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dusthow to get out of handicapped mode?20:21
ianorlin dust what do you mean by handicapped mode?20:21
ianorlindust in grub?20:21
dustat normal desktop20:21
ianorlinwhat exactly do you mean by handicapped mode?20:22
ianorlinas in gray screen with cursor?20:23
dustin some game i get into a handicapped mode with some keys which i dont know how and even if i quit the game it dosnt end mouse marks stuff instead of placing the focus20:23
dustso every mouse click is like some key + mouse click20:24
ianorlindust does what happens if you press control alt f1 and switch to a tty20:24
ianorlincan you then run sudo service lightdm restart20:25
ianorlinand then log back in again20:25
dustin game nothing happened20:25
dustis mo option20:25
ianorlinpressing contorl alt f1 doesn't work grr20:25
ianorlindust alt f4 doesn't work either?20:27
dustas i treid such combinations as it changes in game view20:27
dustneither shift, crtl, alt, super also on right side20:28
dustin combination to f1-f420:28
dustno backspace, esc20:29
ianorlinsuper f2?20:30
ianorlinyou don't happen to have ssh running do you?20:31
dustand it happens in a game in full screen mode20:31
ianorlinhave you tried pluggin in keyboard to another usb port?20:32
ianorlinor is it a laptop20:32
dustim pretty sure its not about that20:33
ianorlinnot sure what else to try20:33
dustbut about a key combination longer pressed20:33
dusti get into it with a key combination20:33
ianorlinpress f11?20:33
dustthat is pretty sure20:33
dustf11 switches fullscreen off and on20:34
dustsuper f11 is ingame menu20:34
dustwhere are all the shortcuts stored20:35
dustas lubuntu dosnt make it easy with a gui20:35
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ianorlindust they are all stored in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml20:44
ianorlinor there is a wiki page listing them at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Keyboard20:44
dustnothing which looks like the right thing20:57
acz32i'm getting this message when trying to boot up lubuntu. it appears to be a swap issue, but it stops at this screen https://imgrush.com/9xtYJMC80CS-.png21:43
acz32during the install process, it wouldn't let me proceed until i switched to a command prompt and ran sudo swapoff -a. i'm wondering if this has something to do with it21:44
Kamilionwas it an existing volume group?21:46
KamilionI only run into that when there's an existing linux install with a valid swap partition anyway, and the livecd goes "Aha! Swap! I should use that!", before the installer ever gets a chance to contend with what block devices to touch21:48
Kamilionyou should be able to remove the swap line from /etc/fstab and set swap up yourself manually.21:49
acz32i actually tried this in a VM so there should be nothing on the virtual disk21:51
acz32the first time i encountered this screen, i waited a while and about 10 seconds later it proceeded and i was able to get into lubuntu. after installing some software and rebooting, i'm stuck here. i may try re-installing and just not having any swap space21:53
Kamilionhuh. dunno, sorry. I avoid LVM like the plague, personally.22:10
acz32i found that it's a bug22:30
acz32in the installer22:30
ianorlinah acz32 crypto swap problem with what version22:37
acz32it's strange that if you select encryption in the installer, it forces you to use LVM. you can't click "something else" and encrypt the partitions you create22:44
acz32do you know why it asks if i wanted to encrypt my home folder later on in the installer, after i have already selected encrypted LVM? seems redundant22:51
ianorlinacz32: if you have multiple users on the same comp with acess to the disc encryption and were paranoid to not want people to read your home that have access to your machine otherwise if they have access to disk they could read home22:56
acz32that's a good point, thanks23:01

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