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marlincI'm getting the following error in the maas.log Exception: NodeGroup matching query does not exist.18:31
marlincIs there anything I can do about this?18:32
marlincIt bas been fixed, I had to remove the cluster controller and reconfigure it18:42
kikomarlinc, indeed, that's when the cluster you are using for some reason goes missing inside maas21:05
kikomarlinc, 1.7 or 1.5?21:05
marlincThe latest stable one that is in 14.0421:05
kikomarlinc, you will be a lot happier with 1.7 (which will be backported to 14.04 this coming april)21:08
marlincWell we won't be using MAAS in production for now :)21:08
marlincWe're testing it on a few desktops for now21:09
marlincWe're looking at HP Moonshot for a server cluster21:09
marlincDo you know anything about that21:09
kikosure, I was directly involved in that project21:29
kikoI recommended 1.7 because it is in general much more solid21:29
kikoyou can get it from the maas stable PPA21:29
kikomoonshot is quite interesting, what cartridge type are you looking to use marlinc?21:29
marlincThe m300 ones21:30
kikomaas works out of the box with moonshot21:30
marlincWe want to build a small OpenStack cluster21:30
marlincWell start small21:30
kikowhy moonshot out of curiosity?21:30
marlincUsing for example 4 cartridges at first21:31
marlincMainly because of expandability in the future and the Canonical support21:31
marlincWe started looking at Supermicro MicroCloud chassis21:31
kikoI like MicroCloud for the E3 support21:32
marlincWhat do you mean by E3 support?21:32
marlincThe Xeon's?21:32
marlincI was confused with Amazon E321:33
marlincAh shit, that's S321:33
kikoI need to split but feel free to msg me or email me kiko@canonical with any questions on moonshot and maas21:33
marlincHave you got any idea about the costs of Moonshot?21:34
kikoI don't have recent list pricing21:34
kikoI'd expect it would be more than the supermicro for obvious reasons21:34
kikoI thought the starter pack was 15 nodes21:34
kikoI can definitely connect you with somebody at HP who can give you that information21:35
marlincThat would be very nice21:35
kikomarlinc, just drop me a mail -- thanks21:35
marlincThank you!21:36
X-RobMaaS deploying CentOS images. Look at me, being all grown up and stuff.21:37
kikocourse :)21:40
marlincIn our test setup using desktops we are experiencing WoL issues. It is a known issue so that's nice https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/134331721:44
wikitylerhi all. as i understand it maas is a pxe server with a nice ui and some management features. Is it only for deploying servers, or can it also be used to deploy workstations with the desktop ubuntu variants?22:08
marlincTechnically that should be possible I think?22:21

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