ledilhello, Ive successfully uploaded a source package with dput, but I have not received a confirmation mail neither I can see the package on my ppa site, why ?14:10
cjwatsonledil: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors#The_upload_appears_to_work_but_I_don.27t_get_any_email_about_it14:13
ledilcjwatson: the signing key is the right one ...14:18
cjwatsonIf this is https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/264358, I posted our log information there14:19
cjwatsonIt's possible there's a bit of a delay for registering a brand-new key; I see that you only created that key today14:20
cjwatsonIt may be worth trying again14:20
ledilcjwatson: is there something I must sign manually ? what I do is only to type "dput ..."14:34
cjwatsonledil: dput doesn't sign anything14:38
cjwatsonledil: Did you sign the .changes file?  That's usually done with debsign, or sometimes debuild will do it for you14:38
ledilcjwatson: Im using dpkg-buildpackage -S before and then dput ... what should I do then ?14:38
cjwatsonledil: What does "gpg --verify nginx_1.6.2-push+trusty0_source.changes" say?14:39
dobeyhmm, that is not a very nice version number at all.14:44
ledilcjwatson: gpg: Signature made Mo 30 Mär 2015 16:52:50 CEST using RSA key ID 3AFB6B8A gpg: Good signature from "mobileapart <account@mobileapart.com>"14:55
ledilcjwatson: Ive tried another time with --force14:55
ledilcjwatson: can you please check if this is ok ?14:55
cjwatsonledil: That's not the key listed as registered on https://launchpad.net/~account-914:56
cjwatsonledil: So it failed again for the same reason.  You have to have registered the key you're signing with14:56
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NoskcajCould tetzle in ppa:noskcaj/build please have armhf enabled? I'd like to test if the new upstream bugfix release fixed an ftbfs20:48
dobeyarm is enabled per-ppa not per-source20:52
Noskcajthen can it please be enabled for ppa:noskcaj/build?20:53
dobeyi can't enable it. :)21:02
tewardNoskcaj: you'll have to wait for wgrant, i think...21:02
tewardi think wgrant likes handling those requests21:03
wgrantteward, Noskcaj: Done.21:04
tewardi was right!  :P21:04
* teward lurks21:04
tewardNoskcaj: note the upload limits - if you upload more than 10 things a week i think wgrant might get annoyed at ya :P21:05
NoskcajIt's pretty rare that i use that PPA, so shouldn't be an issue21:05
wgrantIt's less of an issue nowadays.21:05
wgrantWe have a lot more capacity.21:05
tewardwgrant: so the CommunityARMBuilds page needs updated?21:06
wgrantThe guideline is mostly useful to tell people to back off if they're being abusive.21:06
teward<sarcasm> WHO KNEW! </sarcasm>21:06

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