* PaulW2U checks summaries - only 5 done so far :(06:26
ahoneybunPaulW2U: done 3 so far14:05
* ahoneybun sees only 5 summaries left14:19
PaulW2Uahoneybun: great - unfortunately I've also added some today :)15:08
ahoneybunI saw some unfinished ones15:10
PaulW2UJust the 4 blogosphere summaries to be done now, May be later I have chores to do :)15:35
ahoneybun2 blogsphere summaries left16:02
pleia2thanks guys :)19:05
pleia2we have a few more hours UTC-time, but I need to hop on a plane later, so I'm putting it together and sending off to editors now19:20
pleia2if there's any last minute additions, feel free to put them in19:20

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