mivdns is working fine00:00
Alissathen run sudo crontab -e, then add in "@reboot /root/whereveritis.sh"00:00
Alissawhere whereveritis is your filename00:00
jamie_Alissa: okay just to make sure i hear taht right... place the .sh under the root dir and have it run on boot auto00:00
mivyour network type adsl or a wireless00:01
jamie_Alissa: to put it in really bland terms00:01
Alissajamie_: yeah.00:01
Alissamiv: wireless00:01
AlissaI can use telnet and it works fine.00:01
mivbut there is no browser application work00:01
AlissaNeither chromium nor firefox work.00:02
mivare you configure /dev/shm a read only?00:02
Alissarwxrwxrwx for the ls -l00:03
mivtry to run chromium as superuser00:03
AlissaForced into not-superuser00:04
mivcheck /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chrome-sandbox is a setuid00:04
jamie_Alissa: okay... so it would be put in that doc as exactaly     @reboot /root/home/jamie/Documents/firefoxupdate.sh    on its own line00:04
AlissaFirefox can run in superuser but it doesn't connect still.00:05
Alissajamie_: As long as that's where your script is.00:05
AlissaActually, how often do you want to update firefox?00:05
mivtry sudo firefox --no-remote00:05
jamie_that is where my script is00:05
jamie_what are yall trying to do with firefox....00:05
creppleAlissa I'm just reading a suggestion to try it with ipv6 disabled00:06
AlissaAnd how do I do that?00:06
creppleNetwork manager Alissa00:06
AlissaI'm gonna try to restart computer, see what that does.00:07
mivtry to restart and see what is going on after00:07
mivi can still help after00:08
jamie_Alissa: thanks... all works now00:10
ASTAROTHпривет всем рускоязычным00:11
Alissamiv: Same thing, still.00:12
mivthe same probleme00:12
santiagohola, Me pueden decir que fin tiene este chat de ubuntu?00:12
mivtry to start firefox like this sudo firefox --no-remote00:12
nik_unityI need some help with some sssl related errors00:12
nik_unityon apaache200:13
santiagohola, Me pueden decir que fin tiene este chat de ubuntu?00:14
mivi think this probleme with your network configuration00:15
mivi try to think what is exacttly00:16
mivplease try agaien to access gateway via browser00:17
mivnope what exacttly00:19
AlissaIt's still in the "Connecting" step00:19
Alissaaaand it just stopped trying00:20
mivto access the gateway00:20
mivcan you telnet it via terminal00:20
creppleAlissa You haven't recently used local proxies viladia (tor) or Jondonym? I'm still searching00:21
AlissaI can wget and telnet it.00:21
Alissacrepple: I use a ssh -D proxy for chromium, but none for firefox.00:21
mivwhat you want to do now )00:22
creppleI can find this issue mentioned a lot but none of the posts end with solutions00:22
AlissaShould I just reinstall Ubuntu?00:23
mivdid you try to add network configuration manualy00:23
mivyou sould not00:23
AlissaI have a checklist now of everything I need installed because of how many times I've accidentally broken something important.00:23
mivofcourse there is a solve00:23
AlissaI don't touch the networking things.00:23
mivalways take care to make backup image00:24
iuriHi there, How do I php decode "\xe1" to html00:24
iuriutf8 à00:24
mivmake backup image always00:24
creppleAlissa I found a second posts with the ipv6 suggestion working http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/fedora-installation-39/firefox-won't-connect-fresh-fedora-10-install-704412/00:24
mivdid you try to enter network details manualy00:25
AlissaI'm just going to reinstall.00:25
AlissaToo many things are broken already and I could use a fresh install00:25
mivit will take much work to manage and benchmark00:25
mivtry a little00:25
mivopen network-manager00:26
creppleIt seems like it's easy to disable ipv6 in firefox http://www.techairlines.com/disable-ipv6-on-ubuntu-to-speed-up-browsing/00:26
creppleCan't find the same for Chrome00:26
mivedit the network and add the local ip +mask+gateway and dns00:26
OerHeksif it did work, try resetting your router.00:27
mivif you use the ufw disable ipv600:27
mivsudo nano /etc/default/ufw and set ipv6=no00:28
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=== corey_ is now known as Guest18287
creppleAlissa I'll have to check back tomorrow and see how you solved it. It's an interesting issue, annoying for you of course :)00:33
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest67651
thorieanyone know why i would have dead keys on my macbook in ubuntu? (no dead keys when i reboot to mac os, and no dead keys if i plug in a usb keyboard) ?00:36
thorieand my dead keys are concentrated to Y, U, I, O, and P00:36
mivwhat do you mean about dead keys?00:37
mivexplain please00:37
Guest67651i'm getting an issue when trying to mount my os x 10.10 partition within ubuntu. any ideas? here's the error message: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/81ff5f9b2551ce5a6a3e00:37
thoriewhen i press the key, the key doesn't output the letter00:37
mivkeyboard probleme00:38
thorieif i keep pressing the key over and over and over maybe 10-20 times, eventually it starts to output letters again, but it's very choppy... maybe 50% of keypresses don't appear00:38
Mike9863My Asus Zenbook Prime sometimes resumes from suspend mode without me doing anything. I sometimes have to try 5+ times to get it to stay alseep. Does anyone know how I can fix this?00:38
=== Guest67651 is now known as whomp
thorieyes, it's a macbook pro (notebook)00:39
nothinbutcatsHi everyone. I feel like I'm going insane. I figured I'd join the fun and start using upstart. I just want to put a service .conf in ~/.config/upstart/ and run the script as _my user_, not as root, and I cannot figure it out. Am I being a moron, or is it not obvious how to do this?00:39
mivwhich system you are using please00:39
nothinbutcatsthis is on ubuntu 12, by the way.00:39
thorieApple MacBook Pro 17" Early 2011 Model, and when I boot to Mac, it's Yosemite Mac OS X00:39
mivexcuse me im never ever used mac before if this a unix os i can offer some help00:40
mivim sorry00:40
thoriemiv: this is Ubuntu, i have dual-boot on my notebook00:40
whompi'm getting an issue when trying to mount my os x 10.10 partition within ubuntu. any ideas? here's the error message: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/81ff5f9b2551ce5a6a3e00:41
thoriemiv: when I am in Mac OS, I do not have any keyboard problems... this is only on Ubuntu00:41
mivdid you check delay settings00:41
mivgo to system settings and check keyboard delay00:41
whompcould it have to do with the fact that my "System Volume Information" folder is corrupted?00:41
whompif so, how can i fix it?00:42
thoriemiv: yes, i am using "xset" to customize the keyboard delay settings: xset r rate 160 3000:42
thoriemiv: could this be an issue?00:42
mivdid you try please to check system settings normaly without xset command00:43
thoriemiv: i don't have system settings, since i am running bare OS no "Unity Desktop"00:43
mivsystem settings -- keyboard00:43
whompany ideas?00:44
thoriemiv: i'm using IceWM as my window manager00:44
mivso the only ways to use xset from terminal00:44
mivim thinkink00:45
mivim think00:45
whompi'm getting an issue when trying to mount my os x 10.10 partition within ubuntu. any ideas? here's the error message: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/81ff5f9b2551ce5a6a3e00:46
nothinbutcatsAnyone familiar with upstart that knows how to make user services?00:46
thorieis there a laptop keyboard service that i can restart?00:46
mivi use sometimes xset to configure display never did for keyboards00:46
mivdid you try notebook hotkeys00:46
mivnormaly its windows key plus f-no00:47
mivf1 and f2 ,etc...00:47
thorielet me try to reboot again00:48
mivok i will be here00:48
mivim waiting00:49
hkrrsxEvening, all00:49
mivevening u00:49
whompdoes anyone have any solution to my problem? i have no idea what to do, and i'm nervous about messing around too much with partitions00:50
whompi need to fix this in order to get my os back, because a couple files got messed up by accident when i was making changes00:52
mivwhat is your problemes with partions00:52
mivexplain the probleme please00:53
whompi'm getting an issue when trying to mount my os x 10.10 partition within ubuntu. any ideas? here's the error message: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/81ff5f9b2551ce5a6a3e00:53
whompmiv: ^ :)00:53
mivnot open links00:54
mivdo you want to mount partions use man mount00:54
whompit's github...00:54
hasanhi. can anybody tell me what "Bit Rate: 2.36M" means in the output of sox?00:54
hkrrsxwhomp: Sorry if I'm repeating what's already been said/done but have you looked at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1660958 ?00:54
hasanI only know bit depth of 1,2,4,8,16,24 etc.00:54
verdePidk what sox is but probably 2.36 Megabits/s00:55
mivwhomp try to recover from live image then chroot00:56
whomphkrrsx: one poster says that i can't write to a journalled hfs+ filesystem. i need to access my journalled hfs+ mac partition to replace a few os files00:56
mivmount then chroot00:56
verdePbit rate is your actual data rate like mp3 file 256kbps is the bitrate00:57
hkrrsxwhomp: what are the permissions of that mount point ?00:58
area51pilotI'm using syndaemon to temp diable synaptic trackpad for a 1/2 sec on a Dell ultrabook to keep pointer from jumping around as I type. It worked for a few days anaptic now has stopped. The daemon shows its running with the settings I set in Startup Apps (syndaemon -i 0.5 -d) but its not disabling it anymore. I've tried combinations of disabling in the system settings in addition to changing the values and flags of the syndaemon00:58
area51pilotprocess. Online and man page searche havent revealed anything that's helped. Any useful ideas from anyone experiencing the same issue?00:58
daniel_I'm in the middle of an ubuntu installation and it's downloading packages... but the ethernet line it's connected to is painfully slow. If I disconnect the line and replace it with a better one, will I screw everything up?00:58
hasanverdeP: well. I have a flac file here with following stats (according to sox (swiss army of sound processing)): encoding flac, samplerate: 96000Hz, channels 2@24bits. but also "Bit Rate: 2.36M"00:59
hasanso which is which?00:59
area51pilotdaniel_: it wont hurt, you may just need to run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt get upgrade again if your not quick enough in the switc01:01
hkrrsxwhomp: Also, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/hfsplus because it directly talks about your issue01:01
verdePsample rate is the freq you sample at, you convert analog to digital...taking a data point at that 96kHz, the bit depth is how many gradiations you have to quantify that signal into bits01:01
daniel_area51pilot, thanks01:02
hasanverdeP: I know.01:02
kk0710guys I am having a hell of a time with 14.04 lts on my new laptop.  My wireless keeps cutting out and firefox is giving me a hard time.  I came in before and had a fix by updating the third party stuff needed for the right codex' for firefox and updated the wireless driver but the problems are back.  I am only having the problem with ubuntu and am realllly hoping I don't have to switch back to windows but I am out of ideas here01:02
verdePthe bit rate is the overall amount of digital data being transmitted01:02
hasannow with these stats I would have: 96000 * 2 (channels) * 24 (bits) = 4608000 or 4.608kpbs01:02
area51pilotdaniel_: no problem I do it on occasion switching from Ethernet to wireless01:02
hasanwhat exactly is 2.36M Bit Rate then?01:03
whomphkrrsx: that looks great except that i can't access the mac os itself01:04
hkrrsxwhomp: is the drive physically installed in your Ubuntu machine or in a Mac machine?01:05
whompso i can't turn off journalling01:05
verdePhasan: i agree that seems stupidly high01:05
whomphkrrsx: i'm not sure i understand, but this is a macbook pro with an os x partition, and then i'm running ubuntu on a flash drive, which it's currently booted to01:06
mivkk0710 remove avahi-daemon and avahi-autoipd and see the probleme still01:07
kk0710miv, sorry i dced while you were responding01:08
hkrrsxwhomp: stupid question but do you have hfsutils installed ?01:08
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whomphkrrsx: i have hfsutils and hfsplus installed, but it couldn't find hfsprogs01:08
whompi tried `sudo apt-get update`, still no dice with finding hfsprogs01:09
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hkrrsxwhomp: how about ' sudo aptitude search hfsprogs ' ? Does it find anything there ?01:09
Flannelhkrrsx, whomp: it's hfsutils, not hfsprogs.01:10
Flannelhkrrsx: hfsprogs doesn't exist in the repositories.01:10
whomphkrrsx: ok well i have hfsutils at least01:11
QwEi'm from Chile, SouthAMerica01:11
miv' '01:11
hkrrsxwhomp: Flannel: interesting b/c I found it ... http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/hfsprogs01:12
QwEany from SouthAmerica or Spain?01:12
Flannelhkrrsx: Oh, interesting.  I just looked for it on p.u.c and didn't see it.  I must've fat fingered something.01:13
Flannelhkrrsx: carry on then :)01:13
hkrrsxFlannel: thanks for double checking01:13
hkrrsxwhomp: see about downloading hfsprogs from the site and see if that makes a difference01:14
mivif you have some data is important for you try to recover it01:15
whomphkrrsx: ok, done01:16
hkrrsxwhomp: do you have the drive set to auto-mount or are you doing so manually ?01:17
whomphkrrsx: not sure01:17
hkrrsxwhomp: either way, reboot and then try re-mounting the drive afterwards01:17
whompi just click on it in the graphical file browser01:17
whomphkrrsx: i can't :) i'm booted to a flash drive01:17
hkrrsxwhomp: you can't restart Ubuntu b/c its on a flash drive?01:18
whomphkrrsx: i can, but i would lose all of my changes01:18
whomphaven't done this in a while01:18
hkrrsxwhomp: if your flash drive is basically a Ubuntu live CD, then yeah you'd lose your settings01:19
whomphkrrsx: yeah that's what it is01:19
hkrrsxOk, what happens when you double click on that drive now that hfsprogs is installed ?01:19
whomphkrrsx: same thing01:20
hasanverdeP: I did some calculations: if this FLAC file is really at 96000@24 stereo. this would be 4608000 (or 4,60Mbps). still not 2.36M :/01:20
hkrrsxwhomp: any particular reason that you're not accessing the drive via the Mac OS instead of a Ubuntu live environment ?01:21
whomphkrrsx: because there are some missing folders like bin on my mac os01:21
=== paulo_ is now known as Guest36040
whompso i need to access the file system to get new copies in there01:21
verdePhasan: compression?01:21
hasanMPEG audio01:21
verdePalso bit rate is often given as an average01:22
hasanoh sry01:22
hasanencoding: FLAC01:22
hkrrsxwhomp: someone on another askubuntu.com site suggests running the Disk Repair from the Mac OS Disk Utility application01:22
kk0710miv, it didn't work, I got a few mintues worth of uninterrupted service, was able to ping, browse, and dl through transmission but after a few everything dropped to 0 and I had to reset adapter01:23
whomphkrrsx: yeah i figured. ah well, thanks anyways :)01:23
kk0710miv, I also restarted after removing those two packages,01:23
hkrrsxwhomp: sorry i couldn't help ...01:23
verdePyeah so youre showing about 1/2 the bitrate in flac ? from raw?01:24
mivdo you configure iptables01:24
daftykinshasan: FLAC compresses to 60% original on average.01:24
verdePwhich sounds about right01:24
mivand did you make bad sysctl.conf01:24
hasandaftykins: could this explain the bit rate change?01:24
whomphkrrsx: no worries01:24
daftykinshasan: yes bitrate will change when compression occurs.01:24
hasanalright. so this makes sense then01:24
daftykinsnow, i'm sorry but this topic is not Ubuntu support :)01:24
hasanthank you very much folks.01:24
kk0710i've done none of that, this is the first time I have had a problem with anything after a fresh install.  Since I had this laptop I was having problems with firefox plugin conf locking up so dude had me install 3rd party stuff(I clicked no during install) then install a new driver for the wirless for the dc problems.  Everything was fine for a few days but it has come back with a vengeance01:25
daftykinsi'm not sure caps are necessary :P01:27
adammmdaftykins maybe miv has a BROKEN KEYBOARD01:27
bazhangmiv no caps please01:28
daftykinsadammm: silly statement01:28
mivcheck if you are in usb autosuspend mode01:28
Warfront1I'm having issues starting x01:28
Warfront1xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (no such file or directory)01:29
daftykinsWarfront1: what ubuntu is this? why do you need to start it manually? what are you running?01:29
SonikkuAmerica!details | Warfront101:29
ubottuWarfront1: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)01:29
daftykins(note 'startx' is a bad idea)01:29
kk0710no built in wifi01:30
kk0710sigh had to reset again01:30
kk0710I am about to give up and go back to windows, I hate to say it but no one can seem to figure this out01:30
SonikkuAmericaWarfront1 - (You may wish to try #ubuntu-server first)01:30
mivdo you use usb wireless adapter?01:30
daftykinsWarfront1: so, how did you install X? :)01:30
cmWhy do you want X on a server?01:30
Warfront1sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktop01:31
Warfront1sudo apt-get install LXDE01:31
Warfront1sudo apt-get install xinit01:31
daftykinsWarfront1: and is this a VPS?01:31
daftykinsit is? ok you're on your own01:31
daftykinsGUIs don't belong on VPSs :>01:31
SonikkuAmericacm - for the same reason you're not km? I dunno :)01:31
Warfront1I don't care for any security concerns01:32
kk0710I do not use any power management tools01:32
kk0710I am a novice user, I tend to just install whatever the most current LTS is from scratch and call it good01:32
Warfront1infact I plan on this vps getting hacked01:32
* daftykins chuckles01:32
SonikkuAmericaWarfront1 - wat01:32
kk0710I do not use a wireless a dapter01:32
kk0710this is a laptop01:32
kk0710brand new hp01:32
mivso you are in adsl01:32
kk0710"novice", no clue what you are getting at.01:33
Warfront1so does anyone have any ideas?01:34
Warfront1I really don't care what ui i use01:34
daftykinswell you didn't tell us how you're attempting to start X01:34
Warfront1sudo startx01:34
Warfront1from root01:34
hkrrsxWarfront1: how do you feel about using a web-based system administration tool like Webmin ?01:34
daftykinsok well using root = silly and using startx is bad01:35
hkrrsxWorks like a low fat GUI01:35
daftykinsas in won't work bad01:35
Warfront1I get the same issue when attempting to start from another account01:35
kk0710does anyone have any idea why I am having such a hard time with my network?01:35
daftykinsthat's not the point, i'm saying startx is not what to run :)01:35
OerHekswebmin, there are issues with that, on ubuntu, hkrrsx01:36
daftykins"sudo service lightdm start" is the standard, *but* i don't know if lubuntu uses it01:36
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.01:36
mivkk0710 if you feel the unix os is not for you ,you can switch back to what os you prefere01:36
hkrrsxOerHeks: thanks01:36
daftykinsOerHeks: y'beat me :D01:36
zerovertexWarfront1: install xvfb and xauth. forward any GUI applications over SSH to your local xserver or use Xming for Windows and Putty. No xserver needed on the VPS.01:36
Warfront1I orginally had this running on windows server but I wanted to downgrade to a linux box to save some money01:37
JinjaNinjaDoes anyone on this channel have experience with penetration testing?01:37
daftykinsJinjaNinja: not really on topic.01:37
kk0710ugh dc'ed again01:37
daftykinsWarfront1: that's not a downgrade.01:38
Warfront1@zerovertex the point of the server is to do things within a ui environment01:38
kk0710I captured the sys log from the last reset until this one though01:38
JinjaNinjaExcuse me, I'm seeking help in a chat room.01:38
daftykinsservers do not belong with a GUI :)01:38
=== percY_ is now known as percY-
Warfront1The weird thing is I have a vm of the exact same setup working01:38
Warfront1on my local test bed machine01:38
daftykinsJinjaNinja: the channel is Ubuntu OS support, if you can phrase a support question that'd be the way to start.01:39
zerovertexWarfront1: apt-get install xubuntu-desktop... on top of your Ubuntu server?01:39
cmNinja I do penetration testing with my girlfriends. Not sure if that helps.01:39
Warfront1I tried lubuntu , xde, and ubuntu-desktop @zerovertex01:39
danemacmillanHi--I just installed ubuntu for the first time and I had to hard reboot my computer three times before it finally loaded--and now I did a software update--and it appears to be just hanging.01:39
danemacmillanIt asked if I wanted to restart for the updates--and I clicked yes01:40
JinjaNinjadaftykins: So sorry to get you butthurt that I'm not exactly 'on topic'. Lmao.01:40
danemacmillanNow it's just chilling on the ubuntu logo. Is this normal?01:40
daftykinsJinjaNinja: there's no need to take my messages like a personal attack :) calm down and phrase a question otherwise please take your rudeness elsewhere01:40
cmdanemacmillan what graphics cad is in that machine01:40
danemacmillanNo CPU activity, or hdd activity01:40
danemacmillancm: Not sure--some ATI sticker on the computer, though01:41
zerovertexWarfront1: You have a swap partition on your VPS? I've seen some without that don't like running xserver/gui applications.01:41
JinjaNinjadaftykins: Don't mind if I will. I've never dealt with such rudeness before on this channel myself. :)01:41
cmok had issue with machines with Nvidia graphics all week after an update.01:42
Warfront1@zerovertex not sure01:42
danemacmillanI just hard rebooted computer--and now it's not loading ubuntu--probbaly have to do it two more times to get it up01:42
daftykins!nomodeset | danemacmillan use this01:43
ubottudanemacmillan use this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:43
cmHad to work around the problem using latest stable proprietary driver.01:43
kk0710Guys I am having multiple problems with my new laptop and 14.04 lts.  The network has always been dodgy and any browser I would use would eat up resources.  A guy the other night had me install 3rd party stuff which seemd to fix the browser issue then had me install a new driver for my wireless adapterk everything worked for a couple of days but now all my problems are back with a vengeance and I am constantly getting disconnected.  Here is01:43
kk0710 the sys log from one disconnect to the next   http://paste.ubuntu.com/10704672/01:43
cmnomodeset will get the install done too...good luck after that01:43
danemacmillandaftykins: Thanks I'll check this out01:44
shalkerhey anyone there01:46
daftykinsshalker: yes in the largest channel on freenode there are indeed active people01:46
SonikkuAmericaBut the largest channel is #archlinux :(01:47
ObrienDaveheaven forbid ;P01:48
Gneait's true01:48
shalkerMy bad.. was just checking...01:49
daftykinsshalker: support queries only in future01:51
kk0710Guys I am having multiple problems with my new laptop and 14.04 lts.  The network has always been dodgy and any browser I would use would eat up resources.  A guy the other night had me install 3rd party stuff which seemd to fix the browser issue then had me install a new driver for my wireless adapterk everything worked for a couple of days but now all my problems are back with a vengeance and I am constantly getting disconnected.  Here is01:51
kk0710 the sys log from one disconnect to the next   http://paste.ubuntu.com/10704672/01:51
SonikkuAmerica!ot | shalker, head over here01:51
ubottushalker, head over here: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:51
daftykinskk0710: one part of the log said the AP wasn't there, sounds like some configuration could be at least down to your router / AP. what channel is it using?01:51
bazhangwhat 3rd party stuff and from where kk071001:51
kk0710daftykins, forgive me for being obtuse, are you asking me what channel is my router broadcasting on?01:52
daftykinstypically a number from 1-11, depending on whereabouts in the world you are01:52
kk0710bazhang, I didnt check install third party software during install, it was for the codex' and what not, it quazi fixed my flash player problems01:54
kk0710daftykins, sorry I dc'd again I will check.  Though I am curious as to why it would only matter on my linux machine?01:54
bazhangkk0710, something other than ubuntu-restricted-extras ?01:54
kk0710bazhang, I don't believe so01:55
kk0710bazhang, but this problem existed before that moment so that is not the problem, in fact it had appeared it had fixed the problem at least for a while01:55
kk0710daftykins, bare with me here I'm having problems finding the channel I am broadcasting on01:56
daftykinsno worries, feel free to give me the executive summary01:57
kk0710god damn it, its like the more I try to fix it the more often I dc01:57
kk0710let's try this again01:57
daftykinsis your router dual-band?01:58
kk0710man I am so rusty, I think so.  20 or 40MHz means dual band right?01:58
cmchange to channel 1301:59
kk0710those are the only settings pertaining to channels that I am finding under wireless01:59
kk0710this is a linksys wrt120n01:59
daftykinsno 2.4GHz and 5GHz are the two bands of dual band01:59
kk0710mind you I have several other devices on my network and only my ubuntu laptop is the problem01:59
daftykinscm: you can't just throw that out there without knowing where someone is in the world.01:59
daftykinskk0710: also what wireless adapter is this?02:00
kk0710daftykins, don't worry I tend not to listen to such things, I don't do anything Unless I trust the person or understand the request lol02:00
daftykinsheh good stuff02:00
kk071008:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188EE Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)02:00
bazhang /join02:01
cmOk where in the world are you?02:01
daftykinshrmm realtek02:01
Warfront1i love it02:01
Warfront1i love it02:01
kk0710daftykins, this was working for serveral days no problem then just went back to before,02:01
Warfront1sudo apt-get install xrdp02:01
Warfront1saved me life02:01
Warfront1xde is working with that02:02
cmIt says he is in NY...Change to channel 13 :)02:04
daftykinsno. no. no.02:04
kk0710cm if you are going to give advice read what the person in need is saying02:04
cmPBS in NY :)02:04
daftykinscm: stop, please.02:04
kk0710I don't even see an option to change the channel and once again, ONLY on this laptop am I having the problem and only when ubuntu is running02:04
cmThe option is on the router.02:05
daftykinsyeah lets just ignore this guy.02:05
kk0710daftykins, no worries I am :)02:05
daftykinskk0710: mmm, sometimes drivers for bad adapters work better by disabling the 5GHz portion... other times it's better to just factory reset a router and use a standard channel like 1, 6 and 11 on the 2.4GHz side for testing (depending on what your neighbours are using)02:06
kk0710ugh I am about to give up i cant stay on long enough to do anything, either plugin conf locks up my browser or I lose my connection02:07
cmIgnore is ok. :( When your done with all that please try 13. If you feel the need to thank me later.  Don't worry it's ok.02:08
daftykinskk0710: use a wired connection whilst resolving?02:08
kk0710id use windows before I went through that hassle02:08
daftykinscm: clearly you're the attention seeking kind, however what you're saying is 100% wrong :) sorry but you don't know what you're talking about02:09
kk0710daftykins, it's quite alright I can tell he clearly doesn't02:09
daftykinsi'm afraid i'm the type to like to make it known :>02:09
cmIts true I don't but give it a shot anyway just fo amusement02:09
kk0710daftykins, again thouh i see NO options on my router to change the channel02:10
daftykinscm: no, and you don't belong here just throwing guesses around02:10
daftykinskk0710: ah well. if you like the laptop maybe consider swapping out the card02:10
kk0710no way02:11
kk0710like I said this was working fine for days02:11
kk0710something else is the02:11
kk0710at this pint I think ubuntu has lost me02:11
SonikkuAmericaAt this quart Ubuntu shall get me back.02:11
SonikkuAmerica(Sorry, had to.)02:12
daftykinsSonikkuAmerica: that was terrible02:12
SonikkuAmerica(I know, I know. Back to support.)02:12
kk0710the problem goes beyond the adapter, as any browser I use tends to max out cpu usage and lock me up too02:12
cmWo said channel 13 was a guess :(02:12
kk0710ok daftykins I think I found the channel option it is currently set to auto02:13
kk0710and as I assume you already were aware of channel 13 isn't even an option lol02:13
cmwait are you going to implement my on't know wht I am talkign about option?02:14
kk0710cm you DON"T know what you are talking abou tas there is no channel 13, just stop responding to me.02:14
kk0710daftykins, to be able to change the channel I have to turn off auto channel width and pick either 20MHz or 40Mhz?02:14
* SonikkuAmerica shrinks cm to mm02:14
cmJust pick another channel is the point mn02:14
BlackDalekif I want to delete all files recursively in a folder which are less than a specified file size, is there an option I can use in the rm command?02:15
daftykinsBlackDalek: it'd be better to use a combination of 'find' and -exec02:16
wiaki prefer nm02:16
kk0710daftykins,  you think 20Mhz channel 6 is a good place to start?02:17
daftykinskk0710: just fiddle.02:17
daftykinslikely the realtek driver is just pants though i'd reckon02:17
kk0710ahh good ol linux and just fiddle02:17
daftykinslook into disabling 5GHz on it if you get nowhere02:17
kk0710I had realtek drivers before02:17
kk07105ghz doesn't appear to be an option02:17
kk0710all channels are in the 2.4 range02:18
daftykinswell it's a realtek device so just whichever driver is in use is what i mean really02:18
daftykinsyeah but your device speaks otherwise02:18
penalvchI'm trying to get x11vnc work via systemd. However, every time I attempt a connection with Remmina, I get "Authentication failed". However, if I run the exact same x11vnc command in the service file at a terminal, Remmina successfully connects. Configuration information -> http://pastebin.com/UfswCG6g Anyone got an idea WTF is preventing a successful connection?02:18
kk0710well I updated the driver from an ubuntu page I found and it worked for days then just stopped02:18
daftykinskk0710: see lines 43-48 in your log from earlier02:18
BlackDalekdaftykins could you help me with syntax of using find and -exec to delete files less than certain size?02:19
daftykinskk0710: maybe you installed a kernel update and have to run through that guide again02:19
kk0710unfortunately I closed the paste.ubuntu so I don't have it02:19
bazhangkk0710, have you tried installing 'linux-firmware'02:19
daftykinsBlackDalek: nah i'm too new with it myself and am about to watch a film.02:19
kk0710daftykins, that is what I was wondering, did I perhaps overwrite the driver with an update?02:19
daftykinsBlackDalek: #bash will probably help you02:19
BlackDalekdaftykins ok. no worries02:19
kk0710yah I have no idea what I am reading on that log hence why I wanted people who did to read it lol02:20
kk0710bazhang, I do not believe so02:20
bazhang File rtl8188 found in linux-firmware02:20
che2channel #bitcoin02:20
kk0710bazhang, sudo apt-get linux-firmware?02:21
daftykinskk0710: lines 43 to 48 are pretty self explanatory to me. 47 and 48 refer to two channels in the 5GHz range, thus the driver probably supports them02:21
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
bazhangwith install02:21
che2has anyone here taken the linux course on edx?02:21
daftykinsche2: no ty02:21
kk0710daftykins, sorry I meant the router doesn't02:21
daftykinsche2: yes02:21
kk0710bazhang, it can't be THAT simple can it!?02:21
daftykinshaha, sure can02:21
bazhangkk0710, try it and see02:21
che2daftykins: you've taken the linux course?02:21
daftykinsche2: yes.02:22
daftykinsif you're referring to LFS101x i audited version 102:22
kk0710bazhang, it says linux firmware is already newest version02:22
kk0710karl@Seraph:~$ sudo apt-get install linux-firmware02:22
kk0710Reading package lists... Done02:22
kk0710Building dependency tree02:22
kk0710Reading state information... Done02:22
kk0710linux-firmware is already the newest version.02:22
kk0710linux-firmware set to manually installed.02:22
che2daftykins: how did you feel about it, i'm about 1/3 of the way through right now, do you think it'll give me a pretty solid footing in linux? I'm mainly trying to learn so I can use it as my dev environment and host my own web applications etc.02:22
che2daftykins: yes that's what i'm referring to02:23
daftykinsche2: it will if you experiment with and explore every command and take notes so that you can use it in future.02:23
bazhangche2 #ubuntu-offtopic please02:23
daftykinsit's a good start yes02:23
=== percY is now known as Guest54147
che2bazhang: my bad new to irc02:23
kk0710bazhang, any other ideas?02:24
kk0710daftykins, I changed it to 20Mhz and channel six any other suggestions?02:24
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
daftykinsnah about to be film time for me i'm afraid02:25
root_____hi,everyone. anybody know how to use variables in pure-ftpd welcome messages?02:25
daftykinsroot_____: IRC as root = not wise02:25
Jung_Minno tftpd use just bootloader to me02:26
kk0710daftykins, thanks for trying, sorry if I came off irritable but I have been dealing with this for a while and it is highly annoying02:26
kk0710and I really don't want to have to go back to using windows full time.02:26
daftykinsno problem. Linux certified wireless models are always best when you can02:26
daftykinsyou can still totally swap that card02:27
kk0710id rather not have to spend MORE money on a laptop I just bought but also the card isn't the route of my other problem02:27
kk0710no matter what browser I use, firefox, chrome etc, it will arbitrarily max out cpu usage02:27
kk0710I am constantly having to do a top and kill *02:27
daftykinssounds like a wonky install to me02:28
penalvchkk0710, I'm coming in a little late to your problem. Have you filed a bug report on Launchpad about the WiFi issue?02:28
cmIf it's an current model HP laptop he can't swap that card. Sorry to interject. I know I don't know what i m talking about but02:28
kk0710penalvch, no I have not but mostly because the problem had been solved after I updated the driver02:29
kk0710it only came back the other day02:29
excelsioraso I just downloaded the bash source with apt-get source bash, where can I read it now?02:29
penalvchkk0710, please file a new report via a terminal, subscribe me to it, and we can take it from there: ubuntu-bug linux02:30
kk0710penalvch, I am being obtuse again... I do not know how to do that02:31
penalvchkk0710, you don't know how to open a terminal:02:31
kk0710penalvch, no I don't know how to a repor or subscribe you to it02:32
penalvchkk0710, the previous command I posted will create the report: ubuntu-bug linux02:32
kk0710nvm I see you gave he command, again I am obtuse sometimes :)02:32
kk0710I got an error trying to do it saying I need to specifiy a package or a pid lol02:32
kk0710I'm batting a thousand here02:34
BlackDalekif I want to delete all files recursively in a folder which are less than a specified file size, what is best way to achieve this from the command line?02:35
penalvchkk0710, just to clarify, you typed verbatim: ubuntu-bug linux02:36
gshmuI miss my time at Ubuntu 14.04 amd64. https://clbin.com/iDr1IM.png02:39
tropicodoes anyone know if there is a difference between ubuntu 14.04 server edition vs 14.04 desktop edition, other than the packages that come included on the CDs?02:40
Zach443tropico, well for one the server edition is a server, and the desktop edition is meant to be used on your PC02:41
tropicoZach443: right, but what are the actual differences? they have the same repo, etc02:41
kk0710penalvch, sorry I dc'ed again and this time I had to reboot to connect02:41
Zach443Server version is command line only I believe02:41
tropicoi'm creating a VM image for a class I am TAing and i am trying to cut down on image size, looking to create a minimal image and it looks like server edition might be best02:42
tropicoi just need to know if there are any differences between the two other than the installation CDs which obviously come with a different default set of packages02:42
Zach443I think that might depend on what you actually need to do02:42
Zach443If you need to use it as  PC, get the desktop edition02:43
tropicodefault desktop install is quite bloated, VM image comes to 1.4 GBish02:43
tropicowas hoping to distribute an image < 500 MB. i know it's possible02:44
JinjaNinjaDoes anyone know how to change network interface without messing with ifconfig?02:44
Bashing-omtropico: a 3rd option: the minimal install ..https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD .02:45
JinjaNinjaI was hoping for a simple GUI or user interface that has a simple network interface changer02:45
JinjaNinjaI do penetration testing, and I need to change from my computers built-in interface to my USB External internet card02:46
tropicoBashing-om: thx. couldn't find this in the main downloads directory though... (http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.2/)02:46
kk0710ok so penalvch wanted me to subscribe him to this bug and I have no idea how to do that02:47
kk0710oh well I see how to subscribe him but there is no option for him02:50
=== gusnan is now known as Guest58714
kk0710well changing the channel only ade things worst03:01
=== ubuntu096 is now known as robk-van
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Tokyo
tapouti'm running ubuntu under vmware, and i've setup multiple monitors but it doesn't detect them.  Anyone ever successfully had 2 dual monitors under vmware running with ubuntu?03:07
excelsioraso I just downloaded the bash source with apt-get source bash, where can I read it now?03:11
excelsiorahey, looks like it's in my user area now!03:12
myraftHaving serious problems since upgrade grub rescue?03:14
myraftdon't have a way forward -03:14
myraftany help would be appreciated03:14
excelsiorasounds scary03:14
excelsiorano experience myself03:15
myraft@excelsiora - yeah really stuck03:15
myraftand further messed up flipping the boot order, so can't get BIOS to boot from USB.03:15
benjamin__i have lubuntu 14.1003:16
benjamin__try to reset your bootloder to default03:16
myraftanyone with ideas on "grub rescue>" ?03:16
=== Tokyo is now known as Zachary_DuBois
myraft@benjamin_ that is what I tried and now it is booting from HDD and all I get is "grub rescue"03:17
benjamin__may be that well fix it, i did for me.03:17
=== arjun is now known as Guest30278
excelsioraI am 1,150 ish reputation points away from being in the top 2% on StackOverflow! Woot!03:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:18
benjamin__Grub rescue, huh?03:18
myraft@benjamin_ : only prompt I get is "grub rescue".03:18
benjamin__Well.. there is a option to load from the USB (if you're using that)03:19
myraftI have tried the set root = , insmod command03:19
benjamin__What distro are you using?03:19
benjamin__14.04. Do you have a secondary computer?03:20
myraftyeah, that is what I am now.03:20
benjamin__So, you might want to go to 14.19003:20
myraftHELP ME !03:20
benjamin__ok, using your secondary computer, download 14.04.2 again, during installation, it'll ask you if you want to reinstall03:21
myraftthe issue is, I can't get it boot from anything other than HDD - no USB, no CD03:22
benjamin__What computer are you using?03:22
myraftthis is really weird, was able to change the boot order in the bios03:23
myraftI am at the USB first prompt.03:24
benjamin__Hm, then you should be able to go manually into the BIOS03:24
myraftyeah - after changing that to USB, I am able to get options that say "try ...", "install  ..."03:24
benjamin__Okay, now what you want to do (If you still have the .iso on the USB) to reninstall03:24
benjamin__Click on install03:24
myraftplease don't angry, I did that three times for the weekend.03:25
myrafti will be glad to do it again, if there is alternate path to choose.03:25
benjamin__There is. I'm not angry03:25
benjamin__There should be a reinstall button03:26
benjamin__It's the very first or third option03:26
myraftit does grub version 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu03:26
benjamin__Then click that reinstall03:26
myrafthere are the options , "try ubuntu without installing", "install ubuntu", "OEM install (for manufacturers)", "check disk for defects".03:27
benjamin__Install Ubuntu03:27
myraftfiring away,03:27
benjamin__Or check disk for defects03:27
myraftI just want to get the minimal done for tonite, so should I skip "updates" and "third parties" ?03:28
benjamin__Yeh, you might wanna do that03:28
benjamin__or if you don't, just tell it to install third-party applications03:28
myraftI am the installation type03:29
myraftwhat do I do ?03:29
benjamin__Alright, now what you want to do is reinstall03:29
myraftinstall ubuntu alongside , erase disk .., something else ?03:29
benjamin__It's the first option03:29
myraftok, which is the reinstall option .?03:29
myraftinstall ubuntu alongside ?03:29
benjamin__It's the third then03:30
rebeccahello fellas03:30
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
=== rebecca is now known as Guest46745
zivesteris there a development channel?  looking to ask about packaging for ubuntu03:30
somsip!packaging | zivester (first stop is here)03:30
ubottuzivester (first stop is here): The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring03:30
myraftso I picked else,03:31
Guest46745I have a question I understand that to upgrade a version of ubuntu you have to reinstall the os part but I just received a message saying I can just execute "do release upgrade" command will it have the same effect03:31
myraftand it gives me the drives that are available03:31
benjamin__Okay, and....hm..03:31
benjamin__What option did you pick?03:31
myraftI see the partition I want to put it on, but how will this fix grub ?03:32
myraftI can go through the same motions03:32
benjamin__It'll boot from the pat03:32
myraftthat I did 3 times this weekend.03:32
benjamin__ Or you could do a clean install03:32
Bashing-omGuest46745: What release is presently installed, and what do you want to upgrade to ? do-release does and can work, depending.03:33
benjamin__any one tried arch Linux?03:33
=== gerald is now known as Guest21979
myraftbenjamin, I see /dev/sda2 - efi - windows boot partition03:34
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
storayhey, is there a way I can limit pactl max volume?03:34
Guest46745Bashing-om: hi my name is fernando and I'd like to thank you for your interest03:35
storaybecause i can set pactl set-sink-volume to any volume possible, and I don't feel safe with that03:35
benjamin__ok, i say pick /dev/sad1 if that is there03:35
Guest46745Bashing-om: I currently have version 12 and is asking me to do version 14 upgrade03:35
myraftthat is a ntfs partition with existing windows03:35
Bashing-omGuest46745: :) Here to help .03:35
myraftshould I change the efi to /dev/sda1 ?03:36
Bashing-omGuest46745: Foable, what returns fron terminal command: -> grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades <- ?03:36
benjamin__ok, if you have windows on that computer boot in that OS that go to search for partition table or some thing like that.03:37
Guest46745Bashing-om: it says Prompt=lts03:38
myraftI have windows, and it already partitioned. I had windows 8 and ubuntu 13 running. Upgrading caused the melt-down.03:38
benjamin__that make a part ion set up for Ubuntu on that machine03:38
myraftfrom all the reading that I did, it is a problem with grub 2 ~ beta.03:39
Bashing-omGuest46745: Doable, that setting is correct for 12.04 -> 14.04 . Now it is advisable to disable all 3rd party PPAs .. including any proprietary driver, turn off any screen saver .03:40
fengshaunhow can I make ubuntu boot straight into tty and not lightdm?03:41
benjamin__ok, if you dont have a problem of me say but i have a great liunx distro i think may work for you it is called antergo liunx it is base on arch liunx but simpler.03:41
Guest46745Bashing-om: may I ask why should I turn all screensavers?03:42
Bashing-omfengshaun: one time or permanent ?03:42
Bashing-omGuest46745: interferes with the system upgrades when the system is halted ( blanking the screen) .03:43
Bashing-omfengshaun: edit the /etc/defailt/grub file to : " GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" " .03:44
benjamin__it dose not have eorrors like in ubuntu any you get it chose witch environment you want form XFCE to KDE to cinnamon03:44
Bashing-om/etc/default/grub **03:44
fengshaunBashing-om: thanks03:45
OerHeksbenjamin__, this is not the arch support channel, thanks.03:45
Bashing-omfengshaun: after the edit, run terminal command -> sudo update-grub <- for the change to take effect.03:45
Guest46745Bashing-om: thank you for your help that clears my doubts03:46
benjamin__ok, what is happing in unity? i have lubuntu03:46
_comp_is it possible to upgrade the firmware (dell) with centos? because i tried freedos and it does not boot. thanks!03:47
OerHeks_comp_, this is ubuntu support, not centos, and biosupgrades are a pain for linux generally03:47
Bashing-omGuest46745: Glad to help, when sure all is ready -> sudo do-release-upgrade <- and the deed will be done.03:48
_comp_derheks: ok, is there any possibility to upgrade firmware in ubuntu? sorry for my centos question.03:48
OerHeks_comp_, no, if freedos does not work, you will need windows then.03:49
_comp_derheks: hmm, ok, thanks a lot.03:49
fengshaunBashing-om: that didn't do anything!03:50
Bashing-omfengshaun: Did you do _; sudo update-grub ?03:52
benjamin__what is the problem with GNOME 3 no day?03:53
Bashing-omfengshaun:  show us the config file -> cat /etc/default/grub | pasteninit. see if you made the edit correctly .03:53
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
Bashing-omfengshaun: This line " GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" "03:54
fengshaunyes, I just removed quiet splash and replaced it with text03:54
fengshaunand then update-grub03:55
Bashing-omFanthomas90_: That will do it .. I assure you .. reboot, and now you will boot to terminal .03:55
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
=== _comp_ is now known as comp
=== comp is now known as cpom
DanGarcia595hello world03:58
Bashing-omfengshaun: Did you edit the file with admin authority (gksudo)? Did you save the file after the edit ?03:58
fishcookerhow to disable all cron job for 1 hour for maintenance?03:59
hkrrsxfishcooker: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225450304:02
=== mkv is now known as m4v
fengshaunBashing-om: yes, I did do all those things, it's fine, though, it's not that important! thanks for your help04:09
Bashing-omfengshaun: Booting to terminal can be critical .. That is the way I run my system .. GUI on-demand .04:11
Guest46745anyone here want a cookie04:18
lotuspsychje!ot | Guest4674504:18
ubottuGuest46745: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:18
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest68693
Guest68693ubuntu mate look nice04:28
donatelloExcept for my strange random freezes, I think Ubuntu mate is a great linux distro.04:29
donatelloWhere can I find a room/channel to just general about linux?04:29
donatellotalk generally04:30
somsipdonatello: #linux04:30
donatelloThank you04:30
=== donatello is now known as TurtleDan
AfterDarknessi have just upgraded my gpu from amd to nvida. I was using open source driver04:38
AfterDarknesslooking at the software and updates it shows nothing under drivers04:39
AfterDarknessany ideas how to install nvida drivers and remove the open source drivers?04:39
daftykinswhat card?04:39
AfterDarknessgtx 98004:40
AfterDarknessi heard it is not supported04:40
daftykinsAfterDarkness: add the xorg-edgers PPA and then install the packages nvidia-346 and nvidia-settings04:40
AfterDarknesswas that true?04:40
Bashing-omAfterDarkness: So new of a Nvidia card there are no drivers available in the repo ??04:40
daftykinscorrect (:04:40
AfterDarknessBashing-om, yes i will be following daftykins04:40
Bashing-omAfterDarkness: daftykins :)04:41
AfterDarknessdaftykins, i would prefer the nvida proprietary drivers04:41
daftykinsAfterDarkness: ... that's what they are.04:42
AfterDarknessalright i just thought if the package had nvida name doesnt necessary mean it is from nvida04:44
daftykinsopen source drivers don't work with the maxwell series until kernel 3.19 so i hear04:44
AfterDarknessI see04:45
AfterDarknesswill i be able to upgrade my kernal with these nvidia drivers?04:45
AfterDarknessi have 3.1704:45
daftykinsAfterDarkness: what are you running?04:46
AfterDarknessu mean os? ubuntu04:46
AfterDarknessbut i have installed pf kernal04:46
daftykinsoh. why did you do that?04:46
AfterDarknessI like it04:46
daftykins'pf' ?04:46
=== mike_ is now known as Guest89171
daftykinsok well this process is likely not going to work anymore since you're not running official.04:47
AfterDarknessi can just remove it anyway04:47
daftykinsbut you can find out04:47
daftykinsso, what is it?04:47
daftykinswhat is 'pf' ?04:47
AfterDarknessthe kernal i have is supposedly work in 14.1004:47
nazmulislamneed registration code04:47
daftykinsnazmulislam: can you ask the question in full please? what registration code?04:48
daftykinsAfterDarkness: yeah that's unwise.04:48
AfterDarknessdaftykins, I see04:49
AfterDarknessbut man i had too. when i was copying larg files my system was unusable ..04:49
daftykinsalso, when you replace the kernel it ceases to be ubuntu04:49
AfterDarknesseven the mouse freezes it was annoying that issue had to be resolved or i just cant live with my pc04:49
daftykinsok i don't wanna hear the life story (:04:49
AfterDarknesswow that was mean xD04:49
AfterDarknessi didnt expect that one comming xD04:50
daftykinsso you have your course of action... 1) revert to an official kernel 2) add xorg-edgers PPA 3) install nvidia-346 and nvidia-settings04:50
AfterDarknessdaftykins, i already installed the drivers and about to reboot04:51
AfterDarknessin case it wont work04:51
AfterDarknessill remove the drivers and reboot again04:51
AfterDarknesswish me luck lol04:51
daftykinsnah i'm good04:51
AfterDarknessu dont want to wish me luck?04:51
AfterDarknessdo u hate me? :O04:52
AfterDarknessanyway brb04:52
daftykinsah the youth today.04:53
nazmulislamregister for  linuxmint community page,.04:53
daftykins!mint | nazmulislam No support here.04:53
ubottunazmulislam No support here.: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:53
nazmulislamRegistration Code need.04:53
AfterDarknessit is working thanks daftykins04:54
AfterDarknessu hate me as much as u want but I will still love u :D u cant hurt my feelings04:54
nazmulislam"irc.spotchat.org" not working, "404 not found".04:55
daftykinsyou're kinda nuts.04:55
daftykinsnazmulislam: it's an IRC server, not a website.04:55
AfterDarknessik i am an idiot04:55
AfterDarknessdaftykins, i would like to know why do you think this way about me, just for curiosity sake, if that is fine by you04:57
daftykinsconsider that these opinions have been wholly made up by you04:58
daftykinsso they do not reflect fact04:58
lkthomasso, when I have service running, does it running port 443 or 8080 or both?05:02
daftykinslkthomas: "netstat -tuln"05:05
daftykinsdepends on said services config.05:05
lkthomaswell I am on client side05:05
lkthomasnot on server side05:05
daftykinsso it's not your system?05:05
lkthomasnope, I just wondering what ports does it running05:07
lkthomasthat's a kind of generic question, no ?05:07
lewis1711"libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" - I have libGL installed but I still get this error when I open skype. any ideas? I think it has something to do with skype being a 32 bit only thing and I am on a 64 bit machine05:08
daftykinslkthomas: i usually like to be told what the hell the thing is, in order to know what ports it's running on :>05:08
fengshaunlkthomas: 808005:23
fengshaunlkthomas: is ip and port 808005:23
fengshaun1.1.1.1:443 would be running on port 44305:23
Guest46745I'm sorry05:24
fengshaundaftykins: you don't need to know what it is, the url designation tells you where it's running: on port 808005:24
daftykinsfengshaun: well, that's your interpretation of what the person is asking... i don't think so.05:24
daftykinsand yes, i understand what a socket is.05:25
fengshaunthat has nothing to do with sockets05:26
daftykinsan IP and port can be called a socket05:27
daftykinsbut suffice to say, you are attempting to explain where explanation isn't needed :)05:27
daftykinsand given we're not getting any further replies, likely the moment has long since passed05:27
fengshaunno no no noooo! That's not how it works! it's really not!05:28
fengshaunI'm out05:29
daftykinsok, in your head, whatever goes :)05:29
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Rahulhii all06:19
=== Rahul is now known as Guest427
=== Guest427 is now known as RahulAN
RahulANI am trying to setup ubuntu server. are there any steps to follow??06:20
RahulANOr it will be same as normal OS installation?06:20
RahulANi need to serve my Disk data to multiple linux and windows machines.06:20
z8zRahulAN: Can you explain what you need more precisely?06:22
RahulANi need to make my system as a point to keep all backups, so that any machine can copy that from this server machine and do there work.06:23
RahulANfor file sharing i will need sambha server?06:24
RahulANz8z, that what i got from googling06:24
z8zRahulAN: yes but depends what exactly you need.... personally i would suggest creating a webdav shared forder06:25
z8zRahulAN: much more flexible today than just samba06:25
z8zRahulAN: and more easy to configure and safe as well06:25
RahulANz8z, how to do that?06:25
z8zRahulAN: are you setting up this machine only as data server?06:27
RahulANz8z, yes06:27
z8zRahulAN: ok so just forget about Ubuntu unless you want to learn deeply how the thing works..... use FreeNas instead http://www.freenas.org/06:28
z8zRahulAN: install... then few clicks and you are ready to go06:29
z8zRahulAN: if you use more than 2 harddisks you can also set up raid5 easily and optimize storage with redundancy06:30
RahulANz8z, Ohkk06:30
RahulANz8z, it means no need of any installation06:31
RahulANjust download this and do stuffs?06:31
mouse_can someone please explain to me how to apply this patch? https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/120171/06:31
z8zRahulAN: you need to install.... but you don't need to put your hands in linux configuration files06:32
RahulANz8z, is it also a OS06:32
z8zRahulAN: it's a linux based OS created only for storage and data services purpose06:33
z8zRahulAN: sorry freebsd based06:33
RahulANso just we need to install it06:33
z8zRahulAN: kind of same06:33
RahulANz8z, yes06:33
RahulANz8z, then no need of sambha installation06:34
z8zRahulAN: just need to install and then you can find video on how to configure the different services on the website06:34
RahulANz8z, Ohkk06:35
serega527hello all! I post here yesterday about yota usb modem. so I start it work. network manager in Kubuntu 14.04 do this nice, automatically. thanks all for help!!!06:35
z8zRahulAN: FreeNas already has everything: NFS, SAMBA, WEBDAV, WEBDAVS and also many other including streaming protocols and bittorrent client to download stuff06:35
RahulANz8z, it sounds good06:35
RahulANSo let me download it06:36
z8zRahulAN: it uses ZFS filesystem which is the most advanced existing06:36
CentosServerconfused about the .htaccess  Under what conditions can apache work without it?06:36
daftykinsyou're going to need to take this discussion somewhere else now people, since that's not going to be ubuntu.06:36
z8zdaftykins: sorry it started as ubuntu topic and we have just finished i guess06:37
RahulANdaftykins, yes06:37
RahulANi guess i need to move to #freenas06:37
z8zRahulAN: if you need some other info write me in PM06:37
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surajhello i' new to linux and just wanted to get registration code06:53
bazhangsuraj, code for what06:54
suraj@bazhang registration code for registering to community online06:55
bazhangsuraj, registering your nickname for irc channels?06:56
=== rahu is now known as RahulAN
bazhangask mintsupport for that suraj06:56
suraji am asked for getting registration code in chatroom06:56
daftykinssuraj: as i said earlier, this is not Mint support. the clue is that the name is "#ubuntu"06:57
bazhangubuntu is not mint suraj06:57
surajok thanks by the way06:57
surajwhere can i find that06:57
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:57
bazhangirc.spotchat suraj06:57
surajok thanks by the way06:58
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hsegHi. I'm trying to find out which fonts gvim is using. How do I do this?07:06
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)07:27
frdmngood morning07:30
frdmnI plan to do kernel updates on a productional server tomorrow and just did a "aptitude update && aptitude upgrade" to check which packages are going to be updated tomorrow, but it complains that It cant resolv the dependencies and I should try with "--full-resolver" switch.07:31
frdmnif I do that, it works without any issues and doesnt show up any more information regarding the error.07:32
frdmnim not sure if everything okay or not07:32
frdmnapt-get upgrade doesn't complain about that07:32
bloop1since I've updated to 14.04 my wireless connection goes in and out07:33
daftykinsfrdmn: the default is "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade", if you have errors share them with us via pastebin of the first command07:34
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hsegHi. I'm trying to find out which fonts gvim is using. How do I do this?07:35
frdmndaftykins: well, I always use aptitude instead of apt-get07:37
frdmnand the message only occures with aptitude, however I noticed this on apt-get:07:37
bloop1thereit ent again07:37
bloop1there it went again07:37
frdmndaftykins: http://paste.frd.mn/ejulokexur07:38
daftykinsfrdmn: withheld perhaps. yeah you'd need to run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to update the kernel etc. too07:40
daftykinsfrdmn: i can't tell if anything is wrong unless you run and pastebin "sudo apt-get update" though :)07:40
XenophonFhey any NIS users here? on ubuntu 12.04.5, can log into the computer using an NIS account, but UID-to-name resolution doesn't work07:42
XenophonFso if you do an "ls -l" you see UIDs, not account names07:43
XenophonFchown works fine, too07:43
XenophonFthis is what uid has to say:07:43
XenophonFuid=10018 gid=10000(Domain Users) groups=10000(Domain Users)07:43
XenophonFgetent shows the right data:07:44
XenophonFhm, maybe i'd better double-check the maps published by IDMU - just a sec07:45
frdmndaftykins: there you go :)07:45
frdmnapt-get update: http://paste.frd.mn/gozimujihi, apt-get upgrade: http://paste.frd.mn/upagolayug, aptitude update: http://paste.frd.mn/bimosasati, aptitude upgrade: http://paste.frd.mn/tumunonocu07:45
daftykinsfrdmn: hmm not sure about your aptitude issue there, since it's not standard. you don't need to use "sudo" when you're already root by the way :)07:48
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
frdmndaftykins: I am aware of that, just copy and pasted your command :)07:49
frdmnwell, should I just do the upgrade tomorrow with apt-get?07:49
XenophonFah - looks like passwd.byuid isn't being updated on my windows domain controller07:49
frdmnor with aptitude and --full-resolver?07:49
frdmnsince that seems to work as well, however I am not sure whats wrong07:49
hsegHi. I'm trying to find out which fonts gvim is using. How do I do this?07:51
somsiphseg: Edit menu, Select Font item07:52
daftykinsfrdmn: give "man aptitude" a read on what that switch is actually doing, i'm not familiar with it really. i always apt-get dist-upgrade my servers07:54
frdmndaftykins: I did, don't really understand how it is relevant to my server :/07:54
frdmnwell, anyway... whats the difference between upgrade via "upgrade" and via "dist-upgrade"?07:54
hsegsomsip: But that only gives one font - Ubuntu Monospace. And I know that that fone doesn't have a glyph for, say, U+298507:55
somsiphseg: that's the font gvim is using. What is your real question?07:55
hsegI see that gvim here is capable of rendering U+2985. I'd like to find out which font it's using to do so, so that I'll be able to download it at home and use it there.07:56
somsiphseg: here?07:56
hsegAt uni07:56
hsegI've checked, and Ubuntu Monospace lacks a glyph for U+2985 for example. But somehow, gvim is capable of rendering it. So it is using some other font to render it.07:57
daftykinsfrdmn: like i said, all packages + kernel too07:57
frdmndaftykins: well, I update all my packages and kernel as well, just with out the "dist-" part :D07:58
frdmnthats why I asked07:58
hsegOr the version of Ubuntu Monospace packaged with 14.04 is more capable than the one available at http://font.ubuntu.com/07:58
mauro_Hello! I am booting my system from a SD card. I am trying to mount Ubuntu Core 14.10 armhf on a 3.19.2 Mainline Kernel for an ARMv7 architecture (Cubietruck board). I am Using UBoot 2015.1 stable version and this is my boot.cmd http://pastebin.com/7R37Qkpk. When the booting process the kernel gets loaded correctly, but when the RootFS gets initialized, the process stops at “init: ureadahead main process (46) terminated with status 5” http://tny.cz/e516b6307:59
mauro_0. I have checked the “/var/lib/ureadahead/” folder, and it’s empty. If I am not wrong the process should configure itself and create a “pack” file in the folder, but nothing happens in my case. What should I do?07:59
geirhahseg: yeah looks like it. In Ubuntu 12.04, it doesn't render, but it does in 14.0408:01
daftykinsfrdmn: mmm no08:02
hsegMost of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematical_operators_and_symbols_in_Unicode renders on ubuntu 14.0408:02
frdmndaftykins: what do you mean?08:02
hseg(In monospaced)08:02
hsegBut if I try to download the font from font.ubuntu.com, it doesn't render. At least, not under windows.08:02
daftykinsfrdmn: if we're comparing apt-get upgrade to apt-get dist-upgrade, then they don't do the same thing specifically no - sometimes packages can be held back like in your pastes08:02
frdmnhmm, well I never used dist-upgrade08:03
geirhahseg: I also tried it at font.ubuntu.com. It renders when looking at it from a browser in 14.04, but not 12.0408:03
hseggeirha: It also rendered for me there under windows w/o the font installed (i.e. using webfonts), but when I downloaded the font, it was incapable of rendering stuff that the webpage showed it could.08:05
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arna2why i get this errors   libcom_err-1.42.9-4.el7.i686: [Errno 5] [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory ??08:20
TheNumbarna2: ask rhel guys08:23
hseggeirha: Any ideas?08:23
=== arna2 is now known as arunpyasi
artista_frustradI've searched the web but I could not find any realiable information. I'm also in a hurry so08:28
artista_frustradHow can I configure network using systemd on 14.10?08:29
svetlanaartista_frustrad: as before, network manager is still there i think08:30
artista_frustradsvetlana, is there a way to configure the network without the need to install x11 packages?08:33
svetlanahi luca__08:35
luca__You speek italian?08:36
DJones!it | luca__08:38
ubottuluca__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:38
z8zluca__: Oramai si parla solo inglese su internet08:38
luca__Ah ok! I have one problem, install ubuntu LTS in boot , error: TSC CONFIGURATION FAILED solution?08:39
z8zluca__: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18055593/how-to-solve-fast-tsc-calibration-failed-issue-that-occurs-on-boot-in-virtualbox08:42
maziarwhich application calls iptables on debian, because its does not have diamond08:43
maziarwhich application calls iptables on debian startup , because its does not have diamond08:43
luca__Thx this a real solution?08:43
z8zluca__: it says not a critical bug but just a message and you should change boot parameter to have that message disappear08:44
z8zluca__: but i haven't had this problem before so i'm not sure08:45
luca__Change boot parameter "Fast TSC(TimeStamp Counter)"?08:46
hsegThis is weird. Checking coverage of UbuntuMono-R.ttf shows that it definitely does not cover U+2985. How, then, is gvim rendering the glyph?08:47
luca__This problem appears with any distribution (ubuntu,xubuntu,linux mint etc..)08:48
svetlanahseg: type <span style="font-family:Ubuntu Mono;">&#x2985;</span> at this page: http://htmledit.squarefree.com/08:49
svetlanahseg: does it work for you?08:49
hsegWeirdly enough.08:49
svetlanahseg: ok what web browser are you using?08:50
hsegI remember that X has a string that lists fallback fonts to use, but I don't recall how to access it.08:55
svetlanahseg: give me a minute08:56
hsegTake two08:56
svetlanahseg: http://i.imgur.com/AvXFCNx.png which one is rendered correctly?08:57
hsegleft upper08:58
hsegEureka! Apparently, Monospace is an alias for DejaVu Sans Mono09:00
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hsegOK, now to find out whether that explains all the weirdness.09:00
hsegfc-match Monospace gives DejaVuSansMono.ttf: "DejaVu Sans Mono" "Book"09:01
hsegBut it's still not the entire story, since U+2985 isn't covered by DejaVu Mono *either*.09:02
svetlanahseg: try it out at http://font.ubuntu.com/09:06
svetlanahseg: Ubuntu Mono apparently has this symbol in its range09:06
hsegAccording to the test site, yes. According to every single way I've parsed the ttf, no.09:07
svetlanaok I'll look at the ttf in a few minutes09:08
hsegsvetlana: Turns out that U+2985 *did* display as the right-hand version in your screenshot http://i.imgur.com/AvXFCNx.png It's just that it got cut off, looking like the left-hand version.09:19
Rurd2dicinnamon is not at all stable in ubuntu 14.0409:20
Rurd2diso many random little issues09:20
hsegTesting using pango-view with debugging settings on shows that DejaVuSansMono renders the characters fine. Now the only question is how that works, given that it doesn't cover these characters.09:20
svetlanahseg: ok; I've downloaded the ttf so it'll be a little bit before I figure out how to examine it09:24
lotuspsychjefalcon: welcome09:25
hsegsvetlana: I'm using https://everythingfonts.com/ttfcoverage, http://wizard.ae.krakow.pl/~jb/lsfont.html, http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/font/dejavu_sans_mono/index.htm and querying pango-view09:26
photon2Hi. I have noticed that the global umask of Ubuntu has apparently changed from 0022 in earlier versions to 0002 in 14.04. Is there a reason for this?09:28
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shaun_hi guys is there an lxml python channel? it seems its impossible to remove namespaces09:34
lotuspsychjeshaun_: #python09:35
sharkThere is a chat channel?09:35
=== shaun_ is now known as _shaun_
=== _shaun_ is now known as __shaun__
lotuspsychjeshark: what kind of chat are you seeking?09:38
=== __shaun__ is now known as _shaun_
sharkHistory or culture09:39
somsip!alis | shark09:39
ubottushark: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:39
victorhi guys, can you give me a good alternative to evolution calendar? i hate it and i don't find any decent replacement, i like maya from elementary bur i don't find the way to install it09:40
sharkThank you09:40
lotuspsychjevictorp: try apt-cache search calendar or search in software centre09:42
sharksorry, how to search channal?09:46
lotuspsychjeshark: somsip just pasted you the link09:47
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sharkwhat ?09:49
k1l_!alis | shark09:51
ubottushark: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:51
sharkthank you very much.09:53
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vikthor_someone use "ranger" command ?10:10
bekksWhat if someone does?10:11
vikthor_cause I have a question10:11
bekks!ask | vikthor_10:11
ubottuvikthor_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:11
vikthor_ubottu: ok so when I execute the command to navigate on repositories, when I quit ranger, I want to stay on the last repository in ranger10:12
ubottuvikthor_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:12
vikthor_ ok so when I execute the command to navigate on repositories, when I quit ranger, I want to stay on the last repository in ranger10:13
vikthor_is that possible?10:13
djam90When I run sudo apt-get upgrade..... it keeps back the following....   linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic10:14
djam90, is there a reason why?10:14
somsipdjam90: because this will affect other installed packages. Use 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' to update those10:15
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:15
djam90somsip, thank you my friend10:15
somsipdjam90: FYI http://askubuntu.com/questions/81585/what-is-dist-upgrade-and-why-does-it-upgrade-more-than-upgrade10:16
djam90interesting, thank you somsip !!10:17
djam90I was on 14.04, I am guessing it is going to upgrade me to 14.1010:18
djam90or is that wrong10:18
somsipdjam90: no, that would be do-release-upgrade (from memory)10:18
somsipdjam90: and that wouldn't do it automatically as you on on a LTS version10:18
djam90i see. got it10:18
djam90Is it worth the upgrade to 14.10?10:19
djam90Its just a VM that I use for linuxy stuff10:19
somsipdjam90: common opinion suggests no, unless you really need it for hardware support10:19
djam90great I will leave it as-is then10:19
kottenHow would I do if I want my ubuntu to support olders USB HID that it doesn't seem to do anymore? (I am looking for like.. Obselete packet with USB-HID drivers) something back in ~8.04?10:24
kottenIrishikl hello10:30
sharkSomeone who can help me to look for a channel on Culture?10:32
sharkI don't use server bot.10:33
Fuchsshark: use alis. If you don't feel like using alis, use one of the web indexers like netsplit.de. If you don't want that either: your problem.10:34
Fuchshttp://www.ircindexer.net/  this one would probably work as well. In any case, this is definitely the wrong channel to ask.10:34
sharkThank you.10:35
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bowlesaHey, the bluetooth switch won't stay enabled in the settings menu10:45
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bowlesaI enable and the reopen setting immediately and it's disabled itself10:45
EriC^^bowlesa: type sudo find ~ ! -user <your user>10:46
bowlesatype: invalid option --'u'10:46
bowlesaans s, e, r10:46
bowlesaoh, I copied type10:47
bowlesaEriC^^ http://paste.ubuntu.com/10706102/plain/10:49
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EriC^^bowlesa: try sudo chown -R <your user>: ~10:51
ubottuvito_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:51
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svetlanatrying to move to openrc. http://paste.linuxassist.net/view/raw/e445a45f -- nothing useful on the web comes up, please help. (things boot ok, but the boot log doesn't look right.)10:52
bowlesaEriC^^ Still not able to set bluetooth on. do I need to relog?10:53
EriC^^ok, try t10:54
EriC^^to relog10:54
svetlanaHi EriC^^.10:55
EriC^^hi svetlana10:55
bowlesaEriC^^ nope10:57
EriC^^bowlesa: no idea10:59
bowlesaok, thanks11:00
octavianbekks: hey dude11:00
BluesKajGood Day folks11:01
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svetlanamari, hi.11:16
svetlanamari, what's up?11:16
=== shahid_ is now known as scorpion01
svetlanahola francis11:34
francishola :911:35
progfunkHelp! :P I found out that my black screen when I quit x to get terminal only happens because I use displayport. When connecting through vga with the integrated gpu, terminal is showing correctly, but through displayport I guess the terminal has a different resolution than the screen, so the text, cursor and everything visible is outside of the screen.. how to fix this?11:36
TurtleDanHOwdy folks.  For some reason when I click on "Places - Home Folder" it opens a program on the PC and not the Home Folder.  IS there a way to see why?11:41
TurtleDanI haven't tried a log out/reboot yet.11:41
progfunkdid anyone understand my problem? :S11:46
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tewardanyone know of a spam handling system i can set up or install on an endpoint client (my laptop) to do spam handling for Thunderbird?12:05
=== sherpadoo is now known as coffee-
bekksteward: spamassassin.12:10
tewardbekks: got a link to setup?12:11
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ablest1980teward you can find spamassasin at ubuntu software center12:12
=== gusnan is now known as Guest42522
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iolophow could i can get root?12:14
tewardablest1980: i meant guides for tuning, etc.12:14
tewardiolop: there is no root, you use `sudo` to run commands that need to run as superuser.12:14
leeyaais it possible to change something so reload rsyslog actually runs  /etc/init.d/sysklogd restart12:14
teward!root | ips|malc12:14
ubottuips|malc: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:14
tewardiolop: ^12:14
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iolopi find its impossible to write anything in the etc/apt/sources.list12:15
iolopbut i wanna use the sources from other web=:(12:16
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iolopteward?are you still here?12:17
ablest1980right click view source on the webpage12:17
tewardiolop: you don't read do you12:18
tewardiolop: read the link that ubottu just said12:18
iolopthanks,i'll take a try12:18
tewardiolop: there is no 'root' password and in theory you don't 'get root' - you grant commands access by the 'sudo' command as explained in the link ubottu just said12:18
BluesKajiolop, alt+F2,  gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list12:19
ubuntuser13 when i trying to root using su -l . authentication failure error. why?12:24
Fuchsubuntuser13: you probably want sudo -i  instead12:24
Fuchssu would switch to the root account which in ubuntu default settings has no password and is disabled12:24
ubuntuser13Fuchs: yes, you're right. Thanks you very much for help.12:26
Fuchsubuntuser13: you're welcome12:26
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labeeb32Hello. IS windows 10 technical preview and ubuntu 14.04.2 both 64 bits dual booting possible?12:28
labeeb32it will give OS choosing option at start everytime?12:29
ramen69labeeb32: It really depends if you set it up that way12:30
ramen69labeeb32: you could try installing the wubi12:30
ramen69labeeb32: nvm..12:31
bekkswubi is not supported anymore and the usage is discouraged.12:31
labeeb32i heard the same12:31
asdpewhow to add umask on folder ? ex. /var/www/web_public12:31
ramen69labeeb32: there arent any official instructions but this way will probably be the best to follow to get dual boot http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2014/05/install-ubuntu-1404-alongside-windows.html12:32
ramen69labeeb32: you will have to bastardise the instructions a little however so some intuition is required ^^12:33
bekks!dualboot | labeeb3212:33
ubottulabeeb32: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:34
ramen69labeeb32: you've got this far so you should have no problem12:34
bekksramen69: Since when there arent official instructions anymore? :)12:34
ramen69i meant for win 10?12:34
ramen69unless there are12:34
bekksInstall Win 10, Install Ubuntu. Done. :)12:34
labeeb32im trying12:34
ledilhello ive create a ppa, uploaded a package to my ppa ... dput says uploading successfully, but I cant see my package12:36
alexises /buffer close12:36
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Guest20501where can i get linux-extra-images for linux kernels... im using 14.04.2 and would like to try newer kernels12:39
ramen69can anyone link me to a decent guide on generating ssh keys?12:40
bekksGuest20501: There where you get your newer kernels from.12:40
bekksramen69: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys12:40
Guest20501bekks no ... http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/12:40
ramen69bekks: ty12:40
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bekksGuest20501: For mainline kernels, you would have to recompile the kernel yourself with the required modules. Which modules are you missing, in particular?12:42
Guest20501bekks if you know any other link where i can get newer kernels and the extra-image let me know please12:43
bekksGuest20501: mainline kernel are the place to go. Which modules do you miss in particular?12:43
Guest20501bekks im facing problems of waking up my desktop aftter hibernate12:43
bekksGuest20501: And why do you think linux-image-extra will solve it?12:43
asdpewhi, how to add umask on folder ? ex. /var/www/web_public12:51
bekksasdpew: Whats the actual issue behind that?12:51
johnfluxI'm trying to apt-get install  bino   but it says that there's no installation candidate for libavcodec5412:51
johnfluxI have ubuntu 14.04 .  How do I install this?12:52
asdpewbekks: well for example if i create new file in that folder i have to manual change permission12:52
bekksasdpew: How do you create a file there?12:53
guestkhhello, in ubuntu how do i give the command to take 40 consecutive screenshots at regular intervals in the next 10 seconds? (or 1 screenshot every 0.25 seconds for the next 10 seconds)?12:53
asdpewbekks: ex Sublime12:53
bekksasdpew: "ex Sublime" does not tell me how you create files in a specific folder.12:54
MrElendigguestkh: simple for loop in your shell12:54
MonkeyDustguestkh: with the command 'sleep 40' in a for-loop12:54
MonkeyDustMrElendig: was faster12:55
guestkhMrElendig: can you please give me the full command (i am beginner level)12:55
MrElendigMonkeyDust: sleep 40 won't do what he wanted12:55
MrElendigguestkh: why not just capture a video though?12:55
johnfluxOnline I see  libavcodec54:   https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+package/libavcodec5412:55
guestkhno not video, i need single images12:55
asdpewbekks: well, i have website in folder /var/www/web_public and I want user that in sublime text editor. When i create new file ex. index.php i want this file be with 775 permisions.12:56
guestkhevery 0.15 seconds12:56
johnfluxBut apt-get install   says there's no installation candidate for it?!12:56
guestkh0.25 i mean sorry12:56
MonkeyDustMrElendig: guestkh make thet: with the 'sleep' command, i forget the interval syntax12:56
Guest20501bekks dont know why but 3.19 is the only kernel which i dont have linux-image-extra... and every time i put the pc in hibernate mode i have to reboot... it doesnt wake up12:56
bekksGuest20501: So use a supported kernel then. :)12:56
MrElendigguestkh: you can easily get single images out of a video12:56
Guest20501other kernels are working ok...12:56
asdpewbekks: use*12:56
MrElendigguestkh: and it will be more accurate12:56
MrElendigGuest20501: fix your nick please12:56
guestkhbut every 0.25 seconds 40 images...12:57
Guest20501bekks thats what im using ;) just want to try newer kernels....12:57
huighello, is there another program terminator-like for the terminal?12:57
guestkhi wanted to give a command in terminal and find all the images in a folder....12:57
bekksasdpew: you cannot set umask per directory. you have to put yourself into a group having write permissions in the folder you want to have write permissions to.12:57
guestkhplease help me do it this way12:58
MrElendigfor i in {1..40}: do scrot whatever; sleep 0.25; done12:58
MonkeyDustguestkh: maybe the people in #bash can tell you how to do what you want12:58
cluelesspersonhey guys, I set up ssh keys for login and it worked.  However, I've moved the server, changed the ips, etc.  Logging in from a different machine, and it refuses the key12:58
cluelesspersonand now it refuses the original machine too?12:58
MrElendigwill not be exactly every 0.25 sec thogh12:58
huigguestkh: do the images have an extension?12:58
cluelesspersonany ideas how to view which logs?12:58
guestkhjpg or png is ok12:58
huigguestkh: cd your folder, find . | grep "*.png"12:59
asdpewbekks: ok thanks i will try.12:59
guestkh how to put in terminal this: for i in {1..40}: do scrot whatever; sleep 0.25; done13:00
guestkhok i will try, if not i go to #bash, thanksall13:00
bekkscluelessperson: Setup new ssh keys for the new machine.13:01
Picicluelessperson: Are you getting an error?13:02
dsc_[8bit chiptunes]13:02
bekkscluelessperson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys13:02
huigis there something for the terminal like terminator but not being terminator?13:02
Picihuig: tmux or screen13:02
cluelesspersonbekks, no.13:02
cluelesspersonPici, No, only that my key was refused.13:03
huigPici: same funcionality?13:03
Picihuig: similar, yes.13:03
cluelesspersonPici, can't access mysql either for some reason.13:03
Picicluelessperson: Are you accessing it by ip or by name?13:03
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cluelesspersonPici, ip.13:04
cluelesspersonPici, It was working before I moved it and changed the ip13:04
cluelesspersonfrom  to
bekksThey key doesnt work for the new IP.13:04
cluelesspersonPici, do you know where the ssh log would be?13:04
bekksSet new keys.13:04
cluelesspersonbekks, I'm not setting up new keys.13:05
cluelesspersonhow to just change the allowed client?13:05
bekksThen you will not be able to solve your issue.13:05
cluelesspersonbekks, I think that's stupid and retarded.13:05
cluelesspersonbekks, You're saying a key is only active for a particular client?13:05
bekkscluelessperson: Host keys are valid for one host only.13:06
Picicluelessperson: in /var/log/auth.log13:06
cluelesspersonbekks, I don't believe you.13:06
bekkscluelessperson: Thats up to you.13:06
cluelesspersonbekks, I did it before, so you're wrong.13:06
bekkscluelessperson: So fix your issue and prove it.13:07
cluelesspersonbekks, you're being counter productive13:08
BluesKaji guess the nick fits :)13:08
bekkscluelessperson: You are keeping this pointless discussion up. Stop it now.13:08
cluelesspersonbekks, When someone askes how to fix something, you don't tell them to buy something else entirely instead.13:08
cluelesspersonBluesKaj, The question was "how to fix a key not being accepted or get to the bottom of it"  not, "what's a work around"13:09
cluelesspersonBluesKaj, that's a great way to patchwork/spiderweb your work and it's ugly.13:10
* cluelessperson is confused.13:10
cluelesspersonThe server cannot submit to pastebin, cannot connect to server13:11
Picicluelessperson: ANYWAY... if you can check the logs, that would be a great place to start.13:11
pi-How to download http://foo.com/file.zip into the current folder?13:11
cluelesspersonpi-, wget13:11
AppleCIDRpi-: wget13:11
pi-not curl?13:11
somsipcluelessperson: it is possible to use keys in different clients. But the server may be setup to do a reverse IP lookup to ensure the key is being used by the server/IP that generated it13:11
cluelesspersonpi-, if you wanted..13:12
cluelesspersonsomsip, I did not configure that, unless it's a default.13:12
somsipcluelessperson: it is maybe something to check13:12
cluelesspersonsomsip, Pici  I can ping the server, but the server cannot paste to pastebinit, odd13:13
BluesKajcluelessperson, you've received good advice from 2 knowledgeable users here, just fllow it13:13
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cluelesspersonBluesKaj, I cannot ssh into the server, generating a new key will be annoying, and I'd rather find out why it's screwed in the first place.13:14
pi-Can I inspect the contents of file.zip before unpacking it?  I want to check whether it is going to correctly create a folder and unpack into that folder or just spray everything into the current folder..13:14
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somsippi-: unzip -l13:14
cluelesspersonPici, network is unreachable13:14
cluelesspersonPici, somsip   I connected the wrong ethernet port out of the duals.  The second one has disabled service, but it'd still establish an ip.13:20
Picicluelessperson: so.. its working now?13:20
cluelesspersonPici, restarting to renew to the correct ip.13:20
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whatever123Any help on how to uninstall ubuntu ? i installed it yestarday then i deleted the partion it was installed with windows i installed another version of windows over that hard drive and i cannot boot them because it puts me on the grub rescue> prompt13:25
aenaxii'd like to switch to 'programmers dvorak' keyboard layout, but to do so i need to change two of its keybindings (æÆøØ -> äÄöÖ). does anyone know how to do that?13:25
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BluesKajwhatever123, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair13:33
cluelesspersonPici, That was not it, but the issue is network configuration on ubuntu13:34
cluelesspersonPici, I can ping the hardware, but ubuntu isn't accepting anything, probably an interface issue13:34
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cluelesspersonAlright, ubuntu is givin me "network unreachable" when I try to ping out, and I have no idea why.13:42
ikoniacluelessperson: is your network up13:43
cluelesspersonikonia, yes.13:43
ikoniacluelessperson: how are you verifying that ?13:44
cluelesspersonmy desktop and work laptop13:44
ikoniaok, what is the host you are trying to talk to13:44
ikoniacluelessperson: are you sure thats not the broadcast address ?13:45
cluelesspersonikonia, I'm certain13:45
rockstar_iori (from previous convo) : thanks for helping my Ubuntu to connect to university network. It finally worked! :)13:45
ikoniacluelessperson: ok - what is your client's ip address13:45
cluelesspersonikonia, I think I may have gotten ports mixed up13:45
ikoniaok, great13:45
cluelesspersonikonia, I swapped ports (had to restart) and now it can ping the internet13:45
ikoniaping the internet ?13:46
ikoniayou said it was a 192 address13:46
ikoniathat is not the interent13:46
cluelesspersonikonia, google.13:46
ikoniathe address you gave is not google13:46
cluelesspersonikonia, well, it should be able to do either.13:46
cluelesspersonikonia, but yes.13:46
m0r0nCan someone help me with this setup? Section "Run the DelugeDaemon on startup" http://www.havetheknowhow.com/Install-the-software/Install-Deluge-Headless.html13:46
ikoniaI don't understand - you just gave details that are nothig to do with the internet13:46
MrElendigm0r0n: su -u deluge ... in a init script13:46
m0r0nMrElendig, I'm confused where I'm supposed to write the script to13:47
cluelesspersonikonia, I wasn't able to ping anything before, now I can after swapping the ethernet ports.13:47
MrElendigor a propper upstart script13:48
m0r0nMrElendig, if my HDD partition isn't on /media/ where do I leave this script13:48
hydehi. I have two packages with status pi (purge, installed, or something). I think this just means they're set to be purged, but for now they are normally installed. I want to set them back to ii (install, installed, or whatever). What's the right command?13:48
MrElendigI can't open havetheknowhow btw because of horrible site design13:48
MrElendigm0r0n: read the upstart docs13:49
SonikkuAmericahyde - [ sudo apt-get autoremove --purge ]13:50
SonikkuAmericahyde - Oh wait...13:51
SonikkuAmericahyde - You wanted to install them... in that case use [ sudo apt-get install $PACKAGE1 $PACKAGE2 ]13:52
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cluelesspersonikonia, I'm not very familiar with server hardware.14:04
ikoniacluelessperson: not sure what that has to do with anything ?14:06
ikoniaor what you're asking ?14:06
hydeSonikkuAmerica: thanks, but I want to find out how do this with plain dpkg. So the packages are already installed.14:07
ramen69any of you using puush it was exploited recently14:08
hydeah, got it! echo "packagename install" | sudo dpkg --set-selections14:09
TurtleDanWhen I click on Home folder or Desktop in Ubuntu it goes to Puddletag.  Is there a way to fix that?14:10
TurtleDanUnder Places14:10
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KnightsOfNiHi, in the authorized_keys file, is it ok to leave an empty line between two keys?14:19
bekksKnightsOfNi: Thats not intended.14:24
labeeb32it says "no operating system found" during ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS installation while i have windows technical preview installed. Its about dual boot14:25
MrEikonohey everyone!14:25
MrEikonolabeeb so you installed off a flash drive/boot disk/whatever?14:25
labeeb32flash drive14:26
EriC^^labeeb32: partition it manually14:26
MrEikonoyeah, that's the part you're missing.14:26
labeeb32its something to do with gpt partitioning i guess14:26
labeeb32but if i try to partition manually, it gives me all hard as blank14:27
EriC^^labeeb32: type sudo parted -l14:27
MrEikonoso my question is: Is there anyone in this room that's built a distro before that can tell me where to get started?14:28
labeeb32it asks me wether partition is gpt or not. i say yes and it gives me flash drive partition details14:28
EriC^^labeeb32: hmm try sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda14:28
ikoniaMrEikono yes, but that is nothing to do with ubuntu, and this channel really14:28
MrEikonosorry, then. Where should I ask14:29
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: you mean creating an ubuntu unattended?14:29
MrEikonolotuspsychje: What's that mean. I wanna make a fork of Ubuntu14:29
MrEikonothat's partly why I'm asking here, ikonia, but if it's not the reason, where should I ask14:30
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: maybe #snappy can help you building something you need?14:30
hydeMrEikono: you could start with just creating a custom installer for Ubuntu, with desired package selection.14:31
MrEikonolotuspsychje: I don't need a disto, I just kinda wanted to build one because I thought it would be cool. but I'll check out #snappy14:31
MrEikonohyde: where can I do that?14:31
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: if you dont want it related to ubuntu you can try ##linux14:32
hydeMrEikono: google "customize ubuntu installer" or something. can't give you anything more definitive than that, sorry14:32
MrEikonoit's alright hyde14:33
MrEikonolotuspsychje: I do want it related to Ubuntu. I'm saying I don't _need_ one for a specific reason and I just thought it would be a cool project if I built one myself.14:34
au7hhi scooby14:34
cfhowlettMrEikono, "linux from scratch" is the project you want.14:35
bytetrialhi, hows it going14:35
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization14:35
MrEikonocfhowlett: ah, I have seen that before. Thanks14:35
au7hit works :D14:35
stef1ai'm using 14.10 and trying to mount a partition to root. i have the following in my fstab: "UUID=... / ext4 defaults 0 2". when i reboot, nothing indicates that the partition was mounted. help?14:35
au7hi'm using Debian Wheezy :D14:35
MrEikonolotuspsychje: what is that link for?14:36
au7hhi scooby14:36
bytetrialhi, hows it going14:36
MrEikonooh wait - so this is custom installer that was mentioned?14:36
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: build own ubuntu distro yourself14:36
bytetrialhi, hows it going14:36
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au7hwrite "hi, scooby" :D14:37
lotuspsychje!info uck | MrEikono14:37
ubottuMrEikono: uck (source: uck): Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.7-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 145 kB, installed size 441 kB14:37
au7hi can add more comands :D14:38
au7hubuntu sucks14:38
MrEikonoso that's a package I install in Ubuntu to do this? haven't read the page yet :p14:38
lotuspsychjeau7h: stop that please14:38
MonkeyDustMrEikono  these names are already taken http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28operating_system%29#/media/File:UbuntuFamilyTree1210.svg14:39
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: thats one package you can use14:39
MrEikonolotuspsycheje: alright. thanks for the help14:39
MrEikonoMonkeyDust: ooh that should be useful14:39
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MrEikonowhat's wubuntu?14:44
MrEikonoI wanted to call it that, for Windows + Ubuntu (yup now you see my idea) but the project on SF and stuff seems inactive.14:44
MrEikonoit's not even on that list that MonkeyDust sent me14:45
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: be carefull to switch 2 Os togheter without knowing what you do, check what happened to linspire14:47
voozeAnyone know why grub is loading slow? It looks like an image being loaded on a really slow connection (step by step loading) Is that GPU related or could it be the 3200x1800 screens fault?14:48
lotuspsychjevooze: what kind of gpu and ubuntu version?14:49
KnightsOfNifor some reason grep does nothing for me, i type: grep "PHP_OS" /var/www - and it just goes back to prompt without any message14:50
KnightsOfNianything wrong with the syntax?14:51
voozelotuspsychje, its 15.04 (but had the same problem with 14.04 and 14.10) and its Intel HD 4600 + Nvidia 750m14:53
lotuspsychjevooze: that card does it have optimus technology?14:53
voozelotuspsychje, jep14:53
voozeyep *14:53
lotuspsychjevooze: did you install nvidia-prime?14:53
voozeyes :)14:53
MrEikonooh yeah, that thing lotuspsychje14:54
MrEikonosorry I took so long14:54
lotuspsychjevooze: not sure then, maybe try 14.04.2 with internet/updates during setup and nvidia-prime14:54
MrEikonoI'm not really combining them though, I want it to be basically Ubuntu but with a windows _feel_.14:54
MrEikonolike Ubuntu but with the start menu for ex.14:55
MrEikono(is that a fork or a remaster)14:55
voozealso it happens with noveau and nvidia driver. But since its in grub, it really cant use drivers right?14:55
MonkeyDustMrEikono  MATE has that option14:55
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: lol, why not setup just a windows theme then?14:55
voozelotuspsychje, i did begin with 14.04.2 with internet updates, same result :/14:55
MrEikonolotuspsycheje how14:55
lotuspsychjevooze: i would try to remove your drivers, and install only nvidia-prime14:55
MrEikonoMonkeyDust what's MATE14:56
lotuspsychje!theme | MrEikono14:56
ubottuMrEikono: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy14:56
MrEikonoso which ones of those do I go to? lol14:56
MonkeyDustMrEikono  MATE is a DE like unity or lxde14:56
MrEikonoah okay14:56
voozelotuspsychje, also intel driver?14:56
lotuspsychjevooze: no intel drivers ok, just try a remove of nvidia card drivers, or switch to another from your list14:57
lotuspsychjevooze: in this state you can also try grub recoverymode/ fix broken packages14:57
lotuspsychjeMrEikono: there is also playonlinux to run software/games on ubuntu, that your gf might feel comfortable with..14:58
MrEikonolmao not ex.14:58
MonkeyDustMrEikono  http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-MATE-15-04-Lets-Users-Imitate-the-Look-of-Other-OSes-474480.shtml#sgal_214:59
MrEikonoI meant example xP14:59
MrEikono(playonlinux tho thanks *wink*)14:59
voozelotuspsychje, don't really think switching drivers will help, since its been like that on 14.04 (with old nvidia driver) and 14.10 (with a bit newer) and 15.04 (with quite new)14:59
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: nice find :p14:59
lotuspsychjevooze: alot of users come here with optimus issues on boot14:59
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  i have 15.04 MATE as a vm :)14:59
voozelotuspsychje, okay, i'll try. Thx :)15:00
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stef1ai'm using ubuntu 14.10 and it sound doesn't play through browsers using flash. help?15:01
lotuspsychjestef1a: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras?15:01
stef1alotuspsychje: no, doing that now15:02
MrEikonothanks for that link MonkeyDust15:02
MrEikonoApril 23rd, I am finding the stable release of that DE and installing it straightaway :315:03
SonikkuAmericaMrEikono - why wait? http://ubuntu-mate.org or /join #ubuntu-mate15:04
MrEikonoSonikkuAmerica thanks!15:04
MrEikonoyou guys have really helped out this morning ^^15:05
stef1alotuspsychje: holy cow, it works. thanks so much!15:05
MrEikonoso MATE is Ubuntu + GNOME huh? beautiful15:05
stef1asuch a quick fix15:05
lotuspsychjestef1a: no sweat mate :p15:06
MrEikonohow would I make the boot menu different with MATE though? I like it better on Ubuntu's purple :p15:06
MonkeyDustj #test15:06
MrEikonowell *Ubuntu MATE15:06
MrEikonowell I'm going to go now. Thanks for all your help MonkeyDust, lotuspsychje, others15:09
KnightsOfNianyone using Ack?15:11
KnightsOfNiI am installing this: http://beyondgrep.com/install/ with apt-get install ack-grep - but it installs 1.92, why does it not install the latest version?15:18
MonkeyDust!latest | KnightsOfNi15:18
ubottuKnightsOfNi: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.15:18
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MehrzadWhen I try to install anjuta using the software center, it says "Failed to download package files". What should I do?15:31
ObrienDave!info anjuta15:32
ubottuanjuta (source: anjuta): GNOME development IDE, for C/C++. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:3.12.0-1 (utopic), package size 1025 kB, installed size 4343 kB15:33
SonikkuAmerica(Anjuta is the dev's girlfriend. Not even kidding.)15:33
ObrienDaveMehrzad, could be a mirror issue. try a different mirror15:33
MehrzadObrienDave: How can I change the mirror?15:34
ObrienDaveor wait for the mirror to refresh15:34
SonikkuAmericaMehrzad - Make sure the "universe" is enabled in "Softwre and Updates"15:34
ObrienDaveand you can select a different mirror there also15:34
MehrzadSonikkuAmerica: Where is "Software and Updates"?15:35
SonikkuAmericaMehrzad - Search the Unity dash for it (do you use Unity?)15:35
ObrienDavei'm on Xubuntu, yours might be named differently15:35
ObrienDaveGreetings & Welcome15:36
MehrzadSonikkuAmerica: Yes, but I can't find such thing as Software and Updates15:36
SonikkuAmericaObrienDave - (in Xubuntu it's inside the Settings Manager)15:36
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KnightsOfNiMonkeyDust, the problem is that clamscan won't run when it's not the latest version15:36
ObrienDaveSonikkuAmerica, yes, i know. regular Ubuntu is named differently afaik15:37
ObrienDaveMehrzad, I don't use Unity (xfce). your sources manager in named differently15:39
Appl3Korkanyone have experience with mdadm? or raid?15:40
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floogyHi, I'm not able to get apt-file working https://bpaste.net/show/cb7fecc622d415:48
floogyUbuntu 12.04.5 LTS15:50
floogyii  apt-file                  2.5.0ubuntu115:50
Picifloogy: did you do what it said?15:51
floogyYes, read the bpaste.15:51
Picifloogy: er.. right, sorry.15:51
PiciI didn't read what it said ;)15:51
floogyI guess that might be an issue with the sources of my provider.15:52
cluelesspersonAnyone here have experience with server management?15:52
Picifloogy: Sounds like it.  I haven't had an issue with it in any of the installs I've done.15:52
cluelesspersonI'm running into some things that I'm not familiar with15:52
floogyI didn't found anything on the net that would point me to the right direction. I also tried apt-file purge && apt-file update && apt-file find dig15:53
oalDoes ufw work in openvz containers now?15:53
ObrienDavefloogy, that "contents" file is not there.15:54
ObrienDavein any of the sub-directories15:54
floogyYes, that brought me to the idea, that something is wrong with the repo of my ISP15:54
ObrienDaveok, you need to check with them. Trusty folders don't have it either. (was just checking)15:56
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floogyObrienDave, "Trusty folders"?15:59
floogySo apt-file is no longerr working for precise AND trusty?15:59
floogyDon't get it.15:59
ObrienDavei don't know. i was just following the URL in your paste16:00
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The0x539users of tiling window managers, which do you prefer and why do you prefer it over the others?16:00
ObrienDave!best | The0x53916:00
The0x539ObrienDave: hence why I asked for a reason16:00
The0x539and preference16:01
The0x539not "what's the best tiling WM" :P16:01
* ObrienDave thinks they got rid of WAY too many factoids16:01
floogyAh, my provider don't have them, not for precice neither for trusty. - ok.16:01
ObrienDaveThe0x539, "reasons" are subjective to ones knowledge and experience. most people here will ignore such inquiries16:03
The0x539ObrienDave: and I'd take that into mind when formulating my own decision16:03
* ObrienDave thanks whomever for the /ignore command16:04
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pbxmy only options for getting lync video conferencing working are wync or a VM, right?16:11
cluelesspersonDoes anyone here have experience with server hardware?  I'm new to it.  The issue seems to be the admin configuration through KVM over IP.16:14
cluelesspersonI goto  (management_ip) and get the web gui.   If I goto (supposed to be the system)  I get the web gui still16:15
cluelesspersonso I'm confused16:15
chrisssois there anyone that knows how to set up ubuntu that it shuts down after x time of idle?16:16
clmclmHello! Is there a easy way in gnome to deactivate search on desktop so shortcuts work fine?16:17
MarconManyone use ltsp ?16:18
ioriaMarconM  i did,once :)16:21
MarconMioria: i did to16:22
MarconMdid have problem with "Operation sustem not found"16:22
MarconMon boot folder the file pxelinux.0 .. is not there16:22
ioriaMarconM  .... o yes16:22
MarconMwhat i did ?16:23
MarconMif i isntall on 64 bits ... work perfect .. but 32 bits i got this error16:23
MarconMsome files are missing16:23
ioriaMarconM  .... it  means ,  asfar asi remember,that you client hardware it not configured  for lan boot16:23
MarconMit is ... its the same config16:23
MarconMi did 100 times16:23
MarconMedubuntu, ubuntu alternative 64 works16:24
MarconMbut lubuntu kubuntu ubuntu server 32bits i got this error16:24
ioriaMarconM  .... you try using a  cd  on thew client that enables  the lan  boot16:25
ioriaMarconM  .... you can try using a  cd  on the client that enables  the lan  boot16:26
MarconMioria: u dont understand .. is not the client16:26
MarconMwhen i run ltsp-build-client16:26
ioriaMarconM  .... ohh16:26
MarconMinside the folder16:26
cbloklandey guys. I have a laptop with a AMD Radeon card and have connected 2 externel screens (total 3 screens). I have the weird problem that whenever I disconnect the hdmi + vga cable and connect it to some other screen and plug it back the 3rd screen over VGA is displayed as 'Unknown monitor' and only provided low resolutions16:26
MarconM this folder /opt/ltsp/i386/boot16:27
MarconMsome files are missing16:27
MarconMpxelinux.0 pxelinux.cfg16:27
cbloklandSomeone knows what is going on?16:27
MarconMis not there16:27
cbloklandHelp would be appreciated.16:27
cbloklandCtrl+Shift+T isn't working either and I see my windows are not themed as well....16:29
MrElendigedid over vga is horribly unreliable16:33
MrElendigbha he left16:33
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akiva-thinkpaddoes ubuntu still do amazon tracking?16:46
k1l_not that i am aware of, i heard the query server was shut down, but didnt see something official there16:47
OerHeksakiva-thinkpad, you can disable the amazon stuff in systemsettings > privacy .. all i find is it will be removed with 15.04 http://www.pcworld.com/article/2840401/ubuntus-unity-8-desktop-removes-the-amazon-search-spyware.html16:50
akiva-thinkpadOerHeks, Yah I thought was going to be removed16:50
OerHeksStill i heard no-one about the lyrics and cover search seen as spyware to the music industry16:51
sh1nyearning money through open source = bad ! :D16:52
* sh1ny hides16:52
sh1nyand tbh i was never bothered by the amazon search16:53
bytetriallisting files :)16:55
bytetriallisting files :)16:55
bytetriallisting files :)16:55
bytetriallisting files :)16:55
bytetriallisting files :)16:55
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jczxkvdxdscommand ls16:59
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bytetriallisting files :)17:00
jczxkvdxdscommand ls17:00
bytetriallisting files :)17:00
jczxkvdxdscommand mkdir17:01
k1l_bytetrial: stop that please17:01
jczxkvdxdsim testing soft17:01
k1l_jczxkvdxds: no bot tests in here.17:01
k1l_!guidelines | jczxkvdxds17:02
ubottujczxkvdxds: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:02
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dsc_!guidlines | dsc_17:02
jczxkvdxdsi know17:02
dsc_!guidelines | dsc_17:02
ubottudsc_, please see my private message17:02
ObrienDavejczxkvdxds, please use #test17:02
jczxkvdxdsoki thanks17:02
jczxkvdxdsim writing trojan application which connect to irc channel17:03
jczxkvdxdsand send keystrokes :D17:03
dsc_jczxkvdxds: get out of here with your skiddiecrap17:03
dsc_thank you17:03
dsc_kids these days 'huh17:04
mcarolanhi, i'm having some trouble with slow boots in xubuntu 15.04. looks related to swap partition configuration after running an upgrade. can anybody help? put info in a gist: https://gist.github.com/mcarolan/fd2964628b1b5056303217:04
OerHeksmcarolan, for support join #ubuntu+1 until vivid is released17:05
mcarolanok, thanks17:06
wesley9946hi there, i cannot get any ubuntu 14.10 X server signal through my DVI cable any solutions?17:09
ioriacai i  run virtual  box (decently) with  less than 2  G  and  pentium  4?17:09
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ObrienDaveit will work. not sure about 'decently'17:10
teward|webioria: depends on what you're running inside the virtualbox VM17:10
teward|webioria: with low specs like that though 'decently' is questionable17:10
ioriateward|web,  windows  98 :-P17:10
Neko`Is there a way to use smartphone (android) as audio device on linux (mic and speaker) ?17:10
teward|webioria: i wouldn't put any GUI on virtualbox in a system with those specs, not if you're wanting to use your computer and the VM at the same time17:11
ioriateward|web,  i did it...  the outcome was terible ...17:12
* ObrienDave has Win 3.11 in a VM ;P17:12
teward|webioria: then you already know your answer - you may want to upgrade the system's specs if you plan on using virtualization - it's not resource-friendly17:12
teward|web(virualization, that is)17:12
ioriaObrienDave,  you are  awsome !!!17:13
ioriateward|web,  i know thanx17:13
wesley9946i cannot get any ubuntu 14.10 X server signal through my DVI cable any solutions?17:15
tannersteHello, I'm currently running Ubuntu Server 13.10 with Samba to share files betwen several Windows clients.  Unfortunately one of the Windows clients was infected with CryptoWall and corrupted all the files on the Samba share.  Any ideas on how i can recover previous versions of the corrupted files?17:16
zykotick9wesley9946: perhaps saying what graphics card you're using might help?  just a suggestion.17:16
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wesley9946zykotick9: Intel 945GM 256 MB VRAM17:16
wesley9946inside of a Dell Inspiron 940017:17
OerHekstannerste, from a backup .. btw 13.10 is EOL, no heartbleed fix and such ...17:17
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tannersteOerHeks, thanks.  Unfortunately my backups are performed nightly and the problem wasn't found until the new backups overwrote the good files.  I'm definitely changing how my bakcups work form here on out.17:18
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ioriawesley9946,  what in  your  xorg.conf ?17:22
wesley9946ioria: hang on, getting it17:22
ioriawesley9946,  locate  xorg.conf17:25
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zykotick9wesley9946: xorg.conf is in /etc/X11/xorg.conf _IF_ you have one, it's not there by default anymore...17:30
MrElendigwesley9946: what does xarndr say?17:31
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ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:35
wesley9946ioria: i cannot seem to find any "just" xorg.conf17:36
ioriawesley9946,  with  some numbers after ?17:36
atgnagWhen there is package existing in two different ppas, how can I make apt prefer one ppa over the other on upgrade?17:36
ioriawesley9946,  good17:36
wesley9946and one which ends with .failsafe17:36
ioriawesley9946,  what  says section Device ?17:37
wesley9946ioria: hang on17:37
derpingithi guys. i have a question . i've installed virtualbox with a windows 8 instance so that i can run some programs only i can run in windows.. i wanna do the same on a guest account, but i want the vm to autostart AND not allow the user to change virtualbox settings. is there a way to do this ?17:37
Mouseyhi, where can i get a simple url for the latest release version of the ubuntu ISO?17:38
NemesisDstm retries aren't busy loops right? like if i do atomically $ check =<< readTVar someBoolTVar, it will suspend until something touches someBoolTVar right?17:38
Mouseyso i can wget/curl it17:38
NemesisDwhoops wrong channel17:38
wesley9946Identifier: "Intel17:40
wesley9946Driver: intel17:41
ioriawesley9946,  Options  ?17:41
wesley9946ioria: trying to SSH to my laptop rather than plugging the VGA cable (which is the only video cable which works atm)17:42
Guest13498how do i change my name? i'm using weechat17:43
Tin_mannot sure about weechat, but all the ones i've used just type /nick newname17:44
tewardGuest13498: they should all (weechat included) support /nick NEWNICK17:45
tewardbut that's a question for #freenode (general IRC suage questions)17:45
Mouseydoes anyone know where can i get a simple url for the latest release version of the ubuntu ISO so i can wget/curl it17:45
tewardMousey: releases.ubuntu.com - find the version you need there, right click and get the link17:46
tewardMousey: http://releases.ubuntu.com/utopic/ is your start point17:46
tewardthere's mirrors of it too, but that's the master17:46
Mouseyteward: thank you very much17:46
paravastaHello I installed Linux Mint on my Windows 7 PC, then Windows failed to boot anymore. Chatting with others on this channel, it was ascertained that my windows recovery partition had been over-written. So I purchased - at great cost - a windows recovery CD from ASUS, the maker of my laptop. When I insert the CD and restart the computer, I only have the options of booting into Linux. I can't find any way to get into bios to change the sett17:48
paravastaings for the computer to be able to boot from the CD. When Windows was working it was an easy thing when starting the computer to press one of the "f" keys to get into setup. How can I do this from within Linux? Once I get Windows installed, I do intend to install Linux again as virtual machine. But for now I really need to wipe the hard drive to start over. Only, I don't see any way to do this from within Linux. I am not a techie, so I17:48
paravastaneed instructions that are simple and easy for a newbie like myself to follow. Help! Save me!17:48
wesley9946ioria: drivers part: Section "Device"17:48
wesley9946    Identifier "intel"17:48
wesley9946    Driver "intel"17:48
wesley9946    Option "AccelMethod" "uxa"17:48
wesley9946    Option "Virtuals" "2"17:48
teward!pastebin | wesley994617:48
ubottuwesley9946: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:48
teward!mint | paravasta17:48
ubottuparavasta: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:48
ioriawesley9946,  lspci | grep VGA ?17:50
wesley9946ioria: http://pastebin.com/N8YC5Xtx17:51
rockstar_what is the proper way to install opencv in Ubuntu, for python in Eclipse?17:53
kantokaMy "Edit Connections" is greyed out after a 12.04 (64 bit desktop) update. How do I solve this? Help plz...17:53
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ioriawesley9946,  this seemed to work  ...  but  it's  for  nvidia driver  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79845118:00
wesley9946no solutions for intel's?18:02
ObrienDavederpingit, you might try asking in #vbox18:04
LuskusI have question18:05
ObrienDave!ask | Luskus18:06
ubottuLuskus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:06
Luskusmy wife and I are getting a 19 year old au pair to help us with hus work18:06
Luskusis ok to ask to fuckk the au pair?18:06
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n-iCecan the ubuntu iso, be used with dd to usb boot?18:14
k1l_n-iCe: yes18:14
n-iCek1l_: thanks18:15
ramen69can you link me to dd ive never heard of it18:15
k1l_just make sure to dd onto sdb and not sdb2.18:15
k1l_(when sdb is your usb drive)18:15
n-iCeramen69: dd bs=4M if=/path/to/archlinux.iso of=/dev/sdx && sync18:15
ramen69oh cool ty :)18:15
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tenguixpackage libuuid1:amd64 2.25.1-3ubuntu4.1 cannot be configured because libuuid1:i386 is at a different version (2.25.1-3ubuntu4) --- What should I do here?18:24
alimanhi all18:30
travnewmaticso, not sure if anyone on here now was here yesterday when i was trying to multiboot my compy with both utopic and vivid using the same home folder18:32
travnewmaticit didnt work :D  indeed, different versions of config files was a problem18:32
travnewmatichi jul200018:33
jul2000Does any1 know how to turn an HTML5 based game into an ubuntu application that can be distributed on the "ubuntu store" ?18:34
travnewmatici do not know :(18:34
alimanmay i ask if is there any big differences between ubuntu unity and ubuntu gnome besides the design?18:34
jul2000I use both and both are fine18:34
k1l_aliman: unity uses compiz, gnome uses mutter.18:35
tenguixCan anyone help with this package conflict? package libuuid1:amd64 2.25.1-3ubuntu4.1 cannot be configured because libuuid1:i386 is at a different version (2.25.1-3ubuntu4)18:36
alimank1l_, srry not used with those terms dunno what means18:36
alimani am new with linux and i just started to learn things18:37
jul2000amd64 is found on 64bit distros and i386 is related to 32bit, that's all I know18:37
k1l_aliman: its the technic running in the background which draws your desktop18:37
Seveastenguix: update the 32bit and 64 bit version at the same time, or get rid of one if you don't need both.18:39
tenguixaliman, the gnome desktop has been around for a while -- it's relatively lightweight and there are more smaller pieces to it (seems to be more configurable and shows up in a lot of other linux distributions).  Unity is a more unified desktop environment that in my opinion looks like OSX and has the "unity scope", which is like this fancy overlay thing.18:40
tenguixSeveas: what switch do I pass to apt/dpkg to remove the i386 arch?18:41
jul2000GNOME is preferable to build a macosx like config, I have found lately, because of cairo dock18:41
Seveastenguix: apt-get remove --purge libuuid1:i386 (make sure that doesn't also want to remoe thing you'd like to keep)18:41
k1l_tenguix: aliman unity uses the same base (gnome3) like gome-shell (what people actually call gnome3). but neither of them are considered lightweight. see xfce or lxde for a lightweight desktop18:42
viGtor_Hi! you know how to disable bluetooth at startup? it is enabled by default at each startup and it's just so frustrating :S18:42
tenguixE: Unable to locate package libuuid18:42
tenguixI forgot that I was having that problem.18:42
tenguixHmm.. that's not cool.18:42
k1l_tenguix: "apt-cache policy libuuid" in a pastebin18:42
tenguixN: Unable to locate package libuuid18:43
k1l_tenguix: "cat  /etc/apt/sources.list" in a pastebin please18:43
Seveastenguix: dpkg -P libuuid1:i38618:43
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tenguixAh, lol forgot the "1"18:43
tenguixI probably upgraded when I was running Steam or Skype18:44
viGtor_hi! is there an easy way to reduce adwaita title bar?18:45
tenguixjul2000: You can install cairo-dock with any DE18:46
tenguixThanks guys. peace out!18:46
alimanviGtor_, hi :) how are ya?18:47
viGtor_aliman: hey!18:47
viGtor_just working, i need a quick fix but don't find how :(18:47
wesley9946ioria: look what i found in dmesg | grep edid: http://pastebin.com/XL7Fuinv18:47
jul2000I only tested cairo on ubuntu and it requires to run in GNOME stuff, otherwise it runs with both the dock and the launcher (that refuses to stay hidden 100% of the time)18:48
jonascjHi all. I use ubuntu 14.04 on my media center (display is a 46" TV at 3m distance), and I have increased the DPI using system settings. In the beginning things looked relatively good, but now all text is blown out of proportions. The window titles are cropped by 50% in height because the font is too large for the title bar.18:49
jonascjLowering the DPI again does not change the font. What option might I change to change the system font size?18:49
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kokotakushi guys can someone help me please?  I am following this guide http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/qnap/ts-41x/install/18:51
kokotakusI am trying to run this script on my QNAP http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/stable/main/installer-armel/current/images/kirkwood/network-console/qnap/ts-41x/flash-debian18:51
kokotakusbut I got this error when I run "sh flash-debian" http://pastebin.com/kafUhRe418:51
kokotakusIs it due to encoding or something?18:51
touil76Hello. My friend, who has a laptop that runs ubuntu 14.04, has had a problem with it this morning. After a reboot, the screen of the laptop has remained black. I guess it's kernel related as we can get a proper boot using an ancient kernel.18:51
jonascjHmm, unity-tweak-center seemed to do the trick18:51
touil76My question is : what is the best procedure to reinstall the latest kernel properly, and is this advised ? Thank you.18:52
CptRageToastertouil76: Compile from source, then run the install script18:52
yeats!mainline | touil7618:52
ubottutouil76: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds18:52
CptRageToasterIt's not that complicated, as long as you aren't afraid of running a script or two18:52
touil76Too complicated. My friend is not able to do this.18:52
jonascjtouil76: you should only install a new kernel if you need it. You risk getting an unstable system.18:52
rzyzhello, which package i must install to test qt creator with qt5?18:53
rzyzi install qtcreator, but i have qt4, not qt5 :/18:53
thebestgirl|mobiwhen I copy text it put linebreaks where the text wraps around18:53
jonascjtouil76: a valid reason is "I want to try the new kernel for kicks", but then you should probably get down and dirty. Learn to compile and install18:53
thebestgirl|mobiany way to stop that?18:53
kokotakuscan someone help me pls18:53
touil76I don't want to install a brand new kernel. It's just that the latest kernel installed can't boot properly. We are compelled to boot from an ancient one.18:53
yeatstouil76: based on your symptoms, it sounds like the graphics driver isn't getting loaded in the new kernel18:54
yeatstouil76: check the Xorg.logs18:54
touil76yeats: that's what I thought too. I guess we should reinstall the graphics driver somehow.18:54
bpromptthebestgirl|mobi:    come again?18:56
touil76yeats: where can he find the interesting xorg.log file when he has booted with an ancient kernel ?18:56
yeatstouil76: /var/log/Xorg.0.log and similar18:57
touil76yeats : Ok, what should he look for in these logs ?18:58
avid_fantouil76: Is the laptop completely unresponsive with the newer kernel and black screen?18:59
yeatstouil76: first off, anything with (EE) in the line19:00
avid_fantouil76: What I mean, is can you get to a terminal login with <CTRL><ALT>F1?19:00
touil76No I cannot get a terminal login with <CTRL><ALT>F119:01
jul2000This is my config for parents and normal people19:02
touil76I get : (EE) VESA(0): V_BIOS address 0xd00 out of range19:03
touil76EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.19:03
touil76(EE) no screens found(EE)19:03
ulrichardI assume it's possible to mount an initramfs with a liveCD to repair a messed up script. But where can I find a howto?19:07
SchrodingersScat!chroot | ulrichard , this?19:08
ubottuulrichard , this?: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot19:08
astair_44@ulrichard: search for chroot19:08
touil76yeats: what should I do now ?19:08
ulrichardchroot is if I have it all in a directory. But first I need to mount it somehow, I assume.19:09
ulrichardThe script I need to repair is already inside the initramfs.19:10
yeatstouil76: I would google those errors and see if there are relevant results19:11
ulrichard... or extract the initramfs into a directory, and pack it again after the script is fixed.19:12
yeatstouil76: and add keywords for the video card model19:12
jul2000is there a way to save the current ubuntu config and turn it into a live USB ? or modifiy the live USB default config a make it stay modified ?19:14
nvonHi. I wanted to migrate pdf2djvu from ubuntu to windows. Can anyone give me a general idea on how to do something like this?19:14
bpromptjul2000:    yes, did you burn the liveUSB to the stick with "persistent storage"?19:15
ulrichardThe script I need to fix is for decrypting the root fs.19:15
bpromptjul2000:    anyhow, that's what "persistent storage" is for, to keep the changes after every session, you can even install, whatever in the session, and it'd be kept, with whatever settings you set it19:16
jul2000 yes I did, but it didn't keep the changed desktop wallpaper when I rebooted on it after...19:17
jul2000is there an additional step to consider before restart ?19:17
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bpromptjul2000:    should..... so.... not sure what you did or didn't do.... but I"ve done that quite a few times, even changed xorg.conf and it kept it like I set it19:18
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jul2000ok so I probably failed to create the persistent storage properly then19:18
bpromptjul2000:      only consideration would be, let the system shutdown properly on its own processing, as opposed to have a force-poweroff by holding-down the power button19:19
jul2000I did19:19
touil76yeats : the only pages I found on google for my problem is debian related.19:19
jul2000I'll redo a stick to make sure19:20
bpromptjul2000:   well, that'd be the only consideration that I can think of, other than that, it should keep any changes you did, user or root changes19:20
PrinceProsperoHello, I have an integrated graphics chip (Intel HD Graphics 5500) and I just allocated 1024MB to it in the BIOS and that shows up fine in Windows but in Ubuntu I only see 256MB running 'lspci'. Is there additional tweaks that I need to do within Ubuntu?19:21
jul2000And when I do the install on HD from the USB, will it use the USB OS config or the default one as usual ?19:22
micky219can anyone suggest me pdf editor with almost similar editing functionality as that of Nitro..19:23
bpromptjul2000:     IIRC, it uses the usb stick, I don't recall to what extent.... but in my case, the one I noticed right off, was the xorg.conf, it used the one I had in the usb stick, IIRC it did apply most configuration changes in the stick19:24
MionPrinceProspero: lspci doesn't show how much ram it really reserves19:24
jul2000awesome, thx19:24
MionPrinceProspero: lspci just sees the product id and looks it up in a text file19:25
MionPrinceProspero: basicly19:25
PrinceProsperoOh, how can I see how much it actually has then?19:25
ulrichardI think I found what I need : http://backreference.org/2010/07/04/modifying-initrdinitramfs-files/19:26
jtinforsHi, how come there is no mit-scheme package for x64 on Ubuntu 14.04?19:27
=== Guest27288 is now known as EriC^^
TheNumbjtinfors: nobody packaged it I suppose.19:29
FailBitwhat package is ifconfig in19:29
TheNumbjtinfors: are you sure it's not available?19:29
ObrienDave!info mit-scheme19:30
ubottumit-scheme (source: mit-scheme): MIT/GNU Scheme development environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.1.1-5 (utopic), package size 6266 kB, installed size 17836 kB19:30
jtinforsTheNumb: My 14.04 machine only has package for i386..19:30
TheNumbjtinfors: then install mit-scheme:i38619:30
FailBitit is in /sbin19:30
TheNumbjtinfors: fyi, there is an amd64 build in vivid ;p19:31
jtinforsTheNumb: I downloaded and compiled it so Im ok, just curious about why there's no package19:31
TheNumbjtinfors: maybe there were issues in amd64 build.19:31
jtinforsTheNumb: okidok, such is the way of the world. No on to actually playing around with the parenthesis! :)19:32
TheNumbjtinfors: have fun (:19:33
jamiedimonHi, I am unable to install an Ubuntu lib, poppler-glib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10708749/19:33
jamiedimonWhat is wrong with apt?19:33
yeatsjamiedimon: try 'sudo apt-get -f install'19:34
ObrienDavejamiedimon, did you update repos first?19:35
jamiedimonI did run apt-get update first19:35
cluelesspersonHey guys, I have ubuntu server here, and it installs fine with auto network config, but once it's installed, it doesn't work19:35
bpromptPrinceProspero:     try  --->    dmesg | grep agp  <---19:35
TheNumbjamiedimon: looks like one of your ppas broke the dependency.19:35
jamiedimonHmm, apt-get -f install libpoppler-glib-dev19:35
yeatsjamiedimon: nope, just 'sudo apt-get -f install'19:35
trismjamiedimon: looks like you have a ppa you removed, what is: apt-cache policy libpoppler-glib8;19:36
yeatscluelessperson: what doesn't work?19:36
cluelesspersonyeats, Network unreachable19:36
jamiedimonyeats: Still wonlt work.19:36
cluelesspersonyeats, just installed 5 minutes ago, nic  p4p119:36
TheNumbjamiedimon: remove that ppa https://launchpad.net/~coolwanglu/+archive/ubuntu/pdf2htmlex/19:36
jhutchinsjamiedimon: Possibly it's in a repo you don't have configured.19:36
baconbeckonsIf i don’t set $PATH in my dot files, how is it set? Is there a global setting for $PATH?19:37
TheNumbYou have it enabled in your system. It's breaking the dependencies.19:37
jamiedimontrism: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10708766/19:37
cluelesspersonyeats, Asus Server hardware.  I'm using KVM over ip.    The MAc address seemed to have changed during install19:37
jamiedimonArgh, will that remove the pdf2htmlEX command when I do that?19:37
jamiedimon(remove the ppa)19:37
TheNumbif you run ppa-purge it will delete every package from that repo19:38
TheNumbjamiedimon: why did you install it in the first place?19:38
jhutchinsjamiedimon:  libpoppler-glib-dev19:38
jamiedimonTheNumb: In order to get that command.19:38
TheNumbjamiedimon: ask the maintainer to fix their packages.19:39
yeatscluelessperson: does the interface show up in 'ifconfig'?19:39
jamiedimonRunning: ppa-purge https://launchpad.net/~coolwanglu/+archive/ubuntu/pdf2htmlex/19:39
TheNumbjamiedimon: that's not the proper way of doing it.19:39
PrinceProsperobprompt, It only gives me [ 0.361879] Linux agpgart interface v0.10319:39
TheNumbjamiedimon: ppa-purge ppa:coolwanglu/pdf2htmlex19:39
alimanneed some help pls19:40
yeatsaliman: just ask your question - someone may be able to answer19:40
jamiedimonOkay, so meanwhile I'll need to rebuild that pdf2htmlex command from source.19:40
bpromptPrinceProspero:    hmmm..... maybe with -i   -> dmesg | grep -i agp  <-- I get more than that, like mappable, and aperture and total19:40
coventry`On my trusty box, having "deb https://dl.bintray.com/sbt/debian" in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sbt.list causes apt-get update to segfault.  I'm not the only one.  Who should I report this to?  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28543911/sbt-install-failure-with-aptitude-on-ubuntu-14-0419:41
PrinceProsperoIts unable to find an AGP bridge19:41
PrinceProspero[    0.000000] AGP: No AGP bridge found19:41
sifoless xxx.txt |grep "search this expression"                                             -> would that work?19:42
jhutchinssifo: no.19:42
jhutchinsgrep expression file19:43
sifojhutchins: how do i make it search for an expression19:43
TheNumbjhutchins: well, technically he could do that using less19:43
TheNumbless file19:43
TheNumband then /expression_to_search19:43
jhutchinssifo: grep expression file19:43
PrinceProsperobprompt and i-nex shows the same: http://i.imgur.com/4ifZ49U.png (But I assume theyre running lspci to get their info?)19:43
pavlosbaconbeckons, /etc/environment19:43
jhutchinsTheNumb: You can specify the search expression on the command line as well, but not with grep.19:43
sifocan you put it using the example I gave?19:43
PrinceProsperocould it be that Ive somehow the wrong drivers..?19:44
bpromptsifo:  you could just go inside "less"  and from there type  " / "   and then enter the string to find,    "n" for "next"19:44
gp5sthello. I'm having trouble finding the docs to force a user to reset their password via ssh. Specifically I want to do it for sftp users and I've seen there are methods that sftp clients support http://winscp.net/eng/docs/ui_authenticate#password_change but cannot figure out how19:44
baconbeckonspavlos: does root use /etc/environment?19:44
jhutchinsgrep "search this expression" xxx.txt19:44
coventry`Is there a better place to ask my question about apt-get segfaulting?  I would ask on #debian but the first thing they're going to do is say I need to repro it on a debian box.19:44
pavlosbaconbeckons, it may use a subset ... I dont remember off hand19:44
baconbeckonspavlos: or does /etc/environment get used when you sudo?19:44
n-iCeLaptop Dell Latitude E6220 I7 2.8ghz,12.5,128gb Ssd,8gb Ram or Laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y510p I7 2.4ghz 8gb Ram 24gb Ssd + 1tb or Dell Core I7 Quad, 12gb Ram, Ssd 256gb or Asus K45v Core I7, 12gb Ram, 240 Gb ssd Hyperx19:45
jamiedimonThank you, I got my pkg-config working!19:45
TheNumbcoventry`: apt segfaulting? what?19:45
coventry`It seems like a potentially serious security hole.19:45
pavlosbaconbeckons, sudo -i then echo $PATH gives me a subset of my $PATH19:46
bpromptPrinceProspero:    what about if you look for "gart" instead ?19:46
coventry`TheNumb: I'm getting the same error as reported in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28543911/sbt-install-failure-with-aptitude-on-ubuntu-14-0419:46
coventry`"E: Sub-process https received a segmentation fault."19:46
jamiedimonNo chance I will get the maintainer in time. This has to be deployed today. How difficult is it to build a lib like this for Ubuntu myself? https://github.com/coolwanglu/pdf2htmlEX19:46
coventry`TheNumb: Although for me it's happening in the apt-get update phase.19:47
baconbeckonspavlos: for me, echo ‘echo $PATH’ | sudo su gives me something different than what is set in /etc/environment and i can’t figure out how that is being set19:47
PrinceProsperobprompt I get the same as previously  [0.361879] Linux agpgart interface v0.10319:47
TheNumbjamiedimon: all the required files are already there https://github.com/coolwanglu/pdf2htmlEX/tree/master/debian19:47
OerHekscoventry`, so you added a source without key ? those debian sources are not supported here btw19:47
TheNumbjamiedimon: just google how to build a package19:47
akkadsome how apt-get -f install broke libc6 https://gist.github.com/e6f362663aaae8c7490e19:48
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)19:48
jamiedimonTheNumb: And it's the same for Ubuntu, as Ubuntu is Debian?19:48
OerHeks!google | TheNumb19:48
ubottuTheNumb: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.19:48
coventry`OerHeks: Not asking for support, looking for a report channel.  If it's a known issue, that's great.19:48
jamiedimonTheNumb: Will definitely try Google.19:48
TheNumbOerHeks: please stop abusing the bot :(19:49
=== kalen is now known as kalen_not-here
OerHeksTheNumb, then stop suggesting google, thanks.19:49
jhutchinsTheNumb: There are also good practices specific to ubuntu that would not be generically found by google.19:49
TheNumbjhutchins: depends.19:50
OerHekscoventry`, most likely your issue is because of the missing encryptionkey19:50
Mionbaconbeckons: sudo su makes no sense at all19:50
jhutchinsTheNumb: No, is true.19:50
tnkhanhhi libnepomukwidgets4abi1 depends on itself19:50
tnkhanhcan anyone check?19:50
TheNumbtnkhanh: which version of ubuntu?19:51
jhutchinsTheNumb: Each distribution environment has it's own assumptions about how you will set up your builds, and working within them is a LOT easier than making your own arbitrary setup.19:51
tnkhanhTheNumb: 15.04 beta19:51
TheNumbtnkhanh: /j #ubuntu+119:51
TheNumbtnkhanh: and no, it doesn't look like it depends on itself.19:52
tnkhanhTheNumb: hm ok19:52
tnkhanhhow to check that19:52
alimancan any1 tell me do i get this when i want to boot and install ubuntu gnome? http://i.imgur.com/514gz5c.jpg?1?700319:54
bpromptPrinceProspero:    http://askubuntu.com/questions/46197/how-to-check-video-memory-size    seems to differ, depending on what module is loaded, and that in turn depends on what videocard is installed19:54
alimani downloaded the official version from ubuntugnome.org19:54
TheNumbaliman: did you use unetbootin?19:54
alimanTheNumb, what is that19:55
TheNumbaliman: how did you make the liveusb?19:55
alimanstartup disk19:55
TheNumbubuntu gnome 14.10?19:55
TheNumbfrom ubuntu 14.04?19:56
NightMonkeyHowdy. Silly question - is there a preferred method for setting what "localhost" means in /etc/hosts? I have a trusty box that comes with it undefined, is that expected?19:56
PrinceProsperoOk bprompt, well Ill just assume it actually has ability to go up to 1024MB since its allocated in the BIOS. Ill do some more searching though, thanks for your time19:56
alimanfrom ubuntu unity 10.04 yes19:56
=== Alphazzz is now known as AlphaTech
bpromptPrinceProspero:    mine shows a total of 2gbs, with an aperture of 256mbs19:57
TheNumbaliman: there used to be a bug where usb-creator woudn't be able to create a liveusb with 14.10 or newer.19:58
TheNumbI'm not sure whether it has been fixed or not.19:58
baconbeckonspavlos: i figured it out, it was in /etc/sudoers. thanks for your help19:59
alimanso what should i do20:00
pavlosbaconbeckons, yes, you were offine so I did not comment ... man sudoers has lots of stuff20:00
TheNumbaliman: there are other ways of creating a usb install drive.20:02
TheNumbaliman: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick20:02
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest20786
EriC^^aliman: dd is usually fail-proof20:05
sdgdfgfdsgyou hack my server ok samp.bmhp.net:7777 hack me hehhe20:06
sdgdfgfdsgyou hack my server ok samp.bmhp.net:7777 hack me hehhe20:06
TheNumbsdgdfgfdsg: no.20:06
sdgdfgfdsgyou hack my server ok samp.bmhp.net:7777 hack me hehhe20:07
* bprompt hands sdgdfgfdsg a few cough drops, for his "hacking"20:07
JuJuBeeI have a dual core 2.5 laptop with 6G ram.  Any real diff between using 32 vs 64 bit ubuntu?20:07
alimandidnt really understood what i need to do lolUnetbootin20:08
alimanIf you're using UEFI, do not currently use Unetbootin with Debian iso files due to a bug.20:08
alimanInstall Unetbootin from the repositories20:08
alimansudo apt-get install unetbootin20:08
alimanStart it, select an ISO file or a distribution to download, select a target drive (USB drive or Hard Disk), select persistence if you wish, then reboot once done. If your USB drive doesn't show up, reformat it as FAT32.20:08
zykotick9wow, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick doesn't actually suggest using dd/cat/cp only 3rd party tools...20:08
EriC^^aliman: unetbootin is prone to failing too20:08
EriC^^aliman: use the dd method20:08
TheNumbaliman: don't use it.20:08
TheNumbit will fail because 14.04 has syslinux 5x. not 6.x20:09
gr33n7007hanother vote for dd :)20:09
Jakey2how do i monitor my router network20:09
Jakey2on ubuntu20:09
TheNumbor even worse :|20:09
TheNumbit has syslinux 4 :D20:09
bpromptJuJuBee:     64 bit will install and use 64bit apps, for one, 64bits app, take advantage of the 64bit per cycle per core, whilst 32bit ones do not, simply fallback to 32bit20:09
JuJuBeebprompt: right, but will there be a noticeable performance gain?  Reason is there is 1 app I would like to be able to run (work with an interactive white board in classroom) that will not work under 64 bit.20:13
alimanok i try with dd now. i hope i'll handle it it takes a while until i learn to use linux20:14
EriC^^aliman: use bs=4M so it finishes quicker20:14
=== dragly is now known as Svenn-Arne
EriC^^sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M20:15
Dewin|workIt tells dd to work with 4MB blocks, which is likely to more optimal for your hardware than whatever dd's default (512-byte blocks?) is.20:15
TheNumbcp *.iso /dev/sdX will also work20:16
shovel_bossi heard hackers use linux20:16
Dewin|workespecially if you're working on a flash drive, where it's typically 4k blocks -- so if dd wants to write a 512-byte block, it requires the flash to internally read the entire 4k, change the relevant 512 bytes in memory, and write the entire 4k back... just in time to turn around and do it again.20:16
shovel_bossa hacker from anonymous told me to install ubunto20:16
alimanEriC^^, what is that going to do?20:16
shovel_bossi can become just like him20:16
shovel_bossplease help me20:16
shovel_bossi want to be a hacker just like you guys20:16
EriC^^aliman: Dewin|work explained it20:16
k1l_shovel_boss: we dont support any of that in here. please stop asking20:17
TheNumbk1l_: I guess he's just a bad troll.20:17
bpromptJuJuBee:    http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/32-bit-64-bit-operating-systems/     <----  memory handling per cycle, that should make a difference20:17
shovel_bossk1I_ let me join your cult!!11120:18
octavianwill I lose java and other programs if I migrate from ubuntu 14.10 to lubuntu 14.04?20:18
tewardoctavian: you'd be doing a downgrade and a migration - you'll have to reinstall your programs, yes.20:19
bpromptJuJuBee:    so... in short, it does make a difference, since a 64bit will take advantage of the 64bit cpu allocation for memory and processing per cycle20:19
alimandd: failed to open ‘/path/to/iso’: No such file or directory20:20
JuJuBeebprompt: someone else in linux community told me 32bit will handle 64G ram?20:20
EriC^^aliman: you have to put the path to the iso you downloaded20:20
k1l_aliman: change "/path/to/iso" to the actual path to where the linux is located20:20
EriC^^like /home/aliman/Downloads/lubuntu.iso20:20
Dewin|workand do likewise where /dev/sdX refers to where your flash drive is.20:20
EriC^^aliman: yes, type sudo parted -l , and get the name of your usb, sdb sdc etc.20:21
bpromptJuJuBee:    hehe,  the bit part, is just usually, how much info the cpu handles per cycle, a 1ghz cpu, means, 1billion cycles per second, a 1ghz 32bit cpu, means 1billion cycle, and 32bits, or 32/8  = 4bytes per cycle, 64bit, should be   64/8 = 8bytes per cycle20:22
bpromptJuJuBee:    but the OS and app need to "intune" with the bit handling, so, a 64bit OS with a 64bit, would, a 32bit one does not20:22
EriC^^aliman: dont get the name wrong, it will write to the hdd or whatever you tell it to20:22
acz32i'm new to linux. i read ubuntu is based on debian unstable. is there a reason why new software in ubuntu is released in update packs every 6 months as opposed to rolling-release?20:22
k1l_acz32: yes, because the user gets a stable base for 6 months (or even more for the LTS release)20:23
JuJuBeebprompt: thanks, but still doesn't tell me if I will notice a difference.  Guess I can just install a 32 bit version and mess with it.20:23
alimanModel: USB FLASH DRIVE (scsi)20:24
alimanDisk /dev/sdb: 8020MB20:24
alimanSector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B20:24
alimanPartition Table: msdos20:24
EriC^^ok, so use /dev/sdb20:24
bpromptJuJuBee:    for the app to be able to use it, of course, the app must be running on a 64bit OS, and the app itself must be of 64bit archicture, and of course, the cpu must also be a 64bit cpu20:24
acz32k1l_: stable as in nothing changes, or as in more likely to not crash or have issues20:24
k1l_acz32: both20:25
frugalhelpHi, is there any way to do a frugal install of an OS to an empty hard drive, i.e. one without any Linux distro already installed on it?20:25
tewardacz32: 'stable' means both of those things :P20:25
frugalhelpAll the instructions I see assume you already have Linux installed20:25
k1l_frugalhelp: of course you can. just boot the install media (usb or dvd) and use the installer20:26
frugalhelpI already tried unetbootin, but it didn't detect my external USB hdd20:26
frugalhelpAnd unfortunately Lubuntu install doesn't detect it either20:26
alimanif like this is ok then nothing happendsudo dd if=/home/aliman/Downloads/ubuntu-gnome-14.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M20:27
k1l_frugalhelp: you want to install onto that usb-disk or use that disk as install medium?20:27
frugalhelpIf no one has any suggestions, I can at least try eSATA connection on another computer20:27
EriC^^aliman: what do you mean?20:27
frugalhelpInstall onto USB-disk. And then be able to boot from that disk on various computers (thus the frugal install)20:27
alimani wroted that in termnal and pressed enter. nothing happend20:27
EriC^^it just returned?20:28
frugalhelpIn my case, I'm trying to get Parted Magic installed, but it would be useful for other OS's as well20:28
EriC^^aliman: can you paste the command and whatever followed?20:28
k1l_aliman: what means nothing happend? it doesnt show a progressbar. it just runs till its done20:28
frugalhelpk1l_:  Tell you what, I'll try connecting with eSATA on the other computer, then I'll come back if it doesn't work20:28
alimannothing happend means nothing happend. no progress bar nothing20:28
Dewin|workZCZ32: Debian stable is the "This has been tested and in production for a long time, any possible issues have been worked out."  Debian unstable is newer software, decently tested but may still have some significant bugs (but likely fixed quickly.).  Debian testing is a mix between the wild west and 'here thar be dragons'20:28
EriC^^aliman: is it still running?20:29
Dewin|workacz32:  What I typed above, with less tab-completion fail.20:29
EriC^^or did you get the prompt back?20:29
frugalhelpk1l_: Thanks for the help, brb if it doesn't work20:29
alimanwell now happend something after a while...20:29
alimanaliman@aliman-Lenovo-G50-70:~$ sudo dd if=/home/aliman/Downloads/ubuntu-gnome-14.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M20:29
aliman249+1 records in20:29
aliman249+1 records out20:29
aliman1046478848 bytes (1,0 GB) copied, 110,396 s, 9,5 MB/s20:29
k1l_aliman: that is fine20:30
D3F3Fhi ....20:30
_X_C_V_B_I'm getting pings from 40ms - 1000ms to my server on a linksys wireless router20:33
alimanis it possible to format usb in terminal?20:34
TheNumbaliman: of course.20:35
TheNumbaliman: but you might as well do that using gparted.20:35
virgilapt-get a new life20:36
bprompt_aliman:     to write the .iso to the usb, you don't need to format it first, you could simply have "dd" write it out, and it will overwrite anything that was there20:36
_X_C_V_B_I'm getting pings from 40ms - 1000ms to my server on a linksys wireless router20:37
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: cool.20:37
k1l__X_C_V_B_: and where is the ubuntu issue with that?20:37
TheNumbIs that router your server?20:37
TheNumbor what20:37
_X_C_V_B_on a windows machine it's it's 40-5020:37
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: over wifi?20:38
_X_C_V_B_my laptop(ubuntu 14.04)  -> linksys -> internet -> server20:38
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: WIFI or ethernet?20:38
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: cable connection?20:39
_X_C_V_B_on a different wireless router the ping isn't so high20:39
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: there we go...20:39
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: which chipset?20:39
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: lspci | grep Network20:40
_X_C_V_B_TheNumb: 01:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8188EE Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)20:41
TheNumbhmm, realtek20:41
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: and which kernel version?20:43
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: the thing is, the support for realtek's wifi chipset has been improving only recently.20:43
alimanbprompt_, so you mean if i use that dd command will wipe all 1st and then copy the file?20:43
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: and that's the exact issue I have been dealing with on that other laptop.20:44
k1laliman: yes. if you use dd you got a cleared usb drive with only the exact copy from the .iso on it20:44
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: is you router's channel set to auto?20:45
alimank1l, ok thx so i dont have to worry about what was there before20:45
k1laliman: no20:45
XCVBfucking wifi20:45
bprompt_aliman:     pretty much, yes, "dd" does "raw copy", it writes at sector 0, down till it finishes, regardless of what's on sector 0 of the device/stick, if the iso is bootable, the sector 0 will contain all that and the copy will also be bootable, it could be a windows image, and "dd" will write it just the same, since it's "raw" and irrelevant of content specs20:45
TheNumbXCVB: <TheNumb> _X_C_V_B_: is you router's channel set to auto?20:45
TheNumbXCVB: also, which kernel version.20:46
WillWHey guys, I'm trying to write a bash script to execute a program, but terminal is saying it isn't found. The file even has +x perms. http://paste.ubuntu.com/10709076/20:46
alimanok thz20:46
XCVBTheNumb: kernal: 3.13.0-48-generic20:47
=== XCVB is now known as _X_C_V_B_
alimancya in a few wanna try boot it20:47
bekksWillW: Whats the first line of that script?20:47
WillWbekks: #!bin/bash20:47
bekksWillW: Thats wrong.20:47
bekksWillW: Replace it with: #!/bin/bash20:48
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: I'd suggest upgrading the kernel to the one from Utopic.20:48
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack20:48
bprompt_aliman:       dd if=YOURIMAGE.iso of=/dev/YOURUSBSTICK   <--- no numbers, bear that in mind, so, say, your usb is /dev/sdb  then, just use /dev/sdb   NOT /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sbd2  or any numbering, just the device itself, /dev/sdb20:48
WillWLOL, tyvm bekks20:48
TheNumb_X_C_V_B_: the support for realtek's wifi has been improving recently.20:48
bekksWillW: yw :)20:48
delhivery_i m not able to join django community here. Please help20:48
bekksdelhivery_: Why not?20:48
TheNumbdelhivery_: probably because you nickname is not registered20:49
k1ldelhivery_: ask in #freenode if you got issues with non ubuntu channels on this network20:49
TheNumbdelhivery_: I'm able to join the channel no problem.20:49
delhivery_how can i register my name on django20:49
TheNumbon freenode20:50
bekks!register | delhivery_20:50
ubottudelhivery_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode20:50
TheNumbYup, #django requires you to have a registered nickname +cnrt20:50
XCVBTheNumb: I swapped routers20:51
XCVBIt's works better with a different router20:51
* XCVB waits for _X_C_V_B_ to leave20:52
TheNumbXCVB: is the wifi channel on your router set to auto?20:52
bekksXCVB: If it is registered, just ghost it.20:52
XCVBTheNumb: how do I tell?20:53
TheNumbIt used to work better if it's not set to auto on my realtek wifi card.20:53
TheNumbXCVB: check your settings in the control panel.20:53
XCVBTheNumb: which one20:53
TheNumbXCVB: router's20:53
=== XCVB is now known as _X_C_V_B_
_X_C_V_B_TheNumb: I swapped routers so yeah20:55
_X_C_V_B_Now I 40ms -100 ms20:55
delhivery_i already have a registration with nickname ajay2611, but not able to enter hexchat with that nickname. Please help20:56
ParSaliantry #hexchat20:56
TheNumbdelhivery_: ajay2611 is connected right now20:56
delhivery_!register | delhivery_20:57
ubottudelhivery_, please see my private message20:57
TheNumbYou'd have to kick the ghost nickname.20:57
EriC^^delhivery_: try /nickserv ghost ajay2611 <password>20:57
xinobraxHi, I'm currently using Ubuntu Gnome 15.05....for some reason it keeps removing Krita!!! I can install it and it runs fine...and a few minutes later it's gone....what the...?20:58
xinobrax*15.04 sry20:58
ubottuVivid Vervet is the codename for Ubuntu 15.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+120:58
xinobraxubottu: thx20:58
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)20:58
delhivery_Eric^^: my nickname is already in use and now it's ghosted. what should i do21:02
EriC^^delhivery_: /nick ajay261121:02
delhivery_its saying already in use21:02
EriC^^did it say it ghosted it?21:03
k1ldelhivery_: talk to #freenode for issues with freenode. they can explain and sort that21:03
EriC^^delhivery_: do you want to use it? or just join the channel?21:03
tewardEriC^^: they just left21:03
sifoscp file.txt user@host.com:/home/usersafio21:04
xinobraxbtw, why is Natron not available in the official ubuntu repository? :/21:04
sifois that correct use of scp?21:04
TheNumbsifo: should work21:04
EriC^^sifo: yeah21:04
ajay2611join #django21:05
loulisHello.  Can someone help me with video drivers?21:05
TheNumbloulis: probably.21:05
ajay2611can someone help me joing django community here.. /join #django is not working for me21:06
EriC^^ajay2611: you have to identify, /nickserv identify <password>21:06
k1lajay2611: last time now: please ask in #freenode21:06
sifoTheNumb: EriC^^ how do I specifcy port'21:07
Picixinobrax: Probably because no one has packaged it for Debian or Ubuntu21:07
EriC^^sifo: -p <port>21:07
sifoEriC^^: but where21:07
EriC^^sifo: sorry -P21:07
loulisok my system.  Lenovo g700. Ubuntu gnome 14.10 install the proprietary drivers for nvidia and it gives me a login menu andf when i hit the psw freeze and it is like broken screen21:08
EriC^^sifo: scp -P <port> <file> user@host:/path21:08
CrowX-in the live cd iso, how can I access the live cd's system(files and directories) without booting from it?21:10
CrowX-I extracted the .iso21:10
EriC^^CrowX-: how did you extract it?21:10
CrowX-but I can't find the system snapshot21:10
CrowX-EriC^^, right click and extract here :)21:11
CrowX-I can see a bunch of files like boot EFI casper etc. etc.21:11
loulis(loulis) ok my system.  Lenovo g700. Ubuntu gnome 14.10 install the proprietary drivers for nvidia and it gives me a login menu andf when i hit the psw freeze and it is like broken screen21:12
CrowX-but I need to access the root ones, i.e. mainly 'lib'21:12
loulishelp please? Someone?21:13
zykotick9CrowX-: could this be an XY-problem?  What are you trying to do?  What do you want off of the LiveCD?21:14
loulis :)21:14
loulis13,0 my system.  Lenovo g700. Ubuntu gnome 14.10 install the proprietary drivers for nvidia and it gives me a login menu andf when i hit the psw freeze and it is like broken screen21:15
zykotick9!patience | loulis21:16
ubottuloulis: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:16
=== Tin_man is now known as Tin_man_AFK
CrowX-zykotick9, I want the modules.alias file :)21:17
=== hackspace is now known as plasteredparrot
loulis. Oh sorry..  I havent chat gor years and i saw my message going up and sent it again so some one could see it.  I wont repeaat that.  I did my search alreeady and i hope that someone give me the solution that i didnt find...  Thank you..21:18
daftykinsloulis: what do you mean 13,0 ?21:19
loulisThats nothing. Trying to change the color here.21:20
fribI seem to have messed up my grub installation and now get a grub prompt when i boot my ubuntu installation.  How can I fix this? thanks21:21
daftykinsso glad colours are banned.21:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub221:21
EriC^^they are? hmm21:22
mcphailloulis: It would be more helpful to explain your problem clearly. Try to rephrase your question in proper English or ask in an ubuntu subforum for your native language.21:22
Bashing-omCrowX-: Maybe a better option: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot ; Boot the .iso from grub .21:23
Jakey2how do i monitor my home network traffic on ubuntu21:23
EriC^^Jakey2: wireshark?21:24
CrowX-Bashing-om, can you instead upload your modules.alias if you have a fairly new kernel version?21:26
azizLIGHTanyone use caffeine and watch flash videos?21:29
azizLIGHTcaffeine works for youtube but not other flash sites like twitch?21:30
fribim trying to reinstall grub and get this error: Warning: this gpt partition label contains no block list embedding won't be possible, will not proceed with blocklists21:30
EriC^^frib: are you booted in uefi mode? type ls -l /sys/firmware/efi21:30
loulisOk i have installed ubuntu-gnome 14.10 on my laptop (lenovo g700). In the additional drivers section in system settings i choose to use the driver nvidia-331.  When i did it and restart the system a blank screen appeared and i could do nothing.  I hit ctrl alt f1 and i tried to remove it and install again the free driver nouveau.  I found the solution searching in ububtu forums.  After that i restarted and it shows me a login screen (a 21:31
daftykins!ask | Pooterbear21:31
ubottuPooterbear: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:31
fribEriC^^, cannot access21:31
Pooterbeari tried installing google earth .deb, x6421:31
Pooterbearwhen i open it in software center, i get this error21:31
EriC^^frib: doesn't exist or cannot access?21:31
fribEriC^^, because no such file or directory21:31
PooterbearDependency is not satisfiable: ia32-libs21:32
EriC^^ok you're booted in legacy mode21:32
fribEriC^^, i still don't know the difference21:32
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:32
EriC^^frib: reboot in uefi mode21:32
virgilhas anyone any experience with irssi?21:32
bekks!ask | virgil21:34
ubottuvirgil: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:34
fribEriC^^, how can i do that if my grub doesn't work? i had to boot this partition off a persistent usb21:34
EriC^^frib: boot the usb in uefi mode21:35
fribEriC^^, how?21:35
EriC^^frib: hold on, have you mounted your installation?21:35
fribEriC^^, i booted the installation on my main disk using the grub from the usb21:35
virgilI am having trouble getting onto a server using irssi as the irc client, can anyone help?21:35
=== ahmed is now known as Guest9105
EriC^^frib: oh ok21:36
daftykinsvirgil: likely you're connecting to the wrong hostname+port, read up whatever servers details it is to check.21:36
EriC^^type ls /boot/efi21:36
EriC^^ok so you're using uefi21:37
EriC^^you're not booted in uefi mode though21:37
fribi believe you21:37
cxdvtyIs Ubuntu touch possible on windows phone21:37
EriC^^frib: try booting the usb alone in uefi mode21:37
k1lcxdvty: if the phone is capable of running other OSs. but better ask in #ubuntu-touch21:37
EriC^^and then chroot21:38
virgili will thanks! whenever i connect to say irc.freenode.org it will say my nick is in use and if i try to register a new one it says my name is already in use no matter what i type21:38
=== Tin_man_AFK is now known as Tin_man
fribEriC^^, ok21:38
k1lvirgil: then choose a different unique nickname.21:38
=== Svenn-Arne is now known as dragly
virgilIve tried registering a new one21:39
k1lvirgil: and if you are connected with virgil right now you cant use virgil on the other client at the same time21:39
TurtleDanHas anyone had freezes usin FireFox?21:39
rebseveryone has21:39
TurtleDanalong with other programs and such.21:39
k1lTurtleDan: start firefox from a terminal and see what errors it brings up in there21:39
TurtleDanI was havin freezes, removed firefox and so far no freezes.21:40
cxdvtyIs Ubuntu touch possible on windows phone21:40
=== loulis is now known as angelos
cxdvtyok thank you k1l21:40
k1lcxdvty: i answered that21:40
fribEriC^^, so i need to mount sys proc and dev then chroot ?21:40
cxdvtyk1l I accidentally hit up arrow and it sent again21:40
=== angelos is now known as Guest9328
EriC^^frib: yeah and /dev/pts and /run21:40
EriC^^won't hurt21:41
fribso for example: mount --bind /dev/pts /mnt/pts ?21:41
EriC^^frib: also the efi partition at /boot/efi21:41
=== Guest9328 is now known as loulis
TurtleDank1l I can't because I removed it.21:41
fribor /mnt/dev/pts rather21:41
EriC^^frib: mount --bind /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts21:42
friband do that for /dev /dev/pts /sys /proc /run and /boot/efi ?21:42
fribthen chroot and sudo grub-install /dev/sda21:42
k1lTurtleDan: ok, than it doesnt make sense to ask questions about it since we will not fix there anyway :)21:42
EriC^^no, mount /dev/sdxY /mnt/boot/efi21:42
friboh ok21:43
TurtleDanI targeted firefox because everytime I ran it, it not only seemed to slow the pc the longer I ran it, but also the longer it was on the more memory was gettin taken away.21:43
fribthen where do I chroot into?21:43
EriC^^chroot /mnt21:44
fribok thought so21:44
EriC^^then grub-install --recheck /dev/sda && update-grub21:44
fribok brb21:45
azizLIGHThow do you deal with the screensaver turning on when watchign full screen video21:47
=== Pupeno_ is now known as Pupeno
azizLIGHTi have caffeine but it doesnt always work and its annoying cause i have keep typing my password and then moving the mouse around21:48
sheapI have an HP desktop but grub install always fails because "grub-install: error: cannot open `/dev/md126': No such file or directory." does anyone know why grub wont install regularly? (besides the fact that that file doesn't exist)21:49
Arrickin xubuntu how do I make it where when I drag a window to the left or right, it will snap to half the screen, on the left or right? or snap to corners?21:49
=== dragly is now known as Svenn-Arne
rebsArrick,  it should be in settings ->appearance->behavior21:51
eb0tdoes anyone here use xmonad21:52
rebsArrick,  i lied- its settings ->displays ->stickyedges21:52
Arricknot in xfce anyways21:53
rebsits ubuntu settings21:53
rebssry idunno about xubuntu21:53
le_pigArrick: does this work for you? http://askubuntu.com/questions/483341/how-to-tile-window-by-mouse-to-left-right-edge-in-xfce-like-in-unity21:55
Bashing-omsheap: "md126" = multi disk = raid ??21:56
Arrickthanks le_pig that worked21:56
sheapBashing-om: yea it has something to do with raid...I want to preserve the raid but install grub but grub can't install21:57
le_pigArrick: I'm glad. I was actually wondering the same thing and I just learned as well. :)21:57
fribEric^^ what should i mount on /mnt?21:57
fribBecause it's remind me /mnt/dev doesn't exist and i thought the /dev/sdX went on /mnt/boot/efi21:58
fribIt's telling me*21:58
Arrick/dev/sd* should be there frib22:00
fribArrick it's asking for file type22:02
=== knob is now known as Guest68405
=== hxm- is now known as hxm
iampozhi guys, I am having issues running a scrip on a usb drive. it is moutned any everything. I open the terminal up in the folder and type this ./start.sh but it says I dont have permissions to do that. so I am like yeah I do, and I go all sudo chmod +x start.sh and then retry the last command and no difference22:02
knobiampoz, what commands are inside the script?22:03
knobGuys, question... I don't know what update go I recently installed in my 14.10 setup... now my dual-monitor vid card only displays one monitor.  Any ideas what I can check?22:04
iampozlots I guess, I can put it into paste bin for you if you want.. it is the game pillars of eternity from the gog.com website22:04
knobI confirmed both monitors are working, both cables are working... Ubuntu boots up and loads with one monitor connected... and it loads up and works with the other monitor connected.   Yet, when both are connected... nothing.22:05
Bashing-omiampoz: Are you cd'd (PWD) to the location of the target file ? as the './' directs, this directory right here .22:05
knobAny idea if it could be an update that I ran?22:05
fribI had a grub installation with efi boot and apparently i messed it up and can't figure out how to fix it can anyone help? Thanks so much22:05
iampozthey support linux so I was like, right on! and tryed it out. it was working fine last night but then I moved it onto a usb drive to save space and now I can not get permissions on it22:05
EriC^^frib: did you chroot?22:05
acz32if i install ubuntu and select the option to encrypt with LVM, later on in the installer when i am creating a user, it asks if i want to encrypt my home folder. should i select that or is it redundant? why is it asking again.22:06
knobacz32, additional security?22:06
iampozyes I am in the correct directory22:06
acz32knob: how is it additional security? it's not. home directory is created under /, which was encrypted in a prior step22:06
fribEric well i realized that you said to mount /dev/sdxY on /mnt/boot/efi22:06
acz32so it's a bit confusing22:07
fribAnd i cant mount the other directories without first mounting a partition on /mnt which i thought was supposed to be /dev/sdxy22:07
iampozroot@PimpTop:/media/poz/Data/Games/Pillars of Eternity# ./start.sh22:08
iampozbash: ./start.sh: Permission denied22:08
fribWhat should i mount to mnt?22:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest43948
iampozI can put the script into a pastebin if that might help22:08
fribEric^^ ?22:09
EriC^^frib: your installation's partition22:09
fribOk so /dev/sda322:09
EriC^^do you have any other partitions? /var etc. ?22:09
fribYes i believe i have a bit partition22:10
EriC^^what's that?22:10
fribAn efi partition22:11
EriC^^oh ok22:11
fribSo I'm assuming that comes into play here somewhere22:11
EriC^^yes mount that to /mnt/boot/efi22:11
iampozsooo is it like a normal thing to not be able to run scrips off of a mounted usb drive?22:11
EriC^^iampoz: it depends if you mounted it with noexec22:12
EriC^^i think22:12
EriC^^iampoz: what's going on?22:12
fribEric I chroited in.  Where should i install grub to?22:13
EriC^^grub-install --recheck /dev/sda22:13
iampozNot sure if i mounted it with noexec... I did not intentionally anyways22:13
EriC^^iampoz: type bash /path/to/script.sh22:14
iampozI am trying to run a scrip called start.sh but it says I do not have permissions, ever after I do this sudo chmod +x start.sh22:14
fribIt says embedding isn't possible again22:14
EriC^^frib: type ls -l /sys/firmware/efi22:14
=== JeDa is now known as Fireball
fribNo such file22:15
=== Fireball is now known as FireGuy
EriC^^frib: you need to boot the usb in uefi mode22:15
fribIm booted on live CD at the moment22:15
iampozroot@PimpTop:/media/poz/Data/Games/Pillars of Eternity# bash /path/to/start.sh22:15
iampozbash: /path/to/start.sh: No such file or directory22:15
iampozlike that?22:15
fribI don't know how22:15
iampozoooh, never mind, i see what you mean22:15
EriC^^iampoz: you need to replace /path/to/start.sh with the path you have22:15
iampozlol yes, I got that22:16
EriC^^iampoz: if you're in the dir, just type bash start.sh22:16
knobGuys, if I run lspci | grep VGA,  I get both graphics cards listed... yet I am only getting a display out of one monitor...22:16
knobAny... idea what could be going on?22:16
=== FireGuy is now known as JeDa
fribEric i think the USB installation is an old version of ubuntu without efi capability22:17
EriC^^frib: try sudo modprobe efivars22:17
EriC^^frib: which ubuntu version is it?22:17
iampozThanks EriC^^, I got a different error, this might help me track down where I do not have permissions.... I know there is a way to add it to all files in a directory, how do I do that?22:17
EriC^^frib: that has uefi22:18
fribModprove failed22:18
EriC^^iampoz: you mean you want to mount it with version permissions?22:18
fribSorry for typos I'm on cell phone22:18
EriC^^frib: ok, try pressing esc when the pc boots and choose boot options and choose uefi usb, if that doesn't work check the bios for boot options22:19
Arrickacz32, it is basically encrypting the drive, and then encrypting your home directory per user22:19
EriC^^make sure uefi is selected22:19
fribF9 boot device options22:20
iampozEric^^, no I want to change all the files inside of the directory to have executable permissions.22:20
fribNow there is an option for various disks or not from efi file22:20
fribBoot* from22:20
EriC^^iampoz: chmod -R +x /path/to/dir22:20
EriC^^it's recursive22:20
iampozah, I see. Thank you22:20
EriC^^frib: ok, try selecting uefi usb22:21
knobAny idea what I can do with these two graphics cards?22:22
azizLIGHThow do you deal with the screensaver turning on when watchign full screen video22:22
knobOr how can I see what was... installed?   What... what to do?22:22
azizLIGHTi have caffeine but it doesnt always work and its annoying cause i have keep typing my password and then moving the mouse around22:22
fribEric there's nothing that says uefi USB22:23
EriC^^frib: what happens when you boot right now? grub prompt?22:23
EriC^^ok try booting from there22:23
fribWith commands?22:24
EriC^^hold on22:24
EriC^^first get your installation's uuid22:24
fribGot it22:26
EriC^^ok go to the grub prompt22:26
fribOK three22:26
EriC^^type insmod part_gpt22:27
EriC^^then insmod ext222:27
=== james is now known as Guest61437
EriC^^set root='hd0,gpt3'22:28
EriC^^type ls /22:28
EriC^^is your installation there?22:28
fribUnknown file system22:29
EriC^^ok try ls -l22:29
EriC^^try ls (hd0,gpt1)22:29
EriC^^is that your efi dir?22:30
fribFile system is unknown22:30
fribSda1 is my efi partition it's vfat and sda3 is my main partition ext422:30
fribThe drive is hd122:31
fribI set root appropriately and now can Ls /22:32
fribFor my installation partition22:32
EriC^^oh ok22:32
fribSo now?22:32
EriC^^type linux /boot/vmlinuz-3........22:33
EriC^^type linux /boot/vmlinuz-3........ root=UUID=<your installation's uuid>22:33
EriC^^frib: type your kernel's name22:34
fribVmlin not found22:34
kSudo81282Cryptsetup is telling me it failed with a bad password of option. Command line is saying No key available for this passphrase. Any ideas?22:34
EriC^^type vmlinuz and press tab a couple times22:34
fribOh it's an abbreviation22:34
jamesleimerksudo.. did you write the key down when you set it up?22:35
=== Pooterbear is now known as odsent_
fribGeneric or generic.efi. signed22:35
kSudo81282Searched google and some reference the keyboard layout causing problems22:35
kSudo81282no sure.22:35
=== odsent_ is now known as Pooterbear
kSudo81282I ran bleachbit and removed some localizations and after that will not accept passphrase22:36
jamesleimerrelatively new to linux, not sure if theres a way to fix it22:36
kSudo81282anyone know a way to check what keyboard layout is being booted i wonder if that could be my problem as its referenced in many articles22:37
fribEric^^ OK22:37
EriC^^frib: type initrd /boot/initrd.....22:38
jamesleimercouldnt you use the install disk to change or fix installation22:38
fribNo server is specified22:38
kSudo81282not sure I creating a startup disk so well see what happens22:39
theblindghoulie3i finally got irssi working!!22:39
EriC^^frib: did you add the root=UUID=.... part?22:40
EriC^^after linux /boot/vmlinuz..22:40
EriC^^type search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root <your installation's uuid>22:40
adam_289connect #xlcteam22:40
fribUnspecified search type22:42
EriC^^frib: the first error means the kernel should be loaded i think22:44
EriC^^frib: try typing linux /boot/vmlinuz.... root=UUID=.... make sure the file exists22:45
fribAll on one line?22:45
monojinI fear I may have gone overkill on the swap partition on my bf's install; his dad is an ancient ITer and recommend "three to four times the internal memory"22:48
fribHow do i make sure it exists?22:48
EriC^^frib: ls /boot22:48
monojinis 20GB of swap memory ridiculous?22:48
fribOK done22:48
daftykinsmonojin: yes22:48
daftykinsmonojin: if it's a laptop, match system RAM so hibernate and so on can work22:49
EriC^^frib: type boot22:49
ObrienDavemonojin, only allocate SLIGHTLY more than RAM for swap22:49
fribOk it booted22:49
EriC^^frib: ok22:50
EriC^^update-grub time22:50
monojinObrienDave, daftykins: are there negative effects aside from the wasted space?22:50
EriC^^might as well grub-install too22:50
fribThat's it?22:50
daftykinsmonojin: yes, wasted space ;)22:50
fribI could have done this all along?22:50
rwwmonojin: no22:50
monojinthat's a relief22:51
ObrienDavemonojin, only wasting drive space22:52
fribEric^^ how can i skip the grub menu?22:52
k1lmonojin: swap is really really really slow.22:52
disappearedngHey anyone knows how to do this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29357110/gnu-screen-sending-0xf0-0xf1-to-device22:52
ObrienDavedid k1l mention really? ;P22:53
EriC^^frib: remove the # before GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT22:53
monojinlast time bf's dad used linux was in the 90s, and it was "zoossy linux"22:53
EriC^^in /etc/default/grub , then update-grub22:53
monojinObrienDave: yes22:53
gameking513 How do i remote shutdown a windows pc from ubuntu?22:53
VeiledSpectreHello everyone - general question - when a kernel module is built from source - where does it get the string that indicates which kernel it was built against?22:53
fribEric is already gone22:54
fribBut it just sits at the menu indefinitely22:54
bpromptmonojin:    depends on how much is there in physycal ram, and depends on how much is used in general22:54
k1lmonojin: that is old "rule of thumb". but today you buy more ram and try not to use swap, because ddr3/4 ram is so much faster than old hdds22:54
EriC^^frib: what's timeout set to?22:55
EriC^^and grub hidden timeout?22:56
* ObrienDave does NOT use swap22:58
EriC^^frib: are you sure there's no # before GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT ?22:58
ObrienDave*quietly suggests grub-customizer*22:59
EriC^^then update-grub23:04
fribThat's there too23:04
fribBut the value is 023:05
EriC^^maybe if you comment it out?23:05
EriC^^maybe 0 means sit indefinitely if it's using the recordfail one23:06
knobGuys... any idea what I can do with my dual monitors??23:06
knobI just... where what when?   What can I check?23:06
rgb-oneknob: look at them cross eyed like a chameleon23:08
ObrienDaveput a / in front23:09
knobI am trying now with the Nouveau driver... see if it gets me somewhere23:13
h0ddH3d /set weechat.look.prefix_quit " "23:16
khanismatikIs it possible to realize "please log through your browser first" in cli?23:18
khanismatikSomething like that command --user ex --pass ex google.com 8023:19
bewbzI'll be building a PC in a few days when all of the parts arrive.23:26
bewbzIs installing Ubuntu really as simply as running from a USB?23:27
bewbzWhat sort of management will I need to do in terms getting each company communicating with each other.23:27
k1lbewbz: can you rephrase that question?23:28
daftykinslet me guess, first build?23:28
bewbzHow will ubuntu "know" what kind of ram I have or that man CPU fan works23:28
bewbzYeah, first build.23:28
bewbzTrying to save $100 on windows so I'd thought I've give linux a try23:29
knobbewbz, go for it... it will recognize pretty much everything!23:29
k1lbewbz: most of that is standarized. like acpi etc23:29
bewbzI don't get what BIOS update are though23:29
knobReally bewbz... it will know what ram you have, cpu, hard disks... etc23:29
daftykinsdon't know if troll or serious...23:30
daftykinsbewbz: go ask in ##hardware23:30
bewbzlol i'm going to say to troll to save embarasments23:30
bewbzbut really, I don't get it.23:30
bewbzI need to read more on them.23:30
bewbztoo early for me to ask questions.23:30
johnjohn101bewbz: do you own any computer?23:30
bewbzWhat sort of Security should I install?23:31
ObrienDaveit's included23:31
bewbzYes, I have a old macbook (which I love, because crazy user friendly.)23:31
ObrienDave"user friendly" = dumbed down ;p23:32
bewbzYeah, it's perfect for me.23:32
k1lbewbz: ubuntu ships security updates to patch known security issues.23:32
ObrienDaveyou don't need to "install" security23:33
bewbzSo I don't have to worry about getting f'd by some virus all my credit card info stolen. Literally, just stick in a USB and I'm good to go?23:33
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus23:34
k1lbewbz: but that only works if you dont install software from 3rd parties. then its the 3rd party and your responibility23:34
bewbzThank you ubottu23:34
daftykinsbewbz: you install from the flash drive, not run23:34
monojinbewbz: from a recent linux convert, many hardware manufactors contribute directly to the linux kernel to make it support your hardware out of the box23:34
k1lbewbz: well, if you give some bad website your credit card details, no OS can help you there.23:34
bewbzI'm going to install a lot of third party shit, firefox, spotify, sublime, notepad, a calculator23:35
ObrienDave!language | bewbz23:35
ubottubewbz: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:35
k1lbewbz: see first if its included in the official ubuntu repos. than ubuntu will hace a look on the security updates23:35
bewbzI saw in the reddit ubuntu page, some  people recommend buying a USB stick with Xubuntu on there? Do i need that. I can just install ubuntu 14.10 right on my usb stick from mac, build my pac, and boom ready togo?23:37
monojinbewbz: ubuntu comes preinstalled with firefox, a calculator, and a text editor (not to mention a full office suite)23:37
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:37
bewbzoffice suite, right. I need microsfot excel.23:38
bewbzforget about that. i mau need windows afterall23:38
k1lbewbz: no you dont need to buy anything.23:38
ObrienDavelibreoffice will do excel23:38
monojinbewbz: libreoffice calc will do fine unless you're a mega hardcore super user (and even then...)23:38
bewbzYeah, I thought that that'd seemed weird.23:38
rgb-onebewbz: you can also use google sheets23:38
=== krokus is now known as Guest90972
bewbzcan libreoffice save .xlsx?23:39
monojinbewbz: it may be a good idea to install libreoffice on your current OS and play with it for a while23:39
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bewbzUbuntu will recognize my Ducky Mini and monitor and usb mouse?23:40
k1lbewbz: load the usb live ubuntu on that system and we will see23:40
gp5sthello. I'm having trouble finding the docs to force a user to reset their password via ssh. Specifically I want to do it for sftp users and I've seen there are methods that sftp clients support http://winscp.net/eng/docs/ui_authenticate#password_change but cannot figure out how23:40
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.23:41
bewbzThanks everyone! sorry for the swearing23:41
ObrienDavebewbz, same for all 'buntu flavors23:41
acz32why is ubuntu considered a beginner's distro? i have used debian and it's not any more difficult to use23:45
k1lacz32: look back to when ubuntu started.23:46
HackerII7.04 was killer23:46
keltim10.10 was the best they did23:47
keltimit was downhill from there IMO23:47
HackerII1.04  seems good23:47
acz32ubuntu has gone downhill you mean? why23:47
keltim1. it's messy - a great many programs out of main don't even work, it doesn't even seem like they were even compiled against the release I see so many lib errors in some of them, they keep changing everything with every release, there is little to no documentation because of that and the forums are littered with outdated and incorrect ways to do things23:49
k1lkeltim: did you file bugs on the issues?23:49
=== tcpman is now known as Guest21069
keltimsometimes I do23:50
keltimthe other killer for me is unity, and I know that's their baby, but it doesn't play well with anything else. So at this point if you don't like it you really should move away from ub.23:51
k1lwell, lets stick to fix actual issues in here. and not in dreaming of the old gnome2 days23:51
k1lkeltim: that is even more wrong.23:51
Mioncan always use gnome3 instead23:51
Mionor kde or ....23:51
jswagner"I have a problem."  "Have you considered using something completely different?"23:52
ricar396the other way23:52
k1lubuntu ships a lot of other desktops preinstalled (see the !flavours) and a lot more in the repo to be installed manually23:52
keltimyes I know, am using ubuntu-gnome as we speak23:53
keltimbut the release since 11.x seem very ragged even beta in some respects to me23:56
keltimcoming from debian23:56
ricar396red hat is better23:56
keltimwell that's your pref.23:57
k1lcan we put that into #ubuntu-offtopic or onto your blog? as i said we want to stick to actual ubuntu issues in here23:57
ricar396of course23:57
keltimof course23:57
ricar396lubuntu too23:57
acz32i don't know if this is the case with the ubuntu installer but i installed lubuntu today and there's a bug if you select the option to encrypt with LVM. so strange that it was released without noticing that when it's the LTS version, too23:58
acz32ya i guess it affects ubuntu too https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/120539723:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1205397 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "encrypted install fails because unsafe swap (zram) is detected" [Medium,Confirmed]23:59

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