_stink_good morning12:35
cmaloneyMorning and all that. :)12:45
rick_h_cable guy here yay12:46
* rick_h_ hates that line heh12:46
cmaloneyWhich line is that?12:47
cmaloneyThe one that goes to your house?12:47
rick_h_saying "yay" to the "cable guy"12:49
cmaloneyWell, considering it's a modern miracle whenever they show up I'm sure the "yay" is warranted.12:50
cmaloney"Yay, something in our dystopian future is working as I expected and someone has made their way to my house to make my Internet better hopefully please God please"12:51
jcastrobrousch, huh, I wonder if that show is any good15:18
cmaloneyjcastro: My "douche" filter didn't go completely off the scale when I read through the speakers.15:24
smosercmaloney, did my email to mug get sent to /dev/null ?17:31
smoseror did I (quite posisbly) just miss a response.17:31
cmaloneyNo, we're cool17:32
cmaloneyI thought I'd left it as such17:32
cmaloneyEveryone is exceptionally pleased you're talking17:32
smoseroh. ok.17:32
cmaloneyApologies for leaving you hanging17:32
smoserthats good then.17:32
smoserno worries17:32
cmaloneyThat's all my fault. :)17:32
jrwrenyou talking cloud-init at mug? cloud-init is my favorite thing.17:41
cmaloneyAnd I'm talking about emulators. :)17:48
jrwrenwhat is an emulator?17:48
cmaloneyStuff like Amiga emulators, Atari 800 emulators17:51
cmaloneyAtari ST17:51
cmaloneyold hardware17:51
cmaloneythat sort of thing.17:51
jrwrencmaloney: very cool.17:52
brouschHave any east siders heard of this? Apparently it's in Ann Arbor https://stratoscard.com/18:00
_stink_huh, neat idea18:02
brouschApparently looking for Python devs18:03
cmaloneyVery cool18:05
cscheibhuh, wonder if they're the reason we couldn't trademark the stratos name nationwide18:24
jrwrenwhy did stratos come up today?20:02
jrwrenbrousch: did Henry email you directly?20:03
brouschYeah, that's why I brought it up20:03
jrwrenbrousch: ha! me too :)20:03
brouschI like to poke around these things before I reply20:03
jrwrenI've followed Henry on twitter for years. Seems like a solid guy.20:04
brouschHa! Well if he thinks I'm a jrwren-caliber developer he's gonna have a bad time ;)20:04
jrwrenbrousch: my wife says "You don't want to work for a wine drinker."20:05
jrwrenbrousch: you are likely far beyond a jrwren-caliber dev :p20:05
brouschI still have not written a single test20:05
brouschHey, wait, rick_h_ is a wine drinker!20:07
jrwrenbrousch: WHAT?!?!?!20:08
jrwrenbrousch: lets get on hangouts and write a test together RIGHT NOW20:08
brouschWell I wrote one with someone else, but not by myself20:09
brouschIt was very interesting20:09
jrwrenbrousch: were you driving?20:09
jrwrenbrousch: so sad20:09
brouschI know20:10
brouschI'm actually rectifying it right now20:10
brouschI have 2 books to read, then I have 2 existing systems to add tests to20:11
cmaloneyI think jrwren sells himself short.20:12
brouschPart of it is that I've been working on kivy so long. Kivy apps are hard to test20:12
cmaloneyPretty sure he's developed three systems before the spoon hits the cereal bowl20:12
jrwrenbrousch: since you are adding it to already written code, do you have Michael Feathers book?20:28
brouschI do not20:38
cscheibOMG THE SUN IS OUT IN MI20:48
mrgoodcatis anybody here particularly familiar with meteor.js?21:16
cscheibI have an acquaintance who thinks it's pretty neat21:17
cscheibbut with the frequency of new js frameworks, it's gotta be annoying to develop in them21:17
jrwrenmeteor has been around for at least a couple of years.21:37
jrwrenuses a mongodb backend and does *magic* to let you write only JS and some runs on server via node and other runs in client and everything is magical and beautiful.21:37
cscheibit looks neat.21:40
rick_h_brousch: :P but he works for Uros, not me. So jrwren is safe22:13
mrgoodcati got my problem worked out anways23:00
mrgoodcatwas being dumb23:00
mrgoodcatthe ldapjs library was getting in my way with its bad documentation23:01

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