tnkhanhhelp! my kubuntu 15.04 cannot shut down after installation00:01
vinnyhave you tryed from the command line00:06
vinnyIE: sudo shutdown -h now00:07
vinnyif I'm remembering right my 15.04 install is doing this as well,,,,,, and I half to switch to a tty (ctrl+alt+F6) and run it from their00:11
vinnyas once you try to shutdown and it dose not you cant pull up a konsole00:12
vinnyremember 15.04 is not a relece yet ,,,,,,,and their will still be querks/brakeage untill it is00:14
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hilocuradohola muchachos!01:04
vinnyhola :)01:09
kairox87hello everyone can someone help about how to make partition in kubuntu 14.10 alongside windows 8 on installation please.01:22
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vinnyyou want to dual boot win8 and kubuntu01:46
kairox87yes i want to shrink the partition first in kubuntu but this is the probleme i didn't find a way to do it on installation01:56
vinnyyou can do it from the live medea ,,,,,, with kdepartition manager in kickoff>system ,,,,,,,,BUT I would use the win8 partition utilaty to do the shrinking01:58
kairox87yes i would do it from windows 8 but he tel me that there is an error in the parition so i say maybe i should do it from kbuntu01:59
vinnyshrink in windows ,,, run CHKDSK  then think of instaling ,,,,,,,,,+ you have UEFI to think of and the secure boot thing02:00
vinnyif you have an error in windows ,,,,do the CHKDSK thing first02:00
kairox87yes i have a dell laptop02:01
kairox87yes i already did the test but i think because i don't have a origine version of windows that's why he don't le me but i'm note sure02:01
vinnyyou half to scedule the disk check for a reboot ,,,,it cant check and repare the runing system02:03
kairox87can you explain how to do it more please02:03
vinnylets see ,,,,,havent been in windows in a wile ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hummmmm ,,, my computer>right click C:drive>properties>tools tab > check disk for errors check auto fix ,,,click ok/apply ,,,,it will have a popup to do it on a reboot ,,,click OK and reboot02:06
kairox87think's that's exactely what i did but i just  start to hate that win 8 when he reboot nothing happen he doesn't repair anything02:07
vinnyya you should see it hapening ,,,,,,,,,,terminal text and all02:08
kairox87think's for the help i think that's wher i'am right now i'am some kind of blocked.02:10
vinnyyou can allso try booting to safe moad ,,,,,,,F8 wile starting the box ,,,,,select comand prompt and do CHKDSK -h02:10
vinnyor -help02:10
vinnyto see what the repare switch is02:10
vinnyI think it may be /p or /f02:11
vinnyor \p or \f02:11
vinnycant remember02:11
kairox87think's i will try it right now i don't have other choice02:12
kairox87i will leave you think's you very much for the help god bye.02:13
vinnywelcom hope it helps02:13
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Finetundrawhere would I ask questions about lxqt on kubuntu?02:49
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MneuroWhat is the best way to cleanly replace Kubuntu with Ubuntu mate desktop?03:55
MneuroI am worried that if i remove kubuntu-desktop after i install mate-desktop that it will be messy03:56
ViperisthebestI'm trying to install the nvidia drivers with the .run file from the nvidia website but I get the error "The Distributions pre-install script has failed."05:01
ViperisthebestWhy does the pre-install script fail?05:03
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ViperisthebestAnyone here?05:09
qdatabeen a very long time since I did the .run thing with the nvidia05:10
qdatamy guess is either it is looking at your distro version and not recognizing it05:11
qdatasuch might be the case if you were trying this with the 15.04 beta, wild guess on my part05:12
qdatathe other common reasons are you don't have the build tools and/or the correct kernel headers. But these usually give a better descriptive error05:13
Viperisthebeston this one website it says to install build-essential, linux-source, and linux-headers-generic before installing the driver05:17
qdataand the headers need to match your running kernel05:17
Viperisthebestthey will if I install the linux headers i guess05:18
qdatawhy not just install the package?05:18
ViperisthebestWhat package qdata?05:19
qdatathe nvidia driver05:19
ViperisthebestI would be but that other stuff needs installed first05:19
qdataI use Muon Package Manager myself05:20
ViperisthebestI'm using Kubuntu 14.10 stable05:20
kkI have installed kubunutu x64 on windows 8 laptop, UEFI mode, but I selected either "/" partition, or bios_grub partiotion(don't remember). I am able to load from usb. How can I add ubuntu to UEFI boot menu05:20
qdatathe driver through the package manager is already built - you don't need the other stuff05:20
ViperisthebestYou mean the muon package manager lets you install the nvidia graphics driver?05:21
qdatathese are prebuilt, already compiled05:22
qdataI use 14.10 too05:22
qdatarunning nvidia-33105:22
ViperisthebestI use virtualbox, it has hardware and 3d acceleration now05:23
qdataso is your 14.10 install the host or is it a guest?05:23
Viperisthebesta guest05:23
Viperisthebestguest is the virtual machine right05:24
qdatathen you can't install the nvidia driver because it is not seeing the nvidia hardware, but rather the synthetic artificial vbox one05:24
ViperisthebestWhat is the artificial one called?05:25
qdataon some hardware and cpu combinations and later versions of virtualbox there is PCI passthrough. This would allow for you to "see" the nvidia hardware card directly05:25
qdataVirtualBox Graphics Adapter05:27
qdatais how it shows in a WinXP VM05:27
ViperisthebestHow do you activate the PCI passthrough05:28
qdatathe PCI passthrough thing would really be for using a second video card so it could be attached to a guest  while the host OS used the first one05:28
qdatayour cpu and motherboard hardwares have to support certain virtualization extensions for it to work. You would need to research this first.05:30
ViperisthebestWhy couldn't I install the graphics drivers on it? Does virtualization have to be enabled in my bios?05:30
qdataI tried it once with only one video card in the machine and it hard locked, trashed some of the file system in the process so I never tried it again05:31
qdatabecause the entire point of virtualization is to create a "logical" machine05:31
qdatayou should probably spend a little quality time with the virtualbox docs05:32
qdatawhat virtualbox "presents" to a guest machine is NOT the hardware on your motherboard05:33
ViperisthebestI could just install kubuntu on a different harddrive and boot it when I want to play linux games05:45
Viperisthebestif I did that I wouldn't get the error when using the .run file05:46
qdatatrue - but I know next to nothing about gaming05:47
qdatabut if a game is expecting the binary blob drivers for performance reasons running it in a VM guest isn't going to cut it05:48
qdataand the only reason for messing with the .run is if your game requires a newer version of driver which isn't packaged05:49
qdataotherwise just install the package05:49
Viperisthebestfrom muon right05:49
qdataor CLI even, apt-get05:50
qdatawhichever package manager you like best, Muon and the like are simply GUI front-ends for apt-get05:50
qdatado man apt-get and look at what it says05:51
ViperisthebestIf a game is ported to Linux with the Eon wrapper is it the same as running it native?05:54
qdatathat I do not know05:55
ViperisthebestI'm saving up to build a 4k res gaming pc, Do you think it is worth it?05:57
qdataprobably not quite yet05:58
ViperisthebestWhy do you think so?05:58
qdatajust read about google trying out some 4k streaming video stuff and the jist was it's not quite ready for prime time yet05:58
qdatabut my feeling is we are right around the corner for it real soon now05:59
Viperisthebestworth it to build one next year then?05:59
qdata4k res gaming is going to be expensive hardware05:59
qdatamy own feeling is to wait a year or two, let the really rich shake out the problems, then when companies negin to mass market maybe the teething pains might be somewhat ironed out06:01
qdataif you are rich and have lots of money I'd say splurge but most can't really afford it06:02
ViperisthebestIf I ever decide to build one I'm getting the Geforce GTX Titan X SLI06:02
qdatabetter use of money to wait until 4k becomes a commodity, prices will come down to the 'everyman' range and kinks will be ironed out before spending06:03
qdatayeah - stuff 4 of those bad boys in a box and it'll heat the room in winter  :-)06:03
qdataI'm just saying I can't pretend to have that kind of money, I just have to make do with what I can afford but since I'm not a gamer that's relatively easy06:04
Viperisthebest4 would be overkill but of course I would get plenty of cooling before doing it06:05
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lordievaderGood morning.08:58
lordievaderHey MoonUnit`08:59
MoonUnit`my wallet is crying this morning, ordered the samsung galaxy s6 edge (64GB green).09:04
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yossarianukmade a bug report about the ubuntu-bug bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/143780309:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1437803 in apport (Ubuntu) "kubuntu 15.04 ubuntu-bug broken - File "/usr/share/apport/apport-kde", line 43 from PyQt5 uic ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax" [Undecided,New]09:52
lordievader!cookies | yossarianuk09:53
ubottuyossarianuk: Cookies are delicious delicacies.09:53
lordievader!cookies yossarianuk09:53
lordievaderHmm, how did that thing work.09:53
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lordievader!helpersnack | yossarianuk09:57
ubottuyossarianuk: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!09:57
yossarianukoddly cookie monster is on tv right now.....10:03
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BluesKajHiyas all12:14
BluesKajhi MoonUnit`12:15
lordievaderHey Graf_Westerholt12:28
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patarokPlease tell me how do i connect two external displays to my HP Pavillion g series notebook which is running Kubuntu Utopic. I have both external displays connected. One is an old low resolution TFT with a VGA(D-Sub) connector and the other one is a merely new samsung TV with HDMI in.15:46
patarokxrandr shows both of the external displays connected and the values for each.15:47
patarokin Kubuntus(respectively KDE 4's) System Preferences in the section Display configuration i can see all 3 Displays. But when i check the box on the HDMI connected Samsung Flatscreen TV  the HDMI Display in "Display Configuration" gets greyed out.15:50
patarokVGA and internal both seem to work properly.15:50
patarokHDMI connected TV worked flawlessly until one connects the low-res VGA Display15:51
patarokany ideas?15:51
patarokthe only idea i had until now was to reboot.15:52
patarokany display pros in here?15:53
lordievaderpatarok: Do I read it correctly that you cannot have all of them enabled at the same time?16:08
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travnewmaticneed help, attemtpting to multiboot on one hd windows 7, utopic, and vivid, with the linux distros each having their own / partition, but sharing /boot and /home and swap16:40
travnewmaticos-prober does indeed see windows and vivid from utopic16:40
travnewmaticbut when i do grub-install /dev/sda the menu generated still only includes Windows and Utopic16:41
Felishiachrome crashes KDE :<16:46
Felishiabut works fine on fluxbox16:46
Felishiait's like the whole lightdm that crashes16:46
FelishiaI tried restarting it but it doesn't even work16:46
FelishiaI have to restart my pc16:46
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travnewmaticneeed gruuuub haaaaalpz17:53
travnewmaticits not putting a vivid entry in grub.cfg, despite it showing up in the output of those commands17:54
Unit193travnewmatic: No need to crosspost.17:55
lordievadertravnewmatic: Could you post your grub config? (/boot/grub/grub.cfg)17:55
travnewmatici'd be happy to17:55
lordievaderAh. yes. Lets continue in #ubuntu+117:56
Unit193lordievader: Since you are also in #ubuntu+1, you may want to join in there?17:56
vinnytravnewmatic - you dont half to run os-prober as a separet command with update-grub ,,,,,,,,,,,,,unless you have it turned off in /etc/default/grub18:01
travnewmaticvinny, that makes sense, also this discussion has continued in #ubuntu+1 if you are interested :)18:07
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GhostOfLegendsI am new to the Ubuntu OS. What resources are there available I can use to learn more about Ubuntu features and commands18:17
NushifHeya quicklike and specific question ... I am trying to disable a 3g transceiver on a netbook via software, but can't find where to do that.18:23
NushifAnd the FAQ doesn't really talk about disabling specific system components. 8(18:24
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jedrek_hi! I've just installed Kubuntu and I can't login from login screen - after typing password and clicking enter it turns black and then comes back to original state, can you help me?22:50
jedrek_switching to console, logging in there and starting x server works22:51
jedrek_anybody here?23:24
jedrek_I'll paste my previous messages23:27
jedrek_I've just installed Kubuntu and I can't login from login screen - after typing password and clicking enter it turns black and then comes back to original state, can you help me?23:27
jedrek_switching to console, logging in there and starting x server works23:27
jedrek_any ideas?23:29

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