blahdeblahHi all.  I'm trying to learn enough amulet to get my charm accepted: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/999439  Are there any examples of charms which get the "charmers seal of approval" for good amulet tests?04:25
mupBug #999439: Need charm for quassel-core <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:In Progress by paulgear> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/999439>04:25
blahdeblahAnd a related question: Is there a recommended workflow for getting local results from my tests rather than having to wait for them to churn through the various cloud testing setups?04:27
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stubblahdeblah: Setup a makefile so that 'make test' runs your tests against an environment you already have bootstrapped (with JUJU_ENV set if it is not your default).05:38
stubblahdeblah: Or there is a new docker image that can be used to get the same environment as the jenkins setup. Similar process, except you run the tests inside the vm.05:39
blahdeblahstub: Thanks - I might have a look into those next time.  Next Q: if I want to run the same set of tests against a precise deploy and a trusty deploy, what's the best way to do it?  I don't want to duplicate whole modules.05:44
stubI stick "SERIES := $(juju get-environment default-series)" at the top of my Makefile, then reference that environment variable.05:46
stubSo it uses the default series, unless I override it on the make command line.05:47
stubThe jenkins setup sets up the juju environment to have a default series corresponding to your branch, so you unfortunately need to push your branch to two locations to get it to run the tests against two series.05:50
blahdeblahCool - thanks stub05:50
stubblahdeblah: Were you doing ntp charming? I have a charm where the units require clock syncronization. At the moment I'm just installing the ntp package, but was wondering if that is good enough.06:02
blahdeblahstub: I was helping bradm with it a bit06:02
stubI could say 'you must also use this subordinate', but it would be nice if that was optional.06:03
blahdeblahstub: If you really want it to work, you need to deploy a few ntp masters, then deploy ntp clients (which will auto-relate to the masters) on the hosts whose clocks you want synchronized.06:03
stubCause now I think of it just installing the package will fail with some egress restrictions.06:04
blahdeblahNTP egress restrictions, or something else?06:04
stubNTP egress restrictions06:04
stubIs there a reason I can't rely on the default NTP masters you get when you install the ntp package? Apart from egress?06:05
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apuimedognuoy`: hi08:32
apuimedowhere does the nova-api-metadata server run on a default juju openstack deployment?08:32
lukasaapuimedo: nova-cloud-controller, I believe08:33
lukasaapuimedo: Though Calico installs and runs it as part of its neutron-calico subordinate charm08:33
apuimedolukasa: I can't find it there08:33
lukasaI think it's part of nova-api, which does run there08:33
apuimedoI saw it only in the quantum-gateway charm08:33
lukasaOh interesting08:33
lukasaThis isn't a problem we had because we distribute nova-api-metadata, so maybe it is only part of quantum-gateway08:34
lukasaWhen it comes to the quantum-gateway charm I know almost nothing about it because we don't use it. =d08:34
apuimedolukasa: I saw that you put it as a required service for Calico in the charm-helpers ;-)08:34
apuimedo(nova-api-metadata, I mean)08:35
lukasaYeah. =) Wherever we can we distribute services as widely as possible, nova-api-metadata is one of them.08:35
lukasaNo reason to have metadata queries wandering all over the network if we can avoid it08:35
lukasaBut having it in quantum-gateway sounds plausible too08:36
lukasaThough I expect that if you don't add neutron-api, it runs on nova-cloud-controller08:36
lukasaRegardless, try making a metadata query to nova-cloud-controller and see what happens, I wouldn't be surprised if it responds08:36
lukasa(I don't have a juju deployment up at the minute)08:36
apuimedocelebdor@nx02 ~/code/nova-cloud-controller $ bzr grep nova-api-metadata08:36
apuimedohooks/charmhelpers/contrib/openstack/neutron.py:                         'nova-api-metadata'],08:36
apuimedohooks/charmhelpers/contrib/openstack/neutron.py:                          'nova-api-metadata']],08:36
lukasa=) I mean literally spinning one up and then curling the endpoint. =)08:37
apuimedoand I believe those two mentions are calico's :P08:37
lukasaI think they are too. =D08:37
lukasaHowever, IIRC nova-api-os-compute also includes nova-api-metadata08:38
apuimedomakes sense08:38
lukasaAnd that *is* deployed by nova-cloud-controller08:39
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jamespagebug 143128612:50
mupBug #1431286: juju bootstrap fails when http_proxy is set in environments.yaml <ubuntu-openstack> <juju-core:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1431286>12:51
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beisnerhi ctlaugh, fyi that change has landed in the nova-compute "next" (development) charm.  https://code.launchpad.net/~clark-laughlin/charms/trusty/nova-compute/arm64-patch-1/+merge/252682    ps thanks, gnuoy`15:12
gnuoy`np, thanks for the contribution ctlaugh15:13
jamespagegnuoy`, https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charm-helpers/0mq/+merge/25459015:20
jamespageif you have 5 secs15:20
gnuoy`jamespage, approved15:22
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web Is there a variable I can call on `config-change` hook that gets the name of a service as it is, like `mongo-master` not `mongo-master/0`.  Or will I need to regex the line?16:04
weboops I mean relation change16:05
webon `relation-change`.  Thought this would do but it is not: hostservicename=`relation-get $JUJU_RELATION`16:06
stubweb: You need to extract the service name from the unit name as you suggest. It is not available as a separate variable.17:01
webstud: thank you.  So I would use `relation-get $JUJU_UNIT_NAME`, correct?17:03
websorry to ask and not test myself.  Don't want to spin up a server to test value.  I'm being lazy... :)17:04
stubweb: Yes, $JUJU_UNIT_NAME17:12
stubweb: But it is an environment variable, so don't use relation-get17:13
stub`echo $JUJU_UNIT_NAME | sed -e 's|/.*||'`17:15
webstud: if I need the relation unit name then??17:15
webthats more elegant then mine: `expr "$host_service_name_string" : '^\(.[a-z]*\)'`17:17
weboh i see it : $JUJU_REMOTE_UNIT17:22
webstub: thank you again17:23
webnever mind I was wrong not right17:35
webnow i see )17:41
webnow i feel stupied17:41
marcoceppi_web: you can also do ${JUJU_UNIT_NAME%/*}18:32
marcoceppi_it's bash substitution, but as long as your hooks are /bin/bash and not /bin/dash, that will work18:33
drbidwellWhen running openstack-install what kind of name do I set JUJU_BOOTSTRAP_TO so that it creates an lxc container on the maas server?18:36
webmarcoceppi_ :  Always improving things!18:38
marcoceppi_drbidwell: link to the openstack-install instructions/download? i'm not familiar with the software but I canprobably figire it out18:41
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webhaha http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6N42616299&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-PC-_-pla-_-All+Cases+%26+Covers-_-9SIA6N42616299&gclid=Cj0KEQjw6OOoBRDP9uG4oqzUv7kBEiQA0sRYBAv_3qEC_e-rZ2s-jRzIYjGQiso_DaDj3RMnUuMEhx4aAphS8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds18:50
mhall119jcastro: marcoceppi_: I think I broke juju18:55
mhall119trying to update my canonistack deployment18:56
mhall119juju debug-log's last lines are:18:56
mhall119machine-0: 2015-03-17 16:36:33 ERROR juju.rpc server.go:554 error writing response: EOF18:56
mhall119machine-0: 2015-03-17 16:36:36 ERROR juju.state.apiserver debuglog.go:101 debug-log handler error: write tcp connection timed out18:56
mhall119and no juju command I issue seems to have any impact on the actual instances18:56
mhall119oh, wait...darnit, I'm in the wrong environment18:57
webyou need to check your environment variables and make sure your connecting to the correct api18:58
webi think18:58
webor that18:58
mhall119also, it seems to be doing things now (even on the wrong environment), so maybe it was just slow to respond18:59
marcoceppi_mhall119: when you run commands use --debug and -v to help give more verbose information19:00
mhall119marcoceppi_: will keep that in mind, thanks19:01
mhall119it's all running now, and at least this environment is just another canonistack instance of the same app, so minimal damage done19:01
rharperis there a way to see which uvt- commands juju runs when creating kvm machines?  when add-machine for kvm fails, I can only see that it failed, but nothing in the logs clearly shows what command failed (I assume a uvt-kvm create, but you can't tell).19:04
marcoceppi_rharper: did you check the machine-*.log?19:05
rharperI'll check this time, I did but didn't see anything uvt related19:05
rharperand ofcourse it works this time since I removed all of the uvt-kvm images first19:05
rharperwell, I'll look there next time19:06
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webokay here is a fun question I wish I thought of before.  Can I deploy a charm from a git (ie: github)?19:22
rick_h_web: there's a plugin for that19:30
rick_h_web: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/juju-git-deploy19:31
webwhat plug-ins now.  I need to read those docs again don't I.19:31
rick_h_web: :) lots of cool plugins. Just wait until they show you the dhx video19:31
web:x I wish I could focus on researching new stuff right now :(  one month left to finish graduate work no time :( so behind and baby on the way19:33
webhave to use what I know19:33
AskUbuntuIs MasaS, juju, or the charm responsible for ssh-keygen on nodes? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60331723:06
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