knomewas thinking we could have a spring on the community help wiki some day21:38
knometo do... something21:38
knomelike, see what information is really useful there21:38
knomeand up-to-date21:39
knomeand try to gather an index of that21:39
slickymasterI have all next weekend free knome21:39
knomesince nobody is certain what the future of the wiki will be, we should at least do something useful with the content21:39
knomei don't know anything about my next weekend, but i plan to be the satruday off21:39
knomemeaning that if i can get people here, i'll be off21:40
slickymasterthis coming week will be difficult for me because of the implementation of the new framework21:40
knomethat's fine21:40
knomeit's not something to rush21:40
slickymasterbut from friday until sunday I'll be here21:40
knomei guess maybe the good starting point would be to try to make the frontpage more useful21:41
knomeit's currently linking to more and less useful pages21:41
knomethat link to more and less useful pages themself21:41
slickymasterwe'll we talked last year about doing this and we've been postponing it since them21:41
knomepleia2, i guess there is no update on the statistics from the IS?21:41
knomewe can even do a minisprint in 5 minutes21:42
slickymasterfine with me21:42
slickymasterLag: 7.65 :P21:43
knomenot minutes though?21:43
slickymasteris pleia2 around?21:43
knomeprobably not...21:43
slickymasternopes, seconds21:43
slickymasterknome, we still have all this we collect last year -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/slickymaster/LinksMergeSandbox21:44
knome"Other pages in the wiki" should be somehow incorporated to the front page21:45
slickymasteris that an existent set of pages/links?21:45
knome..what? :P21:46
knomeit's in the linksmergesandbox21:46
slickymasteryou're right21:46
slickymasterdidn't see it21:46
slickymasterlet me open the front page21:47
knomewell wait that 5 mins first... :P21:47
knomeor a few more21:47
knomeactually, i'm good to go now21:48
slickymasterwhat's your idea for the Other pages...?21:48
slickymasterput it below Further topics?21:48
knomei don't know, but if people have thought they are important enough to link from "links" sections, maybe they are into something21:49
knomejust to start doing something useful, i opened the "Installation" page21:49
knomei'm checking it quickly21:49
knomeand the links21:49
knomei already hit one link that links to a page that says "delete me"21:50
slickymasterwas doing the some for the links in the Other pages21:50
knomeworks for me21:50
slickymasterfirst I hit -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Signpost/Questions21:50
slickymasterlast action dates to 201121:50
knomethe signpost pages...21:50
knomethere are probably some good thoughts in there21:51
knomeeg. like how to organize subjects21:51
knomebut they are basically just reindexing other pages differently21:51
slickymasterand Content cleanup, Style cleanup tags21:51
slickymastermaybe we should check those, and any potential additions, before adding them to the front page21:52
slickymasterand of course do the same for the alreday linked in the front page21:52
knomethe installation and switching pages look relatively good as they are now21:53
slickymasterwe could divide the tables between us21:53
knomei was thinking about dividing the tables - in another way21:54
knomewhat would you say if we added headers for each table21:54
knomeeg. remove "Help topics"21:54
knomeand change that to "Installation"21:54
knomethen add "Hardware" for the next table21:54
slickymasterI don't see why not21:55
knomethe preinstalled applications list is....21:55
knomeshouldn't we just remove all of those and link to packages.ubuntu.com ?21:55
knomeor do we think that the manual pick is somehow more useful or important?21:56
slickymasteryes, I think we should knome21:56
knome(which is last updated in 2013)21:56
knomeok, i'll start purging that stuff21:56
slickymasterI'd prefer it linked to packages.ubuntu.com21:56
slickymasterbtw last move on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu/FromMacOSX is yours, from 201321:57
knomepleia2, sorry for the spam :]21:57
knomeslickymaster, yeah, that is when i was updating the icon stuff21:57
knomegosh, this is a tangled thing21:58
knomethe software listing21:59
knomethe individual subcategories might be somewhat useful - so i intend to keep them22:00
knomejust remove the alphabetical listing22:00
knomewell at least for starters :D22:01
slickymasteryou're talking about https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Applications, aren't you?22:01
slickymasterlet me refresh it22:01
knomein what way?22:02
knomei have the edit lock, keep away :P22:02
slickymasterI mean my browser22:02
slickymasteryou haven't commited it yet22:03
knomei said it's tangled22:03
slickymasterthat's nothing for the likes of you22:03
knomecan refresh now, first steps taken22:05
slickymastertic-toc tic-toc22:06
knomefrom the "External links", we could keep osalt.com and ubuntu apps dir22:06
knomethough how the latter site says (c) 201222:06
knomewell, it's still linked from the main navi, so...22:07
slickymasterwell, it states that it's supporting Lucid and later releases22:07
slickymasteryeah, but the others should be dropped22:08
knomeanother update landed22:09
knometalks about 8.04...22:10
slickymasterthat one is really outdated22:11
knomethis list could be much more useful if it was a list/table22:11
knomethe same thing with all of those subpages22:11
knomewhat if we dropped those pages and linked to the corresponding packages.ubuntu.com places anyway?22:14
slickymasterisn't it weird that we're fiddling them and not updating the content in some of them22:14
knomei don't know how useful it is to update the application list now22:14
knomeit'll be outdated in a year22:14
knomethen it needs another update22:14
knomeif we link it to a place that's kept up-to-date automatically, we save the work22:15
slickymasterhence linking it to packages.ubuntu.com is the only safe solution22:15
knomeso, what about the links stufF?22:15
slickymasterhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EducationApplications suffers from the same issue22:15
knomei think it's fine as it is, you should just land it *somewhere*22:16
knomethen point all the link pages to that page22:16
slickymasterthe links present here knome: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/slickymaster/LinksMergeSandbox#Other_pages_in_the_wiki ?22:17
knomethem, and the rest in the sandbox22:17
knomeat least those that are processed22:17
knomeeven if it meant you landed a bunch of similar ones22:17
slickymastermaybe create a new page just with the usable links, since the the sandboc also contains a lot of garbage, links wise22:18
knomeworks for me22:18
slickymasterand land that page where knome? any ideas?22:19
knomeno, just any22:20
slickymasterhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Links already exists22:21
knomeyou can overwrite that, or temporarily create another page22:22
slickymasterI think I'll opt for the latter22:23
knomethat might be of interest to some, so keeping for now22:23
knomehas some potentially interesting links about licensing22:24
slickymasteryeah, gamers are more than many22:24
slickymasterhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Programming, even though isn't touched since 2012 is a keeper imo22:26
knomei just redirected it22:26
knomei think it had a lot of babble22:26
slickymasterwell the IDEs mentioned there are pretty much what's still used these days22:27
knomedo you think it's worth reverting?22:27
* knome shrugs22:27
knomelibreoffice is still used today, but i still redirected the office page22:27
slickymasterwhere did you redirect the programming one?22:28
knomethe main applications page22:28
slickymasterto where, that is22:28
knomeas all the others22:28
slickymasterok, don't revert it tehn22:28
slickymaster* then22:29
* slickymaster is still waiting to loginb22:29
slickymasterafter all this time: Internal Server Error22:31
* slickymaster reloads22:31
slickymasterhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Servers is wat too extensive22:33
knomeis there something to keep?22:33
slickymasteron that one knome?22:33
slickymasterI can only answer regarding what I do know knome22:34
* knome looks22:34
slickymastermost of the stuff is unknown to me22:34
slickymasterin https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Servers#Database I'd keep everything22:35
knomewell i mean22:35
knomethose are available in packages.ubuntu.com if you search for databases, right?22:35
slickymasternot all22:35
knomelike what isnt?22:35
slickymasterI believe Ingres isn't22:36
knomeyeah, that page is from 200922:36
slickymasterPostgresSQL alno not, I think22:36
knomemost be useful :)22:36
knome!info postresql22:36
knomeno ubottu22:36
slickymasterIt isn't knome22:37
slickymasteri checked22:37
knomethen maybe that is worth keeping22:37
knomebut then it becomes cherry-picking22:38
slickymasterOracle 1o g also isn't and should be kept22:38
slickymasterI work with it, is a dam good database22:38
slickymasterwell, that page is really one to be cherry-picking22:39
slickymasterI'll do it while you do something else22:39
knomeyeah, i'm working on the main page22:39
slickymasterno I get a Proxy Error22:40
slickymasterI'm unable to login22:40
slickymasterReason: Error reading from remote server22:40
knomeyou are saying that we should keep the links to any software that isn't in the repositories?22:43
knomethen you might want to scour the pages i redirected22:43
knomei don't think there were many, but...22:43
knomeand may i ask22:44
knomewhile i understand the logic for keeping those22:44
knomewhat's the goal?22:44
slickymastermaking people know they they're usable in *buntu sor starters knome22:44
knomebut we can't test that22:45
knomeand even if somebody tested that, it might have been in 200922:45
slickymasterme neither, just a few22:45
knomemaybe the application is not maintained since 201022:45
slickymasterthose are maintained for sure, what we're not sure is if *bubtu still manages to accept some of them22:46
slickymaster*buntu ecosystem22:46
knomeso what's the goal?22:46
knomeyou said to let people know they are usable for ubuntu22:46
knomebut... we don't know22:46
slickymasterdon't know how to answer that from another point of view tbh22:46
slickymasterI see, and agree, with your point knome22:47
slickymasterand truth is the only way to circumvent this doubt is almost impossible22:48
slickymasterunless we go door to door asking22:48
knomeand that means constant work if we want to keep the wiki up-to-date22:48
slickymasterdrop them22:49
slickymasterconstant and insane22:49
knomewhich is why i dropped the pages i did22:49
slickymasterthat's it, I'm unable to log in at the wiki22:49
knomethere's a point with keeping the server stuff22:49
slickymasterbut not the web applications22:50
knomethe point is, that page has links to actual guides on doing something else than just introduce the apps22:50
slickymasterfor the same reason as above22:50
* slickymaster agrees with the server22:50
knomeso what we should have22:51
knomeis a tutorial landing page22:51
slickymasteryes, the wat we're thinking it, yes22:52
slickymasterDamn s/wat/way22:52
slickymasterI'm becoming elfy... with fat fingers22:53
knomedon't tell elfy he has fat fingers22:53
slickymasterI know22:53
knomeso, what did we achieve at the front pge :P22:54
slickymasternothing much yet22:55
slickymaster\o/ logged in22:56
knomehaha, great22:56
slickymastergoing to take care of the links page22:57
knomeslickymaster, feeling lucky? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecommendedApplications23:09
knomedo we want to keep that?23:09
knomei would drop it...23:10
slickymasterso would I23:10
knomedoing that23:10
slickymasternow that I'm logged I can't open the page for edit23:11
knomesee the apps main page23:11
slickymasterin the Apllications Guide section the numbered list is wrong knome23:12
knomeit's not23:12
knomeit's two lists23:12
knomethe latter one is WIP23:12
knomepractically i'd like to drop most of it anyway23:13
knomeyou might have noticed i turned the front page stuff around a bit23:23
slickymasterhaven't yet23:31
* knome sighs23:33
knomemaybe the world is a tiny bit better place now23:33
knomeor then not23:33
slickymasterok knome, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResourcesLinks is ready23:34
* knome checks23:35
slickymasterlet me check the front page23:35
knomeok, looks good to me23:35
knomenow let's forward the other pages to that page23:35
slickymasteryou moved the applications to the first table23:35
slickymasterwhich is the proper place for it tbh23:35
knomeand switched glossary/other resources boxes23:36
slickymasteryes, noticing that now23:36
knomealso dropped several topics to the "further topics" table23:36
knomewhich is the crappety-crap dumpster now23:36
knomei mean :P23:36
knomethe place for random links of course23:36
slickymasterand there are tons of those23:37
knomethere are even more that just aren't visible23:37
knomei guess the next useful thing23:37
knomewould be to "find" all landing pages23:37
knomefor whatever subject23:37
knomelike mac support23:37
knomeand start listing those in the front page23:37
slickymastermaybe we could engage krytarik to help us with that23:38
knomewhy not23:38
slickymasterif he'd be willing to23:38
knomeeverybody should help with that23:39
knomeand we should send an email about that to the list23:39
slickymasterlet me see if he's still around23:39
slickymasterknome are you going to forward the other pages to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResourcesLinks23:40
knomeor maybe we should make Links the mainpage23:41
knomeand redirect the rest there23:41
knomewhat do you think?23:41
slickymastertbh honest not sure what would be best23:42
knomelinks is shortest23:42
knomeif we're going to redirect everything to one page anyway...23:42
slickymastergo with that then23:42
knomeok, shuffling23:42
* slickymaster checks23:46
slickymasterbefore doing that knome, I was taking a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Glossary23:46
slickymasterand noticed that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuncanLithgow (in the contributors at the bottom) doesn't exist23:47
slickymastermaybe I could remove it from there23:47
knomeimo, the whole glossary page is... a bit in vain23:47
knomebut we can keep it23:47
knomeand you can definitely remove that note23:47
slickymasterit's seems ok23:49
knomethe links page could have some kind of intro23:49
slickymasteryour shuffling23:49
knomeof course it's ok! :P23:49
slickymasteryeah, the current one is too 'in-your-face'23:50

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