kilosi dont know but im sure its a little thing you are missing16:29
Kilosisnt there a nikola update thingie16:29
Kilosrun nikola version16:30
mopkopIt's the virtual environment that doesn't work.16:32
mopkopNow my terminal is gone!16:33
mopkopAnd the software centre!16:34
mopkopI'm just breaking stuff here.16:34
Kiloslooks like16:34
Kiloscant you get a terminal at all?16:34
mopkopI'ts not on the computer anymore.16:35
mopkopBut there are 2 other terminals.16:35
Kilosanother one i mean16:35
mopkopUXterm and XTerm16:35
Kilossjoe you do funny stuff16:36
Kiloshow do you open terminals16:36
mopkopI just type in ter in the search box and press enter16:36
Kilosjust do ctrl+alt+t16:36
mopkopYay, Thank you.16:37
mopkopI guess this terminal is ok.16:37
mopkopIs there a way to undo changes I made?16:37
Kilosyou can go reboot and choose recovery mode and maybe even use an earlier one16:38
mopkopLet's try that...16:39
Kilosif you remember changes you can find them and delete them16:39
mopkopThe problem is, I want to undo the deletion.16:39
mopkopI have no Idea how I deleted the terminal.16:39
Kilosyou work too fast16:39
Kiloslo inetpro  16:40
Kilosmopkop  you need to learn kubuntu it doesnt break so easy16:41
inetprohow do you delete the terminal? 16:41
Kilosseems like he did it easy16:41
mopkopI have no idea16:41
inetprounlikely 16:41
inetproMaaz: assumption 16:41
MaazAn assumption is a proposition that is taken for granted, as if it were true based upon presupposition without preponderance of the facts16:41
inetproyou mean you deleted the icon? 16:42
mopkopWell I can't get to it.16:43
mopkopIt doesn't show up on the search-thing16:43
inetprodoesn't mean it's deleted 16:43
mopkopHow do I access it then?16:44
inetproctrl + alt + t16:44
mopkopThat opens Xterminal16:45
inetproaptitude search terminal 16:45
mopkopIt gives me a list of things?16:46
mopkopi'm just going to restart and see what happens... 16:47
inetprodoes anyone have an i in front? 16:47
inetproai tog! 16:48
inetprohow do people learn this weird thing that they believe a reboot will fix everything? 16:49
Kilosunlearning is the hard part16:50
inetproand even the idea that the recovery mode will magically fix everything as well 16:51
inetproweird! 16:51
Kilosit does fix some things16:51
inetproyou need to know how and what to fix though 16:52
Kiloshmm... i havent used recovery once on kde16:52
mopkopRestarting broke everything!16:57
Kilosoh my16:57
mopkopNow I can't even see the status bar.16:57
mopkopOr open any programs, or any terminal.16:58
inetprowhat did you do? 16:58
mopkopAr those programs all written in Python?16:58
mopkopOr at least dependend upon python?16:58
mopkopCause I reinstalled it.16:58
Kilosi go eat16:59
inetproai! 16:59
Kiloslast shot mopkop  16:59
Kiloscant you open a terminal at all?16:59
inetproyou uninstalled python? 16:59
mopkopNope, not even with ctrl+alt+t17:00
mopkopYes :(17:00
mopkopI Thought reinstalling it will fix the environment problem.17:00
mopkopI'll just reinstall Ubuntu from scratch. 17:01
mopkopI'm in windows now.17:01
inetprosounds like we found Kilos' clone 17:01
mopkopIt's how I learn - by breaking things :)17:02
inetproreinstalling and rebooting is not the magic solution to everything 17:02
inetproyou need to figure how you broke it17:03
mopkopMy only guess is because I removed python.17:03
mopkopsudo apt-get remove python2.717:03
inetproai 17:03
inetprohow do you connect with the machine to the Web? 17:04
mopkopWell I tried sudo apt-get install python2.7 after that. I guess removing something automatically removes all the programs it is dependant upon. What do you meen? I'm in Windows now.17:05
mopkopThrough a Lan cable17:05
inetproyou can fall back to command line 17:05
inetproby pressing ctrl + alt + f117:06
mopkopOk let me go try that.17:06
mopkopHow do I restore to a previous point?17:06
inetprono such thing, that I am aware of 17:07
* inetpro has never uninstalled python but would guess a lot depends on it these days 17:08
inetproai,  and mopkop is way too impatient as well 17:09
inetproGoogle is your friend 17:10
mopkopCTRL+ALT+F! worked.17:15
mopkopI needed to sudo apt-get install Unity17:15
mopkopand gnome-terminal17:15
mopkopand pidgin17:16
mopkopStill doing damage control...17:16
mopkopMaaz note NEVER remove Python.17:17
Maazmopkop: What?17:17
Kilospython ties everything together17:18
mopkopOh, and software center17:20
mopkopIs there a linux 101? I really think I should take it. Linux for dummies will work too.17:22
Kilosthere is actually lots of linux material online17:24
mopkopI'll take a look... 17:27
mopkopWhat will happen if I type sudo apt-get install KDE?17:27
Kilosit is kubuntu-desktop17:27
Kilosand then when booting it should give you a choice of which flavour you want to use17:28
Kilosyou tick a little thing at the top of that little login window17:28
Kilostop right17:28
mopkopI see.17:29
mopkopSo I can switch between Unity and KDE?17:29
mopkopWithout installing Kubuntu?17:30
Kilossupposed to be able to i think17:30
Kilosand use aptitude17:31
mopkopLet's try.17:31
mopkopStill havn't figured out the difference between aptitude and apt-get17:31
Kilosaptitude works lekker and gives you options when there is an error17:32
Kilosthe ubuntu server book advises aptitude all the time17:33
mopkopOk, from now on I use aptitude. It warned me it is going to remove a bunch of packages, so I aborted the install.17:33
Kilosit normally only removes stuff that isnt needed anymore17:34
Kilosand old things that have updated versions running17:34
mopkopI see.17:35
mopkopThere was some keyboard command for typing in terminal commands in the Unity searchbox?17:37
Kilosthat thing you call a search box17:38
Kilosis that in the dash?17:38
mopkopYes, the dasg17:38
Kilosthe dash search is for installed apps17:38
Kiloslike pidgin xchat email client etc17:39
mopkopYea, I know, but I thought there was a keyboard-shortcut for typing in terminal command directly.17:40
Kiloswhat you mean typing in erminal command?17:42
Kilosopening a terminal?17:42
mopkoplike sudo aptitude install kde-desktop17:42
Kilosyou must know that17:42
Kilosno man17:44
Kilosin the terminal type in sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop17:45
mopkopYes, I just thought the dash could do it too17:45
Kilosdont be lazy17:46
mopkopI misunderstood what was meant by Command17:46
mopkopGoing to wait with KDE right now. It wants to download more than 200 MB. I'll do it when I have more time. Have tp reinstall bzr first. Yes that got removed too.17:51
mopkopSomehow NIkola survived.17:51
mopkopYay, I fixed Nikola17:56
mopkopIt now works without the virtual environment.17:56
mopkopAdd to the list of things to reinstall - gedit.17:58
inetpromopkop: you're not the first one to do crazy things like this18:02
inetprosee: http://askubuntu.com/questions/187227/i-run-sudo-apt-get-remove-python2-7-can-i-restore-my-ubuntu-now18:02
mopkopLol, that makes me feel better! Well at least I am learning.18:04
mopkopI added the link to trello on the 'getting involved' page. Should I put the link in the 'LoCo Links' menu as well?18:08
inetpromopkop: sorry, you added what link where?18:11
mopkopO sorry, the trello link to the website. Someone suggested it.18:12
mopkopI made a branch18:12
mopkopJust looking for a good menu icon.18:12
inetprohave you proposed it for review?18:12
mopkopNot yet, still busy...18:13
mopkopAnd what do you know, Font Awesome has a built in trello icon... http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icon/trello/18:14
inetpronlstTAB: uh...18:15
inetprowb nlsthzn18:16
stickyboyYou guys use Trello?18:21
stickyboyI duck out for a week and y'all are still talking about Nikola. I guess I didn't miss anything. :P18:22
inetprostickyboy: wb18:24
stickyboyinetpro: yayyyyy18:25
Kiloswhere did you go stickyboy  18:25
Kiloswb btw18:25
stickyboyKilos: Thanks18:26
stickyboyKilos: I went underground18:26
Kiloswe noticed18:26
stickyboyWas just giving y'all a break. ;)18:26
stickyboyI was trying to see if #nairobilug survived without me.18:26
mopkopHello Stickboy, I don't think we have met.18:30
stickyboyTroubleshooting an nginx proxy_cache issue.18:34
Kiloshi wolf1234  18:35
wolf1234evening all18:35
wolf1234hey dad18:35
mopkopEvening wolf!18:43
Kilosmopkop  hes my brat18:44
wolf1234hey mopkop, sorry man trying to identify my nic again18:50
Kilosmopkop  type the first 3 or 4 characters of a nick then hit tab and it completes the nick18:51
mopkopOh, hello, Ian is it?  Wow, that's useful, i'll remember, thank you.18:52
Kilosya he be ian18:53
inetprostickyboy: what nginx issues you having?18:54
inetprowb wolf123418:55
wolf1234ty inetpro 18:56
mopkopOk, I pushed the branch. Should I now propose a merge, or must it be reviewed first?18:57
inetpromopkop: lemme look quickly 18:59
mopkopGood Evening Squirm!19:01
Kiloshi Squirm  19:01
stickyboyinetpro: proxy_cache returning HTTP 200 but with response body of 0.19:04
stickyboyinetpro: nginx sitting in front of a Tomcat application. Kicking serious ass generally.19:04
inetprostickyboy: hmm... that sounds weird19:04
stickyboyBut when I hit the server hard with concurrent requests, some URIs start returning these blank pages, but HTTP 200.19:04
stickyboyinetpro: Yah. Otherwise, nginx's proxy_cache is really sweet. Reduces server load by like 95%.19:05
inetprostickyboy: how much traffic you having?19:06
stickyboyIt's all synthetic though, as I'm running siege against it, but it's the philosophical chestnut!19:06
stickyboyinetpro: Right now I'm doing 150 concurrent requests per second, for 1 minute.19:06
inetprostickyboy: not perhaps better to reduce the amount of connections allowed?19:08
stickyboyinetpro: It's a quad-core Xeon on Linode... with 4GB of RAM and an SSD.19:08
stickyboyGo moarrr fasterrrrr.19:08
inetprothe bottleneck will probably be tomcat?19:09
stickyboyinetpro: Nope. :)19:09
stickyboyAfter the requests are cached Tomcat doesn't even get a "hello, old pal!!!"19:09
stickyboyThis application is ridiculously read only.19:09
stickyboyAnd for logged in users I bypass cache entirely. So it's win win.19:10
inetpromopkop: one question19:10
stickyboyinetpro: I did a similar thing for my blog, using the fastcgi_cache: https://github.com/alanorth/ansible_blog/blob/master/roles/nginx/templates/vhost.conf.j2#L6319:11
stickyboyinetpro: Pretty cool19:11
inetproshould we not just make the link name "Project Management" rather than "Trello Board"?19:12
* inetpro just wondering19:12
Kiloscan work19:13
mopkopOk :)19:13
inetprokeep the icon the same though19:13
Kiloscall it pros nagging tool19:13
* inetpro just thinking from the perspective of a new user19:14
inetproKilos: uh19:14
mopkopOk, is this just for the menu-link or for the "Getting involved" page also?19:15
inetprowell on the getting involved page you explain what it does, or not?19:16
mopkopOk :)19:16
Kilossjoe they are building nikola on #nikols19:20
Kiloswell too me it looks like they are19:20
inetproKilos: cool19:20
wolf1234not cool19:20
wolf1234someone has taken my nic19:20
wolf1234in Australia19:20
wolf1234how is that even possible19:21
inetproyou didn't use it19:21
inetprowolf1234: what was your nick again?19:21
wolf1234The person took it a month ago.19:22
inetpro03/02 21:22:52 [NickServ] Information on WolFEyeS (account WolFEyeS):19:23
inetpro03/02 21:22:52 [NickServ] Registered : Jan 27 04:58:09 2015 (4w 6d 14h ago)19:23
inetprowolf1234: time to find a new name19:23
inetpronot the end of the world19:24
* stickyboy started out as stickboy 13+ years ago...19:24
wolf1234That is not cool!19:24
stickyboyJoined Freenode in 2004 and it was taken. Had to choose stickyboy.19:25
inetprouse it or loose it19:25
Kiloswow you old hey stickyboy  19:26
Kilos13 years on irc19:26
* inetpro remembers using irc somewhere in the early 1990's but don't think it was freenode19:27
inetproand have no idea what my nick was back then19:27
Kilosbefore hibana even?19:28
Kilosi miss hibana he was a nice guy19:28
Kilosreal gentleman19:28
stickyboyRegistered : Feb 08 00:56:28 2004 (11y 3w 4d ago)19:29
stickyboyMan... been here a long time.19:30
Kilosold man river19:30
* WOLFEYES_1 mumbles19:30
inetproMaaz: nickometer WOLFEYES_IS19:32
Maazinetpro: WOLFEYES_IS is 99.91% lame19:32
Kilosregister it before it gets grouped to the stolen nick19:32
inetpromopkop: have you changed it?19:32
mopkopyes, pushing it now...19:33
* inetpro waiting for the merge request19:33
mopkopForgot to commit...19:34
inetpromopkop: hmm... did you do the bzr launchpad-login thing?19:36
mopkopYes, sorry it's up now.19:38
mopkopShould I request a merge now?19:39
inetpromopkop: I don't see it linking you LP name19:40
mopkopFor some reason it did not register mopkop19:40
inetprojust looks odd 19:40
inetprocan you do the merge proposal please19:41
mopkopit's done19:42
mopkopShould I do the bzr merge thing now?19:44
inetproyou won't be able to push the merge 19:46
* inetpro busy doing the merge19:46
inetproin fact, I can't even do the merge19:47
inetprobut hang on....19:47
Kiloswe hang on19:50
WOLFEYES_ISnight everyone...19:52
inetpromopkop: you can go to trunk now and do bzr up19:52
Kilosnight boy sleep tight19:52
mopkopSo who uploads it onto the server?19:55
inetpromopkop: superfly19:55
Kilosinetpro  once again you scanned over me19:57
SquirmGnight all19:58
Kilosnight Squirm  19:58
Kilosafrica is running locally19:59
Kiloswhat does uh mean19:59
Kilosfrom trunk no twit20:00
Kilosand everything works20:00
Kilosi think20:00
Kiloscome see20:00
mopkopNight Squirm!20:03
mopkopI just realized I made a typo in my email address with the whoami command. Will this break anything?20:04
superflynope, you just won't be properly linked in Launchpad. Just run "whoami" again with the correct details20:05
inetproahh, that explains it20:05
mopkopOh what a relief. I did not want to repeat today's python episode :)20:08
inetpromopkop: take it as a good lesson20:10
inetproI'm sure it won't happen again20:10
mopkopI hope so.20:11
mopkopGoing to sleep now. Good night all!20:12
inetprogood night mopkop20:12
Kilosnight mop20:12
Kilossjoe so rude20:12
Kilosso inetpro  ive done lp login no in trunk do i bzr up now?20:13
Kilosnow in trunk here20:13
inetprobzr help launchpad-login20:14
inetproand 20:15
inetprobzr help up20:15
Kilosdont you see me there20:15
Kilosive done  bzr launchpad-login a couple of times20:18
inetproKilos: WAYTTD20:18
Kilosim trying to get logged in to launchpad20:18
Kilosim doing it from my trunk is that right20:19
* inetpro thinking... how can I answer this?20:19
inetproKilos: cat ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf20:23
inetprowhat 'bzr launchpad-login' does is not much more than editing your global bazaar.conf file20:24
inetproyou can run the command a 100 times, it won't make a difference20:24
Kilosemail = msdomdonner20:25
Kiloslaunchpad_username = msdomdonner20:25
inetproclearly your email address is even wrong there20:26
Kilosplease dont try make me think it out20:27
Kilosi did bzr up20:27
inetproyou didn't follow the correct 'bzr whoami' instructions?20:27
Kilosdo you see it20:27
inetprowhat is 'bzr up' supposed to do?20:27
Kilossend this stuff up to there20:28
inetprouh, really?20:28
inetprobzr help up20:28
Kilosi dunno20:28
Kilosi looked there20:29
Kilosmust i bzr update trunk20:30
Kilosi did that20:30
Kilosai! ek sukkel20:30
Kilosi cant read a paragraph and then use it, i have to do one line at a time20:31
Kilosdo you see a revision 4 in trunk20:32
inetproyou need to understand the big picture20:32
inetproRTFS https://ubuntu-za.org/bazaar-tutorial.html20:32
Kilosai! i give up20:32
inetprospoonfeeding every command will never help anyone20:34
Kilosok cat looks different but i still cant login20:42
Kilosemail = Miles Sharpe <msdomdonner@gmail.com>20:42
Kiloslaunchpad_username = msdomdonner20:42
Kilosis something supposed to change here when it logs in20:43
inetpronow that looks better20:46
inetproKilos: but 20:46
inetprowhat do you mean you can not login?20:46
Kiloswell i did it with msdomdonner but i dont see anything changed20:47
Kilosdidnt say logged in or nothing20:47
inetpro03/02 22:24:53 <inetpro> you can run the command a 100 times, it won't make a difference20:47
Kilosoh we did this before20:48
inetproKilos: it is a once off thing20:48
inetproKilos: if your ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf is correct and you have the correct SSH keys uploaded on LP then you do not have to worry about the login again20:50
inetprothe login on the browser is a different story20:51
inetprolet me rehprase20:52
inetproKilos: if your ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf is correct and you have the correct public SSH key uploaded on LP and your local private key has not changed then you do not have to worry about the login again20:52
inetprothe bzr login*20:53
Kiloswell it worked once before, how many revisions do you see there20:53
Kiloshere i see revision 420:54
inetproexactly 420:54
Kilosbut its in trunk and you guys said dont work in trunk20:54
inetproexactly 20:54
Kilosso then that should work by you as well20:55
inetproit is better to do development on different branches, and then integrate those back into the main branch, once they are stable20:55
inetprothe main branch = trunk20:55
Kilosthats why i made twit remember20:55
inetprotwit was a moerse mistake20:55
inetproa moerse mistake times 320:56
Kilosoh oh oh20:56
Kilosin what way?20:56
inetproyou should have branched 20:56
Kilosbecause it didnt branch from trunk?20:56
inetproit is better to do development on different branches, and then integrate those back into the main branch, once they are stable20:56
Kilostwit was branched from ubuntu-africa20:57
inetproeish, ok I see that now20:57
inetprobut you branched once and then must have done more stuff in trunk20:58
inetprothink is you did it all by yourself20:59
Kilosi left =trunk alone before i even made twit20:59
inetprothe idea with team development is that you allow other devs to check and approve your work20:59
Kilosbecause in trunk i had messups that fly fixed20:59
inetprothey dev something and they ask someone else to approve21:00
inetproyou do not become the judge, the jury and the excutioner21:00
Kilosif you run nikola from trunk now do you see the site locally21:00
inetproKilos: patience!!!21:01
inetpro03/01 20:25:17 <superfly> and no patience21:02
Kilosim not pushing to get the site working man21:03
Kilos'i want to know if you can run it locally and see if it works and looks ok21:03
inetpro03/02 14:09:26 <superfly> Kilos: wat maak jy? I've already got a basic Ubuntu-Africa site set up, and if you committed a whole lot of nonsense, I can get rid of it.21:04
inetproKilos: my branch works21:04
Kilosis your branch different to whats in trunk?21:05
inetproKilos: just very slightly modified21:07
Kilosok then so everything is ok so far21:07
Kilosnow we just be patient21:08
inetproKilos: patience does not mean you must stop working21:08
Kilosi can forget about bzr and nikola for a while21:08
Kilosoi oi oi21:08
Kilosyou should take my addy permanently21:09
inetpro1. start a fresh Nikola site21:10
inetpro2. add more pages and content21:10
inetpro3. learn to do bzr properly21:10
Kilosi started 2 today21:11
Kilosfirst one i used wrong name causing fly to send that wat maak jy message21:11
Kilosso ill play in the other one from now on21:12
inetprostop making assumptions21:12
Kilosai!  strydom21:12
inetproyou really believe he is watching over your shoulders?21:13
inetpro<Kilos> first one i used wrong name causing fly....21:14
inetprowhy you say that ^^ ?21:14
Kiloshe saw i made it same name as ubuntu africa21:14
Kilosand im sure he worries i will mess up more that he has to fix eventually21:15
Kilosthe first link i gave today21:16
inetprouh, why shuld he even worry about that21:17
Kilosisnt the name ubuntu africa21:18
Kilosthen i made this one21:18
inetproso what!? It's on your local host21:18
inetpromakes no difference21:20
Kilosevery 184 years the moon does what it is going to do tonight21:23
Kiloswill show 12 colours21:23
* inetpro needs sleep21:23
inetprogood night21:24
Kilosnight inetpro  21:26
Kilossleep tight21:26
Kilosat 11.48 is when the moon thing will be at max21:33
Kilosi only saw 4 colours plus white and a shadow moon behind it21:53
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:53

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