nemaonayart: the application mspyt shows them, but irssi doesn't00:00
ubottuTo ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages00:00
Odd-rationaleaum: Depends on the programming language, you might want to try the IRC channel for the specific language in question.00:01
yartnemaona: give me a minute. i have to try something00:01
aumOdd-rationale, my bad, I meant to post that to the js group, but xchat was being a pain00:01
Odd-rationaleaum: No big deal. :-)00:02
bindiso how can i create a raid0 array and install ubuntu on that?00:02
intraderkll, I have not located the part command00:03
daftykins!raid | bindi00:03
ubottubindi: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:03
bindimdadm: super1.x cannot open /dev/sda1: Device or resource busy00:05
afromanhello. I can't get my pc to hibernate, and I believe it might have something to do with the swap partition not being able to be used but I'm unsure. plz help00:06
bindimdadm says device busy, fuser -mv /dev/sda1 says nothing00:08
yartnemaona: check this out http://superuser.com/questions/509950/why-are-unicode-characters-not-rendering-correctly maybe your locales are not set properly00:10
nemaonaok, thank you00:10
nemaonabefore I look the article, I wanted to explain that I typed "locale -a", and it showed many english UTF8, like thisen_ZW.utf800:11
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stikkemzhey guys00:21
afromanhello. I can't get my pc to hibernate, and I believe it might have something to do with the swap partition not being able to be used but I'm unsure. after running dpkg-reconfigure uswsup I get a message from cryptsetup "WARNING: found more than one resume device candidate:  " and 2 uuid00:24
yartnemaona: my terminal has no problem with cyrillic characters. what's your font?00:24
stikkemzi`m running ubuntu 14.10 and i find myself having some issues after some heavy 'apt-get upgrade's.. specially when they install new kernels, usually resulting in missing kernel headers and stuff. This then leads to some popup errors with "REPORT ISSUE" after reboot. Anyone else experiencing this?00:24
nemaonayart: can you please suggest some irc channel in irc.freenode.net where cyrilic font is written, because I experienced problems when i tried to connect to irc.run.net00:27
Ben64!ru | nemaona00:27
ubottunemaona: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.00:27
nemaonaubottu: yes, this is the problem, here letters work, there must be something wrong when I connect to that other irc server00:28
daftykinsthat server is not our problem00:29
nemaonaubottu: yes, sure00:29
daftykinsyou're talking to a bot00:29
nemaonai'm a polite bot00:30
laskoBot talking to a bot. gg.00:30
daftykinsi guess it's my fault for starting silly sunday :(00:30
hardtailhey guys, salvaged my old MacBook Pro. to dual boot Ubuntu rEFInd is still needed today correct?00:33
daftykinshardtail: you've read the page for your model presumably?00:33
daftykinsif it has a recent release documented00:33
hardtailno I will do that now I was looking at "How to Geeks" guide to install Ubuntu on OSX00:34
daftykinsthat's unwise00:34
daftykinsi'd just resize the HFS+ volume inside OS X, then try booting from flash drive/DVD and installing beside00:35
daftykinsdepends what model though really, in x,y format00:35
hardtailEarly 2011, 8,2 - so I need to check this on the Ubuntu hardware compatibility?00:36
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:36
hardtailah thanks daftykins00:36
daftykinswow nothing since oneiric00:37
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on May 9th 2013, see http://ubottu.com/y/oneiric for more details.00:37
hardtailXD so that's not ideal then?00:37
daftykinsjust means you get to write the new guide :) signup and you can work on it too00:38
jmaderohi all - I'm moving from nfs to samba and need some help getting it to mount00:38
daftykinsi wrote a page for an old macbook i got given00:38
jmaderoanyone around who can walk me through it?00:38
daftykinsgonna need more info than that, jmadero00:38
jmaderodaftykins: honestly need help nearly from the beginning :-/ I've used nfs for years but it's causing some issues for me00:39
hardtailhaha that would be fun daftykins, i am working on linux foundation training and switching all my hardware to ubuntu now00:39
jmaderodaftykins: I installed samba on the server (Pi), I *think* I have the folder I need shared00:39
daftykinshardtail: ah, neat. i need to get back on the edx.org course soon, got distracted00:39
jmaderoI installs cifs on the client00:39
jmaderoI guess I created a samba group and added my user to it00:40
daftykinssounds unnecessary00:40
jmaderodaftykins: that's what I thought, but followed ubuntu documentation00:40
jmaderodaftykins: I get this when I try to mount mount error(112): Host is down00:40
jmaderohost is not down though00:41
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daftykinsjmadero: so, step #1 is duplicating /etc/samba/smb.conf to /smb.conf.original to make a backup. Once that's done, edit it to create a share definition00:41
daftykinsoh you've already gotten that far?00:41
jmaderohold on let me share my conf00:41
daftykinscan you pastebin the file so i can... hehe00:41
jmaderoit's pretty simple one - literally one external drive00:41
daftykinsi was banging my head on the desk for hours once when i got a = sign missed or misplaced in the config though00:42
jmaderodaftykins: http://pastebin.com/sic14BcH00:43
jmaderodaftykins: basically just want to share that /media/MEGAMAN00:43
daftykinsis it ext4?00:44
jmaderontfs unfortunately00:44
jmaderoI know :-/00:44
daftykinswhat does owner:group look like, when you "ls -al" in that path?00:44
jmaderodaftykins: on server?00:45
jmaderodrwx------  1 pi   pi   4096 Feb 12 12:55 MEGAMAN00:45
daftykinsjmadero: ok, have you run "sudo smbpasswd -a pi" to create an SMB password for pi?00:46
jmaderodid not00:46
shurtagullasko, Heres the most recent documentation lol. https://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Documentation/ You still have legacy streaming documentation.00:46
daftykinsit's meant to use the one you login with i think, but i've never seen it work00:46
jmaderoshould I?00:46
daftykinsso from the client, install 'smbclient' and try "smbclient //IP of Pi/share -U pi"00:47
jmaderodaftykins: even though on the client there is no user "Pi"00:48
jmaderoand should "share" be replaced with media/MEGAMAN?00:48
daftykinsnope, a share name is what is in [] within the config00:49
daftykinscorrect, this is picking how you want to auth against the remote server with (credentials wise)00:49
jmaderoConnection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR)00:49
daftykinsi answered those two out of order to keep you on your toes *whistle* :D00:49
daftykinscan you ping?00:50
jmaderodaftykins: I can ssh into it00:50
jmaderoand mount it via nfs fine00:50
jmaderoand yeah I can ping it00:50
daftykinsah yeah that's a fair point. hey, it's sunday00:51
daftykinswell not anymore in my timezone...00:51
daftykinswhat OS is on each?00:51
jmaderoraspbmc on the pi, ubuntu 14.10 on client00:52
daftykinshrmm, i don't know how to deal with raspbmc for ensuring the services are running then00:52
jmaderooh let me google real quick00:53
daftykinstechnically out of scope for the channel :<00:53
daftykinshopefully it's the standard "sudo service blah start/restart/stop" where blah is smbd or smb or somesuch00:53
twilerHey daftykins! Just the man I was hoping to run into! OK, dude, I have a doozie for ya!00:53
twilerSo, here's my issue:00:54
* daftykins gets excited00:54
twilerI am trying to install a playstation 2 emulator, and  I have extracted the files for it into it's own folder: "pcsx2-1.2.2", ok?00:56
daftykinswell, having downloaded it and not got it in package form is a real shame00:56
twileris that at me, daftykins?00:56
Schnabeltierchenhttp://nopaste.linux-dev.org/?446887 <- may someone help a noob?00:56
daftykinsassuming that there *might* be a package that is00:57
daftykins!find pcsx00:57
twilerLOL, ok, so, wehat should I be looking for?00:57
ubottuFound: pcsxr, pcsxr-dbg00:57
daftykinsmmm maybe not00:57
Squall5668there is a ppa....00:57
jmaderodaftykins: restarted samba00:57
jmaderosame result00:57
* jmadero sighs00:57
ikoniatwiler: did you look at the package manager as I instructed you to ?00:57
daftykinsSchnabeltierchen: go to #bash00:58
twilerNO! I forgot to do that!00:58
Schnabeltierchenkk ^^00:58
mike802anyone care that i'm running out of stuff to do?00:58
mike802for the fans00:58
ikoniatwiler: you lie - you said you where reading it at the time00:58
twilerLOL, can you tell me how to do that again?00:58
daftykinsmike802: this is not a chat channel. #ubuntu-offtopic thanks00:58
twilerNo ,dude, I really was!00:58
twilerI don't lie about anything!00:58
ikonia19:51 < twiler> I am reading it right now!00:58
kostkontwiler, open the software centre, search for it, install00:58
mike802anyone excited about the steam box?00:59
ikoniamike802: not for this channel00:59
mike802doesn't it run linux01:00
mike802sorry, must not be ubuntu01:00
nicetyso i just did a factory reset on my dell01:00
twilerI have brain damage, dude.. LIterally, ok? I sufered from an anoxic brain injury, which caused damage to the globus palladus of my brain, which is the area that controls the transition from short term to long term memory, ok? SO, I NEVER LIE, I LEGITIMATELY FORGET STUFF, RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPNS01:00
ikoniamike802: it's nothing to do with this channel, so please keep it out01:00
iridescentoh mu01:00
nicetyand i'm pretty horrified... their backup service can't be disabled unless you have the pro version01:00
daftykinsmike802: you see that bit where i said not a chat channel? :)01:00
nicetytime to learn linux01:00
mike802steam migrating to ubuntu isn't a big deal01:00
daftykinsmike802: it's support questions *only* In here.01:00
nicetyactually time to buy a new system01:00
mike802that's a little insulting01:00
mike802oh, i get it01:01
nicetycan somebody recommend to me a laptop brand that has the least privacy invasion01:01
kostkonmike802, this is a support channel01:01
nicetyso i can throw ubuntu on there01:01
ikonianicety: the brand has nothing to do with your privacy01:01
ikonianicety: try the ##hardware channel01:01
nicetyikonia it kind of does01:01
ikonianicety: it really doesn't01:01
iridescentsuperfish lmao01:01
nicetylol yes it does01:01
daftykinsit doesn't, seriously foolish claim01:01
nicetythe brand determines firmware01:02
daftykinsany brand could have a nefarious modified boot ROM01:02
nicetybut since you guys don't know01:02
ikonianicety: no it doesn't01:02
nicetyi guess is should ask better educated people01:02
daftykinsyou don't know what you're talking about, sorry :)01:02
daftykinswhat an idiot01:02
twilerdaftykins, can you help me out when you get a minute?01:02
ikoniatwiler: read the link01:02
iridescentdangs cold01:02
ikoniatwiler: it shows you the package manager01:02
daftykinsi thought others were helping you, twiler01:02
twilerI'll wait patiently.01:02
ikoniatwiler: I just "reminded" you 20 minutes ago01:02
ikoniatwiler: you don't need to wait - read the link01:02
twilerok, ikonia.01:02
ikoniatwiler: this level of spoon feeding will not continue01:03
twilerWhat's with the quotes?01:03
ikoniatwiler: to "remind" you of the fact that you told me you where already reading the document01:03
twilerDamn dude, my bad.. I didn't know you were getting so irritated with me, damn, you know what? Don't worry about it, I'll never ask another question here again, ever! Since you decide the level of help that's appropriate, and you get all irritated and junk, I wouldn't want you to end up "spoon - feeding me" too much!! So, I'm outta here! Oh, yeah dude, and just so you know: You just returned me to a loyal windows user, because, at least i01:09
twilern those chat rooms, people don't get all high and mighty, and get off on themselves, enforcing "rules" arbitrarily, juust because they happen to notice you asked the same question twice, or you didn't take someone's "advice" quickliy enough, etc.. So,, Yeah dude. You've officially just lost somneone who would have been a lifelong, loyal, advocate of linux, due to your holier than thou attitude. You've stunk up the place, and now, your st01:09
twilerink is synonymous with linux to mne..01:09
daftykinsthe entitled ones amuse me01:10
ObrienDaverough crowd tonight ;P01:11
stikkemzwhat was that rant about?01:12
ObrienDavenon-appropriate "free" help LOL01:12
daftykinsdoesn't matter, move on01:12
compdocI got off on myself, and it pissed him off01:12
stikkemzyeah, he is a windows user at heart.. his attitude is not one that will get him far in linux01:13
hardtailall I can say is wow.01:13
ikonialets not say any more about it and move on with #ubuntu support01:13
noob23Hi, still trying to figure this out01:17
noob23My internal soundcard is Realtek ALC272X01:17
daftykins'this' ?01:17
daftykinscan you type on one line more? no need to hit enter01:18
noob23The thing I was here before. My soundcard isn't playing any sounds in my browser, and videos seem to be playing too quickly01:18
noob23Or rather the frame rate seems higher than normal01:18
noob23Sorry, I'll be back in a bit01:20
baconHi, I recently encountered an error when using sudo. The error was '<user> is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.' Where is this reported to? To my knowledge, I am the only user.01:23
daftykinsyeah, to root.01:23
daftykinsor any admin probably01:23
Ben64bacon: what is the output of "groups"01:23
baconSorry, I was just wondering where the log file where it is reported to is.01:24
rnatbacon are you in the sudoers list?01:27
stikkemzrnat,  he isn`t..01:27
tnkhanhhi everyone!01:27
* tnkhanh smiles01:28
DrManhattanno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory01:28
DrManhattanSTILL no fix for this? Seriously?01:28
rnatstikkemz: its better to state the reason behind the error explicitly and make him solve it himself. :)01:30
stikkemzrnat, some people don't get the *hint* :p01:33
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rnatAre there any sys admins in here01:39
k1lthe internet is full of sysadmins ;)01:40
TheNetrnat: this is #ubuntu, what do you think?01:41
rhapsodypretty simple question.  I am running Ubuntu 14.04 and I am wondering how do I open pdf links from firefox inside the page and not in my external browser?01:42
CornellEvening all.  My ubuntu 12.04 installation is sending about 180 kb/s, and I can't figure out why.  I've rebooted with a Mint LiveCD, and am listening to radio on Totem and I'm sending about 400 b/s.  I'm trying to find out what process is sending the 180 kb/s.01:42
rhapsodyright now it only allows me the option of saving as or open externally01:43
Ben64rhapsody: what version of firefox01:43
rhapsodyBen64, it is 36.001:43
Ben64open firefox preferences, go to applications, type pdf, what is listed there?01:44
rhapsodyBen64, I think that answers it....it is set to always ask instead of preview in browser.  Many Thanks!01:45
CornellI also note that Mint LiveCD netstat currently shows two ESTABLISHED connections, Totem and Pidgin.  But Ubuntu, when using Pidgin, I had three connections.01:46
CornellOr maybe it was two, and three PulseAudio connections.  None on LiveCD.01:47
Ben64Cornell: wireshark01:47
CornellIs my PulseAudio doing something wierd?01:47
CornellBen64: I'd used tcpdump to capture a bunch, and opened the captured file with wireshark and... I've no clue what I was looking at.  I did note a large number of RTS going to a 244.0.0.x address.01:48
CornellCould PulseAudio have been configured to send out a stream?01:50
CornellAnd how would I find out?01:50
rnatTheNet: The same thing " this is #ubuntu" :P01:50
Ben64Cornell: with wireshark...01:50
reconmasterin virtualbox, got some shared folders mounted and they are in the group vboxsf. my user is in the group vboxsf, but when i try to cd into the folder i get a permission denied unless i am root01:50
reconmasterany ideas01:50
Ben64reconmaster: ls -l /path/to/shared/folder01:51
Ben64reconmaster: correction ---> ls -ld /path/to/shared/folder01:51
reconmasterBen64: drwxrwx--- root vboxsf 8192 *date* sf_folder01:53
hardtailhey daftykins I know you said HFS +, I'm in Disk Utility on OSX . Should Ubuntu has to be non journaled right? All I can choose is ExFat, DOS or Free space.01:53
reconmasteruser i want to have access is in vboxfs01:53
Ben64reconmaster: are you sure you're a member of that group01:55
daftykinshardtail: you're only making empty space, you're not going to create anything from OS X01:55
reconmasterBen64: groups under that user => wheel vboxsf groups01:55
hardtailright ok thank you daftykins01:55
reconmasterwhell vboxsf users*01:55
Ben64reconmaster: so you're not on ubuntu01:56
Ben64those aren't the groups you'd have under ubuntu01:56
reconmasterim not typing everything and users is generic for the username01:56
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reconmasterBen64: if you need to see all the groups here they are02:01
CornellHow can wireshark show me the process that's sending the data out?02:01
reconmasterusername adm cdrom dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare wheel02:01
Ben64reconmaster: so what OS are you on02:02
nicetyhi is ikonia here02:03
Ben64not with that "wheel" group02:03
reconmasteri changed sudo to wheel for other reasons02:03
reconmastersigh nm i'll file a bug report02:03
daftykinsnicety: i hope you're not back to argue again02:03
nicetyi was actually coming back to apologize02:04
nicetyi didn't know he had aspergers02:04
daftykinsapplying labels to people won't make your silly idea true, nicety :) now please take it elsewhere.02:04
Ben64nicety: if you'd like to talk to him, go to #ubuntu-ops02:05
atal421can anyone explain to me the basics of setting up development environment in the cloud? (on ubuntu, vim, digitalocean or linode, tmux). i've never setup an ubuntu server before02:05
daftykins'development environment' means a lot of things.02:05
daftykinsyou're going to want to narrow that one down :)02:05
nicetysomebody told me02:06
rnatvim *sigh*02:06
nicetyso you know, my bad02:06
stikkemzatal421, why do you want to set up an ubuntu server? hope i don`t get flamed for this but ubuntu is great as a desktop environment but for server environments you would probably better look into centos / debian02:06
daftykinsnothing wrong with ubuntu server02:07
atal421stikkemz: i'm remote from work for a while02:07
atal421stikkemz: i'd like to pair with co-workers02:07
CornellGonna leave for a bit, and reboot into Ubuntu02:07
stikkemzdaftykins, i`m not gonna get into why that`s not the case..02:07
atal421stikkemz: with a server in the cloud we could just ssh in and tmux02:07
atal421stikkemz: no GUI, interent is slow where i am02:07
daftykinsstikkemz: nah do tell, i'm open to new ideas - certainly not married to a given thought02:07
stikkemzatal421, so you need to run a desktop environment with multiple people on a central machine?02:08
atal421daftykins: how can i narrow that "dev envoronment" comment down so that i'm more clear?02:08
gshmuMy Ubuntu 3.13-46 can't shutdown(reboots), I update kernel to 3.16-31, but do nothing after click login02:08
Ben64stikkemz: if you're going to suggest against something, you should have facts to back it up, or it's just FUD02:08
daftykinsatal421: what do you want to develop...02:08
atal421stikkemz: not sure "desktop" is needed, but i need ti pair02:08
daftykinsa GUI on a VPS is just oodles and oodles of wrong02:09
atal421daftykins: rails02:09
daftykinsok, so some web jazz02:09
daftykinsi know nothing about that02:09
atal421web jazz it is02:09
atal421daftykins: this isn't a web jazz question, this is a "once i buy a digital ocean server and i log in, do i need to do anything or can i just apt-get my dev environment up?" question02:10
stikkemzBen64, ubuntu means canonical so they package thins as they consider, and let's face it.. ubuntu is great but it isn`t really the most stable distro available02:10
Ben64stikkemz: again, no facts02:10
stikkemzBen64, on a server you really want stability, and from past experience I never had issues with debian/centos on servers02:11
daftykinsatal421: well if you want a GUI, getting a VPS is just... no02:11
stikkemzBen64, but i can`t seem to not have problems with ubuntu from time to time02:11
atal421daftykins: no gui02:11
cornellHello again02:11
atal421daftykins: it's vim + tmux02:11
Ben64stikkemz: anecdotal...02:12
stikkemzBen64, if you`re gonna be a jesus freak about it, be my guest02:12
daftykinsatal421: why don't you just throw $10 on a digitalocean account then try?02:12
stikkemzBen64,  go marry canonical for all i care02:12
daftykinsanyway i have to go now.02:12
DrMaxquestion: aside from Avahi, what Ubuntu package could broadcast SSDP packets?02:12
atal421daftykins: haha, cause i didn't want to screw it up... i really have no idea about the first thing to do after one buys an account on one of these services02:12
cornellGoogle told me about nethogs.02:12
daftykinsstikkemz: why would you bring religion into this? that's childish and beneath this channel, don't bring such silly statements here again please.02:12
cornellI've rebooted into Ubuntu, installed nethogs and run, as root, for eth1 (don't have an eth0)02:13
daftykinsuse what you want, but yeah your opinion is based on your own experience alone - as is mine that mine run fine :>02:13
cornellNethogs shows appropriate sent and received, sending about 0.5 kb/s.  But System Monitor is showing sending 180 kb/s.02:14
Hardtailhey daftykins, just tried to usb after creating the free space. it found the installer no problem - selected "try ubuntu" then it went to load, black screen with 'no device controller found" it actually turned the backlighting on my keyboard and then just hung there so I had to force a reboot02:15
rnatatal421: play some interstellar bgm and read this https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/initial-server-setup-with-ubuntu-14-0402:16
daftykinshrmm, novel02:16
atal421rnat: thanks for the link, not sure i understand what interstellar bgm means though02:16
stikkemzdaftykins, it wasn`t a religious thing, it was a a joke.. canonical packages things following some standards that other distros (like debian) create. It`s the same concept behind not installing Mint instead of ubuntu.. yeah, mint looks nice, but it`s based on older versions of ubuntu, so if you want the newest packages you will go for ubuntu over mint.. same things goes for ubuntu and debian02:17
Ben64cornell: pastebin the output of "netstat -np | grep -v ^unix"02:17
Ben64!latest | stikkemz02:17
ubottustikkemz: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.02:17
rnatatal421: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj8lcyHro8g if you get bored reading02:17
cornellAny particular pastebin y'all like?02:18
daftykinsseems like no factor to me02:18
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:18
cornellBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10495975/02:19
Ben64cornell: theres your answer (probably)02:19
cornellWhat are you seeing, Ben64?02:20
Ben64shows what connections you have and whats making them02:20
Ben64dropbox, pidgin, totem02:20
stikkemzBen64, right.. ok.. categorized me and this conversation is over.02:20
cornellDropbox should be doing next to nothing, pidgin a bit more, and totem sending littile, receiving a lot.02:21
cornellWhich nethogs shows02:21
Ben64cornell: i'm not seeing the issue?02:22
cornellInteresting, Ben64.  I don't see anything in netstat, nor nethogs, but the System Monitor is showing that I'm sending 180 kb/s.02:23
cornellIt seems like I have three tools, two are saying  all's well, and the third is saying I'm sending out piles of stuff.02:23
cornellI'm thinking two are right and one is wrong.02:24
daftykinsclose the other programs, watch for a change02:24
cornellMe, daftykins?02:24
daftykinscornell: yep02:25
cornellI've tried that, with totem and dropbox, no effect.  But when I kill pulseaudio, it restarts immediately.02:26
xboxalgum br aqui02:26
Hardtaildafty would that error be from an improper usb build or because of the bootloader topic we discussed earlier?02:26
Ben64!br | xbox02:26
ubottuxbox: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.02:26
Ben64cornell: pulseaudio -k02:26
daftykinsHardtail: depends if you're booting EFI or legacy i guess, it might factor in your success.02:27
cornellpulseaudio shows with a new pid.02:27
daftykinsi gotta sleep, nn fellow volunteers \o02:28
HardtailI believe the usb was EFI but I guess you mean the system02:28
Hardtailok, goodnight daftykins take care and thanks once again friend02:29
daftykinsnp :) good luck02:29
KillshotBRhelp i am BR02:31
atal421rnat music? not sure i follow? but i did see the movie on the way over here (i'm in japan)02:32
Hardtailanyone have experience installing ubuntu on a macbook pro? I partitioned some 100gb free space in disk utility, built USB 64bit and booted into it. Got to Grub selected try ubuntu and the only error was 'no device controller'02:32
somsip!mac | Hardtail02:33
ubottuHardtail: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages02:33
rnatatal421: idk about you but some music just like interstellar and ghost in the shell makes reading dry article interesting02:35
atal421rnat: ahhhh, i see02:35
Hardtailthanks somsip02:35
rnatatal421: :P02:36
lancasterjoin /#linux02:39
somsiplancaster: /join #linux02:40
trreesHi, I have booted lubuntu from a usb on an old ThinkPad, but I cannot detect Wifi... any thought on what to do?02:40
lancastermy bad i knew that one lol02:40
=== peer is now known as Guest14125
lancasteri'm wondering if its possible put a password on su command02:41
lancasterso if do a sudo su02:41
lancasteri get a different password that my user had02:42
trreesI tried going to the additional drivers section, but it says that no propietary drivers are detected.02:43
rnattrrees: lspci | grep -i wireless02:46
Ben64lancaster: you should not be doing "sudo su"02:46
cornellI'm thinking that System Monitor isn't showing an accurate situation.  Seem reasonable?02:46
trreesrnat: I'll try that; is the bar between lspci and grep necessary?02:47
Ben64cornell: possibly02:47
Ben64trrees: yes02:47
cornelllancaster: sudo su may be convenient but it defeats the purpose of protecting your system from mistakes, or worse.02:47
trreesBen64: How does one type it?02:47
Ben64cornell: it also creates a bad environment and can cause problems and prevent you from logging in02:48
Ben64trrees: shift + \ usually02:48
cornellI'm going with that, Ben64; System Monitor is misinforming.02:48
cornellThat too Ben64.02:48
lancasterBen64 thanks how can i remove su from my user?02:49
Ben64lancaster: not sure what you mean02:49
lancasterso when i try sudo su i get a permission denied02:49
lancasteri dont want my user can be a root02:50
cornellWouldn't that be the sudoers file?02:50
lancasterso i need do sudo but not su with this specific user02:51
trreesrnat: I entered this and received no output.02:52
trreesrnat: I suppose that means that there is no wireless capability?02:53
Ben64lancaster: what do you need sudo for then? and for real, don't use "sudo su"02:53
rnattrrees: to confirm that you can try lshw02:54
rnattrrees: you may have to install lshw02:54
trreesrnat: lshw gives lots of output... what am I looking for?02:55
lancasterit dont asks for a password02:55
lancasterif i put a password on root user i will asked?02:55
trreesrnat: I found a CardBus bridge02:56
lancasterthat will solve my problem02:56
Ben64lancaster: that will not solve your problem, it will create more02:56
trreesrnat: PCI1520 PC card Cardbus Controller from Texas Instruments.02:56
Ben64lancaster: please answer my question02:56
Ben64because thats how this channel works02:57
rnattrrees: you should be looking under the network section02:57
trreesrnat: There is an ethernet interface....03:00
cornellWell, thank you all for your kind assistance and patience, especially Ben64... But I've got to go shovel snow with ice on it ;-(03:00
trreesrnat: ...and that looks to be all.03:00
rnattrrees:  description: Wireless interface03:01
=== badon_ is now known as badon
shurtagulhttp://uppix.com/f-142524039350954f3d0ac0018705d.png What do I put in Path?03:03
lancastersorry i didnt see your question my what was about why will not solve my problem03:03
trreesrnat: Nothing.... which is odd because the product description : http://www.cnet.com/products/thinkpad-t/specs/ says it has wifi...03:03
Ben64lancaster: what do you need sudo for?03:03
lancastermy user need root priviliges but can turn in root user with su03:04
Ben64lancaster: ok, thats what you don't need sudo for, what do you need sudo for??03:04
lancasterneed install and remove packages03:04
tmh1999Hi guys, I hope some one could help me :D I am running Ubuntu Precise 12.04 and I have a process start at startup : /usr/lib/libmenu-cache1/libexec/menu-cached . I am wondering what is this process and what does it do?03:05
=== gerald is now known as Guest65404
Ben64lancaster: do you have a second user with full permissions to use sudo already?03:08
shurtagulAnyone experienced in using vlc to stream over http?03:08
lancasternope but thinking on create one03:08
Ben64lancaster: well you need to if you want to limit sudo on a user03:08
tmh1999Hi guys, I hope some one could help me :D I am running Ubuntu Precise 12.04 and I have a process start at startup : /usr/lib/libmenu-cache1/libexec/menu-cached . I am wondering what is this process and what does it do?03:08
tmh1999sorry I just got disconnected03:08
rnattrrees: try installing iwlegacy03:09
yourname_google it03:09
Ben64yourname_: not helpful03:09
=== yourname_ is now known as underd0g
trreesrnat: Okay - how might I do this with not ethernet? Can I transfer it by usb?03:09
rnattrrees: yup03:11
trreesrnat: which one would you recommend :https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/iwlegacy ?03:18
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=== Guest15407 is now known as danyalgifani
dsyntaxi've noticed performance decrease when i am writing to the swap... would anyone reccomend a super low swapiness (05-10) or no swap at all...03:32
Bashing-omdsyntax: depends; under load what returns from terminal command -> free <- for the 'swap' usage ?03:40
killshotBRalgum rasileiro....03:41
dsyntaxBashing-om, i'll check it out, usually its when i'm downloading torrents (large ones)... i'll usually be at 2-5% on qbittorrent... then when its writing i'll be at 99% usage.03:49
dsyntaxi'd say i was at like 25% active and 75% cache03:50
Bashing-omdsyntax: Sounds like ya running low on ram, and having to compensate with using swap apace .. how much ram is installed ?03:51
bryanwhich is best between 14.04 and 14.1003:54
Ben64bryan: depends on your needs03:54
laskoThe term "best" of anything is very personal and depends on your needs.03:55
laskoGenerally a high version of something implies it has been revisioned to have "better" stuff in it or "better bugs" depending on how you look at it lol03:56
laskoBut ultimately it is against based on your needs/wants and the amount of work you're willing to put into it.03:56
dsyntaxBashing-om, i've got 4gb ram :/03:57
bryanmy laptop seems to be a hole lot slower with 14.1003:58
Bashing-ombryan: 14.04 == Long Term Support == stability . 14.10 has 9 months support. are you willing to trade newest for the effort ?03:59
dsyntaxall seems to work well... it just gets sluggish for 5 seconds when qbittorrent writes... i guess i'll just have to deal... would you say i shouldn't disable swap?03:59
dsyntaxBashing-om, i like how you threw the == in there XD04:00
Bashing-omdsyntax: You should not be hammering swap with 4 gigs of ram ... I too run 4 gigs .. and have swappines set to a value of 10 .. I rarely touch the swap partiton ( and I have a very small swap partition) .04:00
dsyntaxi've got my swappiness at 10 as well... i think i'll have to wait till my next rig04:01
dsyntax<--- poor man with a single core04:01
bryani have 14.04 back on it now.  which one has the longest support time?04:02
elowdsyntax, you won't have my sympathy04:02
dsyntaxelow, i doubt i will ever get that :D04:03
bazhangbryan 14.04 has five years support04:03
Bashing-omdsyntax: Poor folks got poor ways ... me I learn to replace the motherboard . A mother board is now-a-days is affordable ( just a few pennies a-day put away) ..04:03
bryanok thanks.04:04
dsyntaxBashing-om, i'm running a laptop, celeron @ 1.8 ghz, 4gb ram ddr2... i've been thinking to buy a pentium 4 extreme (same chipset) for $604:05
dsyntaxprobably the best investment i could do.04:05
Bashing-omdsyntax: Celeron; what DE are you running ? have you considered a lighter environment ?04:07
dsyntaxBashing-om, i'm on mate atm. same happens with xfce04:12
dsyntaxand lxde04:12
dsyntaxBashing-om, i'm gonna pass out, i'm sure i'll see you again in the future :D goodnight04:14
Bashing-omdsyntax: Yeah. I try to be around .. tried different torrent clients ? ( I am sure) ... is torrenting the only time swap space is hit so hard ?04:15
dsyntaxpretty much, and seems its when i'm downloading large torrents 10gb+ (i like games, getting one of the largest native linux game collections04:17
trreesIs it possible that lspci wouldn't detect a wifi device?04:30
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
bazhangtrrees, if its a usb dongle04:32
duckeyHello. I am having some problems with my pc. I tried to install Debian Linux on it and I had on gui to work with. Then I tried to install Ubuntu 14.04.1 and now nothing will reconize my hard drive. I am completely lost. Please help. Ps I techencally dont have an OS. But I prefer Linux.04:32
duckey*Hello. I am having some problems with my pc. I tried to install Debian Linux on it and I had on gui to work with. Then I tried to install Ubuntu 14.04.1 and now nothing will reconize my hard drive. I am completely lost. Please help. Ps I techencally dont have an OS. But I prefer Linux.04:33
trreesbazhang: Do you mean, connects by usb port? This one is in the laptop itself I believe...04:33
sidiwhats the name of the default icon theme in 15.04?04:34
atal421can anyone explain to me how to share a directory and all it's contents between all users on the machine?04:35
atal421i crated a fodler called "shared"04:35
atal421i want any user who loggs in to see the "shared" directory and be able to add remove from it04:36
Jpmhatal421: set the directory to permits 0777 and then all can read/write04:36
=== ChuckNorris is now known as Guest71371
atal421Jpmh: sounds good, i know nothing of how to do this... i've been googling for a while. can i ahve a link? perhaps i'm not googling the right term04:37
Jpmhatal421: mkdir /shared;chmod 0777 /shared04:37
atal421on it04:37
atal421Jpmh: when i log out and log in as another user i don't see the "shared" directory at all04:39
Jpmhatal421: how are you looking for it04:40
atal421just logging in, good point04:40
atal421one sec04:40
atal421Jpmh: so i want something like, every user that logs in, will see the "shared" directory in their "home"04:41
atal421home folder/home directory.... whatever that first workspace is once they've logged in04:41
Jpmhthat's a little different - then I would probably link, look up the ln command, that /shared into their homes04:41
atal421symlink or something04:42
Jpmhno, look up the ln, that is the link command04:43
crlcan81I know this is supposed to be mostly for Ubuntu and the default programs within Ubuntu, but I'm curious if anyone here knows anything about Cairo Dock, because I've got a small problem whenever I customize my sounds on it.04:45
=== Hawkrz is now known as Hawkerz
josselinhi everybody04:50
crlcan81hi doctor nick04:51
benbrunecis this right channel to ask about support for 208.11 AC WiFi?04:55
icetoothatal421, you could mount --bind an entire directory04:56
icetoothbind mount they call it04:56
atal421icetooth: sure, have no idea what that means04:56
atal421like, i think i'm just going to create a directory in the basic user home04:57
atal421and then just make sure suders can see that directory04:57
crlcan81well if it means what I think it means the 'mount' command causes a directery to be used, and bind makes it stick?04:57
crlcan81I've never used the bind command, am I correct in my terminology for Linux?04:57
icetoothyeah mount --bind /path/to/shared/dir /home/user/whetev04:58
atal421icetooth: so what does that line do?04:59
atal421mount --bind /path/to/shared/dir /home/user/whetev04:59
icetoothit mounts one directory at another location04:59
icetoothso you can have as many directories as you want pointing to a single location05:00
crlcan81basically creating a 'link' to that directory, that's cool.05:00
crlcan81I wondered what that command was.05:00
icetoothor as many as you can stand in /proc/mounts05:00
icetooththe documentation is available if you type 'man mount'  and search for bind mounts in there05:00
icetoothin terminal05:01
NikeshIn Linux Mint, the prompt shows colour (like <green>chronos@peppy</><blue>~ $</>05:05
NikeshHow can i achieve this in ubuntu?05:05
nextechHello Epson printer L120 can run to ubunto 10.04?05:07
nextechhow to install printer epson L120 into ubuntu OS?05:08
compaq615can somebody help05:10
somsip!ask | compaq61505:10
ubottucompaq615: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:10
compaq615compaq 615 ,have instaled ubuntu,but overheating,sugest some other05:13
sorenodeHi, in command line, if I am searching for a file in a particular path; and I want the directory where the file is05:15
sorenodehow do I do that??05:15
somsipsorenode: what are you using so far?05:15
r00tYou mean like 'find filename'?05:16
EriC^^sorenode, i think he wants something like dirname05:16
=== r is now known as Guest44336
EriC^^sorenode, dirname /path/to/file05:17
somsipEriC^^: yeah - pretty sure I did this with him a few days ago which is why I pushed back on him05:17
sorenodeI am trying to use cut05:18
sorenodebut dynamic filesize05:18
sorenodefigured it thanks for dirname05:19
somsipsorenode: so what is the current command you are using right now to find this file?05:19
Emmanuel_ChanelI'm trying to install a mail server by seeing https://www.exratione.com/2012/05/a-mailserver-on-ubuntu-1204-postfix-dovecot-mysql/05:19
sorenodeI could do using dirname05:19
sorenodeI am using find05:19
sorenodeand using the output05:19
somsipsorenode: full command05:19
sorenodedirname output05:19
Emmanuel_ChanelMy Ubuntu is 14.04. And I need rather UNIX account mail...05:19
Emmanuel_ChanelBut the mail server doesn't work...05:20
tarak_hey, i cannot compile unity using remake-unity command05:20
sorenodeoops, somsip05:22
sorenodedidn't se05:22
sorenodebut here is what I was using05:22
sorenodefind “$sdir” $file05:22
sorenodecut -c-12 $file05:22
sorenodecoz my files were having standardnamesize05:23
somsipsorenode: use this constuct - find . -type f -name '*.png' | xargs -n1 dirname05:23
sorenodeok ok05:23
somsipsorenode: just swap in your pahe and filename search and that should do it05:23
miroesqFrsh install of Ubuntu 10.04.4. Trying to install flex-devel, but getting the message that couldn't find package flex-devel05:28
somsip!find flex | miroesq05:28
ubottumiroesq: Found: flex, flex-doc, jflex, ruby-flexmock, cl-flexi-streams, cl-flexichain, flex-old, flex-old-doc, flexbackup, flexbar (and 18 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=flex&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all05:28
somsipmiroesq: anything in there or on the link that helps?05:29
miroesqsomsip: I will check it out right now. thank you05:29
Emmanuel_ChanelKernel says that the segfault occurs...05:29
Emmanuel_Chanelon /var/log/syslog05:30
wldcordeiroWhat's a good PDF reader for Ubuntu? I'm not too fond of the included one.05:31
miroesqsomsip: No, wasn't there.05:31
EriC^^wldcordeiro, there's okular05:32
delthere's a good one. i have an old pci sound card (als4000) ...the driver loads normally at bootup, but i don't get any sound device or midi port05:32
deltie. it doesn'05:32
deltie. it doesn't show up in, say, pavucontrol or alsamixer, but lsmod clearly shows the module (snd_als4000) loaded.05:33
wldcordeiroEriC^^: I'll check it out.05:33
wldcordeiroI wish Sumatra PDF was more than just Windows.05:33
wldcordeiroLightweight and awesome.05:33
delt[pts/9][root@phobos]:~# dmesg | grep -i als400005:35
delt[   28.506076] snd_als4000 0000:05:01.0: enabling device (0000 -> 0001)05:35
deltno idea wtf is going on.....05:36
wldcordeiroEriC^^: Looks like that's KDE?05:36
deltyeah, okular is a kde application05:36
greenpiperhi im having a really weird bluetooth discovery issue.  i have an ubuntu 14 machine and a bluetooth speaker, i successfully paired thte two and was using them, but then i restarted my computer due to a crash, and now the speaker cant be discovered. any ideas?05:41
greenpiperalso, the 'searching for devices' wheel seems to be frozen im not sure if that makes a difference05:41
deltYESSS my old SB live still works, so no need for that piece of junk :D05:47
delti just need the db15 midi port to work05:47
deltok good night everyone!05:48
pretodorguys, consider the following images:05:52
pretodorimg 1: http://i.imgur.com/3oqIj9z.jpg05:52
pretodorthis is my dashboard. as you can see, i have pidgin's icon there05:52
pretodorimg 2: http://i.imgur.com/bK3wQX3.jpg05:52
pretodorthis is my system tray. what i am trying to do is move pidgin from my05:52
pretodordashboard to the system tray. i still want pidgin to run in the background05:52
pretodorbut i don't want the program to take any space on my dashboard05:52
pretodornow here's the kicker: i don't know how to do this05:52
pretodorI found a solution on a forum where it said that I should change the preferences05:52
pretodorof 'Show system tray icon' to 'Always' (see img 3: http://i.imgur.com/4i3lU0e.jpg)05:52
pretodorbut that didn't help. i would appreciate any help you guys could give me.05:53
EriC^^pretodor, look into blacklisting it in gsettings launcher06:06
pretodorEriC^^, could you elaborate on that. I am afraid I do not know how to do that.06:08
EriC^^pretodor, nevermind, there's no option to blacklist anything in dconf-editor06:10
pretodorEriC^^, okay06:13
miroesqI have libssl-dev installed, but keep getting this error "error: OpenSSL >= 1.0.1e and associated developement headers required"06:22
crlcan81Does anyone know a good program to remove video from something like from youtube, and leave just the audio?06:34
Ben64ffmpeg, mplayer come to mind06:34
crlcan81didn't know mplayer did that.06:37
crlcan81I just hope it doesn't do the same thing making a dvd does to my computer :(06:37
crlcan81Which is better? ffmpeg or mplayer?06:38
crlcan81by better I mean uses less system resources to do it.06:38
buuHow do I install something that provides syscall-template.S for gdb?06:41
grafs50I have an arduino uno. Whenever I plug it into a usb port, it gets disconnected. Any ideas why this may be?06:42
Ben64grafs50: what is the "it" that gets disconnected?06:42
grafs50I'll post the dmesg | tail info06:43
grafs50[29577.995117] cdc_acm 1-1.2:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device [29577.996120] usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_acm [29577.996123] cdc_acm: USB Abstract Control Model driver for USB modems and ISDN adapters [29578.453141] usb 1-1.2: USB disconnect, device number 306:44
grafs50[30634.475325] ath: phy0: Failed to stop TX DMA, queues=0x004! [30634.489318] ath: phy0: DMA failed to stop in 10 ms AR_CR=0x00000028 AR_DIAG_SW=0x02000020 DMADBG_7=0x0000a400 [30634.489353] ath: phy0: Could not stop RX, we could be confusing the DMA engine when we start RX up [30660.509070] ath: phy0: Failed to stop TX DMA, queues=0x004! [30660.523083] ath: phy0: DMA failed to stop in 10 ms AR_CR=0x00000028 AR_DIAG_SW=0x02000020 DM06:45
SchrodingersScatsometimes when I do a copy via file manager, the resulting file isn't the same size.  this is concerning06:47
EriC^^SchrodingersScat, is it to another filesystem?06:50
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest40908
SchrodingersScatEriC^^: no, the same. different directory in my home.06:56
SchrodingersScatI should probably mention I'm in xubuntu 14.10 and using thunar.06:57
fluvvellAnyone useful with xorg setup? I have a 30" 2550x1600 display which when wrangled to get screen at full resolution, gives sparkly pixels and after a couple of minutes goes black06:57
=== administrator is now known as Guest98204
NikeshHm.. any ideas: I installed Ubuntu on my chromebook, which has no page up/down buttons. How to map them?07:18
EriC^^Nikesh, xmodmap07:20
EriC^^Nikesh, open and terminal and type xev, press the keys and get the keycodes07:20
NikeshEriC^^: OK. I am unsure how to make a combo with xmodmap. I would like alt+up/down arrow to be page up/down. Alt is 64 and up/down are 111/116. xmodmap -e "keycode 111 = Prior" ???07:24
Nikesh(but that would make up = page up, not alt+up)07:24
EriC^^Nikesh, not sure you can make combo's with it i think it's a key per key mapping07:24
__jackHi, I want to install Kubuntu 15.04 on my Mac, but is there an amd64+mac iso for it?07:24
EriC^^Nikesh, there's another tool you could use to make combos07:25
=== Anom01y is now known as Anomaly
=== Anomaly is now known as Anom01y
NikeshEriC^^: do you know what it is called?07:26
EriC^^Nikesh, i think it's called xbindkeys07:26
=== Anom01y is now known as Anom^ly
EriC^^Nikesh, there's also a gui app for it, xbindkeys-config07:28
=== Anom^ly is now known as Anomaloid
__jackI couldn't find a amd64+mac for 14.04/14.10 either.07:28
NikeshEriC^^: ah thank you07:29
=== Anomaloid is now known as Anonymous
EriC^^Nikesh, http://askubuntu.com/questions/105224/ctrl-page-down-ctrl-page-up07:29
=== Anonymous is now known as Anomaloid
EriC^^Nikesh, no problem07:29
=== Anomaloid is now known as anoma|y
=== aeon-ltd_ is now known as aeon-ltd
LeBlaaancguys how can i make a globbing list run ffmpeg multiple times in a bash script ?07:43
=== Anom01y is now known as Anonaly
=== md is now known as Guest96235
Guest96235 hi anyone done gsm BTS07:51
pgunnarshey, in dire need of help. I installed CUDA 6.5 on ubuntu 14.x and it completely fubared me, cant log in, network manager is out07:57
pgunnarstried uninstalling all the nvidia drivers/CUDA toolkit07:58
pgunnarscant install new ones since I cant connect to the internet07:58
Nikeshpgunnars: any way to get them onto a flashdrive?08:05
pgunnarsinstall packages manually?08:07
pgunnarsdo you know which ones exacly? nvidia-commons and nvidia-settings?08:07
Nikeshno.. i am not sure, sorry. but yes, should be a way to install them manually if you have them on a drive, you can use dpkg to install them08:12
Nikeshi assume (not sure) that a large percentage of this channel are in the usa, which are mostly asleep right now. maybe in about 6hrs there will be more people around who could help08:13
pgunnarsis there a reinstall function in dpkg08:18
tnkhanhpgunnars: does uninstall then install work?08:20
fry_Where is the ubuntu touch iso for download? I want to install it in a vm08:23
cfhowlett!touch | fry_08:24
ubottufry_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:24
dibblegosound through HDMI has crackling on 14.04 — can anybody suggest why this is?08:38
Aaranif I had a deployment of around 200 dual boot macs what would be my best option for binding to and authenticating against active directory?08:43
andy__switching them to ubuntu08:45
MichaelHabiblol .. just found out I have 16GB of system log files !! and was wondering why my parition fills up fast08:45
MichaelHabibCan I just delete them ?08:45
cfhowlettmichael_mbp, yes08:45
cfhowlettMichaelHabib, ^^08:46
SeburohQ: Is there a difference between Lubuntu & Ubuntu besides the default desktop application? Like, if I install Ubuntu, and then manually install LXDE on that, is that different somehow?08:47
hateballMichaelHabib: if they are that large you should probably have a look at the contents of them tho, something sounds off08:47
cfhowlettSeburoh, different and look and feel is the primary difference08:47
andy__Lubuntu uses the Lubuntu-desktop package.08:47
rosco_ydoes anyone have a link explaining how to network windows 8.1 workstation with Ubuntu 14.10 workstation?08:48
cfhowlett!samba | rosco_y08:48
ubotturosco_y: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html08:48
=== root is now known as Guest76469
AaranThe requested URL /12.04/serverguide/C.css/windows-networking.html was not found on this server.08:49
MichaelHabibhateball: ty, I will watch out for the next logfile and read it, opening a 8GB log file will be hard to read !08:49
andy__samba would be the best place to start with networking ubuntu and Windows computers together.08:50
MichaelHabiband I have problem booting ubuntu using root=UUID=xxx  , but works fine with  /dev/sdX#  syntax !08:50
rosco_yAaron, ty--I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, and maybe that was why I couldn't open the page :)08:50
MichaelHabibknowing the UUID is correct and the same one is shown from grub2 CL08:51
pgunnarstnkhanh: does uninstalling/installing work if the packages are dependencies for stuff?08:52
andy__Are you using apt-get to install?08:52
pgunnarsno i cant08:53
pgunnarsno internet08:54
pgunnarsmanually installing .debs08:54
andy__I think there is a command to make it list dependencies.08:54
pgunnarsno i mean08:56
andy__I can't find the command from within the dpkg man page.  Perhaps it is in apt-cache.08:58
andy__There may be some error codes if you are installing with dpkg -i.08:59
andy__You might try apt-cache depends to find out which packages depends on which other packages.09:01
andy__sleepy ....09:09
MichaelHabibQ: My usbuntu install uses 18 GB disk space , 2 GB for the /home/directory   & empty /tmp/  .. is that normal ? (minimal apps installed)09:09
MichaelHabibthe /user/  is 5GB+09:09
andy__9 GB may be normal for all but the /home folders.09:10
andy__du -sh can show you how much an individual folder is using on your computer.09:11
andy__Have a good night.09:12
lopsbaobab is a graphical application that displays how disk usage is spread across subdirectories09:13
lopsit's called Disk Usage Analyzer IIRC09:13
MichaelHabibCL is fine as long as I can sort :)09:13
fazfactoraccessing via college09:17
fazfactorlife SUCKS09:17
fazfactori hope you get the message09:17
Aqewqwhy is my dhclient is getting up with wrong information? for example, IP is, when my router is configured for give ""09:17
gr33n7007h169 address are auto-config address and are not routable09:19
gr33n7007hAqewq: try puts your interface down, restart networking services, interface back up then retry09:21
gr33n7007halso try rebooting the router if the above mentioned fails09:22
Aqewqgr33n7007h, what is "autoconfig"? i.e. dhclient isnt working?09:23
ChrisDruifHello everyone, Iḿ looking for a parental control that can manage time in ubuntu 14.1009:23
ChrisDruiftimekpr and gnome nanny both have no build for 14.1009:24
Aqewqgr33n7007h, all worked before I removed NetworkManager and do "dhclient -r"...09:24
gr33n7007hAqewq: How are you authenticating?09:30
Aqewqgr33n7007h, auth to where?09:31
gr33n7007hAqewq: Ignore you are using eth0?09:32
gr33n7007hAqewq: are you using ethernet?09:35
Aqewqgr33n7007h, yep, the name of interface is "eth0"09:35
gr33n7007hAqewq: have you modified anything in the router cp?09:36
Aqewqgr33n7007h, router is configured right :)09:37
gr33n7007hAqewq: and you've remove network manager is this right?09:38
Aqewqgr33n7007h, there is something with dhcp client or similar settings in Ubuntu09:39
Aqewqgr33n7007h, I found this right, since it's a server09:39
gr33n7007hAqewq: ip link show eth0 and paste it here it's one line09:40
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pgunnarsso I realised there was a chinese ubuntu I could log into, how do I identify another linux filesystem within ubuntu?09:44
pgunnarsneed to find the filesystem of the fubared ubuntu09:45
White_CatI am trying to interprete ls output09:45
White_Catdrwxr-xr-x 2 custom_user root 4096 Feb 18 20:33 opt/09:45
White_Catwhat is root doing there after I used chown?09:46
rosco_yI followed the instructions on https://www.liberiangeek.net/2015/01/install-configure-samba-ubuntu-14-10/.  That seemed to go ok.  I can see my Linux box in my windows file explorer, but when I try to open it,  I get "Network Error--Windows cannot access \\LINUXBOX."  Any ideas?09:46
rosco_ydo I have to install samba on Windows too?09:47
aeon-ltdrosco_y: shouldn't have to09:48
rosco_yaeon-ldt, thanks, I didn't think so--it seems like Windows should already know the Windows protocols :)09:48
rosco_yNetworking has always been a serious mystery to me09:48
rosco_yI can see my Linux-machine-name when I click on the "Network" node in my Windows File Explorer", but then it continues by complaining that "Windows can't find" it.09:51
aeon-ltdrosco_y: this is a guess, but in windows there is an option to not use homegroup for sharing and use username and password instead, maybe you could try that09:51
nef0can someone help me with my .inputrc?09:52
rosco_yaeon-ltd--Thanks very much, that sounds like a very reasonable guess to me....09:52
rosco_yhi nef0....lots of great people here, hang around :)09:53
k1lWhite_Cat: what chown command did you use?09:53
nef0so i'm trying to assign a command in bash to the windows key09:53
nef0just tried a random command but it doesn't seem to react09:54
nef0 "\x85-m": "ls -a1 | grep rc\n"09:54
nef0what am i doing wrong?09:54
White_Catsudo chown custom_user /opt/09:55
White_Catthe folder is empty09:55
lopsnef0, don't parse ls http://mywiki.wooledge.org/ParsingLs09:55
k1lWhite_Cat: you only changed the owner. not the group. so the group stays like it was09:56
White_CatI want to rsync files and directories from a different server to this directory09:56
k1lWhite_Cat: use chown user:user  or use chgrp09:56
nef0thanks, i'll definitely read that09:57
blb3383hi, how do I tether my android phone on ubuntu? Usb tethering stays greyed out on the phone and networkmanager doesn't offer any ethernet iface based on usb0 device09:57
nef0but the windows-m stilll doesn't react09:57
White_CatI still get permission denied with rsync09:57
k1lWhite_Cat: what user does the rsync process use?10:02
White_Catk1l how can I determine that10:04
White_CatI am just using the command from my custom user10:04
White_Catshould it not be from that custom user?10:05
White_Catwait it coppied some files, just not all10:05
k1lWhite_Cat: ok. and where are you copying to exactly?10:06
k1lso its a read permissions issue?10:06
lopsFYI there is no such thing as "custom user", users are just numbers (uid) from linux's point of view10:06
White_Catit seemingly copied fine with sudo10:06
White_Catssh isnt working though10:06
White_Catwhich is odd10:06
hillaryhow can upgrade from ubuntu 12.10 studio to 14.04.2 LTS10:13
arcskyHi all, question 1. when i added something in /etc/network/interfaces how do i apply it? 2. do i still add dns in resolv.conf or ?10:13
k1lhillary: 12.10 is long dead. you need to upgrade to 13.04 then 13.10 and then 14.04. you might be faster with reinstalling a 14.0410:14
hillaryk1l ok thanks let me download the 14.04.2 LTS10:15
=== KevinM is now known as Guest41849
White_Catk1l mind that I can ssh to the remote server without a password10:21
White_Catbut with rsync it always ask for the password of the rmeote user10:21
White_Catthe command I use is rsync -e ssh -avzp /opt/
k1lerm, do you use sshkeys to login on ssh? or what is "without password"?10:22
White_CatI have ssh keys so it doesnt ask for a password if I do an ssh conneciton10:22
White_Catwhile rsync asks for a password10:22
k1lmake it a user@ip10:22
White_CatI tried that too10:23
White_Catsame problem10:23
White_Catremote directory has drwxr-xr-x permissions10:24
White_Catand is owned by my custemUser:custemUser10:24
hillaryi ask again is it possible to upgrade from altimate edition 3.6 to a recent version?10:25
k1lWhite_Cat: you copy from your pc to the remote pc in that order.10:25
hillaryk1l: advice. can i use the ultimate 3.6 version or i download the 14.04.2 LTS version10:27
k1lhillary: if you chose the fancy ultimate stuff you need to ask them for support.10:27
geirhaWhite_Cat: -e 'ssh -i ~/.ssh/the_key'10:28
hillaryk1l: ok so it is not supported by ubuntu eah10:29
geirhaor make an ssh alias10:29
k1lhillary: yes10:29
hillarygeirha: thanks iam downloading the 14.04.2 LTS now10:29
White_Catthe_key is just id_rsa.pub10:30
geirhahillary: Sorry, was talking to White_Cat10:30
hillarySorry the message for k1l not geirha10:30
White_Catit still asks for password10:30
White_Catit doesnt give an error10:30
geirhaWhite_Cat: No, the secret key, not the public key.  id_rsa10:31
k1lWhite_Cat: is it that user you use that can ssh with the ssh key? it sounds like you mix a lot of stuff there10:31
White_Catno impact10:31
White_Catstill asks for a password10:31
hillaryk1l I do a lot of programming stuff and software development so i better use  14.04.2 LTS eah10:31
sorenodeHi I wud like to share a file on cloud using command-line - that is I want the upload to happen and get the shared url all thru CLI.10:32
k1lhillary: if you install 14.10 you need to upgrade every 6months. so since we know you dont like that since you still run 12.10 that is dead a long time now, better stay on 14.04 that is LTS with 5 years support10:32
sorenodemy dropbox acc is new, so there is no pub. folder enabled10:32
hillaryk1l thank you very much10:33
rnatsorenode:  have you tried google cloud10:34
sorenodelemme check10:34
rnatsorenode:  it provides command line utils10:35
sorenodethanks rnat10:35
=== rnat is now known as rejit
sorenoderejit, is this entirely free?10:36
sorenodeif I stay freetrial10:36
rejitsorenode:  free as in?10:36
sorenodefree beer10:36
=== deegee is now known as drussell
sorenodeoh its not10:36
rejitsorenode:  its not  and you wont find any.10:37
platzhirschAre their any good looking ToDo list widgets for Ubuntu?10:51
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Guest73969hello to every one..i need help please10:59
Guest73969someone is connected to help me?10:59
nextech_Hello everyone11:00
nextech_Peachtree can run in ubuntu OS?11:01
k1l_just ask Guest7396911:01
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nextech_Anyone can help me please11:02
L0gi_234TypeError: unbound method lower() must be called with Identifier instance as first argument (got unicode instance instead) (file "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/willie/modules/chanlogs.py", line 76, in get_fpath)11:02
Guest73969i'm trying to install from a live usb ubuntu on a hard disk maxtor(connectet to pc trought usb) but during the installation it show thi message "fsyncing/closing/dev/sdb remote i/o error" what can i do??help mee please11:02
L0gi_234TypeError: unbound method lower() must be called with Identifier instance as first argument (got unicode instance instead) (file "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/willie/modules/chanlogs.py", line 76, in get_fpath)11:02
lopsGuest73969, input-output communication to the device is failing. Presumably hardware issue a bad cable or smth11:03
L0gi_234TypeError: unbound method lower() must be called with Identifier instance as first argument (got unicode instance instead) (file "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/willie/modules/chanlogs.py", line 76, in get_fpath)11:03
Guest73969someone is connected?11:03
Guest73969i'm trying to install from a live usb ubuntu on a hard disk maxtor(connectet to pc trought usb) but during the installation it show thi message "fsyncing/closing/dev/sdb remote i/o error" what can i do??help mee please11:05
emsy2015Hello, guys. I tried to fix my problem after this thread but I had an error at second step already.11:05
lopsemsy2015, exact error mesage is?11:06
emsy2015After sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev it says mount point does not exist11:06
emsy2015even though I just mounted it11:06
emsy2015with sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt11:06
lopsemsy2015, please give us the list of directories that you see under /mnt11:06
lopsjust to make sure that it is really the ubuntu11:07
Guest73969someone can help me too? :(11:07
lopsGuest73969, you were answered above11:07
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=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
Guest73969oh sorry i had no seen11:08
emsy2015lops, I'm sorry for dumb question but how can I list directories? New to ubuntu11:08
lopsemsy2015, open in file manager11:08
Guest73969i tried in windows to format and write files in the hard disk and it work...but durin the installation it give me problems...can i do something?11:09
=== elaine is now known as Guest54467
emsy2015lops, grub11:10
lopsemsy2015, then you have mounted the boot partition, not ubuntu11:11
emsy2015lops, I guess so11:11
emsy2015my ubuntu is encrypted though11:11
lopsthen you have to decrypt it first. otherwise anyone could mount it jst like you are trying now.11:12
emsy2015lops, almost fixed this problem yesterday with some guy from irc but then my pc crashed, have to do this over again11:12
lopsi can't help with that, sorry - no experience in encryption11:12
k1l_emsy2015: we had this issue nearly solved yesterday. what happend?11:12
emsy2015k1l_, my pc crashed11:12
emsy2015k1l, after the first step in tutorial I wrote in terminal my pc just froze11:13
emsy2015had to reboot11:13
emsy2015lops, thank you for your help mate :)11:13
k1l_http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/03/01/%23ubuntu.html  here is the log from yesterday. read carefully and think about what commands you use. dont just copy and paste it since you made some mistakes yesterday11:14
L0gi_234[ /srv/irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/03/01/#ubuntu.txt ] - irclogs.ubuntu.com11:14
emsy2015lops, btw are you from Latvia? in Latvia your nickname means cow, lol11:14
emsy2015k1l_, thanks!11:15
lopswell in russian yours means master of ceremonies... are you from russia11:15
emsy2015it doesn't lol. I know russian11:17
emsy2015k1l_, terminal can't understand my command " unmount "11:18
k1l_emsy2015: what did i say to not blindly run commands?11:18
geirhait's umount, without the n11:18
k1l_emsy2015: its umount11:18
emsy2015haha, thank you!11:18
emsy2015yesterday I did that with n though11:19
k1l_emsy2015: your setup with encryption etc is very difficult. you are on the best way to ruin your data if you just run commands you dont know what they do or if they are made working your kind of setup11:19
emsy2015I'm doing step by step what we were doing yesterday11:19
emsy2015unmounting sdb111:19
emsy2015encrypting my ubuntu11:20
LyXTGwhile creating new vm for ubuntu server in xen which is running on centos6 getting error11:21
emsy2015hmm, this time there's something different, k1l11:21
LyXTGERROR    Couldn't find xen kernel for Ubuntu tree.11:21
emsy2015mount: can't find /dev/sdb5 in /etc/fstab11:21
LyXTGi have just downloaded ubuntu server lts version 1411:22
LyXTGcan some one help on this issue11:22
=== swordsmanz is now known as hugbot
emsy2015err never mind11:23
emsy2015everything's fine11:23
hay207hi guys11:26
hay207can i store large game data files in a different partition?11:26
k1l_you mean with steam?11:27
k1l_maybe yes :) for specific answers come back with specofoc questions :)11:28
hay207not steam11:28
hay207large games in synaptic11:28
hay207how to do so? i havent installed ubuntu yet11:29
emsy2015k1l_: ahh I love you man. :) Installing the kernel already11:31
zer0hCould somebody help fixing my wifi drivers11:32
onkoI also need help with other thing, but start asking you xd11:32
burkmatzer0h: Maybe. What hardware are you using?11:33
k1l_hay207: what large games are we talking about and what partitoin should they go to?11:34
hay207ufoai for example11:34
hay207idk another ext3 partition11:35
emsy2015k1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10500520/11:35
L0gi_234[ Ubuntu Pastebin ] - paste.ubuntu.com11:35
k1l_hay207: ufoai is not in the repos11:37
k1l_hay207: and the standard FS for ubuntu is ext4 :)11:37
hay207i will add the ufoai to repos11:37
lopshay207, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/446165 -- in general you can't11:38
lopshay207, but you can install another stripped-down ubuntu in the partition and install the game there, then run it via chroot11:39
emsy2015k1l_: can you please check if I did anything wrong there? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10500539/11:39
onkoI would like to set up a dns cache to improve my speed. Network-manager is already working with dnsmasq, and I have created a file in /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d/ with "cache-size=10000" and now is working. The problem is dnsmasq keep those dns resolves in RAM, and after reboot I loose every resolve...Someone know something about that? (sorry for my english)11:39
k1l_emsy2015: you really need to read what you are doing and stop if you get errors.11:40
emsy2015didn't see any error11:41
emsy2015only at the very last step11:41
k1l_emsy2015: see line 80. you did not chroot into that installed system. there was an error because you did copy paste something wrong there in fron of the command11:41
emsy2015yes, my fault11:42
emsy2015didn't see that error11:42
k1l_emsy2015: the stuff between # and sudo. so from that on you did not work with your installed ubuntu. so unmount all and start over again from the beginning11:42
emsy2015yes, sir11:43
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest35660
emsy2015ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu_root /mnt mount: only root can do that11:45
emsy2015should I chroot already here?11:45
k1l_use sudo11:45
emsy2015sudo su ?11:45
k1l_sudo su is bad on ubuntu.11:45
lopsand anyway it is not sudo su, rather sudo su -l11:45
k1l_if you want a root shell and you know what you are doing and the commands use sudo -i.11:46
emsy2015ok, let's see11:48
Alexo_how do i mount a flash drive ?11:51
fjalvarezhello there. I'm trying to deal how to use a certificate for a subdomain that it is pointing in a different server. thanks11:53
ofcanto remove the directory with git repository, I just do rm -r and it will all be wiped clean?11:55
zer0hburkmat, you there?11:55
zer0hburkmat, Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter11:56
zer0hCan somebody help me with resolving my wifi issue11:56
mysupperI wonder what word processor would satisfy me in Ubuntu package. Any suggestions except abiword ,openoffice, wps office , wine ?11:57
emsy2015k1l_: E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?11:59
k1l_Alexo_: running a desktop? then just put it in and let gvfs do its magic.11:59
emsy2015k1l_: after installing kernels11:59
k1l_emsy2015: please put all output into a pastebin. missing context is difficult there12:00
emsy2015k1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10500742/12:00
k1l_emsy2015: apt-get update12:01
elsewhois ubuntu touch a real native linux. can i run background services, have full acess to hardware and gcc?12:02
emsy2015thank you12:02
k1l_elsewho: better ask in #ubuntu-touch12:02
elsewhok1l_, thanks :D12:02
k1l_emsy2015: better install "linux-generic" too, to get the headers installed automatically12:03
andersbsI see libsemanage1 is installed in trusty and references to pam_selinux.so in /etc/pam.d but do those references actually do anything on a default installed trusty system?12:05
jpdsandersbs: Yeah, there are no policys for Ubuntu.12:06
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest79373
arcskyHi all, question 1. when i added something in /etc/network/interfaces how do i apply it? 2. do i still add dns in resolv.conf or ?12:07
jpdsarcsky: Depends on what you added.12:07
andersbsjpds: so basically it's there in case someone wants to have a go at it but by default it does nothing?12:07
jpdsandersbs: By default, it's not supported.12:07
zer0hhey, anybody?12:07
White_CatAny way to make ubuntu ssh connections not use a password?12:07
zer0h I cant seem to find wifi networks12:07
zer0hthough my wifi card is detected12:08
jpdsWhite_Cat: Use SSH keys.12:08
andersbsalright. guess it's pointless of me to remove those references then since they do nothing12:08
White_CatI have the same ssh key in the .shh directory and it makes no difference whatsoever12:08
White_Catit still insists on asking for a password12:08
EriC^White_Cat, you have to use /etc/ssh or something12:08
White_Catjpds yeah, thats what I am trying to do an failing12:08
jpdsWhite_Cat: How did you configure the SSH key on the target host?12:08
White_Catoh hello EriC^ :)12:08
EriC^hello :)12:08
White_CatI copy pasted the .shh key on the .shh directory on both computers12:09
jpdsWhite_Cat: .ssh*12:09
k1l_White_Cat: its ssh not shh12:09
White_Catyeah thats what I mean :)12:09
burkmatWhite_Cat: On the receiving node, the file needs to be .ssh/authorized_keys or .ssh/authorized_keys212:09
White_Catoh it needs that exact name?12:09
k1l_White_Cat:  and that is not the right way how you do it.12:09
jpdsWhite_Cat: You're suppose to put it into: .ssh/authorized_keys on the other end.12:09
White_CatI had it called id_rsa12:10
jpdsWhite_Cat: That's your private key.12:10
k1l_white please read that to get to know what you do there at all: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys12:10
ermorenoHOLA CHORVOS12:10
ermorenoSE LLAMA...12:10
ermorenoCHUPADME EL BORNE12:10
jpdsWhite_Cat: Do NOT copy that one around.12:10
White_CatI shouldnt?12:10
White_Catjust the public key?12:11
jpdsWhite_Cat: Yes.12:11
jpdsWhite_Cat: It's called *private* key for a reason.12:11
White_Catso just authorized_keys.pub12:11
White_Catwell yes but the two servers would need to connect to each other :p12:11
jpdsWhite_Cat: What are you trying to accomplish?12:11
k1l_White_Cat: please read the help page i mentioned. you mix a lot of stuff there.12:12
White_Catall I want to acomplish is getting passwordless connections from one server to the other12:12
jpdsWhite_Cat: What for?12:12
k1l_give it a 10minutes read and know what you do and safe 3 more hours of copying the wrong stuff between pcs12:12
White_Catjpds seeveral tasks12:14
White_Catone is for barman12:14
White_Catone is for rsync12:14
White_Catone is for rsnapshot12:14
White_Catno not rsnapshot12:14
k1l_White_Cat: please invest the time and read the page linked you. you miss basic knowledge and need to learn that.12:15
White_Catk1l_ thats all I have been doing for the past 1.5 weeks12:17
White_Catsorry I am just frustrated12:17
k1l_White_Cat: read that page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys it explaines what it is and how to setup and transfer the keys12:19
White_Catk1l_ the keys are in both locations and I am not getting a permission denied12:21
White_CatEriC^ I pmed you :)12:23
germanstudentHow do I make changes in /etc/sysctl.conf permanent? (IPv6 in this case) Seems to get overwritten periodically (14.04)12:24
jpdsgermanstudent: I'd suggest adding them as a subfile in /etc/sysctl.d/ instead.12:24
popeyWhite_Cat: have you put the key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ? Have you set the permissions of ~/.ssh to 0700 and the permission on ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to 0600 ?12:25
arcskyjpds: i added iface eth1 ip netmask and gw12:25
jpdsarcsky: So, ifup eth1 ?12:25
germanstudentjpds, thank you!12:26
arcskyjpds: iface eth0 inet static12:26
White_Catis authorized_keys a directory or a file?12:26
popeyWhite_Cat: its a file12:26
popeyWhite_Cat: which is detailed on the page you were linked to12:26
White_Catit is a copy of my public key12:27
popeyhave you set the permissions correctly?12:27
popeyWhite_Cat: when you ssh in from the other machine, do "ssh -vvv <hostname>" and then examine the output carefully. -vvv will produce a lot of output, which you could pastebin for us to help with12:28
jpdsWhite_Cat: That's not the output of ssh -vvv12:30
White_Catdebug3: Could not load "/home/custom_user/.ssh/id_rsa" as a RSA1 public key12:31
White_Catno it isnt12:31
White_Catthat was the permissions I had12:31
arcskyjpds: http://pastebin.com/72YUhDmR12:31
White_Catdo you want me to pastebin the entire -vvv?12:31
jpdsWhite_Cat: And you seem to have copied your private key (id_rsa) to authorized_keys.12:31
jpdsWhite_Cat: You're suppose to copy the public key: id_rsa.pub.12:31
White_CatI copied the public key12:33
burkmatWhite_Cat: The authorized_keys file is the same size as the id_rsa file, not the id_rsa.pub file.12:33
arcskyjpds: will it come back after reboot???12:33
White_Catyou are absolutely right12:34
White_CatI was splitting hair over nothing?12:34
jpdsWhite_Cat: As we said, you're missing some basic knowledge, read the page.12:35
zer0hwhy does my network manager disable me from searching and connecting to wifi?12:35
jpdsarcsky: Well, you have two gateways set.12:35
jpdsarcsky: That could get interesting.12:36
jpdsWhite_Cat: And do not strart copying private keys between different machines.12:38
zer0hcan somebody help me out please?12:41
zer0hI am in quite a big trouble here12:42
ikoniazer0h: hello there, if you ask your ubuntu question, people will help if they can12:42
cfhowlett!hello | zer0h12:42
jpdsHe asked earlier on about wifi problems with atheros.12:42
ikoniaI didn't see it, never mind,12:43
ikoniaI'm sure someone will help if they can12:43
zer0hikonia, had asked earlier before, here I am repeating again. My LAN connection works but my network manager does not allow to search for wifi connection12:43
zer0hit is kind of like disabled12:44
zer0hthough my card is being detected12:44
germanstudentWhat do you guys use to note and efficiently access commands and code snippets, except your brain? :) I use workflowy, but there are sure better tools for this12:44
jpdsgermanstudent: Access commands and code snippets?12:44
jpdszer0h: Check: rfkill list12:44
k1l_zer0h: "rfkill list" please into a pastebin12:44
zer0hok hold on12:45
tnkhanhgermanstudent: what u mean by better tools?12:45
OpenTokixgermanstudent: Looks like normal todolists?12:45
arcskyjpds: you have tons of gw's12:45
jpdsarcsky: But only one default gateway.12:46
tnkhanhgermanstudent: oh I see12:46
arcskyu can have many det. gw's12:46
germanstudentjpds, tnkhanh, OpenTokix  that is not directly ubuntu related. Sometimes I google for solutions to specific problems, that I can't remember for month. When I found the best solution, I write down what worked and which commands I used. Are there good tools for this?12:46
tnkhanhgermanstudent: I use pen and papers. Sometimes I dont rely too much on technology12:47
jpdsgermanstudent: Wikis, note pads, personally I put my system configs into something like Puppet.12:47
OpenTokixjpds: germanstudent is +q from some reason, and can't talk.12:48
tnkhanhif it's commands or solution to remember, I copy to a file12:48
jpdsw/ii Drone`12:49
germanstudentThank you! I don't know why I was muted12:49
hateballPerhaps adressing many nicks at once, spam-protection12:50
germanstudenthateball, ah, okay12:50
zer0hjpds, kil_, did you see my pastebin?12:50
=== arya is now known as bipul
jpdszer0h: Yeah, not sure what's wrong there.12:51
k1l_zer0h: yes, not blocked and the device is found. so do you have something in the /etc/network/interfaces ?12:52
zer0hjpds, actually it was working fine. I upgraded from 12 to 14. What I recently did was change my wifi settings...changed my network id and stuff and now it is like this12:52
zer0hneed to check ki_, one thing I did was that I installed cinnamon and the settings were in gnome earlier when I had set up the connection12:52
zer0h cat /etc/network/interfaces12:53
zer0hauto lo12:53
zer0hiface lo inet loopback12:53
k1l_ok, so please pastebin the output of "dmesg" to see if there is some hardware/driver issue12:54
k1l_but so far it looks good. and it could be some missmatch of networkmanagers and old configs from gnome and cinnamon12:55
k1l_zer0h: i will be afk for some time now. so just ask the channel with details again and others can see if they can help12:56
zer0hok kil_12:56
zer0hcan you give some pointers12:56
jpdszer0h: Pastebin 'dmesg' for us.12:57
gr33n7007hanyone using rtorrent?12:59
Argafali am trying to compile a latex document with \usepackage{ebgaramond}, but ebgaramond.sty is not installed. I cannot find which ubuntu package contains ebgaramond. Any hints?13:00
ArgafalIt's 12.04 LTS, btw.13:01
zer0hjpds, http://pastebin.com/NARaPmsV13:02
lopsgermanstudent, cherrytree13:02
jpdsarcsky: Have you checked packages.ubuntu.com ?13:02
germanstudentlops, thx, will look into it13:03
jpdsarcsky: Sorry, that last was for Argafal.13:06
lopsgermanstudent, or plain libreoffice base + some sql13:06
Argafaljpds: I did.13:10
MaxFramesto connect to an l2tp/ipsec vpn from a (l)ubuntu client, what do I need to install?13:11
germanstudentlops, wow, cherrytree looks awesome! code highlighting and everything. It would be perfect if it had some kind of cloud support, or some interface for mobile and mac.13:13
=== hugbot is now known as swordsmanz
=== mlocher is now known as Guest93449
kevindeI mounted a volume with sudo mount -o bind /dev/us1204s/root /mnt/fcroot -o rw,user how can I chroot this,13:31
kevindewhen i use sud chroot /mnt/fcroot /bin/bash it says permission denied13:34
Emmanuel_ChanelHello! Someone knows dovecot on Ubuntu well?13:46
jpdsEmmanuel_Chanel: Ask what you need, but probably better in #ubuntu-server.13:47
Emmanuel_ChanelI want to use both system accounts and virtual mail box on my mail server although I won't use any on the global net.13:47
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest74338
gspot12Anyone tried new Ubuntu?13:48
cfhowlett!vivid | gspot12,13:49
ubottugspot12,: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142513:49
thevishyI installed some softwares from this repo http://www.noobslab.com/2012/11/install-mac-os-x-theme-on-ubuntu-1210.html , mostly theme stuff . is it safe ?13:50
thevishyI am doing this in my official machine, I wanted to make sure that I don't run into a security problem13:50
cfhowlettthevishy, any outside of official ubuntu repos should be approached with caution13:50
thevishyright cfhowlett13:50
thevishyi sudo apt-get removed them - is that fine ? i also did a scan with clamav13:51
cfhowlettthevishy, sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove13:52
thevishythat should be fine ? or do I reinstall my OS13:52
cfhowlettthevishy, I see no reason to reinstall13:52
thevishyright then I would continue , in any case my work stuff is in a lxc (centos)13:53
sachithi guys i am new to ubuntu. when i type in cmd apt-get update it will show 404 not found. whats the reason for that13:53
lopssachit, what ubuntu version?13:54
cfhowlettsachit, point to a different mirror13:55
sachitok, and in mozilla firefox youtube videos play only in 360p. i want to play in 480p. anything we can do for it13:57
germanstudentx /etc/sysctl.d/ entry won't process at boot, but works with "sudo sysctl --system" after boot. Do I have to announce the new sysctl.d config somewhere?13:57
cfhowlett!test | germanstudent,13:57
ubottugermanstudent,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )13:57
NeitroNhi all13:59
=== TheBigDeal_ is now known as TheBigDeal
sachitguys i have downloaded some stuff through cmd using wget command. but i cant find it14:01
sachitwhere it is located14:01
Picisachit: typically in the same place where you ran the command... unless you specified elsewhere.14:01
cfhowlettsachit, probably in your /home14:01
sachitok but i cant find it. i will download again and check14:03
sachitthanks for the help14:03
k1l_sachit: type "pwd" to see what folder you are in there14:04
gshmuhello, my PC (E3-1231 V3 and asus B85-plus  Ubuntu 14.04 linux-image-3.16.0-31) shutdown and suspend will be reboots (after shutdown 3s). Can I build my kernel fix this? I change the CPU to Xeon at `make menuconfig`   but when i using the new kernel, tty1 login ok but tty7 can't login14:05
gshmuanyone can help me to fix it14:06
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
=== ihavnoth is now known as noth
maciejhow to install ssh ??14:25
ikoniainstall the package openssh-server14:25
ikoniaor openssh-client14:25
ikoniayou can find them in the package manager14:25
ikoniaI actually thought clients where installed by default hese days14:25
OpenTokixikonia: ssh client is installed, server not by default on desktop. - apt-get install ssh14:26
k1l_the client is standard in ubuntu14:26
ikoniathe package is openssh-server14:26
Piciikonia: 'ssh' is a metapackage that includes the server and client14:27
ikoniaI thought it was just client+sharedlibs14:27
Pici"This metapackage is a convenient way to install both the OpenSSH client and the OpenSSH server." Depends: openssh-client (>= 1:6.6p1-2ubuntu1), openssh-server (>= 1:6.6p1-2ubuntu1)14:27
pp__Hi there14:29
maciej"E: Package 'openssh-server' has no installation candidate" what that it means??14:34
OpenTokixmaciej: Sounds like you have messed up your apt-sources14:34
OpenTokixmaciej: apt-get can't find the debfile14:34
BluesKajHiyas all14:34
k1l_maciej: please pastebin a "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"14:36
maciejdeb http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty main restricted universe multiverse14:36
maciejdeb-src http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty main restricted universe multiverse14:36
maciejdeb http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty-updates main restricted universe multiverse14:36
maciejdeb-src http://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty-updates main restricted universe multiverse14:36
maciejdeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu natty-security main restricted universe multiverse14:36
maciejdeb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu natty-security main restricted universe multiverse14:36
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on 2012-10-28, see http://ubottu.com/y/natty for details.14:37
k1l_!paste | maciej14:37
ubottumaciej: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:37
cfhowlettend of life ... WAY paste EOL14:37
k1l_maciej: and 11.04 is way end of life. you are better of with going to reinstall 14.04.2. you could upgrade to 11.10 and then 12.04 (and then upgrade to 14.04) but that will take more time14:37
mithrani cannot read malayalam i ubuntu firefox ?14:39
mithranmalayalam font is not taken in ubuntu firefox ?14:39
bazhangttf-malayalam-fonts <----  mithran14:40
mithranbazhang: ??? i have meera font in my system14:41
mithranbazhang: how to install ttf malayalama fonts to my systm through terminal14:42
bazhangsudo apt-get install packagename   mithran14:42
mithranbazhang: i don't know the exact package name !!!!!!!!!!!!!1114:43
bazhangttf-malayalam-fonts  <--- mithran14:43
bazhangapt-cache search malay   <--- mithran to find14:44
mithranbazhang: ok> sudo apt-get install ttf-malayalam-fonts14:44
k1l_maciej: you really need to upgrade or reinstall. your system doesnt get security updates since 2012.14:50
daniel_hola a todos14:53
yoqseLam arkadaþlar14:54
yoqtürk varmý ?14:54
daniel_soy nuevo en ubuntu14:54
k1l_!tr | yoq14:54
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.14:54
ubottuyoq: please see above14:54
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:54
yoqubottu :(14:54
yoqI no ingilizce14:54
yoqý em Türkiþ14:54
yoqtürkiþ Chat !14:54
k1l_yoq: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.14:55
yoqk1l_ Teþekkür Ederim kardeþim.14:55
yoqThenk you.14:55
=== yoq is now known as DanGeRGhosT
White_Cat_I am trying to setup three lxc instances on the same server and I want each lxc instance to recieve an ip from the physical router dhcp through virtual ethernet14:59
White_Cat_any suggestions how I can achieve this?15:00
akiva-thinkpadhow can I delete all my chroots? should I just sudo rm -r them?15:00
* DanGeRGhosT S.a15:00
* DanGeRGhosT :d15:00
k1l_DanGeRGhosT: please stop that.15:00
maciejthanks again and bye15:02
pgunnarssoo, cuda install fubared my ubuntu, any1 have solutions besides the top google ones of uninstalling cuda and reinstalling nvidia/xorg?15:03
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
mozaDanGeRGhosT : asv messages from someone unknown are not really welcome when the only thing in common is to be on this channel.15:05
mozapgunnars : what do you mean by "fubared"?15:05
pgunnarswont load beyond login screen, network manager is out15:06
=== [willwh] is now known as willwh
mozapgunnars : you could try to troubleshoot with one of the alternative command-line tty if it's a graphics problem?15:07
mozaCtrl+alt+F7 is the Graphical User Interface, but Ctrl+alt+F1 or F2 etc. let you login via command line normally.15:08
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lucidomy HDMI monitor is not detected in display settings, how can I diagnose this?15:08
daftykinsif you're staring at it to use your computer, i wouldn't worry...15:09
pgunnarsmoza: i can login through the command line, ive used it to uninstall cuda/nvidia/xorg server and reinstall everything15:10
pgunnarsnot sure how to debug it myself?15:10
mozapgunnars : I guess you could go ask cuda groups more specifically. I have only heard of nvidia and xorg myself.15:11
ppfpgunnars: what is in Xorg.log?15:11
pgunnarslemme check15:12
ppfi'm having some trouble with pulseaudio15:13
ppfi added a combined sink, which is supposed to output sound through both my speakers and headphones15:14
ppfwhen i boot up my system, it works for a while, and then just stops15:14
=== jtruckz is now known as jtruckszombie
ppfstops as in, there is no more sound output on the combined sink (both spearks and headphones sink work fine)15:15
ppfit feels like, whenever the sink is being suspended on idle, it doesn't wake up when needed15:15
ppfany ideas how to fix that?15:16
=== jtruckszombie is now known as troll
qurveI have a really dumb question: When you install nginx from apt on Ubuntu 14.04, what service manager (if any) does it get installed as?15:26
qurveI see the master/worker processes running but both service nginx status and /etc/init.d/nginx status return that it's not running.15:26
illizianhmm I was gonna say nginx qurve15:27
OpenTokixqurve: service nginx status * nginx is running15:27
OpenTokixqurve: try service nginx restart15:27
OpenTokixqurve: and then status again15:27
qurveThe problem is that it *is* running, but service nginx status says it is not.15:28
qurveIt's running, listening on the specified port, and responding to requests.15:28
qurveBut my cookbook test fails because service nginx status returns an error code and says it's not running, which is why I'm confused.15:28
illizianqurve: it's meant to be under nginx - works here15:28
illizian$ sudo service nginx status15:28
illizian * nginx is not running15:28
illizianah I see15:28
krabadorwhen a .desktop file properly created on /usr/share/applications, it's available on the dash?15:29
qurveI'm just confused what exactly started the process that's running and which service manager is responsible for it.15:29
krabadordo tracker the job in real time?15:29
White_Catso i did a clean install of ubuntu server15:30
White_Catand it will not boot15:30
White_CatI get grub prompt15:30
White_Catthis server has EFI15:30
White_Catand ubuntu installed with the efi partition15:30
White_Catis it impostible to fix ubuntu with grub?15:30
ikoniait is totally possible15:31
qurveAdditionally, if I `service nginx stop` and `/etc/init.d/nginx stop`, the process still runs. O_o15:31
ikoniagrub2 and ubuntu fully support EFI setup15:31
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, not impossible.  I just wrestled with this yesterday.15:31
qurveSeems like something else is controlling it.15:31
ikoniait's well documented on the grub2 wiki page White_Cat15:32
ikoniacheck the ubuntu grub2 wiki page15:32
pgunnarsppf: theres like 5 logfiles15:32
ikoniait walks through the auto setup and any manual fixes15:32
White_Catwhy would ubuntu setup itself be broken?15:32
ppfpgunnars: look at the youngest one15:32
pgunnarsim assuming the oldest is most important,15:32
pgunnarswhy youngest15:32
pgunnarsi just reinstalled it15:32
ikoniaWhite_Cat: sometimes it gets the boot loader setup wrong15:32
ikoniaWhite_Cat: it's still a new technology for a lot of distros including ubuntu and it depends on the machine and human interaction on some cases15:33
ikoniathats why its worth reading the the ubuntu wiki on the grub2 pages15:33
ikoniagoes into quite good detail15:33
yartHello! Is there any way to prevent the hdd going in standby mode after a few seconds while on battery?15:34
OldSamhi, I have a problem with X11 and the graphics signal (with HDMI switch), I often get a blank screen without X11, which I can only fix by restarting the displaymanager... (using 14.04 LTS) - I have read a recommended way is to manually create/adapt a xorg.conf but I fail creating that: Using "X -configure" the auto-created file does not work at all (showing no display), though basically Ubuntu did recognize my display, just atm I am in the X11 environment. So...15:34
OldSam is there a way to get the "current" settings in an xorg.conf ? Or other hints how I can fix such an issue?15:34
pgunnarsppf: http://pastie.org/999379215:36
White_CatI would like smoe more specific documentation15:37
krabadorwhen a .desktop file properly created on /usr/share/applications, it's available on the dash?15:37
krabadordo tracker the job in real time?15:37
White_CatI mean I am not even sure what to look for15:37
bazhang!grub2 | White_Cat have a read15:38
ubottuWhite_Cat have a read: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub215:38
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, you must set an efi_boot partition and send your bootloader to that target15:38
bazhangalso #grub White_Cat15:39
White_Catcfhowlett indeed and the efi partitoin was created by the clean setup15:42
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, and that's where you set your bootloader??15:42
White_Catcfhowlett it should do that automatically right?15:43
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, mine tried to target /dev/sda not /dev/sda1 where efi_boot was set.  best to verify15:43
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest98995
White_Catcfhowlett i dont know the command to verify15:44
White_CatI lack a live cd as well15:44
White_Catwhile I am trying ot create one i would rather try to determine the problem with grub commands if I can15:44
White_Cator maybe even fix15:44
White_Catit shouldnt be something drastic15:44
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, reintstall grub should be suficient15:44
White_Catimpossible without livecd right?15:45
cfhowlettWhite_Cat, yep.  sorry.  good ubuntu users don't leave home without their ubuntu USB  :)15:45
White_CatI didnt leave home without it15:45
White_CatI just neglected to take it with me15:46
White_CatI just wish grub2 was able to self repair15:46
WhitorI wish all software was able to self repair15:46
White_Catwith voice commands no less15:47
ppfpgunnars: looks good! what is your problem exactly?15:47
White_Catand also make coffee15:47
Whitorand change diapers15:47
White_Catno, I wouldnt want my computer to change dipers15:47
pgunnarsdesktop doesnt load on login15:47
pgunnarsand network manager doesnt work15:47
Whitorpgunnars, why not?15:47
pgunnarsinstalled cuda15:48
ppfpgunnars: your Xorg.log looks fine, though?15:48
pgunnarslemme just quickly restart to make sure its still not working15:49
pgunnarsnot sure what to say15:49
uuhimhereis ubuntu going with wayland ?15:52
Siilwynuuhimhere, no. It's going to use Mir.15:53
SiilwynHi people, I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, not running any special apps, sometimes the 'Log Out' option does not work, basically nothing happens when pressed. The only noticeable thing is that there is no text whatsoever in the top bar at the left. It does work after I use 'Lock' and login again. How can I troubleshoot this? Any logs that I can look into?15:54
SchrodingersScatIs there any good test to see why my files copied from thunar sometimes aren't the same size?  I do sync the folder with owncloud, and can test that later to see if it's specific to those folders.  xubuntu 14.10, ext4 from /home/$user/dir1 to /home/$user/dir2 and the dir2 file will be just shy of the full size.15:54
=== mlocher_ is now known as mlocher
ppfSchrodingersScat: how do you check file size?15:56
SchrodingersScatppf: I was doing the copy again, and it would say for example "Replace 492.57MB file with same name file with size 527.2MB File?"15:57
x90SchrodingersScat it is not possibile if it is same file15:58
x90SchrodingersScat it is possibile for stream data files =)15:58
ppfDepending on what your tool is doing there, might also be possible for sparse files15:59
SchrodingersScatx90: I can also test that, i do have a short alias that sha256sums the file, finds any files with the same name and sha256sums those to compare, but idk why they would be different sizes15:59
x90SchrodingersScat not possibile maybe your file system has problem15:59
SchrodingersScatoh, not possible15:59
x90some file systems using hash system15:59
SchrodingersScatppf: sparse files? tell me more?16:00
x90SchrodingersScat if you have stream data file it is normal16:00
OldSamSchrodingersScat: try "file filename" to see what files you got (header etc.), you can compare this first16:00
ppfSchrodingersScat: a sparse file is a file with "holes" in it, i.e. larger chunks of 0s16:01
ppfthe FS will not actually store those 0s, so the actual file size is smaller than the apparent size16:02
SchrodingersScatthey /are/ video files, but then on the second copy it normally corrects the 1/8 that seem to do this.16:02
mysupperI want to install antivirus program. any suggestions?16:09
jmaderomysupper: suggest not installing one ;)16:10
jmaderoabsolutely no need16:10
mysupperhttp://www.makeuseof.com/tag/free-linux-antivirus-programs/ , searched a little bit but quite oldie.16:10
mysupperlinux is not virus free.16:10
jmaderomysupper: I've been using linux for 10+ years16:10
jmaderoI've gotten one rootkit by being a total idiot and installing crazy third party software16:10
jpdsninsei: I think you'll find that it is.16:10
jmaderomysupper: best to just make sure your firewall is set up right16:10
jmaderoand your passwords are strong16:10
jpdsmysupper: You only need an antivirus on Linux if you're interacting with Windows computers.16:11
jmaderoand even then...only "kind of"16:11
delinquentmeso when I have a file named "bin" what does this denote / mean16:11
st34lthhello, just wondering, which of you use many monitors with your laptop. what kind of hardware works for ubuntu ?16:11
delinquentmeit seem slike its a reserved word16:11
jmaderost34lth: what are you asking exactly - if we have mutli monitor setups...what kind of software are you asking about?16:12
krabadorwhen a .desktop file properly created on /usr/share/applications, it's available on the dash?16:12
krabadordo tracker the job in real time?16:12
jmaderost34lth: just use xrandr and you're set16:12
mint_delinquentme: there is no such thing as a "reserved filename" on linux16:12
st34lth jmadero, "hardware"16:13
jmaderost34lth: ah - um....that list is quite long16:13
st34lthmost laptops don't come with 2/3 monitor ports16:13
jmaderost34lth: if you have a specific hardware that you want to know about16:13
jmaderoeasier than asking "can you name everything that works"16:13
st34lthnatively I have one hdmi, one mini display linl.16:13
delinquentmemint_, I think it means 'binaries'16:13
gr33n7007his there an ip notificator for the panel?16:13
st34lthbut not sure what can work with usb3.0 jmadero16:14
st34lthi'm actually surprised. I thought the list would be short jmadero16:14
SiilwynAnybody got a suggestion for my problem? [16:54]16:14
jmaderost34lth: you mean to expand video ports?16:14
mint_delinquentme: binaries may have any extension, linux does not identify by filename (or extension) but only by content (/MIME type)16:14
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Poison877anybody here ?16:16
gr33n7007hPoison877: 1793 of us martians :)16:16
Poison877I was wondering if You could help me : since I upgraded to 14.10 my wifi connection is horrible16:16
st34lthjmadero: http://plugable.com/products/uga-2k-a this is an example16:17
__helllu_worldHi guys, when I try to connect to the network, I'm getting the following error, "The system's network services are not compaitable with this version"16:17
st34lthsince i'm running out of physical video port. i'd want anything that would work with usb, pref usb 3.016:18
__helllu_worldI tried restarting the network manager, yet nothing happens16:18
jmaderost34lth: ah interesting16:18
Poison877Anybody can help me ? :(16:18
jmaderost34lth: now I'm seeing your dilemma - yeah I'm not sure sorry16:18
jmaderoPoison877: be patient16:18
Poison877:) kk16:18
jmaderoPoison877: IRC general rule - ask a question, wait for 5-10, then ask again16:18
Poison877I'll keep it in mind , sorry16:18
jmaderoPoison877: how do you know your wifi connection is horrible?16:18
gr33n7007hapart from giplet16:19
__helllu_worldMy interfaces aren't getting detected when I restart the network-manager16:19
jmaderoPoison877: like what does that mean - did you do a speedtest? is it dropping out?16:19
Poison877Well , since I upgraded to 14.10 is slow, it looks like the reception is weaker16:19
Poison877and I cannot do anything like watching videos ... and when I browse a website is really slow loading16:19
mysupperI chosed clamtk. don't know usable but a little bit feel safe. hehe16:20
jmaderoPoison877: do a speed test16:20
Poison877HOw jmadero ?16:20
jmaderoPoison877: speedtest.net16:20
Poison877Oki ...16:20
Poison877By the way, how do I tag someone when I write ?16:20
jmaderoPoison877:  put in the first two or three letters and then push tab16:21
jmaderoPoison877: or just type their entire name out16:21
Poison877jmadero,  , thanks ;)16:21
jmaderoPoison877: no problem - we were all new at one point :-b16:21
jmaderost34lth: need to introduce you to my buddy who is ultra paranoid even in Linux ;)16:21
Poison877doing the speedtest now mate16:22
PaRaD0xR2hi, just got a new pc with win7 on it, but am ready to install ubuntu 12.04 lts on it for dual boot, can somebody walk me thru the install?  Just so I set up everything good.  Also dont want to lose my win7 install, wanna use it for htpc setup16:22
__helllu_worldHi guys, when I try to connect to the network, I'm getting the following error, "The system's network services are not compaitable with this version". I tried restarting the network manager, yet nothing happens. My interfaces aren't getting detected when I restart the network-manager16:22
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: hopefully you mean Ubuntu 14.1016:22
PaRaD0xR2I have the 12.04 lts cd booted up, at the installation type screen, thanks :)16:22
jmaderoor at least 14.0416:22
__helllu_worldSomeone please help ?16:22
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: um 12.04 is EOL16:22
jmaderoI think...or is it not?16:22
Poison877jmadero,  , so is 39.90 mbs16:22
PaRaD0xR2well, I have a 12.04 lts cd16:22
jmaderoPoison877: that is quite fast16:22
Poison877But ... how come is so slow16:23
PaRaD0xR2think it's still supported no?16:23
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: um maybe - but .... it's really old and you're going to be stuck with really old software (for instance LibreOffice 3.5 I think....)16:23
jmaderowhich is completely EOL16:23
PaRaD0xR2just not sure how to setup the partitions16:23
daftykins12.04 is good until 201716:23
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: yes be quite careful  with setting up ;)16:24
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: one moment let me find you a tutorial16:24
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120416:24
jmaderobest to have visuals16:24
PaRaD0xR2jmadero: yeah, hence why I'n here :)16:24
zteam__helllu_world, What Ubuntu version is this? is this on a freshly installed system?16:24
PaRaD0xR2I've been using Ubuntu for a year now, just not sure about setting up partitions16:25
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: generally what I do is 1 relatively small partition for root, 1 medium size partition for home, 1 very large partition for a shared partition, then Windows and swap16:25
__helllu_worldzteam: I was trying to install "arping" package using aptitude. I'm using 14.04, for a while16:25
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: you can PM me if you want (if you're doing it right now)16:25
PaRaD0xR2I am16:25
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: avoids the noise of the room16:25
PaRaD0xR2thanks jmadero16:25
zteam__helllu_world, you aren't trying out some ARP-poisoning are u?16:27
__helllu_worldzteam: No16:27
daftykinsjmadero: there's a reason we keep things all in channel :)16:27
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.16:27
__helllu_worldI just wanted to check the IP addresses allotted by the DHCP in my network using ARP cache16:27
PaRaD0xR2o, whatever16:28
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: so "something else"16:28
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: you'll want to shrink your W7 partition way down16:29
PaRaD0xR2k, installtion type16:29
PaRaD0xR2lists a bunch of stuff16:29
PaRaD0xR2sda1 fat16 40 mb unknown16:29
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: do you see the partition setup now?16:29
PaRaD0xR2sda2 nfts 23262MB 11019 used16:30
jmaderoPaRaD0xR2: dammit I forgot, I'm not sure if you can shrink partition from that16:30
jmaderohold on - been awhile since I've done this16:30
jmaderolet me google real quick16:30
PaRaD0xR2sda3 ntfs 976987 MB 209478 used16:31
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daftykinsplease pastebin instead of spamming us16:31
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:31
PaRaD0xR2o right16:31
PaRaD0xR2sorry daftykins16:31
zteam__helllu_world, okey, why not checking it up against the router?16:31
PaRaD0xR2forgot my manners16:31
zteam__helllu_world, I'm really a little drunk right now, so maybe I'm thinking totally wrong.... :-)16:32
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zteamdid this place just died all suddenly?? echoo? :-)16:35
bazhang!ot | zteam16:35
ubottuzteam: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:35
TheXenithhello! I am using Xubuntu (converted Ubuntu to Xubuntu), and the only indicator plugin (volume, battery, etc.) is from Unity; it crashes often and looks terrible. The package xfce4-indicator-plugin is installed, but isn't showing up.16:36
zteambazhang, I think I'm fairly on topic aint' I ? :-)16:37
ca1ebTheXenith: ask in #xubuntu16:37
ca1ebTheXenith: I don't know how to help BUT I have xfce4-volumed running here, mght be worth a check16:38
ca1ebTheXenith: and consider using xfce4-mixer as a workaround16:38
ca1ebat least for volume16:38
buttmaxgood morning16:38
buttmaxand also have a good day16:40
sn33zyim modifying an xorg.conf file to load an alternate video driver but its not loading.16:43
TheXenithadditional question that also might not apply here: on Windows, adjusting the JAVA_HOME variable is pretty simple, but Eclipse IDE is telling me that my JAVA_HOME on Ubuntu is set to a JRE, not a JDK. How do I point eclipse to the OpenJDK?16:43
punnarsppf: not only did it still not work, I ran apt-get update/upgrade, tried to log in, still did not work, manually restarded. Now the login screen doesnt even load.16:43
william_Where can i find a nice tutorial with .se dll files? :)16:43
TheXenithor does eclipse have an IRC channel I can ask in?16:43
william_.so* files16:44
ppfpunnars: what do X's log files tell you about that?16:44
punnarsstill got my filesystem, so i got that going16:45
punnarslets see16:45
punnarsppf: http://pastie.org/999392816:46
ioriasn33zy, look if you have  another xorg.conf16:46
sn33zyioria: no. there is just one.16:48
TheXenithoh god, I think I screwed up my sources.list16:49
daftykinsTheXenith: how-so?16:49
daftykinsthere's a repo gen site that's easy to use16:49
TheXenithI just tried a "partial upgrade" and got told everything it tried to download 404'd16:50
ppfpunnars: that's the exact same log file as before?16:51
daftykinsTheXenith: what on earth do you mean, partial upgrade?16:51
daftykinsmaybe your network connection isn't good, or you typo'd the repos16:51
ppfalso, Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.2.log", Time: Fri Oct 17 23:33:03 201416:52
ppfthat's not very recent16:52
ioriasn33zy, did you write it well ?with tabs... etc  ?16:52
punnarsshit durr16:52
punnarsfigured the .2 would be latest16:52
TheXenith"Not all updates can be installed / Run a partial upgrade, to install as many updates as possible."16:52
daftykinspunnars: language please.16:53
sn33zyioria: i did X -configure... used the output and changed the driver from intel to ilo (experimental).16:53
sn33zyioria: then i restarted the x server and still using i91516:53
punnarsyeah this one is more juicy16:53
punnarsppf: http://pastie.org/999393816:54
punnarsgad damn it16:54
daftykinswe can probably do without the exclamations, punnars16:56
ioriasn33zy, try nomodeset in grub16:57
punnarssry bruh16:57
sn33zyioria: how do i do that?16:57
ioriasn33zy, press shift at  boot and edit the line16:58
sn33zyioria: does it need a '-16:58
sn33zy' in front?16:58
Bashing-om!nomodest | sn33zy16:58
Bashing-om!nomodeset | sn33zy16:59
ubottusn33zy: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:59
Anonyamericans ?16:59
k1l_Anony: ubuntu support only in here.16:59
ioriasn33zy, no17:00
yarts.o. an idea or some keywords how to prevent hdd from sleeping when on battery (xfce) Thank you.17:00
jhutchinsyart: hdparm17:01
TheXenithasdfjkl, one weird repo messed up all the others somehow17:01
TheXenithremove the odd one and the "partial upgrade" is running fine. tyvm FIRST...17:02
yartjhutchins: thanks17:02
zgrgeHello everyone! I've issues with my samsung 840 EVO SSD (low performance), after some search I've found solution - wrong alignment. In order to fix the problem I shall align partition in 6144 (6MiB) boundaries. But the only tool that can do that is gdisk (mode x -> l). I have MBR table so I need another tool, anyone can recommend anything?17:05
daftykinszgrge: you're aware they also have a major ongoing firmware bug that degrades performance?17:06
daftykinsso 4K alignment isn't the only factor17:06
zgrgedaftykins: yes, I've upgraded firmware after 3 months of purchase. it didn't help, hdparm -tT shows 20MB/s17:07
zgrgedaftykins: I were really disappointed in ssd and wanted to get rid of it, but today I've found this: https://cillian.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/setting-up-samsung-840-evo-ssds-on-linux/17:08
zgrgeif where is no such tool for MBR table I'll reformat drive17:08
daftykinsno ideas here personally17:09
daftykinsbut yeah updating firmware isn't yet a solution, the bug is still there in some cases17:09
SiilwynHi people, I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, sometimes the 'Log Out' option does not work, basically nothing happens when pressed. The only noticeable thing is that there is no text whatsoever in the top bar at the left. It does work after I use 'Lock' and login again. How can I troubleshoot this? Any logs that I can look into?17:13
SupaYoshiRecently I am reading more and more about cryptoware locking files and stuff, I was wondering what's a good way to create versioned backups?17:15
SupaYoshiI am thinking to do it with rsync.17:15
pumiceToday my launcher on my desktop for gmail stopped working, and when clicked on goes to ubuntu start page every time no matter how many times I deleted it and started over, what has happened to my gmail desktop link?17:15
SupaYoshiSo lets say, I let Windows make backups to a certain mapped drive, or folder. (or from cobian backup) which is what I use for Windows.17:15
SupaYoshiI'd like to make a copy with rsync from Linux from these files every x days, to make a seperate backup17:15
SupaYoshiThat would be inaccesable by the cryptoware if such an event took place.17:16
WhitorSiilwyn, I'm not sure...  I saw you asked this earlier...   try google for answering your Q. if that doesn't get oyu anywhere... try re-submitting your Q every couple few hours or so..17:16
pumiceis anyone having problems with there launchers or desktop links going straight to ubuntu start page?17:19
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nrml1so I'm running this old apt proxy and its cache seems to be out of date, how do you update it?17:26
wxlhey folks, can someone please tell me how to get .XCompose to work so i can define my own compose key combinations17:29
WebonauteWorkhi. I have an issue with ctrl+space, I searched around google and it said to purge ibus. I did it but when I do the key again, it continue to try to changer my keyboard setting.17:30
wxland to be clear, i have defined my own ~/.XCompose, which includes the default for my locale (include "%L") and no matter what windows i reopen or how many times i restart, nothing happens17:30
mysupperWebonauteWork, install language pack and there's options selecting ibus and check keyboard input at system_options.17:31
wxlWebonauteWork: ibus is the default input method. you sure you don't have another installed? or perhaps that's the hotkey for changing your keyboard layout/17:31
SiilwynWhitor, thanks for replying. I already did a lot of searching on the internet. And I actually re-submitted my question here for three times now. (=17:32
mysupperlinux multilanguage pros almost solved I guess.17:32
SiilwynWhitor, I'm currently thinking about creating a bug report.17:32
mysupperjust 1,2,3 step as I said.17:32
WebonauteWorkwhat is managing keyboard if I dont have ibus?17:33
wxlibus manages the input method. for example, ibus-anthy allows you to type romaji to input japanese17:33
mysupperWebonauteWork, just install ibus and select keyboard options at setting screen.17:33
mysupperI'm just user not interested in really what's in side.17:34
mysupperas long as pros not exists. :)17:34
WebonauteWorkit not help me. I try all option in ibus. nothing work. than I desinstall it and purge and it continue throwing the keyboard layout change when I do ctrl+space17:37
WebonauteWorkso something else bypass ibus17:37
wxlWebonauteWork: it depends on whether or not you're talking about the keyboard layout (i.e. you have a japanese keyboard) or the input method (i.e. you want to type japanese using a non-japanese keyboard for example, like with ibus-anthy i type nihongo and get にほんご)17:38
soahcccDo you have to format all partitions in order to change partition schema or can you convert it somehow? I screwed the raid rebuild a bit and now I have mixed schemas one of which I cannot install grub on: https://gist.github.com/2called-chaos/3fae02f7e3d24be2b41317:38
WebonauteWorkwxl: its english keyboard17:39
WebonauteWorkI dont have any other keyboard installed17:40
wxlWebonauteWork: with an english input method only?17:40
WebonauteWorkI only have one keyboard layout installed and is the default english(us) one17:41
wxlthen when you hit ctrl-space, what happens?17:41
WebonauteWorkit display a small icon which select english(us) keyboard17:41
wxland if you right click on that, what is it?17:42
WebonauteWorkit do nothing. its an icon just showing the keyboard currenly used17:42
wxlwhere is this displayed?17:43
wamichoHello .. Has anyone been able to use the nvidia prime with ubuntu 14.04  i get a black scren on reboot after installing this. Help please17:45
daftykinswamicho: you installed it alongside nvidia-331 presumably? what's your hardware?17:46
WebonauteWorkat the bottom left corner17:46
wxlWebonauteWork: bottom left is strange. does it stay there ir does it disappear after a while?17:47
WebonauteWorkit disapear after a second17:47
wxlhm interesting17:47
wxlhave you looked at the keyboard settings?17:48
wamichodaftykins: Dell latitude E5440 with GeForce GT 72017:48
WebonauteWorkwhere is that setting if I removed ibus^17:48
daftykinswamicho: what's the current state of this machine then? have you gotten to a workable desktop?17:49
wxlWebonauteWork: system settings.17:50
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WebonauteWorkI checked all the shortcut in system settings -> keyboard, there is no ctrl+space17:53
darius93Quick question, with the release of 14.04.2, is it available on distro that is base/built around ubuntu 14.04 lts?17:53
WebonauteWorkI disabled the switch input source17:53
EriC^^WebonauteWork, are you looking for the change language shortcut?17:53
wxlWebonauteWork: did you look under text input?17:53
WebonauteWorkEriC^^: I am looking to disable it17:54
wxldarius93: 14.04.2 is a version of 14.04 lts, if that's what you mean.17:54
WebonauteWorkwxl: I dont have text-input. ibus is uninstalled17:54
wamichodaftykins: i have removed the driver and it was able to start the gui17:54
EriC^^WebonauteWork, the shortcut is super+space17:55
darius93wxl, I know, I was asking is it available for other distros base on ubuntu 14.04? eg linux mint, zorin os, etc.17:55
daftykinswamicho: ok, can you run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | pastebinit"17:55
daftykinswamicho: and also "lspci | pastebinit"17:55
ntspIs there a way to prevent HDMI turning off on ubuntu server after its been disconnected for a bit?17:55
WebonauteWorkEriC^^: I know but CTRL + Space also do it. I want to get rid of it17:55
wxldarius93: i'm pretty sure there are, but i don't use 'em. maybe distrowatch can offer some help.17:55
ntsp(Running a media server/other services and sometimes I need to start X11 after the screen has been turned off due ot innactivity)17:56
daftykinsntsp: server turning off? so, no X? it'll just be a screensaver...17:56
ntspdaftykins X is off most of the time and hdmi shuts off for some reason, I want to start X at random times while its running17:56
ntspits a media server17:56
ntspand starting X doesnt force it on afaik17:57
sergio-br2"Open Link in Browser" stop working with the last firefox update, does someone have an idea how to fix it?17:57
darius93Just trying to double check17:57
wamichodaftykins: done17:57
sergio-br2So, with Xchat or other programs, it does not working17:57
daftykinswamicho: you need to paste the links here so i can see :)17:57
wamichodaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10504251/17:58
EriC^^WebonauteWork, open a terminal and type unity-control-center region17:58
wamichodaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10504255/17:58
wamichodaftykins: done17:59
daftykinswamicho: hmm that should've worked really, did you use the hardware drivers 'wizard' to install them?18:00
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WebonauteWorkEriC^^: "Switch to next source using" is empty18:01
WebonauteWorkCTRL+Space still continue to change my layout keyboard18:02
wamichodaftykins:  i used the command after the gui could not work and reconfigured the xserver again18:02
wamichodaftykins: is there anything to be done to make it work ...18:03
daftykinswamicho: i mean when you first put the nvidia driver on?18:03
daftykinswhat method?18:03
wamichodaftykins: yes i used the additional drive to put it on18:04
daftykinswamicho: do you still have ubuntu on a flash drive, or DVD that you booted from to install?18:05
wamichodaftykins:  i have the dvd ...18:05
daftykinswamicho: ok, one more command before i think - "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"18:06
wamichodaftykins:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10504371/18:07
wamichodaftykins:  done18:07
darius93what directory should i delete or renamed if i plan on installing another OS but dont want any conflicts? I do have my home directory in a different partition18:07
EriC^^darius93, just install the whole OS on another partition18:08
EriC^^as long as no partitions are in common you shouldn't have any conflicts18:08
darius93EriC^, i have 2 partitions, one for the OS and one for the home directory18:09
daftykinswamicho: install the packages again, "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime" then try to boot, if it doesn't work, boot into the DVD and come back on here via webchat or something18:09
EriC^^darius93, you want to share the home partition between them?18:09
darius93No, just erase the old OS and install a new one.18:09
White_Cat_mobileEric^ do you think you'll be around tommorow?18:09
EriC^^White_Cat_mobile, yeah18:09
EriC^^darius93, you could erase all the hidden files in your home dir if you plan on copying it back to the new installation's home18:10
EriC^^if none of them are dir you've created yourself or have any special settings you need18:11
stangelandI am trying to have my firefox proxy through my ssh-tunnel, so i try to do this: ssh -D 8080 user@server.at.home but that just connects my to ssh normally and gives me a bash session. How do i make an SSH tunnel?18:12
daftykinsstangeland: that's how it works, then you redirect firefox in the settings18:12
stangelandnice, thx18:14
skiftanyone on here by chance run linux on a yoga 3 pro? Most things seem to work, except touch gestures for me. a normal tap works for clicking, but thats it. i can scroll, pinch, zoom, or anything else. Was wondering if anyone knew of a possible fix18:14
SiilwynHi people, I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, sometimes the 'Log Out' option does not work, basically nothing happens when pressed. The only noticeable thing is that there is no text whatsoever in the top bar at the left. It does work after I use 'Lock' and login again. How can I troubleshoot this? Any logs that I can look into?18:14
wamichodaftykins: the issue is when i install it and reboot it has intel activated  once i activate nvidia prime when and reboot there is where the black screen comes18:15
daftykinsSiilwyn: test a clean user account18:15
Siilwyndaftykins, the problem is that it only happening 2-3 times a week.18:15
daftykinswamicho: you most likely cannot pick between them, assuming you're trying to say you want to make the nvidia one the sole 'card'... that's not how optimus setups work18:15
daftykinswamicho: but if you do that, a log will say what is wrong18:16
Siilwyndaftykins, wouldn't there be a log somewhere I could look into?18:17
wamichodaftykins, just finished the installation and did select prime and it did not accept18:17
daftykinsSiilwyn: pass. just suggesting the obvious easy methods of diagnosis, i don't use desktop myself so can't be that helpful.18:18
daftykinswamicho: 'select prime' ? what does that mean18:18
Siilwyndaftykins, oh alright. Thanks for your answer though!18:18
wamichodaftykins, i get the following error  Error: alternatives are not set up properly Error: nvidia mode can't be enabled18:18
daftykinswamicho: ah-har, hmm.18:19
wamichodaftykins, on the nvidia settings i want to have nvidia activated18:19
R13oseI am using Libreoffice on Ubuntu, yet this is not opening up when I tried to update to 4.4.1, any ideas why?18:19
wamichodaftykins, perfomance mode18:19
daftykinswamicho: you did reboot first, right?18:19
daftykinsafter the install18:20
daftykinsok, can you show a screenshot? imgur.com would do18:20
wamichodaftykins, yes did that after reboot18:21
daftykinswamicho: seems relevant ^18:22
wamichodaftykins, ok ..  i have done all the steps on that page after updating the alternative and rebooting there is where i get the black screen18:26
daftykinsevery single one 0o18:26
wamichodaftykins, does this means there is no solution for this ..18:26
daftykinsalright well boot the DVD and run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"18:27
daftykinsno not necessarily, what version of ubuntu is this?18:27
wamichodaftykins, 14.0418:28
jjavaholicI can't work out why I can't write to an External hard Drive that still has 24gb left on it where do I look first?18:28
beachbuddahhey gang - I would like to add a file to my sudoers.d folder but do not know what it needs to say or how it should be formatted18:28
=== ada2358 is now known as adzuci
daftykinsjjavaholic: probably root's 5% reserved space, if this is an ext4 volume.18:29
daftykinsjjavaholic: can you use http://paste.ubuntu.com to show "df -h" ?18:29
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jmaderowiso: need help with something?18:31
wisoreading to me??18:32
ntspIs there a way to wake up the screen on a headless server?(that has just been plugged a screen)18:32
wamichodaftykins, is there anything to be done ...18:33
wisoi hace wicd  as connection mabager  someone here  know  another beter app  for  connection?18:33
daftykinswamicho: i already said above18:33
wisoi mean using  xubuntu18:33
burkmatntsp: Press keys on the keyboard usually works.18:33
ntspburkmat no keyboard only ssh access :p18:34
jjavaholicwhy would /media/storageName permissions revert to root?18:34
winterchillzGuys, where do I have to put rsyncd.conf in order to get the rsync daemon to use it?18:34
burkmatntsp: Ooh, funsies. Then you get into weird territory... You could try... Hm... Sending weird escape chars to the tty? Maybe.18:34
wamichodaftykins, to boot the dvd and so on ? i though you said no need below18:34
jmaderohmm - I was chatting with someone before but rebooted and can't remember their name....so if you're still around - feel free to ping me again :018:34
R13oseany thoughts on my question?18:35
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daftykinswamicho: no18:36
burkmatntsp: I don't actually know what causes the sleep. Assuming this is a terminal in some kind of window manager, not just console?18:36
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=== OrioaZzZ is now known as Orioa
daftykinsR13ose: did you use a PPA? that's unsupported here really18:36
ntspburkmat just console... for some reason if I try to start X from SSH while the screen is off its not working18:37
wamichodaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10504723/18:37
R13osedaftykins: yes, is that wrong?18:37
daftykinsR13ose: well PPAs just aren't supported here, tried finding a libre office channel? use the bot 'alis'18:38
daftykinswamicho: no idea what's going on there.18:38
R13osedaftykins: what is wrong with ppa?18:38
=== McMido is now known as mido
daftykinsthey're not ubuntu thus they're a third party18:38
daftykinsso we can't help here.18:38
jmaderoR13ose: #libreoffice18:39
=== mido is now known as mcmido93
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:39
=== mcmido93 is now known as mcmido
R13osejmadero: I am here in there18:39
R13osedaftykins: thanks, I didn't know that18:39
MoPacHello. I've become frustrated with months of frequent apt errors related to a "failure to download extra data files". Others have opened threads like this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2265610  and especially this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/153928/failure-to-download-extra-data-files-after-installing-ttf-mscorefonts-installe but the suggestions have not worked for me.18:42
ikoniaMoPac: not interested in other forums posts, explain YOU exact problem please18:43
eikon81gI am trying to do some quick updates using the software updater and I am getting: "The upgrade needs a total of 159 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 24.3 M of disk space on '/boot'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'." can I go to the folder and just empty out the contents my self? I ran the clean command and I still get the error mess18:44
eikon81gage and my trash is empty18:44
eikon81gThanks in advance for the assist out there :P18:44
ikoniaeikon81g: remove old kernel packages18:44
eikon81gikonia the files like initrd.img18:45
wisoa question18:45
ikoniaeikon81g: no18:45
daftykinseikon81g: via packages, don't rm :P18:45
wisousing xubuntu18:45
ikoniaeikon81g: the packages - open the package managers and remove the old kernel packages you don't need18:45
daftykinseikon81g: "ls -al /boot | pastebinit"18:45
MoPacikonia: This is my latest trace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10504811/ .  I constantly receive these errors (along with a popup from the GUI update manager) related to packages like netflix-desktop, Silverlight, etc... things associated with Microsoft gratis but non-free code18:45
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wisoexists a connection manager as wicd as alternative?18:46
eikon81gOk I am checking I am a noob so just a sec thanks by the way :)18:46
MoPacI've tried purging all of the culprit packages and starting over; including accepting the license. I've tried manually creating or deleting the folders in the partial downloads area.... always end up stuck in this loop of install failures18:46
ikoniaMoPac: thats because you are using software that is nothing to do with ubuntu18:47
ikoniaMoPac: you're using 3rd party packages from repos that are not being maintained by the ubuntu project18:47
eikon81gSo i am using synaptic package manager and I am looking @ kernal and modules18:47
ikoniaMoPac: I suggest you take this up with the people who manage your netflix software repo18:47
eikon81gam I on the right track18:47
ikoniaMoPac: the problem is not an ubuntu one18:47
* eikon81g sweats bullets 18:49
MoPacikonia: I'm aware of the fact that the packages are third-party and what that means. But the actual issue that I'm trying to deal with now is, at a minimum, how to prevent apt and update-manager from bothering me all the time about it. At best, I'm hoping to see if I can get my existing package system to play nice with them.18:49
ikoniaMoPac: you can't18:49
ikoniaMoPac: it's bothering you to tell you the packages are wrong/bad18:49
ikoniaMoPac: fix the packages is the answer18:50
eikon81gdaftykins sorry I am a noobn18:52
daftykinseikon81g: sudo apt-get remove linux-image-3.16.0-23-generic18:52
MoPacikonia: I don't understand where this attitude is coming from. Even in the absence of a resolution to whatever apt is seeing, I don't even notice issues with fonts or whatever the substantive glitch is. But I do notice that I am getting harried by error messages that I don't want and would like to suppress regardless. Yes, trying to change the packages themselves is one approach.18:53
MoPacBut does apt work for me or do I work for it?18:53
ikoniaMoPac: there is not attitude18:53
ikoniaMoPac: I'm telling you the truth on how to fix your problem correctly18:53
ikoniaMoPac: if you don't want the error your choices are 1.) fix the problem 2.) close your eyes18:54
eikon81gok daftykins.. I got that done, had to close synaptic and it is executing18:54
eikon81gthanks so much, may I ask how you know which to remove?18:54
BarnabasDKtechnical question: for dnsmasq whats the correct config folder out of the box: /etc/dnsmasq.d or /etc/networkmanager/dnsmasq.d ?18:54
daftykinseikon81g: the older ones :)18:54
daftykins(smaller ending numbers)18:54
ikoniaBarnabasDK: are you using network manager ?18:54
jjavaholicI want a list of users and associated user numbers18:54
ikoniajjavaholic: look in the passwd file18:54
daftykinseikon81g: plus the currently running kernel can be checked via "uname -r"18:55
BarnabasDKikonia, yes I am18:55
ikoniaBarnabasDK: then is the network manager one as network manager will launch dnsmasq on your behalf18:55
eikon81gok, ok I follow. Wow. thanks so much. Is it normal for several kernal versions to hang around in there?18:55
eikon81g(thanks so much again)18:55
jmaderoand I still am not sure why ;)18:55
BarnabasDKikonia, also my conclusion, but I wanted to make sure18:55
ikoniaBarnabasDK: move forward with confidence then18:56
BarnabasDKsudo apt-get install dnsmasq should disable dnsmasq from network manager imho18:56
ikoniaBarnabasDK: you don't need to do that18:56
ikoniaBarnabasDK: it's installed by default18:56
daftykinseikon81g: yes, there are plenty of updates over the years. running an LTS will go through tens of them18:56
jjavaholichow do you read the passwd file?18:56
Bashing-omdaftykins: eikon81g linux-headers too ?18:57
ikoniajjavaholic: in a text editor18:57
BarnabasDKI know but if you go for the install that way around its because you have other requirements18:57
daftykinseikon81g: but you're on 14.10 so you won't have that problem unless you upgrade18:57
daftykinsBashing-om: could do an autoremove to get that i guess18:57
ikoniaBarnabasDK: so then you should know how to manage it18:57
ikoniaBarnabasDK: that "other way" is not designed for desktop interaction18:57
jjavaholicI don't understand the %number:%number bit which is the user number?18:57
ikoniajjavaholic: the first18:57
eikon81gok ok thanks for all of that so what are the linux-headers?18:57
BarnabasDKikonia, true18:57
Bashing-omdaftykins: :)18:57
daftykinseikon81g: run sudo apt-get autoremove18:57
jjavaholicwhat is the second number for?18:58
ikoniajjavaholic: group18:58
eikon81gare they listed in my pastebin on /boot as well?18:58
eikon81gdone @ daftykins18:59
daftykinseikon81g: ok, you can resume your update now via the GUI updater18:59
slambxcWhat is the output of "date -u +%V$(uname)|sha256sum|sed 's/\W//g'"?18:59
ikoniaslambxc: run it and find out18:59
eikon81git freed up 24mb as well.. is this is just a normal process to clean up periodically?18:59
ikoniaslambxc: you can do that18:59
eikon81gthanks again for everything all of you :) SO awesome.18:59
eikon81gah crap. I still need 2.440k19:00
eikon81gsmh :\ the updater shot me that error again.. What else can be removed?19:00
daftykinsseems like your partition is waaaaay too small19:01
daftykinseikon81g: "df -h | pastebinit" ?19:01
slambxcikonia i am trying to register on a forum and its asking this question19:01
ikoniaeikon81g: please pastebin the output of "df -h"19:01
eikon81gugh, may be..19:01
ikoniaslambxc: then run it on your host19:01
ikoniaslambxc: we are not running it for you19:01
daftykinseikon81g: another "ls -al /boot | pastebinit" wouldn't hurt too19:01
slambxcwhere in terminal19:01
ikoniaslambxc: yes19:01
eikon81ghttp://paste.ubuntu.com/10505022/ << -al boot19:02
ikoniaeikon81g: your boot partition is way too small to be used realistically19:02
daftykinseikon81g: "dpkg -l | grep linux | pastebinit"19:03
slambxcikonia ok thanks. i got it.19:03
eikon81gwell crap I remember when I installed xubuntu I used a seting that mentioned easier resizizing of the partitions19:03
minas114I upgraded to ubuntu 14.10 yesterday. When I install the proprietory GPU drivers, after logging in nothing happens -- nothing is shown, only the desktop wallpaper. Using the open source drives works but it doesn't support OPENGLES2 that I need for my programming. How can I install the proprietory drivers and make it work?19:04
eikon81gI don't know how I ended up with such a small boot partition.. :\ I only have an 80gb drive in this machine..19:04
daftykinseikon81g: is this a setup with encryption at all?19:04
=== mcgyver_ is now known as McMido
eikon81gno encryption19:04
daftykinseikon81g: run "sudo mv /boot/*-bak ~/"19:05
daftykinsthat should be enough space for the update now19:05
daftykinsi have no idea why you have kernel backups in there - anyone got any ideas?19:06
MoPacikonia: Let me come at this from a different direction. I want to disable update-notifier  or update-manager error popups for specific packages or in instances where the infromation was not from an update-manager GUI session (but simply got passed because I ran apt-get in terminal. Is there a way to do this without uninstalling the GUI tools altogether?19:06
ikoniaMoPac: that is not realistic19:06
eikon81gtrust me I haven't done anything special.. :\19:06
BarnabasDKikonia, however if you remove /etc/dnsmasq..d the deamon wont start, even with network manager19:06
ikoniaMoPac: the same premise is true a.) fix the problem b.) ignore the messages19:06
BarnabasDKsort of strange19:06
ikoniaBarnabasDK: correct19:06
ikonianot strange19:06
MoPacikonia: The problem *is* the messages.19:07
ikoniaMoPac: no it's not19:07
ikoniaMoPac: the problem are the packages19:07
ikoniathe error messages are alerting you to this19:07
daftykinsMoPac: trying to stop being notified about a problem isn't fixing it :(19:07
eikon81gNo error this time. Thanks again daftykins and everyone else. So do you have any recommendations to resolve the boot partition size?19:07
smintheikon i can help19:08
daftykinseikon81g: not without backup and reinstall19:08
MoPacikonia: There is an error, a mismatch, in the software. There is a difference between what apt expects and what it sees, and it alerts users because it expects that this might signal a problem for the users. But it's plain wrong to tell a user that the user's needs don't define what is and is not an actual "problem"19:08
eikon81gbum. well I guess I can just limp along for awhile. When I install did I do something weird to cause that? like a setting or something?19:08
sminth100 py how can i  help u19:09
ikoniaMoPac: the packges are the problem - address that19:09
ikoniaMoPac: the sooner you accept that and start addressing it, the quicker the problem will stop19:09
daftykinseikon81g: dunno, typically a separate /boot isn't even made anymore, so perhaps this has been after many upgrades / years ?19:09
eikon81gand daftykins once this finishes should I go ahead and remove the old kernal packages again and clean the headers again?19:09
MoPacikonia: I'm the *user* -- I decide what conditions are problems and what conditions are not problems.19:10
ikoniaMoPac: ok - then I've told you how to fix it19:10
ikoniaMoPac: fix the packages, or ignore the errors19:10
ikoniaMoPac: you decide which option you want to do19:10
eikon81ghumm.. I installed xubunut at the beginning of the month and I have been learning a little at a time just using it. I am new to the linux scene... I used a fresh format and partition so I am not sure what I could have done :\19:10
daftykinseikon81g: mmm, well you should now have a newer kernel than -30 in /boot so i'd reboot into that first, then clean up the old19:11
MoPacikonia: You haven't said how to fix it -- you've actually just said that fixing it has nothing to do with Ubuntu.19:11
ikoniaMoPac: I have told you how to fix it, talk to the people who maintain those packages19:11
ikoniaMoPac: or you can remove those packages19:11
eikon81gok gotcha. I have to copy the commands and save them and change the version number and I should be able to knock it out.19:11
ikoniaMoPac: or you can ignore the errors19:11
MoPacikonia: okay, so my choice is to ignore the errors. I'd like to execute that choice by actually suppressing the error messages.19:12
ikoniaMoPac: not going to happen19:12
maggI’m trying to enable component-to-componet communication using: needs. But don’t know that casing needs uses I’ve seen camelcase, snakecase and with a /. My component name is AdvancedMetricComponent19:13
MoPacikonia: It's open-source software that's part of Ubuntu. Maybe someone here knows about it that could get me started on modifying it19:13
ikoniaMoPac: you'll need to modify the code19:13
MoPacikonia: That's exactly what I just said19:13
ikoniaMoPac: check out the code and make the changes only you require, rebuild and repackages it, host your own repo19:13
labsinMoPac apt-get source apt19:13
ikoniaMoPac: there is your path to getting a custom updater package that no-one other than you will want19:13
WebonauteWorkahhh! I found my ctrl+space issue. configured into fcitx19:14
MoPacikonia: I understand that process.19:14
eikon81gthe mv command we ran moved the contents to a new location on the drive? I am just unsure how that worked and what the end result was SORRY I am such a newb19:14
daftykinseikon81g: yeah the backup files went to /home/you/ just in case being without them causes bad things19:15
Bashing-omeikon81g: When you installed did you choose "LVM" there is a present bug .19:15
MoPacikonia: I don't understand the need to snark so hard at someone in a help forum19:16
daftykinsit did look like LVM19:16
ikoniaMoPac: no-one is snarking19:16
ikoniaMoPac: you're asking for a bad thing - and you're not prepared to do it yourself,19:16
eikon81gyes I used the LVM thinking I'd have some flexibility down the line19:16
Bashing-omeikon81g: Perhaps: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1357093 .19:16
ikoniaMoPac: you don't want to fix the solution, you want someone to maintain a single custom package for you - it's not really acceptable19:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1357093 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "LVM or Encrypted install creates too small /boot partition" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:16
eikon81gmaybe since my drive is only 80gb the bug made a very small boot partition?19:16
daftykins80GB? crikey.19:16
MoPaciikonia: I never asked anyone to make a custom package for me.19:17
MoPacikonia: That's ridiculous.19:17
ikoniaMoPac: yes you did19:17
eikon81gok dafty I see that now. They are fine just to leave there right?19:17
maggsorry wrong window19:17
ikoniaMoPac: I explained you'd need to build package and maintain your own repo of that custom package19:17
ikoniaMoPac: you said "I know the process"19:17
daftykinseikon81g: yeah i don't see why not, i couldn't tell if they were attached to a package so i figured move was better than delete19:17
eikon81gyea, that looks like what mine did @ that bug19:18
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eikon81gright on, you guys are so good it's sickening. LOL!!! So does the OS still "know" where they are?19:18
MoPacikonia:  I know about the packaging process. I'm not familiar with the update-notifier code itself. I speculated that someone who is familiar with it might have some advice about where to look for the error popup, for instance.19:18
ikoniaMoPac: so basically - you want someone to re-write the code for you19:18
eikon81gor if we hit an issue we would need to move them back manually?19:18
ikoniaMoPac: which means they will need to maintain it or the next ubuntu updated will undo it19:19
MoPacikonia: That is not at all what that statement means19:19
ikoniaMoPac: the REAL solution is to FIX the packages19:19
ikoniaMoPac: and you'll be a better community member others will benifit19:19
* eikon81g turns into a sponge to soak up knowledge from daftykins 19:19
ikoniarather than this over the top solution for a custom apt build19:19
daftykinseikon81g: nah it won't have a clue, but when you reboot to boot into the newer kernel, i don't see any reason it'd want those files19:20
daftykinssince they were for an older kernel or two19:20
MoPacikonia: I don't know how over-the-top it would be until/unless I really look through the update-notifier code, I suppose. It might be as simple as commenting out a section19:21
ikoniaMoPac: then look at the code19:21
eikon81gI am going to go ahead and do a quick reboot and then I will attempt to remove the older kernal *crosses fingers* gotcha daftykins. Makes sense.. A million thanks, I'll brb19:21
ikoniaMoPac: do you know C and python ?19:21
ikoniaMoPac: and FYI: it's not as simple as commenting out that section19:21
fluvvellis there anywhere I can get help with a monitor thats not displaying correctly?19:23
MoPacikonia: I know some. I'm not an advanced or professional programmer. I also know enough about the entire process to know that having a personal update-notifier version could end up being easier than trying to have custom personally modified packages for netflix-desktop, wine-silverlight5.1-installer, etc19:23
ikoniaMoPac: you couldn't be more wrong if you wanted to me19:24
ikoniaMoPac: fixing some basic deb packaging errors is MUCH quicker and smimpler than cusotmising the whole package manager to surpress errors and then maintaining that19:24
MoPacikonia: So consider that you mocked me by claiming (wrongly) that I was trying to get someone to write me a modified apt package, but your advice is for me to go to third parties and get them to modify their packages for me19:24
* daftykins chuckles19:24
ikoniaMoPac: no-one is mocking you19:24
ikoniaMoPac: my advice is to get third parties to fix their packages yes, they may not even know its broken, or better still YOU fix them and feed the fixes back to them19:25
ikoniajust looks like the definition or manifest is wrong19:25
ikoniashouldn't take long at all19:25
fluvvellare the intel video drivers buggy or are sparklies on my screen supposed to be there? Or is that another channel19:29
daftykinswhat's happening?19:29
laskolol sparklies?19:29
laskoscreen shot I want to see heh19:29
daftykinseasy, lasko19:29
* daftykins sedates lasko 19:29
winterchillzIs there a way to use dynamic wallpapers without having to install 3rd party software to change them for me19:29
laskodaftykins: whoa whoaaaaa. I think we just might have in incident of excessive Glitter usage.19:30
laskoAnd I want to see19:30
fluvvelllasko, pixels that rotate in different colours19:30
laskooh. Well then nevermind. I'll take my seat on teh floor and watch.19:30
fluvvelldaftykins, its only when I'm trying to get the screen to run in its full resolution of 2550x1600. And it does it with 14.04 and 14.10, installed or booted with an iso.19:31
daftykinswhat system?19:31
daftykinspresumably intel on-die graphics, so which CPU?19:32
daftykins*2560x1600, which cable type?19:32
ikoniaI'll be impressed of an on cpu display gpu can drive that display19:32
daftykinsthey've been capable of that for years, yes19:33
doomlord_1i've got that here for sure19:33
doomlord_1well, 2560x144019:33
ikoniareally, they will drive that sort of display ?19:33
doomlord_1yes, even 4k19:33
doomlord_1they wont redraw as fast as discrete GPUs19:33
q_how would I dpkg-reconfigure for all packages on 14.10 -- there doesn't seem to be an -all flag anymore19:33
doomlord_1but they can certainly drive the monitor19:33
daftykinsi think you have to go displayport for the truly high though, not sure how high dual-link DVI goes19:34
doomlord_1current intel iGPU can certainly do 3 monitors, and it can do 4k (i doubt it will do 3x4k though)19:34
doomlord_1yeah i think you need displayport for 4k19:34
eikon81gthanks so much to everyone who chipped in especially daftykins! I will continue along and WHEN I get stuck again I'll be back, have a great week everyone!19:34
daftykinseikon81g: enjoy :)19:34
q_I'm getting random crashes after recently installing 14.10 - never had that on this laptop before been using ubuntu for 2 years.  Where should I start ?19:34
daftykinsq_: memtest19:35
eikon81g:) I removed the .30 kernal all by myself!! LOL :)19:35
q_daftykins, ahh yes, let me do that now19:35
daftykinsheh, wonder if q knows it'll take hours19:36
fluvvelllasko, where do I paste the screenshot?19:37
laskosorry, my bae-bae woke up and started crying.19:41
frenda__I have ping on both domains and dns when I'm contected via openVPN under udp config, but browsers can't open any page! I don't have at all any ping by TCP config!19:41
frenda__for example:19:42
frenda__~$ ping -c4 torproject.org19:42
frenda__PING torproject.org ( 56(84) bytes of data.19:42
frenda__64 bytes from aroides.torproject.org ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=59 time=312 ms19:42
fluvvelldaftykins, Its pointless to share the screenshot, i'm on another computer now and have copied it across. It only shows the colour rotating pixes when viewed on the computer with the problem19:43
daftykinsfluvvell: can you answer the other questions i had?19:44
=== mkv is now known as m4v
zennyHI, the wireless works hell slow and the usb ports stop detecting devices after I ran apt-get dist-upgrde today in ubuntu 14.04. Both wireless and usb detection works fine from the windows in the same dual-boot laptop. Anyone experienced this. The laptop is HP Envy.19:45
q_daftykins, memtest passed - next step ?19:45
daftykinsyou did just one pass already?19:45
laskofrenda__: Issues related to your OpenVPN configuration would fall under consulting their documentation not Ubuntu.19:45
daftykinsq_: ideally from a live session i would check the SMART data on the hard disk, if you have a mechanical one19:45
q_daftykins, yes19:45
q_hmm no SSD19:46
fujimuffinscan u help me with something pls?19:46
fluvvelldaftykins,           product: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460  CPU @ 3.20GHz, yes its graphics on the motherboard19:46
daftykinsok so haswell19:46
daftykinsnah, on processor19:46
daftykinsand cable type?19:46
fujimuffinsso im trying to dual boot ubuntu on my windows 7 computer19:46
fujimuffinsand i've put the iso onto my usb stick19:47
fujimuffinsbut when i try to boot up ubuntu19:47
daftykinsfujimuffins: you can press enter less you know, nice long sentences are great :)19:47
fluvvelldaftykins, its a DVI cable which worked on the previous motherboard/graphics card i had working this monitor, so dual-link is fine.19:47
daftykinsfluvvell: which ubuntu again?19:47
fujimuffinsand switch my start up to my usb it freezes at this https://i.imgur.com/5MIh9YF.jpg19:48
fujimuffinsoh sorry19:48
daftykinsfujimuffins: oh dear you're running RAID.19:48
fujimuffinswhat does that mean?19:48
fluvvelldaftykins, 14.04.2  - also on the "booted from iso" 14.10 exactly the same issues and effect.19:48
daftykinsfujimuffins: you have two hard disks combined together in a striped RAID 0 array19:49
fujimuffinsok. what should i do?19:49
daftykinsi don't think that's really going to be compatible, but it's not even getting as far as booting so your download may be corrupt or your flash drive may've not been created successfully19:49
fluvvelldaftykins, out of the box I cant get the 2nd modeline to be available to the Display settings xrandr panel, I've needed to put in an .xprofile  file to achieve what I've got so far.19:50
daftykinsfluvvell: hmm, try a 15.04 ISO - it's not out yet of course but it'll have a newer kernel. presumably you didn't try installing intel drivers?19:50
AegNuddelHow do I move the on-screen keyboard?  I'm having to use it since my keyboard cord just went kaput, and there is no title bar with which to drag it.  I would also like to keep it on top, as the search screen covers it...19:50
laskoAegNuddel: Hold Alt19:51
daftykinshold alt and drag?19:51
fluvvelldaftykins, I did, but no help. But having the same result in 14.04 and 14.10....  I  read that the intel drivers are the same as ubuntu are offereing anyway?19:51
daftykinsfluvvell: yep, it annoys me when people start trying to install them as if it's Windows ;) just checking.19:51
daftykinsfluvvell: well, assuming the cable is good i have no better ideas.19:52
fluvvelldaftykins, lol sure - I get the same reaction19:52
daftykinshaving to set resolution manually is a bit of a bad sign19:52
laskofluvvell: Does it happen under other resolutions?19:52
fluvvelldaftykins, can I share my .xprofile for you to have a look at?19:52
daftykinsdoes that screen only have DVI?19:52
fluvvelllasko, no19:52
fluvvelldaftykins, yes19:52
daftykinsit won't do any good, not familiar with the file19:52
AegNuddelI, uh, have, no keyboard daffykins19:52
emsy2015k1l_: are you here? :)19:53
daftykinsAegNuddel: heh that's a fair point. ah well, no idea.19:53
fluvvelldaftykins, its a bunch of xrandr statements I think19:53
daftykinsmaybe your mode isn't quite what the display wants?19:53
daftykinsi'd dig into the /var/log/Xorg.0.log i think19:53
laskoAegNuddel: Using your mouse -- Click the Alt button -- and while still holding it, attempt to drag19:53
emsy2015mount: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'19:53
emsy2015how to fix it guys?19:53
chartracteggI'm a noob and i'm in trouble19:55
chartractegganyone there19:55
emsy2015can anyone link yesterday's chat history?19:55
ikonia!logs | emsy201519:55
ubottuemsy2015: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.19:55
daftykinschartractegg: phrase a question with detail on one line19:55
chartracteggI'm on a Macintosh and I wanted to dual boot to Ubuntu, it's replaced my Mac partition though :(19:55
daftykinsfluvvell: HDMI? are you using an adapter?19:55
daftykinschartractegg: oh dear.19:56
emsy2015ikonia: thank you!19:56
svetlanachartractegg: hopefully you still have the mac install cd and some more attention to the ubuntu installer?19:56
chartracteggdaftykins: i'm a noob, but not terribly. I can figure it out..19:56
NikeshHow do I add a program to the Unity launcher?19:56
svetlanaright click it19:56
chartracteggApple doesn't ship DVD restores anymore, it's hidden in the hard disk19:56
svetlanause that then19:57
svetlana#macosx channel is here19:57
chartracteggi may have deleted the recovery partition though19:57
daftykinsno that's just a recovery partition, it doesn't have the whole OS - it pulls it down from online19:57
ikoniachartractegg: you can also download from itunes19:57
bynariewhen i boot up, i get this message before X starts up - usb 3-11: string descriptor 0 malformed (err = -61), defaulting to 0x040919:57
Nikeshsvetlana: when i right click, it goes to showing reviews and launch option19:57
laskochartractegg: reboot your machine and hold Command+R during startup19:57
svetlanaalt+right click, then19:57
laskochartractegg: It'll bring you to the recovery19:57
chartracteggdaftykins: I went to apple store other day, to restore mac os, i fucked this up before, and they can restore at apple store way faster19:57
jhutchinschartractegg: It's still possible to get a copy of a restore/install image from apple.  They probably charge for it.19:58
ikoniachartractegg: tone down the language19:58
daftykinslanguage, please.19:58
ikoniathere is no need for it19:58
chartractegglasko: I know about the boot key commands19:58
emsy2015ikonia: can you please tell what name is for this server?19:58
chartracteggapologies for language19:58
svetlanaNikesh: (or shoot these unity developers and documentation people to the moon if it doesn't have a help button)19:58
ikoniaemsy2015: which server ?19:58
daftykinschartractegg: so what are you actually after?19:58
laskochartractegg: If you can get into Recovery then you havent overwritten recovery19:58
fluvvelldaftykins, and it's more freaky that after a while it goes black but a shift to tty1 and back to the graphics screen brings it back19:58
emsy2015ikonia: in irclogs there are a lot of servers19:58
ikoniaemsy2015: no, they are channels19:58
ikoniaemsy2015: this channel is called #ubuntu19:59
Nikeshsvetlana: alt+right click shows menu for background window (like minimise, show it all desktops, and so on)19:59
chartracteggdaftykins: what do you mean "what am I actually after"19:59
svetlanai dislike the fact that i have to open a web browser in order to find docs for unity19:59
ikoniachartractegg: what do you want from this channel ?19:59
svetlanathere should be an offline way19:59
emsy2015ikonia: but there are tonns of #ubuntu19:59
daftykinschartractegg: what do you want help with?19:59
ikoniaemsy2015: no there isn't, there is 119:59
emsy2015ikonia: ubuntu.html or .txt?20:00
chartracteggright sorry, I'm not sure I want anything, or help with much of anything20:00
bynariedaftykins, u know what this means -> usb 3-11: string descriptor 0 malformed (err = -61), defaulting to 0x040920:00
daftykinschartractegg: well this is a support channel, so there's no point being here :)20:00
ikoniaemsy2015: text formatting or html format, up to you20:00
laskochartractegg: Like I said, if you reboot into Recovery mode (then thats proof you didn't over write your recovery) -- in which case you should be able to click "Reinstall OS" in that menu. -- thats about the best advice you'll get from anyone lol20:00
baastrupI need help installing a 3d party wifi usb dongle driver20:00
daftykinsbynarie: looks like a device in a USB port not speaking the right language.20:00
chartracteggwhen I go to install ubuntu, it said "You have a Windows 7 partition on here. Want to install Ubuntu over windows partition?"20:01
bynariedaftykins, ok.. do you know of anything I could do to get more info/diagnose the problem?20:01
AegNuddelWhat does it mean when a key on the on-screen keyboard turns red?20:01
chartracteggI said I wanted to install Ubuntu over the Windows 7 partition ( 25GB out of 500GB HDD)20:01
daftykinsbynarie: not since i don't have a clue what you're doing no, and please ask the channel in future, don't pick on individual users :)20:01
emsy2015ikonia: I love you, man! No homo though20:01
laskochartractegg: Do you want to keep windows or no? Are you trying to dual-boot windows / Ubuntu20:01
chartracteggi love you all20:01
svetlanabaastrup: find another wifi dongle - if this stuff is non-free and has no source released, it may contain a backdoor20:01
ikoniaemsy2015: don't make stupid homophobic comments please, "thank you" is how you thank someone20:01
chartractegglasko: trying to dual boot Mac OS X and Ubuntu20:01
bynarieyea sorry bout that.. i just knew you were pretty knowledgeable daftykins20:01
bynariethe error message appears while booting up, right before X starts up20:02
laskochartractegg: One sec, i'll get you the link you need20:02
emsy2015ikonia: I said no homo lol. That means the biggest thanks to you. Don't be rude :)20:02
daftykinschartractegg: go get yourself a flash drive of OS X made up. if you want both you are not going to be able to get it back on there with us, in ubuntu20:02
ikoniaemsy2015: "thank you" is how you thank someone rather than stupid sexual comments20:02
bynarienow we have to say thank you a special way?20:03
bynarieu guys are cock suckers20:03
chartracteggdaftykins: can you clarify "if you want both.... in ubuntu" ?20:03
emsy2015ikonia: don't write like a robot. :)20:03
chartracteggbynarie: chill out20:03
laskochartractegg: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/MacOSX   -- At the bottom of that page there is a Link for AppleIntelInstallation20:04
ikoniaemsy2015: don't make stupid comments then20:04
daftykinschartractegg: i think you're just timewasting here. if you want OS X back... working... you're going to need to reinstall it.20:04
SomeThi, I have a problem, my university are making us study linux by studying VMWare or something to run Ubuntu20:04
AegNuddeloh lol there's a button to move it in full mode20:04
chartracteggdaftykins: you're right. thank you for your help20:04
chartracteggpeace be with you all20:04
daftykinsSomeT: right, sounds simple.20:04
chartracteggbye all!20:04
laskoSomeT: And how can we help you20:04
emsy2015ikonia: ok, sorry!20:04
bynarie|hey ikonia your a cock sucker too20:04
SomeTI am finding a lot of us having problems running, it not having tried myself, just wondering is even installing it this way a good idea generally?20:04
RootKitAnyone know which is the best unofficial kernel for laptos!20:04
bynarie|cock sucker20:05
SomeTto me it sounds easy20:05
daftykinsSomeT: yes it's fine and easy.20:05
SomeTjust trying to understand why so many people are having troublee20:05
ikoniaRootKit: use official kernels20:05
SomeTe.g. drives not mounting20:05
Winthroplol dat ban20:05
daftykinsSomeT: the people with the troubles should be the one asking, you can't provide us logs of their issues so there's no way to help.20:05
SomeTI know, but it just bugs me, haha20:06
SomeTanyway my question was a bit general20:06
daftykinsSomeT: yes, plus it also insinuates ubuntu is to blame and not vmware issues20:06
daftykinsthere's always virtualbox too of course20:07
ikoniaor user error20:07
daftykinsyep, that too20:07
laskoVirtualbox > VMWare IMO lol easier to use and less hassle20:07
ikoniatry actually doing your task and asking for help when you need it20:07
daftykinslasko: no point expressing personal opinion.20:07
RootKitikonia: Thanks... But official kernels are very unresponsive without patches! I want something very  responsive!!20:07
ikoniaRootKit: they are not20:07
SomeTI plan to do in 2 hours ;)20:07
ikoniaRootKit: they are excellent20:07
daftykinslol unresponsive kernels, typical Linux ricer generation20:07
ikoniaRootKit: we only support official kernels here, so this isn't the right channel20:08
laskodaftykins: Well ok.20:08
RootKitikonia: whats wrong with unofficial kernel! I remove unity and and some other resource hungry shits! compiled kernel 4.0 with specific driver for my hardware.. using fluxbox ,no DEs.. But ubuntu still feels slow!20:10
ikoniaRootKit: tone down the language, there is no need for it20:10
ikoniaRootKit: if you've made all the changes you say you've made - it's no longer ubuntu20:11
ikoniaRootKit: so I suggest you support your own customized distro20:11
kryptonradoncan I upgrade 14.04 to 14.10 in place?20:11
k1l_RootKit: the problem is, we dont know if "stuff" doesnt work because its your custom kernels fault or if its a general ubuntu issue then20:11
ikoniakryptonradon: yes, it will need a reboot though20:11
ikonia!upgrade | kryptonradon20:11
ubottukryptonradon: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade20:11
k1l_kryptonradon: yes run the update-manager but keep in mind that you need to upgrade every 6 months then20:11
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kryptonradonI keep needing to install things that don't get updated to the newer version20:12
ikoniakryptonradon: be careful, very few people "need" newer versions than the versions shipped with the distro20:12
kryptonradonI'm using blender addons that need 2.71 and 14.04 has 2.6920:13
RootKitikonia: and k1l_: well then ! I have to leave ubuntu! damn!  I guess have to build everything from the scratch!20:13
ikoniaRootKit: bye20:13
k1l_RootKit: you are on your own with that custom kernels on most distros anyway.20:14
RootKitk1l_: hmm!20:14
q_kill him!20:15
q_kill  him!20:15
fluvvellsince when has unity been in the kernel?20:15
ikoniafluvvell: it's not20:15
ubottuLFS is Linux From Scratch (www.linuxfromscratch.org) - not to be confused with !LTS, which is the long term support release of Ubuntu (currently 8.04 (server), 10.04 and 12.04)20:15
ikoniaand LFS won't help with that either20:15
ikoniaso pointing at lfs won't help20:15
jhutchinsHe should be running gentoo.20:16
q_k1l_: hmm! , I was refering to what RootKit typed and what it looked like20:16
nashhi guys I have a strange freeze after login. If I switch on tty1 I get a I/O error. What can I check? I am running smartctl to see if it's a hdd failure... I created another user and it works, it's just stuck after login20:16
RootKitq_ : you are funny ..lol20:16
RootKitjhutchins: who should be runnin gentoo?20:17
k1l_someone know what .wmz files are and how to open that?20:17
emsy2015hey, guys. I had the problem with this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28099/how-to-restore-a-system-after-accidentally-removing-all-kernels20:17
emsy2015hey, k1l_20:17
zatanhi how can I let access directory to users who is certain group ?20:17
geniik1l_: Unzip it to wmf and use some media player20:18
RootKitikonia: bye! sir/mam20:18
emsy2015k1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10505937/20:18
nashboth /home and .xauthority belong to the correct user20:18
k1l_genii: archiv fileroller thingy from unity got their issues with it. "archive type is not supported"20:19
geniiemsy2015: You cannot unmount a directory if you have cd into it.20:19
geniiemsy2015: do something like just:  cd      first then unmount20:20
RootKitHey! I have nuttin' to say, yo! lol... What am I doin here?!20:20
daftykinsRootKit: please take it elsewhere.20:20
emsy2015genii: the same problem20:21
RootKitwell.. I should join a dating channel.. suggest me some channel names! i dont know how to search for channel in weechat !20:22
k1l_!alis | RootKit20:22
ubottuRootKit: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:22
fluvvelldaftykins, sorry I got caught on a phone call - you asked me HDMI - I can't see whether I replied - its DVI  Dual-link cable which worked on a previous hardware set.20:23
geniiemsy2015: Pastebin please20:23
emsy2015genii, what will happen if I'll try to unmount it manually, because the /mnt is on locker20:23
RootKitk1l_: thank you, man20:23
geniiemsy2015: Trying to unmount it manually is what you've been doing.20:23
fluvvelldaftykins, ikonia,   my .xprofile is  http://pastebin.com/k8nYfhWR20:23
fluvvellsorry couldn't remember who replied last :-S20:24
RootKitubottu: thankkkkkkkz20:24
emsy2015genii, I  meant by clicking the right click on mouse and choosing "unmount"20:24
* genii consider a lecture on running as root and then trying to use suso while in root prompt, then says "screw it" and goes back to work20:24
elitewarfareCan u install ubuntu on an early 2008 macbook pro laptop MB134LL/A20:24
ikoniaelitewarfare: yes20:24
elitewarfarethank you20:25
daftykinsfluvvell: so you're not using some kind of HDMI to DVI dongle? 'cause it's odd you'd be setting HDMI modes 0o20:26
fluvvelldaftykins, ABSOLUTELY no dongle or even an adapter. DVI - DVI cable. Yes, I saw that - but thats what xrandr reports the DVI port as.20:27
fluvvelldaftykins, of course I keep going back to the statement somebody made that hdmi and dvi were electrically compatible with the exception of the audio20:30
fluvvelli may be wrong I guess20:30
nashhi guys I have a strange freeze after login. If I switch on tty1 I get a I/O error. What can I check? I am running smartctl to see if it's a hdd failure... I created another user and it works, it's just stuck after login20:30
RootKitubottu: I did forget how to search for channel! can you plz repeat how to .......20:31
ubottuRootKit: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:31
wamichodaftykins, i did a fresh install , i am just waiting for it to upgrade what should be the best way to install the nvidia driver so it can work ..?20:33
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daftykinswamicho: just "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime" i think20:34
wamichodaftykins, did that before it did not work or should i just download from the nvidia page and install it ?20:35
daftykinswamicho: that'll be a guaranteed failure if you tried that :)20:36
daftykinsi honestly don't know, you should do more research on your model of system because i was out of ideas earlier20:36
wamichodaftykins, ok thanks a lot ..20:37
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latteraso I have a process (vlc) that's not dying with kill -KILL20:43
latterawhat's the best way to kill it?20:43
bindikill -9 as root?20:44
dipoootskill -9 `pidof vlc`20:44
dipoootsor killall -UNUSED vlc20:44
latterastill no go20:44
latteranow it's listed in ps as: vlc <defunct>20:45
dipoootsthen it's a zombie process, sadly I don't think you can kill it without a reboot if it doesn't respond to those20:45
DasEilattera: sudo killall vlc  doesn't work ? no frozen system ? use htop to look for Pid's20:46
dipoootsyea that too, check pid manually in case there's two or whatever20:46
latteranope, just a single process, PID 630820:47
latteragonna have to reboot :/20:47
dipoootskill 6308, i do it a few times until it tells me no such pid20:47
=== [willwh]food is now known as willwh
DasEilattera: sudo kill -9 -1 6308  (f.e) ?20:49
DasEilattera: does htop shows suspicous loads on another PID ?20:51
latterano clue... just rebooted20:53
emsy2015hello guys. once again how to see chat history  from this chat?20:57
therealfakemootSo I recently upgraded to 10.14 but I'm having trouble installing steam. `sudo apt-get install steam` produces the following output https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/a78edea623954e2ce76720:57
k1l_!logs | emsy201520:57
ubottuemsy2015: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.20:57
emsy2015thank you20:57
daftykins10.14 isn't a real release (:20:57
Whitoremsy2015, It depends on your IRC client20:59
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)20:59
emsy2015whitor, I already found what I had to find, thank you :)20:59
WhitorI'm using 14.04 and love it20:59
Whitoremsy2015, great!21:00
ubottuLFS is Linux From Scratch (www.linuxfromscratch.org) - not to be confused with !LTS, which is the long term support release of Ubuntu (currently 8.04 (server), 10.04 and 12.04)21:00
emsy2015whitor, anyway, could you help me please?21:00
burkmatShouldn't the bot be updated re versioning on LFS / LTS?21:00
WhitorI don't know why anyone (especially a new user) would use an experimental version of Ubuntu. My guess is they don't really know that non LTS versions /are/ less supported..21:01
emsy2015Whitor, I removed all my kernels, so I tried to recover it after this thread. http://askubuntu.com/questions/28099/how-to-restore-a-system-after-accidentally-removing-all-kernels21:01
OerHeksburkmat, no, why is it confusing for you?21:02
emsy2015Whitor, when I did the last step (reboot) I had black screen with an error: missing models21:02
WhitorAlso... experienced users using Ubuntu in a professional production environment Shouldn't even consider using a non LTS version.21:02
daftykinsWhitor: i think new users impatiently rush through the download page on the site and don't read... because that was one of the first lessons i learnt21:04
Whitoremsy2015, sounds like a fun project!  I hope might consider re-installing on a different machine and moving your data ex-post-facto21:04
Whitordaftykins, yeah... I think this should be emphasized on the download page... Perhaps make people dig a little bit to get the latest (non LTS) versions... BTW I'm anxious to see whats in 16.04!21:05
bcowanboot to a livecd/usb and chroot21:05
emsy2015whitor: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10506460/21:05
daftykinswell, you'll be waiting a while. general chat however is in #ubuntu-offtopic :)21:05
burkmatOerHeks: Maybe I'm misreading it, but the bot seems to be saying the latest LTSs are 8.04, 10.04 and 12.04?21:05
daftykinscurrent LTS is 12.04.5 and 14.04.221:05
burkmatYeah. So...21:06
OerHeksburkmat, last part says different.21:06
k1l_burkmat: for bot suggestions please do that in #ubuntu-irc :)21:07
burkmatk1l_: Ok, will do. Just wanted to check that I'm not retarded and/or crazy. :D21:07
DasEiburkmat: also you can PM ubott.. to play with it21:09
emsy2015guys, what to do if the kernel is newer than system and kernel modules?21:10
daftykinsemsy2015: what do you mean?21:10
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emsy2015I've booted from live cd21:10
emsy2015on live cd I have 14.04 but on my hdd I have 14.1021:10
daftykinsargh who keeps deleting every factoid21:11
k1l_emsy2015: for the chroot that doesnt matter21:11
jhutchinsdaftykins: ubottu is not as well trained as dpkg.21:11
MoPactherealfakemoot: Which video/graphics drivers are you using?21:11
emsy2015k1l_ when I rebooted I had a black screen telling that I miss some modules21:11
daftykinsjhutchins: i'll assume that's an attempt at humour 0o21:11
k1l_emsy2015: make sure you installed the kernel headers mathcing your kernel21:12
therealfakemootMoPac: Pretty sure it's the closed source nvidia one but I'm gonna have to look and double check.21:12
Whitoremsy2015, thanks for the  pastebin.  heh, I still might have been lazy and re-installed. With ubuntu, it's so freaking easy.   I grew up with slackware... I've done my share of kernel / module compiling... I remember when nearly every app had to be compiled21:12
WhitorI've had enough of it21:12
jhutchinsemsy2015: What are you truing to do?21:12
=== soee_ is now known as soee
emsy2015k1l_ how to do that?21:13
WhitorPersonally I'd rather spend my extra time with my kids... not researching how to rebuild my kernel.. Oh how times have changed :(      :)21:13
emsy2015whitor: I'll lose all my filed wouldn't I?21:13
therealfakemootMoPac: "NVIDIA Binary driver - version 331.113 from nvidia-311-updates"21:13
k1l_emsy2015: boot that system or chroot into it from a live cd and make sure "linux-generic" is installed21:13
emsy2015jhutchins: trying  to recover my system21:14
Whitoremsy2015, only if you overwrite your HD ... use another HD21:14
k1l_emsy2015: but if you installed the video driver from some website then you need to reinstall it again21:14
Whitoremsy2015, then take your existing HD and put it into an external USB reader...  copy your home dir off and you are all set!21:14
bcowanso much easier just to chroot in and install kernel/headers21:15
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MoPactherealfakemoot: So, I haven't dealt with the video driver options for a while since I switched to a machine with integrated graphics. But the message you pasted basically indicates that steam is saying it needs some of the open-source software around in order to install. Usually, when I've seen a message like this, it's because the software I want to install needs a particular version21:16
therealfakemootMoPac: Interesting. I can try switching over21:16
MoPac... but some other existing software needs a different version, so the new software can't install21:16
nashhi guys I have a strange freeze after login. If I switch on tty1 I get a I/O error. Here is my smartmontools log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10506563/  what can I check more??21:16
emsy2015whitor, if I had another hd21:16
therealfakemootWe'll see if noveau can resolve this21:16
MoPacHowever, in the case of the video drivers, I wonder if having the option set to non-free might be telling the system not to install the free ones? I don't know exactly how much pull that option has in apt21:17
emsy2015k1l, haven't installed anything, only one kernel21:17
MoPacWell, one other thing though21:17
emsy2015with apt-get install linux-image-generic21:17
k1l_emsy2015: there is the issue. i told you several times to install the "linux-generic" since it installs the headers automatically21:17
MoPactherealfakemoot: I wonder if you can install those mesa packages without actually switching your preference from nvidia to nouveau?  Have you tried just doing "apt-get install [packagename that it said wasn't installf for steam]"?21:17
therealfakemootMoPac: yup21:18
Whitoremsy2015, good point..21:18
k1l_emsy2015: "linux-image..." is only the kernel, but not the headers. for building modules you need the headers21:18
therealfakemootMoPac: no dice. apt wouldn't install them21:18
MoPactherealfakemoot: What's the error you get when you try?21:18
therealfakemootMoPac: the lock is currently being held by the switch from closed source to novaeu drivers21:18
therealfakemootMoPac: I'll have to reproduce it in a second21:18
MoPactherealfakemoot: sure, no problem21:19
emsy2015Whitor, too big physical effort. I prefer fixing it with codes21:20
MoPactherealfakemoot: I'm probably overly skittish about switching back and forth between nvidia and nouveau drivers because doing that used to cause all kinds of problems on my old system [shudders]. Hopefully those are more rare now, though21:20
WhitorI thought everyone had piles of HD's kicking around...  Perks of working in IT21:21
therealfakemootMoPac: Yeah. I switched from Noveau to the closed source ones when a KSP update got all buggy. I saw a massive performance increase from it21:21
therealfakemootMoPac: and uh, the 'software center' threw an error about ack-grep while I was trying to change over. So it...didn't?21:21
MoPactherealfakemoot: okay, well, it might not be necessary to swtich over. Let's see what happend when you try just apt-get install-ing the two packages that held up your steam installation21:22
emsy2015k1l: so I have apt-get install linux-generic , right?21:22
emsy2015* I have to21:22
k1l_emsy2015: right.21:23
k1l_emsy2015: you could try if you can boot into the recovery in the grub.21:23
therealfakemootMoPac: So, as it turns out, I can install libgl1-mesa-dri OR libgl1-mesa-glx.21:23
therealfakemootwhich would require the remove of nvidia-updates-33121:23
emsy2015k1l, but I had some error... http://paste.ubuntu.com/10506647/21:24
k1l_emsy2015: what was the command?21:24
therealfakemootNot sure what the difference between dri and glx is, unfortunately21:25
MoPactherealfakemoot: Are you seeing the same thing that these people saw a while back, or is it different? - https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/280021:25
emsy2015k1l_ : apt-get install linux-generic21:25
k1l_in recovery?21:25
emsy2015k1l, in chroot21:25
k1l_emsy2015: then you did something wrong since the filesystem is read-only.21:26
therealfakemootMoPac: Similar, but I can't say for sure.21:26
k1l_emsy2015: so i bet you did again not setup the chroot properly and are still on the live-ubuntu system and not in the chroot21:26
MoPactherealfakemoot: I have a vague recollection about the ia32 libs business helping me out with something similar. Let me know if this helps you https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/2800#issuecomment-7404535221:26
k1l_emsy2015: seeing 3.13 kernel i am sure you are not in chroot.21:27
emsy2015k1l: root@ubuntu:/#21:27
k1l_emsy2015: no21:27
k1l_emsy2015: that is the live-system from cd or usb. not the installed one. so get your chroot set up properly.21:27
therealfakemootMoPac: Augh, https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd08432321:28
emsy2015k1l I did chroot in /media/ubuntu/e1784e0c-eacf-49ed-8873-c0ae2f1a638d/boot"21:28
=== ek001 is now known as medusatux
emsy2015with sudo chroot /media/ubuntu/e1784e0c-eacf-49ed-8873-c0ae2f1a638d/boot"21:28
k1l_emsy2015: no no no no no.21:29
emsy2015without boot at the end lol21:29
MoPactherealfakemoot: Yeah, I'm having deja vu -- I was right where you are. I know it ended up working, though. At the moment, are you still on nvidia?21:29
k1l_emsy2015: start over again from the beginning after unmounting all first.21:29
therealfakemootMoPac: Correct.21:29
MoPactherealfakemoot: And at the moment, do you have broken packages, or is it all working (just can't install steam)?21:29
therealfakemootMoPac: I may have broken packages. I'm not sure how to check21:30
MoPactherealfakemoot: try apt-get install -f21:30
therealfakemootSame error message.21:31
therealfakemootexit status 821:31
MoPactherealfakemoot: okay, first let's try to just get back to working nvidia like you had before. manually apt-get remove the mesa package you were trying21:31
therealfakemootMoPac: That's the issue: it isn't installed and for one reason or another apt can't resolve the dependency21:32
therealfakemootI think.21:32
MoPactherealfakemoot: well, it might work to just reinstall nvidia-331-updates -- that may remove the mesa package and make it stop caring that the mesa package didn't install correctly21:33
therealfakemootGood call, trying that now21:33
nk121Hi #ubuntu, I'm looking to capture audio in a headless EC2 server (14.04), but i'm having trouble getting alsa and snd-dummy working. Does anyone know how to accomplish this with 14.04?21:34
nk121i've installed libasound2-dev alsa-utils alsa-oss alsa-base     but there is no snd-dummy module to be found (although there is a snd-seq-dummy, which appears to be midi related)21:34
therealfakemoot cannot configure (current status `half-installed')21:35
therealfakemootlookit that21:35
MoPactherealfakemoot: paste?21:35
therealfakemootYeah, one sec21:35
night_girlhello i currently have this ubuntu: 2.6.35-27-generic #47-Ubuntu, what is the best way to update to the latest?21:37
DasEitherealfakemoot: try (first hand followed by --dry-run for a testride) to remove --purge complaining packages unti pt-get  updates runs fine (--fix-missing you oc already tried?)21:37
MoPactherealfakemoot: hmm. Try opening the software center GUI, at the third-party drivers tab -- see what it says there21:37
MoPactherealfakemoot: DasEi: Ahh right, I neglected to mention --purge21:38
MoPacnight_girl: What version of Ubuntu are you using?21:39
DasEitherealfakemoot:: (all as root) apt-get update --dry-run              < result ?21:39
night_girlRelease:        10.10 Codename:       maverick21:40
nesretepAnyone have any experience with kickstart installs on Ubuntu using PXE boot?21:40
nk121I guess noone is familliar with alsa/snd-dummy21:40
bcowannk121, if you wouldnt insult them calling them dummy21:41
nesretepAnyone have any experience with kickstart installs on Ubuntu using PXE boot?21:41
nk121bcowan: the only dummy i think is me! :)21:41
therealfakemootDasEi: update doesn't recognize --dry-run, apparently.21:41
therealfakemootand I've updated the gist21:42
DasEinesretep: no, but interestin attempt, you'll need kickstart on the pxe box, just try... hehe21:42
therealfakemootI can't remove the package, or install over it.21:42
MoPacnight_girl: Are you wanting to upgrade to a later version of Ubuntu or just to update your kernel version?21:42
nesretepI have gotten to the point where teh box PXE boots, then starts teh install but then d-i won't recognize the NIC21:42
DasEitherealfakemoot::so apt faills with a complaint about a certain package ?21:42
=== Bonzo is now known as JBonzo
night_girlI just want the latest of everything21:43
therealfakemootDasEi: Yes. nvidia-331-updates is half-installed21:43
therealfakemootDasEi: So apparently, that means I'm not allowed to remove OR install it anymore21:43
night_girland the flawless way of doing this that will work without issues21:43
nesretepNot sure why it doesn't reconize it during the autoinstall.  It works fine installing from DVD21:43
DasEitherealfakemoot::apt-get update --fix-missing   < result ?21:44
MoPacnight_girl: I'm not sure whether an in-place upgrade from 10.10 to 14.10 can be guaranteed to work flawlessly with no issues.  Can you go into your software and updates program and see what the settings are there?21:45
therealfakemootDasEi: it fetches a bunch of repo info and exits 021:45
therealfakemootDasEi: No actions21:45
DasEitherealfakemoot::dpkg-reconfigure  darnPackage  < result?21:46
therealfakemooter, I have to install the debconf package before I will have dpkg-reconfigure21:47
therealfakemootand trying to install it failed, because nvidia-331-updates is in a broken state21:47
night_girlthe screen shows me that it can update to 11.10 only21:47
DasEidpkg-reconfigure  <so21:47
night_girlin updates21:47
DasEitherealfakemoot:: dpkg-reconfigure  darnPackage  < result?21:48
MoPactherealfakemoot: DasEi: Is there anything preventing him from remove --purge-ing both the proprietary and the non-proprietry drivers and then reinstalling? (Assuming he doesn't shut down and end up with just a terminal...)21:48
MoPacs/him/him or her21:48
DasEiMoPac: I just try to single it out before killing aa bunch of intact ones, too (dependencies)21:48
nesretepShould I be in a different channel if I need help with something like a PXEboot kickstart install?  It doesn't seem like anyone has any knowledge in this area here.21:49
therealfakemootDasEi: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd08432321:49
frewanyone have ideas on how to configure apparmor?21:50
DasEitherealfakemoot:: apt-get remove darnPackage --dry-run   <result ?21:50
MoPacnight_girl: Okay, so just to be sure, you have a lot of documents and settings and such on this computer, and you want to try to preserve everything, right? Even if it takes longer, you don't want to just back up your files and install the latest version -- am I reading that right?21:50
night_girlno you are wrong21:51
emsy2015k1l_: I did everything from the beginning what should I do now?21:51
k1l_night_girl: your ubuntu version is dead since years now. so better to install an actual 14.0421:51
night_girl;p sorry to say21:51
emsy2015where do I have to chroot in?21:51
MoPacnight_girl: ahhh no don't be sorry, that makes everything a lot easier.21:51
DasEifrew: I'm quite busy atm, many good tuts on te net and in the forum, simple question ask, it's got a record mode where it learns and so forms it's shield21:51
therealfakemootDasEi: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd08432321:51
k1l_emsy2015: same thing you did all the days.21:51
night_girlI have backed up the 3 files I had in my ubuntu cause to be honest i wanst using it, but its time to take out the dust out from my ubuntu and stop using that piece of shit called windows21:52
MoPacnight_girl: The best way to do this from a version that old (anyone feel free to correct me here) is just to reinstall the whole OS.21:52
frewDasEi: I couldn't figure out how to phrase my question, but basically I need to allow ptrace in a docker container21:52
DasEitherealfakemoot:: apt-get remove --purge darnPackage    <result ?21:52
MoPacnight_girl: Is this a dedicated Ubuntu computer or a dual-boot one with both Ubuntu and Windows?21:52
emsy2015k1l_: like that ubuntu@ubuntu:/media/ubuntu/e1784e0c-eacf-49ed-8873-c0ae2f1a638d$ sudo chroot /media/ubuntu/e1784e0c-eacf-49ed-8873-c0ae2f1a638d/21:52
night_girldual boot21:52
k1l_night_girl: since we know you dont upgrade that often go with the 14.04 that got 5 years support time.21:52
k1l_night_girl: if you install 14.10 you need to upgrade every 6 months21:53
night_girloh seriously?21:53
MoPacnight_girl: Do you want to keep it dual boot, or do you want to have it just running Ubuntu at the end?21:53
therealfakemootDasEi: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd08432321:53
night_girldual boot21:53
night_girlcan u explain me more about that 14.10 vs 14.04 thingie?21:53
k1l_emsy2015: please re read the same discussion we had several times a day the last days. its still the same. and male sure you mount all right21:54
wamichodaftykins, i think i might be successfull now21:54
MoPacnight_girl: Re upgrading every six months, you'll get different opinions, but in my experience it's really not a big deal21:54
k1l_!lts | night_girl21:54
ubottunight_girl: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)21:54
night_girlnormally i wish tu upgrade but Im just an average user who never ends up finish her job, so has even less time to upgrade and solve problems in ubuntu! i cant even get enough to finish my own daily life work!21:54
night_girlif you understand me?21:54
k1l_MoPac: but you cant stay on 14.10. since its dead after 9 months after 14.10 release. and a user that is still on 10.10 is known to be not upgrade-happy.21:54
MoPack1l_: Read her situation, though. She didn't upgrade for so long because she actually wasn't using it as her primary OS; it was just sitting there and she was really using Windows.21:55
k1l_night_girl: so install the 14.04. then you can make one LTS_upgrade to 16.04 when that is released.21:55
k1l_MoPac: trust me. you will see that user again in 3 years, still on 14.10 and wonder why she didnt install 14.04 in the first place.21:56
wamichodaftykins, not really after rebooting everything went back to be the same21:56
DasEitherealfakemoot:: kill 1681 <result ? or do a lsof before, to see what's locking it, else try from safemode21:56
k1l_MoPac: that is a common thing in here. if they decide to go non-LTS the can upgrade. but to got LTS from 14.10 is not possible21:56
k1l_(besides upgrade every 6 months until 16.04)21:57
therealfakemootDasEi: oh my gosh, how did I miss that :|21:57
MoPacnight_girl: Whether you choose 14.04 or 14.10, I think the easiest thing to do is to install it over again rather than upgrade in place, but the thing to check on first is makign sure that the dual boot setup doesn't get too mangled21:57
night_girlwhen was 14.04 releseased, when was 14.10, when will 16.0421:57
night_girlwhat do i miss if i dont upgrade every 6 months?21:57
MoPacnight_girl: They refer to years and months: 14.04 = April 201421:58
k1l_night_girl: they are named after YEAR.MONTH21:58
centrichello all21:58
therealfakemootDasEi: There we go. Now I can remove --purge the bad package and I should be in the clear.21:58
k1l_night_girl: please read the wiki page about LTS the bot linked you. it explaines it21:58
night_girlall right but there wasnt no link in there21:58
k1l_night_girl: sorry, it didnt linkthe page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS21:59
DasEitherealfakemoot:: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade < tell if packages are still hold back after that line21:59
night_girlall right ill choose one version have to htink about it a bit21:59
therealfakemootDasEi: none held back21:59
daftykinsnight_girl: 14.04.2, nothing to think about :)22:00
night_girlcan I just install on top of my current ubuntu using my external hard drive etc?22:00
therealfakemootBut I'm still unable to install steam22:00
MoPactherealfakemoot: Now that you're in the clear, try installing ia32-libs22:00
therealfakemootDasEi: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd084323 still at square 122:00
MoPacnight_girl: The complication that you might run into is the dual boot thing22:00
k1l_night_girl: if you install 14.10 you cant use it longer than 9 months, since after that 9 month all updates are shut down. so you need to upgrade to 15.04 then.  etc etc. so not to run into the same issue like you know have with that 10.1022:01
zteamnight_girl, I you want a stable build you should choose, 14,04 only upgrade if you encounter any issues :-)22:01
therealfakemootMoPac: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd084323 see the second file in the gist for my attempt to install ia32-libs22:01
night_girlall right, i will isntall 14.04 this time to start slowly22:01
MoPactherealfakemoot: at the risk of recommending blind keystrokes... what happens if you copy the names of those replacement packages and then apt-get install [ctrl-shift-v] ?22:02
night_girlnow the question is where do i get that install? can i just save it on my external hard drive? and then do i just tell my boot to start from an external hard drive so that it lets me intsall the linux on a clean in top of my current one?22:03
DasEitherealfakemoot:: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade < no complaints ?22:03
NikeshIn Linux Mint xfce4-terminal I would paste into vim from outside the terminal using "+gP Now I am in Ubuntu Unity with GNOME terminal but "+gP doesn't work.. what can I do?22:03
therealfakemootDasEi: No complaints.22:03
therealfakemootMoPac: I just updated the gist22:03
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest74197
MoPacnight_girl: That's a fine decision, and you'll find that if you do want upgrades then it'll be pretty easy.22:03
k1l_night_girl: just make a live-usb and install that over tha old ubuntu install.22:03
fengshaun_how can I list the files installed by a package?22:03
therealfakemootMoPac: The first file contains my attempts to install the dependencies in question, and I was told that they're already installed22:03
k1l_night_girl: if you dont have a fancy setup the ubuntu installer should offer you a "install over old ubuntu" option22:04
zteamnight_girl, you should install it on usb-pendrive with UnetBootin22:04
SRKhello ..22:04
night_girlwtf is unetbootin jesus christ22:04
MoPactherealfakemoot: Sorry I wasn't clear -- I meant sudo apt-get install   lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.022:04
therealfakemootCan't I ask apt-get or aptitude "What are the broken packages I'm holding?"22:04
night_girlis there nothing flawless to do that22:04
DasEitherealfakemoot:: ah, missed aboce, hm k, again try apt-get update --fix-missing22:04
k1l_night_girl: its make you usb into a live-ubuntu usb22:04
k1l_night_girl: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows22:04
MoPacnight_girl: or you could burn a CD22:05
* centric is a centric22:05
night_girlmy cd player is dead as well i think22:05
therealfakemootMoPac: They're installing, no problem.22:05
fengshaun_night_girl: dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/myusb22:05
night_girland i dont ahve spare cs here22:05
zteamnight_girl, I was about to give you a link girl....22:05
fengshaun_night_girl: you can find /dev/myusb through fdisk -l22:05
therealfakemootMoPac: But it hasn't changed the steam installation.22:05
zteamnight_girl, here you go http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/22:05
night_girlall right im on my ubuntu now though22:05
k1l_night_girl: see my official link from ubuntu22:05
night_girlcan i install that thingie on ubuntu22:05
k1l_night_girl: yes. start the usb creator22:06
night_girlwheres the usb creator22:06
night_girlbtw i have a lot of important things on my usb22:06
night_girlis that fine?22:06
k1l_night_girl: they all get deleted22:06
MoPacnight_girl: k1l_: Maybe doing in-place upgrades is actually the way to go here, even if it takes a little while?22:06
night_girlwell thats not fine then22:06
MoPacnight_girl: k1l_: In-place upgrades would also have the added benefit of not messing with the dual-boot config, right?22:07
zteamnight_girl,  those will be deleted once you create your memory, so be sure to back them up first :-)22:07
therealfakemootDasEi: apt-get update --fix-missing just downloaded package info and had zero actions22:07
k1l_MoPac: form 10.10? that is possible but really really a long effort22:07
k1l_MoPac: dualboot is not an issue22:07
DasEitherealfakemoot: it can, dpkg is even more mighty, I'm done with my beside done work for now, prbly directly ask someone expereinced /w steam (their HP ?) repo needed ? idk https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto22:07
MoPack1l_: "dualboot is not an issue" -- famous last words!22:08
k1l_MoPac: what is an issue then?22:08
DasEitherealfakemoot:: apt-get dist-upgrade maybe, I'm not firm /w repos,versions,backports whatever concerning steam22:09
therealfakemootIt's just confounding that I upgraded from 14.04 or whatever to 14.10 and all of a sudden I have to uninstall steam and skype and now I'm in dependency hell22:10
therealfakemootwhat happened?22:10
Bl3u2orphpstorm on ubuntu 14.04. im not sure where to save the files. which is best? save php files in home dir or in var/www? if in var/www, what permission should be set then? if in homedir, how do i set that up in a safe way?22:10
zteamtherealfakemoot, try sudo apt-get install -f22:10
lgshaw are u22:11
therealfakemootzteam: Nothing. "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.22:11
tc_Can anyone explaine me what are the consoles for here on ubuntu?22:11
MoPack1l_: There are a lot of people who have had problems setting up or maintaining dual-boot installations -- I don't want to stray off topic and debate various causes. I just wanted to flag it up as a potential concern22:11
emsy2015how to set up chroot properly? I' m just reading that thread and it says Chroot into the /mnt: sudo chroot /mnt22:11
k1l_lgs: please ubuntu support only in here.22:11
zteamtherealfakemoot, what about sudo apt-get check ?22:12
k1l_emsy2015: come on. you did that already 10 times22:12
therealfakemootzteam: also nothing22:12
emsy2015k1l_ but you said I didn' t do that properly22:12
MoPactherealfakemoot: Okay, so right now, having installed those three ia32-libs replacements, what happens when you try to install steam?22:12
emsy2015sudo chroot /mnt. I have to replace /mnt with media/ubuntu/e1784e0c-eacf-49ed-8873-c0ae2f1a638d shouldn' t I?22:13
jhutchinsemsy2015: You chroot into wherever you built the chroot.22:13
zteamtherealfakemoot, if that commands exist fine then your package system should be just fine22:13
k1l_emsy2015: yes. you did it not right this time. so you got an error anywhere and did not stop but carry on. so please start from the beginning and see if there is an error22:13
therealfakemootMoPac: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd08432322:13
MoPaczteam: the basic issue isn't his package system, it's a steam dependency probelm22:13
zteamtry to install something like gksu or aptitude22:13
emsy2015k1l_ I' ve mounted everything from the beginning22:14
night_girlso where i can that pendrive booter for linux as im under my 10.10 right now22:14
therealfakemootzteam: I've been trying to make it work with aptitude, but all its alternative resolutions are insane; they require uninstalling 400+ pacakges, stuff like pidgin and chromium and EVERYTHING, JUST to meet these Steam dependencies.22:14
k1l_emsy2015: use the same steps you did last time.22:14
therealfakemootzteam: It's friggin insane22:14
k1l_night_girl: you got a usb pendrive you can erase completly?22:14
therealfakemootOh yeah, aptitude wants to uninstall compiz if it's going to install steam.22:14
emsy2015so should I install linux-generic again, k1l?22:14
therealfakemootSo that sounds horrifically wrong22:14
night_girlyes i do22:14
k1l_emsy2015: after you setup the chroot completly22:15
zteamtherealfakemoot, sudo apt get install aptitude22:15
night_girla 16gb one22:15
therealfakemootzteam: it's already installed?22:15
k1l_night_girl: ok. download the ubuntu iso form ubuntu.com22:15
therealfakemootzteam: I tried letting aptitude intelligently resolve the issue, before I came here.22:15
zteamtherealfakemoot, then sudo apt get why-not skype22:15
emsy2015k1l_, just to make sure http://paste.ubuntu.com/10507184/22:16
night_girlyes but how do i create the ubuntu booter on a hard drive22:16
therealfakemootzteam: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd08432322:16
therealfakemootsee skype.txt22:16
MoPacnight_girl: program called unetbootin22:16
k1l_night_girl: we use a terminal command if you got the iso downloaded22:16
zteamnight_girl, unetbootin can help you with that22:16
k1l_night_girl: so if you got that just tell and we carry on.22:16
crushoverride:3 why not using dd22:17
k1l_emsy2015: ok, looks good so far. now chroot22:17
night_girlall right wait im downloadint thanks22:17
zteamtherealfakemoot, do you have any third-party repos in your sources.list ?22:18
laskojoi/window splith 1222:18
wamicho_daftykins, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics22:19
zteamtherealfakemoot, have you run sudo apt-get update  to let it refresh the links ?22:19
therealfakemootzteam: google chrome22:19
therealfakemootzteam: the rest came with ubuntu22:19
daftykinswamicho_: why are you linking me to a page for an issue you're resolving? :)22:20
Hardtailwhen using virtualbox to run ubuntu, the lack of 3d acceleration would just be noticeable with unity and 3d programs correct?22:20
wamicho_daftykins, there is the answer for now did couple of reboots no issues22:20
emsy2015k1l_ the last time you said I did not chroot properly so I don' t want to make the same mistake again. How do you chroot?22:20
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot22:20
therealfakemootzteam: I've done that at least five hundreds times today22:20
daftykinswamicho_: that page was something i was considering linking myself, but all it does is say what i already said - to install nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime - what are you getting at?22:21
therealfakemootzteam: I've done it again and observed no change in my problem.22:21
v_SullyHey all, can someone tell if there is a log of error codes for start up? having some issues and I see what looks like error code  just before the splash screen on load22:21
cetexhm. i need to catch errors in upstart. for example, service dying for some reason.22:21
zteamtherealfakemoot, disable that repo then, and then run sudo apt-get update22:21
cetexand do some stuff when that happens22:21
cetexhow can i catch failed starts and run something then?22:21
k1l_emsy2015: the pastebin you showed was not running on the chroot but on the original live-usb system. so that chroot must have brought you an error22:21
MoPactherealfakemoot: Just to confirm, you can't install either of the steam dependencies without apt telling you it's going to remove nvidia-331 - is that correct?22:22
therealfakemootMoPac: No, actually. Those dependencies are already installed.22:22
MoPactherealfakemoot: hmm. So steam is telling you that it depends on a certain package, and -- letter for letter -- that package is already installed?22:23
wamicho_daftykins, ok did not know .. but apparently after following that it works now ..22:23
therealfakemootMoPac: https://gist.github.com/therealfakemoot/51790dcb3ee1fd084323 see steam.txt22:23
daftykinswamicho_: i'm very confused, as every time i said to run "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime"22:23
daftykinsanyway i've clocked out, shift's over ;)22:24
emsy2015k1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10507260/22:24
k1l_emsy2015: sudo chroot /path/you/mounted/your/ubuntuinstall22:24
MoPactherealfakemoot: Ever used Synaptic to look at dependencies? I sometimes find it easier to navigate. for fine details Could you check on steam in there and see if it tells you exactly what versions of those mesa packages it's depending on?22:24
k1l_emsy2015: what command did you run to chroot?22:24
MoPactherealfakemoot: Then also see in Synaptic what precise versions you successfully installed22:25
therealfakemootMoPac: Meh. Worth a shot.22:25
emsy2015k1l: ubuntu@ubuntu:/media/ubuntu/e1784e0c-eacf-49ed-8873-c0ae2f1a638d$ sudo chroot /media/ubuntu/e1784e0c-eacf-49ed-8873-c0ae2f1a638d/22:25
k1l_emsy2015: and did that make a message (error) afterwards?22:25
MoPactherealfakemoot: At some point I feel like I'm going to say "XOrg-Edgers" (and your machine will probably explode at the mention)22:25
emsy2015k1l_ nope22:25
k1l_emsy2015: ok22:25
k1l_emsy2015: please do a "apt-cache policy linux-generic"22:26
therealfakemootMoPac: I have that in sources.list.d22:26
emsy2015k1l: while chroot?22:26
wamicho_daftykins, i was forgetting the nvidia-common22:26
k1l_emsy2015: yes, dont leave that chroot now until we have all insatlled we want to22:26
daftykinsnah you already had that the first time.22:26
MoPactherealfakemoot: ahhh, well, there's an interesting thing. Try removing Xorg-edgers22:27
emsy2015k1l_: did that, installed (none)22:27
MoPactherealfakemoot: then update and upgrade (which may well be downgrade).  If you're getting Xorg-edgers packages, they might actually be too *new* for Steam22:27
k1l_emsy2015: please pastebin22:27
cetexduh.. post-stop was the solution. :)22:27
k1l_emsy2015: details matter to see if everything is going well22:28
emsy2015k1l: sure, no problem. http://paste.ubuntu.com/10507305/22:28
therealfakemootMoPac: No dice. Same dependency conflict, and Synaptic came to the same conclusion that aptitude did: it'll have to remove a buttload of stuff like compiz, pidgin, and so on to satisfy the steam dependencies22:28
MoPactherealfakemoot: That's why I was suggesting looking at synaptic -- it might be that steam requires a version that's not just no earlier than X but also no later than Y22:28
wamicho_daftykins, did work then don't know either you saw the pastebins ... Anyway thanks a lot ..!!22:29
MoPactherealfakemoot: So you removed (and remove --purge)'d all the edgers Xorg things and then tried steam? (I was going to say that seemed really quick, but I guess if you're running nvidia drivers, you might not actually have had much Xorg stuff going)22:30
wamicho_i mean didn't work22:30
therealfakemootMoPac: Well, I update && upgrade'd22:30
therealfakemootMoPac: And nothing changed.22:30
k1l_emsy2015: so is your installed ubuntu a 14.04?22:30
MoPacIn synaptic, if you find one of the mesa packages that steam depends on, can you set the preferred source for it?22:31
emsy2015k1l_: ahaha, omg.. the version on cd is 14.04 but on hdd it' s 14.1022:31
k1l_emsy2015: are you sure about that?22:31
emsy2015k1l: absolutely!22:32
jjavaholicis it possible to get google chrcome browser to use the systemwide flash and not the pepperflash? would it just be as easy as removing pepperflash?22:32
therealfakemootMoPac: http://i.imgur.com/8lZ6Dlo.jpg22:32
k1l_emsy2015: because that is a trusty system you are actually in. so eihter you have a 14.04 installed or the chroot is wrong again22:32
therealfakemootMoPac: and the "Force Version" options include *one* version of the package.22:33
emsy2015k1l_:the ubuntu I installed on cd was 14.0422:33
k1l_emsy2015: please pastebin a "mount"22:35
MoPactherealfakemoot: yep, looks like you do have the plain version of them... looked like a good lead22:35
night_girlso now i have a 16Gb pendirve with some data that can be overwritten and i have the iso of ubuntu22:35
MoPactherealfakemoot: So was there any minimum version info for steam in synaptic?22:36
therealfakemootMoPac: Maybe now's a good time to finally ditch Ubuntu22:36
k1l_night_girl: ok, so please put the usb in and then show the last 20 lines of "dmesg" in a pastebin please22:36
k1l_!paste | night_girl22:36
ubottunight_girl: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:36
therealfakemootMoPac: Yes. libc6 and libstdc++6 are the only minimum versions specified.22:36
k1l_emsy2015: "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" please too22:37
MoPactherealfakemoot: One thing -- is steam now offered in 64 as well as 32?22:37
therealfakemootMoPac: Probably not.22:37
therealfakemootMoPac: I honestly don't know. I've enver seen the option22:37
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MoPactherealfakemoot: some of this may boil down to differences in 32 vs 64-bit files -- your OS is 64, right?22:38
k1l_emsy2015: so its not a 14.10 at all that you got installed there22:38
MoPactherealfakemoot: what happens when you try to install steam-launcher ?22:39
therealfakemootMoPac: no such package22:39
emsy2015k1l: it looks like 13.0422:39
k1l_emsy2015: so "apt-get install linux-generic"22:39
night_girlthere you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10507497/22:39
k1l_emsy2015: does that produce an error again?22:39
emsy2015the same error, k1l22:40
emsy2015k1l,E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.22:40
k1l_night_girl: is it still in?22:40
k1l_emsy2015: apt-get update22:40
night_girlit is in yes22:40
k1l_emsy2015: after that: "dpkg --configure -a"22:40
emsy2015k1l, after update the same error22:41
emsy2015should I still go with dpkg...22:41
k1l_night_girl: ok, you seem to have connected and disconnected several things there so i want to be sure not to erase the wrong one. so please show a "sudo fdisk -l" small L at the end in a pastebin please22:41
MoPacDo you have this repo in your sources? - http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/ ( therealfakemoot: )22:41
k1l_emsy2015: yes22:41
emsy2015k1l_: done succesfuly22:42
k1l_emsy2015: after that "apt-get update"22:42
emsy2015k1l_ done22:43
k1l_emsy2015: then "apt-get install linux-generic"22:43
night_girlhere you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10507543/22:43
night_girlso here you can see how i have my disk in general22:43
night_girli just wanna override my current ubuntu as discussed22:44
emsy2015k1l: E: Can not write log (Is /dev/pts mounted?) - openpty (2: No such file or directory)22:44
MoPactherealfakemoot: So even though "Precise" is the only distribution listed in that repp, it does offer 32 and 64-bit versions from there, and I'm pretty sure that's what I run22:44
emsy2015k1l: but still unpacking something...22:44
k1l_emsy2015: show all the output with commands in a pastebin when its done22:45
brownfauxso is there an ubuntu distro that doesn't have a desktop env or one prebuilt with i3?22:45
Tenebrisserver version?22:45
brownfauxah yes22:45
therealfakemootMoPac: probably not22:46
emsy2015k1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10507558/22:46
k1l_night_girl: now we use the terminal tool DD to install the iso onto the usb: "sudo dd bs=1M if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdc"22:46
jhutchinsnight_girl: Easy way is sudo dd if=<isofile> of=/dev/sdc22:46
k1l_night_girl: if you are in the same folder as the ubuntu.........iso then just write "if=ubuntu.....iso" for that if=/path/to/iso thing22:47
k1l_emsy2015: should be done22:48
therealfakemootMoPac: and adding that source didn't change anything. same dependency problem22:48
k1l_emsy2015: not try to run a "update-grub"22:49
emsy2015k1l: is it time to unmount everything and reboot?22:49
winterchillzNeed a bit of help - trying to remap a key, but xev says "xev: warning: could not set default locale xev:  unable to open display ''; Any idea how to fix this?22:49
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emsy2015kl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10507615/22:50
nashhi guys I have a freeze after login problem. If I switch to tty1 I see many I/O errors on a block. This is my smartmontools log: Here is my smartmontools log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10506563/22:50
MoPactherealfakemoot: Well, at this point I guess I would say that a forum post here might be a decent bet. The thread is quite active, including someone wanting to look at logs just a few days ago https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/280022:50
k1l_emsy2015: now "exit" to exit chroot. reboot. and test22:51
night_girlsudo dd bs=1M if=ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc 996+0 records in 996+0 records out 1044381696 bytes (1.0 GB) copied, 162.409 s, 6.4 MB/s22:52
k1l_night_girl: now type "sync" and wait until its done22:52
k1l_now you can reboot and boot from that usb and get the live ubuntu going to install the ubuntu from there22:53
night_girldoes the pendrive needs to be penetrated in the ubs while rebooting?22:54
winterchillzNeed a bit of help - trying to remap a key, but xev says "xev: warning: could not set default locale xev:  unable to open display ''; Any idea how to fix this?22:54
night_girlwhat is the option so that it boots from the usb drive when restarting?22:54
k1l_night_girl: just let the usb stick put in and see if that works.22:54
night_girlall right...see you in half an hour when i have completely installed this thing22:55
night_girlhalf an hour is a good estimate?22:55
k1l_night_girl: you could join irc from the live ubuntu if you need assistance.22:56
night_girlthx see u ill report back and ill carry riding forward now with the installation22:56
therealfakemootMobGod: Yeah, seems like the only tack left to take22:59
nashhi guys I have a freeze after login problem. If I switch to tty1 I see many I/O errors on a block. This is my smartmontools log: Here is my smartmontools log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10506563/23:03
bekksnash: The disk is about to fail, you should replace it.23:05
bekksAnd you should have a backup handy.23:05
nashbekks, ahh are the logs so terrible?23:06
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bekksnash: Yes. :)23:13
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roezer#join newbies23:19
roezerhey all23:20
muscleshey hey23:21
umbra_purushey. Is there a version of Ubuntu for Intel? 'cause the iso i've download is for amd64 and i'm using on a laptop with an i7 Processor23:36
ikoniaamd64 is for intel23:36
ikoniait's just the 64bit version23:36
umbra_purusoh i thought it was for amd arquitecture23:38
ikoniasafe for intel23:39
k1l_the patent for 64bit is from amd but intel uses the same technologie.23:39
Bashing-omumbra_purus: I think I read where AMD holds the patent .23:39
compdocamd64 is awesome23:40
umbra_purusoh so I should have no problem coding in linux with intel processors right?23:41
musclesnope - no problems23:41
umbra_purusokay thanks23:41
WilliamDotSI<Bashing-om> umbra_purus: I think I read where AMD holds the patent .23:41
WilliamDotSIsort of23:41
WilliamDotSIit was a deal between AMD and Intel to exchange some technology23:42
WilliamDotSIto avoid Intel being sued for many counts of illegal things they did23:42
wldcordeiroI'm needing to increase the swap space on a vm I'm running (Ubuntu 14.04) how could I go about that?23:45
daftykinsadd a second virtual disk and make that the swap23:46
wldcordeirodaftykins: that's probably easier in vbox rather than vagrant23:46
daftykinshow do i know what you're running?23:47
wldcordeiroIs there a command that tells Ubuntu that the other virtual disk is the swap? Otherwise it would just be an additional drive.23:48
daftykinsyou partition it, make it swap, turn swap on...23:48
ikoniawldcordeiro: you have to make a swap partition on the disk23:48
musclesyou would specify it in /etc/fstab23:48
ikoniayou don't have to set it in /etc/fstab23:48
wldcordeiroikonia: very vague, what would be the command to partition?23:50
ikoniawldcordeiro: any partition tool you like, marke the partition as swap, mkswap, then swapon23:50
Nimbus_Hello All, I have a thermaltake blac x but Ubuntu will not recognize it23:52
Nimbus_any suggestions?23:52
daftykinsa what?23:53
Nimbus_Hdd Dock23:53
daftykinsSATA to USB?23:53
Nimbus_Thermaltake Blac X is the brand/Model23:53
daftykinsunplug it23:53
BergcubeI just installed Hexchat. I can connect to Freenode without problems, but not Undernet. Trying to connect to any undernet server I get an error saying "no ident response". I've left everything default except my nick, username, real name, etc.23:53
bekksAnd did you put a HDD into it? :)23:53
daftykinsopen a terminal, run "dmesg | tail" then plug it back in and run it again23:53
Nimbus_yes bekks23:54
daftykinsBergcube: that's not a bad error, that's just common and informational.23:54
daftykinsgive it more time to connect perhaps23:54
Bergcubedaftykins, Ok, good.  It's been cycling through the list for more than 30 minutes....23:55
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daftykins'the list' ?23:55
Bergcubedaftykins, The list of available Undernet servers.23:55
mntmsehi guys, just wondering if anyone can help me with a partioning issue i'm having?  https://askubuntu.com/questions/592030/please-help-me-rescue-my-installation-on-macbook-pro23:55
Nimbus_it's been awhile now23:55
daftykinscan you share a pastebin of some actual connection logs? guessing isn't so effective23:56
daftykins!ask | mntmse23:56
ubottumntmse: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:56
mntmsethanks ubottu23:56
Bergcubedaftykins, Sure.  Hang on.23:56
daftykinsmntmse: no, i typed that to make the bot tell you that message. now you can ask your question :)23:56
mntmseahh lol23:56
Bergcubedaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10508227/23:57
mntmseI have a Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) 2.3 Intel Core i7 with 8GB of RAM. I'm aiming to dual boot Ubuntu with OS X and I'm nearly there. The version of Ubuntu is 13.04 as it's compatible with my computer.  I installed Ubuntu and I'm not getting the "missing operating system" error when I try to boot into it.  I'm using rEFInd as my boot manager. Here is my hard drive layout:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10508238/23:58
Bergcubedaftykins, It's like that.  On and on.23:58
daftykinsBergcube: my bet would be wrong domains or port numbers, check their website and try manually creating a server with correct config23:58
mntmseA few things I"m unsure of. I don't know why disk0s4 is called Microsoft Basic Data...... and i'm sure that swap partion is messed up too23:58
daftykinsmntmse: no you can't use 13.04, it's EOL23:58
daftykins!13.04 | mntmse23:58
ubottumntmse: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring23:58
daftykinsdead with many security flaws, now23:59
mntmsedaftykins:  i used that because of my computer version23:59
mntmseubuntu recommended it23:59
mntmseso i should use the more latest one?23:59
ikoniamntmse: 14.04 is supported just fine23:59
ikoniaas is 14.1023:59
mntmseok thanks23:59
ikonia13.04 is EOL so it is unmaintained23:59
mntmsehow do you think I should fix the partition issues?23:59
Bergcubedaftykins, Thanks a lot!  Will do.  I'll ask again if it doesn't help.23:59
ikoniainstall a current version23:59
daftykinsmntmse: perhaps you're referring to the mactel wiki page, which is not saying 'install and old version' at all :)23:59
ikoniaand I don't see what the "partition problem" is23:59

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