tsdgeosSaviq: you better?07:36
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, very much so, thanks07:41
SaviqI don't remember having been killed like that for a wee07:42
Saviqdednick, hey, you been able to reproduce bug #1436982 ?08:09
ubot5bug 1436982 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Unity freezes for a few seconds when 'clear all' is tapped in Notifications" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143698208:09
dednickSaviq: hey. haven't tried yet. busy with the AP tests for sprint08:44
dednickI can give it a try though...08:44
dednickshouldnt take long08:44
dednickalkthough i seem to have lost my simcard :/08:45
seb128Saviq, hey, wb08:48
Saviqseb128, thanks08:49
seb128Saviq, bug #1435988 ... no, no idea, but I hit it a few time and I saw askubuntu and g+ comment from customers who hit it as well08:49
ubot5bug 1435988 in unity8 (Ubuntu RTM) "sometime right edge swip stop working on the lockscreen" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143598808:49
seb128it's quite confusing if you are used to unlock from that side08:49
Saviqagreed, not sure how to diagnose, unfortunately08:49
seb128Saviq, for sure there is a way to work on it out of that having steps to reproduce08:49
seb128incomplete seems a poor status08:50
seb128it's going to expire and autoclose08:50
seb128but it's a valid bu08:50
Saviqhere ya go, Confirmed08:50
dednickSaviq: can confirm. it's quite bad :(08:57
dednickseems to be whenever anything is added/removed from notifications.08:57
Saviqmhm, triaged it, will try in rtm too, feels like a regression08:58
dednickSaviq: do the autopilot tests always run in the same order?09:11
Saviqdednick, no09:11
dednickSaviq: why not?09:11
Saviqdednick, I think they're randomized on purpose09:11
dednickSaviq: ah. k09:11
Saviqdednick, because that could hide issues with the tests :)09:11
dednickSaviq: yeah. figured.09:12
dednickshould probably run them twice in that case ;)09:13
dednickin smoke tests anyway09:13
dednickunity: anyone know if there's a way to gracefully exit phablet-test-run before it's finished?09:18
Saviqdednick, don't think there is09:39
Saviqdednick, it's just an autopilot call on the device, and I don't think AP can do anything smart on Ctrl+C or anything09:39
Saviqdednick, btw, can't seem to reproduce the clear-all lag on rtm, so likely a regression09:39
Mirvtsdgeos: hey, back to bug #1421009, I've just added a comment explaining various suites that 100% pass on mako without the PPA, and have failures with the PPA even with the AP fix. did you see the failures and do you have any insight where the timing (?) problems could lie? I'd ping brendand next again from QA but I believe it'd help them the more they know about how the system changes with the Qt patches.10:40
ubot5bug 1421009 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "unity8 sometimes hangs on boot" [Critical,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142100910:40
tsdgeosMirv: it's hard to explain10:46
tsdgeoshonestly of all the failures i've been able to find10:46
tsdgeosnone actually seemed qdbus related10:46
tsdgeoswhich to me they seem like they've been there all the time10:47
tsdgeosjust hidden by qdbus serializing lots of things on the main thread10:47
tsdgeoswhich is no longer happening with these patches10:48
tsdgeosso threads run more "freely"10:48
tsdgeosi'll write that in the bug10:48
tsdgeosnow, i agree there's probably easier ways to fix the bug "for now"10:50
tsdgeoswithout that large patchset10:51
Mirvtsdgeos: indeed I can on a high level understand how threads flowing freely affects many things. but it seems that the failures we get on mako are not "this test is failing", but "tests fail randomly"10:51
tsdgeosif we know that it comes from the fact that libusermetrics is using dbus now10:51
tsdgeosMirv: that's what threads have10:51
tsdgeosthey always run in different order10:51
Mirvright, it seems it was introduced when the libusermetrics landing happened10:51
tsdgeosso stuff will fail randomly10:51
tsdgeosMirv: you would not know which landing specifically?10:53
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Mirvtsdgeos: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libusermetrics/1.1.1+15.04.20150219-0ubuntu1 that landed on image #106 on 20150220: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/106.changes10:58
Mirvtsdgeos: and it's not really that it started using dbus, maybe it started it using differently, now via click10:59
Mirvdiff at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/198152771/libusermetrics_1.1.1%2B14.10.20141020-0ubuntu1_1.1.1%2B15.04.20150219-0ubuntu1.diff.gz10:59
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Saviqmzanetti, here's what we talked about last week: bug #143817212:52
ubot5bug 1438172 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Non-pinned apps disappear when push counter cleared" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143817212:52
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mzanettiSaviq, ack, thanks13:00
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ricotzTrevinho, hi :), did you see an issue like that on unity7/bamf? https://answers.launchpad.net/plank/+question/26390913:49
tsdgeosnoone knows how to disable apparmor?13:49
tsdgeosi want it to make it stop unable to do my work13:50
tsdgeosit's annoying how underdocumented it is13:50
seb128tsdgeos, how does he stop you to do your work?13:55
tsdgeosseb128: i can't run autopilot tests13:55
seb128why not?13:56
tsdgeosbecause it complains about autopilot not being able to access dbus13:56
seb128if that's a specific bug we should fix it for everyone13:56
tsdgeosthe bug is that one needs 154 commands to run autopilot tests it may seem :D13:56
seb128can you open at least a bug about it (if not done yet)?13:56
seb128tsdgeos, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingApparmor13:56
tsdgeosseb128: phablet-config autopilot --dbus-probe enable as suggested by Mirv fixed it13:57
Mirvthere are a bit too many things people need to remember when running AP tests13:58
MirvI'm using ubuntu-ui-toolkit's test script, but ideally 'phablet-test-run' would unlock and lit the phone, enable dbus probe, checkout and update tests if necessary, install needed dependencies etc13:59
seb128yeah, the wrapper should default to that maybe, or be smart and detect when it's needed13:59
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om26ertsdgeos, Hi! some times on first boot my dash (...and all other scopes) looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/crDZ2G8.png14:17
tsdgeosthe empty images is back14:18
om26ericons do get automatically loaded after like 2 minutes flat14:18
tsdgeosom26er: which image?14:19
om26ertsdgeos, vivid-proposed, latest.14:19
tsdgeosom26er: is it possible that you have very bad network at that point?14:22
om26ertsdgeos, could be, my internet have not been too great.14:23
om26ertsdgeos, but why does it affect click scope14:23
tsdgeosbecause how quick loads async images14:23
tsdgeosonce there's 8 http async images loading14:24
tsdgeosit won't load any other14:24
tsdgeoseven if it's a local file14:24
tsdgeoswhich is stupid and i fixed it for Qt 5.614:24
tsdgeosi could try to convince ourselves to run a patch not to do that in Qt 5.414:24
tsdgeosi guess14:24
tsdgeosom26er: can you open a bug and i'll see what i can do to convince people to accept that patch and then we can see if it's really the fix or not?14:25
om26ertsdgeos, sure.14:25
mhall119w/w #unity14:39
davmor2tsdgeos: not meaning to be funny, but these are installed apps where the icon is in the desktop file so why would BB speed matter at all?  It should fetch from local and not touch the net at all surely?14:42
tsdgeosdavmor2: you may want to read the explanation i already gave14:42
davmor2tsdgeos: ah yeap got it14:43
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mzanettiSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/fix-launcher-losing-apps/+merge/25461317:43
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Saviqmzanetti, tx!17:47
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