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mappsstill stuck with proxypass02:22
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mappsgah this is so annoying04:04
mappstried proxypass with ajaxterm and same thing04:05
mappsreally got no idea what im doing wrong ;(04:05
knightwisemorning peeps06:02
knightwisehey daftykins06:05
knightwisehow are you this morning06:05
daftykinsnot too shabby ta, and thee?06:05
daftykinsjust debating what to do with myself :D06:05
knightwiseim ok , started the work week as usual :)06:07
knightwisebeen trying out the new 15.04 release in a VM but I can't get it working properly somehow06:07
knightwiseafter i log in ... i just keep seeing the login manager .. nothing more06:07
daftykinswhich virt tech?06:08
daftykinsperhaps it's worth a dist-upgrade at a TTY if you can get one?06:10
knightwiseso do a 14.04 and then do a dist upgrade ?06:11
daftykinsnah "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in the 15.04 VM06:13
daftykinspresumably you had 3D acceleration enabled too?06:13
daftykinsdespite the name dist-upgrade just gets the latest of all packages06:14
knightwiseok , i'll check06:14
knightwiseso this is going to be the distro where we can switch from the touch interface to the windowed interface .. right ?06:16
daftykinspass :D06:16
daftykinsi don't even use desktop06:16
knightwisebecause this would be the ultimate thing to use on my Surface pro06:17
knightwisetouch in tablet mode06:17
knightwisewindowed when connecting the keyboard/mouse06:17
daftykinsi found it a tad surprising people buying those and expecting to use Ubuntu06:18
knightwisemine works perfectly on 14.0406:18
MooDoomorning all07:03
knightwisehey MooDoo07:03
knightwiseMooDoo: have you played with the touch interface in 15.04 yet ?07:03
knightwisei just installed it in a VM and I would like to see how to enable the touch interface07:03
MooDooknightwise: no don't have anything touch capable07:04
knightwiseI was thinking of installing it on my Surface pro :)07:04
knightwiselooking forward to using the combo of touch interface / windowed interface on that machine07:05
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MooDooknightwise: should be ok on a surface, i'm just not keen on touch in general07:08
knightwiseBut do you get the option to switch between the touch/windowed interface in 15.04 or is that only for the phone versions of the OS , (its very confusing at the moment)07:09
knightwiseso : without a keyboard/mouse = Ubuntu phone interface with scopes and stuff ... WITH mouse connected : Windowed interface ?07:10
MooDoohmmm interesting though07:11
knightwisein other words : can i do THIS on my surface https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KNRzdeUaC407:13
daftykinsthat guy needed his morning coffee before recording that ;)07:16
knightwiseagreed , however .. is this what you can do when you download the latest beta ?07:21
daftykinsthe key part i get from that vid is he downloaded 'ubuntu next desktop'07:23
daftykinser Desktop Next rather07:23
DJonesMorning all07:26
daftykinswhich sounds like an alternative image to standard desktop, but i'm not the best person to comment at all07:26
daftykinsmornin' \o07:26
DJonespopey: bigcalm: Might find this interesting http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-3205115307:26
DJonesJolyon Jenkins presents Minecraft: More Than A Game on BBC Radio 4 at 11:00 BST, 30 March 201507:27
davmor2Morning all08:04
MooDoomorning davmor208:05
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mucka did you get the leaving managers job is that why you kept going on about it ?08:06
MooDoodavmor2: no don't think he's being replaced, sticking with what we have, and kept going on about it as was winding him up calling him a splitter :D08:06
davmor2MooDoo: hahaha08:08
MooDoodavmor2: :p08:10
davmor2MooDoo: I did exactly the same thing to Bacon, I change my person nick for him from Loserboy to Leaverboy not sure which wound him up more ;)08:11
MooDoodavmor2: cool :D08:16
davmor2MooDoo: well it Jono there was no way I was gonna be nice was there ;) First he splits LR then he Leaves the Country, then splits SOJ, then he leaves Canonical how long before he quits something else :D  He's just a Leaverboy ;)08:20
MooDoodavmor2: xsplit lol08:36
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Take A Walk In The Park Day! :-D08:42
foobarry"on linux you are limited to 6 downloading only 6 songs at a time". thanks amazon, its more than the 1 you allowed previoously, ...but why!>?!! UAgent switcher allows them all!08:48
awilkinsBecause Linux is Naughty?08:49
awilkinsIT'S NAUGHTY LINUX08:49
awilkinsLinux users are all haxx0rs and pie-rats!08:49
davmor2awilkins: why would you want rat pie08:53
davmor2awilkins: Steak and ale too mainstream for ya08:53
awilkinsNot rat pie... PIE RATS08:53
awilkinsThey take pie from the corporations! Arrrr!08:54
foobarrylooks like xfce mouse's goofy brother08:54
davmor2foobarry: Because they assume that Linux User Backup why would they ever need to download again :D08:54
foobarryit was an mp3 CD08:54
foobarrymind you, judging by recent us gov stats, linux users are the 1% still08:57
davmor2JamesTait: Are you insane, walking is exercise, that's bad for you for a start off, outside that's even more dangerous, I mean there a people so bugs, there is there big lightbulb in the sky, there are green thing that attack you...I think they are triffids, not to mention the hay fever it causes, no, no walking in the parks for me ;)08:58
DJonesdavmor2: Sorry, you need to up the medication, you're hallucinating, there's no big lightbulb in the sky to worry about, its only the massive bolts of lightening that causes problems09:03
davmor2DJones: there is here I want to turn it off it's way more than 100Watts09:32
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:34
dutchiemorning even09:34
bigcalmIt's not that sunny09:34
dutchieit's pretty sunny here09:34
davmor2bigcalm: okay it's clouding over a bit but before I started work it was bright blue and sunny :P09:35
bigcalmIt was sunny this morning on my drive in to Shrewsbury09:35
bigcalmBut it's hazy now I think09:35
davmor2bigcalm: no it's not hazy that's just sun blindness ;)09:36
knightwiseso .. Is there a possibility to install the "ubuntu-next" desktop on 14.04 ?10:20
awilkinsUbuntu next ; can you customize the location of the dash button? Not sure why they moved it to bottom left (apart from i) tablets and ii) Windows)10:34
awilkins(comment based on a YouTube vid from December)10:34
knightwisepopey: can you do it on a 15.04 ?10:36
popeyits top right on desktop, bottom left on phone10:37
popeytop left*10:37
bigcalmMaybe it being bottom left on the phone means that one has more chance of reaching it with on's thumb (right handed operation)10:38
bigcalmLack of Skype and Google Hangout apps are currently stopping me from using the uPhone as my main phone. I'm sure the day will come though :)10:39
* knightwise is confused about the whole ubuntu next thing.10:46
knightwiseSo this touch/windowed switching is not something that comes with Ubuntu 15.04 ?10:46
popeyEvery release of Ubuntu so far (since a couple of years) has shipped with Unity7 based on Compiz.10:48
popeyThe next release, currently on phones, and not ready for production on desktops is Unity8 (not based on Compiz)10:48
popey15.04 will ship with Unity710:48
popeyThere is a preview iso containing Unity8 for people to play with.10:48
knightwiseand the unity8 is the one that switches you between a touch/fullscreen-windowed interface10:49
knightwiseso in essence you can try installing unity8 on 15.04 or 14.04 but its not realy ready for primetime10:50
popeyWho said 14.04?10:52
knightwiseme .. :) I'm running 14.04 on my surface pro10:54
knightwiseso i was wondering if I could give unity8 a try10:54
popey11:20 < knightwise> so .. Is there a possibility to install the "ubuntu-next" desktop on 14.04 ?10:54
popey11:23 < popey> unlikely.10:54
popeyfeel free to build it and discover it breaks your setup10:54
knightwiseok , but if I install 15.04 I could give it a go ?11:01
knightwisealthough : http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/02/unity-8-desktop-preview-session-14-0411:02
knightwisehey zmoylan-pi11:21
zmoylan-pisaw the laziest rainbow over the weekend.  :-) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CBRT225WoAAe92Z.jpg:large11:23
knightwiseLol :)11:25
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foobarrywhich museum has stuff about the planets? science or natural history mus?12:45
foobarryor neither12:45
MooDoonatural history12:47
foobarryi saw this but wondered if they have an exhibit12:47
MooDooah not sure12:47
foobarryi kind of assumed the science museum would have an iteractive exhibit with big planets and stuff12:47
zmoylan-pithey'd take too much space? :-)12:53
zmoylan-pijupiter alone...12:53
SebsebsebbPopey ping12:53
Myrttistupid arduino12:56
popeySebsebsebb: pong12:56
Myrttiyay new email address \o/12:57
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SebsebsebbPopey how come certain settings change themselves back or don't go into effect on the bq12:58
popeySuch as?13:00
SebsebsebbUp checking sending diagnostics gets changed back to sending them after a while, after re booting I think to. What actually gets sent for that anyway saying  that wjhen the browser crashes for example13:02
popeybug 143763313:02
lubotu3bug 1437633 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "Choosing not to report crashes and errors setting reverts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143763313:02
popeyknown bug13:02
SebsebsebbWell what gets sent anyway?13:03
popeyyou can see yourself if you hit the "Previous error reports" button immediately below that13:03
popeyit shows all the error reports your phone has sent13:03
popeyIt's what populates http://errors.ubuntu.com/13:04
SebsebsebbYeah but nerd access to see the contents it seems13:04
popeyah, yes13:05
popeysame kind of data the desktop sends13:05
SebsebsebbWhich is?13:06
popeyversion numbers, packages installed, name of the program that crashed, date/time, cpu type13:07
popeymaybe some other stuff I haven't looked at.13:07
davmor2Sebsebsebb: the things you see in the crash file13:08
SebsebsebbWhere's the crash file?13:08
popeyin /var/crash13:08
davmor2Sebsebsebb: /var/crash same as on the desktop13:08
SebsebsebbOn the phone to?13:08
SebsebsebbOh there's a file system somewhere?13:09
SebsebsebbFile manager I mean13:09
davmor2Sebsebsebb: the store13:09
popeyin the store, yes13:09
popeyor ssh in13:09
popeyor adb shell13:09
popeyor use the terminal13:10
davmor2or  terminal app13:10
Sebsebsebband var crash will have everything that was sent to errors ubuntu in text files or something?13:10
popeycompressed files13:12
SebsebsebbThat can be opened with?13:12
davmor2Sebsebsebb: a compressed file if you use terminal app you can use apport-bug to view it13:13
SebsebsebbI didn't seem to come across a terminal app when looking at the store before but I'll look soon13:14
davmor2Sebsebsebb: it gives the same kinda details as the desktop, so Version, app that crashed and stacktrace, iirc13:15
SebsebsebbAnother one is how I changed things to suspend after 10 minutes, but still switched after one even though then said 10 in settings, and yes the shipped ut version on bq, I'll upgrade soon probably13:16
SebsebsebbSwitched scree  off avove13:17
SebsebsebbWhat's a stack trace13:18
popeysorry, rewind..13:20
popey"how I changed things to suspend after 10 minutes"13:21
popeywhat do you mean there?13:21
davmor2popey: lock screen when idle for x minutes I assume13:21
popeyyou should update :)13:21
SebsebsebbYes that13:22
davmor2Sebsebsebb: in which case it sends the screen black after a minute to save on power but the phone isn't locked13:22
Sebsebsebbyeah but by default turns off sceen and number lock since I did that after like one minute13:23
popeyyeah, i have mine set to never lock13:23
SebsebsebbI changed the setting to 10 and shows as that, but turns off screen suspends after a minute anyway13:24
davmor2Sebsebsebb: the screen dim will happen after a minute but here I've tried 2 and 3 minute on both it is dim but still active till the time is up let me try 1013:25
SebsebsebbAnd yeah isn't the shipped bq version like two versions behind the latest ubuntu touch version?13:25
popeywell we've pushed out updates since the phones shipped, yes.13:27
popeyanother one due later this week or next13:27
davmor2Sebsebsebb: again 10 minutes looks fine so far, screen is dim but active so not loacked13:28
SebsebsebbPopey btw what's vivid in the earlier bug report another version of ut I assume maybe the dev even13:28
popeyvivid will become 15.0413:28
SebsebsebbOh the code name for the next one ah yes13:29
foobarryi have a PAYE coding notice from HMRC13:38
foobarryit has "gift aid payments" on it which affect my tax code13:38
foobarryi can't work out whether that figure is the gross figure i have given to chairty or net13:38
foobarryanyone know?13:38
davmor2foobarry: you mean you don't know how much you've given to charity :D13:41
foobarryi do, they don't13:48
foobarrythe figure is way out13:48
foobarryfinally they picked13:48
foobarryup the phone13:48
foobarrythe anser is yes gross13:49
foobarryhow many times have you heard "i'm sorry i'm just having a few problems with my system"13:49
foobarryon a phone call to some public service13:50
davmor2foobarry: don't forget that might just be the amount of tax that was repaid to the charity13:50
davmor2foobarry: that's what the gift aid does13:50
foobarrydavmor2: i asked her and she said its the gross charitable giving13:50
davmor2foobarry: yes, so if you gave 10 charities £120 each you would see the gross repayment on that so it would be like 30 or something13:52
foobarryno, the PAYE form shows the gross amount given to charity in the year13:53
foobarrygive £1000 , you see £1000 on the form13:53
foobarryno idea where there figures came from13:54
foobarrywould be nice to find out i've overpaid :D13:55
davmor2foobarry: from the charity donation forms you filled in13:55
foobarrythe bulk goes to one charity, they would claim gift aid13:56
foobarryso if that was correct, you would see a more accurate figure13:56
foobarryit may be a figure from an ancient tax return13:56
foobarrybut the figure is so low i don't think so13:57
davmor2foobarry: so I filled out a form for WHF I pay them £20 month, so they would send those details in and that would be on my tax slip, but don't forget it is only for the taxable year so might not have all the payments you made from january for example13:57
foobarrybut lets say hypothetically i give 15% of my salary to save the badgers..every year13:59
foobarrythen you would think somehow the figure might be accurate if they updated it using info corrlated from sources13:59
foobarryso i'm convinced they don't13:59
foobarryso badgers.org just tell HMRC, hey we got 5000 in gift air payments, please refuend us14:00
foobarrythen its up to any friends of badgers to tell hmrc since not all will be high tax payers14:00
zmoylan-piyou're a member of the badger liberation front?! :-)14:00
foobarryoh, save the badger is real :-|14:01
foobarry“We must not make badgers scapegoats for bovine TB”. Joanna Lumley14:02
foobarrybeers are on me if this works anyway14:02
zmoylan-piall the current evidence is badgers have nothing to do with bovine tb14:03
foobarryi don't care about badgers much14:06
foobarryexcept for breezy ones14:06
SebsebsebbDavmor2 I installed the terminal app and opened and it asks to enter a password what password14:08
foobarrylong gone are pronouncable code names14:08
davmor2Sebsebsebb: your password, the pin or password you unlock your phone with14:09
SebsebsebbI tried ok wrong pin14:09
SebsebsebbOk on it so how to see the log files I re opened this since earlier on a tablet14:10
zmoylan-piartery ok? :-)14:12
popeySebsebsebb: what's up?14:12
popeySebsebsebb: technically #ubuntu-touch is the support channel for ubuntu on phones :)14:12
SebsebsebbYeah I know14:13
davmor2Sebsebsebb: apport-bug /var/crash/<bug>  then hit v for view14:13
davmor2Arthur Daily is that a cockney term for a part-timer?14:16
awilkinsbadgers : Have polarized my opinion of Brian May14:16
foobarryawilkins: its a black/white issue14:16
awilkinsOn the one hand, like the politics his "Common Decency" thing is emitting14:17
awilkinsOn the other hand, really, badgers?14:17
awilkinsAnimal welfare, yes14:17
foobarryhe neesd to get out more14:17
foobarrybut he has half man half badger14:17
awilkinsDo I think animal welfare is incompatible with meat eating? No.14:17
zmoylan-pimaybe it's the green m&ms for politically concious celebrities?14:17
awilkinsHappy farm animals suffer less than wild ones, so vegetarianism increases animal suffering, on average, if you have a world with universal farm animal welfare.14:18
bashrc_should all animals be farm animals?14:19
awilkinsInteresting, isn't it. If you're a vegetarian, presumably you'd be OK with all animals being in an Earth-sized wildlife preserve where the carnivores only hunt cuddly toys and get fed soy burgers14:20
* zmoylan-pi can't wait to see the tuna farms :-P14:21
foobarrybesides teh ethics, meat is tasty14:21
awilkinsAnd we evolved to eat it just as much as any "natural" carnivore14:21
foobarrymumsnet is leaking onto my facebook14:21
awilkinsWe just developed ways of getting it that don't involve all that stressful (for the prey) hunting and stalking14:22
foobarryits gone from smacking is bad->timeouts are bad->..what next?14:22
zmoylan-pitaking away their iphone is bad?14:25
awilkinsNot obeying their will As Is Their Divine Right is bad?14:25
awilkins(Think of the children! Worship them and their will be done!"14:26
davmor2zmoylan-pi: no you need to be more evil than that change the wifi password14:38
zmoylan-pino no, you can't expect parents to know how to do that. you sell them an automatic power timer to turn the wifi on and off at 5 minute intervals14:39
foobarryapparently timeouts do permanent damage14:40
foobarryso does putting your hand in the oven14:40
zmoylan-pimy oldest sister was terrible at getting up in the morning and would need to be called multiple times.  my father grew tired of this and told her that tomorrow at 8am you will be up. the next day at 801am she was still in bed so he put tea towel in drip tray of freezer, pulled blanket off bed and dropped tea towel on her14:42
zmoylan-pishe was never called more than once after that14:42
moreatioh, _that_ kind of timeout. I wondered why mumsnet would be discussing window.setTimeout()14:49
aquariuspopey, bah. I was going to write a twitter bot which every time you used the word archive said "I think you mean 'repository'" and call it "condescendinglinuxperson" or something, but you don't say it often enough :)14:53
aquariusI agree completely with you, btw. :)14:54
zmoylan-pior constipatedlinuxperson everytime someone said suppository instead of repository :-P14:54
diddledanzmoylan-pi: the ubuntu archive suppository14:55
diddledanzmoylan-pi: what about when people say "umbunto" or "ubunut"?14:57
diddledanumbunto umbunto they drink it in the congpo14:57
zmoylan-pitoo orangey for crows... :-P14:57
diddledanI hate when people use an O at the end of ubuntu14:58
diddledanlike seriously, how difficult is it?!14:58
zmoylan-piwell it is a word that is completely unfamiliar to english speakers, kinda like when americans try to pronounce uk place names and get confused.  or like when british folk get caught on irish place names14:59
foobarrycead mile fait15:00
foobarrythere's no way an english person can work ok the proper pronunciation15:00
diddledanI'm the only person on my mum's side left to marry, and the remainder of my dad's side are probably going to be wedded-off by the end of the year15:12
diddledan(my cousin got married on saturday)15:12
elfyhold out on that :)15:14
diddledanmine or my cousin's?15:18
foobarryi know loads of lovely single women15:19
foobarryand loads of single men, who should really speak to those women15:19
mappsgot my phone finally15:28
zmoylan-piso extra dosh required?15:29
davmor2mapps: \o/15:29
zmoylan-pia life of cats beckons... :-)15:31
mappsnope nothing15:32
mappsi just said it was a phone case/cover/sim adapters15:32
mappshe just gives it to me15:32
mappslast time when i had a phone case sent here they opened the box lol15:32
mappsjust outside apartment15:33
elfymapps: nice - sun ...16:13
diddledansun would be nice16:17
elfyit would16:17
elfymore than a photo though :)16:17
Myrttisun would be nice for my project16:18
Myrttia bit difficult to test a UV sensor when it's so cloudy16:18
MyrttiI suppose I could finish sewing it now since the hardware and code has been proven to work16:20
* elfy wonders at the connection between sewing 16:22
zmoylan-piit's multithreaded :-)16:23
elfyha ha ha16:23
Myrttielfy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/myrtti/16328748833/16:24
elfyso zmoylan-pi was right :p16:26
zmoylan-pii wonder how the new kids computer will affect the wearable market16:26
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davmor2Myrtti: that is a lot of press-stud for one board17:03
zmoylan-piwhen good boards go bad... :-)17:03
Myrttidavmor2: I actually ripped all those out and resewed them, some with one hole with conductive thread, some with some thin stranded wire soldered on17:05
Myrttiand if I had not doubled on some 3.3V and GND, I would have needed a lot more of them17:05
Myrttia Piezo needs two connections, Neopixel three and the UV four17:06
MyrttiI could have combined all ground to one pad but they're actually working in holding the board in place too17:07
davmor2Myrtti: what you need is a crocheted sunflower with a motor that opens and closes the flower based on the sun level from the uv sensor :)17:09
MyrttiI try to keep this actually functional and useful :-D17:10
davmor2Myrtti: it's the equivalent of a barometer only prettier :D17:11
Myrttibut I've already got a RGB LED that changes colour and blinks the amount of UV that lands17:12
MyrttiI was thinking of adding a button so the LED can be used as a flashlight too17:12
davmor2nice 2 uses in one17:13
mappsoh god18:09
mappssomeone suggested tennis after spinning18:09
mappsthink id collapse18:09
diddledanas in whirling yourself around until you fall-over?18:10
intrbizcotton spinning18:11
mappscycling in a group;p18:12
mappsinervas and that18:12
mappstime for more proxypass fun18:36
funkyHatSpinning is what people do when they want to cycle but are too scared of cars19:24
ali1234they should do that at wimbledon, then i'd watch it19:27
mappsspinnings for athletes19:28
mappsits hard work19:28
mappsi only had 5 hours sleep too..had to get up early to collect phone19:29
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