CipherWestonHey, I'm having trouble with my website connecting to a remote Ubuntu MySQL Server. It's completely blocking it (error: 111) and I've already set bind-address in my.cnf to (skip-networking was never in the file). Anyone know some other solution?00:11
SlingCipherWeston: can you verify its listening on all interfaces on the mysql host? lsof -i:330600:43
Slingalso, is there any firewall involved on either side? check iptables, etc00:43
CipherWestonmysqld  916 mysql   10u  IPv4   8262      0t0  TCP *:mysql (LISTEN)00:43
Slinglooks good00:43
CipherWestonI might need help with the iptables command..00:44
SlingI prefer this one: iptables -n -v --line-numbers -L00:46
CipherWeston(am not a pro at this) here's what was given to me: http://i.imgur.com/x3R9bnZ.png00:49
Slingokay so essentially everything is open on that server00:50
Slingonly ssh is passed trough a anti-brute-force mechanism00:51
Slingand the other host?00:51
CipherWestonThat's a great question. Let's see if I can get in there (it's through domain.com)00:51
CipherWestonWell, after a long talk with a support guy, turns out my website's hosting does not allow remote SQL connections. Damn my luck. Thanks for the help though!01:08
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lordievaderGood morning.08:58
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Grey_LokiHi. The version of weechat in the repo is quite outdated (0.4.2, latest stable is 1.1.1). I'm wondering - are there likely to be any problems if I install the latest version of weechat from source, with a version from an aptitude installation already on the system?10:30
bekksYou will have problem doing it that way.10:30
bekksA more safe way would be using a PPA or create a .deb for the version you want to install.10:31
Grey_Lokibekks: using checkinstall, or similar?10:32
bekksYes. Or just use a PPA.10:32
Grey_LokiHuh, neat. I didn't know those existed :D10:34
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hehehi folks23:54
hehefor some reason creation of new network adapter fails23:55
hehewhat can i do to fix it?"23:55
heheI am following this manual https://www.softether.org/4-docs/1-manual/6._Command_Line_Management_Utility_Manual/6.5_VPN_Client_Management_Command_Reference23:56

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