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apwcheater, i'd say that my experience with btrfs is that it is not production ready08:07
cheaterapw: ok.08:45
guiteHi everyone, I’m trying to compile the kernel driver “btusb”. I succesfully recompiled it by doing « make drivers/bluetooth/btusb.ko » but when I try to activate it with « insmod btusb.ko » I have the following error: « insmod: ERROR: could not insert module drivers/bluetooth/btusb.ko: Invalid module format »21:29
guitethe patch I applied is so tiny, I can’t understand what can be wrong with it => https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/next/linux-next.git/commit/drivers/bluetooth?id=8f0c304c693c5a9759ed6ae50d07d4590dad5ae721:30
mozmckhow do I build a linux-libc-dev package with the ubuntu build system?  I ran fakeroot debian/rules binary-indep, fakeroot debian/rules binary-perarch, and fakeroot debian/rules binary-my_custom_flavour, and it did not generate linux-libc-dev.22:06
apwmozmck, a derivative does not.make it22:23
apwmozmck, there can only be.one kernel in the archive which does because it is the one th compiler and libc build with22:24
mozmckhmm, so what does that mean practically?  I need to compile the generic flavour?22:30
apwmozmck, it means you shoulf use the lonux libc dev from the archive if you are using libc from the archive22:36
mozmckah, ok.  I assumed it needed to be the same version as the kernel22:38
apwnope, its used by things which happen long before your kernel gets built22:42

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