lordievaderGood morning.08:58
BluesKajHiyas all12:14
penguin42Hey BK12:36
BluesKajhey penguin4212:41
penguin42BluesKaj: How are you finding KDE5 ?12:51
BluesKajpenguin42, not real enthusuaistic about it so far ...missing some of my fav features and one has been droppe, not a step forward... the 'look" is ok tho.12:54
BluesKajerr enthusiastic :)12:54
BluesKajpenguin42, have you given it a try ?12:55
penguin42BluesKaj: Yeh, I'm about the same, it's still annoying me in a lot of small ways12:55
penguin42BluesKaj: Things like the title bars being rather big, and some things not working reliably - like ctrl-alt-t binding for opening a konsole not always working for me12:56
BluesKajI miss the different backgrounds for the VDs , it's been dropped in favour of the activities optional backagrounds...a pet peeve of mine , krunner no longer has a drop down for previous entries ..etc13:00
BluesKajthe muon toolbar is missing13:01
BluesKajI use muon as a reference, seldom as a package manager13:03
BluesKajand that muon discover thing is hopeless IMO13:04
BluesKajthat's my list, so far :)13:04
BluesKajnot entirely related to plasma 5 tho13:05
penguin42what's muon discover?13:06
lordievaderpenguin42: The Kubuntu software centre.13:06
* penguin42 has never really used software centre stuff - but I do generally like having the click to do updates13:07
* penguin42 did notice the change in that now it's got systemd poweroff works for a normal user rather than needing sudo :-)13:08
gnoxHey guys, just installed Beta 2 and now I am curious about the boot time13:10
gnoxsystemd-analyze blame gives me a service called NetworkManager-wait-online.service13:10
elfyyep - I think it says that for many people13:11
gnoxwith a start time of 8.071s13:11
gnoxon a ssd13:11
penguin42sounds like it's waiting for your net to come up?13:11
elfygnox: similar - 12 on an ssd13:11
gnoxmy debian system boots up in just about 2.5 sec13:11
penguin42gnox: Does systemctl show NetworkManager-wait-online ?13:12
gnoxubuntu has 12 sec13:12
penguin42gnox: What does  journalctl -u NetworkManager-wait-online show you, and what type of networking do you have?13:12
BluesKaji didn't notice any diff with boot times on kubuntu 15.04 and systemd, but this pc is pretty old, 2008 vintage, altho it has 6G RAM13:14
gnoxpenguin42: the output of systemctl: http://pastebin.com/90G5HVXq13:14
BluesKajamd cpus from that time aren't the fastest either13:15
lotuspsychjewhere can you enable/disable systemd services on 15.04?13:15
BluesKajlotuspsychje, at the login13:15
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: cool13:15
BluesKajtty/vt lotuspsychje13:16
gnoxpenguin42: journalctl -u NetworkManager-wait-online: http://pastebin.com/y39jwagB13:16
lordievadergnox: Do you have things depending on a network connection?13:16
gnoxpenguin42: my internet :P13:16
lordievaderApart from that, things like network mount's etc.13:17
BluesKajlotuspsychje, assuming systemctl is part of the systemd package, ...I may be wrong on that13:17
gnoxlordievader: no, just a plain install on my testmachine13:17
lordievaderThen I think you can even disable it, but don't quote me on it.13:18
gnoxlordievader: ok, and how to do so?13:19
BluesKajlotuspsychje,, quote from google: "systemctl may be used to introspect and control the state of the " systemd " system and service manager"13:19
lordievadergnox: sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager-wait-online (if it does screw up things do the same but with 'enable' instead)13:20
gnoxlordievader: thanks man, i'll reboot now (logging chat off and on)...13:22
gnoxlordievader: much better now13:24
lordievaderNo broken networks?13:24
gnoxStartup finished in 2.638s (kernel) + 1.295s (userspace) = 3.933s and network seems to work, since i can chat here13:24
lordievaderCool, cool.13:25
gnoxalmost 4 secs is still not that fast with my laptop and debian jessie with 2.5 secs boot-time13:25
gnoxplymouth seems to have an error, too13:25
penguin42gnox: OK, so for me the NetworkManager-wait-online takes under a second13:25
penguin42gnox: I'm on wired ethernet - and you?13:25
gnoxpenguin42: yeah - wired ethernet, too13:26
penguin42gnox: Hmm ok, then I guess it's a bug - because given that this is a 5year+ old Core2 laptop, the problem isn't CPU usage13:27
gnoxpenguin42: it's an acer aspire 7740G core I5 with 4gigs...13:28
gnoxand my beta 2 runs on a desktop: amd phenom II x4 965 with 4gigs either13:29
* BluesKaj noticed that about acer..cheap with the RAM13:30
penguin42gnox: Nod, you could try using journalctl to see what else was going on in the 8 seconds while it was sitting there - I'm wondering if it was waiting for something else and there is maybe a missing dependency of something that should happen first13:30
gnoxBluesKaj: np to me, my jessie with xfce runs absolutely smooth ;)13:31
BluesKajgnox, an i5 cpu deserves more memory, mine is an i3 and it came with 8G RAM ..lenovo G500 latop13:33
* penguin42 reckons on 1 or 2 GB/core13:34
gnoxBluesKaj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements13:35
gnoxas I said: no probs until now (at least for me) :)13:36
penguin42gnox: Anyway, I call bug rather than cpu/memory time13:37
gnoxpenguin42, dito13:38
gnoxpenguin42,  but how to see what is going on in those 8 secs?13:38
penguin42gnox: Well, you know the start/end times, so get the whole of the journal for that 8 seconds and see what else is going on13:40
elfyI see similar, but if I disable NetworkManager-wait-online then libvirt-bin.service has a fit :)13:40
elfywith an i5 and 8Gb ram13:40
gnoxpenguin42, thanks... i'll enable the service again and check. i'll be back later ;)13:41
BluesKajgnox, not disputing that ubuntu runs great on your machine , I'm just commenting on how computer manufacturers cut HW in order reach a v=certain price point13:41
penguin42gnox: The other possibility is that nm-wait-online is doing something that doesn't play well with your network card/router13:42
penguin42elfy: Oh, that sounds odd - what type of fit?13:42
elfypenguin42: time's out13:42
penguin42trying to do what?13:44
BluesKajodd I haven't encountered that nm-wait-online13:44
elfypenguin42: to connect from memory, I rebooted now13:45
penguin42BluesKaj: Me neither, I'm an upgrade13:45
MoonUnit`NetworkManager-wait-online takes 8 seconds for me, connected with ethernet.13:46
penguin42elfy: Upgrade or fresh install ?13:46
BluesKajpenguin42, I installed beta2 clean13:46
lordievaderpenguin42: Libvirt can do it's networking setup through nm.13:46
elfythis is install sometime in the last 3 or 4 months13:46
BluesKajto / , still had /home untouched13:47
lordievaderAnd thus if NM isn't up fully it cannot do it's networking.13:47
penguin42lordievader: Yeh although I'm more surprised if it's the bit just waiting for your external internet to be up - libvirt should run fine on a host that's unplugged13:48
elfylordievader: yep, but if I remove bridge-utils, then I still get the wait of ~8 secs13:48
* penguin42 would be tempted to tcpdump what's going on the network13:48
lordievaderIt can also run fine without NM ;)13:48
penguin42I wonder if it's something like an IPv6 dhcp that goes unanswered or soemthing similar13:49
BluesKajlordievader, I had a total blank on network W7 on qemu-kvm with libvirt , the only thing windows worked on it was the ehernet to the internet, no LAN whatsover13:49
lordievaderBluesKaj: I know, you told me.13:50
lordievaderBluesKaj: Letting libvirt nat it for you should do the trick though, unless you don't want natting, then you need to look into bridge devices.13:50
BluesKajlordievader, wondering if you knew what was wrong13:50
penguin42there are a good 3 or 4 different ways of setting up networking for libvirt, each of which has there good and bad bits13:51
BluesKajI had the NAT enabled on the router , if that's what you mean13:51
lordievaderLibvirt can do it's own natting, wich might be usefull if you run libvirt on a laptop and don't want to drop a bunch of vm's on every network you visit.13:52
penguin42you can also do bridge networking (generally good, takes a bit of setup) or macvtap (which works very well except if you want to connect the vm to the host)13:53
BluesKajI was running it on this machine/with ethernet13:53
penguin42BluesKaj: What do you want to do with the VM networking - just let it connect out? Do you want other machines on your network to be able to connect to it?13:54
BluesKajpenguin42, exactly yes , and the VM guest/Windows 7 to connect to the pcs on the LAN13:56
penguin42BluesKaj: Do you want the other machines on your network to be able to connect to the VM guest ?13:56
BluesKajyes that would be good too13:58
BluesKajI could dual boot windows I suppose, but qemu-kvm ran very well otherwise13:58
penguin42ok, if you want other hosts to be able to connect in then you can't use NAT on qemu/libvirt13:59
penguin42BluesKaj: So you need to setup one of the bridge setups13:59
lordievaderBluesKaj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge13:59
lordievaderAnd then plug the virtual network adapter of the vm into that.14:00
* penguin42 thought there was a way to get libvirt to do all that for you14:00
BluesKajactually it sounds easier to just dual boot ...but I do appreciate the suggestions penguin42 , lordievader14:01
penguin42BluesKaj: For just connecting out from the VM it's dead easy using NAT14:02
BluesKajI see14:02
lordievaderBluesKaj: Do what you want. I'm glad I got rid of dual booting. Such a waste of time.14:03
BluesKajlordievader, well, I have lots of time :)14:04
BluesKajI hope14:04
simon_gwhere does the ubuntu store xorg.conf? i cannot find it under /etc/X11 i need it to check it because my touchpad works out-of-the-box on ubuntu but other distributions seem to have a problem with it, so i wanna check it out14:12
MoonUnit`it's all autoconfig these days don't have an xorg.conf14:14
TheNumbsimon_g: by default xorg.conf is not generated.14:14
TheNumbIt's been years since autoconfig started working.14:15
simon_goops... it was a while since i've used linux ;)14:15
simon_ganyway- where can i find the configuration of touchpad :)? i'm thinking about the auto-turn off while typing as well as two-finger scrolling14:16
MoonUnit`if you need to you can add parts of a config to/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/14:16
MoonUnit`added a 10-monitor.conf to set up my dual screen there14:17
TheNumbMoonUnit`: err wasn't it /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ ? <:14:17
MoonUnit`used to be14:17
simon_gtehre is no /etc/x11/xorg.conf.d directory14:18
BluesKajtry it without the  .d14:19
simon_gnope, there is none14:19
BluesKaj /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:20
simon_gnope. there is no files like that14:21
BluesKajto create one,  sudo Xorg -configure14:21
lordievadersimon_g: Create it ;)14:21
lordievaderThe xorg.conf.d14:21
lordievaderYou don't want to create an xorg.conf14:21
simon_gyeah... and configure everything from the start. thanks, i'm old enough to remember it ;)14:21
lordievadersimon_g: No, create a xorg.conf.d dir and configure just what you need.14:22
simon_gi'm not particularly interested with creating the new one- now everything works fine, or good enough for me. I'd just want to see the current, default, out-of-the-box configuration (which- as I've mentioned before- works fine) so I could copy it and modify the configuration on other distribution. I, somehow though, that the xorg.conf was automatically created during boot-up process14:25
penguin42simon_g: Oh there isn't any xorg.conf now - none14:26
penguin42simon_g: Not autocreated, never14:26
penguin42simon_g: The X server just detects stuff at run time - except for special added sections14:26
lordievadersimon_g: Hence the .d dir ;)14:26
penguin42simon_g: It's done that for ages (at least 5 years??)14:26
simon_g:| thanks!14:29
BluesKajwe used to create an nvidia xorg.conf when reinstalling the driver after an X problem at one time , but I haven't seen that for a couple of yrs either14:30
lordievadernVidia/FGLRX still like to create one, yes.14:31
BluesKajI don't have one afaik14:32
penguin42simon_g: Stuff is so dynamic these days - you walk up to somewhere with your laptop and plug it into a projector and a mouse, then unplug it etc - a lot of the configuration doesn't make sense for static configs except when you hit a problem14:33
lordievaderpenguin42: Hehe, you should have seen FOSDEM. Many ppl messing with xrandr ;)14:33
MoonUnit`hopefully one day we can have fun with wayland conf files.14:34
lordievaderSupposedly kwin works on there.14:34
penguin42lordievader: Still?  KDE generally behaves for me these days even with projectors - although I still occasionally come across a fun one14:34
* penguin42 should try wayland14:35
TheNumbpenguin42: not with kde14:36
BluesKajhaven't heard any reports of users trying wayland at all14:38
MoonUnit`tried it with fedora 21 but was buggy.14:40
simon_gok, thanks for help, have a nice weekend!14:42
igalicBluesKaj: how does one use wayland?15:35
TheNumbigalic: your DE/window manager has to support it first.15:39
SonikkuAmericaubi-partman hates the UEFI world apparently...15:41
igalicTheNumb: well, that would be kde15:46
TheNumbnot yet15:46
BluesKajigalic, I see your question was answered, haven't tried it myself, and I'm also on KDE16:08
TheNumbigalic: be sure to follow https://plus.google.com/+MartinGr%C3%A4%C3%9Flin/posts16:11
TheNumbMartin is the head developer of KWin.16:12
solsTiCehi. I just tried ubuntu 15.04 live cd (usb) and it was fine. Except when I told it to reboot; it stayed forever on "Please remove media an dype ENTER". I had to use the power button to switch it off.16:42
solsTiCeI welcome the switch to systemd but isn't that a little late in the ubuntu release cycle ? after feature freeze ??16:43
* penguin42 isn't sure on the timing - but it's hardly a surprise - it's been announced it was happening for a long time and you've been able to choose one or the other for a while, so I think the only change that's just happened is making the default switch16:44
TheNumbsolsTiCe: it's not like the packages haven't been tested before the switch.16:46
lordievaderProbably the feature freeze came in handy with the switch to systemd. Things don't change when frozen.16:47
elfythat's a known b2 image bug ^^16:50
solsTiCeelfy: the reboot thingy problem ?16:51
TheNumbsolsTiCe: it used to happen to me in older releases too.16:53
TheNumbSo it's not 15.04 specific.16:53
solsTiCeI tried previous daily 15.04 iso and I don't remember having such a problem. never mind.16:54
elfysolsTiCe: yep16:54
elfyit's better than just before - when it just rebooted into live image :)16:55
TheNumbsolsTiCe: it happens every once in a while16:56
solsTiCeI thought it was systemd related16:58
agronholmhow do I switch from nouveau to nvidia drivers on 15.04? thanks.17:05
elfyinstall nvidia from additional drivers17:08
lordievaderagronholm: Install the nvidia package.17:08
agronholmit's not visible there17:08
agronholmI already installed nvidia-34617:09
lordievaderagronholm: What card do you have?17:09
agronholmgeforce gt 940M17:09
lordievaderShould still be supported, I think.17:09
agronholmby the binary drivers, yes17:09
lordievaderagronholm: What is the output of 'lspci -k|grep -A2 VGA'?17:09
agronholmdoes this mean I'm not even using nouveau?17:10
TheNumbagronholm: isn't your dedicated gpu turned off?17:11
agronholmhow would I know?17:11
lordievaderIs it an hybrid thing?17:11
TheNumbin bios or something17:11
agronholmI guess I should reboot and check17:11
maxbTime to dare to upgrade ... :-)17:16
agronholmthere was no such setting in the BIOS17:18
lordievaderagronholm: Is it a laptop?17:18
agronholmthinpad t55017:18
lordievaderagronholm: Hmm, could you pastebin the output of lshw?17:20
lordievaderThere are multiple models, one with only an intel gpu, one with a hybrid intel/nvidia. This seems to be intel only.17:23
agronholmlordievader: I specifically got myself the nvidia version17:23
agronholmas you can see from the output, it has an nvidia controller17:23
agronholmline 356 onward17:24
agronholmis this chip too new to be somehow recognized?17:25
agronholmit was only announced like two weeks ago...17:25
agronholmthis is my first laptop with both intel and nvidia controllers so I'm at a loss17:26
agronholmI have no clue how to switch17:26
penguin42oh those are always fun17:27
penguin42agronholm: Are you sure - The Lenovo's normally have a switch in the BIOS for that17:27
TheNumbpenguin42: unless it's "muxless"17:28
TheNumbno switch in that case17:28
agronholmpenguin42: if it doesn't, I was delivered the wrong thing17:28
TheNumbagronholm: does it work in windows?17:28
agronholmand then what is the nvidia 3d controller device on line 356 onwards?17:28
penguin42agronholm: I had a w520 a couple of years back that had it, they offered a choice between Integrated, discrete and Optimus17:28
TheNumbI see that you have an ntfs partition.17:28
agronholmTheNumb: yeh?17:28
penguin42TheNumb: What's the muxless about?17:28
TheNumbpenguin42: the display is connected to the integrated gpu17:29
TheNumbI've got a laptop with that setup.17:29
penguin42TheNumb: Ah, not come across those, the one I had had no mux, but it had some outputs connected to the Intel, some to the Nvidia17:29
TheNumbAnd it's a pain in the butt since xorg doesn't support that at all.17:29
TheNumbOnly hacky drivers from amd do.17:30
penguin42TheNumb: There's a thing called bumblebee for Intel/Nvidia mix17:30
TheNumbI know.17:30
TheNumbIt's also supposed to work with muxless intel/amd ;p17:31
lordievaderagronholm: Ah, I read over that one.17:31
penguin42TheNumb: Still, the w520 I had with that mix still had the bios settings17:31
agronholmwell, this one didn't17:31
agronholmI'm pretty sure of it17:31
TheNumbonly older laptops had that switch17:31
TheNumbnew ones usually come "muxless"17:32
TheNumbunless the vendor decides otherwise17:32
agronholmwhat does that mean?17:32
lordievaderLshw does show that the nvidia doesn't have a driver loaded.17:33
TheNumbagronholm: check your xorg log.17:34
agronholmthe nouvea module is loaded though17:34
lordievaderagronholm: Lshw doesn't reflect that.17:34
agronholmbut since this is kernel 3.19, it doesn't recognize it17:34
agronholmsupport for the 940M only comes in kernel 4.017:34
agronholmI tried installing 4.0rc5 but then the nvidia driver couldn't build its dkms module17:36
penguin42agronholm: how were you installing the nvidia driver?17:37
agronholmpenguin42: apt-get install nvdiai-346-updates17:37
lordievaderagronholm: From where did you install the 4.0 kernel? Ubuntu kernel ppa?17:38
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: where are the Vivid kernel, initrd, etc on your box?17:49
CptRageToasterit looked like they were on the same HDD, but different partition?17:50
travnewmaticthats right17:50
travnewmatici'm trying something that i havent done before17:50
travnewmaticdifferent /'s for utopic and vivid17:50
travnewmaticbut they're both using the same /boot, /home, and swap17:50
CptRageToasterhave you made sure that you have permission to see everything there?17:50
travnewmaticwell i've got vivid mounted17:50
travnewmaticand can click around in the folders17:51
CptRageToasterwait... but the contents of your /boot folder...17:51
CptRageToasterthat's what grub would be reading....17:51
travnewmaticsure, i do have that partition mounted as well17:51
travnewmaticand i checked the time on the grub.cfg file17:51
travnewmaticthat file in /boot/grub/ is the one thats getting updated iwth grub-update17:52
CptRageToasterso, make sure you don't have a DIFFERENT grub.cfg in the OTHER /boot folder17:52
CptRageToasterthere are two?17:52
travnewmaticonly one boot17:52
CptRageToastero ok17:52
CptRageToasterI think I see what you're going for17:52
travnewmatic /boot and /home are shared17:53
CptRageToasterI'm going to go eat some food, I'll think about this some more17:53
CptRageToasterwhy does the script say it's living in /dev/sda8 then?17:53
CptRageToastershouldn't the kernel and initrd still be living in the /boot folder of dev/sda1?17:53
CptRageToasterI'm not certain17:53
CptRageToasterafk, brb 40 min or so17:53
travnewmaticthats where the /boot partition is17:54
travnewmatic /dev/sda8 is the root (/) for vivid17:55
travnewmaticlordievader, http://pastebin.com/siS47nF417:56
travnewmaticmy grub.cfg17:56
travnewmaticlordievader, your idea the other day got me tinkering17:57
lordievadertravnewmatic: How did you install Vivid?17:57
lordievaderWhat idea?17:57
travnewmatichaving multiple linux's mount the same /home17:58
travnewmatici installed vivid with a flash drive17:58
lordievadertravnewmatic: Grub doesn't find a kernel nor initramfs.17:59
lordievaderWhere have you put those?17:59
travnewmaticthose should be in boot18:00
lordievadertravnewmatic: In the same /boot or did you make a new one?18:01
travnewmaticsupposed to be the same boot18:01
lordievaderJup, no Vivid kernel.18:01
lordievadertravnewmatic: Could you pastebin your partition layout?18:01
travnewmaticseeing that now :|18:01
travnewmaticun momento18:02
ubuntuuberuserguys, i have a problem18:03
ubuntuuberuserproblem with dependencies18:03
ubuntuuberusertrying to remove Plank from 15.04 new beta Mate ed18:03
lordievadertravnewmatic: That is df, not your partition layout18:03
travnewmatici was avoiding screencaps :D18:04
travnewmaticbut i can18:04
ubuntuuberuserplank depends on ubuntu-mate-desktop18:04
ubuntuuberuserit is not right i think18:04
lordievadertravnewmatic: parted /dev/sdX print18:05
travnewmaticah k18:05
lordievadertravnewmatic: I get the feeling the Vivid kernel didn't go to /boot.18:07
lordievaderAnyhow, got to go.18:07
travnewmaticlordievader, i'm getting that feeling too18:07
travnewmaticwill reinstall, making sure my boxes are checked and my t's are crossed18:08
travnewmaticthanks for all the help guys, i'll let you know how it goes!18:08
travnewmaticso during the install18:12
CptRageToasterOh good19:19
CptRageToasterI was thinking that too19:19
stef1ai'm running 15.04 on a third gen Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1, and audio has stopped playing from chrome, chromium, and firefox. help?20:18
TheNumbstef1a: does it play at all?20:19
TheNumbhave you tried restarting the browsers?20:19
stef1ayes, and the machine20:20
agronholmok I think I understand a little better how things should work with a hybrid graphics system now21:07
agronholmmy machine is quite new so it should not have a hardware muxer. now I just need to figure out how to make the nvidia chip actually work.21:07
lordievaderWhoo, did you fix it?21:07
lordievaderCheered to soon, didn't I.21:08
agronholmI just need to know how to switch from nouveau to the binary driver21:08
agronholmxrandr --listproviders only gives me one provider21:09
lordievaderI got the feeling you first need to switch to the nVidia card from the Intel one.21:09
agronholmin newer systems, the intel driver is *always* active21:09
agronholmbut applications can be made to render using the nvidia driver21:10
agronholmthat's how PRIME works apparently21:10
lordievaderHmm, clearly I have no idea what I am talking about XD21:10
agronholmwhat you said was true for older systems that have a hardware muxer21:10
lordievaderNasty stuff.21:18

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