creppleali1234 We were the kids of farmers and farm workers. Like I said it probably wasn't anything like that in London00:00
ali1234fair enough00:01
daftykinscrepple: what took you down to Jersey then? :)00:01
creppleNow you kow I'm a bumpkin :)00:01
creppledaftykins haha00:01
daftykinsyou don't get as sheltered as me, born and bred rock dweller00:02
creppledaftykins Do you have the usual UK ISPs down on the Island?00:03
daftykinsno sir, #1 telco was Guernsey Telecoms years ago, which then got bought by Cable and Wireless00:03
daftykinsa while back they rebranded to 'Sure' and were bought most recently by a Bahraini company00:03
creppleI know they have terrible coverage on Man00:04
creppleMind you we only just got Fibre here in Worcestershire00:04
daftykinswe also have local reps of Jersey Telecom that operate a second telco - and also an Indian Firm i think operating as 'Airtel Vodafone'00:04
creppleIt's an interesting setup then00:05
daftykinsso that's the main 3 mobile providers, with Sure and JT providing landline + broadband services too00:05
daftykinsbut Sure have all the exchanges so the others only provide services through them, so to speak00:05
daftykinsright now we have 20Mb down 1Mb up ADSL2+ and 40 down 5 up VDSL2+ across the island00:06
creppleDo you have 4G? We don't, not really, allegedly we do but we don't00:06
penguin42daftykins: What does the VDSL2 actually get?00:06
daftykinspenguin42: you mean real world download? gets the full 4MB/sec just fine00:06
daftykinsin fact my phone line syncs at 50/2000:06
creppleIt's still copper but using it better I think, right daftykins?00:07
penguin42daftykins: Interesting, I know a lot of VDSL users on the mainland who never get anywhere near the full rate00:07
daftykinsprobably bad internal phone wiring i'd think in the most case00:07
daftykinscrepple: yeah, copper on the last stretch but might be fibre backed00:07
penguin42daftykins: I know someone getting 10MB down/1MB up - no it's not internal, it's external the existing road wiring and distance from the fibre termination points00:07
daftykinsi think most runs are just short enough to the exchanges to be a decent speed without any roadside cabinet shenanigans00:07
daftykinspenguin42: ah that's unlucky00:08
daftykinsi wonder if they live in one of those nasty areas with copper coated aluminium lines00:08
penguin42daftykins: No, it's just crap BT installations00:08
penguin42not sure if it's CCA or not00:08
ali1234i get 1MB down and 0.1MB up00:08
ali1234on ADSL2+00:09
penguin42ali1234: What is that? Smoke signals?!00:09
daftykinshow do you cope? i'd move :P00:09
creppleWe get 76mb/s according to BT, but right here, going into my computer varies between 40 and 5500:09
ali1234and it's not my internal wiring either00:09
ali1234because i disconnected it all to test00:09
ali1234i just don't have any great need for high speed internet00:10
daftykinswhat's amazing is Jersey used to be ahead of us, but now we have FUP free services and they're lagging behind00:10
daftykinswith all kinds of extra charges for data usage in peak rate hours00:11
creppleali1234 I used to think that, but then I ditched Sky and started relying on IP tv services and I probably do now00:11
ali1234according to the BT estimate i "should" get 2MB down and 0.5MB up00:11
ali12341MB is enough for streaming video00:11
daftykinsso 20/5 megabits?00:11
creppleali1234 Yeah I guess, but there are five people living here (we can't get the kids out)00:12
daftykinsi can barely tolerate sharing with myself00:13
ali1234i only watch tv and films when they are on freeview00:13
creppleIt is nice to be able to download distros in a few minutes - it's made me into a distro hopper of sorts.00:14
creppleali1234 I'm not really the TV watcher. My extravagance is a Pure Contour WiFi radio00:14
daftykinscor yeah i used to hoard downloads on my file server all the time, now i just go straight online00:14
daftykinsunless i already have them of course, i don't hit mirrors repeatedly for the same ISOs :>00:15
ali1234i actually do that00:15
shauno150meg and I'm still a hoarder :/00:15
ali1234i always have to delete ISOs and then end up downloading them again00:15
daftykinsshauno: :D00:16
* daftykins looks at the 10TB RAID00:16
daftykinsin many ways i see my setup as a legacy from the pre-netflix (and its' ilk) era00:16
creppleshauno ali1234 I'm somewhere in the middle. I save the ones I like. I wanted to try Unity Linux but by the time I got around to it, it's dormant - shame - it's a nice idea00:17
shaunonice ideas don't make distros .. the ability to herd cats makes distros00:18
creppleshauno Funny you should say that. An awful lot of stuff doesn't really work in Unity. You'd have to be alot more of a tinkerer than me to live with it00:19
creppleThat's why I stick with the Debian branches, they are very reliable00:20
daftykinsi just don't understand how you find the programs if you don't know their names00:20
daftykinsthe rare times i'm in a unity live session, i feel like i'm in Windows with the Super+R run dialogue box, not knowing the executable names00:20
ali1234not unity desktop00:20
daftykinsbut i've not touched it much to know00:20
ali1234and not the 3d engine either00:21
ali1234but i do agree00:21
daftykinsmy bad :D00:21
creppledaftykins Ah sorry. I meant Unity Linux - based on Mageia - it's another distro - maybe Ubuntu stamped on them for using that name LOL00:21
daftykinsthe game engine but is always confusing me too00:22
daftykinsso that's 3 things with the same name D:00:22
ali1234there are some more00:22
crepplethere was a 70s Jazz group with that name too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Globe_Unity_Orchestra - I liked them :)00:23
creppleOk that's a bit of stretch. They only had Unity in their name :)00:25
ali1234hehe this is proper crazy jazz00:25
ali1234is that guy screaming into a piano?00:26
shaunoI don't see anyone screaming on the wiki page?00:28
daftykinsRay Charles in the Blues Brothers: I'll sell you boys this piano for $1,500... hell i'm so nice, i'll throw in the black keys for free!00:28
ali12342 minutes in00:28
daftykinsthat's an impressive horn00:29
shaunoI wonder if he's plucking the strings or such?00:29
ali1234no, he's just yelling00:29
shaunoit does look like he's been hit with sea sickness though.  odd one.  I think that's a little too "free" for me :)00:29
ali1234later he starts hitting all the keys with a plank00:29
creppleSome very famous jazzers started their00:30
shaunothe sax solo at 3:14 is 'interesting' too00:30
daftykinswow, i've not heard one redeeming note yet00:31
ali1234this is the type of jazz that people think of when they say they don't like jazz00:31
shaunohm, usually I'd be thinking of 'hold music' in such a context00:31
creppleali1234 that's true - I think there's adirect line from their to lightning bolt00:31
daftykinsif you used this as hold music, you'd never get any calls00:32
* daftykins takes notes00:32
shaunoI'm still not sure if that was meant to be a solo, or if everyone else just stopped to stare00:32
creppledaftykins it's real Marmite stuff I know. No conventional musical structure at all. Punk was quite traditional by comparison00:33
daftykinsi love my dads comments on Punk "why do they seem in such a hurry to get the song over?"00:33
creppleI hold my hands up and admit I like some very challenging music :)00:34
creppleI like Otis Redding too though :)00:34
daftykinshmm at 6:15 he's beating all the keys on the piano with a large block of wood00:35
shaunowell, that was interesting.  it made Screamin' Jay Hawkins look .. normal00:35
creppleNowadays I'm more into Theo Parrish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nKzRhhMlaQ I've evolved :)00:36
daftykinsi've stopped at 8:0600:36
daftykinstrying now...00:37
daftykinsi'll say one thing for Globe Unity... my cat didn't leave the room00:37
ali1234well speaking of challenging music, today i discovered The Hell. it's far too profane to even link here. but one of the songs contains the genius lines "if you want my last rolo / me and you go solo / this ain't no turkish delight / let's fight"00:39
creppleMy dog has, but I know she'd gone to bed. She always goes up around this time00:39
creppleali1234 that is clever00:39
creppledaftykins See you thought we were all into flower power back then :)00:40
daftykinsah my parents were much into the metal scene, so i didn't even encounter that side of it00:41
ali1234oh this is a song from 201400:41
creppleThe closest I got to metal was Cream and The Velvets heavy period00:41
creppleJimi Hendrix isn't really metal is he? I was really into his stuff00:42
ali1234it's even funnier that they're making incredibly dated references to 80s advert campaigns that most of their audience have never heard of00:42
daftykinsi always found genre pigeon holing tough :D00:42
daftykinsholing 0o holeing? i don't even...00:43
ali1234metal didn't really exist back then... those guys kind of invented it00:43
creppleTalking of new things. I discovered Darktable and Xara Xtreme today. Are those apps highlighted in the software centre? They should be. I don't see the SC very often. I regressed to xfce00:49
ali1234darktable is00:49
creppleThat's good. It's so good at what it does.00:50
daftykinswhat are these? :)00:51
creppleAnd I'm sorry to say but Xara is better than Inkscape, in most ways. Nothing is better in every way of course.00:51
creppleGraphics apps00:51
penguin42crepple: Does Xara still work?00:52
penguin42it's years since I've heard of it00:52
penguin42I think the code was originally from Artworks on the Archimedes wasn't it?00:52
penguin42or at least the guys who did it00:52
creppleMight well be00:52
creppleIt's very new to me00:52
penguin42it's been around for decades but never really looked finished to me00:53
creppleI suppose something is good if it does what you need at the time. So it was good for me00:54
creppleI was just reading the history penguin42 - I think you're right00:54
penguin42crepple: Artworks was pretty incredible for pretty graphical stuff - lots of fine shading etc on vector designs;00:55
crepplepenguin42 it's dispiriting in one way. It hasn't been updated since 2008 and yet the tracing is so much better than Inkscape; it really shouldn't be00:58
penguin42crepple: The guys who did it were pretty good, I guess if you can figure out the algorithm and port to inkscape a lot of people would be happy00:59
crepplepenguin42 I'd like that. I feel an affinity to Inkscape. I donated to them once or twice01:00
daftykinsargh here we are one hour ahead now, clocks changed01:01
shaunooh sneaky beggars01:02
creppleDamn. I forgot that. I really ought to go to bed.01:02
daftykinsg'night sir o/01:02
zmoylan-piearly start changing all the clocks around the house.. :-)01:02
shaunonah.  that's for stuff that worship at the temple of old & crusty.  I don't have anything that doesn't do itself :)01:03
daftykinsi have a fridge and an oven that most likely will be disagreeing01:04
daftykinssomehow the fridge always races ahead in only a week, too01:04
shaunowhy on earth does your fridge have a clock?01:04
daftykinsyeah, i wondered that01:04
daftykinsworse yet, i was there late at night once and saw it actually marquee scrolling the date01:04
daftykinswhich as i'd never seen it had one, was set to 198001:05
zmoylan-pii have an old vcr that i haven't disposed off yet that gets the date and time from teletext.  however it checks once a week at 12am.  so it's wrong for a week when the clocks shift01:06
penguin42it gets it from teletext ? You've still got teletext?01:09
daftykinsyeah isn't that all dead?01:10
zmoylan-pino, when i bought it 15+ years ago it did.  no analog signal here anymore.  haven't had a tv to connect it to for about 5 years01:10
zmoylan-pii do miss teletext though as it was a fairly decent service01:11
zmoylan-pilots of information onhand for no datacharges01:11
daftykinsi used to hate the way you'd pick a page and it seemed to always hit the one after, then take a while to cycle through the 100 again :>01:11
penguin42yes and it was much more per page than the current system01:12
daftykinsremember those "infobursts" they used to broadcast at the end of programs, especially nature ones? :)01:12
zmoylan-piand hoping your freezeframe of it would be readable01:12
daftykinshead cleaning tapes at the ready01:13
zmoylan-pior finding someone has taped over the last few minutes of a show...01:14
daftykinsi bet my old man would still be trying to record films now if they had things wired up right01:14
penguin42I think my dad still does01:18
zmoylan-pia proper top loading 80s vcr? :-)01:21
daftykinsmy parents early JVC was a formidable thing, i can still hear its' series of noises as it went through the motions of most commands01:22
daftykinsprobably still working today too01:22
shaunostill banging on this api thing.  having no idea what I'm going isn't always a good thing :/01:41
daftykinsyou can do it!02:00
shaunoI've finally got to the point where it loads the playlist into a page.  and clicking on a track plays it.02:12
shaunoI woudl say 'baby steps', but thanks to the current obsession with getting 'code' into schools, even toddlers laugh at my attempts at python02:13
daftykinsdon't worry, if you knew my coding experience you'd cry blood tears02:21
shaunohm.  I'm blaming the time change for it being 5am03:56
mapppshi all04:00
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daftykinsshauno: totally04:03
daftykinssaw it at 1am but they can prove nothing!04:03
mappsstill not got this proxypass working04:03
mappsand i really dont see why..ive read the mod_proxy and proxypass pages04:03
mappshttp://parrots.zapto.org is the site .. qwebirc running on the same host on 9090 localhost:9090 - setup a ProxyPass /qweb http:/localhost:9090 and also ProxyPassReverse /qweb http://localhost:909004:04
mappsany ideas?:(04:04
daftykinsi don't have a clue what that is04:05
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:39
SuperEngineerYestrday morning I realised the new Formula1.com live timing no longer requires java... yesterday afternoon I finally removed java from my pooter... I feel so clean!!09:43
* penguin42 yaaaawwwwnnnns - who stole our hour!11:35
knightwiseafternoon peeps12:51
* penguin42 yawns at knightwise12:51
knightwisehey penguin42 , how are you dude !12:54
* penguin42 still trying to wake up at 2pm :-)12:55
knightwisehaha .. thats rich12:55
knightwisebeen playing around with the 15.04 beta12:55
penguin42yeh that's running on here12:56
knightwisewant to see if I can get the NEXT interface working on my Surface pro 1 ,12:56
penguin42openstep or something?12:57
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knightwisewell ,if possible , the touch/windowed interface13:06
SebsebsebbPopey ping13:24
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ENRUwhat is the command to show hidden startup applications15:49
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ChloeWolfieGirlMeow m16:44
ChloeWolfieGirlI meant to backspace and delete, pressed enter... oh well16:44
MartijnVdSalso, hu16:45
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zmoylan-pictrl-a ctrl-e and ctrl-u are your friends for console based irc clients :-)16:54
* ChloeWolfieGirl uses Xchat-Gnome irc17:30
diddledanhas something changed at any point to cause /etc/init.d scripts that are symlinked into /etc/rc3.d (and others) correctly using `update-rc.d foo defaults` or similar incantation to fail to start on reboob?19:36
diddledanit seems it just doesn't start hhvm for e.g.19:36
diddledan(hhvm is shipped from upstream in .deb packages with /etc/init.d script and not /etc/init script)19:37
daubersSomeone put the kettle on19:43
diddledandid they?19:43
daubersPlease can someone do so19:43
dauberspls be delivering me tea pls19:44
daubersmuch thanks19:44
* diddledan throws tea at daubers 19:46
dauberswhat a waste of good tea19:46
daubersWhat are you? American?19:46
diddledanno they just dump it in the sea19:47
zmoylan-piif it's tea in pressed brick format it's still usable19:47
shaunoI mounted my camera on my roomba because I was bored.  now I have to mop under the couches :(19:48
zmoylan-pibut you now have sentry #1...19:49
zmoylan-pijust a few scripts to send images to your email if it detects movement...19:52
shaunoit more had me thinking I need to mount a duster ontop of the roomba so it can reach the skirting boards19:55
zmoylan-pia spinning feather duster as it moves along the boundaries20:03
daftykinsshauno: did y'see the tale of the poor Korean lass that had her hair eaten by one?20:08
daftykinsshe unwittingly had a nap on the floor whilst the little guy was on patrol20:08
daftykinscue robotic: "OM NOM NOM"20:09
diddledanshauno: what about a spinning blade of doom?20:10
diddledandaftykins: if only it had had a spinning blade of doom!20:11
daftykinsdiddledan: Indiana Jones and the Roomba of doom20:12
zmoylan-piadd a self righting mechanism and robot wars can have a whole new class roomba warriors...20:13
daftykinsdoubles up with cleaning the arena floor, magic20:13
* daftykins installs Windows 10 TP build 10041 20:14
daftykinsugh at not being available as an ISO20:14
shaunoI dunno about spinning .. I want it to pick stuff up, not chuck it :)20:15
diddledanbut blade of dooooom!20:16
shaunono blades .. it's at cable-height  lol20:16
diddledaneven more fun20:16
daftykinsfor anyone that watches Archer, i'm suddenly seeing a connection between diddledan and Krieger20:17
* daftykins squints20:17
daftykinsactions which have not been my best moments: aiming my laptops fan vent toward my thermostat 0o20:20
zmoylan-pileaving floppies on stereo speakers o/20:26
zmoylan-pii had left my audio cassettes with spectrum games there all the time20:48
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daftykinsdiddledan: can you draw a recycle bin? https://www.dropbox.com/s/96x7rs3f9kx61kr/win10.PNG?dl=022:43
m0nkey_are them the new icons on Windows 10?22:44
daftykinsm0nkey_: yeah, thus far at least. given it's a tech preview and subject to change23:23

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