redelmann_mh... is safe to use block-storage-broker from charmes in trusty?04:03
redelmann_easy as cloning to /trusty/ and deploying?04:03
redelmann_well, there are a lot of fork of official block-storage-broker04:05
redelmann_I'll assume that it's safe04:06
stubredelmann: bsb works fine in trusty. I don't know if there is a reason it hasn't been promulgated.06:18
gnuoy`jamespage, I have 3 mps to support dvr if you get a sec http://paste.ubuntu.com/10716710/06:26
gnuoy`jamespage, and another unrelated small one if you have time https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/keystone/token-expiry/+merge/25487006:56
jamespagegnuoy`, keystone reviewed and landed07:10
jamespageI also synced up the kilo template with ed's pki stuff07:10
gnuoy`jamespage, thanks!07:10
jamespagegnuoy`, nice to have a unit test for the charm-helper change07:11
gnuoy`jamespage, sure, I'll do that now07:12
jamhey jamespage. I had a "quick" question for you07:13
jamespagejam: fireaway07:13
jamelmo had mentioned that he'd really like cgroup QoS for the Openstack charms07:13
jamis that something you're part of ?07:13
jamjamespage: I think he CC'd you on the last email I had with him.07:14
jamespagejam: he did07:15
jamespagegnuoy`, neutron-openvswitch has lint and test errors/failures07:32
gnuoy`urgh, sorry about that. I could have sworn I fixed those up07:32
jamespagegnuoy`, one bigish comment on your neutron-api change07:39
jamespageit looks to complex07:39
jamespage(see MP for details)07:39
jamespageall you want todo is pass the data from keystone down to neutron-openvswitch right?07:39
jamespageso the remapping looks surplus and inefficient07:39
gnuoy`Well, I've had mps bounced before for not being explicit about what I'm expecting and setting and acting as a blind proxy07:40
gnuoy`jamespage, I'll take a look. I've updated the charm helpers mp07:41
jamespagegnuoy`, oh wait I see07:41
gnuoy`jamespage,I think your way would leave the keystone settings in place even if the keystone <-> neutron-api relation was removed07:43
gnuoy`which I think is wrong07:43
jamespagegnuoy`, you'r right07:43
jamespagegnuoy`, also the context does some remapping from what keystone provides07:44
jamespagespecifically tenant, username and password07:44
gnuoy`jamespage, hmm, that may not be useful tbh07:44
gnuoy`the remapping07:44
jamespageso to re-use the same context in openvswitch, you need todo what you've done07:44
gnuoy`ah, yes07:44
gnuoy`that's why07:45
gnuoy`yesterday was sooo long ago07:45
jamespagegnuoy`, can you add auth_protocol to the list as well please07:45
jamespagejust in case we need that sometime07:45
gnuoy`jamespage, sure. I need to step out for 30mins but will do it when I get back07:45
jamespage(I have it in my head that's required for kilo but I'm prob wrong)07:45
jamespagegnuoy`, ack07:45
gnuoy`ssh chure09:00
jamespagegnuoy`, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/rabbitmq-server/bug-1439085/+merge/25488209:35
gnuoy`jamespage, approved09:41
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philip_stoevWhat is the canonical way for obtaining the information about a juju inteface endpoint? For example, if I have a mysql charm, how can I see, using the command line, the username and password that have been generated?10:01
philip_stoevThe only solution I could find was to use juju debug-hooks, but it does not work for me -- relation-get is not found10:02
stubphilip_stoev: You can use 'juju run --unit=foo/0 relation-ids', 'juju run --unit=foo/0 relation-get'10:19
stubphilip_stoev: Of if your fingers get tired, install the juju-relinfo package from ppa:stub/juju to give yourself the 'juju relation-get' and 'juju relation-set' commands10:20
philip_stoevthank you!10:37
gnuoy`jamespage, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10716710/ are ready for review if you have a moment11:29
jamespagegnuoy`, going to have lunch - will do them when I get back11:29
jamespagegnuoy`, zmq is testing well now11:29
jamespagegnuoy`, just polishing things11:30
jamespagegnuoy`, well for nova and neutron11:30
jamespagecinder appears quite broken11:30
jamespagegnuoy`, nested kvm appears a little happer now as well11:31
jamespageno drops all this morning11:31
gnuoy`jamespage, same here, I've done multiple big deploys this morning and no drops11:32
jamespagegnuoy`, did you see my comment re removing the downed rmq broker?11:32
jamespageit was first in all the lists so was causing lag11:32
gnuoy`jamespage, could we have tuned the timout value ?11:33
* jamespage looks11:33
gnuoy`dosaboy, I was planning on getting some of the le branches merged to next this afternoon. Are you working on them atm?11:34
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dosaboygnuoy: lets discuss ;)11:47
jamespagegnuoy, charmhelper merged - looking at charms now12:44
jamespagegnuoy, all done and merged - thanks!12:54
gnuoyjamespage, fantastic. thanks for all your review/merge efforts12:56
jamespagegnuoy, I'm pretty happy with this lot - http://paste.ubuntu.com/10718125/12:56
jamespageI need to look at glance and cinder still12:57
jamespage+ ceilometer12:57
jamespagebut nova/neutron is all good for 0mq12:57
gnuoyjamespage, ack, I'll take a look12:57
jamespagegnuoy, ta12:57
jamespagegnuoy, you can run that against the kilo staging ppa12:58
jamespagebut keystone needs a hack right now with next branch as its not at b3 yet in archive (waiting MIR's)12:58
gnuoyjamespage, the neutron-ovs one needs rebasing13:08
gnuoyI would guess compute, api and gateway probably will too13:09
jamespageurgh - Ok I'll check13:12
jamespageI suspect I just hosed myself by landing your bits first....13:12
jcastroOdd_Bloke, any luck with your problem?13:21
jamespagegnuoy, they should all be good now14:21
gnuoyjamespage, thanks. Do, you have a bundle I can prod at?14:21
jamespagegnuoy, oct bundles/0mq14:23
Odd_Blokejcastro: I haven't really looked at it; I was just playing around in downtime during test runs.14:28
* jcastro nods14:28
lazyPowerIf anyone missed the charmers meeting and wanted to catch up - the video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99iiQCypEGI14:54
apuimedocool having the meetings recorded :-)15:00
mbruzekyeah +1 on the recorded meetings15:01
mbruzektvansteenburgh: If I use the jenkins test runner will I get the new isolated containers on Jenkins?15:11
mbruzekacross all clouds?15:12
gnuoyjamespage, I've landed your 0mq branches. Thanks!15:29
jamespagegnuoy, awesome - thankyou15:37
ennobleDoes the action feature flag work with 1.22? I can't seem to get actions to work. I have JUJU_DEV_FEATURE_FLAG="action" destroyed my environment, re-created the environment and then juju help action or juju action both return "ERROR unknown command or topic for action"16:12
jw4ennoble: yes it's in 1.2216:14
jw4ennoble: the envar is plural... JUJU_DEV_FEATURE_FLAGS16:15
ennobleany idea why i can't quite get it to work... the user feature flag works (jes) and enables help user16:15
ennoblejw4: is setting the environment variable enough or do I need to destroy and re-create the environment too?16:16
jw4ennoble: just setting the feature flag should be sufficient16:17
ennoblejw4: thanks, it's working; I appreciate it16:17
jw4ennoble: you're welcome :)16:17
ennoblejw4: it will become the default in 1.23?16:18
jw4ennoble: yes16:18
marcoceppi_ennoble: 1.23-beta1 is out in the ppa:juju/devel repository if you wanted to try it out16:52
marcoceppi_ennoble: there are also docker containers that have the dev release in them if you want to try them out in isolation16:53
ennobleIs there a way to run the juju orchestration server on the same system that's running MaaS? I don't want to use one of the machines MaaS is managing for that functionality, but I assume if I create another non-MaaS environment that won't work.17:45
marcoceppi_ennoble: you can create a KVM on the MAAS machine and enlist it in maas then have the juju bootstrap node deployed to it17:55
ennoblethank macroeppi_ that will probably do the trick17:59
skayis it possible to use docker and mount both my .juju directory and a local charm that I want to test? https://github.com/juju-solutions/charmbox/blob/master/README.md#using-charmbox-with-existing-juju18:55
skayit looks like I can only do one or the other18:56
* lazyPower reads scrollback18:58
lazyPowerskay: oh you sure can!18:59
cory_fuskay: You can.  You'll want to mount the trusty directory under /home/ubuntu/trusty18:59
lazyPowerskay: you pass the -v to volume mount18:59
lazyPowerlet me fetch the readme  1 sec18:59
skaylazyPower: I can pass more than one -v?18:59
lazyPowersure can!18:59
cory_fuYou just can't mount the whole JUJU_REPOSITORY directory directly, since it will overwrite the .juju folder18:59
skaylazyPower: I linked the readme up there!18:59
lazyPowerskay: the charmbox has an illustration of 2 -v mounts19:00
lazyPowerslightly different than the base jujubox19:00
skaylazyPower: okiedokie. I am pretty excited if I can get this to work.19:00
skaylazyPower: which version of docker does the readme assume? -f isn't a valid flag19:03
skayI've got 1.2.0 build fa7b24f19:03
lazyPower1.3 plus19:03
lazyPoweri'm personally running 1.5 provided from the docker PPA19:03
lazyPower1.2.x is really old... i believe we're offering 1.3.1 in distro in trusty19:04
skayI thought I was using the ppa, but I guess I screwed it up somehow19:04
lazyPowerthanks for pointing that out though, i'll open a bug about that19:04
skayand I updated from trusty to utopic a few weeks ago19:04
skayI've fallen down a weird rabbit hole19:16
lazyPowerskay: uh oh - whats going on?19:17
skaylazyPower: it's not any of you, it's me. I can't figure out how to upgrade docker. I must have installed it in some bizarro way19:17
skaylazyPower: I tried sudo apt-get uninstalling it, and installing it and the system thinks I have 1.5.x instealled, but when I run it, It still tell sme it's the other version19:18
skayI'm quiet sure once I get that settled I'll be able to do things. I ran a test with the other box successfully19:19
skaylazyPower: which ppa are you using?19:23
lazyPowerskay: deb https://get.docker.com/ubuntu docker main19:24
lazyPowerskay: have you tried 'which docker' to see where the bin in $PATH is overriding the ppa provided docker binary?19:25
skaylazyPower: I did, and I wasn't sure which package installed it. One of my friends walked me through using dpkg -S against the binary to figure out which package it belonged to. culprit was docker.io19:26
lazyPowerthats the distro package, lxc-docker is the ppa package19:26
lazyPoweryeah, those two dont play nice together, at all19:26
ennobleis there a way to prevent juju from freeing a MaaS machine after you destroy a service running on it?19:32
ennobleJuju seems overly eager to clean-up and it's extremely annoying to have to wait 8 minutes for Maas to re-provision the machine19:32
ennobleit seems like i should have to run juju destroy-machine or destroy-environment for the machine to be freed based on the documentation, but in practice it just happens immediately after the service is destroyed19:35
skaylazyPower: thanks, btw. I have it installed properly and was able to build the charmbox19:42
skayalrighty, I can run tests woohoo.20:03
lazyPowerskay: glad we got you sorted :)20:06
skaytoday's goal is to add basenode support to block-storage-broker. I see that charmhelpers has an execd_preinstall helper for that, but I also see a lot of charms doing this in very many ways20:09
skayany reason for me NOT to use execd_preinstall?20:09
blrskay: the b-s-b charm already supports basenode20:14
skayblr: it does? I did something wrong then. it wasn't working in my environment20:14
skayblr: I don't see where it happens in the source. could you show me?20:15
skaythis adds basenode support to block-storage-broker. https://code.launchpad.net/~codersquid/charms/precise/block-storage-broker/basenode-support20:47
skayI'm not sure it's good for a merge request20:47
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lazyPowertvansteenburgh: for tomorow - https://github.com/juju-solutions/bundletester/issues/1521:29

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