cheatercan someone tell me how to get aufs support (for docker) on ubuntu 14.04 64-bit?02:25
cheateron a vanilla system docker uses device mapper and its support is buggy (it cannot be worked around, i need to start using aufs)02:25
cheater(but apparently aufs is better anyways)02:25
cheateri would appreciate any sort of help with this02:26
pkerncheater: Depending on your environment you need to install linux-image-extra-* for aufs.12:40
apwotherwise it should just be there to use by default, not sure i know any more about the docker configuration to help with that though12:48
cheaterpkern: as i said, i managed to do that already. i just wonder if btrfs has any advantages over aufs.15:28
cheaterpkern: oh sorry i said that in another channel :)15:30
cheaterpkern: thanks for your help :) i guess i managed to figure this stuff out before you answered and then forgot i came here to ask, and after that i mixed up the channel windows!15:31
pkerncheater: http://www.projectatomic.io/docs/filesystems/15:35
pkerncheater: Especially the last section.15:36
cheaterhey that's an interesting link, thanks pkern15:38

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