xubuntu63wI have been having some issues with the DNS cache updating in xubuntu 14.04, and did some looking around. It appears the following issue is still present in 14.04 (see solution right at the bottom) http://askubuntu.com/questions/368435/how-do-i-fix-dns-resolving-which-doesnt-work-after-upgrading-to-ubuntu-13-10-s09:29
xubuntu63wis this something that is being looked at?09:29
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xubuntu07whello ! i've got a question about AMD vs Intel systems... do both work with Xubuntu?12:47
xubuntu07wi'm at the verge to buy a new PC, and i can't really decide which processor to choose !12:48
PiciOf course they do.12:49
xubuntu07wdoes the graphics card matter?12:49
xubuntu07wa intel I5 quadcore system is prebuild around 700 dollar, and a AMD Hexacore is around 100 dollar less12:50
bekksWhich GPU do they have?12:51
xubuntu07wan I5 4460 and a AMD 6600K12:51
xubuntu07wboth Radeon R7 24012:51
xubuntu07wi've read that de I5 is much faster...12:52
xubuntu07wbut does this really matter? ( got an old Core2 duo laptop...)12:52
xubuntu07wso every new PC is faster than i have now12:53
xubuntu70oanyone has lost close/maximize/minimize icons on windows on last update?13:48
holsteinxubuntu70o: i would check into "decorations".. i would try as a different user, to see if my user config is the issue13:49
holsteinbut, im just firing that out quickly as i run.. in case its slow here...13:50
xubuntu70othank you13:50
xubuntu70oI also can only write on the app/window that has the focus and can't change it13:51
xubuntu70oany idea what could have gone wrong?13:51
krytarikxubuntu70o: The window manager isn't started on login apparently - xfwm4.13:53
xubuntu70ohow can i solve that?13:56
xubuntu70otakin into account that currently I can only write on google chrome :)13:56
krytarikxubuntu70o: Press Alt+F4, then run "xfwm4".13:59
xubuntu70othat will close chrome13:59
xubuntu70oand take me to the desktop...14:00
krytarikWhoops, Alt+F2. :P14:00
xubuntu70oalready tried that14:00
xubuntu70obut focus still on chrome14:00
xubuntu70ocan it be found by mouse navigation?14:01
krytarikxubuntu70o: Via the panel, sure - "Accessories → Run Program..."14:03
xubuntu70onot tha14:03
xubuntu70oin which file should xfwm4 be invoked?14:04
krytarikYou could start it via the terminal too though - if that works any better.14:04
xubuntu70ocan't get the focus there :(14:05
krytarikThat's the name of the executable too.14:05
krytarikWell, the cumbersome way: press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a tty; log in there; run "DISPLAY=:0.0 setsid xfwm4"; switch back to your session with Ctrl+Alt+F7.14:10
krytarikxubuntu70o: ^14:10
xubuntu70oi get a warning "cannot open display 0:0"14:12
xubuntu70oor something like that14:12
krytarikxubuntu70o: After that, you should clear any saved sessions: "Settings Manager → Session and Startup → Session → Clear saved sessions".14:12
krytarikxubuntu70o: Then it's a different DISPLAY for you.14:14
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mchelencan i increase mouse cursor size above 48?18:29
tenguixpackage libuuid1:amd64 2.25.1-3ubuntu4.1 cannot be configured because libuuid1:i386 is at a different version (2.25.1-3ubuntu4) --- What should I do here?18:30
mchelentenguix: try uninstalling both packages, then installing libuuid1:amd64?18:38
bynarieanyone know what the default value of lightdm.override is20:19
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knobHello everyone...22:22
knobA couple of days ago, one of my dual monitors stopped working.   I suspected the graphics card22:22
knobYet I tested both monitors individually, and they both work fine (both monitors, both cables).22:23
knobI bought an additional graphics card... and now, if I run lpsci | grep VGA, I see both graphics cards listed... yet..  ??22:23
knobHow can I "enable" the second one?22:23
knobWhat.... can I do for this?  I am at a loss22:23
mrkrampsknob, you will have to setup a custom configuration in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ to make the XServer use both cards22:35
knobmrkramps, googling that now...22:55
knobCan I do it grahically?  Via de Settings GUI?22:55
knobMaybe I should go back.  Is there a way I could find out what has been updated, via the ubuntu (xubuntu's?) update tool?22:58
knobSeems to me, something got updated, and "broke" the dual monitors.22:58

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