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AskUbuntuWhat's the relation between Juju project and Ubuntu/Canonical? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60272311:46
jamil_ahsantHI; Is juju-gui translatable and RTL-able? (https://translations.launchpad.net/juju-gui)12:07
jamil_ahsantopenTilt is an open source white-lable-crowdfunding software available on github. Can we use Juju to automate installation process of opentilt for customers?12:10
jamil_ahsantIs juju-quickstart available someway in archlinux, too?12:11
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webI'm trying to get the name of a unit on a relation-change, the name I gave it (eg. `juju deploy mongodb mongo-master`)  I thought `relation-get $JUJU_RELATION` would work but was wrong.  What should I use?16:48
webI need just `mongo-master` not `mongo-master/0` or will I need to regex the line?16:49
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hazmatrelation-get unit-name/0 is the syntax, default to remote-unit the hook is being executed for23:09

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