elias_aHas someone been able to grab video using firewire on 14.04?07:08
elias_aThe new stack seems to generate a lot of trouble to me.07:09
elias_aThe problem: the drivers of the FW adapter are loaded properly and I can list the device.07:22
elias_aWhen I connect the camera, Canon HV30, dvgrab still claims that no camera can be found.07:24
elias_aSyslog gets a line per second about device being refound.07:25
elias_aDevice = firewire device.07:25
elias_aI have tested 2 different PCMCIA adapters which both have worked before.07:26
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ubstu1hi is anyone here I need help setting up wineasio also jack server is not working for me13:31
ubstu1can someone please help me setup jack and wine asio i've reinstalled 3 times trying to get this to work13:36
Bernhard_LHello, installed dssi-vst adapter for windows vst plugins, from repo ... and ran into desaster ...18:45
Bernhard_LIt first deinstalled programs like rosegarden and others ..  without asking for anything.18:46
Bernhard_LAnd now after reinstallation rosegarden - fluidsynth-dssi plugin is missing.18:47
Bernhard_LHow to install, pls.18:47
Bernhard_LI did download it from http://netcologne.dl.sourceforge.net/project/dssi/fluidsynth-dssi/1.0.0/fluidsynth-dssi-1.0.0.tar.gz18:47
Bernhard_LWhat to do?18:48
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cianoticohi how I can remove or install program by terminal22:05
holsteincianotico: i use apt22:06
holsteinsudo apt-get install 'packagename' for example22:06
cianoticoand to remove it? I wont take off xine22:07
holsteinyou wont ?22:07
holsteincianotico: i suggest you install synaptic and use it as a GUI package manager22:08
holsteinotherwise, "sudo apt-get autoremove xine" for example.. though, i would look and see what else is to be removed22:08
holsteinyou reallly, on linux, only typically gain back a small amount of hard drive space removing an application like that22:08
cianoticois just becouse i'm not join that program22:10
cianoticoso, tanks for the moment...see you22:13
holsteincianotico: all im saying is, *all* you gain is the hard drive space, from purging applications.. its not like windows, where, the system can be "bogged down" by installed appliations22:17
holsteinif its not a service running, its not taking up anything but hard drive space, and very little22:17
cianoticook but I don't need 3 media player anywhere , and more is not working whit dvd's22:21
holsteinsure.. remove and add what you like. just be aware that, you can remove something that wants to pull out something else, and you can break things, easily.. and you are *only* gaining a small amount of hard drive space.. nothing else22:22
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:22
holsteinyou'll add dvd support to the system, by choosing to install software that cannot, for legal reasons, be included with ubuntu..22:23
cianoticoterminal is just telling me that package "xine" is not installed...22:28

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