justCarakasdaker, I finished my app and it runs in the desktop emulator02:13
justCarakasbut when I debug on my phone I get errors02:13
justCarakaslibust[15827/15856]: Error: Error opening shm /lttng-ust-wait-5 (in get_wait_shm() at lttng-ust-comm.c:886) libust[15827/15857]: Error: Error opening shm /lttng-ust-wait-5-32011 (in get_wait_shm() at lttng-ust-comm.c:886)02:13
justCarakasalso gives 2 issues02:13
justCarakas:-1: warning: security_policy_groups_safe_BEMobile (debug): (REJECT) reserved policy group 'debug': not for production use The debug policy group is automatically injected and should only be used for development. To create a package for the store use the publish tab!02:13
justCarakas:-1: warning: desktop_Exec (BEMobile): found unexpected Exec with architecture 'all': ./qtc_device_debughelper.py02:14
justCarakasany idea how to fix it02:14
zsombi_nik90: I just realized that the AlarmModel.get() fix will cause us some trouble...13:57
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nik90zsombi: ?13:59
zsombinik90: seems GC doesn't clear the Alarms created by the get()13:59
zsombinik90: even though I explicitly made those be owned by JS13:59
zsombiso, I'll have to cache them... so next time the get is called on the same Alarm, it'll return teh cached object from the model14:00
nik90zsombi: but wouldn't caching them return a older result when I call the get() method?14:02
zsombinik90: nope, each alarm has a cookie or alarmId, that is unique for the alarms, so using that as key in a hash would solve the problem14:03
zsombinik90: till the AlarmModel's lifetime14:03
zsombinik90: I cannot manipulate the refcount of the object as the Alarm created during get() has no QML data... :(14:06
zsombinik90: you are calling the get() function every minute... if the app si foreground for 1h, it'll mean 60(!!!)alarm objects!14:08
nik90zsombi: yes the GC would be really helpful here14:09
zsombinik90: perhaps a better way would be to have a separate component which provides some functionalities like next alarm to be kicked, and other generic alarm related stuff...14:09
zsombinik90: however I haven't seen a Clock app showing the upcomming alarm time...14:10
nik90zsombi: well this clock app is showing it because of the bottom edge design..and its something that many people including renatu wanted :)14:11
zsombihmm.... we have the Time component.... that could have things like that...14:11
nik90zsombi: Time component? I thought that was planned but not yet started on14:11
zsombinik90: well... why the heck would I want to see when teh next alarm is triggered???! who the heck cares? I use the alarms to wake me up in teh morning, so I care a sh*t when teh next one will be triggered :D14:12
nik90zsombi: I could change the 1 minute check to instead call the get() function only when the following signals are fired modelReset, countChanged and dataChanged. this would make it a lot better14:12
zsombinik90: fair enough...14:12
nik90zsombi: lol..hey don't tell me..life would be so much simpler if I could just show "2 active alarms" :P14:12
zsombinik90: also, each time the app is activated14:12
nik90zsombi: well each time the app is activated, the alarm model is refreshed and the model reset signal is fired either way14:13
zsombinik90: however, you should refresh teh model each time teh app is activated14:13
zsombiah ok14:13
nik90zsombi: that was done because i-dt disabled one-time alarms when they have been fired, and the clock app UI didnt reflect that..so whenever the clock app gets focus, it refreshes the alarm model14:14
zsombinik90: yes, it would have done it automatically if teh app would run in the background.... but it doesn't14:14
zsombinik90: on desktop should refresh if i-dt changes teh EDS DB14:15
zsombiwe have soooooooo many problems because of this tombstoning14:15
nik90zsombi: so would the above change I suggested ease the GC issue that we might face because of the alarmmodel.get() fix?14:16
zsombinik90: it should, it would call the get() less often, but the GC wouldn't get invoked still :(14:16
zsombinik90: so as precausion, I'll still have to cache the created Alarms so I can detect whether it had been fetched previously or not14:18
nik90hmm yes14:20
justCarakasis it just my app or is the HTML5 ui not so fast14:35
taiebotHi. Has anyone ported a meego app to UT. I am not a developer and never did any app. Would like to port the SIM toolkit from meego to UT. https://gitorious.org/meego-ux/meego-app-satk/source/6296ebb569697c5a80ee6b518ccf8c331d7cb840:doc/sim_toolkit_design_draft.txt#L61 Would this be difficult under guidance?14:45
taiebotI am facing with an annoying bug when i go abroad. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/132383714:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1323837 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Sim toolkit is not available on UT" [Wishlist,Triaged]14:46
MestreNeed help. i get a message when installing ubuntu emulator14:50
Mestreunable to mount temp dir to create system image: mount:14:50
justCarakasdaker: alex-abreu am I doing something wrong or is the UI rather slow for HTML apps ?15:02
MestreDo the ubuntu phone support flash player?.15:32
AskUbuntuFile storage location for ubuntu application | http://askubuntu.com/q/60276815:32
ahayzenHey, I'm getting 'reserved policy group (debug): not for production use' when trying to deploy and run a qmake click via qtc on vivid ... anyone know how to get around this error?17:12
ahayzenoh maybe my bad .. trying to deploy to an rtm not vivid device :P17:20
sidihi, currently developing patches for nautilus's ubuntu package. i know how to add patches and rebuild a deb, but what i want now is to build a source tree with all the existing patches added, so i can test my code on top of this tree. How can I achieve that?19:21
ahoneybunsidi: #ubuntu-devel would be a better place19:23
ahoneybunthis is for Ubuntu for mobile (atm)19:23
sidioh right, was sent here19:23
AskUbuntuQt Multimedia doesn't seem to work on Touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/60289222:06
newsagesbuenas noches23:04
newsagesin QML how to use bottom edge?,, any doc and examples?23:05
ahayzennewsages, http://ubuntu-component-store.readthedocs.org/en/latest/_components/pagewithbottomedge.html23:27
ahayzennewsages, you'll have to download the component into your source tree as well ... for examples just look at core/system apps that use it already, eg clock https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app23:28
newsagesucs install, ok23:29
ahoneybunahayzen: !23:35
ahoneybunmoved a few things around for my new app23:35

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