lordievaderGood morning.07:05
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nagetierHey, I can't install x2goserver like this http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:installation:x2goserver .. apt won't find the packages in the repository after adding the PPA. What I'm doing wrong?10:22
nagetier$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/x2go-ubuntu-stable-vivid.list10:23
nagetierdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/x2go/stable/ubuntu vivid main10:23
lordievaderDid you update your sources?10:24
nagetierlordievader, Yes, I'm doing 'apt-get update'10:24
k1l_https://launchpad.net/~x2go/+archive/ubuntu/stable?field.series_filter=vivid there is only nx-libs in the 15.04 ppa section10:24
nagetierah, ok.. thanks10:24
k1l_so talk to them to update their ppa for 15.0410:24
lordievaderhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/x2go/stable/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/binary-amd64/Packages also doesn't have it, they do have a package suggesting the x2goserver.10:25
nagetierThanks lordievader and k1l_, solved, I'm going back to 14.04 or 14.1010:34
BluesKajGood Day folks11:01
FunnyLookinHatRan updates this morning and now mysql server won't start - anyone else experiencing that?13:54
lordievaderFunnyLookinHat: Someone in #ubuntu-server has the same problem, don't know what version he is running.13:55
FunnyLookinHatlordievader, ha - ok I'll head over there :)13:58
FunnyLookinHatCan anyone else confirm that after the most recent updates they can't get an external monitor working with a laptop?16:51
mcarolanhi, i'm having some trouble with slow boots in xubuntu 15.04. looks related to swap partition configuration after running an upgrade. can anybody help? put info in a gist: https://gist.github.com/mcarolan/fd2964628b1b5056303217:06
mcarolanah, looks like I have 2 swap partitions, the installer didn't use/remove the existing one when I selected ugrade17:12
mcarolanyeah, it's given me 2 swap partitions, neither of which has the uuid listed in /etc/cryptab17:15
mcarolangoing to change the uuid in /etc/crypttab to fix it. should I put a bug report in for this?17:18
mcarolanrebooting to see if that did the trick!17:21
mcarolanweird, the uuid in /etc/crypttab for swap now matches an actual swap partition, but it still timed out finding it during boot17:25
tnkhanhhi libnepomukwidgets4abi1 depends on itself19:52
tnkhanhin 15.0419:52
tnkhanhcan anyone check?19:52
agronholmtnkhanh: I'm on amd64 and the lib depends on the i386 variant of itself19:57
shadeslayertnkhanh: uh, nepomuk?19:58
tnkhanhagronholm: ah I found that the package is not available19:58
shadeslayerThat should be dead :O19:58
tnkhanhshadeslayer: agronholm: yeah, it said the package is not available http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/libnepomukwidgets4abi119:58
tnkhanhshadeslayer: why is it dead lol19:59
tnkhanhand another package depends on this dead package19:59
shadeslayerBecause nepomuk is no more20:00
shadeslayerIt was replaced by baloo20:00
shadeslayerWill have a look later20:00
MoPacI'm looking for some advice on changing scroll slider width and colors for programs like gedit that don't use the settings in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/gtk-2.0/gtkrc20:19
MoPacI don't know why the default is to have them be nearly invisible and almost impossible to use with a touchscreen, but... with most programs I can change them20:19
TheNumbMoPac: unity?20:19
MoPacTheNumb: Yep20:20
TheNumbSo you want ti disable overlay scrollbars?20:20
MoPacI noticed that there is an app-specific folder for some programs under gtk-2.0 and/or 4.0, but it doesn't look the same as the gtkrc I normally modify20:20
MoPacThe problem isn't overlay scrollbars per se (and I already have the scrollbar type set to always show)20:21
TheNumbMoPac: then you'd have to modify the gtk3 theme.20:21
MoPacThe problem is that the scrollbar sliders themselves are a barely different shade of gray compared to the scrollbar background, and the whole scrollbar is way, way too thin20:21
MoPacTheNumb: That's where I'm not sure what to do, since for most programs I get the scrollbars I want by changing particular lines in gtk-2.0/gtkrc20:22
TheNumbthat's for gtk 2.x20:22
TheNumbgedit is built using gtk320:22
MoPacTheNumb: Right, I get that -- but I don't know my way around the gtk3.0 folder20:24
MoPacIt has various css files as well as a folder of app-specific files20:24
TheNumbMoPac: gtk3 themes are built using css :<20:24
MoPacSo I'm looking for advice on what to edit20:24
MoPacSorry for typo above, I meant to say "gtk-2.0 and/or 3.0"20:26
MoPacAs you say, gedit for instance is built using gtk-3.0 .  But since the theme is set up differently than in 2.0, I haven't gotten anywhere just, e.g., doing ctrl-f "scroll" in main.css and trying to find relevant lines20:28
TheNumbMoPac: unfortunately I won't be able to help you with modifying the theme.20:32
TheNumbHowever I did find a tutorial which might come in handy.20:32
TheNumbMoPac: http://askubuntu.com/questions/192130/how-to-change-color-and-width-of-non-overlay-scrollbars-in-ubuntu-12-0420:33
TheNumbMoPac: do note that this might not work at all.20:33
TheNumbGTK developers break compatibility in every release.20:33
xinobraxHi, I'm currently using Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 Beta 2....for some reason it keeps removing Krita!!! I can install it and it runs fine...and a few minutes later it's gone....what the...?20:59
xinobraxBtw, Blender is outdated and Natron is missing in the repositories....Ubuntu is a horrible experience for creative stuff :/21:02
TheNumbxinobrax: no.21:05
xinobraxno? Krita keeps uninstalling itself, Blender is still 2.72 and Natron is not available at all....c'mon21:07
agronholmnm-applet segfaults when run21:07
agronholmare you guys seeing that too?21:08
TheNumbxinobrax: why don't you package newer versions of the software?21:08
TheNumbxinobrax: also, 15.04 is still a beta. Report the bug and hopefully it will be fixed.21:09
xinobraxbecause I do other stuff? I just want to develop a game and not fixing an OS...21:09
xinobraxyeah, I know that's a beta....that's why I'm here....I want to know why it keeps removing Krita...21:09
agronholmdoes it happen while you're installing something else?21:10
agronholmsurely the package manager does not do things totally by itself...?21:10
xinobraxeverything is fine for a few minutes...and then it's gone...really strange21:10
agronholmI'll install it myself21:10
xinobraxbtw, it shows up 3 times in the software center21:10
agronholmwhy the fsck does this thing depend on mysql??21:11
agronholmthat is lunacy21:11
TheNumbagronholm: because kdelibs21:11
xinobraxI have no idea ^^21:11
agronholmI will not install mysql for a drawing app21:11
xinobraxnevermin...I installed it about 10 minutes ago and it's still here....21:12
xinobraxfor whatever reason...21:13
xinobraxok...it actually fixed itself....I have no idea why but everything is fine now :)21:24
maxbHow odd... upgraded to vivid, boot failed with systemd... turned out to be that /etc/fstab contained the incorrect UUID for my root partition.22:28
maxbI have no idea how it got that way, or why upstart was fine with it that way22:28

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