TaeheeJangKilos: no.. not yet. I'm trying to, but it's finding needle in sand.01:49
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Kilosmorning all05:31
Kiloshi toddy  09:03
toddyhi Kilos 09:04
Kiloshi TaeheeJang  10:09
TaeheeJangKilos: hi Kilos10:10
Ekusheyhi guys :)11:37
Kiloshi Ekushey  11:37
EkusheyI wanted to spam ;)11:39
Kilosnot here surely11:40
EkusheyI'm participating in the Ubuntu Unicorn Challenge, if you guys are on Instagram then hit the "like" button please: https://instagram.com/p/0zoXkttUqV :)11:41
EkusheyDetails about the contest is at https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/03/24/origami-unicorn-challenge/11:41
EkusheyMany thanks :)11:41
Kiloscool ill pass it on to #ubuntu-za too11:42
EkusheyWow many thanks Kilos!11:42
Kilosyou must come here more often11:42
EkusheyAnyone from South Africa team participating?11:42
Kilosim trying to get to know members11:42
Kilosi will hear tonight . most have a restful day on sundays11:43
EkusheySure Kilos, I'm Russell, from Bangladesh :)11:43
Kilosah im Miles from south africa as you know11:43
Kilosnice to meet you11:44
EkusheyNice to meet you too, Miles11:45
EkusheyI'll be here later on, have to go to a meeting in a bit11:45
EkusheySee ya :)11:45
BobJonkmanHi LoCo Council: 23 April is approaching, can we haz a Global Event for the Vivid Vervet Release Party?18:39

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