floWenoL"You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for" getting this message and not being prompted when trying to sign with gpg00:01
Basketballbekks, how do i do the bash script though00:01
bekksBasketball: Create it?00:02
Basketballi already have the bash00:02
Basketballhow do i make it run00:02
bekksMake it executable and run it.00:02
Basketballbekks, i want the live cd to autorun it when it is done00:02
Basketballas it installs more things00:02
bekksBasketball: As I said, I never messed with cds for customized installations.00:03
Basketballhey in ubuntu customization kit when i click run console application it says none found00:13
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michaelgamblehey does anyone knwo if thier is anything more user freindly then using sixaxis for connecting ps3 controllers to an ubuntu box with blue tooth00:16
michaelgamblei was able to do it no problem, but its a bit difficult for my wife to have her typing in terminal commands lol00:16
michaelgambleeither that or a recommendation on soemthjing a little more plug and play i can get for her00:16
daftykinswrite her a script00:17
michaelgamblei suppose i could do that00:17
michaelgamblethats not a bad idea00:17
bekks!info uck00:17
ubottuuck (source: uck): Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.7-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 145 kB, installed size 441 kB00:17
huigEric^^: now i have copied the stuff i need..what should i do now?change the mode?00:18
cluelesspersonHey guys, when installing ubuntu from USB, the GRUB keeps getting installed to the USB instead of the hard drive00:18
cluelesspersonAs you can imagine, this is really freaking ANNOYING.00:18
cluelesspersonany way around it?00:18
EriC^^huig, yes change the type00:18
EriC^^cluelessperson, in the installer's Something else menu for partitioning choose the bootloader's location at the bottom00:19
michaelgambleit seems i may not even need sixaxis to use the controller through usb00:19
michaelgamblemaybe thats my simple solution00:19
daftykinsmichaelgamble: yeah wired'd go fine i'm sure00:19
cluelesspersonEriC^^, Ah, maybe I missed that, I'll try again.  Thanks.00:19
michaelgambleill get a really long cable lol00:19
michaelgamblecant really screw up “plug it in"00:20
svetlanamichaelgamble: fair enough :-)00:20
EriC^^cluelessperson, hold on a sec00:20
huigEriC^^: done00:20
michaelgamblei am a bit suprised no one has taken something like sixaxis further i guess00:20
michaelgamblemaking it a little more point and click00:21
cluelesspersonEriC^^, At work, I had to revert to burning and installing via CD for it to work.00:21
michaelgambleprobably not a huge demadn i suppose00:21
michaelgambleoh while im here00:21
cluelesspersonbut with usb, it always defaults grub to usb's root, not hdd00:21
michaelgamblebest recommendation on running ubuntu or soemthing similar entirely off of a usb?00:21
michaelgamblein terms of OS flavour00:22
cluelesspersonmichaelgamble, for what purpose?00:22
EriC^^huig, did you write it?00:22
cluelesspersonmichaelgamble, Ubuntu does fine.00:22
michaelgamblei tried ubuntu a few times its a bit heavy for the purpose00:22
huigEriC^^: yep, if i look at the type using sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda it is 830000:22
cluelesspersonmichaelgamble, tiny linux. :P00:22
michaelgambleim thinking something light weight with a gui that i can pop into multiple machines00:22
EriC^^huig, ok, try rebooting00:23
huigEriC^^: nothing, same problem, no bootable device00:24
michaelgambleis tiny linux the one that is specifc to running off usbs?00:24
EriC^^huig, i think the upgrade erased ubuntu's efi file in the efi partition00:24
michaelgamblei was researching it a while ago and i remember thier was one with a gui that was specificly geared to run on usbs00:25
EriC^^huig, do you have a live usb?00:25
huigEriC^^: i can try using efibootmgr to try to boot the others partitions before booting mac osx00:25
svetlanamichaelgamble: no00:26
huigEriC^^: yeah, i have been using the live usb all this time00:26
michaelgambleim thinking it was puppy linux maybe?00:26
EriC^^huig, ok give it a shot00:26
svetlanamichaelgamble: knoppix is aso dedicated to running off usbs for example00:26
michaelgambleany one in praticular you might recommend trying first?00:26
svetlanamichaelgamble: there's a lot of them and ubuntu can also do the job fine unless the computer is so slow and old that it falls over on ubuntu's funny desktop things00:26
Daniel_there's different puppy linuxes that run off USB00:27
michaelgamblecool well ill check those out00:27
michaelgamblei have tried ubuntu on a fairly decent laptop off of usb, and ran into issues wiht paging choking out00:27
bekksmichaelgamble: That will happen with every linux.00:28
michaelgamblewhich is fine didnt really need it, just default config for ubuntu was a bit clunky on usb00:28
michaelgamble(coming from a lazy perspective)00:28
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huigEriC^^: it booted mac osx, so it could't boot the other partitions00:29
EriC^^huig, ok boot the live usb00:29
huigEric^^: done00:30
cjanikdevanyone know why my wifi keeps disconnecting?00:30
cjanikdevor how i can fix it?00:31
EriC^^ok type sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt00:31
svetlanacjanikdev: check dmesg00:31
cjanikdevi'm a very ignorant child00:31
huigEriC^^: done00:32
EriC^^huig, ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi00:32
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huigEriC^^: mount: mount point /mnt/boot/efi does not exist00:33
EriC^^huig, it's the ubuntu installation though right?00:34
huigEriC^^: in /mnt/boot i see grub but not efi00:34
EriC^^ok, type sudo mkdir /mnt/boot/efi00:35
cjanikdevanybody know why my I keep disconnecting from wifi or how I can fix it?00:35
cjanikdevf**k i'm stupid00:35
huigEriC^^: done creating efi and done with mounting dev/sda1 in efi00:35
EriC^^huig, ok type ls -l /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu00:36
huigEric^^: no such file or directory00:37
huigin ./EFI/ there is APPLE BOOT tools00:38
EriC^^huig, ok, type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done00:38
daftykinsEriC^^: i knew you were the person for the job!00:38
daftykinsso did that Yosemite upgrade nuke the partitions?00:39
huigEriC^^: done00:39
EriC^^daftykins, it's pretty odd the ubuntu efi dir is gone00:39
EriC^^huig, type sudo chroot /mnt00:40
daftykinssounds like Apple :>00:40
huigEriC^^: before typing the last command you told me, the one about the loop for. find ./EFI | grep ubuntu only outputted something related with .png, the name tells they are icons.. (in case it helps)00:41
huigEriC^^: done00:41
EriC^^huig, ok00:41
EriC^^huig, ok type dpkg -l | grep grub00:42
EriC^^huig, is grub-efi installed?00:42
huigEriC^^: i have no idea, i installed ubuntu, it booted with the boot manager of mac osx, although when i choosed ubuntu, grup appeared and i could choose ubuntu or mac osx00:44
huigEriC^^: the command did output something..what do u want of that output?00:45
huigor was it only to see if something appeared?00:45
EriC^^huig, ok, check if grub-efi is there00:45
EriC^^it might be grub-efi-amd64-signed00:45
huigEriC^^: i see grub-common, grub-gfxpayload-lists, grub-pc-bin, grub2-common00:46
huignot grub-efi00:46
EriC^^ok, i was thinking so00:46
EriC^^cause you don't have a /boot/efi dir and osx couldn't have removed that00:47
EriC^^it's a weird franken setup00:47
huigso what do i do now?00:47
EriC^^you have grub-pc ( legacy )00:47
EriC^^i have no idea00:48
huigEriC^^: grub-pc i have00:48
EriC^^you installed ubuntu after you had osx there?00:48
EriC^^just a standard ubuntu install, standard iso?00:49
huigand i installed an osx manager00:49
huigan osx boot manager00:49
EriC^^did ubuntu boot after the install?00:49
huigyeah, i choosed it from the boot manager provided by mac osx00:49
EriC^^ok and the osx boot manager you installed was optional?00:51
EriC^^i mean it booted without it?00:51
huigEriC^^: maybe it is easier if i reinstall ubuntu..i don't know if i can install it in that partition though00:51
EriC^^huig, if you're willing to take the risk, you could reinstall grub-pc00:52
EriC^^i imagine that's what the installer did when you installed ubuntu00:52
huigEriC^^: it is optional, if not installed when powering on the pc you have to press the option key to choose the device to boot from00:52
EriC^^oh ok00:52
cjanikdevanybody know why I keep disconnecting from my wifi or how I can fix it?00:52
huigEriC^^: having the stuff i need i don't mind reinstalling ubuntu, if i can install it in that partition..you think i could?00:53
EriC^^what about the osx stuff?00:54
EriC^^you could try to just reinstall grub, but i'm not sure about it so it's up to you00:54
huigEriC^^: the osx stuff boots alright, i only lost ubuntu stuff but now i copied it so i have it. if you are not sure about reinstalling grub i am not taking the risk00:56
huigEriC^^: how can i know if i can rewrite the partition where ubuntu was and install a new distro there?00:56
EriC^^huig, in the installer just select Something else, and then select that partition and edit the mountpoint to "/" and click on the format checkbox00:57
EriC^^huig, it'll format it and install ubuntu there00:57
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huigEriC^^: ok, archlinux, ubuntu or debian? what do u suggest00:58
EriC^^depends and it's pretty subjective00:59
Nokajigood folk of ubuntu land I have a question, as a ubuntu newbie, where should I focus my efforts initially so I can get to grips with the more technial and power-user type aspects?01:00
huigEriC^^: i know it is pretty subjective, i have been using Ubuntu for months and i like it, but i am curious for trying out new things01:00
huigso be subjective please haha01:00
bodhi_zazenhuig, use KVM and boot a few live images01:00
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cluelesspersonEriC^^, So I'm sitting at this partiioning method screen01:01
cluelesspersonwhat options do you suggest?01:01
EriC^^huig, well try arch01:01
huigEriC^^: why do u suggest arch?01:02
ObrienDaveit makes you work to keep it running01:02
daftykinsNokaji: tough call. do the free Linux intro course LFS101 from edx.org01:03
EriC^^well it's a nice experience, you'll have to install everything so you'll learn a lot, plus it's really clean and it boots in like 4secs systemd is nuts01:03
Nokajigreat, thanks daftykins01:04
Amm0nObrienDave, i just upgrade a one year neglegted arch and it just runs..01:05
EriC^^yeah it doesn't really have problems that way, but you have to setup up everything even syntax highlighting in nano isn't enabled etc. etc.01:07
cjanikdevAmm0n, would you happen to have any insight on how I can fix my wifi situation? xP01:07
huigEric^^: i use vim, would not have problems with nano haha01:09
EriC^^huig, you'd have to install it though :P it's not installed by default01:10
Amm0ncjanikdev, start over here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide01:10
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cjanikdevthank you01:10
ObrienDaveAmm0n, way too much work for me ;P01:11
huigEriC^^: yeah, that isn't an issue, normally vi is default but vim isn't01:12
EriC^^huig, yeah, anyways give it a go, or maybe resize the partition and leave some for arch01:12
huigEriC^^: i will try it, thanks EriC^^, you have been of great help!01:13
EriC^^fwiw it uses like 2gb installed with some programs and the memory consumption is really really low, like 350mb with chrome open01:13
huigarch has gcc, g++ and python by default?01:14
EriC^^i think it comes with the base-devel package01:15
cluelesspersonEriC^^, I couldn't find a grub option, same stuff is occurring01:17
EriC^^cluelessperson, when you boot what happens?01:17
EriC^^huig, i mean when you install you can install base + base-devel and it has gcc and the rest01:18
Amm0nhuig, read https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/arch_compared_to_other_distributions01:19
huigi suppose if you install base you can the download what you need for gcc and the rest right?01:20
huigAmm0n: right there, reading it, thanks!01:20
EriC^^huig, yeah, but you need that meta package for making packages from the AUR, it's like build-essential01:21
OerHeksi would start with the metapackage build-essentials01:21
EriC^^cluelessperson, did you select the bootloader location at the bottom in the installer?01:24
AkashicLegendhow do I move hidden files using mv01:29
EriC^^AkashicLegend, they are exactly the same thing01:30
EriC^^mv .file <destination>01:30
AkashicLegendhmm I tried that it didn't work01:31
AkashicLegendlet me try again01:31
bekksWhat was the exact command you used?01:31
AkashicLegendoh I think I know what happened01:31
AkashicLegendI didn't check the destination file with ls -a01:32
AkashicLegendyeah it's there01:32
bekksThats not necessary, since (having sufficient permissions) you will overwrite it.01:32
cluelesspersonEriC^^, Alright, I finally got this to boot up, with USB01:44
cluelesspersonEriC^^, but the grub is on the USB01:45
cluelesspersonEriC^^, How do I fix this?01:45
EriC^^cluelessperson, boot the live usb01:45
cluelesspersonEriC^^, I mean it's booted fine now, into the server01:46
EriC^^oh ok01:46
cluelesspersonEriC^^, how do I fix grub?01:46
EriC^^type sudo parted -l01:46
EriC^^type sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo parted -l | pastebinit01:47
cluelesspersonEriC^^, The HDD is SDA I think01:47
cluelesspersonEriC^^, paste.ubuntu.com/1069880901:53
Kage`Would this be a proper channel to ask about bridge networking help in Ubuntu?01:54
Kage`Not sure..01:54
EriC^^cluelessperson, ok, type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt01:56
excelsiorano swap, what do I do?01:56
cluelesspersonEriC^^, ?  isn't it already mounted?  the server is running now01:56
EriC^^oh right01:57
excelsiorasee output of free: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10698823/01:57
EriC^^just type sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda01:57
EriC^^then sudo update-grub01:57
excelsiorano swap!01:57
EriC^^excelsiora, do you have a swap partition?01:58
OerHeksexcelsiora, logical, if you have an encrypted system01:58
EriC^^type sudo swapon01:58
cluelesspersonEriC^^,  I did  sudo grub-install /dev/sda01:59
cluelesspersonand then sudo update-grub01:59
EriC^^ok, try rebooting01:59
cluelesspersonEriC^^, works without USB01:59
cluelesspersonEriC^^,  in the past when I did this, the server updated and reverted back to needing usb01:59
Amm0nno chroot /mnt before?02:01
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[Ex0r]Hmm, how does one get adware/malware on linux?02:03
Amm0n[Ex0r], https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware :P02:05
AkashicLegendI'm running an image of ubuntu on vmplayer. everything is smooth but there is no internet02:06
AkashicLegenddo you guys know what could be wrong?02:06
excelsioraOerHeks: so what do I do?02:08
cluelesspersonAkashicLegend, vms sometiems have issues with network drivers02:11
cluelesspersonAkashicLegend, look into that02:11
cluelesspersonAkashicLegend, use as generic network drivers as possible.02:12
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AkashicLegendI guess. I have a fedora image that works fine so maybe the issue are drivers.02:12
Amm0nexcelsiora, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq02:15
svetlana[Ex0r]: by leaving the system online without updates installed mostly02:16
svetlana[Ex0r]: sometimes by giving access to it to people who compromise it in some way02:16
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Amm0nAkashicLegend, maybe you need to setup a static ip in your guest02:16
svetlana[Ex0r]: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Linuxvirus & https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSecurityTools contain a list of malware which can run on ubuntu (and how it got there), and tools to monitor for it02:19
Zennwhere do I get 15.04?02:20
svetlanaZenn: #ubuntu+1 topic should have some hints, it's not released yet and i have no idea02:21
Zennwindows sucks man02:22
Zennit slows the shit down of my laptop.. for apparently no reason.02:23
Zennwell this are my pc status02:25
* Zenn ** SysInfo ** Client: HexChat 2.10.2 (x86) ** OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro ** CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00GHz (1.00 GHz) ** RAM: 3036 MB Total (1586 MB Free) ** VGA: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series ** Uptime: 9.92 Hours **02:25
daftykinsZenn: keep the language family friendly, we have no interests in your PC spec - and 15.04 isn't out yet.02:28
verdePat least he is being positive :D02:29
svetlanaZenn: welcome.. i usually go with whatever is already released, it's got some bugs taken out at least (before release the system goes through thorough testing)02:30
Zennwell Im sure 15.04 is fairly stable02:31
Zennunless Im wrong02:31
svetlanaZenn: of course you can go ahead and test, it could be nice way to learn stuff. but beta tester is not the usual way to start out :p02:31
Zennyou guys are so nice.02:31
Zennanyway Im quite scared to check bank related on my laptop which run windows somehow after having a virus protection the laptop still got infected with some spyware02:32
svetlanafair enough.. i personally do banking from a live cd02:33
daftykinsZenn: doesn't matter, 15.04 isn't final yet and is only on-topic in #ubuntu+102:33
svetlanajust in case (so that my otherwise daily usage doesn't kick in the writable medium -- livecd is a readonly cd)02:33
daftykinshowever feel free to consider installing a supported long-term-support edition, such as 14.0402:33
Zennuh can I ask something the fact that Im using 15.04 does it auto updates daily with the system updater?02:34
daftykinstake it to the #ubuntu+1 channel please.02:34
svetlana(mind, if i can avoid banking online, i avoid it. i abuse money orders etc as i don't like sending data over the internet if i don't have to)02:34
daftykinsdata over the internet? ;)02:34
Zenndaftykins, Im just asking if the operating system will be updated.02:34
svetlanaZenn, people are getting a little repetitive & upset.. yes it has an update channel, but i don't remember how it works02:35
daftykinsyou're doing it right now to send these messages02:35
svetlanathat's the sort of data i like to send, not the banking kind :)02:35
Zennlike 14.10 -> 15.0402:35
daftykinsZenn: yep and i'd rather you continue your convo in the appropriate channel thanks. it's not too much to ask.02:35
* Zenn has downloaded 14.10 and dartykins keep telling me to go to another channel02:35
svetlanaZenn, after release itd shift to next unstable thing (15.10) and you'd keep sitting in the alpha testers room for another few months if i'm not mistaken02:36
daftykinsyeah utopic will be upgradeable to vivid02:36
svetlanaand yes, once its out any stable release users wil be able to update to 15.1002:36
svetlanathat's correct02:36
svetlanaer to 15.04 first02:36
daftykinsZenn: odd, you said you're running 15.04 a minute ago - your story keeps changing :)02:36
svetlanahe isnt running 1504 yet02:36
svetlanahes considering02:36
daftykinsvery bad wording then02:37
Zennnope I got a 14.10 here. just wondering if it going to update 15.04 or do I need to download separately when the time comes like you know you cant upgrade windows 7 to windows 8 etc02:37
svetlanait'll upgrade for you, it'll offer you the major release upgrade02:37
Zennthat's something Im worrued about.02:37
Zennuh this is great.02:37
svetlanaand it's normally seamless & easy02:37
svetlanai've done such major release upgrade about 5 times now02:38
svetlanawhen you do it, take time to read release notes - they're important for the upgrade process02:38
svetlanait'll offer you to read them too02:38
dysfunct1onalSo I set up a new install of Ubuntu, being that it is retarded I have no root password, it did not create an /etc/passwd entry for my regular user02:38
dysfunct1onalso i have no login shell02:38
dysfunct1onali know how to manually create that entry02:39
dysfunct1onalbut i have no idea how to get to it02:39
ZennI have been looking at some videos tutorials, It is quite sick02:39
daftykinsdysfunct1onal: doesn't sound like a normal setup to me, what kind of setup is this?02:39
daftykinsdysfunct1onal: you don't have root in ubuntu no, so if you have a problem with that perhaps you should be using a different distro02:39
dysfunct1onali dont know much about ubuntu, I thought none of them came with root passwords by default02:40
daftykinsthere is no root password, indeed02:40
svetlanaZenn: well if you have issues or concerns about it, it would be nice to ask after it's out (which is when everyone would already know the release notes and some common questions about the upgrade)02:40
EriC^^dysfunct1onal, you have root privileges02:40
svetlanaZenn: otherwise it's hard to be helpful02:40
EriC^^dysfunct1onal, sudo is installed and you're in the sudo group02:40
dysfunct1onalhow do you fix retarded issues like this with no root password02:40
Zennalright mate ^^02:40
dysfunct1onaltheres no login shell for the regular user02:40
svetlanaZenn: :) i'm waiting for it as well02:40
daftykinsdysfunct1onal: stop throwing that word around.02:40
dysfunct1onalthere is no /etc/passwd entry02:40
EriC^^dysfunct1onal, the installer creates a user02:40
dysfunct1onali know how to create one manually but i have no idea HOW to get to be able to02:41
svetlanawhat does it log you in, if not a shell02:41
EriC^^boot into the recovery mode02:41
EriC^^but your story doesn't make sense02:41
dysfunct1onalit doesnt log you in02:41
svetlana(i think it logs you into something basic from where you can start a shell) ah ok02:41
EriC^^drop to a root shell02:41
dysfunct1onalit wont, you have no /etc/passwd entry02:41
svetlanathanks EriC^^02:41
Zennanyway I remember that was a bug no idea if that was fixed if you press the caps lock too fast it appears to have not register the key so the next Letter will be like this HI the rather than Hi the02:41
daftykinsdysfunct1onal: are you logged in as the standard user, yes or no?02:41
EriC^^you dont need a passwd entry, you just have to not have set a root password02:41
dysfunct1onalcant login no02:42
svetlanaZenn, thatd be hardware specific, if you look it up on launchpad you'll find whether it was fixed or not02:42
dysfunct1onalyou do need a passwd entry02:42
daftykinswhy not? you should have chosen a username during install02:42
EriC^^dysfunct1onal, is this a server?02:42
dysfunct1onalthat gives you your login shell02:42
daftykinsso this sounds like a non-standard setup, explain02:42
daftykinsis this a VPS? a physical system you just installed from USB/DVD?02:42
dysfunct1onalevery user HAS to have a /etc/passwd entry02:43
daftykinshelp us... to help you02:43
dysfunct1onalor no login02:43
dysfunct1onalits a friends system02:43
Zennsvetlana, you mean it has not been fixed yet? what was the issue?02:43
daftykinsstop harping on about passwd and answer the above02:43
dysfunct1onalhe installed it normally02:43
svetlanaZenn, type your kb name or computer name, it may have been fixed outside of launchpad as well, if you already have the bug then there's nothing to loose by the upgrade anyway... once the upgrade is over you could come back to this question and folks would help you troubleshoot it (or I can ask few questions now if you like btu  I risk wasting time on something that's already fixed)02:43
daftykinsright, friends system - of what? ubuntu (what version?) desktop?02:43
dysfunct1onalit just installed incorrectly02:43
daftykinsso re-do it02:43
dysfunct1onalultimate edition, basically yes ubuntu02:43
daftykinsultimate? there's no such thing02:43
EriC^^ultimate edition02:43
Zennkb name or computer name?02:44
daftykinsmy troll alarm is going off02:44
dysfunct1onali dont personally use a system that comes without the ability to do administration like this02:44
EriC^^dysfunct1onal, try down arrow left arrow left arrow block02:44
dysfunct1onalthis is ridiculous02:44
daftykinsdysfunct1onal: if it didn't install right, then you can't keep moaning about how the OS works 'cause clearly it didn't install right... so reinstall.02:44
EriC^^for the friendship fatality02:44
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dysfunct1onalyeah hes not going to reinstall after all that time02:45
daftykins'all that time'02:45
dysfunct1onalbut i have to seriously question not giving root access for problems like this02:45
svetlanasorry yes, ultimate edition is a remix of ubuntu, it's not ubuntu itself02:45
daftykinsjust how long has 'your friend' been using a computer that can't be logged into?02:45
svetlanai suspect ultimate edition folks have their own support channel02:45
dysfunct1onalim training to be a sys admin, id never want such a setup02:45
dysfunct1onalthanks anyway i guess02:46
svetlanaZenn: search for both kb model and computer model02:46
daftykinshmm i don't recall if that one is supported in here02:46
dysfunct1onalill stick with debian wheezy02:46
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:46
daftykinswhat an absolute idiot02:46
svetlanadaftykins: i have trouble catching up.. was that cause root user doesn't have a passwd entry?02:47
AkashicLegendkk I fix the problem02:47
AkashicLegendI had to setup the network adapters02:47
EriC^^svetlana, he came he rant he left02:47
AkashicLegendI had to many adapters on at once, vpn and other things that messed it up02:47
daftykinssvetlana: not this distro, not our problem02:47
svetlanadaftykins: yes about ultimate i got that by a web search.. i didn't get the problem the folk was trying to raise about users though, the way he put it was beyond my scope02:48
Zennsvetlana, are you saying it is a hardware issue?02:48
EriC^^svetlana, he was saying it didn't create a user when he installed02:48
EriC^^bad iso maybe, who knows02:48
daftykinssvetlana: sorry, passing on confused peoples problems is above my paygrade02:49
daftykinswent in the nutjob pile for me pretty quick.02:49
AkashicLegendtrust problem after problem with this image I downloaded02:49
daftykinsanyone who can't handle 'sudo' generally does :P02:49
AkashicLegendI'm trying to install tree but it says it can't find the package02:49
svetlanaZenn: drivers are the software that's responsible for correct work of your hardware -- i suspect it might be a driver issue or a keyboard shortcut config issue.. i would search for it on the trackers of ubuntu and of the relevant driver, and look up the computer model on the ubuntu hardware compatibility page02:49
AkashicLegendhow do I fix the repositories02:49
Zennsvetlana, http://askubuntu.com/questions/574740/caps-lock-delay02:49
AkashicLegendon ubuntu02:49
EriC^^!info tree02:50
daftykinsAkashicLegend: what image?02:50
ubottutree (source: tree): displays an indented directory tree, in color. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0-1 (utopic), package size 35 kB, installed size 118 kB02:50
svetlanaAkashicLegend: what's the problem02:50
ParSaliansudo add-apt-repository02:50
AkashicLegendI got it off osboxes02:50
EriC^^AkashicLegend, you have to enable the universe repository02:50
ParSaliandont know the repo02:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1376903 in xserver-xorg-input-keyboard (Ubuntu) "Caps lock delay" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:50
svetlanaZenn: err ok.. good find :) this has no milestone set, i'm reading it to understand why02:51
daftykinsAkashicLegend: got *what* ?02:51
AkashicLegendthe image02:52
daftykinsimage of WHAT02:52
Zennsvetlana, it is a known bug for ages02:52
Zennno one seems to be able to fix it too02:52
daftykinsoh sweet Tux why do you send these people02:52
=== Mobutils_ is now known as Mobutils
svetlanaZenn: i would kill Xorg and test for the issue again to isolate it02:53
Zennkill xorg?02:53
svetlanait's reported as a Xorg bug but there's no evidence for that02:53
svetlanacategoriing & triaging it properly could help to resolve it quicker02:53
Zennisnt ubuntu going make a switch fromm xorg in the future?02:53
AkashicLegendwow dafty, the image of ubuntu02:53
svetlanayes. I'm not sure whether just switching to a virtua console (ctrl+alt+f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,f6; f7 orf8 back to gui) is a good way to escape xorg02:54
daftykinsAkashicLegend: what's wrong with the official mirrors?02:54
Zennbrb later02:54
daftykinsAkashicLegend: i'm trying to establish if you're using some kind of non-standard modified distro instead of standard official.02:54
EriC^^Zenn, http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/02:55
AkashicLegendoh I see02:55
svetlanaZenn: i think the upgrade wouldn't force you to uninstall X and instal Wayland even when their defaults change. they respect your list of installed software.02:55
AkashicLegendwell I am adding the universal repository and doing an update02:55
AkashicLegendI'll see if that fixes the problem02:55
Zennyeah that Eric mir is suppose to replace xorg02:55
svetlanaor mir.. but they'll respect and support Xorg (as in,it'll still be in the repos and still continue to receive updates)02:56
Finetundrais there a good place to ask questions about lxqt?02:56
Zennwhy has xorg has not fixed the bug yet then?02:56
AkashicLegendyeah it fixed the problem02:57
AkashicLegendthanks guys02:57
ParSalianFinetundra: have you tried #lxqt02:57
nicomachushi guys, I bought a USB wireless adapter for my laptop (NIC going out), but I'm having some trouble activating it.02:58
svetlanaZenn: because it's probably not an xorg bug, and whoever filed it didn't include hardware details02:58
Zennpossible if I refile it?02:58
nicomachusit comes with an installation mini-disc that has linux instructions and a shell script for automatic install, but the shell script won't run.02:58
EriC^^nicomachus, what does it say when you try to run it?02:58
svetlanaZenn: more like possible if you add a comment to the existing bug and incude more detais (what hardware, does it work ok in virtual console)02:59
nicomachusEriC^^: nothing happens at all.02:59
nicomachusI set it as executable, and nautilus is set to allow scripts.02:59
EriC^^nicomachus, you have to run it from the terminal02:59
nicomachusI also tried executing it from terminal, but no luck.02:59
EriC^^what does it say in the terminal?02:59
FinetundraParSalian: there just seems to be one fellow there and he has yet to respond03:00
nicomachusI navigated to the folder and then typed in the file name, but it's named "install.sh" so terminal thinks I"m trying to run an install command and asks for argument03:00
EriC^^nicomachus, cd to the dir, and type ./install.sh03:00
EriC^^you probably have to use sudo ./install.sh03:00
ParSalianFinetundra: looks like they are on #LXDE03:01
nicomachusI wasn't using ./03:01
FinetundraParSalian: ok, will have a look03:01
nicomachusit's running now. probably gonna kick me off here...03:01
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as wickedpuppy
nicomachusugh, maybe not... "compile make driver error: 1"03:02
excelsioraAmm0n: thanks for the link on the swap faq03:02
EriC^^nicomachus, is there a README?03:02
EriC^^or INSTALL?03:02
nicomachusEriC^^: Yes, there's a readme. nothing in there to help though.03:03
nicomachustrying it as sudo now.03:03
nicomachusoh, wow, there's a folder with 15 readme docs.... wtf...03:05
ParSalianseems to me that would be second try...03:05
=== Liebknecht_ is now known as Liebknecht
svetlananicomachus: i think that's just the same in different languages. hopefully. :-)03:07
svetlanaaw, hehe03:07
nicomachusquick start guides for all kinds of stuff. driver compilation, power saving, etc03:07
excelsioraok, I have a swap partition, I think03:08
nicomachussupport wifi certification, bridge, SoftAP, porting guide, wpa supplicant.... all in very technical terms.03:08
nicomachusthey advertise this adapter as "plug and forget". :|03:09
excelsioraI have this: /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_103:09
ParSaliannicomachus: generally not that way on linux03:11
svetlananicomachus: if they really wanted it to be this way, they would package it for ubuntu instead of using ugly things like this.03:11
nicomachushaha, I was just impressed they actually had linux install files.03:12
svetlananicomachus:  I would torment them with any questions on the install, personally, so that they get exactly as much support load as they deserve.03:12
nicomachushahaha but that's what you guys are for! :P03:13
nicomachusgotta find this 500mg aspirin I just dropped on the floor before my cat does, then I'll look up their support contact info.03:13
Machusnicomachus: Sup bro03:19
excelsioraHey, do you guys have a link to a Juju tutorial? Mark said you would. :)03:20
excelsioraI wanna test it out on my own machine, in maybe a container or something like that.03:20
ubottuJuju is a open source devops platform created to allow rapid deployment of applications in the cloud. More info at  https://juju.ubuntu.com/03:21
nicomachussup machus03:21
excelsioraaccording to fstab I have /dev/mapper/cryptswap103:22
daftykinsyeah 'cause you're using encryption03:31
=== sysop is now known as Guest97440
nicomachuseveryone give excelsiora a round of applause for being a smart guy.03:34
cluelesspersonhey guys03:37
cluelesspersonhow do I create a user with only ssh tunneling functions?03:38
cluelesspersonnothing else?  no shell, etc.03:38
che2so when i go man (command) i notice that some of the command options start with - and some start with --, do these dashes need to be used? because when i unzip something it's tar xf filename.03:38
che2what's the difference between 1 dash options and 2 dash options03:39
ParSalianche2: yes03:39
ParSalianin the man page03:39
ParSalianthe differences are in the man page03:39
che2right, i'm saying in the man page some of the options have 1 dash and some have 2, what's with that?03:39
che2i'm a noob, probably a dumb question03:40
ParSalianthey are different03:40
nicomachusisn't -- usually a shortcut option?03:40
che2man tar03:40
aeon-ltdche2: supposedly an 'end' to what is parsed by bash http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/what-does-double-dash-mean-in-ssh-command/03:41
ParSaliansometimes they use -(letter) as a shortcut of the longer --commandswitch03:41
che2aeon-ltd: thanks03:41
tarwateris there a separate ubuntu help channel, or is this it?03:41
cluelesspersonDoes anyone know how to create a user with only ssh-tunnel permissions, nothing else?03:41
gh0stratI'm using a PCIe (Atheros 93xx based) card on a fresh install of 14.10, but it's like it can't see the card. The card is a Rosewill N900, model number: RNWD-N9003PCe03:41
gh0stratI checked reviews before I purchased the card, and everyone seemed to say it just worked.03:42
aeon-ltdche2: here says somethng else though http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/quick-question-about-single-double-dash-commands-883039/03:42
Amm0ncluelessperson, creating users needs root permission03:43
ParSaliangh0strat: has it been installed correctly03:44
gh0stratParSalian, the card has been working fine in Windows 703:45
cluelesspersonAmm0n, obviously?03:45
cluelesspersonAmm0n, I'm asking how to create a user that's restricted03:45
ParSaliangood, info:-)03:45
ParSalianany drivers you needed in windows03:45
ParSalianis it a raid card03:45
gh0stratnope, it just worked from what I remember03:45
gh0stratno, it's a NIC03:46
tarwatermy executable python script wont run with a double-click, but it will run from the terminal with: python ./test.py03:46
tarwaterthe first line is #!usr/bin/python like it should be, and i change the permissions to make it executable03:46
gh0stratwhich python03:46
gh0stratwrong window lol03:47
tarwaterit should be 2.703:47
gh0stratyou're missing the slash03:47
tarwateroh fuck me03:47
gh0strathey, don't feel bad about it. Sometimes, all it takes is a second set of eyes03:47
nicomachustarwater: I spent 4 hours trying to troubleshoot an rsync command, when I realized that capitalization matters. :/03:51
tarwaterthats rough03:52
john_doe_jr1I commented out some mount points in /etc/fstab but is still showing when I type the "mount" command…do u have any idea?03:52
AlissaDoes anyone know why - on Ubuntu 14.10 - if I exit out of Skype, there's nothing on the top right corner and I can't log back in or anything?03:53
excelsiorathanks for the applause, but when I don't have swap, I don't feel all that smart03:53
Amm0ncluelessperson, sry i got you wrong.. read: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/14312/how-to-restrict-an-ssh-user-to-only-allow-ssh-tunneling03:53
cluelesspersonHey guys, best way to make a simple, very simple socks proxy?03:54
Alissacluelessperson: ssh -D03:54
cluelesspersonAlissa, for possibly public other users03:55
AlissaRun ssh -D to any server, then have users connect through that.03:55
AlissaShould work.03:55
AlissaIn theory, tht is.03:55
ParSaliangh0strat:i cant track any solutions03:55
cluelesspersonAlissa, huh?03:56
Alissacluelessperson: If you run ssh -D 1080, that'll make a SOCKS proxy on port 108003:56
Alissassh -D 1080 <anyserver>03:56
cluelesspersonAlissa, Run that command on the server?03:56
AlissaOn the server.03:56
cluelesspersonAlissa, I mean an ACTUAL proxy03:56
Alissacluelessperson: I know exactly what I'm doing. I do the exact same thing.03:57
cluelesspersonAlissa, so the server will run a constantly up socks proxy?03:57
AlissaIf you run ssh in the background, yeah :D03:57
cluelesspersonAnyone have suggestions for a socks5 proxy daemon?04:03
esphMy laptop running 14.04 at 3.13.0-48-generic has a problem in that the mic ceases to work completely after suspend/resume. Sound output works fine after resume, and the mic works after a reboot, just not after suspending. Here's the output of arecord -l: http://sprunge.us/QhMB Anybody have an idea of what could be going wrong?04:04
gh0stratParSalian: Well thanks for looking into it. I've been looking at it for an hour and can't figure-out why it isn't just working...04:05
ParSalianhave you removed it, tried a reboot then reintall...04:05
aeon-ltdesph: is it muted after suspend in alsamixer?04:06
esphaeon-ltd: no; the settings don't change in any way I can see in either alsamixer or pavucontrol04:06
gh0stratParSalian: No, I guess I'll give that a try. Thanks again.04:06
svetlanaesph: i have same issue, apache2 and wifi stop working after a resume and i have to start them again by hand.04:07
svetlanaesph: the workaround presumably is to load some relevant kernel module and try using the mic again.04:08
excelsioraDoes this mean I have a swap partition or not? sudo dmsetup -v table /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_1 | pastebinit => http://paste.ubuntu.com/10699139/04:08
esphsvetlana: unfortunately, there are like 7 sound modules which depend on eachother and all that jazz, so I think that solution would be overcomplicated at best.04:08
svetlanai see.04:09
excelsiorasudo dmsetup table /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_1 gives me: 0 12165120 linear 252:0 1940760576  but I'm not sure how to interpret.04:13
esphsvetlana: just in case though, is there a nice way to restart modules? If I try to remove any of the snd modules, I get "Module [...] is in use."04:16
excelsiorakinda sucks that I can't get help with a optional gui enabled install option.04:22
gh0stratI'm having trouble getting a PCIe (Atheros-based) wireless card to work. Here's what dmesg has to say about it:04:22
gh0stratdmesg | grep ath9k04:22
gh0strat[    8.983185] ath9k 0000:08:00.0: Failed to initialize device04:23
gh0strat[    8.983250] ath9k: probe of 0000:08:00.0 failed with error -504:23
svetlanaesph: I use modprobe and rmmod04:23
ParSalianafter installing nvidia-331 driver my screen will no longer dim, but if i restart and change screen brightness before full boot i can, anyideas04:24
excelsioraholy shit, I have swap, and I'm not sure why04:26
ParSalianalso nvidia-331-update is the same04:26
gh0stratalso, when I try `rfkill list all`, I don't get any output04:27
excelsioraI did this: mkswap /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_104:27
excelsiorathat must have done it?04:28
excelsioraHere's the output, did I mess something up? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10699175/04:29
excelsioraspecifically worried about this: mkswap: /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_1: warning: don't erase bootbits sectors on whole disk. Use -f to force.04:29
excelsiorais that anything to worry about?04:31
askooplease tell me how to reduce image size without loosing the quality , in ubuntu ??04:32
askooI have a png 39 Mib and i want to reduce it under 2 mb04:33
`hypermist`why not leave it the same as04:33
`hypermist`askoo, *04:33
=== Timo is now known as Guest67743
askoohypermist`; the website i am uploading too requires image size less than 2 mb , it's my photo04:35
`hypermist`askoo, can you change the .jpeg04:35
`hypermist`to a .jpeg or something04:35
gh0strataskoo, you aren't going to be able to make it any smaller without losing some of the quality. 2mb sounds like .jpeg size04:36
askoo`hypermist`; it s png ! do you mean change it to jpg ?04:36
excelsioraok, going to reboot to see if I fixed it. Wife will be happy too, she has same problem...04:36
`hypermist`Save it as a .jpg04:36
excelsiorawish me luck04:36
`hypermist`instead of a .png04:36
aeon-ltdusing a image editor will have options for how compressed you want the image04:36
ekaj113i am having trouble connecting to my internet while trying out ubuntu04:37
askoohypermist` : and how to save it as jpg ?? do you mean  from properities ?04:37
`hypermist`Nevermind askoo04:37
askoo`hypermist`: never mind what ?04:38
ekaj113can somebody help me04:38
ekaj113i am having trouble connecting to my internet while trying out ubuntu04:38
`hypermist`Just dont worry about what i am saying askoo04:38
svetlanaekaj113: details please04:38
excelsioraI feel invisible04:39
aeon-ltdaskoo: do you have gimp?04:39
ekaj113svetlana: even when trying out mint i have to turn on the driver for my reciever and i did the same on ubuntu. unlike mint networks didn't just show up04:40
svetlanaexcelsiora: bye & good luck04:40
askooaeon-ltd>, YES04:40
excelsiorathanks! I exist!04:40
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aeon-ltdaskoo: if you open the image in gimp, then export it, you will have options for compression there04:41
aeon-ltdexporting as jpeg of course04:41
AlissaDoes anyone know why - on Ubuntu 14.10 - if I exit out of Skype, there's nothing on the top right corner and I can't log back in or anything?04:41
svetlanaAlissa: the tray icon is missing?04:41
ekaj113svetlana: even when trying out mint i have to turn on the driver for my reciever and i did the same on ubuntu. unlike mint, networks didn't just show up where you normally select them04:42
aeon-ltdAlissa: there are probably options for that, to change close to not quit the application04:42
gh0stratSomeone recommended I install the latest ath9k from backports. How do I go about doing this in 14.10?04:43
maziar_plz help me http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29316542/recover-ntfs-files-after-format-to-ext404:44
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:44
svetlanaekaj113: try running ``sudo service network-manager restart'' in ubuntu and checking for the issue04:44
Alissasvetlana: Yep.04:45
Alissaaeon-ltd: I haven't changed any options and don't know why it's doing whatever it's doing04:45
gh0stratThanks aeon-ltd, I'll check it out04:45
aeon-ltdAlissa: did it used to work as expected?04:45
aeon-ltdAlissa: then take a look through the settings04:46
ekaj113svetlana: should it work after that or do i have to do something else04:46
svetlanaAlissa: http://askubuntu.com/questions/362135/364307#364307 has one workaround involving installing ppa:mc3man/sacy-tests and whitelisting everything in the systray04:47
svetlanaekaj113: I personally expect the networks list to be populated after that, if everything is normal. if it isn't, check dmesg for the error message.04:47
ekaj113svetlana: i was just checking ubuntu out anyway, if i trully feel like i want to use it i will figure it out04:48
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BlankVerseunable to upgrade05:03
rypervenchemaziar__: You another disk to extract the files to, do you have that?05:07
maziar__rypervenche, yes i have05:08
daftykinsBlankVerse: "cat /etc/issue" please?05:08
daftykinspaste it here, it's one line05:08
daftykinsoh that's crouton05:08
BlankVerseUbuntu 14.04.2 LTS \n \l05:09
daftykinssorry your OS isn't supported here.05:09
daftykinscrouton is a modified chromebook hack, not legit.05:09
rypervenchemaziar__: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step05:11
kill_switchshould we use apt-get or aptitude05:12
rypervenchemaziar__: You will want to reatore the NTFS file system if possible.05:12
kill_switchwhat is the difference?05:12
kill_switchsometimes I have seen that aptitude has more update then apt-get05:12
maziar__rypervenche, i hope05:12
daftykinsapt-get = built in05:13
daftykinsmakes no sense to install extras if you can do the job with what's there05:14
kianI'm trying to get the commands "xset -dpms" and "xset s off" to run at boot, so I made a .conf file located in /etc/init/xsetstuff.conf and put in "start on login-session-start", "script" "xset -dpms && xset s off" "end script" and saved05:15
kianReboot'd however did not take effect05:15
kianI don't understand what else could go wrong05:15
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=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
kkI have installed kubunutu x64 on windows 8 laptop, UEFI mode, but I selected either "/" partition, or bios_grub partiotion(don't remember). I am able to load from usb. How can I add ubuntu to UEFI boot menu05:22
saurabhdarekk, make sure your BIOS is set to install non-UEFI OS.05:23
kkThe guide says it's ok to use UEFI05:24
kkand OS is installed correctly, only problem is bootloader05:24
kkI chose wrong option05:24
saurabhdarekk, you can use live stick to install grub using grub-install option.05:25
kkshould I type it in term?05:25
saurabhdarekk, http://askubuntu.com/questions/74761/how-do-i-manually-install-grub05:26
saurabhdareboot from live stick/DVD and then install grub on your disk without affecting your OS.05:26
kkguide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#General_principle says "set the /boot/efi mount point to the EFI partition" and I think I need to add ubuntu record to my efi.05:29
kk(I want dual booting)05:29
saurabhdarekk, grub will handle that for you, if my *guess* is correct.05:30
saurabhdarekk, grub recognizes other OS. Dual-booting or multiple-booting will be possible.05:30
DJJeffsnes9x-gtk crashed with sigabrt in g_mutex_unlockslowpath05:30
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=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
=== AlphaTech is now known as Alphazzz
DJJeffmy problem was caused by libglib 2.4205:53
DJJeffI somehow upgraded it to utopic while still running trusty05:53
DJJeffreverting back to libglib 2.40.2 solved it05:54
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:00
limberai just updated some packages on my 14.04 box06:22
limberaand supervisor has stopped working06:22
limberaanyone else experience this?06:22
lotuspsychjelimbera: superviser?06:24
limberasupervisor *06:24
lotuspsychjewhats that06:24
limberait's an application06:25
limberathat manages other application daemons06:25
AlissaIt's a Python-based application to help manage processes.06:25
limberawell processes06:25
lotuspsychjelimbera: can you start from terminal to see errors?06:25
AlissaI use it myself but I wouldn't recommend it as it's not exactly 100% working right for me.06:25
limberait's not giving me any errors06:25
limberai have configured and used it on multiple sites before, and it always works06:25
limberabut after the latest update it just doesn't detect my config files06:25
limberaAlissa: what's wrong with your setup?06:25
Alissalimbera: It just gives random and ugly errors.06:26
AlissaI'd show examples but I've fixed it up aaages ago06:26
limberayeah sure06:26
lotuspsychjelimbera: you could try create another user, and test it from there?06:26
lotuspsychjelimbera: to see if its not a config thing06:26
limberayeh i'll give that a go now06:27
limberaalthough you need sudo to run it06:27
limberaso i dunno if that will do anything06:27
lotuspsychjelimbera: yeah, its just a test06:27
lotuspsychjelimbera: maybe 14.04 updated/removed a package that brakes supervisor?06:28
limberai wish i could tell06:28
=== brad_ is now known as brad_c
limberait's not "broken" it's just not reading my config files06:28
limberaso i assume i must be doing something wrong06:29
brad_ci am confused06:29
brad_care there any good chat rooms06:29
lotuspsychje!alis | brad_c06:29
ubottubrad_c: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:29
lotuspsychjelimbera: did you try: sudo service supervisord reload06:30
Usmanhow can I use corel draw on ubuntu?06:31
limberagiving that a go no lotuspsychje06:31
brad_cor you could try gimp06:31
lotuspsychjeUsman: maybe its in the playonlinux database06:31
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | Usman06:31
ubottuUsman: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.2.3-1 (utopic), package size 1103 kB, installed size 4227 kB06:31
lotuspsychjeUsman: or search the wine database like Stryker suggests :p06:32
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest29787
StrykerUsman: you may enjoy Krita06:32
serega527hello. pls say, how to wimax usb work on ubuntu 14.04?06:32
StrykerUsman: great program for painting. It is similar to things like SAI Paint Tool06:32
StrykerUsman, if you want the raw vector stuff, try out Inkscape06:33
limberaif i calls apt-get remove <program>06:34
limberawill that remove all the files that it used to06:35
limberalike /etc/<program>06:35
Usmanyes I want the raw vector stuff, is there any app like corel draw for ubuntu?06:35
StrykerUsman: try Inkscape06:35
UsmanThanks #Stryker06:35
lotuspsychje!purge | limbera06:35
ubottulimbera: To purge all removed but not yet purged packages, use the following command: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P06:35
ViperXL75I know that windows could do it. But can Ubuntu share a hdd which has a spindown time, or will it keep the HDD active continuously?06:36
wafflejockViperXL75, http://askubuntu.com/questions/39760/how-can-i-control-hdd-spin-down-time06:38
tsushiAnyone know what i hotkey i just pressed?06:40
tsushii wrote sudo-apt get install virtualbox-06:40
tsushithen i pressed something so i could see all available packages that start with virtualbox-06:40
wafflejockserega527, you can use lsusb -k, this will list all the usb devices the -k will show any kernel modules (basically drivers) loaded for your device, Google the device id (eight hex numbers separated by a colon, and your version of ubuntu)06:41
wafflejocktsushi, tab tab06:41
ViperXL75I know that windows could do it. But can Ubuntu share a hdd which has a spindown time, or will it keep the HDD active continuously?06:41
wafflejocktsushi, you may also want to checkout the command, apt-cache search packagename06:41
tsushioh wow, that06:42
wafflejockViperXL75, I posted a link for controlling spindown time06:42
tsushithat's amazing. Thanks wafflejock :)06:42
wafflejocktsushi, no prob06:42
ViperXL75wafflejock: oh yeah. Oops.06:43
serega527thank you. after 5 hours I will try to start it work.06:44
wafflejockViperXL75, yeah I haven't messed with this but it appears it should work fine, I have a network attached storage (NAS) box that runs some old version of debian called Sarge that definitely does spin down the disks when it's idle and only powers up when I access it (then taking some time on initial access to spin up the disks), but I haven't messed with it on my laptop/desktop06:45
wafflejockserega527, yeah if you have problems you can try posting the device specifics from that command (if you have trouble finding the device just pastebin the output of the command and link it here)06:46
serega527if it will be useful, this wimax called Yota modem. it use in Russia also. you can find it in Google.06:50
Marasgeongreetings, I have an issue with .srt files, they are all unknown 8bit charset, so gedit doesn't display the characters right06:55
Marasgeonwhat can I do?06:56
wafflejockMarasgeon, grab a hex editor like bless06:56
wafflejockMarasgeon, it'll show you the hex/binary/ascii representations of all the data in a file, not sure where you're going with it though?06:57
Marasgeonwafflejock, I just want to check if the subtitles are correct06:58
sumonsumon ubuntu sebver07:02
wafflejockMarasgeon, hmm seems that should open okay in a regular text editor but doesn't hurt to try out bless, can just get it with sudo apt-get install bless, you may also want to check this out https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/subtitleeditor/07:02
StrykerMarasgeon, if you wouldn't mind linking me to the srt file, I could attempt a few different programs on it to see what will work with it07:04
StrykerMarasgeon, instead of gedit, I often favor geany. Perhaps that would be good to try. It is very capable for a ton of things, including programming rudimentary C/C++ files07:05
=== it is now known as Guest61946
Guest61946 HexChat: 2.10.0 ** OS: Linux 3.16.0-23-generic i686 ** Distro: Ubuntu, ** CPU: 1 x Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU          420  @ 1.60GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.60GHz ** RAM: Physical: 1.7GiB, 82.2% free ** Disk: Total: 9.2GiB, 19.1% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel ** Ethernet: Qualcomm Atheros AR8152 v2.0 Fast Ethernet ** Uptime: 3m 4s **07:29
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
DJJeffatheros wifi chip?07:30
DJJeffthat supports packet injection for aircrack-ng07:31
DJJeff HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 3.16.0-31-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "trusty" 14.04 ** CPU: 8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU         870  @ 2.93GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2.93GHz ** RAM: Physical: 7.8GiB, 26.6% free ** Disk: Total: 1012.7GiB, 63.6% free ** VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GK106 [GeForce GTX 660] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel MID1: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CIe07:31
DJJeffGigabit Ethernet ** Uptime: 2w 1d 15h 55m 5s **07:31
DJJeffyours did not send the distro?07:32
icerootwhat is daisy.ubuntu.com? Mar 29 09:29:52 alienbuntu whoopsie[795]: [09:29:52] Cannot reach: https://daisy.ubuntu.com07:38
icerootand why is ubuntu sending something "home"?07:38
svetlanaiceroot: hi.07:40
svetlana!info whoopsie07:40
ubottuwhoopsie (source: whoopsie): Ubuntu error tracker submission. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.39ubuntu0.2 (utopic), package size 23 kB, installed size 142 kB07:40
icerootsvetlana: the question is why is ubuntu sending something home without asking me?07:40
svetlanaiceroot: the thing submits error messages and details to the ubuntu bug tracker. I think it's meant to let you know first by means of a dialogue.07:41
icerootsvetlana: no dialogue07:41
icerootno information that infos will be send and much more important no info WHAT will be send07:43
svetlanaiceroot: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker has some details on how to configure it. let me know if the default is to send these reports without letting you know -- this should not happen I think.07:43
icerootsvetlana: thank you i will check the links and also the defaults07:43
anatesHei, what can I do if I presumably killed my xserver? When booting (and wanting to log in) the graphical surface is not avaliable, only the text consoles. How can I identify the problem and solve it?07:46
icerootsvetlana: seems like when the "would you send the info" window is closed, it will create a *.upload file insteadof uploading it. later it will check if there is *.upload in it and will upload everything to daisy.ubuntu.com07:47
icerootso if you cancel/kill the question-dialog a upload.file is created which is acting like a queue07:47
svetlanaiceroot: sounds undesirable at best; can you please look up the package info in the package manager, find the 'file a bug' URL, and use it?07:48
icerootsvetlana: sure, but i guess ubuntu-bug packagename is also fine? or should this reported upstream instead of launchpad?07:49
svetlanaboth commands report to launchpad, and reporting to launchpad is fine (in case the software is configurable enough to fix it within the distro)07:49
icerootsvetlana: thank you for the support and useful input07:51
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
svetlanaiceroot: no worries :-)07:53
svetlanalobhater: hi07:53
alimangoogd morning everyone07:55
alimancan anyone tell me where i can learn everything about ubuntu? i just installed it and i want to know stuffs about it...is there any tutorials r something?07:57
alimanlol so many ppl online and no answer07:59
Amm0naliman, it depends on what you want to learn.. you could start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/ or just feed google with: ubuntu searchterm08:02
alimanAmm0n_ witch is the Super buton?08:04
Amm0naliman, its the windows key in most cases08:05
alimanAmm0n ohh thx08:06
Amm0naliman, not explicitly ubuntu but if you want to lear you'll find many info's here: http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/08:06
alimani like this system more then windows but i need to learn it very well08:08
alimansvetlana hi :) you helped me out yesterday and i want to tkank you :) my nick was bogdan by then :)08:08
bibi-23hello, I had an empty sd card, it was getting detect when I was plugging it in my laptop. I've installed Raspian on it and now nothing happens when I plug it in. I can see this on syslog "mmc0: new ultra high speed SDR50 SDHC card at address 59b4", maybe it's not auto-mounted anymore? What can I do?08:09
alimanguy what d you think about ubuntu on phone?08:09
alimanAmm0n do you have any idea if i can use video call on skype? cuz i don't see any only simple call08:14
Amm0naliman, no sry i don't use skype08:14
icerootaliman: you can use video call on skype but skype should be avoided if possible (closed source, microsoft, usa)08:15
alimanso? what that means? is there a problem with it?08:16
icerootaliman: from the function, no08:16
icerootaliman: from the point of freedom, yes08:16
alimando you mean they can track you by skype or what?08:17
icerootaliman: you can be tracked by everything which is not encrypted. the main issue here (from my point of view) its software from the usa which is closed source, so you dont know what microsoft and the nsa are doing there, because noone is able to check what the programm is really doing on your system08:18
icerootaliman: but there are also a lot of people which dont care about all this closed source stuff. so from the function for a video call, everything is fine and its working08:18
bibi-23when I plug a micro sd card, the following files are created "/dev/mmcblk0", "/dev/mmcblk0p1", but it's not showed when I do "df -h". Do I need to mount it or something?08:19
Amm0niceroot, from this point you can't use any computer since most hardware is manufactured in the us ;)08:19
icerootbibi-23: mmcblk0 is the device itself, mmcblk0p1 is the first partition (there are your files)08:19
alimandon't get upset i'm sorry but i don't understand all of those terms and my english is not that good also. i kinda don't know what you mean by closed source08:19
icerootAmm0n: yes08:19
icerootAmm0n: and no08:20
icerootAmm0n: everything is manufactured in china not the us08:20
icerootAmm0n: but its not about countries, its about not losing the control of your software and hardware. with closed source there is no single control but i am also aware that there is no 100% free system (soft and hardware) but that should not result into "then i dont care"08:21
Amm0niceroot, i'm 100% with you08:21
alimaniceroot if i encrypt the system should i be more safe?08:22
icerootaliman: this is not related to your skype question but if you are interested what free software and closed software is i would suggest this link https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html08:23
icerootaliman: and ubuntu is free software (most parts if it)08:24
=== danmo98 is now known as shark
bibi-23iceroot: thanks for your help, I'm following this tutorial again (http://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/linux.md), it was working when the sd card was empty but now that there is already something on the card, Ubuntu doesn't detect it anymore... What do you mean by "the files are in mmcblk0p1", I don't see anything inside (it's not a folder). Previously...08:24
bibi-23...Ubuntu was opening a window when I was plugging the sd card, like it does for a usb stick for example.08:24
icerootbibi-23: you can not open the files in /dev/ directly. its holding the devices and partitions and these needs to be mounted, that is what ubuntu is doing normally when you put in a new drive/card08:26
icerootbibi-23: could you paste the last lines from the command "dmesg" which are relaed to this /dev/bb....08:27
icerootbibi-23: /dev/mmc.. of course, sorry08:27
bibi-23iceroot: sure, do you mean this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10699743/ (dmesg | grep mmcblk0)08:29
icerootbibi-23: please without the grep :)08:29
icerootbibi-23: if you put in the card, maybe the last 10 lines should be reladed to this with something like "new highspeed usb device" and so on08:30
bibi-23iceroot: I've put it out and in, here were the last lines that look related : http://paste.ubuntu.com/10699753/08:31
alimaniceroot do you knw anything about ubuntu on phone?08:32
icerootaliman: sorry, no08:32
icerootbibi-23: if i am correct are these raspbian images inside a fat32 partition and ubuntu should be able to mount fat32 by default. but the lines you were pasting are not very useful (for me)08:34
=== Yukkii is now known as oujo-sama-san-ku
icerootor at least /boot is in fat32, dont know exactly08:34
=== oujo-sama-san-ku is now known as Yukkii
alimani can not send and receive files from windows on ubuntu or vice-versa on skype?08:35
iceroot!samba | aliman08:36
ubottualiman: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/windows-networking.html08:36
alimancuz is not working for me...its like android and ios08:36
iceroot!sftp |  aliman08:36
ubottualiman: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)08:36
iceroothm, not that useful08:36
icerootaliman: you want to transfer over the internet? or inside a local network?08:37
alimancuz i am a truck driver i am in a gas station. and i am using wifi to talk home with my wife. i wanted to send her something08:38
icerootaliman: if you want to use skype, you can also share files there08:39
icerootaliman: so no need for samba, sftp or something like that. skype can do that08:39
icerootaliman: http://www.skypelive.com/de/features/send-files/08:39
alimani tried to send a pic on skype and my wife tried to do that to but we did not received them08:39
bibi-23iceroot: hum I don't know what kind of partition it's inside, can't I flash it to remove anything on it? Apparently it's getting detected, so maybe there is a solution...08:40
icerootbibi-23: so you want to wipe it and create a new partiton for your later rasbpian installation?08:40
iceroot!gparted | bibi-2308:40
ubottubibi-23: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php08:40
icerootbibi-23: sudo apt-get install gparted  and then type gksudo gparted, select your mmc device and check the partitons there and create a new one or delete an existing one08:41
icerootbibi-23: but dont act on the /dev/sd devices, that are your hard disc,so select the /dev/mmc stuff08:41
Amm0nbibi-23, can you paste the output of lsblk -f?08:42
bibi-23iceroot: yeah whatever that allows me to make it readable again by Ubuntu, I'll try it thanks08:42
icerootAmm0n: first use the command from Amm0n so that we can see what is on the device08:43
bibi-23Amm0n: sure, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10699808/08:43
icerootbibi-23: seems like there is a partition without a file-system08:43
Amm0nbibi-23, pls paste sudo blkid instead08:46
bibi-23iceroot: so I'd better use gparted to erase everything? It's not a problem there is only a previous fresh raspian installation. But I think I didn't do it properly that's why I'd like to retry.08:46
Amm0nbibi-23, if you don't want to use raspian, wipe it08:47
Amm0nno need to paste then08:47
Amm0nnvm.. :)08:48
bibi-23iceroot: yep definitely something wrong, with the graphic tool I see some info (http://paste.ubuntu.com/10699838/). By deleting the existing one, you mean right click on the /dev/mmm... and "Delete"?08:52
icerootbibi-23: just select /dev/mmc in the right upper corner, then dev/mmc...p1 should be in the list. right click and create new file-system08:54
icerootbibi-23: if it is onlynfor linux, use ext4, if it is for rasbian i guess fat32 was needed, if you want to use it on windows as well, use ntfs08:54
Amm0nbibi-23, you want to try to dd the raspian again?08:56
Amm0nand why do you want to access it from ubuntu?08:58
bibi-23iceroot: there is no such thing available in the list (most of them are light grey unclickable), I can do "Delete", "Resize remove", "Format to", "Information"08:58
bibi-23Amm0n: because somehow the raspberry doesn't do anything when I plug it into it, I'm sure I've followed all their instructions properly but I'd like to retry, maybe something went wrong.08:59
icerootbibi-23: format to09:00
Amm0nok, if you want to retry with dd you don't need to create partitions.. dd will wipe all partitions anyways09:01
Amm0ni'd try as recommended in your guide to dd with 1M instead of 4M09:02
Amm0nsry iceroot xD09:02
bibi-23Amm0n: oh ok great to know thanks, so I'll try again, yeah... because the book about it says 2M but their online page 4M, I've used 4M at the time, maybe if I lower it it writes in a safer way09:03
bibi-23Amm0n: I'm trying again with 2M, then I'll do 1M if it still doesn't work. Anyway thank you very much for your help :)09:08
Amm0nyw, there are channels for raspberry on freenode too09:09
melvincvHow to configure xrdp (using only the RDP protocol and not VNC) in Linux Mint? I'm at a loss after googling this...09:09
Amm0ni can't help you with that09:09
melvincvI'm running "Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca"09:10
melvincvand it's the KDE version09:11
Amm0nmelvincv, rdp sux try x2go or NX No Machine09:12
alimanAmm0n are you here?09:14
Amm0naliman, yup09:14
melvincvAmm0n: thanks, i'll try the tutorials09:15
AkashicLegendwhere do I see the multiple cores when I press 1 with top command09:15
AkashicLegendI don't notice anything09:15
DasEiSquRoFL: so you get a gui, but very laggy on a brandnew install,, right?09:15
alimando you have any clue if i need to set my mic on skype or something? cuz i just called someone and he could not hear me. i did but he did not. and btw video call is working but the person i call can not hear me09:16
AkashicLegendwell I notice something09:16
AkashicLegendI just can't tell how many cores on here from using tops09:16
Amm0naliman, sry mate i can't help you with skype09:17
melvincvmy senior system admin had done some voodoo in the top command - now it does not respond on pressing 1 (CentOS)09:17
SquRoFLDasEi: yeah09:17
SquRoFLwhat's happening is basically the (my user here) and guest selection screen09:18
SquRoFLis being weird.09:18
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
SquRoFLitt'l go to the purpleorange screen with dots and ubuntu logo in the center, ubuntu 14.04 LTS bottom left09:18
SquRoFLand if i press enter, logs me in as guest.09:19
svetlanais it a live cd?09:19
SquRoFLinstalled on HDD from the liveCD09:19
DasEiSquRoFL: so try to boot safemode next, do a full update/grade (has to be connected to inet OC), dry a dpkg-reconfigure on xorg, look at syslog for additional hints09:19
svetlanaare you sure it is booting from the hard drive?09:19
melvincvunfortunately he is also the CEO of another company (and a consultant here) So I can't really go to him with doubts :(09:19
SquRoFLno CD/usb in there.09:20
svetlanaok does the user you specified exist? type ``id usernamehere'', replacing usernamehere with the username you specified during install09:20
SquRoFLit does exist.09:20
SquRoFLit's at my login prompt before it dissapears09:20
svetlanaso there is a login screen but it disappears before you get to log in as your desired user?09:21
svetlanaok, what i woud do is this: try to press ctrl+alt+f1, log in, type 'startx' there, and go to settings to disable guest login09:21
svetlanathen reboot and try again09:21
svetlana(backup data first, if any)09:21
svetlana(just in case we have to reinstall later)09:22
SquRoFLlogin password?09:22
svetlanalogin is the username you specified during install09:22
SquRoFLtypiung my password i set up during setup does not work./09:22
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
svetlanafrom within guest session, type 'sudo passwd usernamehere'. does guest have root access?09:23
svetlana(passwd is a command name, not a password)09:23
SquRoFLit was user then password hur dur09:24
SquRoFLnow i'm at a term09:24
DasEisvetlana: , SquRoFL, ctrl~alt~F1 leads to same init as  safemode, FYI, else see above09:24
SquRoFLhow do start guio again09:24
* DasEi leans back09:24
svetlanacool, try 'startx'09:24
SquRoFLafter startx09:24
svetlanagive it time, then switch back to ctrl+alt+f1, press ctrl+c, try again ... ah there we go09:25
svetlanaok now you have to find settings window and disable guest login there09:25
SquRoFLi think this single core atom box isn't beefy enough for ubuntu imo09:25
svetlanano, it's alright, startx is supposed to be slow09:25
alimanwhy is it amazon preinstalled on ubuntu?09:25
svetlana(it's loading all the graphics stuff from scratch, so..)09:25
bekksAmazon isnt preinstalled on Ubuntu.09:25
SquRoFLit's stuck at the orangepurple desktop background with the * tessalation09:26
svetlanaaliman: more specific please, do you mean the web browser search engines?09:26
SquRoFLHOw slow?09:26
svetlanajust 5 seconds should be ok09:26
alimanyes. when i install ubuntu and i start it on the menu bar there is amazon icon09:26
SquRoFLbeen 6009:26
svetlanatry to switch back to ctrl+alt+f1 , ctrl+c, run startx again09:26
svetlanaaliman: err what version09:26
aliman14.04 LTS09:27
svetlanaaliman: I have to fall over and leave it to others; first time I hear and I've been not using the 'menu bar' thing for a while now09:27
svetlanaaliman: so hold on :)09:27
mehdihey guys when my system boots up instead of having ubuntu only it shows something like this http://i.stack.imgur.com/U39zl.jpg09:27
alimanif i do a screenshot how can i show you?09:28
svetlanamehdi: that's not boot, that's shutdown (without poweroff). try to power it off and boot again.09:28
svetlanaaliman: upload it to www.imgur.com09:28
bekksaliman: Just upload it to an image hoster,09:28
mehdisvetlana, well it happens on both when u shutting it down and starting up09:29
=== administrator is now known as Guest60971
mehdithat was just an example09:29
mehdii didnt get the picture09:29
svetlanamehdi: does it boot successfully into a login screen?09:29
mehdiyes but i wanted to in only shows "UBUNTU" not the screen like that09:30
svetlanamehdi: ok, that sounds fair enough. give me a minute.09:30
bekksmehdi: And is there 13.04 mentioned too, on your screen?09:31
sharkwhat ?09:31
mehdiwell mine is 14.0409:31
bekksmehdi: ah, fine.09:31
mehdiand im waiting to upgrade to 15.0409:31
alimanAmm0n   http://i.imgur.com/1M6ejQ5.jpg?109:32
alimanit is right under ubuntu software center09:32
svetlanamehdi: I think you have to edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and replace 'text' with 'splash'. if there is no 'text', just add 'splash'. in the ``linux blabla blabla root=blabla ro somethinghere'' line at the end09:33
bekksaliman: you can see the amazon search en on the left, not "Amazon is installed".09:33
bekksaliman: In case you dont want it, you can easily disable it.09:33
svetlanamehdi: you can pastebin the file (old and new versions) if you would like me to read through it before you save it09:33
alimanbekks how can i disable it?09:34
bekksaliman: Click on the Ubuntu button, search for "Privacy" and then turn off "Include online results" .09:34
alimani just pres unlock from luncher?09:34
alimani just did that bekks but the amazon icon is still there09:35
bekksaliman: The icon will remain there.09:35
bekksaliman: but the functionality that amazon is used to search for online results is disabled now.09:36
alimanohh ok09:36
svetlanamehdi: (I am assuming you already tried ``sudo apt-get install plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo'' and ``sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth''. if you didn't, you may want to do it first)09:36
mehdisvetlana, no i didnt09:36
svetlanaright. I would suggest to do it first and reboot to test it. if it doesn't work, we'll edit the grub file.09:37
mehdisvetlana, and which part should i change in grub.cfg?09:41
svetlanain the block for your ubuntu, change the line which starts with 'linux' (pastebin both old and new version before saving the new one)09:42
mehdii havent change it yet09:42
svetlanaoh, sorry, I'm lagging behind. can you pastebin your /etc/default/grub file, please?09:43
vespakoenHey, anyone on a Macbook 6,1 (2010 - 17 inch) ?09:43
mehdiset linux_gfx_mode=text  is this one?09:43
svetlana(no, we should not edit the first file I named, it'll get overwritten)09:43
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
ablest1980hi i go too a website and not all images show i think they are gif im using firefox09:44
mehdisvetlana,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10700050/09:44
svetlanawrong file, I mean not /boot/grub/grub.conf, I mean /etc/default/grub09:45
ablest1980ubuntu got it own pastebin cool09:45
svetlanaerr I again was looking at the wrong paste09:45
svetlanaGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" <-- this looks ok09:45
ablest1980how do i get all images from a website to show in firefox?09:46
svetlanamehdi: if this is the old version, I think we have to go back to the other two lines I suggested -- installing plymouth and setting it as default09:46
mehdiok letme try those09:46
mehdisvetlana, how can i change the picture for splash?09:47
svetlanaablest1980: from a whole website, or from a currently open web page?09:47
vespakoenablest1980, this maybe: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4602153/how-do-i-use-wget-to-download-all-images-into-a-single-folder09:47
DasEilogin=loginmanger;setmode=bootmanager   ;)09:47
ablest1980some of the images doesnt show from a website09:48
ablest1980i think they are gif09:48
mehdisvetlana,  which one http://paste.ubuntu.com/10700072/?09:48
vespakoenablest1980, have you got a link of the page in question?09:48
svetlanamehdi: you have to edit /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth and specify your image path there (someone correct me if I'm wrong and there is a setting for this in the settings window)09:48
mehdi no09:49
vespakoenreboot brb09:49
ablest1980yes but you need to have an account to see what i am talking about09:49
ablest1980the site is www.gedforfree.com09:49
mehdisvetlana, remove the question mark09:50
svetlanamehdi: um, 0 or 2 should work. I would leave it as is, reboot, if it doesn't work then try another one. (and report a bug to the plumouth package about such weird duplicate in the list)09:50
mehdisvetlana, i had this problem once when i installed mint there was an app for changing a boot resolution and that fixed it09:54
mehdidonno about ubnutu09:54
=== Yukkii is now known as Yukkino
arcxsvet,a a09:54
svetlanamehdi: yeah, I'm just wondering whether it installed a new package when you asked it to install plymouth thingy09:54
mehditanx anyway09:55
svetlanaI think we have 2 unanswered questions :)09:55
svetlanahi arcx09:55
arcxthat was wrong placement of fingers on the keyboard...09:55
svetlanamehdi: [ 1) did it install a new package or was it already installed 2) did you try 0, did you try 2, did any of them work when you try to reboot ]09:56
svetlanaah ok arcx, no worries09:56
=== noteness is now known as noteness-bot
mehdisvetlana, it was long time ago on mint 9 if i not mistaken it no big deal09:57
arcxI am still looking for a solution how to fix my ubuntu 14.04: Somehow I have no graphical surface when booting up, i.e. I can login in the text consoles, but when changing to the GUI, the screen stays black. I assume that I killed the xserver somehow, or deleted an important package. How can I fix that?09:57
svetlanamehdi: I mean on this ubuntu box09:57
mehdiwell in ubuntu i havent tried anything yet09:58
svetlanait would be a good idea to try. the configs you pasted are from ubuntu, right?09:58
=== noteness-bot is now known as noteness
svetlanamehdi: good luck -- I'll disappear for a few hours in a few minutes, but I am sure that you'll figure it out10:02
mehdisvetlana, take care10:02
droxbuongiorno a tutti il comando per installare il kernel realtime è sudo apt-get install linux-loelatecy o sudo apt-get install linux-rt ? grazie10:07
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
SquRoFLdrox: no hable espanol10:11
arcxYou can translate it easily: What is the command for installing the realtime-kernel? install linux-lowlatency or linux-rt?10:12
droxexscume i know to be in channel ubuntu-it10:14
droxSquRoFL, can you to help me?10:15
cluelesspersonAnyone here know how to properly install an ubuntu server?10:16
cluelesspersonthese people keep mentioning creating another user and messing with files you shouldn't have to touch10:17
svetlanadrox: you are in #ubuntu-it now I think.10:17
droxsvetlana, yes thanks alot10:18
svetlanacluelessperson: I go with the stock install and then follow  https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/  (much of it applies to ubuntu as well).10:18
cluelesspersonsvetlana, I accidentally a word10:19
cluelesspersonDoes anyone know how to properly install a teamspeak server?10:19
svetlanacan you avoid doing this? it's proprietary software, and unless you have clients, it's best to move to something else.10:20
danboweri installed 14.02 over my 12.10 using the live CD. when i reboot my PC i get dropped into grub rescue. if i explicitly pick the boot device, i can get up grub and boot into ubuntu but unfortunately windows starts to load then just resets. any suggestions on how to fix this particular problem?10:20
danboweri've tried using boot-repair but it complains about not being in UEFI mode.10:20
cluelesspersonsvetlana, like what?10:22
cluelesspersonsvetlana, and yes, I have clients10:23
svetlanacluelessperson: how many?10:23
cluelesspersonsvetlana, 50 or so, usually about 10 at a time10:23
svetlanaand what activity do you want to do with them?10:23
cluelesspersonsvetlana, We do gaming.10:23
cluelesspersonsvetlana, the community is open to pretty much everyone.10:23
svetlanagaming over 1 shared screen? or how does it work?10:24
cluelesspersonsvetlana, it's teamspeak.   audio/headsets/mic sort of thing.10:24
svetlanaor a game which uses teamspeak for voice communication?10:24
svetlanaah I see10:24
=== noteness is now known as noteness-bot
cluelesspersonsvetlana, We use the higher quality continuous voice of teamspeak for team play.10:24
svetlanaI might suggest using tox or an SIP client for it. it should work for audio chat.10:25
svetlanawhat OS do the gamers use, how would you say?10:25
cluelesspersonsvetlana, Windows.10:27
aliman_can anyone tell me if i can make the luncher disappear and use the icons on the desktop like on windows?10:27
cluelesspersonsvetlana, Most gamers already use teamspeak or similar, I won't move to something else.10:27
bazhanghttp://www.sysads.co.uk/2014/06/install-teamspeak-3-in-ubuntu-14-04/ cluelessperson10:27
bazhangsvetlana, cluelessperson what os games use, etc, please take to #ubuntu-offtopic , thanks10:28
svetlanacluelessperson: ah ok. I think you would be best following teamspeak install instructions from its official website then. if there's a specific instruction which makes no sense to you, just ask here.10:28
=== noteness-bot is now known as noteness
cluelesspersonbazhang, this is on topic, we really don't need you micromanaging, thanks.10:28
danbowercan someone please tell me if i'm at least likely to be able to rescue my windows partition? all this EFI stuff is new to me.10:29
svetlanacluelessperson: it was my fault for distracting to discussion of what to switch to. please don't counter attack people.10:29
bazhangcluelessperson, I just gave the link on how to install it, please have a look10:29
cluelesspersonsvetlana, don't worry about him, it's not neccessary to be anal10:29
svetlanacluelessperson: this is not interesting to me. what is interesting is where you are stuck.10:29
cluelesspersondanbower, symptoms?10:30
bazhangdanbower, you followed the upgrade guide, or just installed directly over the 12.10 by altering the sources.list10:30
danbowerif by "upgrade guide", you mean the install wizard that says something liek "uninstall 12.04 and reinstall" then yes i used that10:30
falematteHey guys! Anyone knows if there is somewhere a free linux server to execute simple scripts? Thank you10:30
cluelesspersondanbower, what's going wrong exactly?10:31
danboweri booted up the live CD to see if it would have any obvious problems with my hardware and it seemed alright so i started the installation process10:31
bazhangdanbower, it was from 12.04 to 14.04?10:31
svetlanafalematte: dmoz.org, look for 'unix shell provider', there's a few free ones. none are endorsed by ubuntu though. not all of them run ubuntu either -- check it on their websites.10:32
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
danbowercluelessperson, the installation went fine but on reboot i get grub rescue. something about an unknown device. however if i get up my BIOS boot menu i can pick the actual harddrive (a partition of windows 7 and ubuntu) and get up grub. ubuntu boots but windows starts then the system just resets10:33
anonymous2hello, how can I install psybnc?10:33
danboweri've tried using boot-repair but it complains about being in legacy mode. i've tried enabling EUFI but only difference is that i now can't see the mounted drives (windows 7 and some storage disc i use)10:33
aliman_svetlana ?10:33
bekks!info psybnc10:33
ubottuPackage psybnc does not exist in utopic10:33
danbowerbazhang, whichever the last LTS was. 12 something10:34
svetlanaaliman_: hi10:34
bazhangdanbower, 12.04 and 14.04 are LTS10:34
aliman_svetlana can you pls tell me if there is any way to make the luncher disappear and use the icon like windows does?10:34
svetlanacluelessperson: (people who are alzy to package stuff for ubuntu occasionaly make instructions which make you edit files by hand. it's nice to know what they mean, so I'd be glad to explain any step)10:34
danbowerright. it was from 12.04 to 14.04 then10:34
svetlanaaliman_: sorry, trouble following. I don't know how windows works after 2002. launcher where?10:35
cluelesspersonsvetlana, thanks for your help, I'll do more googling10:35
cluelesspersondanbower, do you have usb still plugged in?10:35
danboweri used the livecd10:36
cluelesspersondanbower, is it still in when the unknown device error occurs?10:36
danbowernope, i removed it when the installation completed and the tray popped open10:36
bhaveshAre sudo apt install * and sudo apt-get install * both same?10:37
bhaveshOr Apt means aptitude?10:37
danboweri have looked on google a fair bit but i can't find someone with this particular problem. i.e. grub rescue on boot but can access grub if i pick the actual hard drive from the boot menu. ubuntu works but windows doesn't...10:38
bekksbhavesh: apt is not a valid command.10:38
danbowerabsolutely no warnings during the install that something like this might happen. i thought i was pretty safe installing over ubuntu..10:38
bhaveshbekks: oh it must be a mint command then.10:38
Mandeep_Singhbekks, but it works in ubuntu10:39
Mandeep_Singhjust tried10:39
bekksMandeep_Singh: Didnt know that. TIL. Thank you :)10:40
aliman_svetlana luncher is the left menu bar you know?10:44
bhaveshSo they both are same?10:44
aliman_where you have all your icons10:44
bekksbhavesh: apt and apt-get are different commands.10:44
aliman_talking bout that10:44
bhaveshbekks: hmm, the format of output looks similar.10:44
cluelesspersonDoes anyone know how to add a local public key to the user/.ssh/authorized_keys   file?10:44
cluelesspersonI can't add it because it's hidden it seems10:44
bekksbhavesh: similar, but not identical.10:45
svetlanaaliman_: ah. that's unity. I don't use it (I uninstalled it). wait for someone here to answer, ask again with all details if you like - you can post screenshot to www.imgur.com and link to it here.10:45
archipcluelessperson: cat key.pub /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys10:45
archipcluelessperson: cat key.pub > /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys10:45
bekkscluelessperson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys10:45
aliman_svetlana ok thx10:45
bhaveshbekks: k10:46
cluelesspersonbekks, archip   no such file or directory10:46
aliman_lol #ubuntuforum is quiet inactive10:47
cluelesspersonsudo cat zachary/freeom.pub >> freedom/.ssh/authorized_keys10:47
bekkscluelessperson: When doing what?10:47
bekkscluelessperson: And whats the exact output?10:47
svetlanaaliman_: the channel is dedicated to website maintainance issues I think. maybe discussion of forum questions themselves but I'm not particularly sure about that.10:47
cluelessperson-bash: freedom/.ssh/authorized_keys: No such file or directory10:47
bekkscluelessperson: So that file does not exist.10:47
archipcluelessperson: cd /home/user && mkdir .ssh10:48
aliman_svetlana is there any addon or something that hides all the adds on web?10:48
svetlanaaliman_: yes, try ublock10:49
cluelesspersonzachary@pine:/home$ sudo cat zachary/freedom.pub >> freedom/.ssh/authorized_keys10:49
cluelessperson-bash: freedom/.ssh/authorized_keys: Permission denied10:49
cluelesspersonbekks, archip    nope.10:49
svetlanacause you are not logged in as 'freedom'10:49
bekkscluelessperson: sudo will have no effect on >>10:49
aliman_can i use sudo apt-get install ublock or it's a little bit more complicated?10:49
svetlanabut you're trying to add a file to its homedir10:49
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
svetlanaaliman_: firefox has its own addon manager10:49
cluelesspersonsvetlana, I can't, logins are disabled, only key authentication is allowed.10:49
bekkscluelessperson: cat zachary/freedom.pub | sudo tee -a freedom/.ssh/authorized_keys10:49
svetlanahuh, neat :-)10:49
aliman_svetlana is ublock or addblock?10:50
svetlanaublock is a written from scratch, faster adblock. but adblock plus also works.10:50
aliman_svetlana i writed ublock in the add-on search bar but found nothing but adblock10:51
aliman_that's why i asked10:51
aliman_archip ?10:52
archipaliman_: ?10:53
aliman_archip hi10:53
aliman_archip i just wanted to thank you for helping me out yesterday. i had the nick bogdan :)10:54
archipah np10:54
=== robert_ is now known as Guest11245
svetlanaaliman_: try adblock then. their ad lists are compatible anyway so if you want to move later then it'll be easy.10:54
Amm0nµblock not ublock10:54
svetlanai can't type that. yes it has the greek letter.10:55
aliman_archip i don't know what's the prob, but when i call someone on skype he cannot hear me. and my mic doesn't have any prob. he/she can hear me but extremly low level almost muted10:56
archipaliman_: check the audio level on the sound settings?10:56
aliman_Amm0n i did searched for µblock but still nothing10:57
aliman_archip i did that and is all ok10:57
archipaliman_: check it with a recording software like audacity, if its fine there its something on skypes end which I cant help you with10:58
ThetaOrionisaliman_: s it amplified properly? I mean, have you set the input level to 100%?10:58
aliman_Theta0rionis is ok is 100%10:58
aliman_Theta0rionis and i have no cables or something is just the laptop mi10:59
ThetaOrionisHm, sounds like a problem with skype itself, as archip says.10:59
aliman_on windows was working just fine10:59
cluelesspersonHey guys, does anyone know how to install teamspeak on debian/ubuntu well?11:10
cluelesspersonAll the tutorials I've found have been crap.11:10
jellow!teamspeak | cluelessperson11:11
ubottucluelessperson: teamspeak is the proprietry VoIP software see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TeamSpeak  For a open source alternative consider using Mumble http://mumble.sourceforge.net/11:11
celexihow are you doing it ?11:11
celexii think he wants the client11:12
celexinot the server11:12
Tin_manoh well i tried.. :)11:12
celexias far i remember teamspeak is in ubuntu repos11:13
jellowyes it is called 'teamspeak-client"11:13
alimanwhat is teamspeak for ?11:13
celexiits a voip client mostly designed for groups11:14
SquRoFLteamspeak: videoless multi-person group skyp[e chat but it doesn't suck like skype.11:14
jellowaliman:  teamspeak is the proprietry VoIP software, similar to muble but non free11:14
SquRoFLVoice Over IP11:15
alimanso you need to pay for it or what?11:15
cluelesspersoncelexi, the tutorials I've found are lengthy, require another user made, and dealing with a bunch of BS I feel is a waste of time11:15
SquRoFLclient is free, what costs is to run a server.11:15
celeximumble is generally better but a lot of people have a hardon for teamspeak for uknown reasons11:15
SquRoFLunless you run one yoursel;f, then it's free.11:15
cluelesspersonaliman, SquRoFL   It's free.11:15
alimanaaaa ok. why do you say skype is crap?11:15
celexicluelessperson sudo apt-get install teamspeak-client11:15
cluelesspersoncelexi, "server"11:15
jellowcluelessperson: clarify what you're trying to do install the client or server?11:15
SquRoFLaliman: crappy linux support, bad voice codec, etc.11:16
cluelesspersoncelexi, aliman jellow   Bad Voice Codec?11:16
cluelesspersonIt's free11:16
SquRoFLskype doesn't support stereo sudio even11:16
cluelesspersononly commercializing it costs money11:16
celexii didn't say anything about skype11:16
alimanso what should i use? i am a truck driver and i need to talk home. but my wife uses her galaxy s4 and she has skype. what can we both use and is not crappy?11:17
celexiif you use chrome or chromium11:17
alimancelexi i did talked about skype11:17
SquRoFLa phone11:17
SquRoFL"my wife has a cell phone. i need to talk to her."11:17
cluelesspersonFirst.   Teamspeak Servers are free, unless you use a 3rd party server.  Teamspeak is free to user and run, unless you commercialize it.  Their codecs are actually pretty good, very little latency, and it's easy to use.11:17
cluelesspersonaliman, Phones are crappy, probably because of monopolies.11:18
celexihangouts or imessage are usually the best working these days11:18
alimanSquRoFL i was thinking for something cheapper :))11:18
SquRoFLyou don;t have unlimited talk?11:18
cluelesspersoncelexi, I REFUSE to use google hangouts or anything related to google plus11:18
SquRoFLthose kinds of plans still exist?11:18
cluelesspersonI will not be forced.11:18
SquRoFLi thougth everyone had unlim talk nowadays11:18
celexiwell he probabyl wants to video also11:18
celexiso those unlimited minutes will be useless for that11:19
alimanwell i do have that but only when i am in my country. not on roaming11:19
SquRoFLwell, teamspeak does not do video.11:19
celexiwell cluelessperson11:19
celexiand aliman11:19
celexithere is also viber11:19
alimancelexi ??11:19
celexii believe viber has a linux client11:19
celexiand telegram but i have no idea if telegram has voip11:20
celexianyway im out !11:20
jellow!voip | for anyone interested in alternatives11:20
ubottufor anyone interested in alternatives: VoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.11:20
alimanyes man i know that i usually use whatsapp actualy but i was talking about something that i can use video call you know? thats why i chosed skype11:20
cluelesspersonTeamspeak is extremely popular in the gaming community, I have a large user base already on my servers.11:20
SquRoFLaliman: if you're using linux, good luck getting skype video to work11:20
cluelesspersonI'm not going to swap servers without a very good reason.11:20
SquRoFLunless it works now, used to not work.11:21
celexiworks fine for me11:21
celexibut i am on fedora not ubuntu not sure if its broken there11:21
SquRoFLhuh, okay11:21
dasjoecluelessperson: you don't want to set up teamspeak, but refuse to acknowledge that and still want to use it11:21
alimanSquRoFL i use skype and video call works just fine now but the prob is that the person i talk with cannot hear me i don't know whats the prob.11:21
SquRoFLaudio settings in skype, possibly your mic isnt set up.11:22
cluelesspersondasjoe, That's not what I said.  I said that the existing tutorials I've found are poorly done, and was asking if anyone else had managed it.11:22
jellowaliman: look at wiki you need to mess around with pulseaudio and alsa11:22
dasjoecluelessperson: so, just set up mumble which not only is free, but open-source, too11:22
SquRoFLoptions > audio settings or something similar, make sure your mic works11:22
alimanSquRoFL i set it up and is all ok11:22
dasjoeAlso, its positional audio plugins are awesome ;)11:22
alimanSquRoFL esti roman?11:23
cluelesspersondasjoe, I have a player base of over 100 players that play on my server regularly, I'm not just changing to mumble without a very good reason11:23
cluelesspersonStop recommending mumble, not happening.11:23
dasjoecluelessperson: "Teamspeak is a hassle to install and I can't find a good tutorial" is a pretty good reason11:23
SquRoFLeveryone! (besidesaliman) he's looking for video chat, skype is broken, and he's literally just looking for a decent linux-and-android client that does okay video chat11:23
SquRoFLnot how to set up a teamspeak/mumbe/etc server.11:24
cluelesspersondasjoe, I didn't say that.  I said that people seem not to have produced proper installations for it yet.11:24
alimanSquRoFL yeah thx11:24
jellowcluelessperson: it is in repo it is just a matter of running apt-get install11:24
SquRoFLhe doesn't seem like the kind of person that'd want to ruin a server just to call home.11:25
alimanyeah haha right11:25
SquRoFLther's ooVoo, but good luck with that on linux11:25
SquRoFLalso, aliman: what's the reason for the no google?11:26
alimanwhat do you mean?11:27
SquRoFLwhy don't you wanna use hangouts?11:28
SquRoFLit's fantastic.11:28
alimancan i use video on hangouts?11:29
SquRoFLvery well.11:29
SquRoFLbetter than skype even.11:29
alimanwell...i didn't know that11:29
SquRoFLthat's the entire point of hangouts lmfao11:29
alimani have that on my nexus 6 i use hangouts for masseging and whatsapp as well but didn't know hangouts uses video call11:30
SquRoFLyeah, just add your wife on google+, then switch her convo to hangouts and not SMS when you wanan do a video call.11:30
SquRoFLpress the camera icon to do a video call.11:30
alimanhangouts is only for android or can it be used on ubuntu?11:31
SquRoFLit's web-based.11:31
=== Guest83121 is now known as TandyUK
lewis1711when I restart my computer, or when the computer sleeps, I have to manually connect to my wireless network. "Automatically connect to this network when available" is enabled. any ideas?11:32
alimani need chrome for hangouts11:32
cluelesspersonSquRoFL, Because google attempted to force usage of google plus11:32
cluelesspersonSquRoFL, They should have been sued out of their minds for buying youtube, and forcing everyone to full accounts on another service.  That should be considered some sort of fraud.11:33
SquRoFLlewis1711 fsck -f -y /dev/hdb111:33
SquRoFLwho did they defraud?11:33
cluelesspersonSquRoFL, maybe fraud isn't the right term, doesn't matter.11:34
SquRoFLhow is skype any better? microsoft bought them, now required a windows live ID11:34
bazhang!ot | cluelessperson SquRoFL11:34
SquRoFLsame damn shit11:34
ubottucluelessperson SquRoFL: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:34
dreamcat4hello. i am having trouble with file permissions on core files. it won't save them to a folder unless that folder is chmod 777....11:34
jellowSquRoFL: I'm still a newb but how does fsck help with lewis1711 wireless problem ?11:34
cluelesspersonSquRoFL, They didn't create a windows live account for you, and my old skype credentials still work fine.11:35
Paradiseehow do i resize a lvm partition with ubuntu?11:35
dreamcat4... even if the user who owns the folder is same as the one who crashes (creates core file)11:35
SquRoFLjellow: it was a joke, the linux equivalent of "format C after deleting system32"11:35
SquRoFLParadisee: i think ubuntu's disk utility can do that, if not, live boot something like partition master11:36
alimancluelessperson skype works fine for me to the only problem is the one with the mic. and i cannot fix it11:36
Paradiseethat's what im trying to do11:36
SquRoFLhold on11:36
SquRoFLgot a blank cd and a burner?11:37
alimanhow can i burn cd's on ubuntu? if i want to make a music cd11:37
SquRoFLhttp://www.partitionwizard.com/partition-wizard-bootable-cd.html download the ISO, burn it, boopt from it11:37
SquRoFLtada, diskwizared can do what you want.11:38
jellow!burn | aliman11:38
ubottualiman: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto11:38
SquRoFLyeah, Paradisee: downlaod the ISO from that page, insert blank CD, right click iso wherever you DL'ed it to, "write to disc"11:39
SquRoFLthen boot from it like when you installed ubuntu11:40
SquRoFLf12, esc, del, whatever11:40
SquRoFLf12 on a dell11:40
SquRoFLenter on a stinkpad11:40
ParadiseeSquRoFL: im already in gparted11:41
SquRoFLhur dur11:41
SquRoFLwhat format is the LVM11:42
SquRoFLext3 ext2 ext4 ntfs fat fat3211:42
SquRoFLth heck?11:44
SquRoFLyou're talking about logical volumes....in your OS11:44
SquRoFLi have NO idea11:45
SquRoFLi thought you wanted to resize a ext3/ext4/fat volume on a hdd11:45
SquRoFLlinux noob here11:45
derrzzaaHey guys, looking for a wireless usb card so checking here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported11:47
derrzzaaAnyone with personal experience recommend one though?11:47
SquRoFLiunno what you're talking about i use a 300 baud modem with an acoustic coupler11:47
jellow!lvm | Paradisee11:48
ubottuParadisee: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:48
bazhang!behelpful | SquRoFL11:48
ubottuSquRoFL: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.11:48
ioriaderrzzaa,   i  have  never had problems  with  realtek and atheros  chipset11:48
jellowParadisee: according to the wiki for lvm2 there is not e2fsadm equivalent so be mindful of that. Source http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/reducelv.html11:51
C0r3Hey.. I have a question.11:51
jellow!ask | C0r3  :)11:52
ubottuC0r3  :): Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:52
C0r3I've installed Docky on my Ubuntu 14.04. When I'm running VirtualBox and a Virtual Machine in another window I want it to give a live preview in my Dock. Is that possible?11:53
C0r3jellow: Do you have any idea?11:58
jellowC0r3: No afraid not, I've never used Docky. I use mate and just use multiple desktops if I need to monitor more than one app running.12:01
jellowC0r3: I saw you tried #docky , They also have  mailing list (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/docky-dock). Or wait around and perhaps someone will know :)12:06
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=== ayyyyy is now known as Nyanpo
C0r3jellow, Thank you for your response.12:10
jellowC0r3: Please disregard my comment on mailing list as it appears to be dead. Would not waste your time.12:10
BluesKajHiyas all12:14
C0r3jellow, Alright..12:14
C0r3BluesKaj, Hi12:14
BluesKajHi C0r312:15
uno sera12:15
jellowC0r3: hah here is best place to ask about docky https://answers.launchpad.net/docky , Will leave you alone now :)12:18
C0r3jellow, Thanks a lot!12:19
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alimandamn is so boring today12:27
alimanno1 to talk with12:27
alimanguys do you think is ok if i have only 1 partition on my hdd? or should i have 2 one with the system and one for rest?12:29
jellowaliman: my preference is one for system and one for /home12:30
alimanif i reinstall the system and iwant to make 2 part what do i need to do?12:31
danbowerhi. i created the following thread but seems that forum is pretty quiet. i'd appreciate if someone could help me with a boot issue i'm getting after installing 14.02: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227130912:31
alimandanbower sorry m8 i'm not qualified :) i just started to use linux yday so....i would like to help you but...12:33
jellowaliman: you've got to select one partition / ( system ) and one /home, may even be an option not sure been a while since I re-installed12:33
vooze_Hi, (14.04) clean install. During boot before the plash screen or maybe during grub, it "flickers" and looks like loading an image with a very slow connection. What could cause this? GPU, grub-settings, high dpi display or what?12:35
danbowervooze_, you might want to install proprietary graphic card drivers12:39
BluesKajvooze_, what does the image show ..an Icon/logo ?12:39
nik_Hi I have installed apache on ubuntu12:43
nik_and ssl is not working12:43
nik_I mean all the https urls are not working12:44
hjemoh then12:44
nik_I am getting an error12:44
nik_    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.12:44
Agent_Smith1A program has asked which browser to use to open it, if I should choose to use Firefox, where would I locate the file to use?12:44
ikoniaAgent_Smith1: the "file" ?12:46
ikoniado you mean the firefox binary /12:46
nik_did anyone had this issue before?12:47
ikonianik_: sounds like your cert has been signed with an untrusted CA12:48
ikonianik_: or your going through a proxy/router thats changing the payload12:49
nik_I have verified the apache ssl config12:49
ikonianik_: how have you verified ?12:49
ikoniathats a file12:49
ikoniaI'm asking how you verified12:49
ikonianot what is the file name12:49
nik_it ssl conf file for apache12:50
ikoniayes I know12:50
ikoniaI'm asking how you verified the SSL conf and the cert and CA12:50
nik_I haven't done that12:50
nik_not sure how to do12:50
ikoniais this for childrensplace.com ?12:51
ikoniahjem: please don't do that12:51
nik_for my personal use12:52
nik_did you find that out from computer name?12:52
ikonianik_: so first of all look at your virtual conf for ssl see what the _default is set to, second verify your certificate chain, third make sure you're not using a proxy that may be mangling it12:52
hjem /leave12:56
=== Guest10232 is now known as sUbMuNdO
nik_default is set to 44313:03
nik_and how do i verify certificate chain13:03
ikoniause openssl13:03
gnoxHey guys, just installed Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 213:08
lotuspsychjegnox: join #ubuntu+1 for vivid please13:08
gnoxlotuspsychje: ok - sry for posting in the wrong channel13:09
lotuspsychjegnox: no sweat ; )13:09
Lord_PhoenixHello again everyone13:11
lotuspsychjeLord_Phoenix: welcome13:11
Lord_PhoenixI've been here yesterday struggling with Bumblebee as well as nvidia-prime after recent kernel update13:11
yorwoshi all, im having problem using my firewire camera as webcam . its panasonic dvx100 , i can capture through kino but webcamstudio and my chat programs cant see it13:11
Lord_PhoenixHas anyone else having such problems after update?13:12
Lord_PhoenixJust can't make any of those to work :(13:12
lotuspsychjeLord_Phoenix: bumblebee is outdated mate, install nvidia-prime only for an optimus card13:12
lotuspsychjeLord_Phoenix: wich ubuntu version are you on?13:12
Lord_Phoenixnvidia-prime boots in low graphics mode and bumblebee cannot switch to second GPU13:12
lotuspsychjeLord_Phoenix: well if you want stable, i would goto 14.04 with nvidia-prime13:13
lotuspsychjeLord_Phoenix: if staying on 14.10 you can try fix broken packages from grub recoverymode perhaps13:13
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Ida_How can I check which qt5 version I have installed?13:15
Lord_PhoenixWell, it's been working for me for last half a year :)13:15
Lord_PhoenixJust can't figure out what went wrong :-\13:15
=== Guest44211 is now known as gusnan
=== gusnan is now known as Guest98304
lotuspsychjeIda_: apt-cache policy qt513:17
Lord_Phoenixlotuspsychje, there is no broken packages that's the problem13:20
lotuspsychjeLord_Phoenix: try a nomodeset perhaps13:20
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | Lord_Phoenix13:21
ubottuLord_Phoenix: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:21
love3Linux really has to fix the boot screen issues, so many flickers and glitches and that's when it displays properly13:22
lotuspsychjelove3: no flickering here...maybe you should fix your issues on your machine13:23
Lord_Phoenixlotuspsychje, but that can help only with low graph with prime, right, because bumblebee loads driver only on optirun call or?13:23
love3Lol, how many machines shipped doa to me lately13:23
alfatauhello all. my question is about maintenance-mode. if i switch to runlevel 1, is there a way to unmount the root filesystem for maintenance (e.g. fsck, resize2fs...) without booting with a livecd?13:24
archipalfatau: why not just use the recovery mode from grub?13:25
alfatauarchip: well i'd like to know if i can definitively avoid a new server boot.13:27
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love3Does ubuntu come with a warranty13:27
yeatsalfatau: why would you avoid using a live CD?  that would be the natural choice for what you're doing.13:28
llutzalfatau: you can't13:28
lotuspsychjelove3: warranty for what? its opensource13:29
yeatslove3: no13:29
love3What if it breaks13:29
llutzlove3: fix it13:29
royerhow old are u ?13:29
yeatslove3: you can get paid support if you need it13:29
love3Hmm, logical13:29
yeats!ot | royer13:30
ubotturoyer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:30
love3Does ubuntu ever apologize?13:33
yeatslove3: what are you asking?13:34
love3Does it say sorry when apps crash13:34
love3I kinda appreciate that13:34
yorwosmy mini-dv firewire camera dvx100 can be seen by Kino , but no other program can see it so i can use it as a webcam , any ideas ?13:34
yeatslove3: you can enable automatic crash/bug reports, but no, there's not an apology - why would you expect that?13:35
* archip facepalms13:35
love3I didn't that's why I asked.13:35
nikola_hello i have the following problem, i am with ubuntu 14.04 64bit, and i run win 8.1 on vmware, the poblem is that when i install some program it takes too much space from the virtual drive13:35
yeatslove3: do you have an ubuntu support question, or are you just making conversation?  #ubuntu-offtopic would be more appropriate13:36
llutznikola_: resize your virtual drive then13:36
=== matteo is now known as Guest46453
yorwosi have no video1394  raw1394 in my /dev/ list13:37
love3Ooh okay kinda both I'll separate the things I say13:37
nikola_it will full my drive very fast for program that shuld be 5gb it takes 50gb13:37
yeatsnikola_: ask in #vmware or ##windows13:37
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest80463
nikola_ok thanks13:38
=== ubuntu is now known as simon_g
naftilos76I just tried to add into /etc/sudoers an exception for me (user naftilos76) to execute "iptables -S" but it just does not work. What i did is this: User_Alias RAILS_CONTROL_PANNEL_USER = naftilos76 , Cmnd_Alias RAILS_CP_COMMANDS = /sbin/iptables -S , RAILS_CONTROL_PANNEL_USER ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:RAILS_CP_COMMANDS . I reboot my ubuntu vps and when i connect via ssh as naftilos76 i get permission denied when i enter "iptables -S" . Can anybody suggest13:44
naftilos76what i am doing wrong?13:44
naftilos76Ubuntu ver is 14.0413:44
archipnaftilos76: you did put sudo before the command right? (sudo iptables)13:45
archipah wait you tried to add the executable to sudo13:45
naftilos76If i do i get asked for the passwd13:45
naftilos76it should work but it doesn't13:46
EriC^^naftilos76, you always get asked for the password13:46
naftilos76But i used the directive 'NOPASSWD'13:46
naftilos76this is why i used it13:46
naftilos76to not be asked for the passwd13:47
=== fred_ is now known as Guest34979
EriC^^naftilos76, just add <user> ALL= NOPASSWD:/sbin/iptables -S13:47
naftilos76i am still getting permission denied. Should i reboot?13:49
danbowerhi. if there's anyone familiar with grub/install issues, i'd really appreciate some help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227130913:49
danbowerforum seems a bit quiet :/13:49
naftilos76I exited my ssh session and got back in and i still get perm denied13:49
naftilos76EriC^^ : any ideas?13:50
ubuntu193bonjour tt mode13:51
cfhowlett!fr | ubuntu19313:51
ubottuubuntu193: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:51
naftilos76EriC^^: i rebooted and still get the same behavior13:51
naftilos76Very strange13:51
ubuntu193j'ai un petit probleme 403 avec mon serveur sur quel ficher je doit mettre les droits stp13:53
thunder_kki have bought kb-tabmate zebronics bluetooth keyboard. only some random keys work but most of them dont work. but it works perfectly in windows. please help me to fix this13:54
rareax:57 < mebigfatguy> rareax, http://www-01.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSLTBW_1.13.0/com.ibm.zos.r13.bpxa600/rrlr.htm13:59
simon_gwhere does the ubuntu 15.04 keeps the xorg configuration? my touchpad works fine in ubuntu out of the box only, on other distributions i have to configure it. i cannot find /etc/X11/xorg.conf so i cannot copy the detailed configuration14:01
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | simon_g14:01
ubottusimon_g: Vivid Vervet is the codename for Ubuntu 15.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+114:01
danemacmillanHi, does Truecrypt 7.1a work with the latest Ubuntu?14:03
simon_gok thanks cfhowlett14:03
cfhowlettsimon_g, happy2help!14:03
simon_gjust out of interest, if that would be 14.10 where would the configuration be stored?14:03
cfhowlettsimon_g, no idea.  sorry.14:04
simon_galso- how can i configure the unity to be able to move window to the right/up/left/minimize by pressing the win+ right/up/left/down arrow (like in gnome 3 or windows)?14:04
simon_gi can do the same by just moving window into the side, but i prefer the keyboard solution14:05
Edu-Jcould you recommend any to-do like app, please? ^^14:05
Edu-Jfor desktop, not browser14:06
Tin_manit's in your software center14:07
=== Guest98304 is now known as gusnan
Tin_manEdu-J, the above was for you Osmo personal info manager14:08
Edu-Jthx Tin_man, I'm taking a look ;)14:09
=== YamakasY is now known as BiggestBitInTown
MoonsilenceHi! I just installed Ubuntu Desktop on my netbook and find that by default windows, buttons, fonts, etc. are too big for the small screen and are clipped. Some windows don't fit onto screen and there is no way to see the bottom part of the window. How can I make everything proportionally smaller? I am absolutely new to ubuntu. Thanks!14:09
=== BiggestBitInTown is now known as YamakasY
cfhowlettMoonsilence, you might find lubuntu or xubuntu to be better netbook options.  to test the look and feel: sudo apt-get install lxde xfce4                   then logout, choose an alternate session and login14:11
Moonsilencecfhowlett, thanks, I will try that.14:12
Edu-JMoonsilence, have you tried setting the correct resolution of your display?14:13
Edu-JMoonsilence, maybe you have some problem with your graphic card14:13
Tin_manMoonsilence, you might also download the Unity Tweak Tool14:14
MoonsilenceEdu-J, the native resolution for my screen was automatically found and set during installation.14:14
Edu-JMoonsilence, have a try with Unity Tweak Tool as Tin_man says14:15
MoonsilenceThanks, Tin_man14:16
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dreamwhere python14:20
cfhowlettdream, ummm, #python ??14:20
dreamstudy python14:20
dreamwant to study python14:21
mzazaI am configuring apache to a custom directory in my home folder, however it seems that there is a problem with the permissions and I get an error that access is denied.14:21
cfhowlettdream, www.python.org <don't be lazy>14:21
Tin_mandream: https://www.python.org/14:21
mzazaI have set the directoy to /home/mzaza/Lab/www14:22
mzazaAnd I get error to access /home/mzaza/Lab14:22
mp3userdream: diveintipython3, and learn python the hard way14:22
mp3usermzaza: change directory rights14:22
alimancan anyone tell me which option i chose for device for boot? the second sda2?  http://imgur.com/WmmiVuk14:23
mzazamp3user: to 775?14:23
mp3userdream: what you want to learn? web, os programming, scripts?14:23
TheNumbhow to cook14:23
mp3usermzaza: or it depends14:23
MrElendigdream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps8jOj7diA0&list=PL9D558D49CA734A0214:23
hjemWtf is you people doing?14:24
hjemscrub fucks14:24
mp3usermzaza: and you need use -r key14:24
mzazamp3user: On what? I have set it /home/mzaza/WWW to 775 and still I get error when browing localhost14:24
cfhowletthjem, stop the profanity immediately14:24
mzazamp3user: Yes, I did.14:24
mp3userwhat sya ls -l?14:24
dreami want yo learn web for python14:25
mp3userdream: u need learn django, its best way for web14:26
IdleOnedream: go to www.python.org and all the information you need is there14:26
mzazamp3user: rwxrwxr-x14:27
dreamgood ,thanks14:27
MrElendigdjango is far from the best14:27
mp3usermzaza: sudo chmod -R a+rx [your_directory]14:27
mzazamp3user: I think the problem is related to that the home partition can't be accessed14:27
mp3userMrElendig: django best for newbie coz have really big community14:27
MrElendignot really14:28
mp3useru know bigger?14:28
mp3userstart read djangoproject site14:30
bitnumusHi, does anyone here use NFS and have nautilus hang when doing so ?14:30
cfhowlettdream, get out of ubuntu irc.  go to www.python.org          and look at the entire LIBRARIES of free resouces.14:30
archipanyone here using ubuntu+intelliJ with the latest android SDK on API 22 having trouble running the VM on KVM?14:30
mp3userand if you dont understand something go to python docs14:30
mzazamp3user: Still. [Sun Mar 29 16:28:03.328340 2015] [core:error] [pid 7577] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00035: access to / denied (filesystem path '/home/mzaza/WWW') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path14:31
zykotick9mp3user: ahhh, your recursive chmod above, makes everything executable...  <- not a great suggestion.   mzaza beware!14:31
l9i wanna remove all folder.jpg from several dir typed rm -rf /home/user/folder/*/folder.jpg14:32
IdleOnecfhowlett: You need to change your tone when helping, if you don't feel like answering then I suggest you don't. Your help in here is greatly appreciated but I will not tolerate what appears to be a less than nice attitude from you.14:32
cfhowlettIdleOne, noted.  sorry14:33
IdleOnethank you.14:33
mp3usermzaza: mb this chcon -R --type=httpd_sys_rw_content_t wp-content/14:33
BasketballlHey idle one how can I make a custom live cd  for Ubuntu 14.04 that will run my bash script that installs my programs14:33
mzazamp3user: What is that :D ?14:34
sdahi all, I have an expanding file "RAW" when I write inside it, it expands. But when I delete it doesnt compact. How can I compact the file?14:35
mp3usermzaza: have the right to edit my .htaccess with wordpress14:35
BasketballlIdle any ideas14:36
TheNumbBasketballl: there used to be an application called remastersys but I don't know if it's still being developed.14:37
BasketballlThe number I tried that but it screwed up my pc14:38
BasketballlIt turned my current install into a live install14:38
IdleOneBasketballl: I was going to suggest remastersys also14:39
BasketballlAre you supposed to select distribution or backup14:39
degvaHello Guys, how can I know which driver is being used for my gamepad?14:41
sdahi all, I have an expanding file "RAW" when I write inside it, it expands. But when I delete it doesnt compact. How can I compact the file?14:42
TheNumbsda: err14:43
TheNumbsda: what do you use it for?14:43
photonI have a bunch of files (audio, video, personal files). Is it a bad idea to only allow the owner read and write permissions, and remove all group/other permissions? I can't think of any reason not to do this, and it can't hurt and should increase security.14:44
sdaTheNumb, I use as block device. ext4 formatted. When I delete the file I also "recover" the space whiping the used space with zerofree14:45
archipphoton: you can do it but will only play a role in systems with more than 1 user14:46
TheNumbsda: so you want to shrink the filesystem right?14:46
TheNumbsda: man resize2fs14:46
sdaTheNumb, No, I will keep the maximum size of the file as 300GB but the actual space used is less, When I add file inside it it grows but never shrink14:48
Mark-z7l This is your game ? http://www.desura.com/games/aeon-ball14:51
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orphi there14:53
=== no is now known as sysadmin
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orpany one have problems with grep on new ubuntu ?14:53
orpi can't use -v option14:53
orpit don't work at all14:54
orpit work in al linux i used14:54
SchrodingersScatorp: can you give an example of it not working that you can share with us?14:54
orpif i touch 1 2 3 4 5 in a var as example14:55
orpand i ls | grep -v 414:55
orpif i echo the var it should return 414:55
orpit does return at all14:55
orpit list all 1234514:56
MrElendigorp: you should not ls | grep anyway :p14:56
orpif grep works fine on redhat14:56
MrElendigorp: if ls gives you all 5 files on the same line then ofcourse grep will show the the whole line14:57
MrElendigif part of the line match14:57
SchrodingersScatIf I touch 1 2 3 4 5 ; then ls | grep -v 4 ; I get 1\n2\n3\n514:57
MrElendigas a sidenote14:57
SchrodingersScatMrElendig: -v is invert, so if 4 was there it shouldn't show the line14:58
=== fred_ is now known as Guest81178
orpthat is the target14:59
orpbut it don't work at all14:59
orpi don't know what happens14:59
MrElendigorp: echo 1 2 3 4 5 | grep -v 414:59
orpis not working at all14:59
SchrodingersScatshould display nothing15:00
orpreturn empty15:00
alfatauhello all. is there a safe way to switch to maintenance/rescue mode and execute maintenance tasks using ssh? i.e. systemctl rescue causes networking and sshd to be stopped. any other way? should I create a custom target which is a "clone" of rc1.d but with networking and ssh?15:02
MrElendigorp: so grep is working fine15:02
MrElendigorp: really, stop doing ls | grep15:02
alfatauotherwise, what is a best-practice for this kind of tasks15:02
MrElendiguse find(1) or globbing15:02
=== Brand3n is now known as r00t
orpthanks mate that will sort it15:05
MrElendigif you use zsh then you can ^415:05
orpno have to be bash15:05
solsTiCeMrElendig: hi. so you're in #ubuntu now :-(15:05
degvaHey guys, does anybody know where I can get help on gamepads?15:06
MrElendigsolsTiCe: from time to time15:06
MrElendigwith bash you can do set extglob and (!4)15:07
MrElendiger... !(4)15:07
MrElendigor whatever the syntax is15:08
degvanobody? :/15:08
solsTiCeso I have mounted a samba share via nautilus and I want root to be able to access it (to dd an iso from the share). But he can't. Is there a trick so that can root can access it or I need to mount the share with mount as root.15:08
MrElendigwhat is the error?15:09
MrElendigalso you might not want to dd directly from the samba share15:10
solsTiCe# LANG=C cd /run/user/1000/gvfs15:11
solsTiCe-bash: cd: /run/user/1000/gvfs: Permission denied15:11
solsTiCethat's what I do. I copy from the share to the user home so that root can dd from that. but that's anoying.15:11
MrElendigjust mount it as root using mount15:12
solsTiCehere is what root sees of gvfs dir: d?????????  ? ?        ?          ?              ? gvfs/15:12
solsTiCethat's weird. I wonder how nautilus can do that15:12
llutzsolsTiCe: nautilus uses gvfs, gnome-virtual-file-system to mount that. therefore only the user nautilus runs as has access. mount the share manually, then you can give mount-options for other users access15:15
thunder_kki have bought a bluetooth keyboard but many of its keys are not working. it works well in windows but not ubuntu. please help me15:16
MrElendigthunder_kk: what keys?15:21
MrElendigthunder_kk: multimedia keys?15:21
thunder_kkMrElendig: all keys like "a,b,c,d,,," all keys15:22
MrElendigwhat keyboard is this?15:22
MrElendigand what does dmesg and xinput say about it?15:22
Lisa_Wonder if anyone can help me - I was using Ubuntu for quite some years now. I upgraded to 14.04 and everything went Kaput. However my terminal is working. My GUI is fried. Funny the live USB for 14.04 works perfectly fine. Does have anyone have any pointers15:23
thunder_kkMrElendig: kb-tabmate zebronics bluetooth keyboard. dmesg says apple keyboard connected. i used keysm to detect keys but there were no keys detected at all15:24
ioriaLisa_ : apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop15:26
Lisa_ioria: I have done this ages ago but doesn;t work, I tried removing fglrx, then going into the safe mode purge..  but let me try this once again.15:28
Lisa_ioria: 0 to upgrade , 0 to install 1 reinstall 0 to remove and 3 not to upgrade15:30
Lisa_ioria: Nothing got installed15:30
CodmadnessproHow can I allow netcat to keep a listening port open infinite? It seems once i've done sudo nc -l 69 and it's responded to the listening port it then stops15:31
ioriaLisa_ : sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:31
=== ramon is now known as Guest92018
Lisa_my startx simply doesn't work15:32
llutzCodmadnesspro: nc -k15:32
Lisa_I am wondering anyone had the issue of their GUI getting fried upon updating to 14.0415:34
viGtor_hi! is there any way to disable bluetooth at startup?15:34
nvonHi. I am trying to "install" pdf2djvu on Ubuntu (http://packages.ubuntu.com/source/vivid/pdf2djvu), but I don't actually know what do to after downloading these packages.15:35
ikoniayou don't download them15:35
ikoniayou open the package manager, search for pdf2djvu and click install15:35
ikonianvon: I suggest you read https://help.ubuntu.com and look at the basics of how to use the package manager to install software15:36
nvonikonia, so downloading them would be a lot more troublesome?15:36
nvonikonia, I didn't want to install ubuntu, I am using the live cd on vbox.15:37
ikonianvon: so ?15:37
ikonianvon: same concept applies15:37
SchrodingersScatnvon: you should only need to run sudo apt-get install pdf2djvu   #but knowing what you're doing is good and reading about packages would be good15:37
viGtor_another question, if I install i did an installation for plugins and "libavcodec-56" was removed to install libavcodec-extra-56, do I need both?15:37
ramen69no the extra version sounds like it supersedes the former package15:38
viGtor_so is it better having the extra?15:38
nvonSchrodingersScat, ok, that was dramatically easy. I've spent hours trying to make it work on windows and now on linux...15:39
ramen69viGtor_: technically15:39
viGtor_ramen69: the thing is that no matter which one is installed, i get always dependencies missing and now i'm worried :S15:39
nvonramen69, SchrodingersScat, any idea on how to do it as simply on windows, using MinGW?15:40
SchrodingersScatnvon: if you're looking for software, the repos are a good place to start.  You can use 'apt-cache search ' then a keyword to search through them for things you need, and only after that resource is exhausted would I normally look for manual answers.15:40
ramen69viGtor_: have you tried apt-get install then the package name?15:40
viGtor_actually i haven't had any problem so far but now that i know there's a problem i keep thinking in some point my OS will be broken15:40
ramen69the xtra version of that package bundles extra codecs, its not better its just got more features15:41
ramen69google ^^15:41
viGtor_lol yeah i tried but i'm too newbie to understand some stuff :P15:41
SchrodingersScatnvon: nope, if you're looking to install the pdf2djvu, apt-cache show pdf2djvu has this as the homepage, and they have a windows exe but this is #ubuntu ;) http://jwilk.net/software/pdf2djvu15:42
ramen69np im a noob tbh, but if you ask the right questions i can provide the right answers15:42
viGtor_ramen69: it warked, thanks SO much! actually i've been replacing mac os x into my macbook pro because a software problem and this is kind of hard :P anyway, do you know how to disable bluetooth at startup?15:43
ramen69nvon: unless you want to recompile the program from the source, its windows only off the bat15:43
nvonSchrodingersScat, I see, it is just that the windows version is older. Thanks anyway, this saved me some time. (pdf2djvu's docs are awful).15:44
nvonramen69, I need to recompile from the source to get the latest version, right?15:44
SchrodingersScatnvon: idk much about cross compiling, sorry.15:44
=== ramen is now known as ramen69
ramen69nvon: sorry i dc'd15:46
nvonramen69, ?15:46
ramen69viGtor_: still stuck?15:47
viGtor_yes, i found something but it disables the battery indicator15:48
arcskyhi, i did plugin a usb drive and it shows only 2.5MB and its a 16GB drive. how can i solve that?15:49
viGtor_and de keyboard mapping for the macbook pro too, it's horrible :S15:49
ramen69im not really good with the gui stuff tbh dude viGtor_15:49
alimanhey guys i installed skype on ubuntu and i got a small unpacking error can any1 help? is that a problem? and how can i check if is a prob or not?   http://i.imgur.com/46iHBZC.png?115:49
TheNumbaliman: what's the problem?15:49
ramen69arcsky: is only 2.5mb of it partitioned into a filesystem? :S15:50
alimancheck the link...if u watch the pic u'll see in the 6st line an error15:50
TheNumbaliman: libgpg-error is a name of a package :D15:50
nvonarcsky, Do you need to recover files or can you format it?15:50
arcskynvon: i can format it15:50
nvonarcsky, what brand is it?15:51
alimanTheNumb are you sure? so is no problem therE?15:51
TheNumbaliman: 100% sure15:51
alimanok thx alot15:51
TheNumbaliman: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libgpg-error015:51
SchrodingersScataliman: yeah, you're fine15:51
ramen69aliman: looks fine, just a package name15:51
viGtor_ramen69: this is for the bluetooth, do you know if doing this i will be able to use bluetooth when needed? http://askubuntu.com/questions/410181/ubuntu-13-10-disable-bluetooth-at-startup15:51
nvonarcsky, Download a program called BOOTICEx8615:52
ramen69viGtor_: yes that will disable it on startup15:53
aliman_ohh wi-fi crashed15:53
ramen69what that does is, once linux has booted all of its programs and services will kill the bluetooth 'service'15:54
viGtor_Oh perfect then ^^15:54
ramen69to start it manually type: sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth15:55
ramen69you could even alias that command15:55
ramen69viGtor_: http://www.hostingadvice.com/how-to/set-command-aliases-linuxubuntudebian/15:56
ramen69tbf viGtor_ this might make more sense http://askubuntu.com/questions/1414/how-to-create-a-permanent-alias15:57
xboxadobe flash player15:57
viGtor_ramen69: but what is the alias for?15:57
viGtor_(lol i feel so stupid right now)15:58
ramen69nah, eg rather than typing a whole string of commands over anf over you can create an alias for the command15:58
dolk82Hello, iv just installed ubuntu linux and trying to learn it. But im having som issues...When im checking out videos in youtube im only geting 360p even when im restricting my search to just find HD can anyone tell me how i can fix this?15:59
ramen69so sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade could become just the command upgradenow15:59
viGtor_ah! that's amazing ^^15:59
ramen69dolk82: try updating flash via the package manager maybe?15:59
viGtor_would it work for the mapping issue i have?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/131900/how-do-i-switch-the-command-key-and-control-key-on-a-macbook-pro16:00
ramen69nah, thats keyboard layout16:00
viGtor_here i create de .X.... file and launch it and it works (switching cmd key to ctrl key)16:00
viGtor_BUT i have to relaunch the commant on every reboot16:01
dolk82ramen69,: is package manager the same as Ubuntu software Center? (im not used to linux at all :) )16:01
ramen69you're not editing the right file if that is the case16:01
ramen69dolk82: yes it is , sorry :)16:01
viGtor_cause if i put it on autostartup apps it just does nothing16:01
htqpdolk82: ubutnu software center  is essentially a graphical front-end to the package manager16:01
dolk82ok thanks :) Im guessing it is the Adobe Flash plugin i need to install :)16:02
ramen69viGtor_: ive never done it tbh but i think it might be a pain not sure if anyone else here can give you a hand on setting up a custom keyboard layout16:03
* ramen69 needs to get back to work, lol16:04
leiterI'm not to familiar with xorg...16:04
ioriadolk82 :  maybe i'm wrong but on youtube you don't need  Flash16:04
viGtor_ramen69: ill do some research, thanks a lot dude!16:05
ramen69viGtor_: might help http://michal.kosmulski.org/computing/articles/custom-keyboard-layouts-xkb.html16:05
aliman_does any1 know how can i make dolby sound work on ubuntu for an lenovo g50-70?16:05
dolk82ramen69: thanks worked like a charm but when im playing the video gets choppy/laggy can it be that that i need to install any drivers for graphic card?16:05
aliman_is working on windows cuz i have the driver but not for linux16:05
viGtor_aliman_: maybe typing alsamixer in terminal can get you extra options16:05
ramen69dolk82: gpu drivers16:05
dolk82it seems like the whole linux system is a bit slow. It was win 8 on the machine when i buyed it..16:06
ramen69dolk82: top right of screen in the little bar should be a green icon you can click on to install gpu drivers?16:06
ramen69dolk82: i found before that without proper grahics drivers it can seem a bit slow16:07
aliman_viGtor this is all i got   http://i.imgur.com/SjWD7z8.png?116:07
viGtor_is there an irc channel for ubuntu gnome?16:07
AnonymHello there16:07
AnonymCan someone learn me how to code with objective c?16:07
Anonymffs guys16:08
Anonymlearn me to fucking use xcode and o jective c coding system bras16:08
ramen69viGtor_: irc.gnome.org16:08
viGtor_aliman_: can you hear sound?16:08
aliman_yes i can16:08
ramen69ugh, i remember using alsamixer16:09
dolk82ramen69,: dont know if im totaly retarded but i cant see any green icon here is my screenshot http://gyazo.com/7e7c9e91f3cc1746391aca63d5dbc23c16:09
ramen69i could never get it to do what i wanted16:09
aliman_viGtor yes i can hear sound16:09
ramen69dolk82: try searching software centre for XOrg drivers16:10
XenophonFhey all - i'm running into a weird problem with nis16:10
viGtor_aliman_: no idea so, i get too much more options thou16:10
researcher!install rpm16:10
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)16:10
XenophonFi can do 'ypcat passwd' and 'ypcat shadow', and see the respective maps16:10
viGtor_but i'm in ubuntu gnome so no idea if this works the same16:10
XenophonFbut if i do "getent shadow", it doesn't show the NIS maps16:10
aliman_is there any difference between 14.04 LTS and gnome?16:10
XenophonFthis is ubuntu 12.04.5 with rpcbind and nis installed16:11
XenophonFi'm using pam_krb5 for authentication16:11
researcherhow to install rpm16:11
researcher! rpm16:11
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)16:11
aliman_viGtor when you send me message here in chat and you specify my name i hear a sound how can i do this so the person i want can hear?16:12
cfhowlettresearcher, you do not install RPM to ubuntu.  if you prefer rpm, you just install a different OS, e.g. fedora or centos16:12
aliman_and i see ur name red16:12
ramen69whats wrong with .deb? :(16:12
viGtor_aliman_: just type 3 letter of the nickname and press tab key then type your message16:12
aliman_viGtor_:  ah ok thx alot16:13
aliman_viGtor_: is it workig?16:13
Missing1600resoi heard the rpm distro for noobs pclinuxos16:14
leiterI'm trying to search for the url of an img src file in an html source code so I can pipe it to wget to download.  Any ideas?16:14
TheNumbMost vendors package their software in .deb and .rpm packages anyway...16:15
ramen69Missing1600reso: not necessarily, do you know thos OS's back to front?16:15
aliman_what games can run on ubuntu? i mean not the games from ubuntu software center i mean real games16:15
Missing1600resoramen69: no, just from articles16:16
Missing1600resoaliman_, steam games16:16
cfhowlett!steam | aliman_,16:16
ubottualiman_,: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.16:16
SchrodingersScatleiter: grep, sed, etc.16:16
Missing1600resoreal games like minesweeper16:16
ramen69Missing1600reso: never trust anyone :D16:16
aliman_and on steam can i find games like call of duty and stuff like this?16:16
TheNumbnot really16:17
leiterSchrodingersScat: Thanks.  I'm having a heck of a time with regex, and grep seems to include more than just the filename.16:17
vividaliman_, http://store.steampowered.com/ see for yourself16:17
Missing1600resoaliman_, except thats not a steam game. maybe team fortress16:17
cfhowlettaliman_, www.steampowered.com    will give you the list of games.  best you go to the source and see for yourself ...16:17
TheNumbaliman_: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=&sort_by=_ASC&os=linux&page=116:17
dhrosathis is probably the wrong channel, but what upstart event do I want to use if I want a service to start as late as possible?16:17
leiterSchrodingersScat: would sed be better than awk?16:17
aliman_if i have a steam account for windows it will work for ubuntu or i need another account?16:17
TheNumbaliman_: it will work.16:17
dhrosathis is on a server machine, so I cant' start on desktop environment init16:17
Missing1600resoaliman_, should work16:17
ramen69aliman_: only 1000 games work for linux atm16:18
aliman_i don't think i have time to try all 1000 :))16:18
ioriadhrosa  because you  are on  server  :P16:18
ramen69aliman_: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9439-QHKN-130816:18
SchrodingersScatleiter: awk is fine.  just need to parse for what you're looking for.  I normally pull the page with curl then pipe that through somethings to filter junk then finally to wget/whatever.16:18
ramen69more info ^16:18
dhrosaioria: well yes I know :p, I mean to say that I don't have a DE running, so upstart's documentation is useless16:18
dhrosaioria: upstart reccomends starting on DE startup if you want an event to start late... which is useless on a server machine16:19
viGtor_aliman_: sorry i had sound disabled lol16:19
viGtor_try again16:19
aliman_viGtor_: lol ok16:19
viGtor_aliman_: but i guess it depends on the irc client you're using16:19
leiterSchrodingersScat: Thank you!16:19
viGtor_i'm using polari so it's too limitated by now16:19
aliman_irc client? i just use the chat on webpage on firefox16:20
viGtor_lol nevermind so :P16:20
viGtor_i prefer irc clients than webclients16:20
=== gusnan is now known as Guest95576
aliman_which one is a good irc client?16:21
ramen69that is subjective16:21
viGtor_with ubuntu i think xchat is good16:21
ramen69im using irssi16:21
Missing1600resoaliman_, what distro are you on?16:21
viGtor_i'm on polaris cause i try to use gnome 3 apps16:22
viGtor_but they're still too "green"16:22
aliman_Missing1600reso: distro? lol m8 sry but i need to ask i just installed linux and joined irc chat so i am not used to all the terms hehe16:22
leiterI'm also on irssi, but xchat is a good recommendation16:23
jrtappersIs there a problem with ubuntu server curl, it seems to use the Redhat path for the CA list, rather than the debian one, leading to errors16:23
ramen69leiter: care to share any of your config? I jsut recently setup this vps16:23
viGtor_aliman_: sudo apt-get install xchat16:23
viGtor_using the terminal16:23
viGtor_or xchat from software center16:24
archipxchat is unmaintained and vulnerable from sslv3 attacks16:24
ioriadhrosa  http://upstart.ubuntu.com/getting-started.html16:24
aliman_guys i see dota 2 is free to play. it will be like this 4ever or its only for a period?   http://store.steampowered.com/search/?term=&sort_by=_ASC&os=linux&page=116:24
zykotick9hexchat is the new xchat ;)16:24
cfhowlettarchip, hexchat is the maintained replacement16:24
viGtor_aliman_: by the way, you're using Ubuntu 14.10 as a distro with Unity as a shell (from the screenshot you sent me before)16:25
jrtappersaliman_, Probably forever, they have a big userbase16:25
cfhowlettaliman_, you'd have to ask !steam about that - it's their game16:25
XenophonFso any idea why i wouldn't see the shadow yp map in "getent shadow"?16:25
viGtor_hexchat? never heard, will check ^^16:25
aliman_it is 14.04 not 14.10 :)16:25
ramen69viGtor_: its a clone iirc16:25
jrtapperscurl uses /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt by default, which doesn't exist16:25
archipwhy is xchat still in the repos and not marked with a huge "DO NOT USE" banner?16:26
dhrosaioria: that doesn't really answer my question, but I've figured out an okay-solution16:26
aliman_viGtor_: or at least thats what i have been downloading from ubuntu.com16:26
drose379Anyone have experience with Ubuntu Mate16:26
ioriadhrosa  happy  tohearthat16:26
jrtappersarchip, people use it I guess, there are many insecure packages, maybe apt-get should have some kind of warning?16:26
viGtor_aliman_: oh sorry! hehe Unity doesn't show major ui changes between some versions so i though you were using the last version :)16:27
Missing1600resolxle is still including xchat atm16:27
alimanummm i'm on xchat now16:27
viGtor_liked? :P16:27
jrtappersMe also... I should probably  change16:27
TheNumbhexchat is the way to got ;-)16:28
archipI haev switched to irssi16:28
alimanviGtor_, well, let me stay here more before i pronounce :))16:28
viGtor_and polari?16:28
TheNumbviGtor_: I'm not a fan of polari.16:28
TheNumbAt least polari 3.1416:28
alimanviGtor_, specify my name again plz i want to know if is working here too :)16:28
viGtor_aliman: kikou!16:29
Tolkeni am tryiing to install ubuntu in my android phone, I have installed, complete linux installer, android vnc and terminal emulator.  I have also installed the img files. When I click Launch i get an eroor  saying that, unfortunately complete linux installer has stopped. I am on lolipop16:29
alimanviGtor_, lol is working but no sound only the xchat icon dancing16:29
viGtor_that's what i get with polary too16:29
ramen69Tolken: how are you installing it? i found sideloading with adb was easiest when doing my nexus 416:30
Tolkenany one know what is the issue?16:30
alimanviGtor_, how can i change the font and the color?16:31
viGtor_aliman: but if people said it is not mantained any more and is vulnerable, why didn't you just choose the hexchat or irssi16:31
viGtor_aliman: haven't used it for years... so i'm not sure but i think it gets everything from the whole system config16:31
cfhowlett!touch | Tolken, ask touch about phone issues16:31
ubottuTolken, ask touch about phone issues: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:31
alimanlol sry i was watching what you are writing didnt realised the others16:31
viGtor_aliman: like every other gnome app16:31
ramen69aliman: sudo apt-get --purge remove xchat && sduo apt-get install hexchat16:32
ramen69nooo i failed16:32
viGtor_is anyone here using gnome-shell by the way?16:33
zykotick9ramen69: fyi, "... apt-get purge foo" was worked for a while now, and is less typing16:34
viGtor_i just wanted to know why is it considered as a 2nd class on ubuntu16:34
ramen69*thumbsup* zykotick9 ty16:34
ramen69viGtor_: because elitism16:35
alimanok i'm on hexchat now :))16:35
* archip is still paranoid that he had been using a vulnerable client for... quoite a few months16:35
alimanwhat would be the problem with xchat?16:35
viGtor_haha yeah but for a reagular user, does it affect in some way?16:35
viGtor_aliman: no updates for example16:35
archipwas CVE-2011-5129 fixed on the latest version?16:36
ubottuHeap-based buffer overflow in XChat 2.8.9 and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) and possibly execute arbitrary code via a long response string. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-5129)16:36
viGtor_i just find adwaita title bars too wide but its workflow is better than unity for my job16:36
ramen69any of you buttlords using putty?16:37
viGtor_(don't even understand the wars talking about GS is better, Unity is better, Kde is better)16:37
alimanviGtor_, ohh i understand16:37
viGtor_aliman: ramen69 gave a link to you explaining some stuff you asked for :)16:38
alimanviGtor_, yeah i have seen it thx16:38
viGtor_aliman: can you share a screenshot of hexchat? wanna see it16:39
d2lvigtor_: there are many on google images16:39
ramen69viGtor_: similar to xchat with a bit more whitespace16:40
viGtor_oh yeah! it made me think to my old mirc! ^^16:40
alimanviGtor_, gimme 1 min i come back with the screen16:41
AnonymSomeone learn me about objective c?16:41
ramen69viGtor_: cause you paid for a license right? ;)16:41
viGtor_yeah sure :P16:41
Anonymramen 69?16:41
AnonymCan you learn me objective c?16:42
cfhowlettAnonym, ##c is your channel16:42
mguyviGtor_: did anyone suggest mirc + wine16:42
ramen69Anonym: you're in the wrong place buddy :(16:42
d2lI wonder what percentage of mIRC users paid for a license. Had to be less than 5%16:42
viGtor_Anonym: I'm a translator, no idea of coding16:42
mguyd2l: are you counting malware-installed mirc? lol16:42
alimanhow do i remove hexchat and all the settings i did to it? i dont like it and i want it back to stock16:43
viGtor_d2l: i used it in some cibecafes when i was like 13 (10 years ago) lol16:43
viGtor_aliman: sudo apt-get purge hexchat16:43
d2lYes it's been a good 10-15 years for me as well.16:43
viGtor_Anonym: yeas?16:44
Anonymyou know objective c?16:44
alimanviGtor_, it didn't removed everything. i reinstalled it and the settings are still here16:44
AnonymWhat channel was for me>=?16:45
Anonymviktor or allman said a channel for me16:45
Anonymwhat wus it+16:45
ramen69Anonym: /join ##c16:45
viGtor_ ##c16:45
d2laliman: I would think it has a config file... something like ~/.hexchat ? I'm not on my linux machine to check16:45
Anonym2 hachtags?16:45
user553Need help for recovery after rm cmd16:46
viGtor_aliman: open nautilus and go to your home folder, then press ctrl+h and go to ./local > share  and there, remove the hexchat folder16:46
viGtor_i hate the way linux (and mac...) stores config after purging apps :S16:46
ramen69viGtor_: purging or removing?16:47
viGtor_both retain user config files, am i wrong?16:48
ramen69idk i always though purge deleted configs and dependencies16:48
alimanviGtor_, no hexchat there16:48
d2laliman: rm ~/.config/hexchat/hexchat.conf16:48
viGtor_ramen69: i think it removes everything out of the /home/usr folder16:48
d2lprobably need to restart the app16:49
viGtor_then you should manually remove those folders from /home/usr16:49
ramen69Asiajey:   ~/.config/hexchat16:49
ramen69err ^ aliman16:49
viGtor_oops it was /.config sorry! (i'm too use to mac! lol)16:49
viGtor_aliman: found it?16:50
Anonym##c noone is talking16:50
alimanviGtor_, whats the difference between purge and remove?16:50
d2laliman: try the directory... rm -rf ~/.config/hexchat after you close the app16:51
Anonymsomeone here know how to code?16:51
alimand2l, ok16:51
Anonymfor ios?16:51
ramen69Anonym: try #objc on freenode?16:51
viGtor_aliman: d2l is right16:51
d2laliman: i'm just guessing it saves the file when you close it, even after deleting it16:51
Anonymjoin objc?16:51
cfhowlettAnonym, this is not the ios programming channel.  please go to ios for support.  it's easy to find16:51
viGtor_Anonym: i just repeat the channel somebody gave to you, so no idea...16:51
ramen69Anonym: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3400179/what-is-a-good-irc-channel-for-objective-c-and-cocoa-programming16:51
Anonymwhat channel to join16:52
ramen69omg please read16:52
viGtor_Anonym: "/join #objc"16:52
TheNumbThat anonym guy...16:53
viGtor_ramen69: lol that's kind of important when you write questions... just read the answers lol16:54
Anonymnon of them works16:54
Anonymmust be invited16:54
viGtor_Anonym: what are you exactly looking for?16:54
Anonyma person16:54
Anonymso can learn me16:54
Anonymto use objective c16:55
AnonymI am 14 years old and I am new to this16:55
viGtor_for free?16:55
Anonymteach me16:55
Anonymhow to get started16:55
bekksAnonym: Register a nickname.16:55
Anonyma nice person16:55
TheNumbAnonym: search for a tutorial...16:55
Anonymhow do I register a nickname?16:55
bekksThen you will be able to join that channel.16:55
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:55
viGtor_yeah right, nobody is going to teach you on irc :S16:55
alimanviGtor_, ok now it should be stock16:55
Anonymnot teach me?16:55
viGtor_cause this is not a university :P16:56
viGtor_tried Udemy?16:56
Anonymhow old are you16:56
bekksAnonym: Because your issue of wanting to learn Objective C has absolutely nothing to do with Ubuntu support.16:56
Anonymwhy are you using ubuntu?16:56
Anonymwhat is irssi for?16:56
bekks!info irssi | Anonym16:57
viGtor_aliman: let me know if it worked, i'm interested on it16:57
viGtor_Anonym: are you kidding me?16:57
ubottuAnonym: irssi (source: irssi): terminal based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.16-1ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 652 kB, installed size 2617 kB16:57
TheNumbviGtor_: he's a troll.16:57
AnonymI just made it so I cann talk with my class when I am in school :D16:57
Anonymyou can just use facebook..16:57
bekksFacebook is not an IRC application.16:57
alimanviGtor_, this should be the screen you wanted http://i.imgur.com/9MeOG3A.png?116:57
bekksAnonym: Do you have a specific Ubuntu support question?16:57
Anonymhave a room for my class16:57
alimanif you want another one let me know16:57
Anonymbekks are you admin?16:57
LoshkiAnonym: I'm not sure you can learn objc over irc. Any more than you could learn French that way. One well written book is worth a thousand wiki pages. Go to your local library...16:58
Anonymworking with this?16:58
bekksAnonym: That doesnt matter.16:58
Anonymwhy are you yellow?16:58
Anonymand I am not16:58
bekksAnonym: Because I can. :) You are pink.16:58
ObrienDaveno feeding trolls16:58
cfhowlettAnonym, https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/ProgrammingWithObjectiveC/Introduction/Introduction.html16:58
Anonymare you working with ubuntu?16:58
* ramen69 pets Anonym 16:58
AnonymI want to work here too16:58
Anonymeasy money16:58
viGtor_bekks: loooooooooooooooooool16:58
bekksviGtor_: No kidding about the colors :)16:58
Anonymthats cfhowlett16:59
viGtor_ubuntu, money, work? nevermind :S go to Cupertino maybe you're cool enough to work with them :S:S16:59
viGtor_bekks: haha I guess but the reply was amazing thou :)16:59
alimanviGtor_, yes it worked is ok16:59
Anonymcan I work here?17:00
viGtor_aliman: cool so I guess the diff between purge and remove should be the level of "removin" apps, i think purge deletes everyting aut of your /home and remove just app files (not global config)17:00
EriC^^viGtor_: purge removes the config files, everything in the user's homes is untouched17:02
alimanviGtor_, did you seen the screen?17:02
EriC^^it removes the config files and the app files ( like remove too )17:02
alimanhow i can get rid of this? i think is there since i removed xchat http://i.imgur.com/Us3QIUM.jpg?117:03
xanguaaliman: if you still have xchat indicator, remove it and log out/log in17:04
viGtor_aliman: ill do right now17:04
alimanxangua, i deleted xchat folder17:04
viGtor_oh yeah, i never used unity so i don't know how it works17:04
agronholmis there a specific channel for 15.04?17:05
ubottuVivid Vervet is the codename for Ubuntu 15.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+117:05
viGtor_should be ubuntu+117:05
sadrisI am on laptop with an nvidia card. I got bumblebee to work. However, why is glxgears linked to libnvidia-tls.so.304.125 ? I want to also get GLX working with my intel CPU17:05
sadriswhen I run glxgears it complains about missing NVidia extensions17:05
viGtor_xangua: GOSH you're still around? I think I've seen you here for the first time like 7 years ago17:06
hubjon11I know its a bit off topic from Ubuntu, but its kinda like coding, and this is the only populated tech room. Im making a super simple Actioncsript in Flash, where I have an invisible button, and it links to a website. This is probably a stupid question, but how do I compile the code, since I dont see a button anywhere to do so. Thanks!17:06
alimancan someone tell me what are those white files? isit right to be there? http://i.imgur.com/zSLPWuZ.png?117:06
viGtor_aliman: in nautilus17:07
viGtor_press ctrl+h17:07
cfhowlett!compile | hubjon1117:07
ubottuhubjon11: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall17:07
viGtor_(you did it before, for showing hide folders)17:07
rypervenchealiman: They are hidden files (files beginning with the .)17:08
hubjon11where do i do !compile cfhowlett?17:08
rypervenchealiman: They are your user-specific configuration files and error files.17:08
alimanviGtor_, i can press ctrl+h only on home or so...and then i find nautilus folder there17:08
photonHow can I find files which have any group or other permissions set (ie files whose last two permission octals are not 00) ? This is what I have so far: find . ! -perm ... # Not sure what I need here.17:08
viGtor_is anyone using a macbook with ubuntu? i'm in the need of some keyboard stuff17:09
alimanrypervenche, do you see any error there? :))17:09
cfhowletthubjon11, where ever you want ... but do please read the link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware17:09
viGtor_aliman: when i say nautilus i mean the app17:09
viGtor_go to your ~/usr17:09
hubjon11u do know that this is all in adobe Flash.17:09
alimani searched in dash for nautilus but found 017:09
rypervenchealiman: They are normal files. The .xsession-errors is where X errors would show up. You don't need to worry about them. Press ctrl+h to hid the files.17:09
viGtor_and then again ctrl+h it should hide unhidden folders17:09
viGtor_nautilus, files (it is the file browser, don't know what name ubuntu gives to it)17:11
alimanwell then i can not find it :))17:11
viGtor_haha wait17:11
alimanif i dont know the name :)17:11
viGtor_do the following...17:11
viGtor_into the /home folder (the one that's on your screenshot)17:12
EriC^^aliman: it's called files in the dash17:12
viGtor_and there, just press ctrl+h17:12
viGtor_that's all17:12
alimanviGtor_, that's what i did :)17:12
TheNumbaliman: is that a Moto G?17:13
=== JeDa is now known as HipsterOMatic
alimanviGtor_, there's where i did the screen17:13
=== troete is now known as gpunkt
alimanTheNumb, yes it is nexus 617:13
=== gpunkt is now known as gdot
TheNumbhmm, so no moto g ;<17:13
alimanTheNumb, aaaa no sry :P is nexus 617:14
alimanTheNumb, moto g i thought u mean motorola google :))17:14
alimani had iphone 6 but i got rid of it. i wanted to buy moto g but to cheap so i bought nexus 6 :))17:15
viGtor_aliman: yes, where the screenshot17:15
viGtor_is it possible to sync iphone 5s music with ubuntu?17:16
cfhowlett!phone | viGtor_17:16
ubottuviGtor_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:16
alimanohh god it takes a life to install 4.2 gb of maps on my gps17:16
viGtor_aliman: is it your first time using linux?17:16
viGtor_cfhowlett: not ubuntu touch, i mean between ubuntu laptop and iphone17:17
alimanviGtor_, yes is 1st time. i just installed it yesterday17:17
cfhowlett!itunes  viGtor_17:17
cfhowlett!itunes | viGtor_17:18
ubottuviGtor_: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee17:18
alimanviGtor_, but i don't regret this and i think i'll never switch back on windows17:18
viGtor_aliman: so don't get dessesperated even if the situation is a mess, my boyfriend always tells me i waste my time using ubuntu and owing a macbook pro but 3 days ago i almost loose a client because a mac issue... so LINUX FOREVER17:18
paulo_how do i?17:18
* viGtor_ gonna have an amazing café ^^17:19
alimanlol why did you bought a macbook thats pretty expensive if you use linux on it17:19
alimanumm i think i didn't got an asnwer for how i can get rid of http://i.imgur.com/Us3QIUM.jpg?117:20
alimanor i might did not see it :P17:20
ther0x57I need some help with plank on Linux MATE17:20
bekksaliman: Because " a macbook being expensive" (which isnt true in all terms) doesnt mean you should not run the OS that fits your needs best.17:20
ther0x57Anyone know much about 'Plank'?17:21
=== paulo_ is now known as Dogen
CptRageToasterther0x57: A bit17:21
ther0x57The simple dock application for Linux?17:21
TheNumbther0x57: what do you want to know?17:21
alimanbekks, i feel you but i think what makes macbook special is the os why should you change it? isn't better to buy a cheaper laptop or pc and put linux? isn't the same thing?17:21
=== Dogen is now known as paulo_
ther0x57I'm having trouble with it. My theme switcher works perfectly, but the theme doesn't appear to be changing/ the dock size, the app icons, etc17:22
ther0x57the only thing that's changing is the dock color involved in the theme17:22
CptRageToasterther0x57: Plank may not listen to your themes.... Plank doesn't really have any themes that I know of though... so what did you expect to change?17:23
ther0x57Yes. As well as the dock size.17:23
CptRageToasterso, Plank was packaged and release by the team developing ElementaryOS... (This is all "I think")17:24
CptRageToasterIf I understand everything correctly, then they didn't do a very good job packaging up that for other systems17:24
ther0x57Yes. It comes preinstalled in Ubuntu MATE17:24
CptRageToasterin elementaryOS, you can install "elementary tweaks" and you get a little configuration window17:24
CptRageToasterthat lets you configure system-wide icons17:24
CptRageToasterand of course, theres a place for specific Plank configurations17:25
ther0x57Ubuntu mate is such a wonderful platform. :D17:25
CptRageToasterI'm not sure if you need to look at mate a bit more for a similar "add configuration options" package17:25
CptRageToasteror if you need to dig into the properties files for Plank somehow17:25
alimanto bad there are to many linuxtypes. should be only 1 and thats all. i don't know what to chose from so many :)17:26
ther0x57Well, the dock colors (involved in the theme) changes. But nothing else changes.17:26
CptRageToasterdo you have the gsettings.conf editor thingy installed?17:26
CptRageToasterthere might be some configuration options in there17:26
travnewmaticseeking grub help, http://pastebin.com/a9WWdSSA17:26
ther0x57The pictures for each theme look so cool! But the theme doesn't change anything but my dock color17:26
ther0x57I'll look at it17:27
cxdvtyWhat is magento?17:27
travnewmaticupdate-grub and os-prober are seeing the os's that i want it to see, namely vivid and utopic and windows17:27
travnewmaticbut im only getting menu options for utopic and windows17:28
bekksaliman: Despite it has nothing to do with Ubuntu support (and thus this will be my only comment), it is not the same, no.17:28
cxdvtybekks: what is magento17:28
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: moment please17:28
ther0x57CptRageToaster: Do you have Plank installed?17:28
bekkscxdvty: Why do you think I'll google it for you? :)17:28
travnewmaticThanks CptRageToaster17:28
CptRageToasterther0x57: I run elementaryOS... so yes17:28
cxdvtybekks: I was seeing if you knew17:28
che2thinking about switching from vim to emacs, it looks like it's better for using as a html/css ide17:29
bekkscxdvty: I do know, but it is very easy for you to find out too.17:29
alimanbekks, ohh man if it is a ubuntu support means that i cannot say anything else here only if i have a problem lol? did i kill anyone by this?17:29
ther0x57CptRageToaster: Do your Plank themes change the dock size and icons?17:29
bekksaliman: This isnt the place for offtopic chat, thats all.17:29
che2i'm a total noob, taking a intro web developer course, but it's way faster for me to make edits in the terminal than opening an ide like phpstorm, and vim doesn't do any auto indent, auto ending brackets or anything17:30
alimanbekks, don't worry man it won't happen again :)17:30
CptRageToasterther0x57: They change the color and shape of the background... some of the themes change spacing... but I only have 3 available17:30
CptRageToasterand none of them change size17:30
TheNumbche2: vim does auto indentation17:30
TheNumbche2: need to set it up to do so :)17:30
cxdvtybekks: Why are everyone dicks on every forum for ubuntu and android? Why waste time to google something that somebody in the help forums already know? It is a waste of my time and I have stuff to do17:31
bekkscxdvty: And we have better things to do than googling for you.17:31
ther0x57CptRageToaster: By shape of the background, do you mean the shape of the dock behind the icons?17:31
cxdvtyYou are not very smart for people who sit around and help people all day17:31
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: ok17:31
cxdvtysomeone not people17:31
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: In your /boot/grub/grub.cfg17:31
bekkscxdvty: We spend out time here with solving Ubuntu problems, not with casual googling for people being to lazy to do it.17:31
CptRageToasterYou should see ALL of the entries you see at boot17:31
cxdvtyWhy google something you already know?17:32
travnewmaticCptRageToaster, http://pastebin.com/siS47nF417:32
CptRageToasterTechChristoph: Yes17:32
cxdvtyThat's not very smart bro :)17:32
* ther0x57 Shots fired...17:32
bekkscxdvty: This discussion just ended. Take it elsewhere please and let this channel support people.17:32
CptRageToasterther0x57: Yes17:32
* ther0x57 machine gun noises in the background...17:32
cxdvtyWhy support them when they can go google for themselves. (your words not mine)17:32
alimancxdvty, yes he already might know but if u need a command or something im not sure he knows it by himself he cant learn all the stuffs so he need to google it to and copy it for ya so...17:33
bekkscxdvty: This discussion is over. Move on.17:33
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: reading this, moment please17:33
CptRageToasterthis = your link17:33
=== HipsterOMatic is now known as AwHipzter
cxdvtyaliman: I can't go to a website because magenta keeps popping up. If you guys are too good to help someone ON THE HELP CHANNEL then you should go elsewhere17:34
ther0x57CptRageToaster: That's what I mean by dock size, lol. My dock's actual form/shape doesn't change when I switch themes. it's always just a boring square.17:34
cxdvtyAnd don't contradict yourself by saying I can go google for myself when you are constantly telling me to leave so you can go support other people17:34
CptRageToasterther0x57: For example: My "transparent" theme makes the background box thingy disappear17:34
alimancxdvty, can't remember everything from his head sry u know what i mean anyways17:35
cxdvtyaliman: its ok17:35
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: I'm not 100% on this17:35
ther0x57CptRageToaster: I've switched to that theme several times actually! Mine doesn't do that! It stays a square dock!17:35
CptRageToasterbut several of the `menuentry`s have the same name17:35
alimancxdvty, i would like to help ya out but im here for help aswell i just joined linux so...17:36
alimancxdvty, anyways lets end this, like bekks said is not an offtopic channel17:36
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: what OS are you on right now?17:36
ther0x57Maybe removing and reinstalling plank might help?17:36
CptRageToasterther0x57: Maybe?17:36
CptRageToasterI honestly don't know17:37
travnewmaticCptRageToaster, grepped for menuentry http://pastebin.com/2Keq6S0X i'm on utopic right now17:37
ther0x57I'm a perfectionist. If something doesn't look good, it has to be fixed. Lol.17:37
alimancan any1 tell me the command for rar archive?17:37
ther0x57Later, I'm gonna eat supper. I'll hop on this channel later today.17:37
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: I wish I knew more about this... do you know if vivid is also using the 3.16 kernel?17:39
travnewmaticCptRageToaster, mmmm17:39
travnewmaticnot sure17:39
CptRageToasterwell... they have different build numbers anways17:40
CptRageToasterone is, the other is
CptRageToasterif you run the command:17:40
CptRageToasteruname -a17:40
=== ColtonDRG_ is now known as ColtonDRG
CptRageToasteryou should see
CptRageToasterplease confirm17:40
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: ^17:40
travnewmaticLinux utopic 3.16.0-33-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Thu Mar 12 12:19:35 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:42
CptRageToasterOh interesting... let me read what you said eariler17:42
CptRageToasterso, you have two menu-entries in that grub.cfg17:42
alimanviGtor_, you still here?17:42
TheNumbCptRageToaster: vivid is using 3.1917:42
CptRageToasterone for and apparently only one shows up...17:43
CptRageToasterand vivid is NOWHERE to be found17:43
alimanguys is it rythmbox music player ok or there is something much better?17:43
TheNumbCptRageToaster: you mean in the repos?17:43
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: Could it be a permissions issue?17:43
travnewmaticCptRageToaster, thats right, despite the fact that os-prober and grub-update DO see vivid17:43
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: Where?17:43
CptRageToasterI don't see those scripts "seeing vivid"17:43
CptRageToasterahh ok, last line: Found Ubuntu Vivid Vervet (development branch) (15.04) on /dev/sda817:44
CptRageToasterwell... two things17:44
CptRageToasterseeing as this is a vivid issue, I'm obligated to suggest moving the convo to #ubuntu+117:44
CptRageToastersecond, maybe it's a permissions issue in the /boot folder, or wherever your release is living17:45
travnewmaticCptRageToaster, http://pastebin.com/NaU3NwPW17:45
CptRageToastertravnewmatic: ./join #ubuntu+117:46
travnewmaticCptRageToaster, hnnng alright fine17:47
CptRageToasterI know ._.17:47
travnewmaticthough time consuming17:47
travnewmaticperhaps i could try a similar setup with LTS and utopic17:48
CptRageToasterwell, the long story short is: It should work... if you move to ubuntu+1, I have a couple more stick pokes17:48
CptRageToasterand then you can leave your direct question in that channel17:48
travnewmaticor just say screw my fancy plans of having a shared /home and /boot with separate /'s for each os17:48
travnewmaticyeah this should totally work17:49
travnewmatici shall ask in there17:49
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RonWhoCareshow do I add a .TTF (true typefont) to my Ubuntu 1417:57
DJones!ronts | RonWhoCares This may help if you've not already seen it,17:58
DJones!fonts | RonWhoCares This may help if you've not already seen it,17:58
ubottuRonWhoCares This may help if you've not already seen it,: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/17:58
ubuntuuberuseri have issue with 15.04 mate ed18:02
SchrodingersScat!15.04 | ubuntuuberuser18:02
ubottuubuntuuberuser: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142518:02
zerowaitstatewhat happens after we get to z?18:04
sumon      18:07
HackerIIis 15.04 tls ?18:07
sumon     18:07
DJonesHackerII: no18:07
DJonesNext LTS is 16.0418:08
zerowaitstateThat will be the XX release18:08
HackerIIive been out of the loop for a year, and am wanting to know how stable 14.04 is, truthfully18:08
zerowaitstateHackerII: very18:08
bekksHackerII: Works fine.18:08
zerowaitstateHackerII: i run it on both laptops and servers18:09
HackerIIagain, thanks for your time18:09
HackerIIone more question, does it support mate ?18:10
zerowaitstatemy coworker was thinking of getting an Ubuntu laptop instead of MacBook after seeing me use 14.04 at work, if that tells you anything18:10
TheNumbzerowaitstate: hopefully not a system76 laptop.18:10
HackerIIwhats wrong with 7618:11
ioriaprices ?18:11
TheNumbbuild quality18:12
travnewmaticso during the install, if i dont check 'format' it should leave the contents of that partition alone right?18:12
EriC^^travnewmatic: what are you trying to do?18:16
travnewmaticEriC^^, i'm attempting to have one swap /boot and /home shared between utopic and vivid, with vivid and utopic each having their own /18:17
travnewmaticbut as i've discovered the necessary files for vivid are not in /boot, despite os-prober and update-grub seeing the other operating system18:17
jhutchinstravnewmatic: The problem with that is that you have different versions of config files under $HOME.18:18
travnewmaticjhutchins, that was a problem that i was supposing i might have18:18
travnewmaticthough i wasnt sure how problematic that would actually be18:19
jhutchinstravnewmatic: You might consider seperate /home and a shared data storage area.18:19
daniel_How come the usb disk creator just never works18:19
travnewmaticjhutchins, that might be a better idea actually18:20
jhutchinstravnewmatic: I don't know how much of a problem it would be, you could just try it and learn.18:20
travnewmaticjhutchins, yes, this mutliboot thing has been my weekend project :D18:20
travnewmaticalright, going down for a reboot, wish me luck!18:20
QuantosSounds like longer than a weekend :)18:21
daniel_I'm getting errors when trying to use usb disk creator. And using unetbootin doesn't show any usb disks to write to18:23
jhutchinsdaniel_: Do you have a working linux installation?18:24
JinjaNinjajhutchins: Do you know anything about Plank, the linux dock?18:25
jhutchinsJinjaNinja: Nope, sorry.18:27
ubuntuuberuseri know about plank18:27
ubuntuuberuseri deleted it some moment ago18:27
ubuntuuberusernice choice to delete something18:27
JinjaNinjaubuntuuberuser: My paddings don't change/ the dock inlay doesn't change when I switch themes.18:28
ubuntuuberuserJinjaNinja, click about and find authors site18:30
ubuntuuberuserit must be helpful18:30
guest-PXWIKMhello does anyone know the default password to ubuntu mate?18:30
EriC^^there's no default password i think18:31
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JinjaNinjaguest-PXWIKM: There shouldn't be a default password.18:31
bekksThere is none.18:31
daniel_jhutchins, I'm on Linux18:31
guest-PXWIKMI just set it up and it wont let me log in.18:31
JinjaNinjaguest-PXWIKM: I'm currently running Ubuntu MATE18:31
EriC^^guest-PXWIKM: use your username and password18:31
guest-PXWIKMI have to run it under guest ;/18:32
ubuntuuberuserguest-PXWIKM, you set password during install. in livecd mode password blank18:32
guest-PXWIKMIm using the raspberry pi so it just fired up.18:32
ubuntuuberusertry empty password18:33
ubuntuuberuseror ubuntu\ubuntu18:33
guest-PXWIKMI tried that it did not work.18:33
ubuntuuberuserwhat says docs where you get distr?18:34
guest-PXWIKMI can try ubuntu as the password18:34
EriC^^guest-PXWIKM: reset your password from the recovery18:34
guest-PXWIKMcan i do any of this as a guest?18:34
ubuntuuberuserrecovery is a good method. reboot rpi to rescue mode and do "passwd username"18:35
EriC^^guest-PXWIKM: you have to select recovery under advanced in grub18:35
EriC^^then select drop to root shell, and type mount -o remount,rw /18:36
guest-PXWIKMAlright thanks :) I will try that.18:36
EriC^^then passwd <user>18:36
ubuntuuberuserEriC^^, hm.. in rescue mode root in ro mode?18:36
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords18:36
EriC^^ubuntuuberuser: yeah, unless you choose enable networking too, but that can hang sometimes18:37
muka_hi guys!18:39
guest-PXWIKMOk thanks again :)18:40
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degvahello guys, I'm using a gamepad DragonRise and when testing it with evtest I get this: http://pastebin.com/W3tAsdJ218:42
degvaon ubuntu 14.04 it shows 7 axis but on 14.10 shows 6 axis18:43
degvahow can I make ubuntu 14.10 to recognize the other axis?18:43
alimanguys is there a better music player then rythmbox?18:44
TheNumbis it me you're looking for?18:44
degvaTheNumb :(18:45
TheNumbdegva: maybe the driver is lacking.18:46
TheNumbyou never know18:46
degvaTheNumb but how can I know which...18:46
degvaDamn it, I'll go back to 14.0418:46
AkashicLegendif I have a bunch of files named example1, example2, example and examples18:47
AkashicLegendhow do I delete them all using rm18:47
AkashicLegendexcept for example18:47
AkashicLegendI tried rm example*18:47
AkashicLegendbut it deleted everything18:47
EriC^^AkashicLegend: rm example[0-9]18:48
AkashicLegendyeah but one of them ends in a s18:49
AkashicLegendI can't just use that18:49
excelsiorahow do I get the bash source from the repos? Not familiar with getting sources from repos, would like to start.18:50
zykotick9AkashicLegend: two commands then "rm example[a-z]*" as well, assuming they're lowercase18:50
EriC^^AkashicLegend: there's a bunch of ways, you could use find ! -name "example" -exec rm '{}' \'18:50
pavlosAkashicLegend, how 'bout moving example some place else and then delete the rest ...18:50
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EriC^^AkashicLegend: * '{}' \;18:52
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest44817
zykotick9excelsiora: "apt-get source bash" <- sudo not required, will download the source for you, into the current directory19:00
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Guest39012yup samme19:06
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meh32hey guys, is there a way to force ubutnu desktop to only use IPv6 and comletely disable Ipv4 ?19:10
archipmeh32: network icon>edit connections>press edit on the one you want>ipv4>disable19:12
archipmake sure ipv6 is enabled19:13
meh32thanks archip19:16
sidihi, currently developing patches for nautilus's ubuntu package. i know how to add patches and rebuild a deb, but what i want now is to build a source tree with all the existing patches added, so i can test my code on top of this tree19:16
sidihow can i achieve that?19:17
MonkeyDustsidi  there's also #ubuntu-app-devel... better ask there, i guess19:19
MonkeyDustsidi  or start there19:20
sidiMonkeyDust, thanks, good idea19:21
Lelostrikhow can I set dns server on ubuntu? I tryed uncomment "prepend"  in "/etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf" but, running wireshark, I detected that my names still being solved by my default internet provider dns server19:27
progfunkcan someone tell me an easy way to stop x? :S when I try "sudo service mdm stop" the screen goes completely black and nothing happens..19:27
Lelostriksudo service lightdm stop19:28
Lelostrikprogfunk: sudo service lightdm stop19:28
TheNumbLelostrik: he's obviously not using lightdm19:28
TheNumbprogfunk: you probably need to switch to a different vt19:29
progfunkI was pretty sure this install is'n using lightdm19:29
EriC^^progfunk: mint?19:29
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:29
TheNumbprogfunk: alt+f1-f819:29
progfunkyeahyeah .. its almost completely the same .. I tried ubuntu first.. got the same problem there19:30
EriC^^progfunk: yeah try pressing ctrl+alt+f119:30
progfunkhm .. ok? well, I guess .. byebye then ;P19:30
progfunkif it works19:30
TheNumbit won't stop X19:30
TheNumbit will just switch you to a different vt19:31
EriC^^progfunk: i mean after you stop mdm press ctrl+alt+f119:31
EriC^^it's probably stopping lightdm at tty8 and leaving you there19:31
EriC^^on ubuntu it kicks you to tty119:31
TheNumbmdm is buggy19:32
TheNumbjust like gdm2 was19:32
progfunkhey again, got the same black screen, had to restart :719:32
pi-Is there any way to view all of my histories?  I've tried doing history from root and from my single user.  But it must be missing something -- somewhere I have installed mediawiki, and listing these histories doesn't show any trace of that.  ( http://hastebin.com/uhazonases.avrasm )19:32
EriC^^progfunk: after you stop mdm, press ctrl+alt+f119:33
pi-It might be related to having 2 simultaneous sessions -- I've never worked out how that plays out with history19:33
pi-(I'm administering a remote Ubuntu VM)19:33
zykotick9EriC^^: i'd suggest NOT offering support for mint/etc. in ubuntu... it only encourages others to ask questions here, instead of the proper channel...19:34
=== L4bR4Rat is now known as L4bR4t
ubuntu969This might seem like a silly question but If I create a bootable ubuntu usb can I save stuff to my hard drive etc19:34
ubuntu969Ive been using virtual machine lately for coding19:34
EriC^^zykotick9: true true, it's a minor issue though19:34
ubuntu969A usb would be cool though19:35
ubuntu969In virtual machine I assigned hard drive  space and memory but how does this work with a usb?19:35
EriC^^pi-: how did you install mediawiki?19:35
TheNumbubuntu969: you can create a usb install with persistent storage.19:35
TheNumbBut I wouldn't recommend that.19:35
TheNumbThe performance is bad19:36
ubuntu969What would you recommend19:36
TheNumbAnd the usb drive will die sooner.19:36
TheNumbubuntu969: you using windows?19:36
SchrodingersScatubuntu969: Consider all usb drives already dead.  But yes, you could mount the drives while in the usb if you wanted.  It'll be slow, it's relying on the speed of the thumbdrive.19:37
TheNumbubuntu969: do you feel comfortable using ubuntu?19:37
EriC^^pi-: nevermind19:37
pi-EriC^^: thanks, you jogged my memory to look at the tutorial I followed, and now I can see it.19:37
ubuntu969total noob. Only using it because its easier to code with19:37
TheNumbubuntu969: I'd suggest watching a tutorial on how to install ubuntu alongside windows. There are lots of them on youtube.19:37
ubuntu969meteor javascript19:37
ubuntu969ok cool19:37
TheNumbubuntu969: or you could refer to the official documentation.19:38
ubuntu969So essentially splitting my laptop into 2 OS's?19:38
pi-Still, none of the commands I entered in following this tutorial are visible when I inspect my command history.  There must somewhere be another history...19:38
TheNumbubuntu969: yup.19:38
SchrodingersScat!dualboot | ubuntu96919:38
ubottuubuntu969: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:38
EriC^^pi-: did you issue any sudo commands?19:38
ubuntu969Ok...hmmm I might just stick with virtual box. I like the fact that I can assign whatever I want and delete the machine if I need to.19:39
pi-EriC^^: yes, do those not make it through to history?19:39
EriC^^they do19:39
EriC^^what was the command?19:39
ubuntu969Is virtual machine an ok way of doing this?19:40
TheNumbubuntu969: if it works for you, why not?19:40
ubuntu969Ok cool.19:40
bekksubuntu969: For creating an USB persistent install? Not really.19:40
Lelostriksrs, how can i set dns server permanently?19:41
bekksubuntu969: vbox doesnt support booting from USB.19:41
TheNumbbekks: not usb install19:41
=== eblip is now known as eb0t
TheNumbfor development19:41
bekks0329 213443 < ubuntu969> This might seem like a silly question but If I create a bootable ubuntu usb can I save stuff to my hard drive etc19:41
TheNumbbekks: <ubuntu969> Ok...hmmm I might just stick with virtual box. I like the fact that I can assign whatever I want and delete the machine if I need to.19:42
aeon-ltdubuntu969: ok for what purpose?19:42
bekksTheNumb: I guess he'll find a way :)19:42
ubuntu969I guess I thought booting from a usb would be super cool...like a spy from the 90's...19:43
TheNumbUSB in the 90s was too slow ;p19:45
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
pi-If I want to copy /x/y/z to ./z where z is a folder containing other folders, and . doesn't contain a z folder, what's the right way to do it?19:46
bekkspi-: cp -r /x/y/z .19:46
monty_hallis there a package that allows me to loginto ubuntu like windows remote desktop?19:46
pi-thanks bekks19:47
monty_hallin other words, I don't have to loginto windows .  a few command line command to allow me to connect via vnc., etc19:47
TheNumbmonty_hall: many options19:47
TheNumbmonty_hall: x2go would be one of them19:47
monty_hallI mean just open up a view in windows point to my box, and Isee the ubuntu login and log int, etc.19:47
monty_hallTheNumb: Thanks, I'll look19:48
TheNumbmonty_hall: also, freenx19:48
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oldsk00li i have installd ubuntu 14.04 but after install it wojnt boot i only get a dark screen wit a blinking -19:53
EriC^^!nomodeset | oldsk00l19:53
ubottuoldsk00l: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:53
oldsk00loke may becos i have dual screen :P19:54
EriC^^the primary one should still work19:54
=== Guest27177 is now known as gusnan
oldsk00lEriC^^: if i use one screen than it wil be ok19:58
chotazHello guys, is this the proper channel for support on the various linux flavours? or does each have it's own channel?20:00
themusicgod1chotaz: each flavour has its own channel20:00
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.20:00
chotazI'm alone in UbuntuMATE :(20:01
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels20:01
oldsk00lchotaz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:01
makeruIs there any good graphical keyboard remapping software?  I have a keyboard that presents the F# keys as multimedia keys, and requires the Fn key to be held to use F1-12, and I would like to remap them to the opposite.20:03
chotazWell, I want to know how I can automount my secondary hdd on startup so I can have it immediately available for use by other services such as my torrents and mediacenter services.20:03
EriC^^makeru: is it a laptop?20:04
EriC^^!fstab | chotaz20:04
ubottuchotaz: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions20:04
makeruEriC^^ it's a wireless keyboard20:04
EriC^^oh ok nevermind20:05
makeruLogitech K400r20:05
makeruWhy do you ask?20:05
=== flavio is now known as Guest12542
EriC^^cause you can sometimes change that in the bios in laptops20:05
makeruAh, ok, makes sense20:05
cjanikdevso for some reason my computer can't find the ath0 service. Can anyone assist me?20:06
makeruIt's a great keyboard, but giving up F5 and F6 has been a struggle, since I hit them instinctively20:06
EriC^^makeru: maybe xbindkeys can help it has a gui i think not sure if it would help with the fn keys etc.20:06
EriC^^xbindkeys-config is the gui app20:07
makeruI know Fn can't be rebound, but I should be able to rebind "Refresh" for example to F4, and vice versa, so that Fn+Key triggers the multimedia key instead of the Function key20:07
cjanikdevIs there anyone who can help me with my wifi problem? It would be much appreciated.20:08
makeruInstalling now, but I think I've already tried it20:08
cjanikdevI guess not.20:09
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
makeruInstalled xbindkeys, and xbindkeys-gui wasn't installed and isn't found by apt-get20:09
makerucjanikdev you may have better luck troubleshooting on a forum for wifi issues, since it's not really a quick fix20:10
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap20:10
EriC^^makeru: it's xbindkeys-config20:10
makeruoops, I can't read20:10
cjanikdevI've tried the forums for wifi issues, they really don't help.20:11
daftykinschotaz: easy, mount it in /etc/fstab20:11
makeruSegfaults as soon as I try to bind a key20:13
makeruI'll try it again on my ChromeBox, since that's the actual machine I use this keyboard on20:13
makeruJust switched to this one for now since I spilled beer on my main keyboard20:13
EriC^^that sucks, i recently spilled a soda on my laptop's keyboard, it's toast20:14
makeru My keyboard is a fucking monster20:14
makeruI just tossed it in the bathtub and turned it on.20:15
makeruWhich I have done several times20:15
EriC^^i've spilled pepsi, coffee, and other stuff but they always survived, -1 hp :P20:15
makeruI bought it in 2002-200320:15
bekks12As long as your keyboard doesnt order pizza on its own, it cant be that frightening.20:16
TheNumbpizza is not frightening20:16
EriC^^i wish my keyboard would order pizza20:16
bekksEriC^^: The downside would be it will bite you when you try to grab some pizza ;)20:16
makeruIt was like a $20 keyboard I bought as an add-on to my Dell laptop before I went to college.  I only kept it so long because it doesn't have any ghosting issues20:16
EriC^^bekks: hehe20:17
daftykinsmakeru: don't use that language here again please. keep it family friendly!20:17
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=== skynet is now known as Guest28200
makerudaftykins I doubt there are many children on this channel20:22
daftykinsmakeru: that's not for you to decide :)20:22
makeruMy estimations of the demographics here are mine to decide, actually20:23
makeruThe rules may not be, but my opinion of them certainly is20:23
bazhanglets stay on topic makeru and no cursing, its the channel policy20:23
daftykinsfighting rules would not be a very productive activity.20:23
makeruUnderstood, I will keep my profanity to a minimum20:24
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=== zzz_Ridley is now known as Ridley5
stef1ai'm running 15.04 on a third gen Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1, and audio has stopped playing from chrome, chromium, and firefox. help? (asked on #ubuntu+1 but didn't get any results)20:36
bazhang!vivid | stef1a20:37
ubottustef1a: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) will be the 22nd release of Ubuntu due for release in April 2015. Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. For more info see the announcement at  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/142520:37
warlockany new tricks?20:38
Tin_mani downloaded the iso, but have not had a chance to boot it yet.. will later tonight..20:39
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=== Parakeet is now known as AwHipzter
chotazdaftykins, thanks for the tip, i got it to mount on startup, is the procedure the same for yet another hdd but which is going to be shared with all the network?20:42
coderman1how can i gzip all files in a directory that have no extension?20:45
=== lemelon is now known as brimbo
daftykinschotaz: yes, fstab is the place for permanent mounts to be set20:47
chotazwhenever I add a new entry to 'Startup Applications' and close the window, it gets removed, why?20:47
gr33n7007h coderman1 gzip -rf *20:49
coderman1gr33n7007h: but i dont want to zip other files20:53
gr33n7007hcoderman1: how many files?20:53
coderman1there are other .gz files in the folder i dont want to zip those...just the files with no extension20:54
chotazcoderman1, gzip -rf [^.] ?20:54
gr33n7007hcoderman1: gzip will ignore them20:54
gr33n7007hgzip *20:55
coderman1gzip * wont rezip .gz files?20:55
gr33n7007hcoderman1: no20:55
coderman1appraently so it just gives a warning20:58
gr33n7007hcoderman1: np :)20:59
nazmulislamhow can i instrall adobe flash player in firefox?20:59
bekkssudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer21:00
chotazwhy does everything I add to 'Startup Applications' get removed?21:01
chotazwoop,sorry for repeating21:01
nazmulislammy netben software not work? help21:02
nazmulislammy netben software not work. help me21:06
bekks!info netben21:06
ubottuPackage netben does not exist in utopic21:06
bekksnazmulislam: Whats is "netben"?21:06
bazhang!info netbeans21:07
ubottunetbeans (source: netbeans): Extensible Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0.1+dfsg1-5ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 876 kB, installed size 1919 kB21:07
nazmulislamsorry, ''netbeans''  java fremwork.21:08
nazmulislamNetBeans IDE21:09
bazhangmore details than 'not work' nazmulislam21:09
unixsshHello :)21:10
unixsshUnixSSH.com  - Free Shells Account if somebody need :P21:12
nazmulislamNetBeans IDE not open, when i double click this program, it come after few second not run any thing, but eclipse are working properly, what can i do ?21:13
nazmulislamNetBeans IDE not open, when i double click this program, it come after few second not run any thing, but eclipse are working properly, what can i do ?21:18
bekksWhat does "it comes up not run anything" mean?21:19
=== Tin_man is now known as Tin_man_afk
aaasso when a service doesn't start (using 'service <service> start')...is there any particular place the errors go or is it only application specific?  I've checkd dmesg and /var/log/syslog, but dont see anything related to the app im trying to launch (zabbix)  (also checked the /var/log/zabbix/* stuff and nothing there either)21:21
daftykinsaaas: with sudo presumably?21:22
aaasdaftykins yes21:23
daftykinswas it installed via package or?21:23
aaasvia deb provied by zabbix (version 2.4) using their instructions.  I migrated the database from another computer so there's a chance that i borked something msyelf....and this would be MUCH easier to diagnose if STDERR/STDOUT went *somewhere*21:24
daftykinscan't run their binary direct huh?21:25
aaasdaftykins yes but if i do that it works21:25
aaaswhich is why this is so annoying21:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest45809
chotazIs there a manual way to add applications to startup?21:27
bekks!autostart | chotaz21:27
ubottuchotaz: If you want to edit your Autostart programs, open the Unity dash and search for Startup Programs. If you're on XFCE, use menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup, if you're on KDE, use Kickoff -> Computer -> System Settings -> Autostart. For more details see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup. For LXDE see http://ubottu.com/y/421:27
EriC^^aaas: did you try running the upstart script manually? /etc/init.d/something?21:28
aaasEriC^^ no but ill try that thanks21:28
chotazbekks, I've tried that, but everything I add to the Startup Applications get removed when I close the window :\21:29
aaasEriC^^ yeah no info :(21:29
=== AwHipzter is now known as JeDa
chotazthat's why I was looking for an alternative, manual way of some sorts for doing it21:29
EriC^^chotaz: it's cause /.config/autostart is owned by root or something21:30
aaaschotaz you probably dont want to look for a workaround...that sounds like an underlying problem you want to understand21:30
EriC^^chotaz: type ls -ld ~/.config/autostart21:31
chotazroot root21:32
EriC^^ok, type sudo chown <your user>: ~/.config/autostart21:32
EriC^^might want to check if other files aren't owned by you too, sudo find ~ ! -user <your user>21:32
chotazEriC^^, what could have caused this? i'm on a nearly fresh install of ubuntu mate.21:33
EriC^^no idea21:34
chotazEriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10703847/21:34
EriC^^chotaz: ok, type sudo chown -R user: ~21:35
chotazprevious returns empty now, i'd assume that's a recursive chown run over ~, never thought that'd be a safe approach, thanks a bunch, again I have no clue how this happened.21:37
EriC^^somebody else had a similar issue the other day, i guess it's a bug or something21:37
chotazIma reboot in a bit to test the new configs.21:38
cheese_DCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 021:43
cheese_DCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 021:43
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:43
IdleOnenot a single client got disconnected :)21:43
rwwyeah, it's just cholby trying to be cute21:43
bekksIdleOne: Despite himself.21:44
tosmarcelI'm trying to run obs studio. It says I need at least opengl version 2.1 but I have 1.4 .Is there any way to upgrade?21:44
bekkstosmarcel: Which Ubuntu do you have?21:45
OerHekssudo apt-get install mesa-utils && glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"21:46
tosmarcelOerHeks, that's to provide me with my opengl version, something that I've already done21:47
elky5222222222222222222222222222222222 48bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb21:48
rwwthat was elky's cat ^21:48
OerHeksubuntu 14.10 says OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 10.3.221:48
DarkMatelky has slept on the keyboard21:49
=== aum_ is now known as aum
bekksThat was a heavy impact of the head on the keyboard ;)21:50
rwwseriously though, it was the cat21:51
bekksYeah, I know :)21:51
akiva-thinkpadI got ubuntu installed and will be installing windows 8 or 10 as a dualboot. Is there any easy way to do this, or will I have to reinstall grub afterwards?21:51
bekksakiva-thinkpad: the latter.21:51
EriC^^akiva-thinkpad: you'll have to reinstall grub21:51
bekks!dualboot | akiva-thinkpad21:51
ubottuakiva-thinkpad: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot21:51
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redlama42Is is safe to turn on "vivid-proposed" when using the beta?21:59
trismredlama42: no22:00
redlama42trism: Thanks.22:00
=== d2l is now known as d2l-
octavian_What's the fastest Ubuntu distro?22:10
bekksThose are just different desktop environments.22:11
bpromptoctavian_:    lubuntu is the "lightest", and thus the quicker one of those 322:12
octavian_I have a decent pc(haswell cpu) but I find it not running very good compared to running win822:13
bekksWhich GPU and which graphics driver do you use?22:14
octavian_bprompt: so the wuestion is what should I choose without losing features22:14
bekksoctavian_: Just take a look at all three and then decide.22:15
octavian_bekks: ati 8000m I don t rember the exact version22:15
bekksoctavian_: And which driver do you use?22:15
octavian_The one provided by canonical I guess.. I just turned it off. I am on my phone22:16
bpromptoctavian_:    that's a relative matter, I use kde, since I run many kde apps, I've used XFCE as well, runs well, is slightly lighter than kde, and I do run lxde window manager, .....  features wise.. it depends on what features you want really, that's a personal issue though22:16
bekksThen we should delay this discussion until the computer in question is up and running again :)22:16
octavian_bekks: I didn' t have hardware acc on 14.04 so I installed 14.10 and evrything works smoothly22:17
octavian_bekks: :D I don't know if I will find you again here22:18
bpromptoctavian_:    I'd say, if you want fancy-schmanzy, go with kde, if you want medium-fancy, go with xfce, if want more performance and no extra distractions, then lubuntu22:18
octavian_bprompt: thank you :) but the big problem will be the hardware acceleration, as bekks mentioned. Should I go for 14.10 as I did with Ubuntu or give 14.04 onother shot?22:21
=== alejandro is now known as Guest79516
bekksoctavian_: We cant answer that question until we know hich graphics driver you used.22:21
bpromptoctavian_:     kubuntu, usee kde, xubuntu uses xfce, and lubuntu, uses lxde,  they all overall use the same core distribution though, just different window and desktop managers, if 14.04 didn't give you hardware acceleration, and 14.10 did, then you'd find the same on either of those flavors22:22
octavian_bekks: Ok. I'll turn it on again even tho it's 1:22 am and I have courses in 6.5 hours22:24
ubun23anyone having consistent freezing with 15.04?22:27
octavian_bekks: I have a radeon 8670m with x.org video ati open source, tested driver22:27
octavian_Didn't change anything since the instllation of Ubuntu 14.1022:29
octavian_bekks: hope you are still there buddy22:29
MileSo is this some kind of tech support channel?22:29
bprompt!topic | Mile22:30
ubottuMile: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic22:30
MileOh, thank you22:30
mekhamithis question is not super ubuntu related, but maybe some ubuntu tool can help me out, i wanna get the specs of my entire computer without opening the damn thing up and reading labels. what's the best way to get all of this information?22:30
OerHeks!info sysinfo22:31
ubottusysinfo (source: sysinfo): display computer and system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7-9 (utopic), package size 105 kB, installed size 358 kB22:31
=== Tin_man_afk is now known as Tin_man
SchrodingersScat!info hardinfo22:32
ubottuhardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.2ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 210 kB, installed size 486 kB22:32
OerHeksor comandline tools like lsusb lspci lscpu lshw dmidecode22:32
bpromptmekhami:    or you could use ->    sudo lswh > ~/myspecs.txt   <---    then open in any text editor   ~/myspecs.txt22:32
daftykinsmekhami: are you trying to identify a device make + model to find a Windows driver?22:32
bpromptmekhami:    or you could use ->    sudo lshw > ~/myspecs.txt   <---    then open in any text editor   ~/myspecs.txt       # make that "lshw" rather22:34
=== us is now known as Guest91617
mekhamidaftykins, nope just trying to find what my hardware is so that i can look at what needs upgrading22:36
daftykinsdon't think that requires much effort :>22:37
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest9619
rhlHi, I have an intel atom DN2800MT. I donloaded the 14.04 ubuntu live usb and when I run any of the options via grub the screen goes black and nothing seems to happen. I have succesfully run fedora v16 (old) on this hardware.22:47
rhlany advice on what to do?22:47
mekhamidaftykins, yeah i just don't wanna open the machine. but lshw got me the majority of what i needed.22:48
daftykinswhat's left?22:48
daftykinsmekhami: is it a factory brand thing?22:49
mekhamidaftykins, PSU and it gave me placeholderse on the RAM22:49
daftykinslaptop perhaps?22:49
mekhamiI built it myself a long long time ago22:49
mekhami(like 2 years)22:49
daftykinsoh right. yeah i'd have used my eyes :P22:49
mekhamibut i had a kid since then so i have no recollection of the last two years.22:49
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MonkeyDustj test22:55
=== mkv is now known as m4v
gtrottgithub noob here.  how do I fetch the script to mu ubuntu server?  https://github.com/sipcapture/homer/blob/master/scripts/extra/homer_installer.sh23:09
SerdarI am tring to install ubuntu with Raid1 and lvm over ssh but it is not booting23:12
AkashicLegendwhat does it mean when it says to write protect a file23:12
AkashicLegenddo I remove write permissions?23:12
SerdarI made 2 Partitions on each hd, 1G and rest. so I got sda1, sda2 and sdb1, sdb223:14
OerHeksgtrott, get the page in raw mode > wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sipcapture/homer/master/scripts/extra/homer_installer.sh23:14
AlissaHow can I close a port for out-of-LAN traffic?23:14
SerdarI made a raid1 on the ones using metadata=0.90 and a raid of the twos23:14
AlissaIf I have a VPN access on and, how could I get it so that those IPs can access something on a specific port but other traffic can't?23:15
gtrottOerHeks thanks!23:15
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cstk421anyone know how to configure / troubleshoot 3g usb connectivity ?23:37
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leo___hello, i recently installed ubuntu on my new pc. during installation, i selected both encrypt harddrive and encrypt my user files. i also have everything mounted on an internal ssd. now i want to change this and move my user files to an external usb 3.0 drive while keeping everything encrypted.23:38
leo___is that possible?23:38
AkashicLegendhow do I use ls with files that are only 5 or more characters23:38
daniel_I'm in an Ubuntu live session from USB and I'm trying to rescue my files from the hard drive. How do I log in to gain permissions to copy the files to an external drive23:39
hehehi folks I want to install new network adapter on lubuntu 14.04 via softether client23:46
heheand I get Installation of the Virtual Network Adapter device driver failed.23:46
hehehow do I fix it/23:46
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creppledaniel_ I think you start nautilus with gksu nautilus - that's what I was just reading here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1299582&page=223:47
Guest45435I am not able get https pages working on ubuntu apache223:47
daniel_crepple, thanks I just got it23:47
daniel_All I needed was root23:47
Guest45435i am getting an errorssl_error_rx_record_too_long)23:47
Guest45435    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.23:47
creppledaniel_ yeah - i knew that but forgot how to achieve it - had to look up - newish to all this23:48
daniel_crepple, I was confused because I was under the impression I'd need to tell it my user permissions23:48
creppledaniel_ ah23:49
jamie_I am trying to write a scrip to update a certain program at boot up... to run that command I need to use sudo... how would I add the password into the .sh23:50
daniel_jamie_, if you use gksu in the script it will ask you to enter the password at startup so it can do that23:51
daniel_Otherwise I don't know23:51
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jamie_daniel_: what do you mean exactly23:52
crepplejamie_ I think it's conventional to use su -c in scripts23:52
MonkeyDustjamie    sudo crontab -e    and use   @reboot23:52
creppleBut I'm not a scripter, just a reader of scripts :)23:52
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jamie_i was trying to go simple like https://pastebin.mozilla.org/882753923:53
jamie_and set that to run on start up23:53
AlissaFirefox can't connect to anything but using telnet I can. I disabled ufw to test (my ports are closed on the router), but I still can't connect.23:53
AlissaAnyone know what's up with this?23:53
jamie_I do testing for firefox... the firefox trunk is the nighly ppa23:54
LemPeX_XouRhow to download metasploit framework23:54
mivcan you enter your gateway through browser?23:54
jamie_the parts i use which is webIDE is built into that so it is the best idea to have that always updating23:55
AlissaProbably should've checked that first :|23:55
Alissachecking now23:55
AlissaUh, no. I don't think so.23:55
mivwhat system you are using?23:56
AlissaUbuntu 14.10 on an HP laptop23:56
jamie_okay not me23:56
AlissaWas working about 4 hours ago23:56
mivtry to check cables all is fine23:57
jamie_any one know if i can use that format for running the apt-get upgrade and apt-get install firefox-trunk23:57
creppleAlissa The only time I had that issue the system clock was wrong and setting it right fixed it. Probably a coincidence23:57
AlissaI'm IRC'ing on the laptop, miv.23:57
AlissaI also did say that I can use telnet on the laptop23:57
mivso the probeme solved23:57
Alissachromium also isn't working.23:57
chris062689Has there been any progress getting Ubuntu onto various tablets (that aren't really outdated?) Like the Nexus 9?  Ubuntu is said to release their own tablet-hardware soon, yeah?23:58
mivdid you check iptables rules for port 80 and 44323:58
Alissajamie_: What you can use is a superuser crontab.23:58
AlissaIf you still need help.23:58
Alissamiv: I disabled ufw, which is the iptables frontend.23:58
jamie_Alissa: i still do... im just not sure how to set this .sh up23:58
mivlet me think a little23:58
mivtry to ping the dns please23:59
Alissajamie_: The .sh file will be run as superuser23:59
AlissaYou won't need to sudo.23:59
Alissamiv: 38 millisecond ping23:59
jamie_Alissa: okay... so all i need to do is separate them with the $23:59
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jamie_of course on separate lines23:59
Alissajamie_: just place the script in root and it'll automatically be run as superuser23:59

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