xTEMPLARxpersonally, i feel there's way too much in the way of idling up in here.18:49
bwmakerAfternoon, xTEMPLARx19:16
xTEMPLARxheya bwmaker19:21
bwmakerHow's it going?19:21
xTEMPLARxever sort out your thunderbird problem?19:21
xTEMPLARxnot too awful over here I suspect. It could def. be much worse19:21
bwmakerNot yet. I'll look at it again later. I use Gmail, so I'm in no rush.19:22
bwmakerGood to hear. :)19:22
xTEMPLARxhow's you?19:22
bwmakerPretty good. Big lunch and  ready for a nap. :) There was some fresh coffee in the office though, so I think I'll make it.19:30
wrstxTEMPLARx: some of us just like to idle19:44
Unit193Because talking to people is weiiird.19:45
bwmakerAnd lurking is awesome.19:50
bwmakerHeard Andrew Kalat, who's a security professional in Atlanta, give the talk that inspired this story. It's really good, but a bit of a downer. Certainly something to think about when you hack around and live in the interwebs like we do. http://www.dailydot.com/technology/michael-hamelin-legacy-encryption-death/21:06

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