Nations_so im so confused does this even work01:34
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AskUbuntuHow to run latest Ubuntu touch development release on bq phone? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60300507:32
dholbachgood morning08:12
brunch875good morning!08:21
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Take A Walk In The Park Day! :-D08:42
zzarrhello! my phone (Motorola Droid 4, xt894) is running android 4.1.2 on the stock rom, how ever I have a rom running CyanogenMod, is there a simple way to "update" CM to Ubuntu? (a fake update that uses the Android parts from CM needed for Ubuntu and removes the rest)09:28
lotuspsychje!devices | zzarr09:28
ubot5zzarr: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices09:28
lotuspsychjezzarr: you can try the XDA forums if someone ported your device perhaps09:28
zzarrthanks, I'll have a look, other why's I'll have to try to port it my self (which I don't know how)09:29
lotuspsychjezzarr: well thats not really easy, but im sure there's a porting guide somewhere09:30
lotuspsychjezzarr: check also #snappy ubuntu core, might also be interesting09:30
zzarrI'll do :)09:30
lotuspsychjezzarr: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/09:31
lotuspsychjeSe7: morning09:32
Se7morning :)09:32
zzarrI'v read the porting guide for a new device (reading is one thing, understanding how is another ;) )09:33
lotuspsychjezzarr: there's an image already for droid 4: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/maserati09:33
zzarrit's from 2013 ;)09:33
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lotuspsychjezzarr: maybe email that davidhacker guy, he might know more about it :p09:34
lotuspsychjezzarr: youtube doesnt show anything usefull either, only an old touch preview on droid 409:40
lotuspsychjechat is crowded today 304 :p09:44
Se7guys i ve got no data source available in the circle of bq phone...someone said it s a bug but i don t find it to subscrive ;/09:55
zzarrlotuspsychje, I know, sorry for a delayed answer, my internet is jumpy09:55
lotuspsychjeSe7: not all data shows up in the circle, try some twitter msges or new pictures09:56
Se7no lotuspsychje because if you didn t send nothing09:57
Se7he tell you like no message send09:57
lotuspsychjeah i see09:58
lotuspsychjeSe7: not sure then might be bug09:58
AskUbuntuCannot run QML App with C++ plugin | http://askubuntu.com/q/60305009:58
davmor2Se7: it will show that till something trigger stats09:58
Se7yes ogra_ yesterday said that but i was chatting from the phone09:58
Se7so i haven t the log09:59
ogra_davmor2, it should still show something else if you double tap the circle ...09:59
popeySe7: tap the screen a couple of times09:59
Se7nothing popey i tryed10:00
davmor2ogra_: not if nothing has triggered stats,  if there is 0 stats it says there is no data10:00
davmor2Se7: complete a game of sudoku and see if that show up10:01
davmor2Se7: or make a call/sms/take a picture/make a video10:01
Se7did it nothing happen10:01
popeyplay some music10:01
Se7from an app popey or the music that i got in the phone10:02
popeyopen the music app and play a few songs10:03
popeythen lock phone, and see if it updates10:03
Se7right i ll tell you in a bit if change something10:03
lotuspsychjeSe7: is that the legit BQ or did you install a channel on the BQ android version?10:07
Se7lotuspsychje, it s the bq legit10:10
Se7and popey nothing change after played the song10:10
Se7dit a pic as well send couple of messages10:12
lotuspsychjeSe7: did you try a reboot?10:12
Se7i ll try again10:13
lotuspsychjeSe7: install the logviewer maybe to see whats wrong10:13
lotuspsychjeSe7: or open a terminal an tail -f /var/log/syslog10:13
Se7rebbot just a sec10:14
Se7how i can show you lotuspsychje the log??10:16
AlanBellhow do I put a click package on my device without uploading it to the store?10:19
nhainesAlanBell: push it to the device and then use pkcon?10:20
nhainespkcon install-local --allow-untrusted foobar.click10:21
AlanBellbetter question, where on developer.ubuntu.com should I have read that :)10:21
AlanBellthanks for the answer nhaines10:21
nhainesMaybe we can link to the channel logs.  :)10:21
AlanBell /o\10:22
nhainesYou're welcome.  I know it mainly because I loaded up the bq-exclusive scopes on our N4s at SCALE.  :)10:22
AlanBellthe webapp generator needs to end with "now test your package by doing . . ." and not "yay, all done, upload it to the store quick"10:22
nhainesSo I typed it over and over.10:22
nhainesAlanBell: +110:23
popeydavidcalle: ^^^ see comment from AlanBell which I 100% agree with :)10:24
popeyAlanBell: you could file a bug against developer.ubuntu.com :)10:24
AlanBell"This form generates simple Ubuntu webapps, ready to upload to the store."10:24
AlanBellit really doesn't :)10:24
davidcalleAlanBell, technically, it does ;-) I agree with your comment.10:25
AlanBellready to install on your device prior to uploading to the store perhaps10:25
davidcalle"Ready to install, test and upload to the store."10:27
AlanBellsure. Plus some kind of link to how the heck you do that10:27
AlanBellit is some distance from being bleeding obvious :)10:27
nhainesFairly intuitive, I'd say!10:28
davidcalleAlanBell, it will be a link to an AskUbuntu question so feel free to enhance the answer if needed ;-)10:28
nhainesFirst you go to one.ubunt.com and sign up, then you go into System Settings > Accounts and log into Ubuntu One.  Then you go to the store and download Terminal.  Then you enable security and Developer mode.  Then on your PC you install the phablet tools PPA and install the package...10:29
nhainesWell, long story short, just a couple simple steps and you're ready.  ;)10:29
mpttvoss, I have an architecture question about Ubuntu Touch in general. Are you the right person to ask?10:30
AlanBellnhaines: yeah, I think I guessed most of those, I just had no idea about pkcon and I wasn't expecting  "dpkg -i" to work on a click10:31
tvossmpt, yup10:32
AlanBellbug 143812310:32
ubot5bug 1438123 in Ubuntu App Developer site "webapp generator lacks a "now test it on your device" step" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143812310:32
davidcalleThanks AlanBell10:33
popeyAlanBell: might want to ask a question on AU about "how do I install a click package on a device" and we can flesh out a good answer10:34
popeywhich can then be linked to10:34
mpttvoss, in bug 1403934, the screenshot function didn’t work during the first-run setup. And in bug 1430942, the power dialog didn’t work during the first-run setup.10:34
ubot5bug 1403934 in Ubuntu UX "[screenshot] not possible to trigger screenshot during the set up wizard" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140393410:34
ubot5bug 1430942 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu RTM) "Power dialog doesn't show up on the wizard." [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143094210:34
mpttvoss, the diff to fix the former was 3248 lines, so I can’t tell what it does, but the diff to fix the latter is quite obviously duplicating code that is already in Unity.10:35
zzarrcan someone give me a push in the correct direction, is it possible to install Ubuntu over CM? (simply remove some files and add other files)10:35
nhaineszzarr: no.10:36
zzarrIs it possible to use the vendor's files? (drivers, etc)10:37
mpttvoss, this makes me think that whenever a function is added to Unity that should work everywhere — an accessibility function, or a system error notification, or whatever — engineers have to remember to duplicate it in the first-run setup too, and quite often they’ll forget. Am I worrying too much?10:37
tvossmpt, someone already addressed that concern10:37
tvossmpt, citing from the mp comments: Convert the welcome wizard from a separate executable into a qml plugin (with a small C++ plugin for support).10:38
tvossmpt, with that, code duplication ends, and the wizard is a part of u810:38
tvossmpt, but please note: only on vivid, so going forward, we are good10:39
mpttvoss, ah, so the “only on vivid” is why the ubuntu-rtm bug fix is still adding code10:39
tvossmpt, yup10:39
mpttvoss, great. Thanks for assuaging my concern. :-)10:40
AlanBellpopey: http://askubuntu.com/questions/603068/having-generated-a-webapp-with-the-generator-how-do-i-test-my-click-on-the-devi10:40
tvossmpt, happy to help :)10:40
AskUbuntuhaving generated a webapp with the generator, how do I test my click on the device? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60306810:48
nhaines"First you upload it directly to the store..."10:49
popeyFirst you get a chicken and some chalk...10:49
* AlanBell looks for the chalk10:49
ogra_"...then you add a high price ... so you can be sure users testing will notify you if it is broken"10:50
AlanBelldoes it have to be the white chicken that glows on the camera?10:50
popeyI can't reproduce that bug as I have no white (or other coloured) chickens10:52
AlanBellmight be easier to reproduce if the same thing happens with cats10:53
popeyThat may have to be filed as a separate bug as cats are clearly not chickens10:53
Se7sorry guys after installed phablet tools to connect the phone to pc i have to open terminal and type adb shell right?10:53
popeySe7: what's the goal?10:54
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Se7popey, show you <lotuspsychje> Se7: or open a terminal an tail -f /var/log/syslog10:54
Se7from the phone10:54
popeynot sure what you're hoping to get from that.10:55
Se7about the no data source available in the circle10:55
Se7you think i should report "no data source available" in the circle as a bug?11:23
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robin-heroI read somewhere last week there will be one more OTA update this week? Is it true?11:58
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ogra_robin-hero, sil2100 sends a daily landing team status email to the ubuntu-phone mailing list with such info in it12:02
ogra_(and yes, the plan is to have a new OTA image ready this week, i'm not sure if it will also release this week or next though (bq might want to sign it off first :) )12:03
robin-heroogra: thanks, I'll read the emails12:05
ogra_john-mcaleely, ^^^ do we know ?12:05
ogra_it would probably make sense to take bq signoff into account in the mail announcements :)12:06
AlanBellis there a plan to get speech dispatcher into the phone?12:08
robin-heroAlanBell: That would be fantastic! I searched it for long minutes last night, then I realized it is not my Android phone :D12:09
ogra_long term we surely want voice output ... weather that will speech-dispatcher will need research12:09
ogra_*will be12:10
AlanBellI don't think there needs to be an on-device synth12:10
AlanBellbut speech-dispatcher is the common interface and you can point it at remote synths, like OpenMary12:10
ogra_right, it is more about "how well does a tchnology play in a mobile env"12:10
AlanBelland Ubuntu could run an openmary server for the phones which would be cool12:11
AlanBellnot just for accessibility, but turn by turn instructions on sat nav etc12:11
ogra_we definitely want some kind of voice output, as i said ...12:12
AlanBellooh, just installed speech-dispatcher (which pulls in some espeak stuff for no good reason) and espeak on the device is nasty12:16
davmor2AlanBell: and will likely get completely broken the minute you get an update12:17
AlanBelldavmor2: sure, totally understand making it writeable means I get broken12:18
john-mcaleelyogra_, I'm not sure there is a final schedule. it may be next week12:23
ogra_john-mcaleely, right, i think we should adjust the expectations ... and that ... when we say "this week" it really means "this week we hand the image to the vendor for final signoff"12:25
john-mcaleelynot 'signoff' - a QA pass. so there can always be variables introduced at that point12:26
ogra_right, if they find some issue it might even be delayed longer12:26
ogra_john-mcaleely, i just want to avoid that a lynch mob shows up at sil2100's doorstep: "but you said this week !!"12:28
john-mcaleelyogra_, indeed. that would be wise12:28
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AlanBelldavmor2: I want to try and bolt it on to something like this http://mumble.libertus.co.uk:59125/process?INPUT_TEXT=This+is+a+perfectly+capable+synth+for+Ubuntu+Phone&INPUT_TYPE=TEXT&OUTPUT_TYPE=AUDIO&LOCALE=en_US&AUDIO=WAVE_FILE12:32
AlanBellI wrote some stuff ages ago on linking speech dispatcher with remote synths http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2011/05/speak-to-me/12:32
AlanBellfeel free to play with it here http://mumble.libertus.co.uk:59125/12:34
AskUbuntuGPS unvailable on aquaris E45 | http://askubuntu.com/q/60310112:50
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sil2100ogra_, john-mcaleely: yeah, we plan preparing OTA-3 this week, but it might essentially be released to stable around Monday/next week13:13
john-mcaleelysil2100, I would bet on later than Monday, given all the easter holidays in various parts of EU13:13
sil2100Indeed :)13:14
AskUbuntuVOIP client on the Ubuntu-Phone bq Aquaris? | http://askubuntu.com/q/60311713:16
tsdgeosmilli: how do i get the  ubuntu_calculator_app autopilot tests?13:18
tsdgeosmilli: sorry13:18
tsdgeosMirv: ↑↑↑↑↑13:18
Mirvtsdgeos: sorry, it's missing from the bug report. run phablet-click-test-setup from host.13:18
Mirvtsdgeos: for calculator only, phablet-click-test-setup --click com.ubuntu.calculator13:19
tsdgeoson the phone or desktop?13:19
Mirvtsdgeos: ^ "from host" ie desktop13:20
tsdgeossorry i didn't read the whole snetence ^D13:20
pmcgowanpopey, on that whoopsie thing, can you check the syslog for denials,13:24
popeypmcgowan: seb128 and didrocks looked at it earlier, it's likely because the whoopsie config file isn't writable.13:24
popey(but yet, will look)13:24
popeypmcgowan: nothing appears in the syslog when I flip the switch13:25
didrockspopey: you don't need to look syslogs, we have a good understand of the issue I guess now (and yeah, it never worked on a ro image)13:25
pmcgowandidrocks, popey it works on both my phones, why is that?13:26
popeyyours is rw?13:27
popeyhas it ever been?13:27
pmcgowanlet me double check13:27
popeybet it is :)13:27
didrocksI guess it's been, or we are completely on the wrong track, which I doubt13:27
popeywell, my device is a stock bq retail device with no mucking about :)13:29
popeyso I'd expect this to be what bq customers will experience13:29
popey(and someone else just confirmed this in -uk) ( he asked why some switches revert, I asked which one, and had the bug number ready to paste )13:29
tsdgeosMirv: i'm getting apparmor issues when running the calculator tests, do you get those?13:29
didrockspopey: you forget the "popey's effect" though :p13:29
popeyhis is running the shipped version, no updates installed yet13:30
pmcgowanpopey, ro13:30
* popey shrugs then13:30
* didrocks is puzzled13:30
pmcgowanI can reflash the krillin13:30
didrockswell, at least, we know we should fix this13:30
didrockslet's do that13:30
didrocksand then refine13:30
didrocksseb told he will deal with the simple MP13:30
pmcgowandidrocks, did we see that this path is not in the rw set?13:31
didrockspmcgowan: yeah, the file is not13:31
tsdgeosMirv: i.e. http://paste.ubuntu.com/10706760/13:31
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didrockspmcgowan: it's more complex for vivid though, as there are 2 files, and one may not exist at boot13:31
didrockswe need to test how our ro system handles this (if it does…)13:31
didrocksfile doesn't exist -> no way to remount it rw, I'm quite afraid about that one13:32
bfillerseb128: was there ever a bug filed for the issues folks on g+ were having sending reply from messaging-menu?13:39
bfillerfolks having issues I mean13:39
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
seb128bfiller, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service/+bug/143748613:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1437486 in telephony-service (Ubuntu) "sms notification baloon dont work to send sms directly" [High,Incomplete]13:46
bfillerseb128: thank you13:49
seb128bfiller, yw!13:49
bfillersalem_: ^^^ we need to help figure out what is going on here. I cannot reproduce but apparently the customer cna13:49
salem_bfiller, ok, let me take a look13:50
seb128bfiller, salem_, btw, is there anything special to do on telephony-service to have mps reviewed? https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/telephony-service/dont-unref-gvariant/+merge/252415 is a one liner waiting for 20 days without comment :-/13:53
Mirvtsdgeos: yes, when a test fails those are shown here too. when a test does not fail, those are not shown.13:53
Mirvtsdgeos: oh, no, correction13:54
Mirvtsdgeos: no, I don't have AppArmor problems, just normal did not receive an reply errors13:55
Mirvtsdgeos: please run phablet-config autopilot --dbus-probe enable13:55
Mirvtsdgeos: and try again13:55
salem_seb128, I might have missed the notification about this MR, I will take a look.13:55
Mirvtsdgeos: I'm using lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit's test script that takes care of that too, but it's probably that thing ^13:55
seb128salem_, thanks13:55
Mirvtsdgeos: updating bug once again with that13:56
tsdgeosMirv: yeah that's better13:57
tsdgeosmeh the calculator ap tests only pass in english13:57
* tsdgeos reboots the phone13:57
Mirvoh, that's yet another thing I've also learned the hard way13:59
AlanBellis there a way to mark a webapp as being OK to continue to run and play audio when the screen is off?14:06
ogra_not yet, no14:07
ogra_once oxide uses media-hub for audio and video playback this will work though14:07
davmor2Mirv: were you taught that 1+1=11?  did they tell you it was 2, 10 is 2 everyone know that ;)14:07
AlanBellogra_: ok, thanks14:08
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
sturmflut-workdavmor2: There are cases when 1+1=1114:16
davmor2sturmflut-work: I didn't say it was I said 2 was wrong 11 is 314:17
tsdgeosMirv: ok, i actually had a deadlock on dbus14:17
tsdgeosso the patches may not be as good as we need14:17
sturmflut-workdavmor2: In binary. In unary, 1+1=11.14:19
davmor2sturmflut-work: :D14:20
lemmsterCan I replace (or dual boot) Ubuntu with Android on the Aquaris e4.5 and later go back to Ubuntu? Ubuntu is missing a couple of vital features.14:40
lotuspsychjelemmster: what vital features are you talking about?14:41
lemmsterlotuspsychje: gpg intergration into Dekko14:47
kenvandinetedg, remember the fix i put into content-hub so the sdk knows not to restore the state from the statesaver?14:47
tedgkenvandine, Not sure I know it, I know that you said you did it :-)14:47
kenvandinetedg, we have the same problem when the apps are launched with url-dispatcher, connecting to the uri handler happens to late14:47
kenvandinewe added an arg --no-restore-state (or something like that)14:48
kenvandinehow would you feel about having url-dispatcher also pass that arg?14:48
kenvandineso doing this for content-hub fixed the statesaving issues when opened from the hub14:48
tedgkenvandine, Hmm, but what about the case that the app is running and it gets the URL. What should the behavior be then?14:48
kenvandinebut they still have the problem when opened with url-dispatcher14:48
DanChapmanlemmster: patches for gpg in dekko are welcomed :-D14:48
tedgEffectively that's a "state saved" in that it wasn't ever swapped out.14:49
kenvandinetedg, then they get the uri handler signal and all is good14:49
tedgkenvandine, So what's the problem with restoring state and then getting the signal?14:49
kenvandinethey reset the state then, and that's fine now14:49
kenvandinethe issue is when it's starting14:49
kenvandinethey don't want to restore the state when starting to handle a uri request14:49
tedgI'm confused how the two are different.14:49
kenvandinethey shouldn't be :)14:50
kenvandinethere is a problem at startup time14:50
kenvandinewhere they get the uri signal too late14:50
tedgThey should fix that problem?14:50
kenvandineit'll cause the statesaver to start restoring the state14:50
kenvandinebefore they get the uri handler signal14:50
lemmsterDanChapman: I don't have time to contributed. I can only make a donation if it helps.14:50
tedgThat seems right to me.14:50
kenvandinecan't really without delaying loading the UI14:50
kenvandineor causing flickering14:50
tedgYou should restore the state, and then send the URL signal.14:51
kenvandinethen the UI changes after shown14:51
kenvandineor could14:51
tedgSure, just like it would if it was running.14:51
kenvandinezsombi, bfiller: ^^14:51
kenvandineif we did that we should wait until the app is done loading to handle it14:52
kenvandineso it's consistent14:52
tedgCertainly, state saver should block all emiting signals until it is done.14:52
tedgOtherwise it'll always be unpredictable14:53
kenvandinezsombi, thoughts?14:55
bfillertedg: when the app is running it never restores state, just switches to the data being requested by the url handler14:56
kenvandinestatesaver isn't involved14:56
bfillertedg: if it's killed it's state will be saved14:56
tedgCertainly, and the same effect should be if it is killed.14:56
kenvandinewhat tedg is saying, let the app fully start and restore state14:56
kenvandinebefore handling the uri14:56
tedgAs far as the app is concerned, those two should be exactly the same.14:56
bfillertedg: it's quite ugly doing it that way14:56
kenvandineso in the case of the already running app14:57
bfillertedg: you see first the restore state of the app and then it switches14:57
kenvandinechances are the view changes before you see the app14:57
tedgIt's more ugly that you see the screenshot :-)14:57
kenvandinewhile starting you will see the app14:57
kenvandineand see it change14:57
dobeythen modify the state while it's loading14:57
kenvandinethat's the problem14:57
tedgThe app should expect that to happen, it could happen while it's running. So the app needs to ensure that transition is reasonable.14:57
kenvandinewe don't get the uri handler signal until after it's started14:58
kenvandinestarted restoring that is14:58
kenvandinebut it's unpredictable14:58
tedgLet's look at the browser, you might need to queue up the next/last from the state saver and then put the URL on the stack.14:58
dobeythen start faster and do whatever state restoring needs to be done, after you get the uri signal14:58
bfillertedg: yes what kenvandine says, it is more ugly than the splash screen. You see Splash->Screen A (restored state)->Screen B (request from ulr dispatcher)14:58
tedgIt should come after it has completed restoring.14:58
kenvandinebfiller, tedg does have a good point... it's just ugly for the user14:59
kenvandineit's the right way14:59
kenvandineperhaps we could do something fancy here :)14:59
bfillertedg: browser doesn't use state saver actually, it's managing tabs on it's own as it always restores the last tab, regarless of how app was killed14:59
kenvandinelike if the shell knows it's got a uri, show the splash until the uri is handled?15:00
tedgIf the app can tell the difference between being running all the time and being shutdown through the lifecycle, we've done something wrong.15:00
bfillertedg: not sure I understand your argument really15:00
dobeybfiller: if the app has to special case laoding a url when it's not running, in a different way from when the app is already running, then the app is doing things wrong15:01
kenvandinewhat decides when to stop showing the splash?15:01
tedgkenvandine, I believe it's when it does the first buffer swap.15:02
bfillerdobey: it doesn't have to do that15:02
tedgbfiller, What dobey said, we need to keep things feeling the same for apps.15:02
bfillertedg: what we are suggesting completely isolates any of this from tha pps15:02
zsombitedg: kenvandine: we don't know when teh states were restored. State restoration may cause pages to be pushed to the stack, etc, so that may take a while.15:02
tedgSure, an app should have it's state restored. And from that state get a signal about the URI. Just like if it was running the whole time.15:03
dobeybfiller: what exactly are you suggesting?15:03
tedgFor instance, when it's running on the desktop, that's exactly what will happen.15:03
tedgSo you shouldn't be able to tell the difference if we've killed it via lifecycle or it's been running the whole time.15:04
zsombitedg: that will cause flickering15:04
kenvandinezsombi, can we do something so the UriHandler knows state restoring is done?15:04
tedgzsombi, "flickering" or the UI to transition15:04
tedgIt shouldn't flicker.15:05
kenvandineif there's no way to tell when that's done, that sounds like a bug15:05
bfillerdobey: suggesting url-dispatcher passes an additional arg --no-restore-state that state saver uses so it doesn't try to load saved state when app launched with args15:05
kenvandineit shouldn't flicker if it's completely done restoring15:05
bfillerthat's all, one liner DONE15:05
zsombikenvandine: I coudl remove the states which were restored one by one, and till all is removed I can cache the URLs...15:05
dobeybfiller: it would have to pass that to every app, which doesn't necessarily make sense. you might as well just not use state save at that point, or just put it in your app's .desktop file15:05
kenvandinethe special arg is a quick fix... but that might be the better solution15:05
tedgzsombi, URLs isn't the only problem here, it should be all events. There could be others.15:06
zsombitedg: well, if the last saved state was 3 pages deep, then all thoise will be restored, abd then teh UriHandler action will pop them all and push a completely different page: that causes flickering15:06
kenvandinedobey, only from url-dispatcher15:06
kenvandinenothing else15:06
tedgzsombi, For instance location service will notice that it has started up again and start sending updates that could be happening before the state is restored.15:06
kenvandineso there's always a uri15:06
tedgThere's a lot of events that could start when we see the app come back alive again.15:07
zsombitedg: StateSaver saves only property states. If that is driven by a state that si not serialized, it will happen, yes15:07
dobeykenvandine: url-dispatcher just uses ubuntu-app-launch, which just follows the freedesktop spec, which doesn't allow for adding additional arguments which are not specified in the Exec line of the .desktop15:07
zsombitedg: it all depends on the app developer15:07
tedgzsombi, Sure, but we're trying to make good defaults.15:07
dobeykenvandine: if state saver is a common API thing and is that slow and causes these problems, then it should be optimized somehow i think. working around performance issues in it by changing url-dispatcher to somehow disable it whenever a url is opened, is wrong15:08
salem_kenvandine, apps can use loaders asynchronously to improve startup, there is no way to know if the app is actually done loading.15:08
zsombikenvandine: tedg: bfiller: so in case the url-dispatcher sends a URI, the StsteSaver could restore the state and till that is running, will block the UriHandler to dispatch theUri to QML15:08
tedgzsombi, +1, but please not only for URIs, for all events.15:09
zsombitedg: I cannot affect other events sorry15:09
kenvandinezsombi, i think that's the proper fix15:09
zsombitedg: if we'd have to, then there has to be a different place for this state saver15:09
zsombitedg: for events like you mentioned, it is teh app developer to do the proper serialization, I cannot affect that15:10
tedgzsombi, I don't know the architecture in detail, but I feel if you can't do that, you're going to have this same bug in another area in a few weeks. Statesaver needs to take down the QML statemachine as it restores and then reenable it.15:11
zsombiall I can do is to delay the UriHandler dispatch15:11
zsombitedg: I cannot restore the QML properties without a running statemachine15:11
tedgzsombi, ? They're just memory locations, no?15:11
zsombitedg: well, as well as bindings, and those need to run as well15:12
zsombitedg: we are not saving memory locations or content, we are saving property values15:12
tedgzsombi, Sure, so then you set all of the properties. You run the statemachine until it settles.15:13
zsombitedg: the one you suggest must be done in QML parser, upstream15:13
tedgzsombi, Wait, is statesaver not integrated into the parser?15:13
zsombitedg: yes, all the properties, which may also bring me deeper in teh app, like pushing pages, switching tabs, etc15:14
zsombitedg: never was15:14
tedgOh, my.15:14
zsombitedg: that's why I'm telling I cannot stop the state machine15:15
bfillertedg: we should have a hangout to discuss, I'm have issues with the suggested approach and might be easier to commnication in real time15:16
zsombiguys, I got to leave, if you keep a discussion bare in mind these limitations of teh state saver15:17
zsombikenvandine: tedg: bfiller: ^15:17
kenvandinezsombi, will do15:18
zsombiand let me know somehow of teh outcome15:18
tedgI think that delaying the signal is the best approach available.15:18
zsombiso far I can do what I just said previously15:18
tedgbfiller, Sure, we can chat about it.15:19
bfillertedg: I'll schedule something15:24
zsombikenvandine: bfiller: ah, one more thing: if in case of url-dispatcher the state will be restored and only then the URL handed over, then same should happen with ContenThub as well... for consistency...15:25
kenvandinezsombi, yes15:25
bfillerzsombi: I'd like ot have further discussion about this tomorrow, I'm not sold on the idea :)15:26
zsombibfiller: :D15:26
zsombikenvandine: and I cannot queue that :(15:26
bfillerwill be a poor user experience unless we figure out how to make some changes15:26
zsombiyeah... I'm out now for real :)15:27
mcphailWhen Wifi is switched off, should network manager try to conenct to 3G automatically? I find I have to poke it a bit to persuade it to connect15:36
ogra_awe_, ^^^^15:52
ogra_mcphail, there is active work going on on that exact bug :)15:52
mcphailogra_: goog to know :)15:52
mcphailmy typing today is awful...15:53
awe_mcphail, are you talking about a phone or a desktop install?15:54
mcphailawe_: yes, phone15:54
mcphailbq phone15:54
awe_so does this happen *every* time your switch off WiFi, or just occasionally?15:55
awe_here's the bug I've been working on:15:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1436427 in network-manager (Ubuntu RTM) "Turning off WiFi doesn't set a route after the modem connects data" [High,Confirmed]15:55
mcphailawe_: I'm not sure, tbh. It is happening every time today15:55
awe_ok, are you familiar with adb?15:56
awe_if so, when it happens, can you check the output of 'ip route'?15:56
awe_and add a comment to the bug?15:56
mcphailawe_: I'll try to have a look this evening and will do so15:56
awe_ok thanks!15:57
mcphailThe other thing I wond is if I press the wifi switch to turn it off, it turns itself back on the first time15:57
Joranhi all, is there an image for bay trial devices yet?16:02
Joran(Atom x64)16:02
Joran(just recieved a hp stream 7 and ubuntu touch is something I'd like to play with on it)16:03
Talustusi guess u need to port it over then Joran16:08
Joranwell people have successfully booted ubuntu mate on it, so I guess there's hope.16:09
sturmflut-workJoran: You can install the normal 15.04 x86 Ubuntu release on Bay Trail devices, see https://sturmflut.github.io/linux/ubuntu/2015/02/04/installing-ubuntu-on-baytrail-tablets-version-2/, and then install Unity 816:09
sturmflut-workJoran: But sadly Bay Trail is a horrible platform16:10
Talustusso true16:10
Joranyeah, it looks it, 32bit uefi with 64bit processor, wifi that is shonky as hell and a very wierd touchscreen controller. :(16:10
sturmflut-workJoran: I was about to buy a HP Stream 7 too last week, since the price dropped to 99 euros, but at the moment I don't even have the time to care about the existing Thinkpad Tablet 816:11
Joranyeah, there was an offer for it that brought it down to £5016:11
sturmflut-workJoran: Kernel 4.0 will contain a lot of fixes, and it looks like the guys over at linux-wireless found out which firmware the Broadcom SDIO WiFi chip needs, so things might have improved since I last tried16:13
Joransounds like I gotmyself yet another fun project :-D16:15
sturmflut-workJoran: It would be *very* nice to get standard Ubuntu working on all those Windows 8.1 tablets. The hardware has become incredibly cheap.16:17
JoranI managed it on my Adam tablet and published a flash image...16:17
sturmflut-workJoran: Regarding WiFi, see https://marc.info/?l=linux-wireless&m=142249720825855&w=2 and the following messages16:20
sturmflut-workJoran: And you may want to talk to sb over on the #m-labs channel, he did a lot of work on Bay Trail tablets16:20
Joranta, will see where I get to with it.16:21
aquariuscwayne, ping about go scopes. :)16:24
* sturmflut-work just noticed how many typos are in the "Installing Ubuntu on BayTrail tablets" post16:26
sturmflut-workJoran: If you decide to work on the HP Stream 7, you can just file bugs and merge requests against https://github.com/Sturmflut/sturmflut.github.io , maybe we can extend the HowTo for more devices16:29
Jorancool, will make notes as I go and contribute if there's anything new to learn :-)16:32
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yacukenhi all16:41
yacukendoes ubuntu touch use systemd?16:42
ogra_not yet16:43
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dkesselhmm is there any update on the date for the meizu mx4 with ubuntu? and is there anything official on whether it will use hardware different from the "normal" mx4?17:07
ogra_no news, nope17:11
Isotop7buiding for jfltexx fails with missing header files even though they are present in kernel directory and in out/*...any ideas?17:38
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kenvandinejgdx, i just kicked a rebuild of silo 28, now that the other silo landed17:47
kenvandineElleo, i have a content-hub branch needing review, whenever you get a chance https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/content-hub/lp1429695/+merge/25459917:52
AlanBellis the HDR thing in the camera done in software?17:58
AlanBellI am kind of expecting it to take three different exposures and combine them in something like huggin, but it doesn't do anything that I can perceive17:58
AlanBellnot sure if my expectations are right on this, never had something that can do HDR before17:59
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jgdxkenvandine, thanks. Looking at bug 1438323, pretty sure we can use the connectivity api here.18:47
ubot5bug 1438323 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[system settings] Prompt for PUK entry when out of pinRetries " [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143832318:47
kenvandinejgdx, yeah, that's what i was hoping18:48
jgdxkenvandine, great18:48
ahoneybundoes anyone need OnePlus One invites?18:48
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aquariuscwayne, ping about go scopes. :)19:25
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cwayneaquarius, yo, whats up19:26
aquariuscwayne, how do I build a go scope? I'm happy to try it with your untappd scope before attempting to write my own! But I haven't done any go stuff at all before; I tried doing "go get launchpad.net/go-unityscopes/v2" and it threw a bunch of errors (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10706784/) so I think I might need someone with some go knowledge to help me out getting things set up :)19:28
popeycwayne: ping about https://launchpad.net/today-scope not being configured for bugs19:28
* popey joins the queue19:28
aquariusah, deal with popey first; his thing sounds important :)19:29
dobey"go get beer"19:30
cwaynepopey, getting code setup first, should be in tomorrow19:30
cwayneaquarius, i haven't built any scopes about v2 yet, I've also included the deps required in the untappd branch, and the ability to build within a click chroot via cmake19:31
cwaynei may need to updated19:31
cwaynecan do that hopefully when I get home, on a plane atm19:31
aquariuscwayne, ah, I'm not really looking at cmake stuff yet; just trying to get a go scope to build at all :)19:32
aquariushappy to use v1, but that threw all the same errors that you see in the pastebin19:32
aquariusmight it be that I'm on 14.04? That is: is building go scopes not supported in the LTS?19:32
aquariusI suppose I could technically reverse-engineer the build process out of the cmake files, but that sounds pretty hard :)19:33
dobeyaquarius: you need to build in a chroot19:34
cwayneaquarius, in theory as long as you had a click chroot you could get it built19:34
dobeyaquarius: building c++ scopes isn't even doable on 14.04 directly19:34
* aquarius does the sad look19:34
dobeylxc :)19:34
dobeyor use the click chroot19:34
aquariusthis is misery.19:35
dobeythis is why there is an sdk that builds things in click chroots for you19:35
aquariusI'm aware I'll need a chroot to build an arm version, that's fine19:35
aquariusbut I need one to build for my existing arch?19:35
aquariusdobey, there is not an sdk to build things in go, though :)19:35
aquariusif there were, I'd happily use i19:35
dobeywell, if you've got the cmake files set up for it, you should be able to open it as a project in the sdk and do a build there. though when i tried to build the instagram scope, i had some problems, and cwayne was in china so i couldn't bug him to figure it out, at the time19:37
aquariusfair enough. Let me give that a try19:39
cwaynei can do a quick write up of what I do and how I build it if you'd like too19:39
cwayneI have a pretty nice system I think with sublime-text19:39
pmcgowanaquarius, btw soonsnap app not working for me, not sure if its app or server19:39
aquariuspmcgowan, see if soonsnap.com in the browser works. (I didn't make the app.)19:40
aquariuspmcgowan, if the site is broken, I'll happily take a look :)19:40
pmcgowanI get black truncated images19:40
pmcgowanlet me see19:40
pmcgowanaquarius, naw doesn't work19:42
aquariuscwayne, I would very much like that writeup!19:42
aquariushow do I install go in my click chroot?19:42
dobeyaquarius: you can use the "Maintain" button in the sdk for the target kit, and then just apt-get install it19:42
aquariuswhen I try to build the project in Ubuntu SDK with the kit for my emulator I get: /var/lib/schroot/chroots/click-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-i386/bin/sh:-1: error: 1: /var/lib/schroot/chroots/click-ubuntu-sdk-14.10-i386/usr/bin/golang-go: not found19:43
aquariusoh, it's not supposed to be part of the chroot? OK, I'll install it.19:43
dobeyi don't recall if it's supposed to be part of the chroot or not19:43
aquariuswhere does one find a Maintain button? I'm poking around in the Build & Run config section of the Options19:45
dobeythe ubuntu page iirc19:46
dobeythe page that lists the click chroot targets. select the chroot, hit "Maintain" and it opens a terminal with root in that chroot19:47
aquariusaha! yes19:47
aquariusprogress! Building cwayne's untappd scope now says (in the Issues pane in Ubuntu SDK), unhelpfully, ":-1: error: [src/untappd] Error 2"19:52
aquariusbut at least it's not complaining about not having go :)19:52
aquariusah. cwayne, the CMakeLists.txt in your untappd scope src/ folder seems to have arm-linux-gnueabihf written in it a lot; does this mean that it's basically written for an ARM compile and won't work for compiling for x86?19:58
dobeyalso i think his untappd tree on lp is a little outdated (but not sure if any of the go has changed)19:59
cwayneit is a bit outdated, I can updae it when I land20:01
aquariusam attempting to build a go thing manually in a terminal :)20:03
simosxIs "sudo apt install xyz" supposed to work on the phone? I get issue with read-only lock file.20:04
DonkeyHoteisimosx: no.20:04
dobeyyyz is much better anyway20:05
aquarius"src/launchpad.net/go-unityscopes/v1/version.h:7:1: error: static assertion failed: Version of Unity scopes API mismatch. Minimum required version is 0.6.9.", and my 14.10 chroot has 0.6.7. So, you need vivid to even install the go scopes library. Oh well.20:05
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simosxDonkeyHotei, is there a CLI alternative to "apt"? only Ubuntu Store?20:06
dobeyneil peart stands alone20:07
dobeysimosx: there's no cli alternative to apt. the way to install apps on the phone is through the store20:08
DonkeyHotei[Sun 2015-03-22 08:45:15 AM PDT]  <<?>ogra_> push it to the device ...20:08
DonkeyHotei[Sun 2015-03-22 08:45:24 AM PDT]  * jjohansen has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)20:08
DonkeyHotei[Sun 2015-03-22 08:45:43 AM PDT]  <<?>ogra_> then: adb shell pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted /path/to/click20:08
simosxdobey, thanks.20:08
DonkeyHoteisimosx: ^20:09
dobeyDonkeyHotei: that works if you've got the .click already, which is not quite the same as apt20:10
dobeysimosx: at some point in the future there will be a CLI option, but for now we only have the scope20:11
simosxi want to install 'git' on the phone before I start fiddling with changes in files.20:11
dobeysimosx: if you really need some such tools, you should create a chroot of ubuntu in the home directory on the phone, and install what you need inside that chroot20:11
simosxdobey, is there a page that shows this process?20:12
taiebotawe_ I am still getting my wifi to stay connected to my wifi network while i am completely out of range of the network ( even after 2 hours of leaving my home). I checked nmcli and it was still showing that i was connected to my home network. Is it a known bug ? or would you like me to report it.20:13
dobeysimosx: i'm not sure if there's a wiki page for it or not20:14
awe_taiebot, device?  image type & #?20:14
taiebotmako devel-proposed20:14
taiebotawe mako devel proposed r15520:15
awe_yes, please file a bug, I've been working on similar issues in RTM on krillin, but this may be mako-specific.20:15
awe_taiebot, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+filebug20:15
awe_please include syslog20:15
taiebotawe_ ok will do thanks20:16
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simosxSome "pkcon" results:20:35
simosx1. when I run "pkcon install git" (or other package), I get the error "The daemon crashed mid-transaction!".20:35
dobeysimosx: don't try to do too much with pkcon20:35
dobeyyes you can't "pkcon install foo"20:35
simosx2. if I do first "pkcon download /tmp/ git", it will download the .deb file.20:36
simosx3. then, "pkcon install-local nameofpackage.deb" will be ok.20:36
simosxI did not install git though, it needs Perl and several other big dependencies.20:37
simosxI am trying the "buildOnDevice.sh" script to build a package on a device. However, it needs a build environment on the phone. Is that good to try?20:38
DrGnomagehey people, does anyone know how to make a cron stick on ubuntu phone (BQ) my fs is read only and I cant seem to mount it as writeable20:41
simosxDrGnomage, you can remount to RW to make your change (then, remount back to RO).20:42
taiebotawe_ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/143840220:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1438402 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "wifi can stay connected to network while out of range" [Undecided,New]20:42
awe_thanks taiebot!20:42
DrGnomagesimosx: Thanks for your reply, I wasnt sure which block device to refer to while mounting20:43
taiebotawe_ popey syslog seems to be not set  to correct date20:43
awe_taiebot, what happens when you run the date command on your device via adb?  Is it correct?20:44
taiebotawe yep its correct20:45
simosxDrGnomage, try "sudo mount -o remount,rw /", thus avoid trying to find the block device.20:45
taiebotawe date Mon Mar 30 21:45:02 BST 201520:46
DrGnomagesimosx: Aha! Thank you very much!20:47
taiebotawe  ls -l on syslog -rw-r----- 1 usermetrics adm   8138506 Aug 19  2014 syslog20:49
simosxDrGnomage, I do not know if there are any unforseen consequences when making such changes. It's good to change back to "ro" once done.20:49
DrGnomagesimosx: I'll be rebooting so fstab should take over and make it read only again20:51
mcphailawe_: I've been trying to replicate that bug with the phone not switching to 3G aftern stopping wifi, but since we chatted about it earlier it has been fine :)21:16
mcphailawe_: I'll append to your bug report when I can duplicate it21:16
awe_mcphail, thanks;  I tried over the weekend as well, and created a test script to try and catch it, but ran ~500 iterations without doing so.  ;(21:17
awe_I'll keep at it, but am more concerned about the case where WiFi disconnects, and mobile data doesn't seamlessly take over21:17
mcphailawe_: I'm wondering if it is location specific. Perhaps a weak wifi or 3g signal in a certain part of the house might trigger the behaviour21:18
awe_I suspect it may have to due the plumbing between NM and Qt21:19
awe_as I see WiFi disconect, and mobile data is still active21:19
awe_routing table's good, ...21:19
awe_anyways, been working on some ofono reviews, and some other related bugs this afternoon.  Will get back to WiFi / mobile shortly21:20
mcphailawe_: brilliant. It is one of those bugs which hits when you need to use the feature but not when you have time/equipment for debugging!21:20
mcphailI'm trying to debug something remotely on the phone, but I'm getting an error that gdbserver isn;t installed on the phone. How can I install this without invoking apt-get? I don't want to lose the ability to safely update the phone in the future...22:07
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Dragonkeeperanyone know how to boot bq phone into recovery ?23:40

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