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ForTheWinhi, my monitor is supposed to be on 1600x900, i was on mint xfce i wiped and installed lubuntu and my monitor is stuck at 1024, help please. I have updated my nvidia driver to the exact same version06:47
Missing1600resohi, can someone help me please?15:58
leszekMissing1600reso: just ask your question and we'll see if someone knows an answer16:01
Missing1600resoafter a fresh install i had the correct reso, but after doing the updates my pc restarted and now i only have 1024 reso. Help please16:03
leszekplease give more details which graphicscard ? which drivers ? and which update caused this issue ?16:05
Missing1600resonvidia 304 driver, for my geforce 6150se16:06
leszekdid you tried reinstalling the driver. Seems like the update maybe overwritten the driver or installed or uses the nouveau instead16:09
leszekyou can do so in the driver manager16:10
Missing1600resoleszek: synaptic, mark for reinstall?16:10
leszekMissing1600reso: yeah you can also do that16:11
Missing1600resoleszek: i already tried driver manager reapplying. So synaptic i will try now, thank you16:11
travnewmaticstillll need some grub help :( http://pastebin.com/a9WWdSSA17:24
ForTheWinIs there a Power Manager?17:27
ForTheWinI would like my pc to sleep after 20 minutes17:27
Unit193xfce4-power-manager is the one used.17:27
ForTheWinfrom synaptic?17:27
Unit193It's already installed.  You can install the panel plugin for lxpanel though.17:28
Unit193Erm, well the panel plugin, if using 14.1017:28
ForTheWinUnit193: thank yo17:32
ForTheWinwhat do you think of TLP? http://linrunner.de/en/tlp/docs/tlp-linux-advanced-power-management.html17:37
Unit193N: Unable to locate package tlp  not used it, and won't. :P17:40
chokiWhen will LXQt comes by default with lubuntu?17:49
ForTheWinwouldnt lxqt end up being not as fast as lxde? The whole point of lxde is speed17:52
Thatwhats my nic?20:32
Thatthat works, Hey guys is anyone on?20:33
ThatI'll just ask, I have an old as laptop and when i installed Lubuntu the last time i had this error and i had to get another version because of missing cpu support or something and i dont remember what it was. any clue what im talking about?20:37
Unit193PAE not being supported?20:37
Unit193You can try  forcepae if you have a pentium M.20:37
Thatin reinstalling because i cannot interupt start up20:37
ThatPAE thats it20:37
Thati dont its a celleron or something20:37
Thatsorry, im watching a NDT video. Its an old IBM thinkpad with a centrino20:38
ThatHey thanks. im grabbing a new copy of the ISO i should have kept around right now. i will leave you guys to your silence20:41
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