tnkhanhwhere is my desktop in kubuntu :s00:10
tnkhanhKubuntu does not have files on desktop like ubuntu?00:11
justlinuxyou can put a file folder widget on the desktop that you can have files in00:18
tnkhanhjustlinux: ok thanks00:21
moatstnkhanh: you can set the wallpaper layout to folder and then you should see your desktop files00:21
tnkhanhhm anyone using 15.04 beta2?00:22
tnkhanhi seem to have all kinds of bugs00:22
tnkhanhnow my desktop disappeared00:22
justlinuxif you are using 15.04 beta2 you can still expect some bugs since it is still not quite release quality yet00:23
tnkhanhthere is a konsole terminal when I start up (I think because it was on last time I turned off), if I turn the terminal off, its an absolute black screen with a cursor00:23
danniis there any way to get the KF5 version of dolphin on the current Vivid beta, I am trying to upgrade some of my plugins and just spent several hours not realising that they weren't working because Kubuntu uses Dolphin from 401:02
tnkhanhdoes 15.04 beta1 auto update itself to beta201:20
sonia_hi , i need help  to get my wifi work...  try a lot of thing but everything seem to be outdated02:02
_zxq9_ooc, what is the difference between "vim.basic" and vim? Just noticed both vim and vi are symlinks to vim.basic.03:57
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_zxq9_oic... vim.tiny is basically vim stripped back to being vi++, and vim.basic is just vim. Why the name change? bleh, whatever.04:10
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tnkhanhhi what is a good git gui for kubuntu05:19
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max20121994it's forum ?06:59
max20121994Kubuntu ?06:59
drawkwardyes max2012199407:00
max20121994ok, I have  questions about Kubuntu desktop , because i am a new usert07:04
max20121994can you help me ?07:04
lordievaderGood morning.07:04
max20121994Good morning you too !07:05
lordievaderHey max2012199407:05
max20121994Hi lordievader07:05
max20121994How can i restore Kubuntu default settings ?07:06
lordievadermax20121994: Rename ~/.kde or ~/.kde4, however it was called in Kubuntu.07:07
max20121994when i installed Kubuntu desktop , there was panel and on panel were folders and files07:08
max20121994ok, i try07:08
lordievaderDo note it resets everything.07:08
max20121994you mean , it clears all history ?07:09
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Tufgood day all08:41
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kolphas anyone seen this on kde startup: "Error - Kopete"09:03
kolpCould not start process Cannot talk to klauncher: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken..09:03
kolpwhen this happens kopete seems unaffected, but I can't shutdown the machine (nothing happens) and can't install updates ("This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided")09:04
lordievaderkolp: Sounds like a dbus issue.09:04
kolplordievader: any idea what I can do about it? :)09:16
lordievaderIs dbus running?09:16
wooosh_soundsHi! - I am using Kubuntu trusty - and I have a problem with my Konversation. It seems to be a qt4/qt5 problem - so #konversation redirected me to this channel…09:35
wooosh_soundsIf I try to use the /exec command in konversation I get:09:35
wooosh_soundsqdbus: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qdbus': No such file or directory09:36
wooosh_soundson the command line (if I started Konversation from the terminal)09:36
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wooosh_soundsI tried to simply fix it with a symlink :p - but that did not work :(09:37
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wooosh_sounds[D-Bus] Error: Can't write into status view.09:37
wooosh_sounds /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qdbus exists of course09:38
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wooosh_soundssorry! qt4! --> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qdbus exists09:39
kolplordievader: yes, both system and session09:40
lordieva1erkolp: What does qdbus return?09:44
wooosh_soundsif anyone has an idea how I could fix that - or where I should go on - please ping me or leave me a message :)09:44
lordieva1erIt should return a bunch of stuff.09:44
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kolplordievader: quite a lot, mentions klauncher: https://paste.kde.org/pm4urg6ui09:47
lordievaderOke, that looks good :)09:47
lordievaderWhat does 'dbus-launch kopete' do?09:49
kolplordievader: hmm, it starts a new kopete just fine, though that kopete doesn't show up in the system tray09:55
lordievaderkolp: Yeah, that is because it is launching a new dbus. Try logging out and back in.09:56
kolpI can't (unless I use 'shutdown -h now') because all of the relevant buttons don't work :)09:58
kolplordievader: ^^09:58
lordievaderkolp: Open a tty and issue 'sudo service lightdm restart09:58
kolpthat didn't go well :)10:07
kolpI ended up with a black screen and ctrl-alt-f1 tec not working. had to ctrl-alt-del to get out of it. however, after the reboot kopete didn't throw that error. the reboot etc buttons are still dead, though10:08
kolplordievader: ^^10:08
lordievaderkolp: Does the powerdevil run?10:09
lordievaderWhat version of Kubuntu do you use?10:09
kolpno; and latest kubuntu, though I had the very same problem with previous versions10:09
kolpit usually went away after a few days10:10
lordievaderkolp: If you go to System Settings -> Power Management, can you configure things or do you get an error that the power devil is not running?10:11
kolplordievader: seems to work, no error messages10:12
lordievaderkolp: You don't get error messages when you click the shutdown/reboot buttons?10:14
kolplordievader: no, I can configure stuff in the power management panel, no error regarding powerdevil. but the reboot etc buttosn still don't work.10:20
lordievaderAnd they give no errors when pressed?10:20
kolplordievader: nothing10:26
lordievaderkolp: Are you user 1000?10:34
lordievaderI.e. the first user.10:34
kolplordievader: yes10:34
kolpI'll poke around here a bit more. thanks for your help, lordievader10:40
lordievaderkolp: You should see if you can find poweroff commands in qdbus.10:41
IkkanGood morning !10:54
BluesKajGood Day folks11:00
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johnfluxI have 14.10.   When I do:  "sudo apt-get install libavcodec54"  it complains "Package 'libavcodec54' has no installation candidate"12:58
johnfluxBut when I check online, I can see the package here:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/amd64/libavcodec54/6:9.13-1ubuntu112:59
johnfluxWhy would it be unable to see it?12:59
lordievaderjohnflux: Status is deleted.13:00
johnfluxlordievader: hmm, but the package "bino" requires it13:01
lordievaderI read it depends on libavcodec56.13:02
johnfluxlordievader: where does it says that it's deleted?  There's nothing on that launchpad bage13:02
lordievaderjohnflux: It says so on the launchpad page you linked.13:02
johnfluxlordievader: hmm, yes, so it does :-D13:03
johnfluxlordievader: ah, hmm, it seems I have an  old repo that's overriding the ubuntu ones :)13:04
BluesKajthe status should use a coloured text to stand out...users don't expect to see a launchpad page fro deleted pacxages13:04
lordievaderjohnflux: Where did that come from?13:05
johnfluxlordievader: "        500 http://archive.getdeb.net/ubuntu/ trusty-getdeb/apps amd64 Packages"13:05
johnfluxlordievader: I must have added that ages ago.  I don't remember13:05
lordievaderWhee ppa's...13:07
* lordievader runs13:07
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Guest72370hi stupid question, how doable is wayland in 14.10?17:59
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lordievaderProbably not.18:03
sysop2I thought that might be the answer.18:03
sysop2my problem is I am not upgrading to anything with kde5 till its been out a year, so kde4 probably will never officially get wayland.  I really got bit hard on the whole kde35 to kde4 switch over. and have desire to repeat the experience.18:05
sysop2no desire I mean18:05
sysop2I mean on kubuntu, suse or something might get it, but I run kubuntu and refuse to switch.18:07
sysop2but when it does hopefully this will be mature. https://github.com/Nealefelaen/weston-rift18:08
lordievaderThe 3 -> 4 transistion is precisely the reason things have changes with the 4 -> 5 transistion.18:08
lordievadersysop2: You can checkout the live cd of Vivid to check the status of plasma5 for yourself.18:09
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sysop2lordievader, I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing but I checked out the tech preview on 14.10 and the lack of widgets was a turn off for me. I normally use lots of widgets.  I will check out the live cd when 15.04 is out, but until I find replacements for or use most of the widgets I need I cant see switching.20:52
lordievadersysop2: You should thank the developers ;), I'm only a tester.20:53
sysop2normally I have nothing but good things to say about KDE in general. in fact I try to convert people to it whenever possible, but 3.5 to 4 still is a sore spot with me.20:56
sysop2but you are correct the devs do deserve tons of thanks.20:58
lordievadersysop2: Haven't really experienced the 3.5 to 4 transition. Got late to the party, which is a good thing I guess.20:58
lordievadersysop2: Devels hang out in #kubuntu-devel by the by.20:59
carlos_Any other channel? Anybody speak spanish?21:27
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vbgunzI'm messing with Kubuntu 15.04. I'm trying to check out bluetooth support but none come out of the box. what is the official bluetooth package that should have come but did not?21:53
vbgunzhmm, bluez and bluedevil. I have them both but can't find it in the system tray nor find it in system settings21:56
vbgunzbtw, the breeze light skin is very pretty. the mini monotone icons are not but everything else is so far21:57
vbgunzgot it, doesn't look like bluetooth doesn't work by default like it does on 14.1021:58
Guest2169Hello together I'm using Kubuntu 15.04 beta 2 and I like very much the breeze dark theme, but how can I change the color of the panel. Because I can't see the Icons in the panel?21:58
Guest2169I use the breeze dark icons. And now the panel and the icons are both very light grey.22:00
Guest2169No contrast.22:00

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