SpyidonasHello guys can you help with a small issue i have?00:10
JanCSpyidonas: I going to sleep, but just ask your question and if people can help, maybe they will (once they see it, have patience...)00:17
Spyidonasits a pretty simple one , i followed this guide http://www.krizna.com/ubuntu/setup-mail-server-ubuntu-14-04/00:17
verdePmail server and simple...00:18
Spyidonasbut now i want to update the certificate , i change the lines about the keys inside my main.cf00:18
Spyidonasbut outlook doesnt recieve the new certificate00:18
Spyidonasit keeps on getting the old one00:18
JanCdid you restart?00:18
Spyidonasdoes outlook 'caches' it?00:19
Spyidonassmtpd_tls_cert_file = /etc/ssl/key.crt00:19
Spyidonassmtpd_tls_key_file = /etc/ssl/issued/myserver.key00:19
Spyidonassmtpd_tls_CAfile = /etc/ssl/key.ca-bundle00:19
Spyidonassmtpd_use_tls = yes00:19
Spyidonassmtpd_tls_auth_only = yes00:19
Spyidonasis what my main.cf says.00:19
Spyidonaspostfix restarted and the whole server, my pc too00:21
JanCso you restarted both Postfix & Dovecot, and updated the keys in the right place(s)?00:21
Spyidonasif the right place is only main.cf00:21
Spyidonas(according to this tutorial its the only place)00:22
JanCread the manuals for both Postfix & Dovecot00:25
Spyidonasno, you think it has settings for that?00:25
JanCand maybe also Outlook manuals00:25
Spyidonasthanks JanC00:26
JanCSpyidonas: as verdeP indicated, mail servers aren't "simple", so it's important to understand the mail server(s) you run00:31
SpyidonasJanC: Sure but that specific was simple , i fight with getting it to work 2 weeks now >_<, still Hotmail cuts off my email...00:33
SpyidonasJanC: In the end i needed to add the new keys to dovecot ssl config file thing00:33
SpyidonasJanC: I never understood why mail servers are so complicated :/00:34
verdePits really too bad yeah00:34
JanCHotmail isn't exactly an example of how to configure a mail server correctly...00:34
JanCneither is gmail00:35
SpyidonasJanC: Yes but my emails are cutted by Hotmail they dont go in spam folder either, they are completly vanished00:35
JanCSpyidonas: so?00:36
SpyidonasJanC: Gmail on the other hand recieves all my emails and after setting up dkim and the other dmarc thing and some txt things they dont go on the spam folder00:36
SpyidonasJanC: So when i send to whoever owns a @outlook, @live account they never recieve anything.00:37
JanCI don't care00:37
JanCif their mail servers don't work right, their customers should move elsewhere00:38
SpyidonasJanC: Good point, but imagine telling all your friends that Facebook is broken and they should move to Google+. Easy to say , not all of them will do it00:41
JanCI've never had a Facebook account ;)00:42
JanCbut e-mail is based on standards00:42
SpyidonasJanC: Apparently every company sets its own standards then, there are a bazillion of standars out there, some company accept all of them some part of them00:47
SpyidonasJanC: In the email case, while dkim and dmarc are standars gmail choose to ignore them while some other will completly cut you off. You can't deny that DMARC is a standard either.00:48
JanCSpyidonas: actually, the problem is with companies which apply DMARC incorrectly and/or restrict their customers too strictly00:50
SpyidonasJanC: Yeah its like CSS and HTML, its the standard sure, but noone implements them 100% or have their own version of the standard.00:51
JanCe.g. making it impossible to use mailing lists00:51
JanCSpyidonas: it's not like that00:52
SpyidonasJanC: its all about the money...00:53
JanCit's companies purposely obstructing their customers00:53
SpyidonasJanC: yeah, you cant even send a properly styled email these days00:53
verdePewww text only pls00:54
JanCI prefer plain text mails  ;-)00:54
JanCbut styled mails should work if they have no external links...00:55
JanCand if really useful00:55
SpyidonasJanC: well Gmail cuts of <style> tags00:56
JanCno eternal included links00:56
SpyidonasJanC: im sure Hotmail has its issues too00:56
JanCno external *00:56
SpyidonasJanC: you pretty much have to inline everything , and apply hacks to the inline styling00:56
SpyidonasJanC: its fun :(00:57
JanCGmail also has an IMAP interface, even if it's broken00:57
JanCgmail as a user agent has always been broken beyond repair anyway :P00:58
verdePi like gmail a lot i wish they had an open source google mail server i could install00:59
hehegmail is bs01:00
hehehowever  nice UI01:00
SpyidonasJanC: google is evil01:00
SpyidonasJanC: :P01:00
JanCverdeP: do you use gmail with mailing lists?01:00
JanCSpyidonas: I don't like to generalise01:00
verdePa few but i dont really like mail lists, i prefer just looking on e.g. github etc01:03
* JanC now really going to sleep (only about 3h of sleep left...)01:08
fishcookerhow to disable all cron job for 1 hour for maintenance?03:53
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andolfishcooker: The easiest is probably to simply shutdown the cron daemon, and making sure to remember turning it on again afterwards.04:11
fishcookerwhich cron daemon service should be shutdown, andol?04:31
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lordievaderGood morning.07:05
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Slingfcking uefi/gpt modern crap, always gives me issues08:58
Slingfresh 14.04 install on a 8TB raid10 array @ LSI controller, installation goes fine, it finds disks, i used the guided partitioning, it made the bootable EFI partition, it installed grub in the end of the installation08:59
Slingit added 'ubuntu' to the EFI menu, I boot into it, and all i get is a grub> prompt08:59
Slingls shows me (hd0) (hd0,gpt3) (hd0,gpt2) (hd0,gpt1)09:00
Slingwhy doesn't it just boot the OS? what am I doing wrong (i just followed the installer, no weird modifications made)09:00
jamespagejpds, hey - which of the numerous strongswan packages is needed for the new neutron vpnaas support?09:13
jamespagezhhuabj, maybe you can answer that question :-) ^^09:14
zhhuabjjamespage, hua@hua-ThinkPad-T440p:~$ ipsec --version09:14
zhhuabjLinux strongSwan U5.1.2/K4.0.0-040000rc2-generic09:14
jamespagezhhuabj, yeah - I'm updating the packaging - need to know which strongswan package is required - just strongswan?09:18
jamespagenone of the plugins?09:18
zhhuabjjamespage, strongswan 5.x is ok09:18
zhhuabjjamespage, but I only test default strongswan package  5.1.2 in ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10, other 5.x version should be ok as well.09:20
jamespagezhhuabj, awesome - thanks!09:21
zhhuabjjamespage, thanks :)09:23
jamespagezhhuabj, nice work btw - great to have a fully supportable vpn option in ubuntu again09:23
zhhuabjjamespage, are you enabling charm support for strongswan now ?09:25
jamespagezhhuabj, if I get to it in time, yes09:25
jamespagezhhuabj, just working through the kilo-3 release atm09:26
zhhuabjjamespage, I saw charm is using vpn-agent instead of l3-agent,  have charm supported openswan now ?09:28
jamespagezhhuabj, "if I get to it in time, yes" so not yet :-)09:28
zhhuabjjamespage, got it09:30
salih-eminLast night I was reading the "server" chapter of the "Official Ubuntu Book [Published Jul 15, 2014 by Prentice Hall]", and in there it says that "One of the main differences of Ubuntu Server flavor is the customized kernel"... Is this still true ? I thought  desktop and servert kernel are now one and the same (for about 2 years now). But nevertheless I searched the packages and I didn't find any linux-kernel-server... So is this a b09:42
salih-eminook errata ? or am I missing something ?09:42
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bekkssalih-emin: All Ubuntu favors share the same customized kernel.09:50
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jamespagejdstrand, hey - are your team likely to get to MIR bug 1430082 before release?10:27
jamespagejust assessing whether we need to disable the new token format support in keystone for vivid/kilo.10:28
jamespagezul, coreycb: kilo-3 all in the pipeline for vivid - most things waiting for release team review.10:33
rbasakstrikov: how about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openldap/+bug/1103353? Patch available. Just needs to be backported and verified for each relevant release.11:23
rbasakstrikov: could be a good one for you to handle SRU policy. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates11:24
strikovrbasak: ok, i'll look into this! thanks!11:30
coreycbjamespage, awesome11:34
coreycbjamespage, zul, I have a round of new proposals for icehouse 2014.1.4.  there was a bad dependency in keystone's requirements.txt plus some other bugs fixed.11:36
jamespagesarnold, hey - can you +1 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-pysaml2/+bug/1407695 from security team review - I think the pysaml stuff is all now resolved12:28
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Arrickhey all, what cmd do I run to find out what drives are attached?12:52
Arrickmy mysql wont allow me to connect, and I am thinking that the programs were all stored in the data dir (mounted as a folder) when I built the machine...12:52
lordievaderArrick: Look in /dev ?12:52
lordievaderOr in /sys/class/block/12:53
jrwrenArrick: df will show you disk usage per partition mounted, that sounds like what you want. See also, cat /proc/partitions13:00
ArrickI'm thinking my data directory is no longer connected... it's on the san13:03
zkvvoobHello! I'm getting an Internal Server Error 500  when I activate the BuddyPress plugin on a WordPress based site. The site is on a Ubuntu 14.04 server running Apache 2.4.7. Here's the error message that is generated every time: http://pastebin.com/GCGSq6WD Could you help me find out why this is happening?13:03
ArrickOk... trying to start or stop mysql doesnt work.... using either "service mysql start" or "service mysql stop" or even the "stop mysql" or "start mysql" ... when I tried /etc/init.d/mysql stop it told me to9 use service or stop...13:10
jdstrandjamespage: re 1430082, I'll ask the team and get people on it13:13
jamespagejdstrand, thanks - much appreciated13:13
lordievaderArrick: What is the exact output of 'sudo service mysql start'?13:13
Arrickstart: Job failed to start13:14
Arrickthis system has been running for the last 2 years, and I came in today to our site not being able to connect to the db13:14
lordievaderArrick: What do the logs say about it?13:15
Arricknot sure where to look13:15
lordievaderArrick: As a start, syslog.13:18
Arrickwhere would that be located?13:18
maxbOr, guessing here, possibly in /var/log/upstart/, if the upstart job is failing13:19
lordievaderArrick: Syslog is in /var/log/syslog, Mysql usually logs to the syslogger.13:20
jamespagesarnold, hey - just poking through MIR bugs for openstack - and tripped over this one again:13:22
maxbThough, the specifics of the error message imply that the upstart job failed, so the mysql daemon probably never started13:22
jamespagethat's quite important to support router HA for neutron13:23
lordievaderArrick: Does mysql error?13:27
Arrickls lordievader I have mysql.err in there, but they are empty13:30
Arrickand mysql.log.1.gz etc..13:30
lordievaderArrick: I was talking about the syslog, does mysql show errors there?13:30
Arrickup through 713:30
Arrickmysql not found in syslog13:31
Arrickand the last logs were written on the 27th (3 days ago)13:31
lordievaderYou could invoke mysql manually, perhaps that shows what is going wrong.13:32
lordievaderAccording the the Debian init script it is:  /usr/bin/mysqld_safe13:33
Arrickhrmmmm... lordievader I am unsure what to run to invoke it manually... I know when I use mysql -u username -p it says Error 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL Server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)13:41
lordievaderArrick: As I said, accoring the the Debian init script it is: /usr/bin/mysqld_safe13:42
lordievaderArrick: You are using the mysql client ;)13:42
Arrickhow do I invoke it?13:42
lordievaderArrick: Run that command.13:43
Arrickno such animal, looking at the files in there right now.13:43
strikovrbasak: juju-1.22 should be in your inbox13:44
lordievaderHmm, does the Ubuntu version differ on that.13:44
Arrickno, I was missing a d13:44
lordievaderArrick: Does it show errors?13:44
Arrickits stuck at starting mysqld daemon with database from /var/lib/mysql13:45
lordievaderStuck, or is it actually running?13:47
Arrickseems to be running now13:47
ArrickI was able to logon13:47
lordievaderHmm. What does the upstart log say?13:48
lordievaderSpecifically the mysql upstart log.13:48
Arrickthere is noting in the upstart log13:51
ArrickI have  a lot of .log.6.gz and stuff, but nothing that that is a straight .log file13:55
lordievaderArrick: What version of Ubuntu do you run?13:55
Arrickits currently 12.0413:55
FunnyLookinHatRan updates on 15.04 this morning and now mysql won't start13:58
FunnyLookinHatAnyone else having that issue?13:58
lordievaderArrick, FunnyLookinHat: What version of the mysql server do you both have?13:59
FunnyLookinHatmysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.23, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using  EditLine wrapper13:59
ArrickI believe its either 5 or 5.5, one sec13:59
lordievaderErr, package version please.13:59
lordievader!info mysql-server-5.5 precise14:00
FunnyLookinHat( vivid )14:00
ubottumysql-server-5.5 (source: mysql-5.5): MySQL database server binaries and system database setup. In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.41-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 8523 kB, installed size 30579 kB14:00
Arrickshould be running the socket of /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock14:00
lordievaderHmm, guess unrelated then.14:00
lordievaderArrick: There s an update available, perhaps that fixes things.14:00
rbasakFunnyLookinHat: yes. Workaround are in the bugs. Fixes are ready and just waiting on the release team.14:00
Arricklordievader, I have 2 years of data in there, I dont want to muck that up.....14:01
FunnyLookinHatrbasak, Ah - I can't find the bug on LP - got a URL?14:01
lordievaderArrick: Then I assume you have a backup.14:01
rbasakFunnyLookinHat: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.6/+bug/1435823 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.6/+bug/143617814:01
FunnyLookinHatrbasak, thank you!14:01
rbasakFunnyLookinHat: also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.6/+bug/143475814:02
lordievaderArrick: Else you should make one. Now.14:02
ArrickI just found my backup14:02
ArrickI was looking for that first,14:02
ArrickI would run a backup over ssh, but I am not sure how to do that14:03
ArrickI do have a /var/log/mysql/error.log http://pastebin.com/jreED4hM14:08
zkvvoobHello! I'm getting an Internal Server Error 500  when I activate the BuddyPress plugin on a WordPress based site. The site is on a Ubuntu 14.04 server running Apache 2.4.7. Here's the error message that is generated every time: http://pastebin.com/GCGSq6WD Could you help me find out why this is happening?14:11
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Arricklordievader start: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.2" (uid=1000 pid=1472 comm="start mysql ") interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Start" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init")14:39
ArrickI rebooted it.14:39
lordievaderArrick: Did rebooting fix it?14:43
ArrickI had to start the mysqldsafe again to access it, looking up commands to backup the db's now...14:43
lordievaderArrick: /var/lib/mysql contains the db's. Simply backup that dir.14:51
lordievaderArrick: Anyhow, I get the idea that the upstart script is broken.14:51
lordievaderArrick: Updating might fix that.14:51
Arrickdone, next?14:55
Arricknot sure how to update from terminal, Havent played with it in so long14:55
lordievaderArrick: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:57
Arrickthat cmd doesnt make any changes, just tells me it read them all14:58
Arrickit says14:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:59
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Arrickhit http:P//us.archive.ubuntu.com precise-updates/ with all the packages14:59
ArrickI know better than to paste, lol14:59
lordievader? Could you pastebin the full output?15:00
Arrick >http://paste.ubuntu.com/10707229/15:02
Arricksorry about the >15:02
lordievaderArrick: What is wrong with that?15:03
lordievaderStandard apt-get update output, though not complete/15:03
Arrickit doesnt do anything...15:04
lordievaderCould you pastebin the full output with the input command?15:06
Arrickif I try them separate I get no space left on drive15:11
ArrickI'll get back to you in a bit lordievader I am having our VM admin double my drive space15:20
lordievaderAh, that is likely the root cause of all your problems :P15:21
Arrickok, they added mode space, how do I expand it?15:22
zkvvoobHello! I'm getting an Internal Server Error 500  when I activate the BuddyPress plugin on a WordPress based site. The site is on a Ubuntu 14.04 server running Apache 2.4.7. Here's the error message that is generated every time: http://pastebin.com/GCGSq6WD Could you help me find out why this is happening?15:28
patdk-wkask php why it's crashing15:31
zkvvoobpatdk-wk: How do you propose I do this?15:35
patdk-wkby knowing how your server works, I didn't propose and won't propose anything15:36
patdk-wkI did not setup and configure that server15:36
patdk-wkand it looks to be done VERY custom15:36
dannfrbasak: hey - i was trying to test a fix for LP: #1427406, but ran into LP: #1429725 - do you have a workaround for that? i tried backing out the passwordless support, but things got to messy :(15:38
Arrickhey lordievader I have the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10707443/15:42
ArrickI need to expand the / partition, and there is 30 GB free on sda... I need to expand sda5 lvm /.15:44
patdk-wkwell, edit the partition table15:45
patdk-wkthen pvextend15:45
patdk-wkthen lvextend15:45
patdk-wkthen resize2fs15:45
patdk-wkit couldn't be any more simple :)15:45
Arrickyeah, except I have no knowledge of how15:46
rbasakdannf: no idea, sorry. I've not looked at mariadb yet :-/15:55
Arrickpatdk-wk, I have the following when I run fdisk -l, which is the reason why I am confused on what to do... http://paste.ubuntu.com/10707544/16:00
ArrickI know I need to add room to /dev/mapper/SCGWB008--vg-root16:01
rbasakstrikov: o/16:02
rbasakstrikov: sorry, was on the phone before.16:02
strikovrbasak: o?16:02
rbasakstrikov: what's the state of Juju and systemd in your package please? I'm confused by pitti's "Fix Committed" change in https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1409639. Is this correct?16:02
strikovrbasak: looking at the ldap bug now16:02
rbasakstrikov: it's a picture of my head and arm, waving at you :)16:03
strikovrbasak: hm, systemd is not available in 1.2216:03
strikovrbasak: let me double-check16:04
strikovrbasak: is it possible to see why fix commited shows up?16:05
strikovrbasak: i.e. it was manually changed or via package upload16:05
rbasakstrikov: manually changed.16:06
lordievaderArrick: Like patdk-wk said, first extend the parition.16:26
Arricklordievader, thats what I am trying to learn how to do...16:27
ArrickI have created /dev/sda6 with cfdisk16:27
Arrickset it to a linux lvm16:27
lordievaderArrick: parted or fdisk lets you do that. But make sure the start of the partition matches with the old size.16:27
Arrickbut for some reason, it keeps telling me there is no /dev/sda6 when I try to format it16:28
Arrickim trying to follow this16:28
lordievaderArrick: Just resize your lvm partition.16:28
lordievaderNo need to format things.16:28
Arrickpvcreate says no such animal16:28
lordievaderArrick: Please first read up on how LVM works if you don't have experience with it.16:28
Arrickin the meantime this is a production server I am trying to get back up16:29
lordievaderEven more reason to thoroughly read up on LVM before trying to mess with it.16:31
Arrickyou have a link to the right place to read then? there are so many links that provide "cfdisk, then fdisk, then format, then lvextend"16:33
lordievaderman <command> ;)16:34
lordievaderMan pages are your first source of information on commands.16:34
strikovrbasak: please ignore my juju-1.22 package; juju team changed licenses for some subprojects; i'll fix and resend you the bits16:37
rbasakstrikov: no problem, thanks16:37
strikovrbasak: updated and sent to you16:56
strikovrbasak: i won't update this package anymore; any other changes will go to 1.2316:57
strikovrbasak: ideal state is unachievable; this one seems to be good enough16:57
rbasakstrikov: OK. Thanks!16:59
strikovrbasak: do we want -released blocking bug? we planned to manually move it to -released so technically bug is not needed17:02
rbasakstrikov: is it released upstream yet? If so then no need to block it.17:02
strikovrbasak: my understanding was that you'll upload juju-1.22 to -proposed and bug is needed to avoid moving to -released automatically17:03
strikovrbasak: is it correct?17:03
strikovrbasak: ah, you opened one already: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju-core/+bug/141605117:04
strikovrbasak: even before i joined the team17:04
strikovrbasak: it's for trusty but we may add vivid there17:04
Arricklordievader, I found a directory in /totara that was a backup of over 10gb, and that is what caused the system not to start... couldnt hit the logs to generate errors because the disk space was too full.17:11
rbasakstrikov: oh, OK. I think I misunderstood you.17:17
rbasakYes - the bug is there, and the Vivid task is tracked in the "main" task, since it's the development release.17:17
strikovrbasak: okay, understood. thanks17:17
rbasakstrikov: I'll review tomorrow morning if that's OK?17:18
strikovrbasak: sure, thanks17:18
lordievaderArrick: Jup, systems will behave strange when their disk is full.17:40
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fullstopHi, running 14.04 here, and this has cropped up twice in the last week:  http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Dc6Sgy8320:32
fullstopthe server runs fine, but the kern.log fills up quickly since this message repeats over and over and over again20:32
RoyKfullstop: have you updated lately? seems 3.13.0-48 or 3.16.0-33 is current20:35
fullstopI've updated things but not the kernel20:36
fullstopI guess I'm looking to see if this is a known problem and that a kernel update would fix it.20:37
RoyKthis is a kernel thing20:37
fullstopyes, clearly20:37
* RoyK updates office machine :P20:37
RoyK^WorkLinux roysk 3.16.0-33-lowlatency #44~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Mar 13 10:51:41 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:39
fullstopI tried the LL kernel on my desktop for a while.  It didn't seem to make that much of a difference for me.20:41
RoyKnever underestimate the speed of a cheap SSD20:41
RoyKjust installed it to do some testing20:41
RoyKI don't really need it20:41
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RoyKthis box is a test thing - u1404 - using a mac for most things20:42
RoyK(except servers, which are either debian or rhel/centos)20:42
fullstopyes, most of our servers are ubuntu-server20:42
fullstopmy desktop is arch (sorry!)20:42
RoyKno offence ;)20:42
RoyKI don't like ubuntu that much on the server side - too much cutting/bleeding edge stuff20:43
RoyKdebian works well, though20:43
RoyK(I know I'm swearing in church)20:43
fullstopI like the rolling releases.  I never feel the urge to wipe and start over.  :)20:44
fullstopWith debian, I have an urge to compile my own stuff since the packages are ancient.20:44
RoyKwell, mostly it works20:44
Patrickdkhaven't had that issue at all20:45
PatrickdkI have updated my kernel though, to get new features20:45
fullstopand I've run into problems with centos where things like e2fsck had bugs in them and I had to get a package from a newer release to actually recover the folume.20:45
RoyKI haven't had too much issues with ubuntu server either, but some of them were rather annoying20:45
Patrickdkheh? again? more mdadm issues? :)20:46
RoyKfullstop: oops - never seen that20:46
RoyKPatrickdk: not really - after I dropped ubuntu server ;)20:46
fullstopit was a database with a large volume.  rather stressful, since it would take many hours to restore from backup.20:46
RoyKPatrickdk: but it's just that ubuntu seems very eager to implement things not well tested20:47
RoyKok, debian is very conservative20:47
RoyKso new stuff must be compiled20:47
RoyKbut sometimes that's good20:47
Patrickdkor grab from sid/testing20:47
RoyKyeah, pretty good idea to messup every dependency on the planet20:48
fullstopwell, the kernel is updated.. just need to restart the server at some point to test.20:48
Patrickdknever had that issue20:48
Patrickdkgrab package from sid/testing, rebuild on your release20:48
RoyKI've seen pretty bad things from Sid20:48
RoyKwell - so far - just running stock stuff except zfsonlinux20:49
Patrickdkworks for most things, rarely will you hit a depend issue20:49
RoyKnever fix a running system20:49
RoyKoh - here's a new kernel hack that can make my I/O performance gain .01% - GO20:50
Patrickdkno, one should not run it :)20:52
RoyKwe're using centos/rhel a lot at work - a bug in the ixgbe 10GE driver makes TX packets in ifconfig and friends return zero - reported more than half a year ago and still not fixed - those RHEL fanatics are still talking about how good RHEL is compared to debian/ubuntu20:52
Patrickdkya, I built my own ixgbe dkms package, it's in my ppa20:53
Patrickdkhaven't had to roll it out to rhel though yet20:53
RoyKsame problem in debian/ubuntu? not fixed?20:53
Patrickdkwell, depends on the kernel your using20:53
Patrickdkas it comes with the kernel20:53
jrwreneach has warts.20:54
Patrickdkand I dunno if it was the same issue, as there where many issues, I was concerned with20:54
RoyKmy munin graphs would look a bit better if that thing was fixed20:55
Patrickdkthe xen nic issue was really screwing up all my aws vm's20:55
Patrickdkthat one is fixed20:56
* RoyK wonders why people use xen20:56
Patrickdknot sure why amazon hasn't changed yet20:56
Patrickdkthey are basically mostly kvm now20:56
Patrickdkbut still using the xen tooling20:56
Patrickdkatleast all of mine in aws are kvm instances20:57
CappyTHi everybody... i set up a gre tunnel and i was wondering how can use one of my server as a gateway for the other... I'm not good with routes =/20:57
RoyKwe have a 1024core openstack cluster at work for spawning out VMs to students20:58
RoyKto be reinstalled soon (all ubuntu)20:58
RoyKtrying to get those professors to understand that YES - we need IPv6 - not just RFC191820:59
PatrickdkI only have 100 cores :(20:59
Patrickdkhave it loaded up with just over 800 windows vm's21:00
Patrickdkprofessors understand rfc1918?21:02
jrwrenmy networking profs did. :)21:04
Patrickdkroyk, just use the cgn addresses :)21:05
Patrickdkcarrier grade nat21:05
RoyKwe're the college/university in Norway that has the most advanced IPv6 setup - we'll take this further21:06
RoyKand avoid NAT at all costs21:06
jrwrenRoyK: thank you for that. I look forward to awesome ipv6 support in OS someday soon  :)21:07
jrwrenRoyK: is your OS ipv6 config documented publicly anywhere?21:07
RoyKjrwren: most of the IPv6 support is in most OSes now21:07
RoyKjrwren: the problem is the network operators21:08
RoyKjrwren: it's just plain IPv6 - not even DHCPv621:08
jrwrenRoyK: i'll have to look again. It has been a while, and I have very simple OS needs, just nova, no neutron.21:08
jrwrenRoyK: OS manages the radvd ?21:09
RoyKjrwren: not sure21:10
RoyKjrwren: I mostly work with storage and linux and monitoring, but not much with hard core networking21:10
rberg_I see there was a backported 3.13 kernel for 12.04.. are there any plans to provide the 3.16 kernel available in 14.04 to 12.04?21:31
Davieyjamespage: Am i right in saying that python3-oslo.serialization needs promoting?21:41
bananapiecan I debootstrap Debian Wheezy 7 from Ubuntu 10.04 ?21:47
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PryMar56bananapie, ls -al /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/ | grep whee21:54
bananapieyea, it's not there. so I did ln -s sid wheezy21:55
bananapieit seems to have worked.21:55
bananapieDebian is close enough to Ubuntu, that I think I can figure the rest out.21:55
bananapieit bootstrapped. :)21:56
bananapieI can't wait until ubuntu 16.04 LTS, I am really excited about systemd. I already installed 15.04 beta in a vm to test it out :)21:56
PryMar56bananapie, you could have gone from lucid -> wheezy almost 3 years ago21:57
PryMar56 2 years and 10 months to be exact21:58
bananapienah, I am staying on Ubuntu. I like Ubuntu. I am instaling wheezy out of necessity and not choice. I don't like that debian doesn't come with firmware for my nics.21:58
bananapieand ubuntu LTS = 5 years support. Debian is usually 3 years.21:58
bananapieI wanted to switch to CentOS which gives 10 years support, but I missed Ubuntu's working default configs when installing packages21:59
sarnoldbananapie: if you don't mind, what kind of tasks wouldy ou be doing on a machine with a ten-year supported OS? I'm surprised how many people find 14.04 is too out of date for what they want to do (mostly those are folks wanting a brand new openjdk..)22:02
bananapieI run more recent versions of Ubuntu for my desktop.22:02
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bananapieBut for my servers, I want peace of mind. If I install a server with a config today, I don't want to have to reinstall the server until I want to reinstall it.22:03
bananapieif it ain't broke, don't fix it.22:03
PryMar56bananapie, apologies, wheezy was released in May, 2013 (not 2012)22:03
bananapieno worries.22:03
sarnoldthat bit I get :) but ten years is a long time, hehe :)22:03
bananapieYea, ten years is longer than I would ever need, which is why I compromised 5 years to get working default configs22:04
bananapiebtw : 18:03:23 up 976 days, 22:01,  1 user,  load average: 0.85, 1.02, 0.9222:04
sarnoldI had a machine with >1000 days once...22:04
bananapieI am 24 days away22:04
sarnoldI hope your power holds out another thirty.. ;(22:04
bananapieIt will. I'm in a crazy ass data centre22:04
bananapieMy servers have redundant power supplies, connected to redundant batteries, connected to redundant generators. in 5 years, they have never had both power circuits off at the same time.22:06
bananapie976 days ago ubuntu released a kernel patch that affected my installation.22:06
bananapieaffected this server*22:06
bananapiemost of my other servers were rebooted more recently.22:06
sarnoldI can't wait for our on-the-fly kernel patching for security issues.22:07
bananapieYea, but even with on the fly patching, I'd still have to do the work during the night just in case.22:11
bananapiealthough, on the fly patching would be awesome, it would help me convert this machine into a debian box without downtime :)22:12
sarnoldhehe I suspect you can change all of userspace onth e fly without reboots if you really wished..22:12
bananapiethat is a brilliant idea22:13
sarnold.. but the kernel changes, even with on-the-fly updates, is really best suited for small individual fixes, near perfect for most security issues.. wholesale replacement of kernels is just going too far22:13
bananapieyea, true.22:13
bananapieI am going to test the server from chroot. If it works, that means I only have to install the boot loader, kernel and 3rd party drivers during maintenace hours :)22:14
bananapiegod I love linux22:14
bananapiethanks for your help22:14
bananapieI have to go22:14
beanbagI dunno what "genius"  built 14.04 lts and decided that the bootloader and os should default to whatever back-ass-wards video mode as default, BUT YOU REALLY PICKED A WINNER22:36
beanbagit's caused issues on every box I tried so far22:37
beanbagcan't edit the boot command line because it gets so managled you can't see wtf you are doing22:37
beanbagand if you boto it, you get a freaking annoying flashing white screen22:38
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