Unit193micahg: Heya, feeling uploady?03:55
micahgUnit193: maybe :)03:55
micahgwhatcha got?03:55
Unit193Just still the xiphos one pending.03:56
micahgah, ok03:56
micahgI haven't forgotten, just a bit harder to review a full update03:56
Unit193Great, and sure.03:56
Unit193Rest will have to wait for Wombat.03:58
dholbachgood morning08:12
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tewardstupid question, but the packaging pros are here.  Question is as follows: Does `quilt import` accept a `-p1` argument like the `patch` command does?  Github patches like to fail when pulling them in for some packages (also applies to hg upstream patches as well and such for nginx on occasion), so i'm trying to figure out a way to NOT have to redo the patches and make them by hand just to include in quilt.16:44
tewardare Ubuntu packages supposed to be lintian clean (per Debian policy)?18:23
Zhenechdebian has no such policy18:43
Zhenechneither does ubuntu, afaik18:44
Zhenechbut a cleaner package is usually better ;)18:44
tewardwell i had a debian package rejected solely on lintian complaints once so meh18:48
mdeslaurteward: quilt does, but source format 3.0 doesn't support anything other then p1 I believe18:53
mdeslaurteward: "quilt shell" is your friend18:53
mdeslaurie: quilt new newthing.patch, then do quilt shell, then manually apply patch with "patch -p0 < blahblah.patch", then exit, then quilt refresh18:53
Unit193What "lintian complaints" though?19:00
micahgteward: from reject FAQ (https://ftp-master.debian.org/REJECT-FAQ.html) "Lintian errors and warnings, without a good reason to ignore them, can get you a reject. Sometimes there are valid reasons, but then you should either file a bug against lintian if it's generally wrong, or include an override in your package, giving a reason in the changelog for it."19:05
tewardmdeslaur: i asked because the github patches need -p1 for `patch` - hence asking19:12
teward(laziness prevails xD)19:13
mdeslaurteward: p1 is the default for quilt and for sf3.019:13
mdeslaurquilt import blahblah.patch should just work19:13
tewardmdeslaur: it didn't seem to do that on quilt in trusty :/19:13
tewardi think maybe i have to do quilt import -p1 to make it recognize :19:13
tewardbut meh19:13
teward(ran into it for ZNC in a ppa)19:13
mdeslaur  -p num - Number of directory levels to strip when applying (default=1)19:14
* teward shrugs19:15
tewardit didn't do that initially :/19:15
tewardoh well19:15
ScottKteward: re lintian, it depends on the maintainer and exactly which lintian check is failing.21:35
tewardScottK: so, in the case of 'Missing Man Page' for a package that doesn't need one, what'd be the evaluation there?  (Concurrently is there an override that can make it realize a manpage isn't needed)21:36
ScottKteward: The override doesn't mean it's not needed.22:01
ScottKDifferent maintainers feel differently about that one, but the Debian project as a whole tends to view all man pages as "needed".22:01
ScottKI'd just write one and send it upstream.  They aren't that hard.22:02

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