lindolgood morning :)00:09
allenskdhello :)00:13
lindolallenskd, thank you :)00:18
lindolare you testing now?00:18
allenskdlindol, I'm new and I haven't properly introduced myself here haha :)00:32
allenskdname's david, nice to meet you all I hope once I get a good grasp of bazaar and launchpad _and_ how things work in the cycle I'll be more helpful :)00:33
allenskdfor now I'm just test driving things, checking the little details00:33
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lindolallenskd, :)01:28
lindolallenskd, nice to meet you, i am juyeon Park01:28
lindolI am living in Korea (south of Korea)01:28
lindolso i am trying to test for VV Daily build :)01:29
lindolwhat should i try to test for version?01:39
lindolVV Daily builld is right?01:39
allenskdyea, I downloaded today's one but haven't had the time to test anything. I'll probably get a better chance tomorrow haha, internet is acting up (downloading at half-speed) so things like testing in real hardware (like a netbook I have around here) will be done tomorrow01:44
lindolI think beta2 is archived aready..01:45
lindolallenskd, see again ;)01:45
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JohannGralogHello. I messed up my previous Linux install, so I wanted to givre this a try. I wanted to do a liveboot first so I can backup some remaining files. But the bootable USB just drops me in the terminal, no graphical environment. Is there any way I can have a graphical liveboot like in the past on Ubuntu?11:57
JohannGralogI'm using Unetbootin because it was recommended.11:58
ruchirI'm totally new to linux, but with ubuntu gnome, it never had this issue11:59
ruchirdownloaded the iso, used pendrivelinux on windows to write the iso file to USB drive and make it bootable. not sure11:59
ruchirhow to do this in linux12:00
JohannGralogWell, I already have the USB drive12:00
JohannGralogbut the menu is totally different than what I remember12:00
JohannGralogI get the option to try ubuntu gnome without installing twice12:00
JohannGralogbut neither gives me a graphical environment12:00
ruchirwhich iso are you trying? 14.10?12:01
ruchirstrange. the installer worked just fine for me.12:01
JohannGralogI borrowed another person's PC to download the iso and burn it, so I'd rather not do everything again12:02
ruchirI know this sounds stupid, but do you have access to any windows pc around?12:02
ruchirmaybe its about how differently pendrivelinux and your software manages to write distro and make USB drive bootable?12:03
JohannGralogKinda, yeah. I'm currently on my chromebook laptop, and I can use this other person's Windows if needed12:03
JohannGralogI guess12:03
JohannGralogThis thing has added its own menu for some reason12:03
ruchirI'd recommend downloading the 14.10 iso again12:04
ruchirand using pendrivelinux on windows machine to create a bootable USB12:04
JohannGralogI still have the download on that pc12:04
JohannGralogBut I don't understand why the download page said12:04
JohannGralog"using UNetbootin is highly recommended."12:04
ruchirI had another laptop running windows so I used universal USB installer from pendrivelinux.com12:05
ruchirto write iso12:05
ruchirtry that12:05
JohannGralogNot sure if I can convince him again.12:07
ruchiryou are connected at the moment from chrombook right now?12:08
JohannGralogok, running that installer now12:14
JohannGralogno Gnome edition in the list12:14
JohannGralogso I picked regular Ubuntu12:14
JohannGralogOh, you're gone12:14
JohannGralogSomeone here?12:23
JohannGralogIt seems Unetbootin wasn't at fault12:23
JohannGralogSeems to have been an error12:23
JohannGralogSomething about a HSM violation?12:23
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viGtor_Hi! I'm getting bluetooth enabled at startup and i cant disable it but at startup it is enabled again, any suggestion?16:11
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