slickymasterhmm right00:17
slickymasterknome, krytarik, did you get any common gorund?00:17
slickymaster* groud00:17
krytarikI think we decided that knome sleeps over it. :P00:18
knomeprobably better00:18
slickymaster bah you're not sleeping knome, you're tutoring00:18
knomei like how the chapter references are kept as is00:18
knomebut otoh, it does make the references stay inconsistent00:18
knomein a different, more annoying way00:19
slickymasterok, we'll get back to this tomorrow00:19
slickymasterwill you still be around tomorrow krytarik?00:19
krytarikAnd Monday.00:20
knomenoooo way00:20
knomeEVEN *MON-DAY*00:20
krytarikWell, I'm leaving Tuesday for 1.5 weeks. ;P00:20
knomewhere to?00:21
krytarikVisiting my mom over Easter.00:21
knomewhy did i convert that to "your mom" automatically in my head00:21
slickymasterhe'll be his mother Easter egg00:21
knomeand even thought "WHAT!"00:21
knomeslickymaster, ouch... :P00:21
knomeslickymaster, your wikipage is outdated :P00:25
slickymasterhow's so?00:25
knomewell look at it yourself00:25
slickymasternot sure what there is outdated00:27
knomeThe section called "Contributions" does not outline your Xubuntu activities lately particularly well.00:27
slickymasterno it doesn't00:28
slickymasterbut if you haven't mentioned I'd never noticed00:29
knomethat's why i try to keep my storytelling to my own blog00:30
knomemy wikipage is outdated too :P00:30
Unit193Snagged, bagged and soon tagged xfdash .9102:44
Unit193Hrm.  soundmenu and hamster didn't get rebuilt for libxfce4util7.02:56
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gnumbknutsusb-creator-gtk update has successfully made a bootable usb-stick with Lubuntu-vivid-daily.iso(20150328). The iso contains the syslinux files required for it to work. It boots straight into the menu (BIOS legacy mode) with the language selector overlaid. I had first completely remove both usb-creator-gtk & -common ; and then install the Utopic versions : 08:13
gnumbknutsSo now, I guess, we only need Xubuntu iso to include these file? Though I did not drr them included in the manifest of the current pending build .08:15
elfyyou know this is a generic issue and not just xubuntu?08:18
gnumbknutsYes I know elfy, but it is only the Xubuntu iso that is still to be updated. evey other flavour seems to have done so.08:20
elfybluesabre: running xfpm from the ppa, crashes apparently, can't report it as PPA, but have unpacked the crash report and have them all available if you want them 09:46
bluesabreUnit193: want to rebuild those packages?11:34
bluesabreelfy: ochosi might be more interested in that11:35
elfytrue enough11:45
bluesabreelfy: want to test a thunar package today to see if it works any worse for you?11:50
bluesabrelooking to fix https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11450 for those affected, though it doesn't affect all users, so also avoiding any regressions11:50
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11450 in core "Thunar 1.64, 1.65, & 1.66 crash when moving files" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]11:50
elfyI would - but not being affected here 11:55
bluesabrek, I'll upload to staging then11:56
bluesabreI also have an affected user testing on 14.04 :)11:57
elfythat always helps :)11:58
elfyhalf the time I suspect you need to have random package installed the same as someone reporting11:59
elfyjust tested vm - works in there too12:00
bluesabreI have a previous version of the patch that fixed the issue for me at work, so I have high hopes12:00
elfyI'm often copy/pasting stuff - I've never seen thunar crash while doing it 12:01
elfytried to and from a stick - working here12:04
bluesabreit doesn't affect my laptop12:04
bluesabrebut on my work desktop, it crashes immediately every time12:04
bluesabreso its one of *those* bugs12:04
elfyI'll boot laptop then 12:04
elfythat's vanilla xubuntu12:05
bluesabrechocolate xubuntu is better12:05
elfydamn right :)12:05
elfynope - works there too ... 12:07
elfyI tried ;)12:07
elfymust be a pain to fix intermittent issues :)12:11
bluesabrethey've been working hard in xfce-dev12:15
bluesabrethere are actually a few non-related issues that cause similar crashes, so it's been a struggle12:15
elfyI've seen :)12:16
dkesselyay, byobu is finally working again in xfce-terminal in vivid =) thank you whoever did it!12:52
eric_the_idiotelfy, which version of xfpm is in the ppa?12:52
elfyeric_the_idiot:  1.4.4+git-0~1863~ubuntu15.04.1 12:54
eric_the_idiotdo you have a bracktrace of the crash(es) handy? I can take a look12:59
Unit193bluesabre: Already did.13:00
elfyeric_the_idiot: all I've got is the files that apport creates - even though I can't do anything with them13:03
elfybasically - I reboot, it tells me it's crashed 13:05
elfyeverything appears to be ok though *shrug*13:05
eric_the_idiotok, I assume ochosi knows more about apport stuff then. We can wait for him :)13:06
elfymmm - so after saying that, I tried the things I rarely do like suspend and lock :)13:10
elfylock works, came out of suspend to a black screen 13:10
elfyand I really hate saying that particularly13:10
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ochosihullo folks16:03
ochosielfy: yeah, we've had an upstream report about that as well, might be connected to the gdbus stuff (that i know next to nothing about)16:03
ochosielfy: specifically this one: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1176716:06
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11767 in General "Sleep Functionality (systemd) Issues" [Normal,New]16:06
elfyochosi: ack - that sounds about right16:45
brainvvash_Noskcaj, please nominate bug 1388009 for trusty19:35
ubottubug 1388009 in xfce4-screenshooter (Ubuntu) "The program is not translated" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138800919:35
Unit193Never seems to help. :(19:37
brainvvash_wow, thanks :)19:37
gnumbknutsIs there a non-convoluted method of repackaging a xubuntu-vivid-daily-build.iso to include some extra packages ? I wish to add the syslinux packages that Ubuntu-daily.iso has, so I can test whether usb-creator-gtk update works . 23:40
ali1234not really no23:53
ali1234elfy: first result of the import test is done... gmb took ~25 minutes to import my library23:54
gnumbknutsThanks ali123, I was afraid some-one was going to say that. I just spent the last day researching and none of the methods described work with daily.iso(s). Only work with official releases 23:57
slickymasterbtw knome, did you get to think about the issue you have with krytarik's MP?23:58
knomenot yet23:58
knomewas a busy day today23:59
knomeless busy tomorrow23:59

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