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davidcalleMorning all o/07:55
dholbachgood morning08:12
rpadovanipopey, https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/improveFavouriteTextfield/+merge/25400108:16
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rpadovanipopey, could you please check if you're able to reproduce it in trunk? I think no, so when we merge it it should go away09:42
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popeyrpadovani: ok09:43
popeygood morning btw09:43
rpadovanipopey, good morning to you too :D09:45
popeyrpadovani: nope, broken in trunk too09:47
rpadovanimhhhh ù09:47
rpadovanipopey, could you please try again the branch (I updated it)10:03
rpadovanithanks :-)10:03
deeknow someone a html5 contenhub example?10:04
popeyrpadovani: same.10:05
rpadovanipopey, did you download rev 143 of the branch? I'm totally lost on this, I'm not able to reproduce it and I don't see why it happens10:07
popeyok, let me clear out my calc db and see if its crap on my device10:07
sverzegnassipopey, when is the next file manager meeting?10:12
popeysverzegnassi: tomorrow, 18:00 my time iirc.10:13
sverzegnassipopey: ok, thanks! I'd like to join the next meeting to discuss about a bug that has been addressed to docviewer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docviewer-app/+bug/143764110:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1437641 in Ubuntu Document Viewer App "support opening documents from folders other than ~Dokuments" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:14
rpadovanisverzegnassi, o/ will you be in Pordenone at the end of April for the radio-amateur exhibition? We will have a place to promote ubuntu (phone) :-)10:14
sverzegnassirpadovani: great! Sure I'll be there!10:15
popeysverzegnassi: ok!10:15
popeyPordenone looks pretty.10:16
popeyMost of Italy does to me though :)10:16
rpadovanipopey, they have good brandy (grappa) and the city is nice. The exhibition is one of most important of Italy about computers, last year we had very positive feedbacks :-)10:18
sverzegnassipopey: nah! Trieste does! :P10:18
popeywait, Trieste is part of Italy?10:19
rpadovanipopey, so, do you think we are ready to (try to) include calculator in ota?10:20
popeyrpadovani: if we can go through the manual testing and it passes, then sure.10:20
rpadovanihope so then :-)10:20
popeyrpadovani: once that lands I'll go through manual testing and hand over to QA10:23
deecan someone help me with the contenthub in a html5 app? I cant find a usefull example10:35
dakerdee: what's exactly ?10:35
dakerdee: you can look at the examples here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~webapps/unity-webapps-qml/trunk/files/head:/examples/api-bindings/10:37
deehi, daker, thx for the link, i try it10:39
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mzanettikalikiana, hey, I just stumbled over this one: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-41187?jql=text%20~%20%22map%20cache%2210:59
mzanettiseems to work fine for me10:59
mzanetticould be it's map plugin specific though10:59
deedaker, i get a error in the application output with that peer-picker "Cannot launch the content peer picker UI, invalid parent item: UbuntuJavascriptBindings_QMLTYPE_9"11:04
dakerdee: alex-abreu can help you with that, i have no idea how the bindings work11:05
rickspencer3does it seem to anyone else like there has been an influx of new apps since people started getting the phones they bought?11:13
ogra_specifically since oyu can create webapps via a web form :P11:14
* ogra_ must admit he only rarely checks his stats11:14
ogra_wow, buut looking now, all my stats rised massively over the last period11:16
ogra_woah, speed billards has ~400 users !11:20
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dholbachogra_, not bad - 326 users of "Random Cats" :-)11:42
dholbachbut yeah, stats have been going up :)11:43
ogra_yup, a lot11:43
Mirvmzanetti: I noticed your msg to kalikiana.. so we're carrying a patch in qtlocation, it would be nice if some sort of solution that is acceptable to upstream could be submitted so that distro patch could be dropped (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtlocation-opensource-src/view/head:/debian/patches/appSpecificTileCache.diff)11:44
davmor2rickspencer3: 180 emails on the incoming list over the weekend, that consists normally of a NEW app, App passes, App published. so roughly divide by 3 that's still 60 apps this weekend :D11:44
mzanettiMirv, aha! good to know, thanks11:45
davmor2rickspencer3: roughly of course11:45
popeyogra_: yeah, that billiards game is fun11:46
ogra_it my most successfull app it seems :)11:47
davmor2ogra_: my uber useful app is now 1 short of 60 people :)11:47
ahoneybundholbach: 520 downloads of uBeginner11:48
ahoneybunaround 320 users11:49
ahoneybundholbach: can you see my other app?11:49
ahoneybunI can't find it in the store on the emulator11:49
dholbachahoneybun, what is its name?11:50
ahoneybundholbach: gazeteer11:50
dholbachit seems to be available11:51
ahoneybunyea on there11:51
Elleoahoneybun: is the package armhf only perhaps?11:51
ahoneybunit says all.click11:52
ahoneybunthe emulator is i386 so11:52
ahoneybunI can see uBeginner11:52
dholbach"all" means "no architecture specific bits in the package"11:52
ahoneybunits the same way uBeginner is11:53
dholbachso it should show up no matter if you're using armhf or i38611:53
ahoneybundifference might be 15.0411:53
ahoneybungazeteer is 15.04 framework11:53
ahoneybunuBeginner is 14.10 framework dholbach11:55
ahoneybunmight make a difference lol11:55
dholbachI don't think so11:55
ahoneybunwould have to be on devel-proposed to see it I think no?11:55
ahayzenahoneybun, if your emulator is 14.10 rather than 15.04 then it could make a difference ;)11:55
ahoneybunanyway got to get ready for wor11:56
ahoneybunmaking a 15.04 emulator11:56
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kalikianamzanetti: Mirv as per upstream's sentiment I don't know what to suggest there tbh, to me "maybe everyone should simply patch it" is not a very good start for a discussion…12:17
mzanettikalikiana, yeah... still I can see ablasche's arguments too... the way we are confining apps might not apply to others. in fact, it's the only platform I'm aware of that does it this way12:18
kalikianamzanetti: GNOME are planning to copy this design from what I've heard - but even if platforms differ that's exactly why we have XDG_ variables, which should be used to address things like that12:20
mzanettikalikiana, in an unconfined scenario, I also agree that the cache should be shared across apps.12:20
mzanettiwhich I don't think we can describe with XDG_ variables, can we?12:20
mzanettii.e. is there a variable that points to a shared cache dir when unconfined, but to ~/.cache/<appid>/ when confined?12:21
kalikianamzanetti: I feel that's a weak argument because I expect to have confinement everywhere in the near future… those who won't probably stick to old packages anyway12:22
mzanettiI'm not so sure about that12:23
ablaschekalikiana: apps of the same user could share caches forever. You are surely not suggesting that the concept of user shared data should disappear12:23
kalikianamzanetti: XDG_CACHE_HOME unlike other folders has no system-wide analogue12:24
kalikianaablasche: I don't see how untrusted apps can share data through individual access12:25
kalikianathat to me is an obsolete concept from the days without security12:25
kalikianathe only way it can work is a service12:25
kalikianawhich we will probably have at one point12:25
kalikianaand then that service can make the decision12:26
ablaschekalikiana: may be valid for untrusted apps. However the concept of common apps per user is not less valid. I see the problem your are having but your patch just expects my way or the highway which cannot be true either. And even if I were to agree that all apps were separate  as u suggest the concept still exists and which you cannot  just break12:28
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kalikianaablasche: well, it's not breaking anything as such; but you're right, it's taking away an optimization that works for some platforms. that's why I said XDG_ is what I would use here. for example introducing an XDG_SHARED_CACHE12:32
kalikianabut that depends on upstream. as the response there is "just patch it anyway"12:32
kalikianaotherwise I'd be very happy to propose a cleaner solution12:33
kalikianaablasche: oh, that was you, wasn't it? the "upstream", I see that just now :-D12:38
ablaschekalikiana: indeed12:38
kalikianaablasche: so I guess it depends if you would consider a patch using a different env variable conditionally - that would actually be better for Ubuntu since it's different DEs run confined/ unconfined from the same binaries12:40
ablaschekalikiana: I am much more inclined to accept sth like this suggestion12:41
kalikianaor, Qt in general, if it runs cross-platform12:41
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kalikianaablasche: what I don't know as I'm not directly involved, if one could get an official XDG_ variable for it12:42
ablaschekalikiana: the closer you brng it to Qt base or even XDG standardization the longer the official channel becomes. I am not involved in XDG standardization either12:44
ablaschekalikiana: if the env var patch for QtLocation is right you cannot have it as quick as one CI integration12:44
ablaschealthough that's probably the right way in the long term12:45
kalikianaablasche: there's one other option I could see, but I didn't see how that would be implemented, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qstandardpaths.html#StandardLocation-enum docs say GenericCacheLocation can be empty on some systems12:54
kalikianaif there's any way to make it empty based on the platform plugin12:54
ablaschekalikiana: I see what you mean. Yes, this could work. QtLocaiton would have to be patched though since it doesn't deal with an empty path12:55
aquariusI thought I'd try to write a scope with go. So, with davidcalle's http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~davidc3/+junk/unity-scope-yelp-golang/view/head:/README I did: go get launchpad.net/go-unityscopes/v1. And it throws many errors: first is src/launchpad.net/go-unityscopes/v1/department.cpp:26:17: error: ‘create’ is not a member of ‘unity::scopes::Department’. How might I proceed from here? I don't know what13:07
aquarius I might be doing wrong :)13:07
aquariusdavidcalle, perhaps you know about this stuff?13:09
aquariusreally it's a jamesh question but he'll be asleep :)13:09
davidcalleaquarius, yep, jamesh question :) This branch is quite old and the API or bindings have probably changed13:24
aquariusdavidcalle, it's the only thing I could find which actually explains how to build it :)13:24
aquariusdavidcalle, more worryingly, the errors all got thrown when I did "go get launchpad.net/go-unityscopes/v1"; I hadn't even got your scope code, then13:25
aquariusso I don't know whether that launchpad branch for the scopes stuff itself doesn't work, or what :(13:26
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aquariusthere is a v2, but go get launchpad.net/go-unityscopes/v2 throws all the same errors: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10706784/13:35
aquariusdo the go bindings for writing scopes just not work? Perhaps in order to write scopes in go one must be running the unreleased vivid rather than 14.04?13:35
davidcalleaquarius, this one is in go and published in the store : https://code.launchpad.net/~cwayne18/untappd-scope/trunk13:40
arjunkbabuhow much time would it normally take to create a package?13:59
arjunkbabuI'm talking about the 'Create Package' option in publish tab13:59
arjunkbabucoz' it seems to be taking too much time for me13:59
aquariusdavidcalle, it is; sadly, though, cwayne doesn't provide build instructions :( I plan to ask him when he arrives, though!14:03
cliftontsAfternoon all. I'm having issues getting write access on one of the new BQ phones. Nothing I try seems to work. Could anyone here point me in the right direction?14:32
AlanBello/ cliftonts14:33
cliftontsAlanBell I followed the instruction on the pad page but it makes no difference.14:34
AlanBellcliftonts: what bit are you wanting to be writeable?14:35
AlanBellcliftonts: if you do sudo apt-get update and you don't get an error then it is writeable14:36
cliftontsJust an experiment - /android/system/media/audio/ringtones14:36
cliftontsOk, so it is writable then, but nothing /android/system and beyond is as far as I can tell.14:36
ogra_why would you put anything into the android container14:36
AlanBellnot sure the android stuff is relevant14:36
AlanBellbit surprised it exists?14:37
ogra_we cant clean up every empty dir :)14:37
cliftontsI'm working on the theory that the ringtones are bound to just be audio files so if I could locate them then I wouldn't have to put up with hippy dippy wind chimes.14:37
ogra_thats the ubuntu ringtone dir14:37
AlanBellso, what on earth is the /android tree for?14:38
cliftontsNo idea but that directory also contains a list of the ringtones.14:38
ogra_AlanBell, that is where the container gets mounted14:39
ogra_we talk to it via libhybris to run drivers and their needed daemons14:39
ogra_that there are files in the dir is an ovesight14:39
AlanBell122M of stuff14:40
ogra_tyr seeing it as one giant nvidia driver ;)14:40
ogra_the outside system doesnt use anything from there directly thopough14:40
cliftontsAt last! I presume custom ringtones is likely to be a future feature?14:41
AlanBellis that all friendly open stuff or evil blobs?14:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1438241 in android (Ubuntu) "stop shipping ringtones in the android container" [Undecided,New]14:42
ogra_just filed that one, thansk 114:42
ogra_AlanBell, it *should* onyl be binary blobs and the minimal env to drive these blobs14:43
cliftontsWell I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for pointing me in the right direction, but also for what seems to be the best phone I've ever owned. I'm looking forward to seeing all the rough edges getting smoothed and seeing the app catalogue grow.14:45
cliftontsNow if only I could figure out designing scopes and apps....14:45
davidcallecliftonts, have you seen http://design.ubuntu.com/apps ?14:45
cliftontsProbably, I should explain that I am a capable Qbasic programmer. I was put off learning any other language for decades when I decided to learn that new fancy language - visual basic!14:47
cliftontsHowever what I can do in Qbasic translates very easily to Python or Perl, but anything not possible in basic somehow does not fit in my head. I just can't wrap my head around anything graphical and the techniques have changed which means anything I do I go round the houses to get there.14:48
AlanBellogra_: could there be a README file in /android explaining what on earth it is and why we need it?14:49
ogra_hmm, not easily14:49
cliftontsA good idea AlanBell, may have prevented me from wandering down a dead end.14:49
ogra_thats solely created by the android build process, we would need to hack that up on every device14:49
AlanBellI am thinking it is going to surprise a lot of people and cause a lot of "OMG, Ubuntu is really Android!!!" social media stuff14:50
ogra_AlanBell, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ContainerArchitecture14:51
popeyrpadovani: still getting the screen leaping around all over the place when adding a favorite..14:54
popeyrpadovani: I don't think I filed a bug for that...14:54
ogra_AlanBell, we are not different from jholla or firefoxOS here .. all of us use these drivers and daemons ... there is no way to make the HW work otherwise14:58
AlanBellyeah, but I haven't used those, I have used Ubuntu :)14:59
AlanBellso, coming from Ubuntu desktop, the presence of /android is a bit odd14:59
AlanBellthe container architecture web page is a perfectly good explaination15:00
cliftontsIs this really a major issue though? Beyond us first few how many users are likely to bother ever even looking at the fs?15:02
ogra_cliftonts, normal users surely wont (and wouldnt care) ... hackers do though15:08
AlanBellyeah, not a big issue, and it is probably a good sign that we are getting to niggles like that15:10
AlanBelland I am quite pleased about having apache on my phone :)15:11
cliftontsogra_ that is my point exactly. I would hope that they would know why that is there. I didn't bat an eyelid at it to be honest.15:11
cliftontsI'm loving the fact that everyone else has to jailbreak their phones and all the issues that come with it when I can simply show them the terminal and go 'yeah, I just downloaded that from the store'15:12
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ogra_yeah, it is hard to teach people that they do not need to enable a root account on an ubuntu phone though :)15:21
ogra_all these kids that come over from android immediately want to "root their phone" :)15:21
cliftontsProbably but my current hobby is showing people my new phone and leaving them to work out what version of android I have. It's entertaining watching them try to use it before I give them the demo and explain.15:22
ubot5Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:23
AlanBell:) people have always been seeking root on Ubuntu15:23
ogra_lol, i didnt know we use a martix quote :)15:23
cliftontsI'm well past my windows user culture shock. I've surprised myself at how easily I have taken to this phone, it shows what a stellar job everyone has done.15:24
cliftontsI'm happy just dipping into root with sudo, never felt the need for more.15:25
pindongajdstrand, beuno click-reviewers-tools @ r421 live on prod15:36
mzanettipopey, can I currently publish app udpates that only run on vivid without breaking rtm?15:39
mzanettiafaict that would require an 15.04 framework, but there doesn't seem to be one15:40
AlanBellso, should an automated review take 6 hours, and should it be in draft status whilst that goes on?15:48
mhall119dholbach: when you're done with the HTML5 docs stuff, I have one quesiton about https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/help-app/new-try-1432710/+merge/254581 before approving it16:13
dholbachmhall119, what is it?16:13
mhall119just so I understand it, you're extracting image markup from the source, and then injecting it intoa <div> later on? is that what's happening?16:13
popeyrpadovani: filed a bug for it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/143829516:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1438295 in Ubuntu Calculator App "[reboot] Saving favourites causes screen to leap around erratically" [Undecided,New]16:14
dholbachmhall119, https://bugs.launchpad.net/help-app/+bug/1432710/comments/2 is where dpm described what he wanted the resulting HTML to look like16:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1432710 in Ubuntu Help App "Simplify q-and-a extension" [High,In progress]16:14
dholbachmhall119, that's fairly hard to do if you don't want to write HTML inside the markdown text (using raw HTML would confuse translators)16:15
dholbachthat's why we have to do this "add custom markdown stuff, but hide it from .pot and .po files" dance :)16:15
mhall119dholbach: ok, looks like that's what it's doing too16:15
mhall119dholbach: and the !!T and !!QA, are those just Markdown tags or something?16:16
dholbachyes, that's tags we invented16:16
dholbachin the beginning we had !!T (for text-only question/answer pair)16:16
dholbachand !!I (question/answer which includes an image)16:16
dholbachnow it's just !!QA16:16
mhall119ok, everything looks okay to me, approved it16:17
dholbachthanks a lot Mike!16:17
jdstrandpindonga: thanks!16:18
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin, ping16:46
* kalikiana wonders if anyone's working on cbz/r support17:42
* kalikiana still can't read his comics on the Ubuntu phone17:42
popeykalikiana: not that I'm aware of.17:46
popeykalikiana: fork document viewer and add it?17:46
popeyisn't cbr/cbz basically pdf with compression?17:47
popeyon, rar/zip17:47
kalikianait's actually simpler, it's a bunch of files in an archive17:47
kalikiananot sure if it fits the scope of document viewer17:48
popeyyeah, wouldn't share much code other than the file browser part17:48
popeywould be great to have17:48
popey(I want one too)17:48
kalikianahmm maybe the zip stuff from beru could be hijacked17:56
popeyor patch beru17:57
kalikianathat might be nice actually, since ux-wise comics are pretty much ebooks17:57
kalikianawith cover art etc17:58
kalikianajust a bit less well-defined17:58
popeyits on github17:58
kalikianafound it! now to remember my login :-]17:59
kalikianajust a matter of s/seconds/hours17:59
kalikianapopey: https://github.com/rschroll/beru/issues/7818:03
ahoneybunhow in the world do you edit the help app?18:45
ahoneybunHTML5 mostly18:45
ahoneybunthe SDK opened the ubuntuhtmlproject file18:46
kalikianaahoneybun: "help app"?18:53
ahoneybunkalikiana: https://code.launchpad.net/help-app18:54
kalikianahmmm no project files at all there18:57
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cimmlooking for pointers on building an autocomplete text field in QML...20:28
cimmanyone done this before?20:28
ahoneybuncimm: as in the keyboard gives you choices based on what your typing??20:32
cimmahoneybun: no dropdown but a "type ahead" suggestion... typing "New" will show "New York" in the textfield and you can keep typing20:34
ahoneybuncimm: not sure, don't think that is available (might be wrong)20:36
cimmso better go for the more traditional popup with filtered items?20:37
cimmjquery autocomplete style?20:37
kalikianacimm: have you tried the browser?20:54
cimmkalikiana: ah, great, you are right, can probably steal some ideas there. thanks!20:56
davidcallemhall119, pushed22:03
mhall119thanks davidcalle22:03
mhall119davidcalle: that looks perfect, thanks!22:04
davidcallemhall119, awesome :)22:05
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