pittiGood morning05:24
didrocksgood morning06:04
seb128lut didrocks & desktopers06:11
didrocksre seb128 :)06:12
seb128didrocks, bug #1437633 might be something for you06:16
ubot5bug 1437633 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Choosing not to report crashes and errors setting reverts" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143763306:16
pittibonjour didrocks et seb128 ! avez-vous eu un bon week-end ?06:17
seb128hey pitti, wie gehts?06:17
seb128w.e was ok, assembling fournitures for the most parts and it has been windy and rainy06:17
didrocksseb128: hum, are you sure? it's on the device06:17
didrocksseb128: it doesn't use, oh wait!06:18
seb128didrocks, no, but you changed how the status is stored iirc?06:18
didrocksor not… shuoldn't be…06:18
didrocksseb128: right, but they aren't using vivid06:18
didrocksso no vivid whoopsie-preferences/whoopsie06:18
pittiseb128: gut, danke! we had a nice concert on Saturday, Sting and Paul Simon06:18
didrocksseb128: or they backported one of those to rtm and not the other?06:18
pittiand I took some time to brush up our holiday photos06:19
seb128pitti, oh, is that good? they are playing in Amsterdam and I was pondering getting tickets06:19
pittiseb128: Sting is amazing06:19
didrocksbonjour pitti :) jdll ce week-end (http://www.jdll.org/). J'ai donné un talk, il y avait fredp aussi à la maison06:19
pittiseb128: Admittedly Paul Simon is past his best years; still good, but not comparable any more to the Simon & Garfunkel times06:19
seb128didrocks, oh, right ... no, it's that popey reported and I assumed it was on vivid channel06:19
seb128but re-reading the descriptions seems not06:19
didrocksseb128: seems bqish, but it can be that for whatever reason they took one of whoopsie/whoopsie-preferences without the other one06:20
didrocksand they need both to be here for the new handling status06:20
seb128didrocks, I don't think so, maybe something else, maybe updating to vivid would fix it :-)06:20
didrockslet's confirm once popey is around06:20
didrocksseb128: ahah, yeah :)06:21
didrocksseb128: on the technical level, what happens is that the UI talks to a dbus activated service running as root which commits the values to /etc/default/whoopsie (or does the right thing in the new version)06:22
didrocksseb128: can be in never really worked and the life app cycle prevent the daemon to successfully starts?06:22
seb128didrocks, yes and no06:24
seb128I think runtime restriction are related to Mir06:24
seb128system services run fine06:24
seb128I don't think we need tweaks to the system to be able to run avahi or cups06:25
didrocksok, so doesn't seem to be it, it's a simple polkit + dbus activation06:25
didrocksok, let's see once popey is around06:25
didrockspitti: btw, I didn't see a bug report about it, but someone pinged me about some vmware related mount blocking the system to start07:22
didrockspitti: I still have his pastebins, interested?07:22
didrocks(vmhgfs mount type)07:23
pittididrocks: sure, let's see what it says07:23
didrocks-> which leaded me to see the issue was on the mount points, and so, I asked for fstab: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10660243/07:23
didrockscommenting the .host line did it07:23
didrocksdid google a little bit about it, found some info on arch, but nothing that relevant07:24
pittididrocks: you don't happen to have "systemctl cat mnt-hgfs.mount", do you?07:25
didrockspitti: no, the guy was mostly in a hurry to get a system booting, I asked him to open a bug, seems he didn't07:26
pittididrocks: yeah; would be interesting if (1) sudo mount /mnt/hgfs works manually, and (2) if it works under upstart07:26
pittididrocks: the main difference between the two AFAICS is that systemd blocks on failed mounts, while upstart doesn't always07:27
pitti("nofail" mount option changes this)07:27
pittiso my initial guess is that /mnt/hgfs never worked because of missing drivers or whatnot07:27
didrockspitti: the user told me he had the share working when booting with upstart though07:27
pittiok, then we need the output of (1) I guess07:28
pitti"mount process exited, code=exited status=107:28
pittii. e. it failed07:28
didrockspitti: yeah, I'll ping him if I see him online again07:29
didrocksI would be surprise if those kinds of share doesn't work under systemd, seems like some users got them working from my search07:30
didrockspitti: btw, you didn't see drama either on the upstart-sysv transition?07:30
* didrocks got some emails because third-parties like labs.online.net install manually the list of ubuntu-minimal (they copied the list and aptitude install…)07:31
pittididrocks: no, I'm not aware of any reports about that07:32
didrockspitti: no news is good news (and at least, now, we know who wouldn't have used systemd by default because of cases like this)07:32
didrocksLaneyyyyyyyyyyyyy \o/08:05
didrockshow are you? how were your holidays?08:05
Laneyheeeeeeeeeey didrocks08:08
Laneygood and great thanks!08:08
Laneyplenty of walking & eating08:09
didrocksnice weather overall?08:09
seb128Laney, wb!08:09
seb128did you have good holidays?08:09
Laneymixed, this was scotland :p08:09
Laneysome days were quite fine but it did rain for a few08:09
Laneyhey seb12808:10
Laneywas quite fine, thanks08:11
Laneyit's a picturesque area :-)08:11
Laneyhow was the week + weekend?08:11
didrocksyeah, Julie really wants to visit there :)08:11
didrocksLaney: was nice overall, did some pretty interesting upstart transition, which triggers some issues for companies not using standard ubuntu :p08:12
didrocks(like not using ubuntu-minimal, reinstalling packages from their own list, with aptitude, of course…)08:12
Laney"don't do that"08:13
didrocksthat was pretty much my response, but they insist and want to have some additional dependency which would break anyone else :p08:13
pittiwelcome back Laney!08:15
Laneyhey pitti08:16
Laneywb to you too!08:16
Laney(not sure when you returned :P)08:16
pittiLaney: last Thursday08:18
popeydidrocks: seb128 it was on a shipping bq retail handset running whatever comes on it out of the box (so not vivid)08:26
seb128popey, can you easily reproduce? can you try if vivid has the same issue?08:27
seb128could be a bug for Laney :-)08:27
seb128Laney, wb :-)08:27
seb128Laney, speaking about bug #143763308:28
ubot5bug 1437633 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "Choosing not to report crashes and errors setting reverts" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143763308:28
seb128I think you looked at the u-s-s/whoopsie integration code before08:28
popeyi see no /etc/default/whoopsie on vivid08:29
didrockspopey: vivid is different08:31
didrocksthere is only /etc/whoopsie, but this one doesn't handle the whoopsie daemon state08:31
popeyit doesn't work on vivid either08:31
popeyreproduced on a nexus 708:31
popeyrunning vivid r15008:32
didrockspopey: a nice hint is to disable it08:32
didrocksand look if there is a whoopsie .override in /etc/init/08:32
popeythere is a whoopsie.conf in /etc/init08:32
didrocksand no .override once you disable it in the UI?08:33
popeyno .override08:34
didrocksI would say the UI isn't calling the right things in whoopsie.preferences08:34
didrocksat it's consistent between vivid and rtm08:34
popeymy vivid is a little outdated, lemme update08:35
didrockspopey: wait08:36
didrocksthat's interesting08:36
didrockshow outdated is it?08:36
popeycurrent build number: 15008:36
popeydevice name: flo08:36
popeychannel: ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed08:36
popeynot that bad08:36
popeylast update: 2015-03-27 09:45:5108:36
didrockspopey: ah ok, no change then08:36
popeyalthough system settings crashed when i tried to update :)08:36
didrocksif you were on older whoopsie-preferences, this one directly still read/write to /etc/default/whoopsie08:36
didrocksso that would have been an indication08:37
didrocksbut yeah, my things stays: I guess whoopsie-preferences isn't called08:37
didrockspopey: when you check/uncheck, can you look if whoopsie-preferences is running?08:37
seb128didrocks, popey, remember that the fs is ro on the touch image so we might have to set paths are writable for things to work08:38
seb128like /etc/whoopsie08:38
didrocksseb128: doesn't explain rtm though, (or it never worked)08:39
didrocksbut yeah, on vivid, that's a nice one08:39
didrocksseb128: I wonder even how we could do that .override thus?08:40
didrocks(as we need to have the file present to turn it rw IIRC)08:40
seb128not sure, pitti might know, he looked a bit only similar issues iirc08:40
popeydidrocks: yes, whoopsie-preferences does end up running08:41
didrocksok, it's called, but something prevents it to write (on rtm, let's forget about vivid for now which is different and will be broken from seb128's remark)08:42
didrocksdid it ever worked?08:42
seb128I think it didrocks08:42
didrocksmaybe /etc/default/whoopsie was never writable…08:42
seb128it did08:42
seb128Laney looked at it a while ago iirc08:42
seb128Laney, ^?08:42
didrocksI have no clue for bq, let's see once Laney is done with his backlog08:42
seb128bq is not different from the emulator or mako afaik08:43
didrocksonce that's fixed, let's look at vivid to not duplicate if there is more work involved in the system settings side08:43
seb128or do you mean "touch"?08:43
didrocksyeah, "rtm"08:43
Laneyerm ok08:43
LaneyI could flash the rtm image08:43
popeywell, /etc/default/whoopsie is a read only file when I try and edit as root with vi08:44
popeyand i see no mount in "mount | grep default" which would match it08:45
popeyso yeah, looks read-only08:45
* didrocks wonders how it could have worked then…08:46
seb128Laney, the question was rather "did it ever work", which I though you might remember because you looked at it a while ago08:46
seb128Laney, feel free to say "dunno" ;-)08:46
Laneyit's definitely dunno08:46
LaneyI probably had it writable though08:46
seb128no worry08:46
* popey wonders if someone tested on a device which had been set RW (in order to add PPAs for testing) which would cloud the result08:46
Laneyso if it is this then I would never have seen the problem08:47
seb128most of us use rw08:47
seb128where do we set locations are writable again?08:47
Laneydpkg -S writable-paths08:47
popey(this is one reason I bought a bq phone and haven't changed it at all)08:47
seb128popey, good move :-)08:47
seb128popey, can you try if replying to sms from the messaging menu works for you?08:48
* popey finds a SIM08:48
didrocksok, so we need to add /etc/default/whoopsie (rtm), /etc/whoopsie and /etc/init/whoopsie.override (vivid)08:48
didrocksthe issue is that whoopsie.override doesn't exist potentially, so it needs test08:49
didrocksonce we switch to systemd, we will have the same issue as well08:49
didrocks(but the path is more complex and subject to change there…)08:49
larsuseb128: I totally forgot proposing this on Friday: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/ubuntu-themes/progress-bars/+merge/25454408:52
larsuseb128: do you (or Laney if his backlog isn't killing him yet) backport that patch and have a look at the branch?08:53
larsuLaney: hi btw! How are you?08:53
Laneyhey larsu!08:57
Laneydoing good thanks08:58
Laneygood to be back ;-)08:58
Laneywhat about you?08:58
larsuliar! :P08:58
Laneywhere can I see the effect of this branch?08:58
larsuI'm good as well thanks08:58
larsuany progress bar on the system08:59
larsuI usually test with widget factory08:59
larsunot sure if this is uife material as well08:59
didrocksLaney: with his branch, your life will be better, you will lose weight, feel stronger, reducing stress and better looking too!08:59
LaneyI'LL TAKE SIX08:59
larsudidrocks: clearly fake marketing. Laney can't look any better09:00
larsuyou need to adjust your targetting algorithms ;)09:00
didrockslarsu: yeah, the ad targetting script isn't great yet :p09:00
popeyseb128: yes, it works09:00
larsudidrocks: I think you want to market this towards progress bars (and possibly other widgets)09:01
larsubut then, this branch makes them gain weight actually09:01
didrockslarsu: not sure they have upload rights though :)09:01
didrockspopey: do you mind trying on vivid with /etc/whoopsie and /etc/init/whoopsie.override?09:02
didrockspopey: I'm unsure if setting an unexisting file at boot would work though09:02
popeysure, what do I need to do?09:02
didrockspopey: oh sorry, I thought you were talking about the whoopsie thing, not the sms one, confusion :)09:03
didrockspopey: forget about it for now then :)09:03
seb128popey, thanks for testing09:04
seb128larsu, can add to my list09:04
larsuI think Laney's on it09:04
larsuhm, chpe has been looking at my terminal patches09:05
popeyseb128: feel free to ping me to confirm anything else on the retail device which doesn't require going RW or otherwise messing it up :)09:05
larsuand started committing some09:05
seb128popey, noted, thanks :-)09:05
larsuugh, and wants gmenumodel features for the others...09:05
seb128hey Sweet5hark09:25
seb128had a good w.e?09:25
Sweet5harkseb128: pretty good. bad weather, so no bad conscience when staying inside hacking ;)09:27
seb128what did you hack on?09:28
Sweet5harkseb128: http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/vivid/4.4.1/libreoffice_4.4.1-0ubuntu2_source.changes <- as discussed please consider this for upload for the kubuntu breeze icons. No upload of libreoffice-l10n needed for this one.09:28
seb128Sweet5hark, k09:28
Sweet5harkseb128: hacked on the UNO (C++/python/java/starbasic extension bindings) for tables in writer. I ran across that code fixing something else, realized how horrible it is while doing that and decided it needs a complete overhaul -- if only to make it less of a maintainance horror down the line.09:30
seb128Sweet5hark, libreoffice sponsorized09:30
didrockshey Sweet5hark!09:31
seb128Sweet5hark, you should have played UNO the card game, it's probably more fun :p09:31
* Sweet5hark killed some 500-1000 lines of C++ that were obsolete/nonsense/copypasta in there ...09:31
Sweet5harkseb128: thx for the upload09:32
Sweet5harkdidrocks: heya!09:32
seb128didrocks, writable-paths has a line "/etc/init/ssh.override                  auto                    persistent  transition  none" so I guess we could do the same for whoopsie?09:37
didrocksseb128: yeah, there is no /etc/init/ssh.override at boot?09:40
seb128didrocks, I'm unsure on a new device, mine has one because I've used qtcreator to connect to it etc09:41
seb128but I guess not09:41
didrocksseb128: worth a try anyway09:41
didrocksdo you handle that one, or want me to?09:41
seb128I'm going to mp changes after lunch09:41
seb128I can handle it09:41
seb128thanks for the guidance ;-)09:41
didrocksyw ;)09:41
Laneylarsu: with "2" the "50%" in widget factory overlaps the progress bar09:43
Laneydo we need the gtk patch from this bug?09:44
* Laney builds an updated gtk10:00
larsuLaney: yes10:16
larsuit has weird spacing even with the default theme now10:17
larsuthat's one of the things that patch fixes10:17
Laneybe good to get it on the 3.14 branch10:18
larsuI don't think we should10:20
larsuit breaks adwaita10:20
larsuhm, maybe I should patch that for the ubuntu gnome guys...10:21
Laneyhow's that?10:25
Laneyhow was it fixed in master?10:25
larsuoh! mclasen simply changed the default10:26
larsuall good then10:26
* larsu doesn't like that, but we've never been stable on style property defaults so meh10:26
Laneylarsu: was hoping this would fix the software-center progress bars, seems not10:51
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larsuLaney: oh?10:53
Laneysearch for something and 'install' from that view10:54
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larsuah, I looked at the "progress" view10:54
Laneyinspector doesn't seem to really work there sadly10:56
larsuhm, doesn't work for me at all10:57
larsufailed to download package files. check your internet10:57
larsuerm, I'm typing here, aren't I10:57
larsuarchive down?10:59
larsuthe fun thing is it gives me 20 dialog boxes to tell me this :(10:59
Laneyseems unlikely11:00
Laneydoes apt-get update work?11:00
larsuLaney: yes (sorry, parallel conversations)11:02
larsuworks now after restarting u-s-s11:03
larsuwoah, that progress bar looks ... interesting11:03
Laneysure does11:08
larsuLaney: oops, I didn't mean to remove that11:22
larsuLaney: but I guess you're right, we don't need this branch at all11:23
larsuit's unlikely that the default changes again any time soon11:23
Laneyas you wish :)11:25
* larsu deletes11:25
* larsu wishes a brownie11:25
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tkamppeterLaney, hi14:41
Laneyhello tkamppeter14:50
LaneyI saw you subscribed me to some random bugs14:50
seb128Laney, is that some cups-filters segfault in glib code?14:51
Laneysomething like that14:52
larsuLaney: feel free to reassign to desrt14:55
* larsu hides14:55
seb128tkamppeter, you wrote that those don't happen on utopic, but only vivid has the new cups-filters, so if it's a bug in the new version it's normal it's only in vivid14:57
tkamppeterseb128, I am using the newest cups-filters also with Utopic, not only with Vivid.14:59
seb128tkamppeter, well, you also don't get the issue on vivid14:59
seb128so your config doesn't trigger the bug15:00
tkamppeterLaney I have seen that you are uploading glib2 and as I am not sure whether the crashes come from cups-browsed itself or perhaps from glib2 I wanted to show you these two bugs.15:00
tkamppeterseb128, Laney, strange thing is also that I am on default config, not getting the crashes and the users who get the crashes are also on default config )at least cups-browsed.conf).15:01
seb128tkamppeter, is there anything you need to do from the UI to exercice cups-browsed?15:02
tkamppeterseb128, no. cups-browsed is started on boot as a system daemon. It keeps running until system shutdown.15:03
seb128tkamppeter, right, but does it do more things at some moment? can you command through dbus or something?15:04
seb128tkamppeter, to what event does it react?15:04
Laneylistens for printers over avahi I think15:05
tkamppeterseb128, it actually does something if an IPP network printer is connected and turned on or if a remote shared CUPS queue appears, for example by turning on another Ubuntu/Linux/Mac OS X computer in the network.15:05
tkamppeterLaney, exactly this. It listens for printers through Avahi and in addition, it listens to broadcasts of legacy CUPS servers (CUPS 1.5.x or older).15:06
tkamppeterLaney, seb128, it does not use D-Bus.15:06
tkamppeterLaney, seb128, my most recent changes were on auto-shutdown and auto-shutdown is not used by the standard desktop installation of Vivid, this makes it also less probable that my recent changes cause the crash.15:11
seb128tkamppeter, look at https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/e6a8f46421486ee16eb01db5bd331f69a3292d0c the issue is not specific to 0.6715:12
seb128the number of reports raised with 0.66 not sure why15:12
seb128could be more users of vivid or a bug in that version15:13
tkamppeterLaney, seb128, another recent change is that Vivid switched to systemd as process 1, but I cannot really imagine that a program which was stable when started by Upstart gets crashy when started by systemd. And Debian uses systemd for longer time and there cups-browsed does not crash.15:14
seb128I doubt it's due to that15:14
didrockshappyaron: hey, are you around?15:16
Laneycan any of the reporters reproduce the problem?15:16
didrockshappyaron: I have the upstream of libcangjie (who develops as well the cangjie ibus module) who is interested in helping you (and modifying libcangjie if needed) so that fcitx get a better Cangjie support, seems like there are quite some improvments into this since the past year15:19
didrockshappyaron: so, he says he doesn't know about the fcitx status of Cangjie, but if you feel that we can get some code factorized and reusing what they do, maybe it worthes a look?15:19
tkamppeterseb128, 1.0.66 only modified a function to remove bad characters from strings, improbable that this causes crashes in the event loop. My bet is more that it is somewhere in all this stuff which Tim Waugh did in
tkamppeterLaney, I will ask them and if I find someone I will ask them to do things like turning off legacy CUPS browsing or downdating cups-browsed.15:21
Laneytkamppeter: They can probably also try with glib from utopic if you want to isolate that15:44
tkamppeterLaney, OK.15:51
seb128ogra_, rsalveti, is there a vcs for lxc-android-config? or what's the best way to propose a change to it?16:22
ogra_good ole debdiff :)16:22
rsalvetiyeah, debdiff16:23
ogra_note that it is currently blocked in silo 1916:24
ogra_(with the new mtp handlin)16:24
seb128ogra_, rsalveti, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/201616563/lac.debdiff16:29
ogra_seb128, why are you making the upstart job writable ?16:29
seb128if you want to add that to your queue for the next upload16:29
seb128ogra_, it's the override16:30
ogra_also... if you make a writable file, it needs to exist16:30
seb128ogra_, because otherwise it can't be written?16:30
seb128oh, it does? how does it work for the ssh override?16:30
ogra_so you need to ship an empty .override file16:30
seb128ogra_, would an empty .override disable the job though?16:38
ogra_not sure, i think not though16:39
ogra_as long as there is nothing to override inside ....16:39
ogra_but i dont know how upstart in general manages to deal with empty .override, you would have to ask jodh16:39
seb128jodh, ^ :-)16:40
Laneythey have to specify the stanzas to override16:40
seb128so empty override is fine?16:40
Laneypretty sure16:40
Laneyyou could try it with some job in ~/.config/upstart/16:40
jodhseb128: ogra is right - the empty override would be parsed and found to contain no stanzas, so would be a NOP16:41
ogra_sudo touch /etc/init/mountall.override ...16:41
ogra_will show pretty easily if it works ;)16:41
ogra_(if it fails your system is screwed .,.. that should be pretty obvious ;) )16:42
seb128jodh, thanks16:44
seb128ogra_, new debdiff on the bug then16:46
ogra_"the bug" ?16:47
* ogra_ looks at the 83721452387 bugs in his bugmail 16:47
seb128ogra_, the one I pinged about with the first debdiff 15 minutes ago16:50
ogra_i see the diff but not a bug number :)16:50
seb128oh, the bug was in the changelog :p16:50
seb128bug #143763316:50
ubot5bug 1437633 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "Choosing not to report crashes and errors setting reverts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143763316:50
ogra_oh, its secretly hidden in that changelog thing :P16:50
ogra_who would have guessed :)16:51
ogra_seb128, hmm, so who writes to that override file ?16:52
ogra_is there some dbus service at the system end ?16:53
seb128it uses systemctl under systemd to change the status, and writes an override for upstart16:54
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Laneyso light at 6pm17:06
attenteTrevinho: hey, are you able to run gnome-terminal under the mir proving server?19:19

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