mukalooks like terminal in devel-proposed channel is missing CTRL +X key. this is needed to save file in nano, or better yet, there should be CTRL + 'any key pressed' option available so users can select it as needed.02:02
mukabut other than that I like the new terminal much better! Good job.02:05
mukawill  notify-send work on touch?02:41
lotuspsychjesomeone got a link to show what changed in updates of devel-proposed?06:01
nhainesThey're published daily.06:02
lotuspsychjenhaines: thank you mate06:02
nhaineslotuspsychje: next week we should get a new OTA and then a couple weeks after that, we might get the first vivid OTA.  :)  Lots and lots of work for vivid before then, though.06:03
lotuspsychjewhats OTA?06:03
lotuspsychjeand that means what exactly06:04
nhainesIt means anything that isn't when someone plugs their phone into a computer via USB and starts messing with things.06:05
nhainesIt's what happens when you take an unmodified retail phone and update it.06:06
lotuspsychjei see06:07
lotuspsychjei saw the new external media icon show up, and tought: i wanna see a list of internal changes :p06:07
lotuspsychjealmost daily system updates on devel-proposed06:08
nhainesIs there a new icon for that?06:08
lotuspsychjefew days before it was a HD icon, now its an SD card icon06:08
nhainesAh, I hadn't noticed.06:09
lotuspsychjei like the new changes :p06:09
lotuspsychjethe 1 notification on system settings in sidebar when there's a new update06:09
nhainesI've literally never gotten that type of notification for updates.06:10
lotuspsychjenhaines: on wich channel are you?06:11
lotuspsychjeah, im on devel-proposed06:12
lotuspsychjeon nexus706:12
nhainesNexus 5 for me.06:12
lotuspsychjenhaines: you also got dailty updates?06:12
nhainesNope.  Every two weeks or so.06:13
lotuspsychjenhaines: maybe thats why you dont see the things that changed, from devel-proposed?06:13
nhainesSo much the better.  I can't afford to set up my phone again every time devel-proposed breaks.06:14
nhainesI'm considering getting a Nexus 7.  Although I'd sort of like some reassurance that anything's going to happen with tablet mode.06:14
lotuspsychjewell im very happy with tablet on devel-proposed myself06:15
lotuspsychjenot sure if that will work the same on n706:15
lotuspsychjeoh right06:16
lotuspsychjei bought the n7 specially for ubuntu touch06:16
lotuspsychjeand proposed works best now on it06:17
balais there any one??08:59
AskUbuntuMobile Internet on Ubuntu bq aquaris doesn't work | http://askubuntu.com/q/60268209:12
balarecovery.img && boot.img were too lagre to flash09:15
AskUbuntuHow to add a new keyboard layout to Ubuntu Touch? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60269009:26
AskUbuntuGoogle Talk on ubuntu touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/60270210:16
AskUbuntuWhere to report a bug/feature for the Today scope of Ubuntu Touch? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60270310:30
AskUbuntuHow to share a file on bluetooth with Ubuntu Touch? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60270510:44
Dragonkeeperanyone here have the bq phone and live in london, using giffgaff  ?10:54
studio_i have a question about the kernel for the bq e4.5. where is the different between rtm and master in the git?10:59
* Dragonkeeper shrugs11:00
taiebotDragonkeeper: what's your problem? i suppose its to do with 3g connectivity?11:01
Dragonkeeperi keep getting dropped data connection , or dropped connection alltogether with sim name label 'denied'11:02
Dragonkeeperi paid for a 3g package specifically for this phone11:03
taiebotDragonkeeper: Have you notice similar things with another phone. It could be your location?11:04
Dragonkeepertaiebot: data speed sucks on other phones too but connection doesnt drop.  but on other hand if i use my three sim in bq phone data is fast and works fine. but i want the giffgaff sim in this phone n its just a headache11:05
taiebotDragonkeeper: looks like you are too far from the gsm antenna with giffgaff network. I suppose this happens when you are at home.11:06
Dragonkeepertaiebot: yeah im at home. but my signal bars are full and area coverage says my house should have great signal .11:07
Dragonkeepereven if i was too far. doesnt explain why sim says denied when using data11:08
* Dragonkeeper wonders if its because its ubuntu they think im tethering11:09
taiebotDragonkeeper: mm i am also having  issues with my gsm-provider and get the denied message when i am abroad. Cannot call or text pretty annoying but i do not think its related.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/132383711:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1323837 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Sim toolkit is not available on UT" [Wishlist,Triaged]11:11
taiebotDragonkeeper you did activate your sim?11:12
Dragonkeepertaiebot: yeah i paid for unlimited data  (i dont use roaming mode)11:13
taiebotDragonkeeper: You should use roaming mode in the UK but not abroad.11:14
Dragonkeepertaiebot: how come?11:14
CereS2009Hi, i have ubuntu touch installed on nexus 4, r154. However i can't get sound to work. Is there something i forgot to flash?11:15
taiebotdragonkeeper: I think giffgaff is a virtual  gsm provider they use different providers antenna.11:16
Dragonkeepertaiebot: i know they use o2 connection, but also thought roaming to different networks wants to  incur charges11:17
taiebotDragonkeeper. that's abroad but not in the uk.11:17
taiebotDragonkeeper: well that is my understanding but always did this and never got charged extra11:18
Dragonkeepertaiebot: ill attempt it but just think ill get alot of lag as it denys then jumps and denys  lol11:20
taiebotDragonkeeper there is also quite a few bugs in network connectivity at the moment. hopefully they will be ironed out because they are the most annoying ones.11:24
Dragonkeepertaiebot: yeah its exactly whats happening. i will leave it as it while im working tomorrow , as ill be moving around london area alot, it could just be the area . but as i say , my three network sim works fine o.O11:25
Dragonkeeperi also think i have a problem with apparmor11:28
studio_bbl, bye11:32
* Dragonkeeper reboots11:37
Dragonkeeperis it possible to add a android runtime layer into ubuntu touch that will use all of the hardware, to run apps that cant be ported?11:57
Talustuswhy running ubuntu then?11:58
AskUbuntuLocation of edited text files on Ubuntu touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/60272712:00
nhainesThere should not be apps that cannot be ported.12:01
studio_how do i set the bq e4.5 ubuntu-edition into fastboot?12:01
Dragonkeeperif you cant get hold of source code there is  lol12:01
nhainesIf you do not have the rights to a program you cannot port it.12:01
nhainesIn any case, a runtime layer might be possible but would be a massive amount of work.  I do not know that anyone is investing their time on one.12:02
Dragonkeepersounds like ill be carrying 2 phones around for a bit longer then12:03
=== SouL is now known as SouL_I_
Dragonkeeperubuntu store should have a 'apps added this week' tab . so we can see new things people have made12:09
studio_cool, i was able to flash my own kernel :)))12:16
Dragonkeeperanyone using qvba-m successfully?12:18
Dragonkeeperim getting apparmor=DENIED in dmesg   and rom section of screen is just white12:21
Dragonkeeperscratch that , i get denied on all apps it seems , even ones that work . hmm12:23
dragonkeeperwould be nice if the data icon turned green or orange if data was recieving or sending , like the notifications does when u get a message12:59
lotuspsychjedragonkeeper: i think you can submit ideas somewhere13:00
adrian47[   11.021667] initrd: mounting /dev/mmcblk0p27 as /root/android//cache13:00
adrian47this double dash is normal?13:01
dragonkeeperyeah im not sure exactly where lotuspsychje13:01
lotuspsychjenot sure if its on brainstorm ubuntu, or launchpad bug13:01
lotuspsychjedragonkeeper: maybe through the mailing list here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Contribute13:04
dragonkeeperhmm mail list seems like best idea so far13:07
lotuspsychjedragonkeeper: yeah good ideas will sure come up on there13:08
Wardsterhi guys im running 15. 04r1 on my nexus 7 is there update to that available13:17
lotuspsychjeWardster: wich channel are you on mate?13:18
Wardsterdevel I think :)13:18
lotuspsychjeWardster: its reccomended to install devel-proposed on nexus713:19
lotuspsychjeWardster: then you will receiver recent updates13:19
Wardsterah OK sweet thankyou :)13:19
lotuspsychjeWardster: try the same as you installed with devel-proposed this time13:19
studio_how to add a new user to ubuntu-touch?13:24
dragonkeeperterminal $ sudo su    $  useradd      ?13:28
lotuspsychjedont think that will work on touch13:28
studio_that's my problem :(13:29
studio_so it is not possible?13:29
dragonkeeperdunno but the command is there13:29
studio_but how to switch via UI ?13:29
lotuspsychjedir is locked on touch, so i dont think its possible13:30
studio_"sudo mount -o remount,rw /" is working, but i am "hanging" on for exp. "sudo adduser test"13:31
dragonkeeperis there a way to get a dark theme for main screen  .  not a great fan of the white13:31
SebsebsebbHi two things...13:32
SebsebsebbOn the bq Ubuntu phone....13:33
studio_lotuspsychje, any idea?13:33
studio_dragonkeeper, try to figure out how themes are working on UT and after that pleae give me an advice :)13:36
studio_i gave up with these themes ...13:37
dragonkeeperstudio_, im going to assume the theme is in the ro part13:37
dragonkeeperi heard changing root to rw disables ota13:38
AskUbuntuUbuntu Touch .... how do you change the wallpaper? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60274513:38
studio_"sudo mount -o remount,rw /"13:38
studio_i still get ota13:39
dragonkeeperstudio_, what device ?13:39
dragonkeeperah okay13:39
studio_but i do not use rtm-channel13:40
SebsebsebbHow come unpicking send diagnostics has it turning itself back on after a whike on bq Ubuntu phone? Also how come changeling the setting to lock the screen with. The in bet code from the detail 1 minute to 10 minutes doesn't then make it lock after 10?13:40
SebsebsebbUh tablet text mistakes13:41
studio_so, no chance in the moment to add a user and switch on UI ?13:42
dragonkeeperdoesnt look like it13:43
studio_that must be fixed ...13:44
dragonkeeperprobs will be, but doesnt sound high priority  . only reason i cant think of multi user is if a kid was playing with it. i wouldnt let a child play with my bq phone xD13:46
studio_phablet for all UT devices as "default" user is "not good" ... to try a for exp. a 4-pin password like "0000" will be too easy, isn't it?13:47
dragonkeeperuse a passphrase ?13:50
studio_user is the same13:50
studio_ok, other way, how to disable user "phablet" ?13:51
dragonkeepersudo usermod -l studio_ phablet13:52
dragonkeeperchange name but should keep the home dir the same13:53
studio_but first i need to add another user for exp. "my_phone" or "test" to make that user later as default user :(13:54
dragonkeepermkdir /home/phablet/newuser  && sudo useradd -D -m -d /home/phablet/newuser newuser && mkdir {documents,pictures,ect..}13:57
dragonkeeperthen figure out how to change default login ?13:57
=== zsombi_ is now known as zsombi
dragonkeeperthen change the phablets name to something else so a random cant login13:58
studio_dragonkeeper, why " /home/phablet/..."? phablet is the default user?!14:04
dragonkeeperbecause of above mentioning locked dir to user. but i suppose you could dump on sdcard as well14:05
dragonkeeperexperiment with it and report back :)14:07
studio_how to show user phablet and its groups? i need that for an example to add a new user.14:24
dragonkeeper$ groups14:25
studio_oha ...14:26
studio_phablet is also a group?14:26
dragonkeeperusers have there own group too by default14:27
studio_so "adm tty dialout cdrom sudo dip video plugdev radio bluetooth android_graphics android_input audio android_media sdcard_rw gps android_cache android_net3 android_net android_net2 android_nvram" is enough?14:27
dragonkeeperi assume so, if thats all phablet is in14:28
studio_will try ...14:28
AskUbuntuIs it possible to mount samba shares with ubuntu touch (bq aquaris 4.5)? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60275414:28
Talustusanyone has an idea what may causes this?14:30
Talustusroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/init14:30
TalustusIllegal instruction14:30
Talustussounds like wrong toolchain for me but when running on recovery with system mounted it is executable14:30
Talustusso missing libs? or such?14:30
Talustusroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# /system/xbin/busybox14:32
TalustusIllegal instruction14:32
Talustusroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# file /system/xbin/busybox14:32
studio_dragonkeeper, i need some assit, is "sudo adduser telefon adm tty dialout cdrom sudo dip video plugdev radio bluetooth android_graphics android_input audio android_media sdcard_rw gps android_cache android_net3 android_net android_net2 android_nvram" the right way to add the user "telefon" to users?14:32
Talustussystem/xbin/busybox: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped14:33
Talustusroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# ldd /system/xbin/busybox14:33
Talustusnot a dynamic executable14:33
Talustusfunny one14:33
dragonkeeperstudio_, sudo adduser username group1,groups2,group3,ect..14:35
studio_dragonkeeper, as i wrote .., isn't it?14:35
* dragonkeeper double checks14:35
studio_telefon is the user, other are the groups ...14:36
studio_maybe telefon is a stupid username ...14:37
studio_hi orga_ :)14:39
dragonkeepersudo useradd -D -m -d /home/path -G group1,group2,group3 telefon14:39
dragonkeeperi would do it like that studio_14:39
studio_dragonkeeper, i do not understand, sorry, i am using the german "how-to" on "http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/adduser"14:41
studio_is there something like that in english?14:42
studio_is useradd different to adduser ??? sorry, i am confused ...14:43
dragonkeeperyeah slightly14:43
dragonkeeperrun  --help argument on each for useage14:44
=== ferran is now known as Guest44749
Guest44749anybody know if it is possible to use the ubuntu phone to create a wifi hotspot?14:46
Guest44749sharing your 3g using your wifi connection14:47
dragonkeepernot that ive seen on ui . maybe cli ?  or cli setup usb tether ?14:48
Guest44749yep, i need usb tethering and nothing on the phone gui14:50
studio_sudo useradd -D -m -d /home/telefon -G adm tty,dialout,cdrom,sudo,dip,video,plugdev,radio,bluetooth,android_graphics,android_input,audio,android_media,sdcard_rw,gps,android_cache,android_net3,android_net,android_net2 telefon is not working14:50
dragonkeeperada tty  needs comma ,14:51
studio_same with "sudo useradd -D -m -d /home/telefon -G adm,tty,dialout,cdrom,sudo,dip,video,plugdev,radio,bluetooth,android_graphics,android_input,audio,android_media,sdcard_rw,gps,android_cache,android_net3,android_net,android_net2 telefon"14:52
studio_get help list14:52
dragonkeeperGuest44749, unsure how to tether but i got a method to reverse tether14:53
Guest44749dragonkeeper: reverse tether?14:53
dragonkeeperphone uses pc connection14:54
AskUbuntuubuntuphone does not connect to ubuntu desktop | http://askubuntu.com/q/60276014:54
dragonkeeperstudio_, eh not sure , try without -D14:54
studio_what is the normal way as root to change the password for a user?14:56
dragonkeeperpasswd telefon14:56
dragonkeeperi prefer this theme on my s4 port http://oi42.tinypic.com/2dam3iu.jpg  why did it change14:57
studio_i do not understand this: "adduser telefon15:01
studio_Adding user `telefon' ...15:01
studio_Adding new group `telefon' (1007) ...15:01
studio_Adding new user `telefon' (1003) with group `telefon' ...15:01
studio_Creating home directory `/home/telefon' ...15:01
studio_Copying files from `/etc/skel' ...15:01
studio_passwd: Authentication token manipulation error15:01
studio_passwd: password unchanged15:01
studio_Try again? [y/N]" :(15:01
dragonkeeperuse 4 digit number as pass / same as pincode15:03
studio_i do not unterstand y/N, because i am root15:04
dragonkeepery = yes N = no  its a question15:05
studio_y is a loop15:05
dragonkeepertry with no pass15:06
EdwardMorbiushi, anyone knows how much time keyserver.ubuntu.com needs to propagate a key before fingerprint  can be used on launchpad?15:06
studio_Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default15:07
studio_Full Name []: telefon15:07
studio_Room Number []:  ?15:07
dragonkeeperthink thats just user info right?15:09
studio_dunno :(15:09
studio_description would be nice ...15:09
dragonkeepertry a 015:09
studio_"0" ok, next : Work Phone []:15:10
dragonkeeperphone number i guess15:10
Tassadarjust press enter and don't fill in anything15:11
studio_ok, i confirmed everything with "0"15:11
studio_and now, how to set the password for telefon?15:12
dragonkeeperpasswd telefon15:12
studio_root@ubuntu-phablet:/home# passwd telefon15:13
studio_passwd: Authentication token manipulation error15:13
studio_passwd: password unchanged15:13
Tassadarthose tools might now work correctly with the way ubuntu touch rootfs is organized15:13
Tassadarnot sure though, let's ping somebody who might know! ogra_ ^^15:14
studio_Tassadar, i am the first one who try to add a new user? cool, it is a premiere :)15:21
studio_btw. deluser --remove-home telefon needs to install "sudo apt-get install perl-modules"15:26
tareeHi, I'm trying to set up the SDK, and I think I've done everything according to the online documentation/guide, but when I try to run the template HTML5 project in an emulator, I get a stream of error messages: libust[25833/25935]: Error: Error opening shm /lttng-ust-wait-5 (in get_wait_shm() at lttng-ust-comm.c:886) there is a bug report in launchpad about this, but it's old so I'm figuring there is a way around this or it would have15:36
dragonkeeperwill UT support overlays ?15:43
dragonkeepere.g on android , facebook chat heads  or youtube video playing while you browse15:44
g105bdragonkeeper: no15:47
g105bdragonkeeper: that kind of interactive chat can be achieved with the interactive notification drawer15:48
g105b(without having to switch apps)15:48
dragonkeeperi see15:49
Elleonik90: pushed a new version of podbird to the store :)16:04
nik90Elleo: wow, awesome116:04
dragonkeepern i cant even get on with the sdk lol16:06
nik90Elleo: I will try having a go at auto-downloading latest episodes done although I guess it might need some prerequisite features done like a separate page which shows all the new episodes of podcasts that the user has subscribed to and so on.16:06
Elleonik90: cool; I'm going to put aside some time over the easter weekend to try and get some of the infrastructure setup for all the nifty server side features I have planned (like notifications, suggestions, charts, etc.)16:08
Elleonik90: lots of fun to be had there once the boring work is done on it :P16:09
nik90Elleo: yes indeed :)16:09
nik90Elleo: I am hoping to achieve feature parity with android podcast managers by v1.0 which I think will be possible16:10
Elleonik90: yeah, seems like a good target16:11
* AlanBell struggles with cross compiling16:31
AlanBellanyone got any clue how to compile something (lighttpd in this instance) on Ubuntu and get it to run on the phone?16:31
AlanBellI *think* I compiled it and file seems to think it is an ARM binary, but running it on the phone I get -bash: ./lighttpd: No such file or directory16:32
AlanBellwhich isn't really the error message I was expecting. Home doesn't appear to be mounted noexec, I dunno if there is some other permissions thing preventing me attempting to execute stuff (systemd??)16:33
AlanBellconfigure commands appear to be mostly based on guesswork and googling other people's failed support questions, so far I have:16:34
AlanBell./configure -prefix=/home/phablet/opt/uk.co.libertus.lighttpd -host=arm-linux-gnueabi CC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc  RANLIB=arm-linux-gnueabi-ranlib STRIP=arm-linux-gnueabi-strip --without-zlib --without-bzip2 --without-pcre --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=no16:34
AlanBellI have no clue what most of that means, but after installing a bunch of gcc things like  gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf and gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi it seems to build an arm binary16:35
crazyandroiderso i tried installing ubuntu on android and it didn'[t install I was wondering if anyone can help me, I have dl'ed complete linux installation, android vnc, and terminal emulator. when i click start linux i get an erorr. Unfortunately complete Linux installer has stopped16:48
crazyandroiderI was wondering if anyone can tell me what am i doing wrong?16:48
crazyandroiderI created  ubuntu folder as well16:48
dragonkeepercomplete linux the android app ?16:49
dragonkeeperthis is ubuntu-touch  ask in #android16:50
crazyandroiderubuntu directed me here16:54
crazyandroiderbecause i am trying to install ubuntu on my htc one m816:57
dragonkeepersounds more like an android error than the ubuntu trying to install , prob loopback in kernel16:57
g105bCan I run my app from the SDK straight on the plugged-in device?17:00
bzoltan_g105b:  yes, just enable the development mode on the device and make sure that you have the right Kits in the SDK17:16
crazyandroiderdeveloper's mode is on17:18
g105bNo packaging directory available, please check if the deploy configuration is correct.17:18
g105bbzoltan_: ^^17:18
Se7hello guys17:18
crazyandroideroh i thought bzoltan_ was talking to me17:18
crazyandroidermy bad17:18
ogra_for the brave .... https://plus.google.com/+OliverGrawert/posts/eK5X7voSxRr17:20
Se7a quick question...the circle on my bq phone from yesterday say no data source available17:20
AlanBellSe7: you have to do something like take a photo17:20
ogra_AlanBell, no, then it would tell you still "no photos taken today"17:21
ogra_"no datasource available" is a bug17:21
Se7i did AlanBell..send messages photo call17:22
AlanBellso, not https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1286276 then17:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1286276 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Lock screen whines that "No data sources available" on first use" [Medium,Confirmed]17:22
ogra_might be the usermetrics service is not running17:22
AskUbuntuWhere to get daily news about new Ubuntu Phone apps? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60279617:22
* dragonkeeper stamps on all the bugs 'dam things are everywhere'17:22
Se7so it s a bug17:23
ogra_well, check if the usermetrics service is runninng ...17:23
ogra_ps ax|grep usermetrics17:23
AlanBellogra_: the G+ with theme thing looks really interesting17:23
Se7wait ogra_17:24
ogra_AlanBell, I'm working on integrating zanettis file sharing from the imgur thing as well ...17:24
ogra_so you can share photos directly from the camera app etc17:26
Se7i can t do copy and paste17:26
Se7from phone17:27
AlanBellogra_: sil was trying to do that with soonsnap, and getting rather befuddled by it17:27
Se7but looks like work usermetrics17:27
Se7anyway if it s a bug i have to wait for fixing right?17:29
ChloeWolfieGirlI do love "What you should see: Something less miserable."17:29
Se7i ll see you later guys not big problem anyway :)17:32
g105bWhat HTML5 widget gives the footer-swipe action?17:37
Talustusrsalveti any chance that u are arround ? :)18:34
Se7ogra_, can you pass my the but we talk before so i can subscrive ?18:35
Isotop7When i try to build ubuntu-touch i get errors saying that linux/msm_kgsl.h and linux/msm_ion.h are not found. Can somebody help me?18:36
Talustusthat should be part of the kernelheaders?18:36
Talustusdo u have the proper kernel source Isotop718:40
Isotop7Talustus: How do i know if i got the right one? :D I followed the porting guide, synced to repo, cloned device specific stuff from github to the directories but building fails very early with these errors... :(18:44
Isotop7if i just run make it fails with ~ubuntu/kernel/samsung/jf/include/asm-generic/int-ll64.h:11:29: fatal error: asm/bitsperlong.h: No such file or directory18:53
* dragonkeeper chuckles18:54
Talustusu building for jflte? Isotop718:56
Isotop7for jfltexx precisely, but yeah :)18:56
dragonkeeperbut i had let that die18:56
dragonkeeperits a headache and cell never worked18:57
Isotop7oh okay...i also followed that thread...hoped to give it new try with the new porting guide but if you say its impossible ill turn it down...18:59
dragonkeeperdidnt say impossible just a headache, n stripped parts so it would build18:59
dragonkeeperthat was with 1st port guide though, wish you luck with new one19:00
Talustusits not impossible19:00
Talustusjust needs hughe amount of love19:01
Isotop7okay....im a newbie so i need help :D is there any documentation that you can lead me to? i followed the cm porting guide but i dont feel like i learned much from it :D19:01
Isotop7Also i dont know who to fix the build errors...19:02
dragonkeeperalso booted sailfish on s4 but lib errors all over .  xD19:02
dragonkeeperIsotop7, i have a .zip of UT that boots if u want it but no source code19:04
Isotop7hm...i could give it a try...but im afraid it wont solve my problems.. :/19:05
Isotop7do you know which steps you made in order to build it?19:06
dragonkeepereh, followed port guide as much as possible , stripped out NFC , i remember commenting out some settings stuff in one of the files, then stipping some bits and fixing errors for ages then compiling then spending time looking at logs trying fix parts making rebuilds till i got one that had a gui and wifi . then i started working alot and .... yeah lol19:09
Isotop7oh man :D Sounds like a hell of a time...19:11
Isotop7i would really like to make it happen but im afraid im lacking the knowledge...19:12
Isotop7Talustus: Any ideas which might lead me to a conclusion?19:12
Talustus@ PM Isotop719:13
cotton_Hi everyone ^_^19:15
cotton_I'm writting from my bq Aquarius Ubuntu ed19:16
cotton_ I have one issue with my gmail contacts19:17
cotton_The sync is incomplete19:17
* dragonkeeper swaps his enter key for a full stop 19:18
cotton_I mean, it seems the sync downloaded some of them but the rest are don't19:20
cotton_Sorry for my english19:20
cotton_Any idea? Thanks19:20
dragonkeeperusing wifi on sync ? cotton_19:21
dragonkeepernot sure, mine didnt sync then used wifi . and worked19:23
AskUbuntuHow to reset BQ Ubuntu phone when I break everything? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60283419:24
dragonkeeperIsotop7, PM19:29
PLA1Hi. While uploading a new click HTML5 app I get "CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.". What is that error mean and how do I resolve it? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/upload/19:37
PLA1Here is a screenshot of the click app upload error: http://i.imgur.com/aXXlc7w.png19:38
AskUbuntuHow to "upgrade" BQ phone archives | http://askubuntu.com/q/60284219:50
PLA1Started a fresh upload and now I get "The uploaded package name (pla.play-on-kodi) does not use your namespace (pla)".19:52
PLA1OK. Reversed the name from pla.play-on-kodi to play-on-kodi.pla and it uploaded successfully. Yay!19:56
AskUbuntuWhere is the factory-reset image located on the bq Ubuntu phone | http://askubuntu.com/q/60284720:04
AskUbuntuHow do I backup my Ubuntu Phone? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60285020:04
kapiteinedHi, is there a part of the wiki with info about the technical aspect of touch on the Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition? for example used modem commands, low level acces to the gps etc.20:16
popeykapiteined: not that I've seen20:34
kapiteinedOk, who should i contact to get info on the more lowlevel side of things of touch on the Aquaris ? ( BQ seeems logical )20:36
popeyyou could look at the source of the apps20:36
kapiteinedsure, that is one way to do it. But some info on why the apps are written the way they are would help, in case you want to change something.20:37
nik90kapiteined: well the SDK APIs can be found at developer.ubuntu.com, while the official Qt stuff can be found at their website20:44
kapiteinedOk, that would help. Are there schematics available of the device?20:46
kapiteinedThanks for the pointers, that did get me started!21:14
AskUbuntuQt Multimedia doesn't seem to work on Touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/60289222:06
nhainesThat's all through libhybris.22:34
nhainesOh hey, I was still scrolled up..  :)22:35

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