gnumbknutsali1234: re: gmb. Would putting a symlink in the /home/user/music folder that pointed to other places that media may be stored, allow gmb to follow that link ? 00:03
ali1234no idea00:03
ali1234gmb allows you to set multiple scan directories00:03
gnumbknutsOh, I thought that was the problem, that gmb would only scan one directory.00:04
Unit193Remastering isn't too hard.00:21
gnumbknutsUnit193: It may not be for Devs, but looking at the Ubuntu-wiki, it is way over the top for me :{ 00:38
gnumbknutsAli1234: I put a symlink in the music folder that points to the video folder, Exaile has no problem with that. I will need to install gmb to see if it, too, will follow the link. 00:43
ali1234i expect it would00:43
ali1234you'd have to go out of your way to make it not00:43
Unit193Well, not precisely the deviest dev.00:43
gnumbknutsBTW... who does the packaging for Xubuntu-daily.iso(s)? Is this done by Canonical ?00:47
Unit193Building the ISOs?  That's the Canonical/Ubuntu build system, yes.00:47
Unit193!info livecd-rootfs00:47
ubottulivecd-rootfs (source: livecd-rootfs): construction script for the livecd rootfs. In component main, is optional. Version 2.257 (utopic), package size 22 kB, installed size 188 kB00:47
gnumbknutsSo pretty much I, and everyone else, will need for them to update the daily with the sylinux files ?  00:48
ali1234everything is built on canonical infrastructure, that is what it means to be an official flavour vs an unofficial respin00:49
ali1234two more tests done: rhythmbox: 12 minutes, quod libet: 11 minutes00:50
ali1234and i rebooted between each test so this is not the effect of disk cache00:50
gnumbknutsali1234: installed gmb, it too, can follow the symlink ; however it will only show audio files that it supports ; and thus, if a folder contains none, then the folder will not appear. Decibel-player has not problem either ; but something I did not know about Decibel, is that it can play the audio from mp4 video files. :) 01:17
ali1234gmb shows files it can't play on my system01:18
ali1234weirdly they play fine in rhythmbox, even though they both use gstreamer01:18
ali1234i do not understand this, i'll be investigating it further in a later test01:18
Unit193ali1234: Try Aqualung! :-----D01:19
gnumbknutsI'm using, in gmb, the Exaile layout with the files tab open. gmb version is the one from staging.01:20
ali1234banshee just finished importing. 11 minutes01:21
ali1234Unit193: Package aqualung is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:23
Unit193Partially why I was joking, I have it in a staging PPA but it does not seem like the greatest client IMO.01:24
gnumbknutsUnit123: re: livecd-rootfs, is the package able to rebuild an iso with the extra files ? I can not find much info about it, nor those other packages like "live-image-xfce-desktop" . 01:39
ali1234exaile: 6 minutes!01:40
Unit193ali1234: If you're really bored, ppa:unit193/staging and try aqualung from there, see if it can do faster.01:40
Unit193If you aren't, no real need to I suppose.01:41
ali1234audacious: 4 minutes. they are getting faster... weird02:02
gnumbknuts"they are getting faster... weird" . If you have ever wondered about artificial intelligence, then look no further that an "ant trail". Notices how over time how the trail corrects its self. Obviously, the music players are following each other, but slithly correcting them selves every time. That's my theory...02:38
ochosimorning folks06:39
elfymorning ochosi 06:40
gnumbknutsIt's alive!, it lives! I managed to repackage the xubuntu-daily.iso with the syslinux packages; fired up usb-creator-gtk to make a bootable usbstick; and guess what? It works :)06:50
NoskcajDo we know what xfce packages are getting another point release soon? I'd like to start backporting git patches from things that aren't06:51
gnumbknutsUnit193: the convoluted method wasn't so bad after all. Once the image is mounted as a live system on the host system, it is just a matter of using the apt-get package commands.06:54
ochosiNoskcaj: what git patches are you thinking of specifically?07:16
NoskcajNothing specific really, but i've heard of fairly important fixes in thunar and xfdesktop, and i doubt that's all07:17
ochosinot sure what's planned wrt those two07:50
ochosifor thunar i thought that bluesabre already included the patch (or at least he was looking into that) that fixed the crashes on moving/copying files07:51
Unit1931.6.6-1ubuntu2 in staging, I presume.07:52
ochosiUnit193: yes, not sure it's the latest rev though08:54
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bluesabreochosi, Unit193: yes, thats the latest revision of that patch10:48
ochosibluesabre: was that the one that worked or the one you reported some issues against?10:52
bluesabreochosi: the issue I reported is a different bug it seems11:08
bluesabremany different bugs causing copy/move/paste to segfault11:08
bluesabreelfy: Do you know if https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-panel/+bug/1385624 has been resolved?11:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1385624 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "wrapper-2.0 crashed with SIGSEGV in strrchr()" [Medium,Confirmed]11:09
knomehey bluesabre, ochosi 11:14
knomelet's fix the website :]11:15
knomethe development subteams at http://xubuntu.org/contribute/ are broken now11:15
knomein the sense that they do not make sense for some part; documentation and translation should be in one page11:15
knomeartwork should probably be its own page11:16
knomeand marketing and promotion mashed up with the website team, unless we consider that the subteam of those11:16
bluesabreand we can finish the lp descriptions as well11:16
knomeor maybe the promotion part should be renamed...11:16
bluesabrebut I gotta go get ready for work now, bbl11:17
knomeit basically says that the promotion is telling your friends about xubuntu11:17
knomeit is *not* a xubuntu subteam as is11:17
knomeso maybe it should go with support, as it originally was, iirc11:17
knomeoriginally being... around 2008-200911:17
knome^ for those of you who are logged in11:18
* slickymasterWork logs in11:18
ochosisorry folks, same here, gotta run11:19
knomeduh :P11:19
slickymasterWorkknome, if I'm understanding it correctly http://xubuntu.org/?page_id=3076 isn't live presently11:20
knomeyes, that's right11:20
slickymasterWorkyeah, I agree with you, doc and translation should on a page of its own11:21
slickymasterWorkand it would be just a matter of refreshing that page content11:22
knomei don't think that the page content necessarily needs a big refresh11:22
knomebut if you feel like it, feel free to poke it11:22
slickymasterWorkby refreshing it I mean, check how accurate/up-to-date is the content and correct it if need knome 11:24
knomeiirc, we relatively lately updated it11:24
slickymasterWorkI just read it diagonally 11:24
slickymasterWorknever thought of those as potentially being part of the -docs tasks/actions/work11:26
knomei don't think that is exactly realistic for any team to do11:26
* knome shrugs11:26
slickymasterWorkyes, realistic would be the key word here11:26
slickymasterWorkknome, you have fiddle with that page for sure, all the links are pointing to the right pages11:28
slickymasterWorkincluding to the latest changes to our process page11:28
slickymasterWorkIMO, the page content is right as it is, and I can't see any issues preventing it from going live´11:29
knomeyep ;)11:30
slickymasterWorklol, here's a prove of your hand on it -> Xubuntu 15.04   Xubuntu Vivid Vervet Beta 2 11:30
knomethat's the website footer :P11:30
knomewhat would you feel about of this:11:31
knomein addition to the subteam listing11:31
knomemake another subsection11:31
knomewhich said11:31
slickymasterWorkI know, I just didn't want to disclose Last edited by Pasi Lallinaho on .....11:31
knome"Even if you couldn't contribute *to* Xubuntu, you can help us by doing one of the following things:"11:32
knomethen proceed with a list of support places people can help at and mention they can promote xubuntu as much as they can11:32
knomelast can==want11:32
slickymasterWorkwhy the past tense at the beginning of the sentence knome: even if you couldn't...?11:33
* knome shrugs11:33
knomedon't stick to the irrelevant things11:34
slickymasterWorkI try not to, thing is it seems paradoxal withing the sense of the rest of it11:35
slickymasterWorkit's like we're assuming that someone hasn't yet been able to contribute yet, but they can then do something from the list11:36
slickymasterWorkand could be prone to be misread, or misinterpreted 11:37
* knome shrugs11:37
knomeyes mister language police11:37
knomemy main point was11:37
knomewhat if we separated the support and promotion stuff from the main list11:37
slickymasterWorkyes, I do agree with your underlying point11:37
slickymasterWorkbut by separating do you mean to have another distinct page?11:38
knomejust another subsection on the main page11:38
slickymasterWorkok I was going to say that in the main page would be preferable 11:39
slickymasterWorknot to lose readers/users attention by having to navifate to yet another page11:39
slickymasterWork* navigate11:40
slickymasterWorkknome, can we continue after lunch?11:42
slickymasterWorkI have a medical appointment at 13:0011:42
knomenot sure i'm around then, but you can surely poke the stuff then11:42
slickymasterWorkgotta run now11:43
elfybluesabre: I guess I'm not seeing it when I boot livesessions - and it used to show up there11:45
elfyknome: http://xubuntu.org/?page_id=3076 ... our guidelines and good conventions for Xubuntu translations page 11:59
elfyimplies that we also have some bad conventions to me :)11:59
knomemaybe we do...11:59
elfythen please make sure to document them and link on the same page :D12:00
knomei will12:00
elfyshould lose the good in the meantime 12:00
ochosiUnit193: just a reminder to schedule the next meeting14:17
elfyirony :p14:17
* ochosi will be mostly offline for the next week btw (easter holidays so very little computarrrs)14:17
ochosielfy: ;)14:17
elfyochosi: btw - since last xfpm upgrade - not complaining about crashes14:21
ochosiso things are fine again?14:21
ochosihavent had much chance to play with anything lately tbh14:22
ochosionly noticed that eric fixed one bug stemming from upower not delivering any device info14:23
elfyseems to come back from suspend and lock ok now 14:23
ochosiand weird14:24
ochosino xfpm changes related to that14:24
ochosiso maybe a kernel bug to begin with?14:24
ochosior systemd14:24
elfypossible systemd14:25
elfynot kernel - or if kernel intermittent14:25
elfylast systemd update here saturday not sure when I spoke to eric 14:27
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ali1234https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/W/DefaultMediaPlayer <- i've rotated the table so it fits better and added the import test results18:11
Unit193If that's all that is on the agenda, no need to have it right now.20:36
elfyso last meeting then ... what's " updating the team/subteam descriptions on Launchpad shortly to conform to a standard layout" even about - only thing I've seen about that is a line or two in the logs and a link to a pad20:43
Unit193https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev for example has a description of the team, they want to update them or at least look at them and make sure they all make sense.20:45
elfythe 'they' again20:45
knomeelfy, see https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-website20:45
knomethat was something i put up, and something i worked on with bluesabre20:46
knomebasically just to make everything more usable and point people to resources where they can get started with contributing20:46
elfymmm 20:47
elfyI love the decision making processes here lately20:48
Unit193LP isn't really the place to have that information, though.20:48
knomeUnit193, noo, it's just a place to point people to that information20:48
elfyno - a meeting and/or mailing list is 20:48
elfyotherwise 2 or 3 of us could just ditch stuff like gmb that probably no-one uses20:49
Unit193Still, don't think LP is the right place to point to.20:49
knomeUnit193, that has the new information.20:50
knomeelfy, this isn't something like a default application change, this is something that reads on our website or a related page20:50
Unit193Good for it.  < Unit193> Still, don't think LP is the right place to point to.20:50
elfyI assume that's just an example knome pointed me at20:50
knomeelfy, it's also acked by ochosi if you mean you'd rather have seen a team discussion20:50
knomei mean i don't consider it a biggie, and if somebody else wanted to improve stuff like that, i wouldn't mind them just going at it20:51
elfyknome: there just appears to be a lot of 'a couple of people and ochosi' talked in some other place about something - so we're going to do it like that now20:51
elfywe're either a community or we're not20:52
Unit193So it's more of where it was discussed.20:52
elfywhat's the point in having xubuntu-team 20:52
Unit193Or, wasn't.20:52
elfywell - wqasn't 20:52
knome13:14  bluesabre: http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-subteams Let us know if you  have any feedback for the proposed layout20:53
knomeand yes, i noted you said meeting/ML20:53
knomebut i don't think every small thing should be clogged up that path20:53
knomeif you do, then we disagree here20:53
knomemy best intentions are to improve stuff and *get it done*20:54
knomethis is comparable to the qa team updating a testcase20:54
knomeno need to let everybody weigh in on every discussion20:55
elfyI hardly think so20:55
Unit193FWIW, I dislike LP pages with long "descriptions."20:55
knomeUnit193, right, having seen that description in use, i can probably agree it's a tad long. that said, it's revertable, so...20:55
elfyunless the QA team had a testcase had a testcase that listed how teams do things then globally changed them without saying anything 20:55
slickymasterwell, qa always do ping someone when they fiddle with a testcase knome 20:55
knomeslickymaster, and we pinged "someone" too when working on the LP description updates20:56
Unit193knome: Right, but the first appearance of the whole thing is a pad link in a meeting.  And sure, but..20:56
slickymasternot saying you didn't20:56
knomeUnit193, so do you think it would have been better to not do anything before the meeting?20:56
knomei mean, if nothing was done, we could have started that only after the meeting, which would have meant the work would have been postponed to at least the next meeting20:57
Unit193elfy: To be fair, that's a "How to get involved with QA" type of thing, not changing how it's done but "correcting" documentation on how it's currently being handled.20:57
knomewhere we would have asked for comments in the same way...20:57
elfyknome: my issue is that all of these are presented to the rest of us as a fait accompli 20:57
Unit193knome: Didn't say meeting, but many people idle in here, if I somehow missed it, fine then, but I don't think I did.20:58
elfyyou even go so far as to say ochosi acked it - which is just like saying - we're doing this this way 20:58
knomeelfy, i hardly see it as such20:58
knomewe worked on it and had a proposal; then we asked for comments20:58
knomethere was "this is what we are going to do without your consent" type of thing20:59
Unit193So you'd say, rather than acked, agreed or liked it?20:59
Unit193http://xubuntu.org/contribute/ would be a better page, IMO.21:01
knomeUnit193, i don't understand that.21:01
knomeUnit193, we aren't replacing anything with the launchpad descriptions21:01
knomeit's just an additional source of information.21:02
Unit193Fine, well be that as it may, -1.21:02
knomei've landed this to the website team for two reasons 1) it's the team i'm leading and can edit the branding 2) this will let me see how it looks in action21:03
knomeand as i said, this probably isn't as good as i thought it was21:04
knomei think we need to cut it down to probably just the basic tasks and a link to the contribution page21:04
knomewe can go through more or less bureaucratical processes to get something like this decided, or then just see how it looks21:05
knomei guess the logical question for the future is: do we need the team to approve all content changes in the website in the future?21:05
elfyas I said, it's not so much the detail, but the way it's put across, maybe the way you write and I read21:06
elfyknome: if it makes a difference to how we as a whole are perceived then I'd say yes 21:06
elfyanyway - another day for me 21:07
knomeelfy, i don't mean to surpass the teams influence in any way21:07
knomeelfy, but i try to avoid too much bureaucracy on things21:08
knomeelfy, it depends on the status quo too; if the descriptions were consistent already, then of course it would have needed more thorough investigating (unless it was a minor fix)21:08
elfya launchpad page is the last place I would look for detail on something like this21:09
knomeelfy, but currently, the descriptions are "what they are", they date far or not so far in the history, but afaui, they have never really been considered as an entirety21:09
elfyit's the wronn place21:10
knomeelfy, what if somebody lands on that page, for what ever reason, first?21:10
knomedo we just not tell them how to contribute? (or what the team does)21:10
elfythen the same information needs to be available on wiki, lp, mailing list, irc21:10
elfyor the argument is false21:10
knomethe same information is available in the website21:10
knomewhere we have intentionally focused this21:11
knomeeg. the one place to read how to start contributing21:11
elfyso why switch focus? 21:11
knomeand this LP page links there21:11
knomewe aren't switching focus21:11
knomewe are adding one more outlet where we link to that information21:11
elfywanting to add21:12
elfyanyway - night all 21:12
Unit193Why not *just* link to the website?21:12
knomei think it's sane to have short descriptions of the teams in LP, since LP memberships are the ones that decide what you *can do* in many cases21:12
knomeUnit193, that's a fair comment, and one that i also said to be probably wiser than what we proposed21:12
knomeUnit193, ....which is why we asked for feedback21:13
knomenight elfy 21:13
Unit193Alright.  If for no other reason, then if something changes less places to change it.21:13
knomeartwork currently says:21:14
knomeThe Xubuntu Artwork Team is responsible for creating the custom themes, graphics, splashes, and branding for the Xubuntu project. The artwork team wiki is located at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork21:14
knomePlease note that only users who have contributed to Xubuntu perpetually will be approved to the team.21:14
knomeTo start contributing, join us at #xubuntu-devel or the Xubuntu development mailing list and introduce yourself as well as your skill set. Thanks for your interest and understanding.21:14
slickymasterI'm also of the opinion that it's a bit too much knome 21:15
knomeslickymaster, yep.21:15
knomesee the website team now21:16
Unit193Maybe more like  This team does foo  To get involved with this team, seehttp://xubuntu.org/contribute/21:16
knomeUnit193, or maybe see the website team now? (:21:17
slickymasteryeah, the website team option is a more sane one21:17
knomebut "to this team" sounds good21:17
Unit193Works for me™21:17
slickymasterditto Unit193 21:18
knomei approve.21:18
knomeupdated pad21:19
knomeochosi, comments...21:19
knomeochosi, @ http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-subteams21:19
knomeochosi, see how it looks @ https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-website21:19
knomebtw, we should get the empty marathon-rs project dropped21:20
knome(why i asked if anybody saw nick lately)21:20
bluesabreFolks got chatty around here :)22:41

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