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jibelsil2100, Mirv ubuntu/silo-016 is a fix for desktop, there is no indicator-session on the phone AFAIK. Can you remove the need for sign off and publish08:05
sil2100jibel: ah, sure, not sure why it was marked like that then08:11
sil2100Courier, might be a bit late08:28
sil2100ogra_: pong08:33
ogra_pong ?08:33
* ogra_ wrangles with google08:33
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john-mcaleelysil2100, I got a +1 for the vivid krillin tarball09:52
john-mcaleelysil2100, any objection to me pushing that now?09:52
sil2100john-mcaleely: vivid? No objections from my side :) ogra_ you doing anything on vivid or is it fine to push a new tarball?09:53
ogra_go ahead09:53
sil2100john-mcaleely: do it then! Thanks :)09:53
john-mcaleelysil2100, ack09:54
john-mcaleelysil2100, done09:55
sil2100john-mcaleely: \o/10:15
sil2100ogra_: the image build has finished while you and imgbot were disconnected ;) Will it pick it up still and generate a change file?10:28
ogra_it should definitely generate the chanes file10:29
ogra_lets see10:30
ogra_imgbot, status 25910:30
imgbotStatus: succeeded, Started: 2015-03-30 08:48:36 UTC, Finished: 2015-03-30 09:36:58 UTC10:30
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imgbotChangelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/259.changes10:30
ogra_looks fine10:30
rvrdobey: ping10:52
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* sil2100 off to prepare lunch11:48
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jgdxdo it already :p12:13
* ogra_ foresees some happy post lunch hacking for sil2100 12:13
davmor2ogra_: that'll be the tarball I just signed off then12:13
davmor2ogra_: I'm assuming it is because there is no silo12:14
ogra_ah !12:14
davmor2ogra_: hence there being no silo number in the annoying ping12:14
davmor2sil2100: ^^^^^^^^^^^^ fix it already ;)12:15
davmor2make the bad man stop12:15
sil2100What the fudge12:17
sil2100hmm, maybe now?12:19
sil2100It never had issues like that before12:20
sil2100Worst thing it doesn't say which one it means12:22
sil2100Will look at it once I finish cooking12:22
rvrjgdx: ping12:22
jgdxrvr, pong12:22
rvrjgdx: Silo 912:22
davmor2sil2100: device tarball for krillin rtm12:22
rvrjdstrand: After sudo service ofono start, I run /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-contexts but I get a dbus error12:22
rvrjgdx: ^^12:23
rvrjdstrand: Sorry, that was for jgdx12:23
jgdxrvr, what's the error?12:23
rvrjgdx: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name :1.192 was not provided by any .service files12:23
davmor2sil2100: row 1912:23
jgdxrvr, what's the device you're using to test this?12:23
rvrjgdx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10706431/12:23
rvrjgdx: krillin12:23
jgdxrvr, weird. What's $ service ofono status # telling you?12:25
rvr$ service ofono status12:26
rvrofono start/running, process 1885812:26
rvrHmm.. I see nothing in the network indicator12:29
rvrLots of crashes12:29
jgdxrvr, something might have crashed. I just tried this on mako and ofono start/stop works fine. Maybe restart and try again=12:31
rvrjgdx: Rebooting12:32
rvrjgdx: I have two entries in /var/lib/ofono, xxxx and xxxx-3. Last time I edited xxxx12:35
jgdxrvr, I don't think there's a gprs file in the xxxx-3 dir.12:36
rvrjgdx: Right, no gprs there12:36
jgdxrvr, could you paste the gprs file as it ends up?12:37
rvrjgdx: Crash again12:37
jgdxrvr, pm is fine12:37
rvrjgdx: service ofono start creates lots of crashes in krillin12:38
rvrjgdx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10706490/12:39
jgdxrvr, thanks. /me boots krillin12:41
jgdxjgdx, anyway, if that's what your gprs file looks like, you can reboot and test12:41
jgdxrvr, ^12:41
jgdxrvr, then add a custom context and confirm that it did not overwrite context112:42
jgdx(assuming your testing the no-overwrite branch)12:43
jgdxtrainguards, what's the best strategy for resolving this [1] conflict? I can't seem to jiggle either branch so they merge cleanly. [1] https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-rtm-landing-001-1-build/111/console12:46
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rvrjgdx: How is a custom context added?13:07
jgdxrvr, System Settings -> Cellular -> Carrier -> APN -> Custom Context13:08
rvrjgdx: Ah, Custom APN13:08
jgdxrvr, aah yes. :)13:09
rvrjgdx: Ok, I added a custom Internet APN, now what?13:09
sil2100jgdx: hey! You can always make one of them the prerequisite of the other13:09
jgdxrvr, check that contex1 is fine and context2 is whatever you just added.13:09
jgdxsil2100, it is, though13:09
sil2100jgdx: and on the other one merge it in there, so that it's basically 'extending' that one13:09
rvrjgdx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10706650/13:09
sil2100jgdx: since if they're prereqs, then I suppose they should merge cleanly13:10
jgdxsil2100, right, that's a good clue. Thanks!13:11
jgdxrvr, that's how it's supposed to be. Thank you13:11
sil2100jgdx: the train doesn't do anything special, it takes one merge, applies, takes the second merge, applies - so if you modify the bzr branch of merge #2 to require a prerequisite of merge #1 and include merge #1 in it (base it on merge #1) then it should be all cool13:12
sil2100jgdx: yw!13:12
rvrjgdx: One stupid question. I edited the gprs file, doesn't it mean I modified the default APN of the SIM card?13:12
dobeyrvr: hi13:13
rvrdobey: Hi13:13
jgdxrvr, yes it does. If you do $ /usr/share/ofono/scripts/remove-contexts # ofono will restore them on boot.13:14
rvrdobey: Let me remember why I chased you...13:14
rvrjgdx: Ah, great13:14
jgdxrvr, (or the next time it starts, but you had no such luck :P)13:14
rvrdobey: Ah, yes13:15
rvrdobey: pay-ui13:15
rvrdobey: I tested the click app in RTM. It's fine, except that the dialog got transparent.13:16
dobeyrvr: only after cancelling and trying a second time?13:16
davmor2sil2100: you managed to stop the annoying bot \o/13:17
rvrdobey: When the bank confirmation page appears13:17
dobeyrvr: right, but ToyKeeper had the same issue and was saying it only happens to her after the first time, and the first time it opens, it's fine13:17
rvrdobey: I clicked on the text box to enter the code, OSK popped up and also the confirmation dialog to keep the user there13:18
rvrdobey: I have an screenshot, wait13:18
dobeyrvr: can you go to https://pay.ubuntu.com in the phone browser, and try to add the card there a couple times, to see if it has the same transparency issue?13:19
rvrdobey: http://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/payui-transparent.png13:19
jgdxsil2100, I had a stale branch lying around. Updating it fixed it. sil+113:20
sil2100jgdx: \o/ great to hear that :)13:20
rvrjgdx: Silo approved13:21
dobeyrvr: right, i'm not quite sure how to replicate that issue here (i wasn't able to get an ap test which opens the dialog multiple times, to work).13:21
jgdxrvr, awesome. Thank you13:21
davmor2john-mcaleely: by the way device tarball on rtm is good :)13:26
john-mcaleelydavmor2, excellent13:27
john-mcaleelysil2100, can I push it? ^ (device tarball, krillin, rtm)13:27
sil2100john-mcaleely: yes :) We already had a rootfs built, so no conflicts here13:28
john-mcaleelypushing now then13:28
davmor2sil2100: do we know if cwayne landed the custom tarball I've not heard back from him13:28
john-mcaleelysil2100, pushed13:29
john-mcaleelythank you davmor2 :-)13:29
rvrdobey: I'll try to check pay.ubuntu.com ASAP, but I'm checking another thing now13:29
davmor2john-mcaleely: sure :)13:29
dobeyrvr: maybe this is a weird bug in qml or the Ubuntu.Web component, because we're using the exact same dialogs that webbrowser-app is using (with only changes to add objectNames for autopilot, and using i18n.dtr to load the webbrowser-app translations for them)13:31
seb128sil2100, hey, is there a way to tag bugs on vivid that should probably be looked at/considered before switching rtm to vivid?13:48
seb128sil2100, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service/+bug/1436018 for example seems like on of those13:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1436018 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "No sound for incoming calls" [High,Confirmed]13:48
sil2100seb128: hey, we have some tag+subscriber combinations, but now it also needs to be included in PT's internal lists13:49
sil2100pmcgowan: hey! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service/+bug/1436018 looks like really a good vivid->rtm blocker candidate13:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1436018 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "No sound for incoming calls" [High,Confirmed]13:50
seb128sil2100, so the official way is "ping Pat"? ;-)13:51
sil2100seb128: normally I would just include it on our lt list, but I don't want to get our list out of sync with pmcgowan's list :)13:58
sil2100And since he's the person driving all of this right now, it's best to just include it in his list13:58
sil2100I can sync it back to our tracker later13:58
pmcgowansil2100, ok will add to the list, another audio symptom for rsalveti maybe14:10
rsalvetihm, will check14:10
rsalvetimight be because of the glibc issue14:11
rsalvetianother bug from last week14:11
charlesrenatu, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/201608876/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.qtorganizer5-eds_0.1.1%2B15.04.20150330-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz14:45
charlesrenatu, event-test: FAIL!  : EventTest::testFloatingTime() Compared values are not the same14:45
om26erdbarth, Hi! for silo5, which TestPlan should be run except for verification of the fix ? The spreadsheet does not mention.14:56
dbarthom26er_: hi15:10
om26er_dbarth, hello15:10
dbarthom26er_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts, mostly the account creation / authorization parts15:11
om26er_renatu, I reported a bug for you, in the address-book. bug 1438254 :)15:11
ubot5bug 1438254 in address-book-app "No way to remove contact avatar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143825415:11
renatuom26er_, thanks :D15:12
om26er_dbarth, alright, thanks15:14
sil2100john-mcaleely: hey, will cwayne be around today?15:41
popeysil2100:  are we having an evening call today, or is it cancelled?15:42
john-mcaleelysil2100, unknown. I believe he gets on a plane and transitions from EU to US15:42
john-mcaleelysil2100, so, email and hope15:42
sil2100popey: we have it today since I suppose robru is back15:42
sil2100john-mcaleely: ok, thanks :)15:42
sil2100bregma: hey!15:42
sil2100bregma: so, I assigned you a silo buuut...15:43
sil2100bregma: the previous unity landing still didn't migrate, so not sure if you'll be able to build anything :|15:43
sil2100As the previous branches didn't land yet15:43
sil2100bregma: i.e. they're not merged into trunk15:43
sil2100bregma: it's in UNAPPROVED, waitihg for release team action15:44
bregmasil2100, you mean the 14.04 landing waiting for the SRU team?15:44
sil2100bregma: ...hah, ok, now I feel ashamed ;)15:44
sil2100bregma: scratch that!15:44
bregmaor maybe kick the SRU team15:45
sil2100bregma: all is fine, damn, I'm so used to just publishing for the main series that I forget to even check that15:45
bregmano harm done15:45
om26er_mardy, Hi!15:59
mardyom26er_: hI!16:00
om26er_mardy, test password-query fails ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts16:00
om26er_mardy, instead of showing my password it shows Error 31316:00
mardyom26er_: do you have a link to the test handy?16:01
om26er_mardy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts16:02
om26er_Test Case: ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/password-query16:02
mardyom26er_: in the System Settings, is Account Tester enabled under the account?16:04
om26er_mardy, yes, it is.16:05
mardycan you try toggling it off and on again?16:05
om26er_mardy, still does not work. I am going to try without the silo to see if its a regression16:10
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: CI/autolanding service restored, ping cihelp if your jobs are acting weird
jibelbfiller, Hey, is gallery-app in rtm ready for testing?16:11
bfillerjibel: we found an issue with it, trying to fix16:12
om26er_mardy, good thing it happens without the silo as well16:14
mardyom26er_: sure it's a good thing? :-)16:15
om26er_mardy, relatively16:15
mardyom26er_: how often do you run these tests?16:27
bfillersil2100: can you reconfigure rtm-004 please? no longer a sync silo but instead an MR16:28
om26er_mardy, whenever there is a new silo to land16:28
sil2100bfiller: sure16:28
sil2100dbarth: unapproved branches: https://code.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/signon-plugin-oauth2/packaging/+merge/249846 and https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/sync-monitor/re-authenticate/+merge/24925416:32
rvrcyphermox: ping16:38
dbarthsil2100: on it16:39
dbarthsil2100: btw; is there a way to force a compiler for a silo copy?16:39
dbarthsil2100: the oxide build from the other day turned out to have regressions because it takes gcc 4.8, not 4.916:40
sil2100dbarth: oh16:48
sil2100dbarth: sadly this needs to be done packaging-wise16:48
sil2100We had a few projects where we had to force 4.9 and it was all done in the dependencies16:48
cyphermoxrvr: hey16:50
rvrcyphermox: Hi16:51
rvrcyphermox: I'm testing silo 3016:51
rvrcyphermox: Took a walk and got a good list of hotspots. Some of them were out of range for sure.16:51
rvrcyphermox: Although some were gone.16:51
cyphermoxout of range APs eventually time out and get removed, but it's not immediate, that's on purpose16:52
robrusil2100: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~robru/cupstream2distro/fix-race-condition/revision/967#cupstream2distro/silomanager.py this is all that's needed to allow reconfiguring to work, no exception needs to be raised ;-)16:53
rvrcyphermox: How long is the timeout?16:53
cyphermoxbetween 20 seconds and a minute, I think16:54
cyphermoxcould be more16:54
cyphermoxit's dependent on the scan delay, which varies16:55
cyphermoxthe rule is for last-seen to be at least > 3*scan delay, IIRC16:55
rvrI see16:55
cyphermoxwhich can happen very quickly or I guess up to about 6 minutes16:55
rvrI think I spent longer than that, and the out of range hotspots were still listed16:56
cyphermoxthen it may have not been out of range16:56
cyphermoxthis is ridiculously hard to test and verify without doubt, unless you were to drive out to somewhere else16:56
sil2100robru: as mentioned, I'd personally like some code feedback to happen if calling save_config results in not saving the config ;)16:57
om26er_bfiller, looking at the comments, does that mean the bug[1] was actually in Ubuntu fonts famity ? [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/142181216:57
cyphermoxyou also can't follow whatever indicator-network says, you should look at nmcli dev wifi list16:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1421812 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "The letter is missing from the "h" key" [High,Confirmed]16:57
sil2100Since normally after calling .save_config you'd expect everything saved, and for the future it's nice when a function informs you code-wise that the operation failed one way or another16:57
robrusil2100: well it logs pretty clearly that nothing was saved.16:57
sil2100robru: yes, but the jenkins job results in 'success'16:58
bfillerom26er_: it appears there is some difficultly rendering that font family at the speicified size16:58
robrusil2100: but yeah I'm going to make a second branch in a moment that makes it save anyway without clobbering the silo dirty state.16:58
sil2100robru: even though for instance then reconfigure failed, everything was a success, which is a flaw16:58
bfillerom26er_: not sure what is the actual underlying bug, we were simply able to work around it16:58
sil2100robru: the exception throwing was not part of the fix as it was just added to include a feedback about problems in save_config so that this wouldn't happen16:59
robrusil2100: yes, don't worry, I'm going to fix it so that it *does* save the config in all cases and you don't even need to worry about it not saving16:59
sil2100robru: excellent :)16:59
robrusil2100: just wanted to show you that it was just one-line to set the _mtime so that reconfigures would work16:59
robruwhich is what I should have done originally but overlooked that bit, sorry17:00
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sil2100robru: no worries, actually my fix was also a one-liner ;) Just probably 'not the right way'17:02
sil2100+ the exception code which I added to include reaction to future errors (which, as we discussed, is not entirely perfect)17:02
dobeylooks like old stuff got pulled back into the spreadsheet17:32
dobeyrvr: i see pay-ui is in the passed column in trello. should i go ahead and release it, or is there some more reliable way perhaps to make the transparency problem happen?17:41
rvrdobey: ToyKeeper marked the other silo as failed because of the transparency17:42
dobeyrvr: it wasn't a silo at all then17:43
rvrdobey: A previous one17:43
dobeyrvr: and jibel moved it to failed. i don't know why that was even made a trello card17:43
ToyKeeperdobey: The board tracks work beyond just silos.17:43
rvrToyKeeper: What do you think?17:44
dobeyrvr: no, there was no previous silo. i just asked you and ToyKeeper to test a click in irc, so i could make sure that i was going down the right path to pursue the fix17:44
rvrdobey: Sorry, no silo, but task/trello card/etc17:44
ToyKeeperI think if it works now, it sounds great.17:45
dobeyit works, but rvr apparently has the transparency issue as well17:45
rvrToyKeeper: dobey says that the problem must be somewhere in ubuntu-ui-toolkit or else17:45
dobeyand i'm unable to replicate that issue in autopilot :(17:45
dobeyi can only presume it's an issue with mir/qml/webbrowser-app (which provides Ubuntu.Web)17:46
ToyKeeperThe feature may be a little surprising or confusing to people so it seems likely they might end up trying more than once in a single session.  In that case it'll get even more confusing when it shows up without its background layer.17:46
dobeyas these dialogs are the exact same thing that webbrowser-app is using internally17:46
rvrdobey: Is it a javascript dialog?17:47
dobeyrvr: it's the qml dialog which the browser opens in response to the javascript dialog APIs, yes17:48
pmcgowansil2100, any idea whats up with silo 8 for rtm17:49
rvralex-abreu: Have you ever seen a transparent dialog like this? http://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/payui-transparent.png17:50
sil2100pmcgowan: it's built but the train has some issues tracking it properly, nothing too serious though... but dbarth poked me earlier and mentioned that the oxide-qt that's built there has some regressions due to being built against gcc 4.8 instead of 4.917:50
sil2100pmcgowan: so it might require a re-build with the deps forcing 4.917:50
sil2100At least that's what I understood from dbarth's earlier messages17:51
robrusil2100: yeah I had a peek at that, it looks like the diff in oxide is producing non-utf8 output. not sure how we can possibly handle that; you can't really autodetect encodings, and debdiff doesn't tell us the file encodings (worse, debdiff can mix encodings)17:51
sil2100robru: meh... yeah, this case seems troublesome17:53
bzoltan_rvr: Is there anything i could help with the UITK?17:59
rvrbzoltan_: We have a problem with a transparent dialog in pay-ui, and dobey wonders at which point of the stack the problem is http://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/payui-transparent.png18:00
sil2100robru, slangasek: I'll be right there18:00
rvrbzoltan_: Of course, the dialog shouldn't be transparent. It is called from the javascript API, so oxide may be involved.18:01
dobeys/may be/is/ :)18:02
slangaseksil2100: ok, running late myself, ev is talking my ear off18:03
dobeywell, more to the point, the dialogs are straight copies out of webbrowser-app, and we are using them with Ubuntu.Web using the same API that webbrowser-app uses to use them. so that it would be broken here, but not webbrowser-app would be surprising, unless there is some weird issue in qml or the toolkit or something18:03
* sil2100 still needs 5 more minutes18:03
rvrdobey: Then we need input from oSoMoN and/or alex-abreu18:10
alex-abreurvr, mmmh no18:15
alex-abreurvr, which silo?18:15
dobeyalex-abreu: it's not a silo, it's a click package18:16
alex-abreudobey, which click?18:16
dobeyalex-abreu: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-click-builder-14.09-armhf/26/artifact/output/com.canonical.payui_15.01.120_armhf.click18:16
dobeyalex-abreu: those dialogs are only used when adding a card or paying, and the bank sends you to a web page which has such dialogs, though.18:17
alex-abreudobey, rvr  the transparent ui element dont seem to be related to the underlying webview bits ... must be something w/ the ui tk or underlying qml code18:23
dobeyrvr: you can see this happen reliably?18:26
dobeyrvr: can you edit /opt/click.ubuntu.com/.click/users/phablet/com.canonical.payui/payui_payui.desktop and remove the "--transparent" option from the Exec= line, and then try again to see if you still have the issue?18:27
om26er_rsalveti, Hi!18:30
rsalvetiom26er_: hey18:31
om26er_rsalveti, trying to understand the change in bug 1437065 -- links aside. Whats the difference between 'except fork' and 'except daemon' ?18:31
ubot5bug 1437065 in obexd (Ubuntu) "Configure a proper folder setup for file transfers computer to phone" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143706518:31
rsalvetiom26er_: is how upstart tracks the daemon, basically with the previous one (expect daemon) you could never really call stop obexd18:34
rsalvetithat would hang18:34
rsalvetiwith expect fork upstart is now tracking the right pid18:34
rsalvetiand you can start/stop the service just fine18:34
om26er_rsalveti, ok, then. The change looks simple enough, unless starting obexd with parameters reveals some otherwise hidden bugs :)18:36
rsalvetiom26er_: right, it should only be exposing a different set of folders18:36
rsalvetiyou can browse the multimedia related folders now after pairing with your desktop, for example18:36
rsalvetisimilar with the ones you get with mtp18:36
om26er_rsalveti, right. It works now.18:39
rsalvetiom26er_: great18:53
om26er_rsalveti, I am not able to copy back things from device to the desktop over bluetooth.18:53
rsalvetiom26er_: what happens?18:54
om26er_rsalveti, I can do that from the /tmp folder18:54
rsalvetiyou should be able to add/remove files with the multimedia folders the same way18:54
om26er_rsalveti, a dialog pops, says 'another operation in progress'18:54
om26er_rsalveti, I can add remove fine, yes. But can't copy stuff from the device to the desktop.18:54
om26er_Some permission issue ?18:55
rsalvetiweird, wonder if there is indeed another operation going on18:55
rsalvetishould be, let me check18:55
rsalvetiom26er_: what are you using as your host?18:55
om26er_rsalveti, vivid18:56
rsalvetiom26er_: yeah, get the same, weird18:56
rsalvetionce I try that I can't do anything else anymore18:56
rsalvetiwonder if the host side is not playing well when receiving files18:57
rsalvetiyeah, that's probably the reason18:58
om26er_could be18:58
rsalvetiom26er_: mind opening a new bug for that?18:58
om26er_rsalveti, whats the package, bluez ?18:58
rsalvetiom26er_: obexd18:59
rvrdobey: Let me check19:02
om26er_rsalveti, bug 143836719:05
ubot5bug 1438367 in obexd (Ubuntu) "'Another operation in progress' while trying to copy files from Phone to host over bluetooth" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143836719:05
rsalvetiom26er_: thanks19:06
rvrcyphermox: Still there?19:09
om26er_rsalveti, I am not able to decide. Shall we wait for that bug to be fixed before landing silo 13 ?19:17
rsalvetiom26er_: I'd say this is different because it's part of the new functionality that was added with this landing19:18
rsalvetiso not a blocker for the landing itself19:18
om26er_rsalveti, obex is basically working one way with that bug19:18
rsalvetias copying/erasing from /tmp/ itself wasn't really supported19:18
rsalvetiom26er_: the reality is, obex with file transfer wasn't even supposed to be supported19:19
rsalvetias we we need content-hub integration and etc19:19
rsalvetithis is just a shortcut to allow users to at least copy stuff under those multimedia folders19:19
rsalvetibut we can wait until I get to investigate this a bit more19:19
rsalvetiit's for vivid anyway19:20
cyphermoxrvr: yes19:20
rvrcyphermox: How can I check this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/143147119:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1431471 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "NetworkManager uses ofono GPRS contexts for wrong SIM" [High,In progress]19:20
rvrcyphermox: The hotspots eventually disappear, as you said :)19:21
rsalvetiom26er_: so fine for it to be blocked by it, will try to get to that bug once I'm done with the RTM ones19:21
om26er_rsalveti, blocking the landing will ensure timely fix for that bug. And the user is really going to use vivid when we switch krillin to vivid by default19:21
rsalvetiom26er_: yup, sounds good19:22
om26er_rsalveti, yeah19:22
rsalvetithanks for testing it19:22
cyphermoxrvr: you need to copy /var/lib/ofono/<whatever IMSI> to another directory with a different name and make sure as it runs it picks always the right directory context -- you may want to ask awe_ about the full details, I think he told me he had an easy way to test this?19:40
awe_cyphermox, not sure what you need me to explain.  The bugs is pretty descriptive19:53
awe_rvr, are you seeing the same problem as the bug describes?19:54
cyphermoxawe_: I thought you had said you had some easy way to setup a reproducer?19:54
awe_sure, just use two valid SIM cards on subsequent boots19:55
awe_and you can then look in syslog and watch NM try to use a SIM card that's no longer installed anymore19:55
awe_the bug is that NM doesn't check that various directories under /var/lib/ofono against the active SIM card19:55
robruawe_: when you get a sec, can you test out the citrain tool fix in https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/phablet-tools/stupid-printf/+merge/254180 ?19:56
awe_it should only ever try the contexts associated with inserted SIMs19:56
awe_robru, sure19:56
awe_love the branch name19:56
awe_robru, reviewed... would you like me to top-approve as well?20:00
dobeyrvr: did you get to check pay-ui with that change? thanks20:00
robruawe_: ah, just did20:01
rvrdobey: I'm checking, had to reflash the phone20:03
rvrdobey: Same problem20:16
rvrdobey: The trick is this: the OSK is opened20:17
rvrdobey: If I close the OSK, the dialog gets opaque20:17
dobeyrvr: oh, that is quite weird20:19
dobeyrvr: that indeed sounds like a toolkit problem then :(20:19
rvrI recorded a video, uploading it20:19
dobeyi guess it doesn't like having multiple transparent layers, and for some reason the keyboard isn't going away when the dialog opens20:20
rvrdobey: http://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/payui-transparent.mp420:27
alecualesage: thanks!20:28
alesagealecu, just doin' my job20:28
rvrbzoltan_: Do you think this can be a ubuntu-ui-toolkit problem? http://people.canonical.com/~vrruiz/payui-transparent.mp420:31
dobeyrvr: woah, it's pushed the background off the screen20:32
dobeyrvr: yeah, i'm even more certain now, that is an issue outside the scope of pay-ui's control20:34
rvrdobey: Ok, you have QA sign off for this pay-ui version, but be sure to push for a fix for that, because right now only affects pay-ui (AFAIK).20:36
dobeyrvr: it affects webbrowser-app too20:37
dobeyi will try to make a simple test html for it though and file a bug20:37
rvrdobey: I am opening a bug, an I'll post the video there20:37
dobeyok, if you wish20:37
dobeyi'll add my test to that bug then20:37
rvrdobey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/pay-ui/+bug/143841920:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1438419 in pay-ui "Transparent confirmation dialog" [Undecided,New]20:52
dobeyrvr: ok20:53
rvrTime to rest, see you tomorrow20:54

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