gitlubwhats there to discuss?01:08
phunyguyYour persistent ban evasion.01:08
gitlubdont know what you are talking about01:09
gitlubseems like im in some prison break movie01:10
phunyguyyep, thought so.01:10
gitlubis it?01:10
gitlubyou should stop watching so many movies if you let them get to you01:11
gitlubyou start mistaking them for reallity01:11
phunyguyand you should stop evading bans.  Find another place to chat.  believe me, it is much easier for me to ban an IP than it is for you to get a new IP just to chat.01:12
gitlubi dont want to find another channel01:15
gitlubthat one is perfectly fine01:15
phunyguyThen don't.  But you still need to stay out.01:15
phunyguyBecause you can't play nice with others/.01:16
phunyguyalso, is that you too?01:16
gitlubjust lift the ban so we can all go back being lovely to each others01:17
phunyguyis wihte you too?01:18
gitlubwhy you asking?01:18
phunyguythought so.01:18
gitlublol you just banned some poor bastard01:19
phunyguyhow do you know?01:19
phunyguyyou aren't in the channel01:19
phunyguyjoke's on you, pal.01:19
gitlubyou said though so01:20
gitlubso you havent banned him?01:20
phunyguynice try.01:20
gitlubhow your so smart i wanna grow up to be just like you01:21
phunyguyEveryone should strive to.01:21
gitluband full of your self too01:22
bazhanggitlub, please exit the channel at this time01:50
bazhanggitlub, the issue has been resolved for the time being, please exit the channel, thanks02:03
gitlubim no sheep02:03
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=== chu is now known as Guest11212
cartwrighthey could someone do me the favor of banning me from #ubuntu15:05
cartwright/mode #ubuntu +b *!*@unaffiliated/cantstanya15:07
cartwrightjust that15:07
cartwrightwhy not?15:08
PiciWe don't ban on request.15:09
cartwrightwhy not?15:09
cartwrightJust do me the favor, it's not unreasonable15:10
PriceyThis isn't the first time you've asked is it cartwright?15:10
Priceycartwright: What's the issue? Are you going to explode?15:10
cartwrightmaybe, not sure yet15:10
PriceySounds terrible.15:11
cartwrightindeed, nevertheless, mind doing me the favor?15:12
cartwrightPricey: that a no bud?15:14
cartwrighthbu, Pici15:14
PiciNo thanks15:14
Priceycartwright: Can you /ignore me please?15:14
cartwrightPici: why not though15:15
cartwrightPricey: done, but my client has /ignore aliased to something that highlights your messages.15:15
cartwrightjust an fyi15:15
cartwrighthey Pici don't be rude, at least elaborate on your rationale15:17
cartwrighthrm okay15:19
phunyguyIsn't it nap time?15:22
cartwrightnot yet15:24
cartwrighthey phunyguy you're still alive huh15:25
cartwrightnap time15:43
teward|web[13:03] <jczxkvdxds> im writing trojan application which connect to irc channel  <-- can someone keep an eye in #ubuntu?17:03
teward|weboop k1l_ is on it17:04
bazhangaye aye eyes peeled17:04
teward|webcoincidental timing i poke here17:04
rwwreporting to staff just in case they start up elsewhere17:07
bazhang@random wrongchannel HURD18:08
k1l_seems you dont like hurd that much? :)18:08
tenguixpackage libuuid1:amd64 2.25.1-3ubuntu4.1 cannot be configured because libuuid1:i386 is at a different version (2.25.1-3ubuntu4): What do I need to do?18:22
bazhangtenguix, ask in #ubuntu ?18:23
tenguixMy bad.18:23
tewardi think sdgdfgfdsg needs quieted or talked to - looks like they're taunting hacking and/or advertising things in channel20:07
tewardhttps://pbin.dark-net.net/view/raw/12c50501 <-- log excerpt20:08
tewardwas about to say that XD20:09
tewardshould keep eyes peeled though because they might come back20:09
teward(esp. if idoru'd and they're a spammerbot)20:09
tewardwow k1l_ is on top of things before i even poke here lol20:17
tewardi may as well just go away and let you guys handle everything xD20:17
k1l_maybe one needs to give ops even a chance to act before :)20:18
k1l_looking at the whole hacking trolling today there might be some channel or website that started something20:21
ubottuIn ubottu, delhivery_ said: it's saying ajay2611 is already in use20:58

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