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dkesselslickymaster: fyi, there are new validation errors in the Spanish translation: https://launchpad.net/~dkessel/+archive/ubuntu/xubuntu-docs-daily/+build/7023758/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.xubuntu-docs_15.04-201503010545~201503020117~ubuntu15.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz06:10
elfypleia2: it's the same person 07:14
elfychances of something in #xubuntu topic re 4.12 are? low? high? slim? or even pointless? 08:24
ochosielfy: wow, we really need a fix for exo out :)10:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1427144 in exo (Ubuntu) "firefox open blank pages when called from exo-open" [Undecided,New]10:28
ochosinew bugs are reported every day it seems10:29
* bluesabre waits very patiently for the package to get released11:26
bluesabremight as well start updating the ppa >.>11:26
ochosi-release has been quiet all day11:27
ochosibluesabre: you mentioned you ported gtk_widget_reparent in some other apps already, got a pointer for me there?12:00
bluesabreochosi: one sec12:00
bluesabreochosi: parole/src/common/parole-common.c:38:parole_widget_reparent (GtkWidget *widget, GtkWidget *new_parent)12:02
ochosik thanks12:06
ochosimaybe we should put that into libxfce4ui...12:06
bluesabreprobably a good idea12:08
bluesabrelibxfce4util got released12:08
bluesabretrying to get everything else in now12:08
bluesabrexfconf rebuild pushed, then libxfce4ui, then everything else12:09
bluesabrewon't have time for all that this morning so.... (elfy: try to not update until this evening)12:09
flexiondotorgWe have a package conflict between xubuntu-default-settings and ubuntu-mate-default-settings.12:09
flexiondotorgI'm prepairing a update to ubuntu-mate-default-settings now.12:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1426862 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "package xubuntu-default-settings (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/etc/skel/.config/Trolltech.conf', which is also in package ubuntu-mate-default-settings 0.4.2ubuntu1" [Undecided,New]12:10
bluesabreyes, a file that is installed in /usr to set qt themees12:10
bluesabreer, not /usr, but in /home12:10
bluesabrenot much we can do there, except either both not ship it, or make our packages Conflict with each other12:10
bluesabreit might actually make sense, however, to make all the -default-settings packages conflict with each other12:11
flexiondotorgbluesabre, I've added a Conflict for now.12:11
flexiondotorgPerhaps for 15.10 we can create a shared package?12:11
flexiondotorgOur requirements are not so different.12:11
knomeshared what package?12:12
flexiondotorgA shared package that put TrollTech.conf in /etc/skel/12:12
bluesabrethe only thing that differs for us should be the font12:12
bluesabrefont="Droid Sans,10,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0"12:12
knomeisn't that a bit overkill?12:12
knomea package for a config file..12:13
bluesabreI think the -default-settings packages should all conflict12:13
bluesabrexubuntu-default-settings != mate-default-settings12:13
flexiondotorgbluesabre, Yes, just the font. But shall we discuss this for 15.10 and just mutually conflict for now?12:13
bluesabrewe'll do that12:13
knomebluesabre, no, but what if one wants to use the mate and xfce desktops with ubuntu defaults?12:14
knomebluesabre, that's the only reason why you'd not want them to conflict12:14
bluesabrethen install ubuntu-default-settings12:14
knomebluesabre, i don't mean "ubuntu desktop defaults"12:14
knomebut ubuntu defaults12:14
bluesabrethen we should rename the packages if thats not their purpose12:14
knomeeg. what the defaults the ubuntu mate / xubuntu people built12:14
knomebluesabre, you misunderstood me12:15
brainvvashpeople won't be able to install xubuntu- and mate-desktop parallel, because the default settings packages conflict?12:15
knomebrainvvash, no, they will, but they can't install both settings packages12:16
knomeand due to that, they can't have BOTH the "full xubuntu experience"12:16
knomeand the "full ubuntu mate experience"12:16
knomewell, at least we consider the default settings an integral part of the xubuntu experience12:16
knomebluesabre, ^ do you understand now?12:16
bluesabreknome: if you install multiple desktop environments, the full xubuntu experience is usually broken12:17
bluesabreI'm not sure what you're suggesting, might have to spell it out12:18
knomebluesabre, well i'm suggesting that this conflict will exaggerate that breaking up12:18
bluesabreknome: not much that can be done currently... if we want to have qt apps look normal and not have broken packages, that's the requirement (because of how and where qt stores its settings)12:20
knomebluesabre, well i'm not saying we should drop the config either :P12:21
knomeconflicting is probably the sanest choice after all12:21
knomebut it's a bit meh itself as well12:22
ochosii'm actually with bluesabre on this one12:23
ochosicreating a separate package seems overkill and as long as the various members of the ubuntu family use different defaults, that shared package would be very small12:23
knomeyep, that's not something i'd do12:26
bluesabresince the archive is slow, I've gone ahead and started uploading things for 14.10 into https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/xfce-4.1212:45
bluesabreit should be fully updated after everything builds12:45
bluesabreI'll finish up vivid tonight once xfconf lands12:46
ochosinice, thanks bluesabre 12:47
elfyochosi: holy duplicates batman :p12:53
elfybluesabre: thanks 12:53
elfyhi knome 12:58
knomehello elfy13:00
ochosifun, someone wants a snapshot of "xubuntu14.10's source"13:39
ochosifor some foss license checking13:39
ochosii don't suppose there's an easy way to get the complete source13:40
pleia2elfy: I guess I was confused when you agreed with < pleia2> elfy: yeah, so our criteria for winner should be "top non-team tester who hasn't won yet?"15:31
pleia2I don't think we're actually on the same page here :)15:31
knomepleia2, definitely not, you're in the US, he's in the UK16:22
knomehow could you be on "the 'same' page" 16:22
elfypleia2: there would have been TWO winners18:00
elfythere is ONE - who HAS won both :)18:00
pleia2elfy: yeah, I'm still confused :)18:03
pleia2my implication was that we take the next on the list18:04
elfyI have no idea what you mean by that :D18:04
pleia2so the list looks like18:05
elfynext time we look - even though this one might win, they'd not get stickers next one down will18:05
pleia2joe already won last time, so sally gets it this time18:05
elfyI really don't care anymore - I've lost the will to live18:06
pleia2sorry :( I'm just trying to understand18:07
elfyI know - not blaming you18:07
elfybut all of us - we all knew this was going on 18:07
* genii makes more coffee and tries to understand what's going on18:07
elfyfor months and months and months18:07
pleia2I can't change the past and I'm not perfect18:08
pleia2I didn't fully think out how this would work, and I'm sorry18:08
elfypleia2: if I was blaming you - I'd be talking to you privately 18:08
elfyI'm not - it's all of our fault :)18:08
pleia2so can we figure this out without quitting?18:08
elfynot now we can't - I've just got in from work 18:09
elfyabd dinner is at the door18:09
pleia2sure, just let me know when you're available18:09
pleia2knome: I have the address for our first winner :) so whenever you need me to print out things or whatever, lmk18:10
* pleia2 back2work18:11
slickymasteryeah dkessel, I know. Thanks18:25
slickymasterhadn't yet time to check what's going on 18:25
Unit193xubuntu-default-settings has a stuck SRU for trusty?18:26
knomewhen's the exo fix going to land to trusty/utopic?18:26
slickymasterUnit193, the issue with es.po was with index.xml, wasn't it?18:32
Unit193Validating es/index.xml ...18:37
Unit193migrating-upgrading.xml:337: element xref: validity error : Element xref does not carry attribute linkend18:37
Unit193migrating-upgrading.xml:337: element xref: validity error : No declaration for attribute linked of element xref18:37
Unit193guide-keeping-safe.xml:297: element menuchoice: validity error : Element menuchoice content does not follow the DTD, expecting (shortcut? , (guibutton | guiicon | guilabel | guimenu | guimenuitem | guisubmenu | interface)+), got 18:37
Unit193Document es/index.xml does not validate18:38
slickymasterok, thanks18:38
slickymasterI'm downloading the all file to check it... once again :P18:38
knomebasically it always says index.xml doesn't validate18:38
knomebecause the rest of the stuff is pulled in via it18:38
Unit193knome: IMO it'd be great to have exo 0.10.3 pulled in rather than just a single fix.18:39
knomemaybe, but really, we need the FIX NOW18:40
knomethe newer exo can wait18:40
slickymasterknome, Unit193, the issue with es.po is, and once again, extra spaces within the tags :P18:44
slickymastermsgstr "Para ver fácilmente el camino que tomó para llegar al directorio actual, puede cambiar las opciones de vista por defecto. En el menú Administrador de archivos, seleccione <menuchoice> <guimenuitem> Ver </ guimenuitem> <guimenuitem> Selector de ubicación </ guimenuitem> <guimenuitem> Estilo de barra de ruta </ guimenuitem> </ menuchoice>. Ahora usted puede hacer clic en cualquier icono de la barra de ruta para cambiar a18:44
slickymasterthis idiom is starting to drive me insane18:44
knomeslickymaster, you should really contact the people working on the translation18:45
knomei'm pretty sure it's the same people that keep producing the invalid markup18:45
slickymasterthe translator itself is new to me, at least his LP username18:46
knomeUnit193, i was thinking that18:46
slickymasteryeah Unit193, that's the main culprit18:46
slickymasterhe's the reviewer :P18:46
slickymasterwhich means he doesn't review %&#"!18:47
knomewho's the admins for the spanish ubuntu translators team?18:47
slickymasterno idea18:47
slickymasterI could check it out18:47
slickymasterbut not today, too damn tired and angry18:47
slickymasterwell, at least it's just one occurence... today :P18:48
slickymasterknome, just uploaded es.po, it's sitting in https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/vivid/+imports18:54
slickymastercare to validate it, please?18:54
Unit193knome: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/exo/+bug/142597219:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1425972 in exo (Ubuntu) "Firefox no longer supports -remote parameter" [Medium,Confirmed]19:02
Unit193Or, if Xfce has a MRE I can just do that.19:05
knomethere is one more bug, unless elfy removed that19:06
elfypleia2: about for a while19:07
elfyknome: not done any dupes since a while back19:07
knomeelfy, mhm19:07
knomeUnit193, so i know about the release, and i know it's fixed upstream, and i know the solution (i even posted a few days ago to one of the bugs), i'm just saying i want the fix landed.19:08
pleia2elfy: I think I'm just confused because you keep saying things that make me think we mean the same thing, but then I don't understand why we have one person getting stickers for 2 testing segments19:18
elfybecause the dailies are seperate from all the milestones19:19
elfythere'll be a new set for March and April19:20
elfyand however many milestones there are between now and release19:20
pleia2I see, so we're tracking winners for dailies separate from milestones?19:20
pleia2ok, that's where I didn't understand19:20
elfyok :)19:21
pleia2but for the next round, if the same guy wins everything again, we pick the next one down, yeah?19:21
elfyif we'd started this at the beginning we'd have 6 dailies and x milestones19:21
elfypleia2: no reason why not to look at it once we've done so for sure :)19:21
elfymaybe next time add milestones into whatever month19:22
elfyso we'd just have 6 19:22
knomeotoh, milestones being a different competition might get people to test them19:22
knomebecause you will need less tests to win that than for a month19:23
elfyyea 19:23
pleia2and since we'd either need to fold certificates or pay much more in shipping for big envelope, I'm just going to write a little thank you note with the stickers and they can request a certificate to print themselves if they want19:27
pleia2I only have a black and white printer, and it's not like they're going to hang it on their wall anyway :P19:27
elfyshould request funds from the fund for a book for the cycle winner now 19:30
elfyso knome it's 19:19:35
elfy35 now :)19:35
pleia2good idea19:35
elfypleia2: I would, but I've just done it for me 19:37
elfyshould get a nexus 7 in the post tomorrow 19:39
Unit193andrzejr: I presume you didn't see my comment about xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin and -lm?20:21
andrzejrUnit193, nope. Sorry I was very busy last couple of weeks. What about "-lm"?20:22
NoskcajAfter 6 months of waiting for a responce, i have failed MOTU again20:26
Unit193andrzejr: Sure, sure.  Noticed when trying it out, -lm (math lib, for panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c) doesn't get added when using --as-needed.  Is it missing from the configure.ac/in script or Makefile somewhere perhaps?20:27
andrzejryes, it is not there. How to reproduce the issue?20:28
elfyNoskcaj: :(20:34
elfyI assume they said why 20:34
NoskcajI don't follow up on uploads enough (which is not an issue i beleive i have had for months)20:35
NoskcajAnd that includes my xubuntu packageset application, where i don't think i've had a bad upload20:35
Unit193andrzejr: Just export LDFLAGS='-Wl,--as-needed -Wl,-z,defs' before you build.20:42
andrzejrcompilation passes just fine.20:44
andrzejrI have a fix but I don't know how to test it20:44
Unit193/home/unit193/xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin-0.1.0/panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:338: undefined reference to `lround'20:44
Unit193/home/unit193/xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin-0.1.0/panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:340: undefined reference to `lround'20:44
andrzejrcan you check the fix if I push it to git?20:45
Unit193Of course.20:46
Unit193(I'm compiling from the release, but can change that.)20:46
Unit193Or, just pass me a patch.  Either way works.20:47
Unit193plugin/pulseaudio-dialog_ui.h seemed to be missing, but yep that commit fixed it, thanks, andrzejr.20:55
andrzejrthe version from git needs --enable-maintainer-mode to generate some files20:56
knomeelfy, slickymaster: i'll be here in 5-10 mins after i've booted my desktop and prepared a bit21:02
elfyok 21:03
slickymaster ok21:04
knomehere i am21:11
knomeslickymaster, take the lead21:11
elfyknome: is it bzr branch lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu ?21:15
knomeelfy, if you want to look what we currently have (in 14.10)21:15
knomeelfy, then yes21:15
knomeelfy, if you want to see the PoC stuff, it's in lp:~knome/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/1504-changes21:16
elfythat's be more sensible :p21:16
slickymasterjust a second guys21:16
knomeelfy, that's also where i'll be doing changes today if i need to work on issues not related to content21:16
knomeslickymaster, 1 second gone21:16
slickymasterhad to reboot21:16
slickymasteranother one then21:17
knomeslickymaster, 2 seconds gone21:17
elfyknome: also - draft - incoming stupid link21:17
slickymasterelfy, also http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-1504-slideshow21:17
knomeelfy, i'd probably make it column based21:17
knomeelfy, but let's get back to that a tad later21:18
elfyknome: yea looked at that ... 21:18
slickymasterlet's start by the begining21:19
slickymasterdo we agree on the new propsed slide order?21:19
slickymaster* proposed21:19
knomei'm good with it21:19
elfyso am I21:19
knomehe's the one who proposed it :P21:19
slickymasterok, that's it then21:19
knomeuntil he has mental issues, i'd guess he'd agree with it21:20
* slickymaster had to ask anyway21:20
slickymasterso, welcome slide21:20
slickymasterknome, artwork wise, any changes planned to land?21:21
knomewell you said you're fine with the artwork we have now, so no21:21
elfyknome: so your's currently is empty(ish)21:21
slickymasterok, but the pink will be dropped, right?21:21
knomeelfy, yeah21:22
knomeslickymaster, yes, i'll redo the overall looks21:22
knomeslickymaster, but i was referring to the welcome slide artwork since i thought you were asking about that21:22
elfyI did try and persuade ochosi and knome that cyan would be the choice for Vervet 21:22
knomeelfy, who knows if i have a cyanish wallpaper in progress!21:22
slickymasterIMO, I don't see yeah, that was just a small detour21:22
slickymasterwithout the IMO21:23
slickymasterIMO, I don't see much options to chnage the text of the slide21:24
slickymasterit's a good welcoming and rephrasing it just for the sake of it doesn't make much sense21:25
elfywhich slide?21:26
slickymasterthe welcome 21:26
slickymasterfirst one21:26
elfyk - yep - agree21:26
slickymasterknome, yes/no/maybe?21:26
knomei'm agreeing to everything unless i explicitly state i am disagreeing21:26
slickymasteroki doke21:26
slickymastermoving on then21:27
elfyslickymaster: I'll do the same as knome 21:27
slickymasterok, Ready to go21:27
knomeso what's the purpose of this slide21:27
knomethe current slide has the app list21:27
slickymasterthis one will have the preinstalled apps21:27
knomebut in the new proposed slideshow we have a slide for whisker21:28
elfyyou are going to have to explicitly state which slide you're talking about 21:28
slickymasterbut none to actually mentioned the preinstalled apps21:28
knome23:27  slickymaster: ok, Ready to go21:29
knomeelfy, so a slide with that name currently has the list of preinstalled apps21:29
slickymasterthe second on the 'new order'21:29
knomeelfy, but the new proposed one has that slideshow and a "whisker menu" slideshow listed21:29
elfyright - just needed to know which order we're looking at them in :)21:29
knomedo they serve the same purpose21:29
slickymasteryeah, until now we had the xubuntu desktop covering this21:30
knomefwiw, i reordered the things under "New slideshow draft" to the new order21:30
knomeso you can fill in content you think the slides need there21:30
elfyknome: I don't think they do serve the same purpose21:30
knomei was just asking :)21:30
knomebecause i'm not sure what the whisker menu slide is doing21:30
knomedo we still want to keep on highlighting it?21:30
knomei vaguely remember slickymaster saying we could drop that slide21:31
slickymasterthe whisker was first born because of the seachable feature21:31
elfywell - it's not new 21:31
knomeslickymaster, no, there's a slide about whisker now21:31
slickymasterI mean the new one21:31
knomeslickymaster, the search thing was about revamping that slide21:31
slickymasteryes knome ^^21:31
knomebut if we don't do the search, do we need the whisker slide?21:31
slickymasterin that case no21:31
slickymasterbesides whisker is devil21:32
knomeand i'm sorry that i bring this up now, but i think it's good to know if we have that slide in order to know what we want on this other app slide21:32
knomethe ready to go slide21:32
knomehow do we want to list the apps there?21:32
slickymasterare we dropping the hoovering through the apps interaction?21:33
slickymasterknome that was one of the possibilities we discussed21:33
knomei am thinking "probably"21:34
knomeif we think the slide is too cluttered21:34
knomewe can show it in two parts21:34
knomeso it is almost like two slides21:34
knomebut which progress at double speed21:34
slickymasternot seeing it 21:35
knomethough i'm not specifically excited about that either21:35
slickymasterthat was ending up to be the only interaction the slideshow would had21:35
* knome shrugs21:35
slickymasterwhich means that we'll continue with a static installer21:36
knomemaybe i changed my mind about fussing too much with the slideshow21:36
knomewell, not necessarily21:36
elfywhy a need for interaction ? 21:36
knomewe can add dynamic things into it21:36
knomewithout the user having to interact with it21:36
knomeelfy, to make it a bit exciting so users would actually follow/read it21:36
slickymasterknome, like ...?21:36
knomeslickymaster, well, i don't know21:36
slickymasteryeah, the all idea was to make it catchier21:36
knomeslickymaster, like the app paths on hover21:37
elfyknome: ok - but if we're going to add a slide pointing people at a poll - don't we want some time spent there? 21:37
knomeslickymaster, small things like that which improve the slideshow, but do not take anything away from it if the user doesn't feel like playing with it21:37
elfythat's if we do ofc21:37
* slickymaster agrees21:37
knomeelfy, yes, and that's a good question21:37
knomeelfy, sounds to me like the poll should be at the last slide if possible21:37
elfyyes 21:38
slickymasterthing is elfy, if we place the pool too soon, users will stop paying attention to the installer itself21:38
elfyslickymaster: yes I agree - that's not why I bring it up :)21:38
slickymasterok, so returning to the Ready to go slide21:39
slickymasterwe could use this one to display the preinstalled applications, and if possible use the app paths on hover21:39
elfyfrom my pov the likelihood of me ever hovering over anything like that would be slim tbh21:40
knomefwiw, i'd do the app paths on all slides hover :)21:40
knomeelfy, i'll make sure the style is visually encouraging you to do that21:41
knomebut as i said... it shouldn't be something that makes the slideshow lesser even if you don't hover21:41
slickymasterso knome, basically we only have to had code to the previous Ready to go slide21:41
slickymasterhad some21:42
elfyquestion 21:42
elfyis it possible to have slide view time different for specific slides?21:42
slickymasterI think so21:42
slickymasterI mean, it's set by a timer I think21:43
knomenot with the slideshow as it is now, but i can probably look at that21:43
knomeslickymaster, which is configurable per-slideshow, not per-slide21:43
slickymasterah, ok21:43
knomebut we can probably bump that slider to a bigger value at the beginning of a certain slide21:43
slickymasterwill you check that out knome?21:43
elfyok - just wondering - maybe if we do more with this one - have it visible for a bit longer21:44
elfyanyway - move along :)21:44
knomeslickymaster, if it's needed, i will21:44
knomeat some point21:44
knomenot right now21:44
slickymasterthird slide -> Personalize (login)21:44
slickymasterthis include setting up user information and additional accounts21:45
elfywhy is menu editing on that slide?21:45
slickymasterI see a problem from the start with this one21:45
slickymasterwhich is that bug mugshot is having21:45
knomethe new draft doesn't talk about menus or mugshot21:46
knomethe menulibre stuff would be on the next slide, mugshot removed21:46
knomemugshot isn't new either any more21:46
slickymasterbut it's what's used by default to set up user info21:47
slickymasterthat's its main job21:47
knomeoh that's right21:48
* knome isn't thinking straight, some headache here21:48
knomebut eh21:48
knomedon't know, wasn't bluesabre looking at that bug21:48
elfyslickymaster: surely when working the slides out - it shouldn't depend on a bug? 21:48
slickymasterother then the data a user provide during the installation, what are one supposed to use to add that info to the system21:48
elfyI think that slide needs to be there 21:49
slickymasterno elfy, my point is: we're talking about setting up personnal info, but what do we provide users to that end?21:49
slickymasterI think the same also21:50
knomemaybe we should try to go over what is needed faster21:50
knomethen focus on what the exact content should be21:50
slickymasterin that context knome, that slide is already defined in our draft, and I do agree with what's theer21:51
slickymaster* there21:51
slickymasterso, can we move forward?21:52
slickymasterCustomization options21:53
knomei think the laid out outline is good; cover wallpapers, gtk theme config and menulibre21:53
slickymasterI would hate to loose the changing wallpapers idea on this one21:53
knomethat's more likely something for 16.0421:53
knomewell it doesn't make too much sense to show wallpapers from a contest one year ago...21:54
elfymenulibre moving to this one? 21:54
knomei would say so21:55
elfybit busy? 21:55
elfyor just gtk theme and menulibre ?21:55
knomecan't say before the content is laid out21:55
slickymasterwe already made the gtk theme slide21:56
knomewhere? what?21:56
slickymaster14.04 and 14.1021:56
knomebut then we also mentioned menulibre too...21:56
slickymasternevermind that 21:56
knomesilly david21:56
slickymasterbad day David21:57
knomebesides, menulibre is already mentioned on the list you wrote it21:57
slickymasteryes, I did it21:57
slickymastertwice :P21:57
slickymasterI would prefer if we just address one of them21:57
knomeso at this point i'd like to propose to switch the places of 5/621:58
slickymasterfine, and logical, by me21:58
knomebecause it's a bit weird that we are talking about menulibre and/or gtk theme config before the desktop and panel21:58
slickymasterbefore that knome, let's just agree on GTK and menu libre or just one of them, and being the later, which one21:59
knomei vote for both21:59
slickymasterfor the Customization options slide21:59
slickymasterelfy ?21:59
knomeor if you want only one, then menulibre21:59
slickymasterit's not a matter of wanting, per si, knome 22:00
knomewe have the panel layout switcher app landing potentially for 15.10 to22:00
elfyI'd need to see it with 2 22:00
slickymasterI'm afraid it will end up to cluttered22:00
knomewe can add them both but not a screenshot of both, but that's ok22:00
elfyconcerned that they're not particularly simple to look at 22:00
elfyknome: aah right - that makes a difference :)22:01
knomethat was what i was thinking all the way...22:01
elfyif that's the case I'd be happy with both22:01
knomebecause nobody is forcing us to show a screenshot of everything we mention :P22:01
elfyor if the switcher app lands - screenshot that - that being the new boy on the blovk22:02
knomenot for 15.04 :)22:02
knomebut for 15.10 slideshow considerations22:02
slickymasteryeah, we could go with an image of menu libre and a text mention of GTK22:02
elfywell - bank that for 15.10 :p22:02
slickymasterfor 15.04 what I said22:03
knomeslickymaster, yes22:03
elfyif we do an image of menulibre - maybe an image of changing/adding something 22:03
knomeelfy, wfm22:03
slickymasterand a cursing user behind the keyboard22:04
elfyI'll do it then - always worked for me :p22:04
slickymasterok, getting back to slide 422:04
slickymasterThe Xubuntu desktop22:05
knomei'm pretty good with what we have now22:05
knomejust get a new screenshot and we're good to go22:05
slickymastersame here22:05
elfyI'm completely confused as to which list your using - the names of which slide your talking about 22:06
knome4/ The Xubuntu desktop22:06
knomebasically the one that shows the panel22:06
slickymasterlol knome, changed the order22:06
elfywhen we change this stuff - can we make the file name in the branch equal what the slide actually is 22:06
knomeelfy, yes, i'll do that :P22:06
elfyok - happy with the slide as it is - but how about 2 panels on there22:07
elfywe say you can customise - why not show a customised one 22:07
slickymastera bottom one elfy? 22:07
slickymasterassuming the one he have is a default top panel22:07
elfyor a side one, or a deskbar22:08
knomeelfy, in that case i would consider the current hover effect to be confusing22:08
elfyif we did - possibly best to use one of those - not looking like the *old* layout22:08
elfyknome: mmm22:08
slickymasterwell, the old layout, is the default shipped layout elfy 22:09
elfyknome: then I'd nix that - I think the hover effect on that slide useful22:09
elfyslickymaster: by old I mean top and bottom default22:09
slickymasterI'm neutral on that, tbh22:10
elfyor 22:10
slickymastereither way wfm, but I agree with elfy, the hover effect would be usefull on this slide22:10
knomeso let's keep it22:11
elfyWord the slide differently22:11
knomethat works for me, but i'll leave the words for you22:11
knome^ see what i did there?22:11
slickymasterone single panel? one top one bottom?22:11
knomeslickymaster, use the panel setup on vivid.22:11
elfy"the default panel is at the top, but you can customise it" and just show a customised one - if we can still have the effect22:11
elfywhy show in a slide what someone can look at the desktop and see for themselves? 22:12
slickymasterbut that's only text elfy, not actually having an extra panel on the slide, right?22:12
elfyoh look - if I look above the slide I can see this 22:12
knomeelfy, because the point is to introduce the different portions of the panel22:12
elfyslickymaster: not just text - have a customised one 22:12
knomeelfy, unless you are installing directly from ubiquity22:13
elfyknome: yes - the portions of the panel would still be the same wouldn't they22:13
elfyknome: mmm - so they'd see it when they logged in :)22:13
elfyanyway - not too bothered22:13
knomeelfy, yeah, but then that hover-thing isn't nearly as useful22:13
elfymove along then :)22:14
slickymasterHelp & Support22:14
knomei'd say leave that for me for now22:15
slickymasterinitaly we thought of splitting this one22:15
knomei'll see if i want to do it on one or two slides22:15
elfyonly thing I'd say is -offtopic on there 22:15
slickymasterwhat changed your mind?22:15
knomei was originally thinking of splitting it to two parts22:16
knomeeg. left/right on one slide22:16
knomethat's still preferred...22:16
knome...if it fits22:16
knomeif it looks stuffed, then two slides22:17
elfyochosi: flashy cloak :)22:17
elfysidi just showing off ... :p22:17
sidimeh :p22:17
ochosioh heh, hadn't noticed :)22:17
elfysidi: cos I bully you apparently :D22:18
slickymasterok that just leave us the Thank you slide22:18
slickymasterwhcih will have the poll link22:18
elfyright 22:18
slickymasterwant ot take that action elfy?22:18
elfyI guess22:18
slickymasterand you guess correctly22:19
sidii'll pick xfce/under-bodyguard-protection/poor-sidi next time22:19
elfyand when does this need to be done? 22:19
elfysidi: :)22:19
elfyslickymaster: ^^22:20
slickymasterknome ^~22:20
knomewut :P22:20
elfyhow droll ... 22:20
slickymasterI was planning on makinf the third and last translations call by the end of the week22:20
slickymasterand it would be great if the installer could be already includede22:21
slickymaster- e22:21
knomewell UIF is march 12, so has to be ready until then22:21
knomeand uploaded too22:22
ochosibtw, since so many of you are here now, what about having the next meeting a few days before UIF?22:22
knomeyes please22:22
knomemonday/tuesday wouuld be nice22:22
* slickymaster will be running Lubuntu by then22:22
ochosiwhy's that?22:23
slickymasterit's whisker free22:23
elfyhe can't work whiskermenu :p22:23
* slickymaster is a potential Xubuntu desertor 22:23
elfyok - so we done with the slideshow for now? 22:23
slickymasterI think so22:23
elfyknome: I'll look at columns for poll later - not convinced though22:24
slickymastercan we check next friday how we are?22:24
knomeelfy, i could create another poll for a PoC22:24
knomeslickymaster, we can always check...22:24
slickymasterbah 22:24
elfyknome: if you've time, if not I'll look tomorrow22:25
knomelet's see :)22:25
elfyknome: just looking quickly I can't see a way to add a box someone could type in using Grid rows and columns22:28
flexiondotorgI've just been discussing this with ali1234 in #ubuntu-mate22:28
elfyyour slideshow? 22:28
flexiondotorgYou know the panel crashes we've both been seeing in Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu?22:28
slickymasterlol elfy 22:28
slickymasteryou'll dream with it tonight22:28
flexiondotorgI have it isolated to the new version of GTK2.22:28
flexiondotorg15.04 on i386 will crash the notification try applet, everytime you log in.22:29
flexiondotorg14.04 on i386 work fine. Until I install the new GTK2 release that I have built in a PPA.22:30
flexiondotorgThen I see the exact same crashes in 14.04 i386 that I see on 15.04 i386.22:30
flexiondotorgSo, we have a regression in GTK2.22:31
knomeelfy, you're probablyt right22:31
ochosiflexiondotorg: meh, that sucks a bit22:31
flexiondotorgochosi, My PPA is here - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/+archive/ubuntu/crazy-mate22:32
flexiondotorgFancy test Xubuntu 14.04 with GTK2 installed from that PPA to see if you get that same crashes you've seen in 15.04?22:32
ochosii haven't seen those in 15.04 cause i only have 64bit22:32
ochosisry, atm i'm still quite busy with post-xfce4.12 cleanup22:33
elfyknome: mmm I see a lot of "why you not have this option google?" threads ... 22:33
knomeheh :)22:34
ali1234!info libgtk+2.0 utopic22:34
ubottulibgtk2.0-bin (source: gtk+2.0): programs for the GTK+ graphical user interface library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.25-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 9 kB, installed size 578 kB22:34
elfywell - good night peeps22:35
ali1234!info libgtk+2.0 vivid22:35
brainvvashshouldn't it be easy to debug this? gtk2 is dead, so not much changes code-wise, right?22:35
ubottulibgtk2.0-bin (source: gtk+2.0): programs for the GTK+ graphical user interface library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.26-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 9 kB, installed size 580 kB22:35
ali1234brainvvash: literally like 20 commits upstream22:35
ali123412 actually22:36
ali1234stuff might have changed in debian/ubuntu though22:37
ali1234flexiondotorg: can you build/test 2.24.26 from upstream without ubuntu patches?22:38
flexiondotorgali1234, Possibly.22:38
flexiondotorgI hate to say it. But I fancy this commit.22:40
ali1234there's only about 6 upstream patches that could cause this22:40
flexiondotorgWhich we initiated.22:40
ali1234hmm... my money is on the cairo one22:41
flexiondotorgali1234, Yeah, that is 2nd favourite.22:41
flexiondotorgali1234, Can you test my GTK2 on Xubuntu 14.04?22:44
ali1234i run 64 bit22:45
ali1234i could test it in a vm i suppose22:45
flexiondotorgali1234, I can reproduce on 32bit VBox guest on 64bit host.22:49
dkesselhey guys. reading up on your work today, i got an idea for an application. looking forward to what you think - i am going to bed now :)22:53
dkessel^ here's the link: http://pad.ubuntu.com/LYkLjqzWw8 - knome ochosi elfy pleia2 slickymaster etc.22:54
dkesselgood night22:54
slickymasterdkessel, I'll take a look at it tomorrow23:02
slickymasterI'm battling whisker for now23:03
slickymasterbtw dkessel, I've already fixed es.po23:03

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