sil2100I'm using the LP API to fetch some info about packages and I noticed something really strange in what I get back from LP15:30
sil2100For instance, an exemplary code-snippet that I used in lp-shell:15:31
sil2100I tried getting all versions of the bash package and tried sorting it by when it was created in the archive15:31
sil2100Anyway, what worries me the most is that the latest created version seems to be 0.2.0-1build1, which is really old and not even visible in LP, and it's Published15:32
sil2100While the actual version, 4.3-11ubuntu2, is somewhere later15:33
sil2100Is that expected? Since I querried for packages from the vivid series I would expect seeing only those that I actually see in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+source/bash, for instance15:33
sil2100And I'm pretty sure 0.2.0-1build1 wasn't created at the beginning of this month15:34
sil2100I see the problem15:49
sil2100exact_match is not True by default15:49
sil2100Scratch the above question, didn't know about this15:49
cjwatsonsil2100: Yup, that's really a historical mistake in the API design.16:06

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