lordievaderGood morning.07:04
RiddellScottK: fancy a new task? https://blogs.kde.org/2015/03/29/pykde-future-seeking-new-maintainer09:45
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BluesKajGood Day folks11:00
Riddellsitter: you udpated the breeze packaging? will you upload to vivid or should I?11:30
sitterI did so already11:30
ScottKRiddell: I already wrote him.12:09
ScottKNot sure how much I'll be able to do, but I'll try and help.12:09
Riddellclassy new sweaters https://www.hellotux.com/kubuntu_sweater_black12:41
Sho_t-shirt looks like it has a decent cut12:43
* Riddell adds https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-sweaters-added-hellotux-shop12:44
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Riddellovidiu-florin: does the new website have any translations?13:14
owlmanRiddell (or anyone): mind if I ask a question about the graphics stack here?14:16
Riddellyou can try, we may not know14:20
owlmanthanks, actually about future plans. Mainly wondering if I should be concentrating on libinput to solve some of my problems ;)14:21
owlmanIs the plan still to move from Xorg to a wayland/weston(?) stack?14:22
Riddellyep, mgraesslin is working hard on porting stuff to wayland, no deadline when it'll be ready but it won't be this year14:24
Riddelland I believe libinput is the best library for that stuff but don't take my word for it14:24
mgraesslinlibinput for what?14:25
owlmanNew toy. Thinkpad Helix tablet/ultrabook. Has 4 pointing devices: touchscreen, wacom digitiser, touchpad and trackpoint14:26
mgraesslinowlman: yes, libinput as at least Fedora starts to use it for X11 as well14:27
owlmanso some sort of unified handling for those seems like a good idea14:27
mgraesslinand as upstream dev in interested area: I would love seeing (K)Ubuntu to follow14:27
owlmanOK. Looks like a first step would be to package xf86-input-libinput14:29
owlmanHaven't done any packaging before, but I'll give it a go14:30
Riddellowlman: we have a libinput-dev package, isn't that it?14:31
owlmanRiddell: according to http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/libinput/ it looks like a seperate package. will investigate further14:37
owlmanRiddell: I've also been investigating/breaking virtual keyboards14:38
mgraesslinRiddell: libinput-dev is the libinput library, xf86-input-libinput is an xinput "driver" using libinput14:39
owlmanRiddell: It looks maliit framework currently has a dependency on Gsettings, possibly as an interim solution by the ubuntu phablet team to get things working14:41
owlmandoes anyone know if qt/kde has a mechanism to read xdg configs?14:41
Riddellxdg configs?14:42
owlmani.e. /etc/xdg/*14:42
Riddellthat's just normal kconfig in kf5 land I think14:43
owlmanthanks. more reading :(14:43
_Groo_hi guys15:26
_Groo_quick question, what dictionary format does kf5 uses? aspell or myspell?15:27
_Groo_or ispell? :P15:27
_Groo_i want to add a dictionary to kde, but im unsure which format kf5 uses15:28
_Groo_nvm,i just went through my installed dictionaries, it uses aspell 15:30
BluesKajlooks like myspell and aspell will work , they show up in muon on 15.0415:30
_Groo_for sure15:31
_Groo_GHNS in kubuntu to download dictionaries would be a nice touch15:32
_Groo_does GHNS work with packages?15:32
BluesKajwhat's GHNS ?15:34
jjesseget hot new stuff15:35
Riddellanyone want to test this? http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kde-config-systemd_1.1.0+git20150330_amd64.deb15:35
Riddell_Groo_: language packs should bring in dictionaries15:36
Riddelland kcm locale should be fixed to bring in language packages, I have a gsoc project for that15:36
_Groo_Riddell: yeah but for ex, i use english language but im in brazil, so pt-br locales and i just want both dictionaries15:37
_Groo_Riddell: but yeah , its just an apt-get away... no biggie15:37
RiddellI still think kcm locale (or the normal muon install) would be sufficient15:38
_Groo_did anyone tested kde telepathy in utopic? with 2-way authentication? it was supposed to open a browser, but it just sits there. i needed to go back to unity/empathy, create my account and get back to kf515:40
tuv0kI have a cpu load of 100% on one core. Looks like it may be plasmashell15:45
tuv0ksystem monitor does not show the load as such in the process table, but does in the system load graph, and I can see it via htop15:46
tuv0kwasn't plasmashell15:49
tuv0kkilled plasmashell and now two cores are at 100%15:49
shadeslayerRiddell: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily/pending/vivid-core-armhf.tar.gz16:07
_Groo_Riddell: any news on calligra 2.9.1?16:25
Riddell_Groo_: still todo16:26
_Groo_Riddell: k16:26
sitterRiddell: until further notice KCI is not integrating as I need to transition away from lxc as it ended up horribly broken due to the systemd switch17:11
ghostcubehmmm its an april joke isnt it?18:49
* ahoneybun wonders who would use it18:51
mparilloghostcube: Based on this, https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Ivan%20Gotyaovich&t=qupzilla I assume it is an early April's Fools joke.18:57
shadeslayerRiddell: I dont follow your email :P19:56
shadeslayerDo we need to poke cjwatson?19:56
ahoneybuncould someone confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-docs/+bug/1434857 ?20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1434857 in kubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Docs are missing" [Undecided,New]20:06
ahoneybunRiddell: where we the khelpcenter files at in KF5?20:09
ahoneybunpretty sure this is not english " Hvordan man installerer Kubuntu"20:13
yofelahoneybun: more accurate would  be that "some" docs are missing. For some reasons there are help categories without handbooks20:14
yofele.g. if you click through the system settings modules, about half of them are missing (or well, inexistent)20:15
ahoneybunyofel: there is a en and en_US dirs in the khelpcenter20:15
ahoneybunen has some other lang in it20:15
ahoneybunen_US is empty20:15
ahoneybunmakes me think that if I switch langs it would show up20:16
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ahoneybunthat did not work20:24
ovidiu-florinRiddell: the translation support is not there yet20:41
ovidiu-florinI got the email from Weiller20:41
ovidiu-florinI'm looking into using a translation platform for the translations20:41
ovidiu-florinlike transifex or pootle20:41
yofelahoneybun: wrong directory name20:45
yofelstat("/usr/share/doc/HTML/en//kubuntu/index.html", 0x7ffce09b3aa0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)20:45
yofelstat("/usr/share/doc/HTML/en//kubuntu/index.docbook", 0x7ffce09b3aa0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)20:45
yofelit looks for kubuntu, not kubuntu-docs20:45
ahoneybunoh wow20:54
ahoneybunwhere did you get that yofel20:55
ahoneybunI want to know how to fix it20:56
debfxis anyone using quassel on vivid?20:56
ahoneybunnot I20:56
yofeldebfx: me, works fine except for an occasional crash20:56
yofelahoneybun: that's from 'strace khelpcenter', but I don't know to fix that. Shouldn't that be set somewhere in the docs packaging?20:57
ahoneybunyofel: I'll look20:57
debfxyofel: do you get notifications?20:57
yofeldebfx: ping me20:57
debfxyofel: ping20:57
debfxthe notifications settings page is completely empty for me20:58
yofelno -.-20:58
yofelsomehow never noticed that o.O...20:58
debfxdh_install: usr/share/knotifications5/quassel.notifyrc exists in debian/tmp but is not installed to anywhere21:01
* debfx quickly changes that to --fail-missing21:03
ahoneybunRiddell: ping21:05
ahoneybunyofel: I can't find it21:17
yofelahoneybun: I think setting "X-DocPath=help:/kubuntu-docs/index.html" in khelpcenter-plugin/kubuntu-docs.desktop should fix it?21:21
yofelseems to fix it at least if I edit /usr/share/khelpcenter/plugins/kubuntu-docs.desktop21:21
yofelahoneybun: okay... now I see what you meant with language..21:22
debfxyofel: could you ping me21:22
yofeldebfx: ping21:22
debfxthanks, works fine now21:23
ahoneybunyofel: makes sense21:25
ahoneybunlet me see21:25
yofelwtf? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10709227/21:25
ahoneybunyofel: but that desktop is a link 21:25
ahoneybunI dont have af21:26
ahoneybunlang af yofel21:27
yofeldefine link? It's not one here21:27
yofelahoneybun: me neither as that trace shows21:27
ahoneybunyofel: that should be on the desktop no?21:27
yofelbut that looks like it tries to open the (alphabetically) first language it finds21:27
yofelwhich is... nonsense?21:28
ahoneybunyofel: is that even a lang on the system21:28
yofelahoneybun: desktop files are really just application metadata, they're not only used for links21:28
ahoneybunyofel: oh ok21:28
yofelor well, it is a "link to the kubuntu docs inside khelpcenter"21:29
ahoneybunoh ok21:29
ahoneybunyofel: to try out these changes I would have to uninstall kubuntu-docs from the repos, build my local copy and install it?21:30
yofelahoneybun: it is "a" valid language, and we don't have language specific doc packages21:30
yofelahoneybun: building a local copy would certainly be a better test21:31
ahoneybunbefore uploading anyway21:31
yofelI only edited the file manually here for a quick test21:31
ahoneybunI edited the kubuntu-docs.desktop file and will build loca21:32
ahoneybunoh crap21:32
ahoneybunmy system lang in konsole is not english21:32
ahoneybunoh spanish21:32
yofelhow did that happen? ^^21:33
yofeloh, I also have a nice setting...21:33
ahoneybunI was messing with something in system settings21:34
ahoneybunyofel: how would one build this?21:34
ahoneybungot it21:34
ahoneybunyofel: 21:38
ahoneybunyofel: No signature on /home/ahoneybun/Documents/Kubuntu/Docs/kubuntu-docs_15.04ubuntu2_source.changes.21:38
ahoneybunbut if I use dput mykey.asc it tells me to use the source.changes file first21:39
ahoneybunendless circle21:39
yofelthe correct procedure is: edit package, debuild -S (which runs debsign for signing), dput <target> <pkg>_source.changes21:40
ahoneybundid not see it for some reason21:41
ahoneybunlet me try again21:41
ahoneybunI have no key on this system21:41
yofelI don't think you're kubuntu-dev, so you can't upload it anyway21:42
ahoneybunmy PPA21:42
yofelthen the version should have a ~ppa1 suffix or so21:42
yofel(not required, but good practice)21:42
ahoneybunrunning debsign failed21:43
yofelanyway, you'll need a PGP key that's registered on launchpad to upload the package21:43
ahoneybunI have 221:44
ahoneybunnone on this system21:44
ahoneybungpg --list-key is empty21:45
yofelright, you'll need one of the private keys on your system21:45
ahoneybunhow do I get it on here?21:46
ahoneybunI can't keep making them21:46
yofeleither you just copy your ~/.gnupg folder from the other system, or you could export the secret key. In any case, be careful to not leave them lying around somewhere public21:46
ahoneybunyofel: I have no other system21:47
ahoneybunso exporting or making a new one are the only options21:47
yofeluh... if you don't have backups of the old keys you need to make a new one21:47
yofeland maybe make a secret key export and store it in a safe this time :P21:48
ahoneybunwill do this time21:49
ahoneybunsudo gpg --output keyFile --armor --export 041DA354  ?21:49
ahoneybunsample key21:49
ahoneybunyofel: ^21:51
yofelthat's the public key, you'll need that too. The secret one would be 'gpg --export-secret-key --armor 041DA354 > out.key'21:52
ahoneybunyofel: backuped21:58
darthanubisThe latest mesa dri updates stops corruption upon login. But now calling any new window to screen the whole screen flickers22:11
darthanubisI'm using two monitors with OSS amd video drivers22:12
yofeldarthanubis: not our field of expertise I fear, #ubuntu-x might know more22:13
freceldoes anyone have source for gtk-qt-engine packages for 15.04?22:14
darthanubisfield of expertise, it ws updates to kubuntu 15.04, is that not a concern for this channel?22:14
ahoneybunyofel: it says I have no secret key22:15
ahoneybunoh wait22:15
yofelit might not look for the right key, is the email right?22:16
ahoneybunyofel: it was set to my hostname22:16
yofelaaah, seems like some setup is missing. make sure you set DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME in your .bashrc22:17
yofelthat's what'll appear in the changelog22:17
yofeldarthanubis: well, yes. But I'm not sure how much we can help with mesa22:18
yofelbut maybe someone will know something22:18
ahoneybunyofel: is that ok DEBFULLNAME = "Aaron Honeycutt"22:19
ahoneybunok I put that at the end of my .bashrc file22:20
ahoneybunas well as the email one too22:20
yofelit should match with the data you set in the gpg key, otherwise you can force a key by setting DEBSIGN_KEYID=... in ~/.devscripts22:20
ahoneybunits the same22:21
* ahoneybun laughs that he has spanish in his konsole and he is going to spain in 4 months22:23
freceldoes anyone know of a gtk2-breeze engine?22:30
Sho_There is none22:33
Sho_Upstream isn't very motivated because GTK+ 3 removed the theming engine API22:33
ahoneybunyofel: other then the wrong lang that fixed it22:40
frecelWell, all I wanted was a Firefox window that matches the theme22:43
ahoneybunfrecel: looks good to me22:43
ahoneybunlooks like it is danish : https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?hl=da22:48
ahoneybunmight be system wise22:49
ahoneybunit is a bug22:55
ahoneybunvery weird yofel it is in danish22:58
ahoneybundarn you ppa23:25
ahoneybunkeeps installing the old version23:28
ahoneybungot it23:28

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