harlowjasmoser https://review.openstack.org/#/c/166201/ fyi00:26
harlowjauseful to look at/over00:26
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Odd_Blokesmoser: Is there any reason for having documentation in /doc that isn't in /doc/rtd/... (and therefore rendered on ReadTheDocs)?10:54
Odd_Blokesmoser: Does http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/cloud-init/openstack-vendor-data-doc/revision/1089 look sensible to you?11:48
Odd_Blokesmoser: (I'm waiting for confirmation from the partner that triggered this investigation that we've solved their problem before opening a MP)11:49
smoserOdd_Bloke, i think i'd like to have something like:12:59
smoser http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/cloud-init/openstack-vendor-data-doc/revision/108912:59
smoserfor all vendor-data consumption12:59
smoseri tihnk we can do this in a backwards compatible mode to if we do it right.12:59
smoserhm.. well i tihnk we want to do this well.13:00
smoserbad link above.13:02
smoserwhic his confusing13:02
smoseri' dlike to hvae that basic policy in place for all vendor data consumption i think.13:02
ktdreyerhi folks, I'm wondering about the "#cloud-config" text that I see at the top of cloud-init YAML files. Isn't that a comment in YAML syntax? But cloud-init relies upon its presence?13:50
Odd_Blokesmoser: OpenStack falls over if vendor-data is just a string; I didn't try with a list.13:52
Odd_Blokesmoser: But I wouldn't be surprised if OpenStack requires a JSON object.13:52
smoserOdd_Bloke, well, it does.13:52
smoserbut a string is valid json13:52
smoser$ python -c 'import sys, json; print(json.dumps(sys.argv[1], indent=1))' "Hi Odd_Bloke"13:53
Odd_BlokeA string is valid JSON; it's not a valid JSON object.13:53
Odd_Bloke(As a JSON object is defined as a mapping)13:54
smoseryou can argue if you want that python's json module is behaving incorrectly13:56
smoserbut that same 'loads' is how openstack is going to check if its valid json13:57
smoser$ python /tmp/go.py13:57
smosercontents: "Hi Mom"13:57
smoserdata: Hi Mom13:57
smoserktdreyer, yes. cloud-init depends on it in some contexts.13:58
Odd_Blokesmoser: "foo" is valid JSON, but it's not a JSON object.  A JSON object is a mapping ({"foo": "bar", ...}), and is one of the valid root objects in valid JSON.13:58
Odd_BlokeAs are strings.13:58
smoserin /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d , it probably assumes a default of cloud-config (which is sane).13:58
Odd_BlokeSo I think we're talking past one another here. :)13:58
smoserktdreyer, but in other cases, it doens't know what the content of the file is... how to interpret it. so it relies on either data provided to it about the content (such as mime-type) or the content starting with a string.13:59
smoserwell, kyou said openstack will fail if vendor-data is just a string14:00
smoserbut i dont think it would14:00
Odd_BlokeIf it assumes that it will get a mapping and looks for specific keys it might; I'm trying to get back on to that OpenStack cloud to try again.14:00
smoseri wrote it.14:01
smoserits a blob14:01
smoserit makes sense.14:01
smoserits a contract / data from "vendor" to "guest"14:01
smoseropenstack is not involved.14:02
Odd_BlokeAck; I'll try and work out what I was doing wrong.14:02
smoserOdd_Bloke, i'm not saying that we should use a string.14:03
smoseri think the dict or list makes more sense.14:03
smoserand cloud-inti shoudl take the 'cloud-init' entry in that.14:03
smoserthat is what we should make work, and what we should recommend to vendors.14:04
Odd_BlokeYeah; that does work.14:04
smoserOdd_Bloke, fwiw, this whole "string as an object" conversation, I had almost identically with JayF when i first wrote that etherpad.14:07
Odd_Blokesmoser: http://json.org/ says that strings categorically are not JSON objects. But JSON objects are not the only valid JSON root type.14:10
Odd_BlokeSo we're just in violent agreement here. :p14:10
smoserwell, just to be snarky, and add more violent agreement14:12
smoser$ python -c 'import json, sys; print(isinstance(json.loads(sys.argv[1]), object))' '"foo"'14:12
smoseropenstack expects the VendorData class (which defaults to that thing that reads data from a json file)14:13
smoserto return data14:13
smoserit then 'json.dumps()' that to a file-like thing that it shows in the metadata service.14:13
smoserthe VendorData class could return anything, but openstack is going to force that thing to be 'json.dumps'-able.14:14
smoserwhich seems sane. as it labels it 'vendordata.json'14:14
Odd_BlokeYeah; I think the problem might have been that I just put a regular cloud-config file in there, rather than a JSON document with a string as the root object.14:23
Odd_BlokeAnd JSON strings can't have literal newlines.14:32
Odd_BlokeSo it looks like "#cloud-config\npackages:\n- htop\n".14:33
Odd_BlokeUh, plus a space in there.14:33
smoserso what you want is this:14:36
smosercloud_init_data = {'packages': ['htop']}14:36
smoserwith open("file.json", "wb") as fp14:37
smoser fp.write('\n'.join("#cloud-init", json.dumps(cloud_init_data))14:38
smosersomthehign like that.14:38
smoserbsaically, let tools write it for you14:38
Odd_Blokesmoser: So have something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/10718633/ as the vendor-data OpenStack reads?14:42
smoserhm.. wait no. sorry . here.14:43
smoserOdd_Bloke, ^14:48
smosereither of those output formats (list or string) should work for cloud-init in vivid. and are in line with https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cloud-init-vendor-data14:49
smoserand i'm saying we should make trusty act like vivid.14:49
Odd_Blokesmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10718677/ worked on trusty and vivid.14:50
smoserOdd_Bloke, oh.14:54
smoserthat is odd.14:54
smoseri dont know whow that works on trusty14:54
smoserididn't think it looked in cloud-init 14:54
Odd_Blokesmoser: Yep, it does; line 150 of DataSourceOpenStack.py.15:00
JayFsmoser: Very happy to see cloud-init v2 hit stackforge15:05
smoseri pointed out, specifically... it is not a openstack project.15:08
smoserwe just want free infrastructure :)15:08
smoserutlemming, i updated the lp:ubuntu/trusty branch15:09
smoserby 'dget <link-to-dsc>' (from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init)15:09
utlemmingsmoser: ack15:09
smoserand then 'bzr import-dsc' from that dsc15:09
smoserand bzr push15:09
smoserplease make sure you update that when you upload15:09
utlemmingsmoser: sure, sorry about that15:11
smoserprecise-proposed, trusty, and utopic are now all up to date with archive.15:16
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harmwwhat would be a fairly decent architecture for a small cloud deployment having compute nodes on multiple locations, each having their own ISP link for connecting with $world and using an ipsec tunnel with $home where keystone lives?17:12
harlowjaclaudiupopa whats your openstack email; https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/665,members is up17:30
harlowjasmoser ^17:30
harlowjau are now cloud-init core17:30
harlowjafeel free to add others17:30
harlowjaalso https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/666,members17:31
harlowja666 omg17:31
smoserok thanks.17:32
claudiupopaSo it's finally up.17:33
JayF666 the number of the cloud17:36
harlowjaJayF ha17:43
harlowjaalexpilotti whats your email on gerrit?17:43
harlowjaautofill-in not working17:43
alexpilottiharlowja: apilotti@cloudbasesolutions.com17:44
alexpilottiautofill has some strange logic17:44
harlowjak, u are now coreeeee17:45
alexpilottiyeiiii tx :-)17:45
alexpilottiI found myself swearing a bit about the way it accepts naming ordering and spelling17:46
harlowjaok first review17:46
harlowjause all your magic core powers on that one, lol17:46
harlowjaguess we can see if the automated-ci works with that review also17:47
harlowjaor if its broken (or something else)17:47
alexpilottiquick double check w the format we have in cloudbase-init’s .gitreview17:47
* harlowja copied it from taskflow one, ha17:48
alexpilottishould I +2a or do we leave to smoser the pleasure of his first +a? :-) 17:49
harlowjalet's see if the CI breaks first17:49
harlowjait might be somewhat busted; not sure, ha17:49
harlowjafirst commits usually expose that :-P17:50
alexpilottiyep, we learned it the hard way17:50
alexpilottias the first 2-3 post-stackforge patches in cbs-init can testify17:50
harlowjaya; looks like its busted, lol17:50
harlowjai'll get all that stuff fixed17:51
harlowjamaybe should turn off the docs build17:51
harlowja*for now*17:51
alexpilottioh… well time to bring the joys of pep8 to cloud-init17:51
JayFI never start a new project with CI17:52
JayFset it up with noop jobs, then setup things one at a time17:52
JayFyou are braver than me :P17:52
harlowjaJayF ha17:53
harlowjaJayF ya; it usually just causes these first commits to be busted17:53
harlowjathen it all goes ok17:53
alexpilottidocs: https://github.com/stackforge/cloudbase-init/commit/23ddd33fa4a35040f9ab2f84efb54d7244232b8b17:54
alexpilottian empty doc/source/conf.py should do17:54
alexpilottiand setup.cfg17:54
alexpilottisource-dir = doc/source17:55
alexpilottido we have a .testr.conf?17:56
harlowjawill get all that going17:56
claudiub_I would also suggest updating HACKING.md, since the new method of contributing will be through gerrit. That would mean going a git review instead, when the commit is ready.17:58
harlowjaalexpilotti although seems like we are just gonna stick to nose for a little so i guess no testr.conf needed17:58
harlowjanose imho is just simpler :-P17:58
harlowjatestr meh17:58
JayFharlowja: so existing cloud-init stays locked up in bzr? How long until this becomes the "new" cloud-init?17:59
harlowjai defer to others on that one JayF :-P17:59
harlowjai just work here, haha17:59
harlowja*when its ready?18:00
JayFwhen it's ready is code for never :P18:00
harlowjaonly if u are the type that doesn't commit to shit18:00
harlowjai don't think we are :-P18:00
JayFrussell_h: ^ Doesn't look like it's close though.18:00
smoserugh... whats the mP ?18:01
harlowjasmoser i got it under control boss18:02
smosergood job.18:03
alexpilotticlaudiub_: +118:03
alexpilottiharlowja: k!18:03
smoseroh yeah18:03
smoseri had that locally :)18:03
jetoleHey guys. I have a question about cloudbase-init and this is the closest room I could find so I will ask here hoping either someone can help or someone can direct me to the right room...18:10
jetoleWhen I start a instance, neither the hard drive is being extended nor is the instance being activated (it has a valid MAK key). The logs say very little. 6 lines regarding attempts to get meta data via but I have not added any metadata line to cloudbase-init.conf. Can anyone help me figure out why the plugins I specified aren't running and the meta data lines are being queried when they are not included in the conf?18:11
alexpilottijetole: best place for this question is ask.cloudbase.it18:17
alexpilottijetole: can you please post also a copy of your cloudbase-init.log and cloudbase-init-unattend.log?18:17
alexpilottijetole: also: which Windows version are you using?18:18
jetolealexpilotti: 2k8r2 standard 18:18
jetolealexpilotti: should I have configured cloudbase-init-unattend.conf as well as cloudbase-init.conf ?18:18
alexpilottijetole: if you used the installer, they come preconfigured18:18
jetoleI'm thinking maybe I should have since I'm going the generalize OOB sysprep 18:19
alexpilottijetole: also a copy of your config files will help in troubleshooting18:19
jetolesome is but not nessicerely how I prefer, for example I don't want to add a user or query the meta servers but I do want to activate windows which can manually be done since the correct MAK key is there and the hard drive doesn't grow to fill the instance size 18:19
jetoleWill do18:20
harlowjaok i think https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169854/ should fix all of it18:23
harlowjamaybe not the pep8 ones though18:23
harlowjalet's see how far that gets18:24
alexpilottiharlowja: requirements might need sphinx>=1.1.2,<1.1.99918:24
claudiub_harlowja: I have left you a comment on that patchset regarding pep818:24
harlowjaclaudiub_ thx18:24
harlowjaalexpilotti i put sphinx>=1.1.2,!=1.2.0,!=1.3b1,<1.3 into test-requirements18:24
harlowjait seemed to work in a venv18:24
alexpilottipep8: we should do our homework and clean up the entire project18:25
harlowjawhen i ran tox -edocs18:25
harlowjaalexpilotti ya18:25
harlowjaok, updated18:26
harlowjalet's see18:26
* harlowja prefers rst vs markdown also :-P18:26
harlowjasince all that damn sphinx stuff is in rst (might as well just use it all the places)18:27
JayFharlowja: I have a very recent patchset enabling doc builds on a project if you wanted a template18:28
harlowjaJayF i think this should work; tox -edoc worked for me, let's see if it gets farther18:29
harlowjathen we can make it better18:29
JayFThat's fine, was just offering :)18:29
alexpilottiharlowja: tests dont seem to run18:32
harlowjaRan 0 tests in 0.006s18:32
harlowjaseems to run something :-P18:32
harlowjaalthough 0 of something18:33
harlowja$ tox -epy2718:33
harlowjalikely cause there aren't any?18:33
alexpilottiharlowja: https://github.com/stackforge/cloudbase-init/blob/23ddd33fa4a35040f9ab2f84efb54d7244232b8b/.testr.conf18:33
alexpilottiand testrepository in requirements.txt18:34
harlowjaya; i think we are sticking with nose + nosetests though for the time being18:34
alexpilottinot sure if we can get nsoe to do this18:34
harlowjawe can swithc later if we care18:34
alexpilottiin theory it should be transparent18:34
harlowjaya; so thats why later switch i think is ok18:34
harlowjau can commit that one :-P18:34
harlowjaonce this goes in18:34
alexpilottithe fact that we dont have tests is also a good reason why tests dont run :-D18:35
alexpilottias in: https://github.com/stackforge/cloud-init/tree/master/cloudinit/tests18:35
alexpilottiI was quite surprise by seeing a green Python 3.4 jenkins run at the first run :-)18:38
alexpilottiadded https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169880/18:45
alexpilottiharlowja: hey docs are happy18:46
harlowjaya; nearly there alexpilotti 18:46
harlowjajust a few hacking tweaks/exclusions18:46
alexpilottiwe “only” have pep8 left18:46
harlowjaok, think latests update should do it18:47
harlowjalet's see18:47
alexpilottihacking.rst: what about removing the names and adding a reference to: https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/665,members 18:49
alexpilottithis way we dont have to change the file anytime somedy gets added/removed from the core group :-)18:49
harlowjaalexpilotti updated18:54
harlowjahopefully that makes it all happy and good to go18:55
alexpilottidoes it makes sense to keep: 18:55
alexpilotti.. _Scott Moser: https://launchpad.net/~smoser18:55
alexpilotti.. _Joshua Harlow: https://launchpad.net/~harlowja 18:55
alexpilottiin the references sicne they are not accessed?18:56
alexpilottiI mean they are not referenced18:56
smoserreferenced ?18:56
alexpilottiinstead of the name list we have: * `Core reviewers/maintainers`_18:58
alexpilottiand at the bottom we have:18:58
alexpilotti.. _Core reviewers/maintainers: https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/665,members 3818:58
alexpilotti.. _Scott Moser: https://launchpad.net/~smoser 3918:58
alexpilotti.. _Joshua Harlow: https://launchpad.net/~harlowja 4018:58
alexpilotti.. _IRC: irc://chat.freenode.net/cloud-init 4118:58
alexpilotti.. _freenode: http://freenode.net/ 18:58
alexpilottiI mea, we can add everybody’s launchpad profile there, but I dont see it particularly useful in a dynamic group18:59
smosersure. drop that.18:59
alexpilottitx. developer’s anti data-duplication professional bias :-)19:00
harlowjaalexpilotti i already dropped it :-P19:03
harlowjarefresh to patch 1019:03
harlowjato slow, haha19:03
jetolealexpilotti: http://ask.cloudbase.it/question/401/issues-with-meta-activate-serial-and-hdd-extend/ :-)19:08
alexpilottijetole: ok tx!19:08
alexpilottime or one of my colleagues will look at it asap19:08
jetoleI think I should have used a different blockquote method but I don't post to stackexchange often enough and couldn't recall the syntax 19:09
alexpilottifor logs and long text I usually paste on paste.openstack.org and paste the link in the post19:10
alexpilottibut yours are not very long so it works inline as well :-)19:10
jetoleI can do the same and add a ref link under the block quote19:10
jetole... or nevermind 19:11
alexpilottijetole: on what cloud are you running this instance?19:12
alexpilottiplugins are meant to be executed when metadata is present19:13
jetolealexpilotti: I'm testing on a local qemu-kvm on workstation but I had also uploaded it to openstack and had the same results. I don't need any data from the meta servers at all so I feel it should be fine locally 19:13
jetolewell on openstack icehouse, I have the same results 19:13
alexpilottiyou can surely reduce the list of plugins19:13
alexpilottion icehouse it should definitely pick up metadata from or configdrive19:14
jetoleI just updated the post19:16
jetolefrom the line @ Update near the bottom 19:17
alexpilottithe unattend part is used only to save one reboot when you set the hostname19:19
jetoleOK. I don't have the logs from icehouse and it will take me a while to get them since I removed the test image and would have to re-upload. I'm using ceph for the stack so uploading raw images only which take a while 19:20
jetoleshould I do that and get the logs 19:20
alexpilottiyeah, that would be best19:20
jetoleOk. It's only the logs though. I know the results are the same 19:20
alexpilottiwe can add a “Nil” metadata provider for your Qemu case 19:20
jetolesorry, can you clarify what unattend is used for? I didn't find a good ref on the difference between what the two config files are used for online 19:21
alexpilottiwhen the image is sysprepped, it uses a file called unattend.xml (rough equivalent of a linux preseed.cfg / ks.cfg)19:22
alexpilottithsi contains steps executed during the early first boot during a phase called “specialize”19:22
jetoleI'm familiar with that 19:23
alexpilottiwe do a first execution of cloudbase-init at this stage19:23
alexpilottito run only a limited set of plugins: NTP, MTU and hostname19:23
jetoleI've used unattend, preseed and occasionally kickstart before but the cloudbase-init-unattend. What does that do differently 19:23
jetoleer, I mean that file specifically 19:23
alexpilottithe hostname one requires a reboot19:23
jetoleso the stuff that has to be done prior to the reboot goes into cloudbase-init-unattend?19:24
alexpilottiin short, it’s just the anme of the configuration file used by cloudbase-init when executed during specialize19:24
alexpilottithere are quite some limitations on what can be executed during that phase, in particular WMI is not available19:25
alexpilottiin your case, given the requirements you posted, it can be skipped 19:25
jetolewaiting on the upload now. It's at 90% (gbit between wkstn and stack) but than it's theirs the save from local host to ce19:27
jetole- to ceph (I think via glance)19:27
harlowjaalexpilotti smoser claudiupopa https://review.openstack.org/#/c/169854/19:41
harlowjawe are good to go19:41
harlowjaapprove at will19:41
smoserhooray. tests pass.19:41
harlowjasmoser yaaaa; 0 tests pass 0 times, lol19:42
alexpilottismoser: would you fancy +2a it this patch? :-)19:43
smoseron the above ?19:44
harlowjaslacking again apparently, lol19:45
smoserwhy is it HACKING.rst ?19:46
harlowjaseems common to what i've seen19:47
harlowjahttps://github.com/openstack/nova/ (HACKIGN.rst)19:47
smoseroh. ok. i didnt'r ealize github would render .rst19:48
smoserthought .md only19:48
harlowjait handles both19:48
harlowjaand since rst is what sphinx also uses; i like just 1 format19:48
jetoleSomething else I wanted to ask, is there a (relatively) easy way for me to create a local metadata server for qemu/kvm for testing images when building them?19:49
jetoledoesn't have to be on the same machine, etc since the KVM images share the LAN adapter of the host 19:49
smoserso the reason i had testenv:docs is so tha tyou could build docs without the rest of the stuff19:49
smoserdue to my general hatred of pypi19:49
harlowjamaybe just get used to running `python setup.py build_sphinx` then :-P19:50
harlowjaits a few more characters, lol19:50
harlowjabut u can do it19:50
harlowjai believe in u19:50
harlowjawe can switch it back; i think its ok if u really want smoser 19:54
harlowjahttps://github.com/openstack/glance/blob/master/tox.ini#L40 seems to be the common practice19:54
harlowjaalthough deps = {[testenv]deps} i think is fine either way19:54
harlowjaso not sure it matters19:54
harlowjau sorta need the deps to run that comand anyway19:55
smoserso you switched it just to have less tox env ?19:55
smoserie, less stuff in .tox/19:55
harlowjawell to install the right dependencies19:55
harlowjasphinx will crap out if u start including code from cloud-init into docs...19:55
smoserno.. i had it i thought in its own testenv.19:56
harlowjaya, well [testenv:docs] will do that19:56
harlowjaafaik that will make a .docs venv19:56
smoserah. but the .docs will have all of the requirements in it.19:57
harlowjasmoser the openstack folks mirror pypi afaik so the mirror issues should be less of an issue19:57
harlowjasmoser right19:57
harlowjaand if we have docs that include code snippets; thats probably what we want19:57
harlowjaso those code snippers can be tested as well (which can be done)19:57
smoserstop making rational arguments for your side19:57
smoserits annoying19:58
smoserso the code snippets is godo point. and i'm fine with that. 19:58
smoserharlowja, and we officially dropped 2.6 ?19:58
smoserdid you mean to remove that ?19:59
harlowjawell it seems like the openstack CI isn't testing it19:59
harlowjai'm ok with that for now19:59
harlowjawe'll see :)19:59
smoseristn't that rhel 6 ? didn't you tell me that ?19:59
harlowjait is19:59
harlowjai can add back later19:59
harlowjawill see19:59
smoserand they dont have a python3 either.19:59
harlowjagate-cloud-init-python34 20:00
harlowjathats running 3420:00
smoserok. 20:00
harlowjabut gate-cloud-init-python26 not there right now20:00
smoserk. good enouh20:00
harlowjaso just chopped 26 from the rest of it for now20:00
harlowjasomeone at yahoo will notice that and probably say, whats up20:01
harlowjabut hasn't happened yet :-P20:01
harlowjaalso removed 'Environment :: OpenStack'20:01
harlowjasince cloud-init isn't really 'openstack'20:01
harlowjaits just cloud...20:01
smoseryeah, i'm godo wth that.20:03
harlowjamerging it then (+a)20:04
harlowjaand merged20:04
harlowjaalexpilotti guess u'll have to rebase20:04
harlowjahttps://github.com/stackforge/cloud-init should be all good to code on now :-P20:04
harlowjaworld peace to come later, lol20:04
harlowjasmoser do we want to drop https://github.com/cloud-init/cloud-init ?20:06
harlowjaor link it or mirror it or something?20:06
harlowjahttps://review.openstack.org/169904 for those that are bored, ha20:07
smoseris there any infrastructure to magically keep those in sync ?20:07
harlowjasmoser unsure20:07
harlowjaprobably :-/20:07
jetolealexpilotti: I just posted the updates you asked for via http://ask.cloudbase.it/question/401/issues-with-meta-activate-serial-and-hdd-extend/ - It looks to me like python is not finding the hostname module. I've never done python on Windows and wouldn't know where to look for that plus you may know if it's more than it appears from experience :-)20:11
claudiupopajetole: plugins=cloudbaseinit.plugins.windows.sethostname.SetHostNamePlugin,20:20
claudiupopaThat's actually plugins=cloudbaseinit.plugins.common.sethostname.SetHostNamePlugin,20:20
claudiupopas/windows/common/ ;-)20:20
claudiupopaThe unattend conf had it right though.20:21
jetoleOK. I actually copied the plugins lines from the stackforge readme20:22
jetoleIs there a more current one?20:22
claudiupopaJust updated it today.20:23
jetoleon stackforge?20:23
claudiupopaIn fact, ups, sethostname is still wrong.20:23
jetoles/windows/common/ <- is that for all plugins?20:24
claudiupopaNo, some of them are windows specific.20:24
claudiupopaThe rest are nicely abstracted so that they work on any platform.20:25
jetoleclaudiupopa: can you check my whole plugins line there and let me know which other ones I should adjust, please?20:25
jetolethank you20:25
claudiupopanetworkconfig is common, as well as mtu.20:27
claudiupopaAs well as sethostname.20:27
jetoleclaudiupopa: extendvolumes and activate windows still use "windows"?20:28
claudiupopaYes, they windows specific.20:29
claudiupopaExcept extendvolumes, which is somewhat a leaky abstraction right now.20:29
claudiupopaThis should give you a fair idea of what is what.20:29
jetoleIf I just reboot this instance on the stack, will that test the changes I made to cloudbase-init.conf or do I have to re-sysprep?20:29
claudiupopaYou'll have to resysprep. Or delete a key from the registry.20:30
claudiupopaThere's a key where cloudbaseinit logs the status of the executed plugins.20:30
jetoledo you have the path?20:30
jetolequicker to test and than I can re-sysprep on my workstation and re-upload once I know I have a working config 20:31
claudiupopaShould be under 'SOFTWARE\\Cloudbase Solutions\\Cloudbase-Init\\'20:32
harlowjawindows registry20:33
harlowjaruns away20:33
jetoleharlowja: I don't have a \\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Cloudbase Solution\20:34
harlowjai defer to others here20:34
jetoleDo you think the import error may have caused an exit before it was written 20:34
harlowjareally will run away ha20:34
* harlowja running to food20:34
* jetole does the reboot 20:35
claudiupopajetole: if you don't have any, that's good, no plugin was executed then, so doing a reboot should do it.20:36
jetoleSomething else I wanted to ask about. I use a app which provides the initial password, in plain text, in json ['meta']['initialpass'] via Can I set a user password via this data?20:36
jetoleI had to write some python code to use this in Linux as I could not find a way to do it natively via cloud-init and a few members of this room (weeks ago) confirmed it could not be done natively 20:37
claudiupopajetole: in cloudbaseinit it needs to be in ['meta']['admin_pass'].20:40
jetoleso that's a no20:41
claudiupopaYes, basically.20:41
jetoleit's ok20:42
jetoleI am getting a terminal prompt for a password via sysprep now and will port the python later 20:42
jetoleclaudiupopa: Here's the updated console output: http://paste.openstack.org/show/Jf99AeXArfzL3INP4QRi/20:43
jetoleI am seeing the hostname is set but the volumes are not extending and windows is not being activated. It has a valid MAK key and if I click on activate windows than it activates just fine but cloudbase-init isn't extending hdd or activating 20:44
jetolewait a second 20:45
jetolethe hdd now appears to be extended 20:45
jetoleand windows is activated 20:46
* jetole does a happy dance 20:46
=== [1]claudiupopa is now known as claudiupopa
jetoleclaudiupopa: If I test this on a local kvm-qemu without the meta data, will this run or fail @ hdd-extend and activate?21:05
claudiupopajetole: you mean without any metadata service?21:08
jetoleright. This is just for testing on local workstation before uploading to the stack21:09
claudiupopaThen it will definitely fail. cloudbase-init tries to load the metadata before starting any plugin.21:09
claudiupopaIf it finds no available metadata service, it fails.21:10
jetoleany recommendation for how I could run a easy to deploy testing meta server on my local net 21:10
claudiupopaProbably we could add some sort of local for-testing service.21:11
jetoleactually I have hit the meta server wall on linux / cloud-init too 21:11
jetolewould be better if there is a for testing meta framework 21:11
claudiupopaIn the mean time, I guess you could "mock" a metadata service, by starting a local Python / Ruby / Perl server which exports the expected api.21:14
claudiupopaAnd then just setting metadata_base_url to point to your mocked service.21:14
claudiupopametadata_base_url in config file I mean.21:14
alexpilotticlaudiupopa: we could also just provide a DummyMetadata class21:19
alexpilottiwhich implements the base class w/o doing anything else21:20
jetoleclaudiupopa, do you want to add a answer to my issue @ http://ask.cloudbase.it/question/401/issues-with-meta-activate-serial-and-hdd-extend/ regarding s/windows/common/ ? I was about to but I wanted to reference you for credit and don't know how since I hardly ever use this service 22:05
jetolealexpilotti and claudiupopa: How do you guys deal with building images? Do you upload every test image to the stack? Isn't that time consuming?22:28
alexpilottijetole: it’s ok, it’d be great if you could answer and mark it as an answer :-)22:30
alexpilottiabout images: they get cached on compute nodes, so after the first boot it’s fast even if they are relatively big22:31
jetolealexpilotti: no I know but I mean when you're building images like, for example, right now I'm building the redeployable win2kr2 image for our stack and I need the meta data to run it which I don't have locally so right now I am doing a lot of dev, upload, test, debug, upload, test, Q&A with you guys (would have been lost without it), upload, test and for me it's pretty time consuming22:33
jetoleI mean if there is no dummy meta server than there still has to be a better way than this 22:33
alexpilottiwe use these Powershell cmdlets to automate the process: https://github.com/cloudbase/windows-openstack-imaging-tools22:34
alexpilottiit’s fully automated, but it takes 1-2 hours per image22:34
alexpilottithe Windows updates are the time consuming part22:35
alexpilottiif you dont care about updates, it can be fully done offline22:35
jetolenot bad. I'm on Linux workstation but I could always rdp. There's a bunch of Linux options too for automated builds but for build and test, with the whole upload thing, it just seemed to me like there would have been a less time consuming way. For example, I mean if it wasn't for the meta-data, I could just poweroff the system after a sysprep, qemu-img a backing file for qcow2, boot it up and test in a matter of minutes 22:36
jetoleyeah I did the updates on the pre-rollout but that was a one-off task22:36
jetolefor dev & QA, I'm having to re-deploy for every test but oh well22:37
jetolejust hoped the pros had a better path 22:37
jetoleForgot to mention I'm using qcow2 locally for snapshots and backing_files to expedite dev but the stack is using ceph and qcow2 on ceph isn't a good idea so I also have the qemu-img convert time before each upload22:42

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