Kilosmorning africa05:07
Kilosmorning elacheche07:29
elachecheMornign Kilos :)07:30
Kiloswhere are you loco members07:31
Kilosyou guys are slack hey07:31
Kilosneo doesnt even come here anymore07:32
Kiloskick him on the butt07:32
elachecheDidn't hear from him for a while.. I'm sure he's busy..07:33
Kilosthe only active loco on the continent is za07:34
elacheche6Yeah, this year wasn't that good for us :/ :(07:35
Kiloshehe you guys are getting old man07:45
Kilosget some good multivitamins07:45
Kiloshi SDCDev09:08
SDCDevhey Kilos09:08

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