joel__I'm unable to allow kodi access from another device (PI).  I have mythtv 27 on Ubuntu 14.04 I ran mythbuntu-control-centre fromterminal and looks like I have permission issue but not sure what to do to solve it. Please see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10707599/16:21
joel__Here is my mysql.txt http://paste.ubuntu.com/10707625/16:21
tgm4883joel__: I'm answering you in the other channel16:27
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Phiro69I read that Netflix Instant Watch is working on chromium now; are there plans to build in a linkage to Mythbuntu?19:52
tgm4883Phiro69: it works on Chrome, not chromium20:49
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McGuyvertgm4883: netflix does work in chromium with the widevine plugin installed21:56

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