jamie_I have an odd question... does anyone know if a SetWindowUrgency is different from de to de00:51
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darkxstjamie_, what is that? and api call somehwere?05:44
jamie_darkxst: SetWindowUrgency05:45
darkxst<jamie_> I have an odd question... does anyone know if a SetWindowUrgency is different from de to de05:45
jamie_yes... I have ran into an odd predicament05:46
darkxstwhich is?05:46
darkxstthough can't likely help with other DE's than GNOME05:47
jamie_darkxst: me and someone i was working with for a test for firefox and firefox os... he is in the unity ubuntu and I have a partially modified ubuntu runing the gdm and gnome 3 de and he ran https://gist.github.com/Noitidart/4a55eb617f32fd727c4d on his and it worked properly... I ran it on mine and it does not work even when we have change it to delay and switch windows so that another...05:48
jamie_...program is in focus05:48
darkxstis firefox re05:50
darkxstreally that convoluted? guess it doesnt have g-i05:50
jamie_well it was set as a test has be run in several firefox browsers and it still didnt not work... it was ran from the scratch pad....05:51
darkxstI mean the way you get the gtk functions looks like a horid hack, Ive never looked at FFos though05:52
darkxstgobject-introspection was invented to avoid all that05:53
jamie_it was ran from webIDE and on a device.... but it was just meant as a decent test05:53
darkxstbut its most probabal firefox don't support that05:53
jamie_It was ran in firefox on unity and it worked05:53
darkxstjamie_, unity and gnome use the same gtk05:54
darkxstcould possibly be some difference in the handling of hints between mutter and compiz though05:55
jamie_then im not sure... we could not find a reason that it was working on one and not the other... we were using team viewer and we both saw it work on one but not the other... on unity it shakes the icon... on gnome 3 it does nothing05:55
darkxstthough if its in a browser wouldn't thing the WM would even matter05:56
jamie_it has be ran though several builds. the nightly, developers edition, standard... but I am just trying to figure out why it would work on unity... but not on gnome05:59
darkxstI can't think of any reason05:59
darkxstthough still shocked by that code, FFos has no future if its that hard to introspect libraries06:00
jamie_that was not designed for the firefox os... but we were messing with it in the webIDE scratch pad for the hell of it06:01
jamie_its not that hard to do it... we were just really board and decided to have some fun and for some odd reason we ran into that problem...06:01
darkxsttake a look at the gnome-shell js code and see what you are missing ;)06:02
darkxstjamie_, and I used to write in assembler, but no more!06:02
jamie_darkxst: Im not sure what you mean by look at the gnome-shell js code.... for the most part gnome shell is not js as far as I knew06:04
darkxstjamie_, its very much js06:04
darkxstruns off spidermonkey engine06:05
jamie_ahh... good point06:05
darkxstthe interpreter though has been customised to provide introspection and other stuff06:05
darkxstso no ctype hackery06:05
jamie_ahh... so ctype will not work right on gnome you are saying....06:06
darkxstjamie_, no, it should work fine, but usually its not used at that level06:06
darkxstpretty sure python uses them for introspection support for example06:07
darkxstwould normally be abstracted away from the end-user via language or toolkit or something06:07
jamie_darkxst: okay... so this one will not work on gnome... dam... not to annoy or sound stupid... but so you are saying we should avoid using ctype with gnome in this sense06:08
darkxstjamie_, no, but I would be surprised if there isnt a better(easier) way to do it06:09
darkxstbut there is no reason why anything should be any different in GNOME compared to unity in a browser06:10
mgedmindoesn't gnome-shell suppress repeated attention hints or something?06:10
jamie_well it is an API that affects the desk top to push a notification or an action06:10
mgedminat least that's what my experiments show: the first attention request results in a notification popping up about "App X wants your attention", then it goes to hide into the message tray06:11
mgedminand if the app requests attention gain, nothing visible happens06:12
darkxstnot noticed that06:12
mgedminbut the message tray still has the app icon to show that it requested your attention (a while ago)06:12
darkxstnew notifications don't do that06:12
mgedminjamie_, what version of gnome are you testing?06:12
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darkxstits actually annoying now, too many notifications in the backlog ;[06:12
jamie_im in gnome 3 de i think06:13
mgedminbehavior may differ for different values of x in 3.x ;)06:13
jamie_one sec... let me check06:13
mgedmin'gnome-shell --version' is probably the most relevant version06:13
mgedminin case you have a mishmash of versions because you're on Ubuntu or something ;)06:13
jamie_i have the gdm with gnome 3 de06:15
darkxstricotz, hey you going to update gtk and g-i on -staging?06:15
mgedminanyway focusing the app clears the notification and if you switch focus away from the app again and have it request attention again, you should get a new notification06:17
jamie_i didnt get any at all and it made no dang sense at all06:17
jamie_im gonna try again real fast06:17
jamie_no... nothing06:19
mgedminok, you can use xwininfo to click on a window to get its ID, then have it demand attention, then check with xprop -id $that_id06:19
mgedmin_NET_WM_STATE(ATOM) should change to _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION06:20
mgedmin(allowing that window to get focus makes it revert to _NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSED)06:20
mgedminthis way you can at least bisect if your code is setting the wm hint correctly...06:20
mgedmin(although if it works on unity, it probably is)06:20
jamie_well.... ill just call it for now.... ill work on this tomorrow at a more decent hour06:24
jamie_its 2:30 am here... i do not have the brain power for this06:24
ricotzdarkxst, haven't got to it yet, will do in a bit06:52
darkxstricotz, ok06:53
ricotzdarkxst, also glib 2.44 isnt available yet06:53
darkxstbtw have you seen https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=743897?06:54
ubot5Gnome bug 743897 in general "totem crash at startup" [Normal,New]06:54
darkxstI'm getting that in atleast totem and gnome-maps06:54
ricotzdarkxst, let me try this later06:55
darkxstI tried with cogl/clutter 1.18 and also happend, but my current card is quite new06:57
darkxstnew to me atleast, guess they have been around atleast a year now?06:59
ricotzdarkxst, iirc this might be linker/dep issue, due a removed dep on pthread07:00
ricotzdarkxst, hmm, i guess this was another problem, are you able to run "glmark2" ?07:02
ricotzdarkxst, pushing glib, g-i and gtk+07:03
Noskcajricotz, Would you have time to package the 3.16 version of libgit2-glib and gitg for vivid-release? They are partially broken currently due to kde's need for a newer libgit207:07
NoskcajI tried to package them, but there was an issue i couldn't fix07:07
darkxstricotz, Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-version.c: 224: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != ((void *)0)' failed!07:08
Noskcajhttps://launchpad.net/~noskcaj/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages is my WIP packages07:08
darkxstNoskcaj, logs of failure?07:08
ricotzNoskcaj, a linker issue due a missing symbol07:09
Noskcajricotz, That much i worked out, nothing further07:09
darkxstits vala right?07:10
ricotzso just grep through libgitg if it is there07:10
ricotzlibgitg/.libs/libgitg-1.0.so: undefined reference to `ggit_cred_ssh_key_from_agent_new'07:10
ricotzNoskcaj, i would expect the required fix should go upstream07:12
ricotzdarkxst, ok, i see07:12
darkxstNoskcaj, ricotz I could never reproduce that under jhbuild, probably not an upstream issue07:14
ricotzdarkxst, dont underestimate --as-needed ;)07:15
ricotz... just a thought, i am not able to look into this now07:16
darkxstricotz, we get the as-needed bugs in jhbuild, don't think I have ever seen one that happens in packaging and not jhbuild07:16
* darkxst wonders if it needs an updated vala or some such07:17
NoskcajIs it normal for the code to have the line: #line 215 "/home/garrett/hacking/gnome/gitg/libgitg/gitg-credentials-manager.vala"07:21
Noskcajevery second line that is there07:21
mgedminyes, for code that is compiled from vala to C07:22
Noskcajthat's not the issue then07:23
NoskcajSo that symbol is missing in the new libgit2-glib, i assume because ssh2 support is off. Turning it on has issues with finding the build-deps needed07:36
ricotzNoskcaj, so likely libgit2 isn't built with ssh support either07:39
darkxstNoskcaj, didnt I tell you all this a week or two ago ?07:40
Noskcajmaybe, i had a heap of stuff due that week. I'll check libgit2 in a hour or so07:41
darkxstthe code to explicitly enable/disable ssh was added after last release, but the auto checks could be failing07:41
allenskdnot sure if its me only but ubuntu software center when clicking on a package makes the font color all white... (a few styling issues)15:47
loulis(loulis) Ok i have installed ubuntu-gnome 14.10 on my laptop (lenovo g700). In the additional drivers section in system settings i choose to use the driver nvidia-331.  When i did it and restart the system a blank screen appeared and i could do nothing.  I hit ctrl alt f1 and i tried to remove it and install again the free driver nouveau.  I found the solution searching in ububtu forums.  After that i restarted and it shows me a l21:43

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