valorieI don't have permissions necessary to do this ^^^04:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1434226 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "infinite recursion makes kded5 use excessive memory" [High,Confirmed]04:27
darthanubisI can confirm that removing kubuntu-notification-helper solves the issue for now04:27
valoriedarthanubis: is this a new update?04:35
valorieI've not seen a problem04:35
darthanubisat least from yesterday04:36
valoriebaloo_file is the only thing that acts up occasionally for me04:36
darthanubisdo you have the notification helper installed and have you recently rebooted since the yesterday updates?04:37
valorie$ apt-cache policy kubuntu-notification-helper04:39
valorie  Installed: 15.04ubuntu304:39
valorie  Candidate: 15.04ubuntu304:39
valorieI did not restart today, but I did yesterday04:40
valoriewhen did that drop?04:40
valoriesince muon-updater started working again, I'll just been clicking that when I see it04:41
darthanubisnot sure, I'm guess yesterday from teh bug report and forum posts04:41
valorieI'll try restarting a bit later04:42
valoriebusy now04:42
valorieoh, the bug is confirmed already04:42
valorieI can still tick the "hurts me too" button if I notice the problem04:42
frecelis anyone awake05:03
frecelI'm having some critical issues with kwin in 15.0405:03
valoriebut you didn't say *what* issues05:13
* tazz hugs valorie 05:15
valorie{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}s to tazz05:16
sitterRiddell: I seem to be missing the 5.2.2 tag in muon repo apparently07:04
sitterjust a fyi07:04
lordievaderGood morning.07:05
Riddellsitter: mm I noticed that yesterday, there is one there but I'm not sure it's where it should be07:31
Riddellhola lordievader 07:31
lordievaderHey Riddell, how are you doing?07:32
valorienice job with shadeslayer yesterday, Riddell07:33
Riddellvalorie: oh thanks, did we do ok?07:36
Riddelllordievader: dreich day in barcelona but I'm still happy :)07:36
sitterFile muon_5.2.2-1-0ubuntu3.debian.tar.xz already exists in Primary Archive for Ubuntu, but uploaded version has different contents. See more information about this error in https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors.07:36
sitter  * Add upstream_branch.diff for upstream Plasma/5.2 branch07:36
sitter -- Jonathan Riddell <jriddell@ubuntu.com>   Tue, 31 Mar 2015 16:07:44 +020007:36
sitterRiddell: >.<07:36
sittersync with git and shit07:36
Riddellsitter: oh you mean tag in packaging?07:37
sitterno, I mean upstream repo has no tag in the Plasma/5.2 branch07:37
Riddellsitter: I fixed kubuntu-notifications-helper to work yesterday and it seems now people are complaining that it's working a bit too hard07:37
sitterand your packaging stuff is not in the repo07:37
sitterso now I replicated the work07:37
sitterRiddell: what happened to knh?07:45
yofellp 1434226 happened07:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1434226 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "infinite recursion makes kded5 use excessive memory" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143422607:45
sitterthat function07:46
sitterRiddell: your knh changes are also not in git07:47
sitter        url = kde:scratch/sitter/kubuntu-notification-helper07:48
yofelsitter: that is certainly not the right repository... and as knh has no VCS set in debian/control, it's not in git anywhere07:51
yofelI meant that your scratch repos are like the last place I would look at if I would search for a knh repo...07:53
sitterbe that as it may, that's where it lives :P07:54
sittersomeone could playgroundify them07:54
yofelthen at least add Vcs-Git pointing to that -.-07:54
sitterthen we'd also be able to draw translations from kde 07:54
sitteryofel: well now I can't because the repo is not up-to-date :P07:54
RiddellI tested kcm-whoopsie for translations and wondered why they didn't work, turns out lp translations are just not very good, we should get that moved to playground too07:55
yofelsitter: as I said, without a Vcs setting, that's really your fault ^^07:55
sitterRiddell: they don't work because they haven't been imported until this week or last07:56
sitterI think I sent a mail about that07:56
sitteryofel: yes07:56
Riddellsitter: right you did, now they "work" just the translations are out of date but maybe lp translators will catch up07:57
sitterwell they are out of date because they only were available for translation for like 1 week and probably pitti didn't even upload a translation import from lp->archive in that time frame anyway ;)07:58
sitter(assuming they actually are available for translation at all now, which I haven't checked)07:58
Riddellhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+source/kde-config-whoopsie/+pots/kcm-whoopsie/es/+translate  has "Copyright 2013-2014 Harald Sitter"07:59
sittergroovy then07:59
sitterperhaps we should shoot a mail to the translation list07:59
Riddellplease do :)08:00
sitterRiddell: spanish occurs to me a bit badly maintained anyway08:00
sitterthose strings aren't new08:00
sitterin fact, I am not sure there were any new main strings at all... only metadata stuff could have changed08:00
sitterso yeah, playgroundification would be a reasonable thing :P08:01
sitterthat knh patch needs test backing08:04
sitterin fact, the recursy function should have had one to begin with08:04
Riddellsitter: I'll e-mail ubuntu-translators@lists.ubuntu08:12
kbroulikis there a way to turn a kubuntu weekly ci installation into a regular beta 2 install? eg. removing some repositories or so?08:13
sittersudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ci/unstable-weekly && sudo apt-add-repository -r ppa:kubuntu-ci/unstable-weekly && sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop08:14
kbrouliksitter: <308:22
Riddellwaa spotify linux client doesn't work any more, missing the version of libgcrypt it wants :(08:25
sitterthird party software deployment on linux - much awesome08:25
Riddellximion will sort that out with Limba08:26
soeegood morning08:32
xennex81another question, the same question, once more: will any amount of goodness from the visuals of plasma4 (oxygen, air ...) make it through in plasma5, or at least in 15.04?08:49
xennex81i am intending to have my 15.04 look a bit still like my 14.10, I guess that is the issue.08:49
xennex81I was asking in #ubuntu+1:08:50
xennex81"plasma 4. Has these themes. Oxygen. But most importantly Air, I guess. It looks pretty fancy with high contrast. At least when compared to Plasma 5 breeze light theme."08:50
xennex81"it has nice icons. It was often said that 15.04 woudl ship plasma5 "by default" but I hear say that plasma5 is going to be the only option."08:51
Riddellxennex81: sure you can install oxygen on plasma 508:51
xennex81that's [sic] --> would.. Okay08:51
Riddellat least icons and qt widget theme, dunno about plasma theme08:51
Riddellhi soee, your bug with muon should be fixed in the upload yesterday08:51
xennex81right, currently I am using the base default of Kubuntu 14.10 with something changed to Oxygen (basically the window decorations theme or something, I mean the overall theme).08:52
xennex81Oxygen itself in this install doesn't seem to ship with the required stuff for changing anything else (everying is set to "File..." as if I can only load a file with the required theme options or the files)08:52
xennex81"although I feel that having an option to select the older looks is a great asset to any distribution and certainly to this one."08:53
xennex81but if what you say is true that would be great, is that hard?08:54
soeeRiddell: confirmed, thank you08:54
xennex81"it would just be great if any of the old would seep through in the new."08:55
xennex81"and I don't really know how to explain myself but it's really simple. The question is really whether these icons and themes are present or could be present or will be made present in 15.04, by any chance whatsoever?" <--- this is what I had asked, just for reference08:55
soeenice one http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2015/04/enhancing-user-experience-through-the-compositor/08:55
xennex81i mean is it just a matter of selecting a package from the repo?08:55
xennex81sounds cool, but more about this08:56
xennex81what is the "plasma theme"?08:57
xennex81there is "style" for Applications, for Colours, Icons, and there is also Workspace Appearance -> Desktop Theme09:00
xennex81i think you mean the latter right, @Riddell09:00
RiddellDesktop Theme will be plasma theme yes09:02
Riddelluser support is usually better in #kubuntu BTW09:02
sitterRiddell: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/vivid_unstable_kdeplasma-addons/107/parsed_console/job/vivid_unstable_kdeplasma-addons/107/parsed_console/log_content.html#WARNING109:04
Riddellsitter: what am I to look at ?09:08
sitterRiddell: warnings about missing qml dependencies ;)09:08
Riddell kwin-addons has missing dependencies...  and  plasma-widget-kimpanel has missing dependencies...  ?09:10
Riddellhow is that done?09:10
Riddelland when will we get dh_qml to just add them magically like dh_shlibs? :)09:11
sitterthat's post-build stuff unfortunately09:11
sitterotherwise you'd have to have qml deps as build-deps09:11
sitterwhich seems a bit meh considering they are runtime09:11
Riddellshrug, there are worse things in the world09:12
Riddell"KCI-I :: QtQuick.Controls[1.0] not found." so you wrote some magic to do that?09:12
sitteranyway, what happens is: it installs each of the debs generated by the source, lists their content, parses all *.qml files to extract their imports, then tries to lookup the actual module according to the lookup rules, it purges the package and autoremoves the deps again and moves on to the next package09:13
sitteri.e. basic principle: if installing the package does not also install the module, the module must be missing09:14
Riddellseems sensible09:16
soeesomeone can take a lok @ #kubuntu and the problem user has - QT apps starts very slow (~ 1 minute), there is a output form konsole when starting Dolphin09:18
Riddellnvidia-prima is to "hybrid graphics (Intel+NVIDIA)" what the heck is Intel+NVIDIA?09:25
yofeltwo gpus?09:27
Riddellbut but.. why?09:27
Riddelland why mix manufacturers?09:27
sitternobody knows why09:27
soeewell intel need less power etc. so yo can use it for exaple when you dont need any fancy gpu speed i think09:28
Riddelld_ed: does sddm have ways to do this? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2015-April/009405.html09:28
Riddelldisplay-setup-script=/sbin/prime-offload display-stopped-script=/sbin/prime-switch09:29
sitterRiddell: intel makes cheapo weak onboard graphics,nvidia makes expensive heavy duty graphics. since intel would need less powa the two get combined depending on what is needed09:29
soeewhen you do some graphic processing, gaming etc. you need more powerfull gpu = nvidia09:29
soeebut it works like this i think: even when you are using nvidia, it rendres all but it anyway goes through intel to be displayd on screen ;)09:30
sitterwell, the graphics would have to go over some bus, who it belongs to doesn't matter09:31
sitterit's not like the nvidia gpu would process it and then intel would process it again, data would simply run over the (idle anyway) intel bus09:32
sitterit's all very silly IMO09:32
soeewell there is one plus, when using nvidai + propriety drivers, it almost impossible to get screen not tearing, with intel all works just smooth :)09:34
soeethis is most visible with some dynamic scenes like in the movies or when playing some games09:34
sitterclearly the solution there is to fix the driver rather than have two gpus :P09:35
soeetrue :)09:37
soeebut in 14.10 i had teh nvidia-prime working pretty nice09:37
soeebut sine im on vivid i use only inel as nvidia-prime wont work here atm :)09:38
soee@ #kubutnu [11:40] <avtolik> hey guys, do you know why kwalletmanager5 is missing from the kubuntu plasma 5 repo?09:41
sittersoee: there is no kwalletmanager510:01
soeesitter: and what he needs to get wifi passwords saved ?10:02
Riddellyay bug 1426132 fixed10:06
ubottubug 1426132 in apt (Ubuntu) "baloo is not replaced by baloo-kf5 on dist upgrade breaking release-upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142613210:06
* sitter falls over10:07
sitterRiddell: are you going to push your knh upload to git plz10:07
Riddellyep, just need to reboot after the upgrade test10:08
soeeRiddell: did you checked the merge request from ahoneybun @ kubuntu docs in help center ?10:10
Riddellsoee: URL?10:13
soeeRiddell: i think this one [23:20] <ahoneybun> Riddell: https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-docs/vivid/+merge/25484110:14
yofelRiddell: protip: commit your change to git and generate the upload package from that. That way you don't forget to commit10:15
Riddellthanks soee 10:15
Riddellyofel: what did I fail with that on?10:15
yofelknh? ^^10:15
Riddelloh well as you say there's nothing to indicate it even had a git repository :)10:16
yofeloh right, nvm me ^^10:16
soeewhy notifications should suggest kscreensaver 10:29
Riddellto install extra ones, but we don't have kscreensaver any more10:33
Riddellcos really there's only so many flying toasters you can have before you get bored10:33
Riddellhmm muchos breakage in kubuntu-notification-helper10:47
sitterbadly written software10:55
Riddellnonsense, just needs some toucing up10:57
sitterit is10:59
sitterjust like kubuntu-debug-installer10:59
sittercrap made when we were younger10:59
Riddellhmm, do we actually have a release upgrade notification in 15.04?11:03
Riddellmuon installer does it but does muon-notifier?11:03
=== ahoneybun_ is now known as ahoneybun
sitterthat hook class in knh gives me a headache11:35
sitteryofel: which hook file is causing the recursion?11:36
Riddellgood question, that code wouldn't be run if there isn't a hook file11:37
Riddellyofel, tsdgeos: what do you have in /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d ?11:38
ahoneybunthanks soee11:40
yofelhm, I removed knh on this system, but here I have "apt-file-update  dropbox-start-required  ecryptfs-record-passphrase  steam-install-notify"11:41
yofelchecking my notebook will have to wait until evening11:41
Riddellyofel: that's fine any one will cause the bug11:43
ahoneybunRiddell: for some reason the main branch of ubiquity was missing the last icon as well, I think I fixed the first icon, I ran "bzr add" on all the files. The first icon was missing cuz I edited the welcome.html for the screenshot.11:45
Riddellahoneybun: ok, what do I need to get the fix?11:46
ahoneybunRiddell: I made the changes to my branch so just a merge for the ubiquity11:47
=== rdieter_ is now known as rdieter
ahoneybunI'll grab the url11:48
ahoneybunlet me fix the last few permissions11:48
Riddellahoneybun: you also did lots of updates to -docs package? is that to make it all kf5 style docs?11:48
ahoneybunRiddell: to fix that one bug mostly (with yofel help a lot)11:49
Riddellahoneybun: you have an nvidia? do you know what driver manager installs when you tell it to install stuff?11:49
ahoneybunRiddell: I do, not sure what it does everytime I installer the nonfree driver I can never get the system to work right11:50
ahoneybun\o/ no more permission changes!11:51
ahoneybunRiddell: ubiquity is all good to merge (no extra work for you this time)11:51
sitterthat hook parser seems a bit weird11:54
Riddellsitter: how so?11:54
ahoneybunfor the docs https://code.launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/kubuntu-docs/vivid/+merge/25484111:54
Riddellit's badly named11:54
sitterI can rip out half the entires in my test case and the hook class still thinks the file is valid11:55
sitterI can remove the entire name and it will still be happy >.<11:55
Riddellsitter: I don't think it's formally specified, Command=true is probably a valid file11:55
sitterRiddell: the code talks of a spec. but even if it there wasn't one no name and no description pretty much consistute an invalid hook as far as the gui is concerned11:56
sitteranyway, I have some highlevel test, I just need an example file that causes recursion11:57
Riddellsitter: don't they all?11:58
Riddellit calls getField()11:58
Riddellwhich calls getField()11:58
Riddellbut it never actually parses the field11:58
* ahoneybun would love to get notifications from IRC12:00
yofelhm, felix supposedly fixed that in quassel12:00
ahoneybunin konversation12:01
Riddelldoesn't it?12:01
Riddellnudge sho if not I guess12:01
sitterRiddell: nope, I don't understand the code12:01
sitterah you are probably right12:03
sitterhow did that ever work Oo12:03
sitterit's actually possible that it broke in the port12:04
sitterthe lookup flatness looks like something I would write12:04
ahoneybunRiddell: there will be one more update to kubuntu-docs before release as I update the installer slides on the wiki12:05
sitterah yes12:05
sitterI did change the lookup12:05
sitterit didn't get more loopy though, it was inifinite recursion previously as well Oo12:05
Riddellahoneybun: we also need to work out how the translations for the slideshow works12:07
ahoneybunRiddell: of course, not sure how it worked before but I'll help12:09
Riddellahoneybun: ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu_95.dsc up!12:09
ahoneybun:) I got a email \o/12:09
ahoneybunI'll grab a daily build tomorrow and test12:10
ahoneybunwork bbl12:11
sitteroh oh oh12:13
sitterRiddell: I broke it!12:13
sitterthere used to be readFile(str, locale) and readFile(str), I folded the two and now it's infinity read12:13
Riddell¡que facha!12:14
Riddellsitter: shall we put this into playground?12:15
sittereverything must go into playground12:16
Riddellturns out I'm not the only one who doesn't sync archive with git, harald also made an upload that isn't in git :)12:16
Riddellpushed now12:16
Riddell"Launchpad currently recommends translating kubuntu-notification-helper in Ubuntu Utopic. "  hmm we're a month from release why is launchpad still recomending utopic12:17
sitterRiddell: what did I not push?12:18
Riddellsitter: +  * Set library translation domain for kded and kcm 12:19
Riddell"Launchpad currently recommends translating kde-config-whoopsie in Ubuntu Vivid. "  good fixed, whatever would ubuntu do without us?12:21
BluesKajHiyas all12:22
Riddellhmm even the export tar from launchpad is weird for translations12:25
tsdgeosRiddell: tsdgeos_work@xps:~$ ls  /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/12:25
tsdgeosapt-file-update  data-downloads-failed  steam-install-notify12:25
tsdgeosRiddell: i uninstalled the kubuntu package yesterday if it matters12:25
Riddelltsdgeos: could you pastebin this? for asdf in /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/*; do echo ${asdf}; cat ${asdf}; done12:26
tsdgeosRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10717990/12:27
Riddellsitter: some example files for you ↑12:31
sitterthe function is even more wrong12:34
sitterI feel like I am rewriting code I wrote in libkubuntu already12:35
* sitter looks12:35
Riddellsitter: I pushed an updated launchpad translations export12:35
sitterRiddell: a what now?12:36
Riddellsitter: what don't you understand?12:36
Riddellsitter: pushed fix for bug 143913912:37
ubottubug 1439139 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "proprietary driver notification not running kcmshell5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143913912:37
Riddellsitter: does moving to playground need a kde sysadmin request?12:38
Riddellhttps://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Application_Lifecycle seems to still talk about svn12:39
Riddellsitter: https://sysadmin.kde.org/tickets/index.php?page=tickets&act=doadd submitted to request a new playground repository then I think we get instructions to move it and then we talk to i18n people I guess12:45
Riddell"kf5.kded: kded module "notificationhelper" still uses .desktop files ("kded/notificationhelper.desktop"). Please port it to JSON metadata." moans kded12:55
Riddellahoneybun: could you help me understand the nvivia issue a bit more?12:59
xennex81soee: Isn't that intel+nvidia the same as what AMD was doing with ATI, ie. if you have a defined set of matching chips (onboard AMD and discrete ATI) that then it *could* work together but the marginal gains were so low that you really wondered if it was anything more than a nice idea?13:02
xennex81soee: or is it these days about power consumption?13:03
xennex81soee: being less I mean.13:03
soeexennex81: tbh, i never had any ati card so im not usre this gpu segment13:03
soeewhat i read bout this, it was power save etc. topic. We have nvidia prime only on laptops13:04
soeebecause here you want to save power etc. if you dont need some nice gpu power most of teh time13:05
soeeit would be pointless to have nvidia active and used then13:05
soeethats teh point i thin13:05
xennex81soee: I'd have to look into this current technology but it seems odd to me that there'd actually be a form of GPU-offloading, but I guess it's there if the driver supports both.... (that nVidia Primus).13:05
xennex81yeah I guess, looking into it a bit, interesting :)13:06
xennex81anyway, I just wanted to mention that it seems odd @sitter13:07
sitterRiddell:  while you are pestering sysadmins file tickets for all the kubuntu repos I have in my scratch :P13:08
xennex81about the nvidia primus thing, something is bugging me about it ;-). Never mind though.13:09
soee_uhm, i was discronnected :<13:10
soee_xennex81: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/optimus_technology_uk.html13:11
soee_you can watch teh short video there lso 13:11
soee_on windows it works a bit less coplicad then linux. hre we have to switch gpu and relogin13:12
soee_on windows you can rightclick on app and pick from contet menu the gpu that should be used13:13
soee_i think some latops offer option in bios to turn off one o the cards13:14
soee_sadly not on my dell13:14
soee_Riddell: i think this explains all http://www.nvidia.co.uk/content/optimus_technology/optimus_technology_popup_uk.html :D13:16
xennex81i see that there is a "bumblebee" project that you have to install for it13:16
soee_you want just nvidia-prime package tbh13:16
soee_it adds cli or gui (in nvidia-settings) to switch gpus13:17
soee_but dont try now as it does not ork with sddm :-)13:17
xennex81ok, nevermind.13:18
xennex81Riddell: I had asked my themes in Vivid question on #kubuntu at first, I was redirected to #ubuntu+1, then to #kubuntu-devel, sorry if I am burdening you here.13:21
Riddellsitter: is there a way to list those?13:40
sitterRiddell: quickgit.kde.org?13:43
soee_i think this is teh most annoying bug atm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sddm/+bug/1407152 13:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1407152 in sddm (Ubuntu) "Can't log out from Plasma session with SDDM" [Critical,Triaged]13:44
soee_is it easy to fix ?13:44
Riddellsoee_: it's an upstream bug i think, d_ed is that what we were talking about earlier? ↑13:47
d_edprobably, but I don't think it's SDDM13:47
d_edgiven ksmserver is still running13:47
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_work
Riddellkcm-driver-manager -> kde-config-driver-manager13:54
Riddellkcm-whoopsie -> kde-config-whoopsie13:54
Riddellsitter: how about those renames for debian's policy on naming kcms?13:54
sitterfine by me13:55
sittergot annoyed by it the other day as well ^^13:55
sitterI think the source packages might even be named differently than their repos13:55
sitterits very weird all13:55
Riddelltickets opened for kde-config-whoopsie git repository14:03
Riddellkubuntu-debug-installer git archive14:03
RiddellMove kubuntu-notificaitons-helper to playground14:03
Riddellkde-config-driver-manager git archive14:03
sitterjust once I'd like to fix a bug without having to write a ton of code to fix another bug that appeared in the course of fixing the initial bug14:09
Riddellbut then how would you show your elite coding powers?14:12
sittergood point :O14:13
Riddell"hookevent" is an annoying name, the user visible name is "upgrade information" neither is very descriptive and neither match the other14:14
Riddellalthough "other notifications" is not very descriptive :)14:14
Riddellbut too late for string changes14:15
Riddellmparillo: upgrade from 14.10 is working, might be worth a tweet or two :)14:17
* Riddell removes warning from kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-vivid-beta-214:18
xennex81seriously? Entire upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04 is working?14:20
Riddellwell it's not completely broken, more testing appreciated14:22
sittersuch a waste of time14:22
sitterRiddell: [ubuntu/vivid-proposed] kubuntu-notification-helper 15.04ubuntu4 (Waiting for approval)14:22
Riddellsitter: rejected, you forgot my fix which I just pushed14:24
BluesKajglad you guys mentioned the upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04 isn't quite ready yet , was about to  do-release-upgrade -d 14:25
sitterRiddell: you didn't add a changelog entry14:25
sitteroh oh14:25
sitterRiddell: the update translation commit seems wrong14:25
sitterthey should come from some language-pack14:25
Riddellfrom where?14:26
sitterlanguage-pack-en: /usr/share/locale-langpack/en_AU/LC_MESSAGES/kcm_notificationhelper.mo14:26
Riddellyou want them extracted from 100 language-pack packages?14:26
xennex81i might do it in a harddrive install (no VM) prior to see if I can install it from scratch (15.04 that is, if I'm not going to install Ubuntu GNOME for a change first -- I have a bit of a rambunctiousness planned) but it will be a few weeks.14:27
sitterRiddell: noooo, they are to be used from there14:27
sitterRiddell: the import you did is being stripped during build14:27
sitterthe solution here is to patch ki18n to search locale-langpack14:27
sitterRiddell: new upload incoming14:27
Riddellsitter: hang on, we still have bug 143914714:28
ubottubug 1439147 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "fix restricted codecs notifier" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143914714:28
Riddellalthough I guess with the kded issue we should get a fix in pronto14:28
Riddellsitter: needs X-Ubuntu-Use-Langpack: yes removed and then it won't get stripped?14:28
sitterthen the languages don't get updated14:29
sitterthe solution is to patch ki18n :P14:29
Riddellki18n does read from locale-langpack14:29
sitterthen the import is useless anyway14:30
Riddellwe don't want the languages to get updated don't we? we want to move translations upstream14:30
sitteras I was saying... the translations are in the langpack14:30
sitterRiddell: not for 15.04 we don't14:30
Riddellright but we want to move to them being upstream14:30
Riddellwell 15.04 can do whatever it wants :)14:30
sitteryes we want them from upstream, but right now we have no upstream translations :P14:30
sitterall we have is lunchpad tranlsations and the workflow for those is to land via langpacks14:31
sitterso that's what we have to stick with until we have upstream translations14:31
Riddellanyway good stuff sitter 14:32
Riddellwhy do none of the files in this thing have comments?!14:38
Riddellrestricted install notifier is only shown when an app calls it like k3b?14:40
Riddellwhen did flash-install get shown?14:40
KDDAanyone got a fix for kded5 going buck crazy and consuming RAM and swap, bring system to its knees?14:43
RiddellKDDA: yep, sitter is being wonderful and has coded one especially for you14:44
Riddellkeep an eye on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-notification-helper/15.04ubuntu414:44
tsdgeosKDDA: or just uninstall the kubuntu-notification-helper for now :D14:45
* Riddell wonders why the download icon in breeze is a floppy disk14:46
KDDAwhat is causing it?!?14:49
Riddellit's a coding error, recursive call14:51
tsdgeosKDDA: or just uninstall the kubuntu-notification-helper for now :D14:53
tsdgeostoo slow14:53
tsdgeosneed to be faster next time14:53
KDDAThis is crazy14:55
tsdgeosKDDA: or just uninstall the kubuntu-notification-helper for now :D14:55
KDDAI did14:55
tsdgeosthen you should not be having issues anymore14:55
tsdgeosare you?14:55
KDDAit happens all of a sudden14:56
tsdgeosshould be fixed by removing kubuntu-notification-helper14:56
tsdgeosit fixed it for me14:56
tsdgeostruth be told i also removed all apport-14:56
sittertoo much fancy tech that could be failing14:57
* sitter out14:57
KDDAwhat is the actual problem?14:57
sittersomeone drop me an email should there still be a grave issue with the notification-helper in the ubuntu4 upload14:57
KDDAis it nvidia14:58
Riddellno it's notification-helper15:00
darthanubiswith kubuntu-notification-helper being fixed, temporarily removed for me as well, I wake up to baloo-file using 100% cpu. Will that get resolved as well. I'm sure it will, but is there something I can do to avoid it for now?15:02
Riddellno changes for baloo forthcoming15:05
Riddellget a backtrace and send it to bugs.kde.org15:05
BluesKajdarthanubis, disable desktop search in system settings and see if that helps15:05
BluesKajthing is baloo only indexes for a very short time afaik, correct me if I'm mistaken 15:11
BluesKajsince I don't use it15:12
mgraesslinvalorie: please tell people to use forum.kde.org instead of pinging me :-)15:21
soeeoh oh i have new notification after upating ntification helper ;) something bout incomplete language pack15:21
Riddellsoee: yep, all part of this kubuntu-notification-helper fixage15:42
Riddellsoee: does it work sensibly?15:42
soeeRiddell: define sensibly :)15:43
Riddellsoee: does it give you a nice dialog that explains what it's doing then install language packs?15:46
mparilloRiddell: I will be happy to tweet the update (and remove the not recommended from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/Beta2/Kubuntu), but (1) Is a 32-bit test necessary first, and (2) maybe I should slow down on the Kubuntu Wire. I saw this complaint: http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=281#disqus_thread15:46
Riddellmparillo: yeah I guess stuff on kubuntu.org isn't needed on wire15:47
Riddellmparillo: while you're at it you could include that kded going mad is fixed with kubuntu-notification-helper 15.04ubuntu4 in the archive shortly15:48
soeeRiddell: not exactly15:58
soeeRiddell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UETeERqwZ6M&feature=youtu.be 16:02
soeeRiddell: when we talk about UX, if we click on notification it shows 2 windows, there should be one imo (for admin password) and than if authorisation is fine, second that installes the missing packages. 16:04
soeeRiddell: alo  if we cancel the first window, error is thrown that authorization failed16:04
soeeRiddell: here simply all windows should be closed and notification icon placed back on panel systray16:04
soeealso it wuld be good ot know what packages are going to be installed16:05
soeehere we dont have any information about it16:06
soeethat is for UX16:06
Riddell2 dialogs seems like a small issue16:09
Riddellif you cancel it then authorisatoin did fail :)16:10
Riddellbut yeah I take your point it's not ideal16:10
Riddellreport bugs on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-notification-helper if you like16:10
Riddelland list of packages would be nice (if hidden probably)16:11
soeeill create bug report16:12
Riddellsoee: and does it otherwise work?16:15
soeeRiddell: how can i make the notification to show up again in systray after i caceled the installation like on video ?16:16
Riddellsoee: killall kded5; kded516:20
ovidiu-florinahoneybun soee jose KDDA I've just migrated to using a child theme, please take a look over the site and report to me any issues16:22
ovidiu-florinhere's the link again: http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/16:22
KDDAdoes the shortcode for the copyright statetment work?16:23
josethanks ovidiu-florin 16:26
soeeRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-notification-helper/+bug/143930316:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1439303 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "Better UX/UI is required for kubuntu-notification-center" [Undecided,New]16:26
soeeoh crap helper not center =:)16:27
ovidiu-florinKDDA: haven't tried that yet16:28
ovidiu-florinI wanted to get the original functionality there first16:28
soeeRiddell: restarting kded5 doesnt brig the icon back16:29
ovidiu-florinjose: do you want to k=take care of this: https://trello.com/c/Knf0m4ED/25-edit-http-www-kubuntu-org-news-kubuntu-14-10-to-note-that-ppa-next-is-no-longer-supported16:29
kubotu[Kubuntu Promotion :: To Do :: Edit http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-14.10 to note that ppa-next is no longer supported. ++ ]16:29
ovidiu-florinon both sites16:29
ovidiu-florinjose: on both sites16:30
joseI'd do it but I'm currently swamped with work I've missed in the last couple days16:30
ovidiu-florinok then16:30
ovidiu-florinvalorie: is ^^ urgent?16:30
soeeovidiu-florin: give some space between content and footer16:30
soeeok now the icon is back16:31
soeeovidiu-florin: here http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/feature-tour/ i would make all icons in the same shape - circles16:34
soeelaso i woudl give them some space horizontally and to avoid linebreak, make them a bit smaller16:34
soeeRiddell: the missing language files seems to be installed but we dont have any confirmation message like: all missing language files have been installed. you shoould now bla bla . . :)16:36
Riddellsoee: if they're all installed it's all good, no need to disturb the user16:36
soeeRiddell: well i didn;t have any error so i assume they were installed when progress bar reach 100% :)16:36
ovidiu-florinsoee jose Riddell KDDA ahoneybun do we need the top navigation bar? with the logo? We already have those links in the featured area and in the footer.16:41
joseI'd say yes. however, it shows in two rows and not just one16:41
josethe donate button  makes a second row16:41
ovidiu-florinI know, that's because I increased the font size16:42
soeeyes it shoudl stay16:43
ovidiu-florinit's kind of useless IMO16:43
ovidiu-florinbut I think like an engineer, not a designer16:43
ovidiu-florinanyone else?16:46
ovidiu-florinotherwise I'd remove one of the menu items16:48
Riddellovidiu-florin: the point is they're common across the whole site16:50
ovidiu-florinso's the footer16:51
ovidiu-florinRiddell: ^16:51
ovidiu-florinbut I see your point16:51
soeeRiddell: how many user will look @ footer ? :)16:51
Riddellwithout the top bar how do you go from http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/community/ to the front page? or to download? the footer is too fiddly16:51
Riddellsoee: not many I guess16:51
soeethis part is often completely ignored  b users16:51
ovidiu-florinsoee Riddell jose ahoneybun KDDA how does the nav bar look now: http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/16:55
Riddellovidiu-florin: nice16:56
josewoot woot16:56
soeeovidiu-florin: on -md screens it breaks to  lines16:56
soeemake font bigger, and padding for menu items smaller16:56
soeemenu items shoudl have text-lign: center so on small screens they would work better16:58
ovidiu-florinsoee: the font is 16px, I believe it's big enough16:59
soeeyes i had to refresh16:59
soeealso remove top margin from #logo not it makes a 3 pixels white space under main navigation when item is hovered17:00
soeeor you can give #logo element fixed height17:00
soeeand make image responsive17:01
soeethis theme uses so old bootrstap styles :/17:03
ovidiu-florinsoee: fixed height?17:05
ovidiu-florininstead of max-height?17:05
soeeif container have height defined, then on child element - img - you can use height: 100% so th logo become responisve17:07
soeenow teh logo height decides about whole top panel height17:07
soeei would make the kubuntu logo bit smaller17:08
soeebut such change would require to giving top panel ow height so it will render properly on small screens ;)17:09
ovidiu-florinsoee: I've set #logo to 70px height17:12
ovidiu-florinbut I still see it as 62PX17:12
mparilloI removed the "Please note upgrade from Kubuntu Plasma5 14.10 is not supported and is unlikely to work, these users will need to reinstall" and the "Not Recommended" from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/Beta2/Kubuntu17:12
Riddellmparillo: ooh hang on that's wrong17:13
Riddellupgrade from Kubuntu Plasma5 14.10 is not supported17:13
Riddellmparillo: the change is  Please note that this approach is affected by (Bug:1426132) baloo is not replaced by baloo-kf5 on dist upgrade '''breaking release upgrade17:14
Riddellwhich I already removed from the wiki page17:14
ovidiu-florinsoee: fixed....17:14
soeeovidiu-florin: because you have also max-height set17:14
soeeovidiu-florin: it needs also some chnages when panel is affixed mode17:16
mparilloReverted, Sorry.17:18
ovidiu-florinsoee: I don't understand17:19
soeeovidiu-florin: if you scroll page down, the top panel gets fixed positon (at the top) but with current #logo height under image and menu items there is a lot of space as this elements in fixed  top panel position have smaller size17:23
ovidiu-florinsoee: fixed17:28
soeeovidiu-florin: you but hgive there #logo liek 8px top maring when panel is fixed17:31
Riddellahoneybun, yofel: kubuntu-docs uploaded thanks for that.  I can't merge with lp:kubuntu-docs because I don't have access, I've e-mailed the admin of the group.  what's the git repo on kde git about?17:32
ovidiu-florinsoee: like this it looks more centered, at least on my screen17:38
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: ping17:41
Riddellhmm, shall I move kdelibs4 docs from /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML to /usr/share/doc/HTML ?  this'll make docs work but will make us incompatible with debian and have to recompile everything17:44
ovidiu-florinRiddell: why do that?17:47
Riddellovidiu-florin: "make docs work" currently khelpcentre can't read docs from kdelibs4 apps17:48
ovidiu-florinis the location hardcoded?17:48
Riddellovidiu-florin: yes in the kdelibs configure command17:48
ovidiu-florinhow does Debian solve this problem?17:49
Riddellthey haven't changed to plasma 5 yet17:49
ovidiu-florincan't we have a symlink?17:49
RiddellI don't think so, it's already a directory so if you make a symlink there it'll go "no there's a directory here"17:52
ovidiu-florinsoee: feedback please: http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/feature-tour/17:53
ovidiu-florinsoee: I can't make them round, unless I use some mask and hide part of the images17:53
ovidiu-florinI'd rather give them a nice border and a background, and make them all square17:54
soeeovidiu-florin: click here on teh submenu Applications or Pro Aps https://www.apple.com/pl/mac/17:55
soeethey are presented pretty nice17:56
ovidiu-florinsoee: you'd have to talk to VDG for that17:57
Riddellshadeslayer: got any thoughts on docs question? ↑17:57
ovidiu-florintell them to be consistent17:57
Riddellhi Erthe 18:05
ErtheInstalled 15.04 Beta 2 yesterday; after being logged into the desktop for about 10 - 30 minutes, the system becomes unresponsive, how would I log this bug?18:06
ErtheRiddell: Hey Riddell18:06
ErtheRunning on Nvidia GeForce 750 GTX, 64bit install, sddm and Plasma.18:08
ErtheBut I don't know the cause.18:08
RiddellErthe: install kubuntu-notification-helper 15.04ubuntu418:09
soeeErthe: the dailt iso, or beta uso ?18:09
Riddelllog out and in and see if it continures18:09
Erthesoee: The Beta 2 ISO18:09
ErtheRiddell: OK, back shortly in Konversation then.18:10
soeeErthe: ok follow Riddells instruction18:10
ErtheRiddell: What was that package again?18:13
soeeErthe: kubuntu-notification-helper18:16
ErtheIt's installed.18:16
soeeErthe: what version ?18:16
ErtheIt says newest.18:16
soeeapt-cache policy kubuntu-notification-helpe18:16
soeeapt-cache policy kubuntu-notification-helper18:17
soeeErthe: install *418:18
soeedownload the biuld your system uses https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-notification-helper/15.04ubuntu418:18
ErtheOK, let's see how that went, bbiab.18:20
ovidiu-florinRiddell: what parts of GCC do we ship? https://gcc.gnu.org/git/?p=gcc.git;a=tree18:27
Riddellovidiu-florin: um dunno, I assume it's all in the archive18:28
ovidiu-florinit isn't 18:28
ovidiu-florinI need this for debugging: https://gcc.gnu.org/git/?p=gcc.git;a=tree;f=libstdc%2B%2B-v3/python;h=db2b5361387fa7378b07c88848c1a433072d32c4;hb=HEAD18:28
ovidiu-florinhow can I track gcc packaging and see if there's a possibility to add that18:29
ovidiu-florinin the package, or a sepparate one18:29
ovidiu-florinRiddell:  ^ ???18:29
Riddelldoko is the gcc dude in ubuntu18:29
ovidiu-florinon which channel should I ask?18:30
ovidiu-florinlordievader: ping18:30
ovidiu-florinKDDA: how did you call that function to set the year automatically?18:31
Riddellovidiu-florin: #ubuntu-devel I guess18:31
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Sort of pong?18:35
ovidiu-florinlordievader: any luck on the link thing?18:36
ovidiu-florinwhat was the last status?18:36
ovidiu-florinI forgot18:36
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: pong18:36
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Err you asked me to rerun the scripts, I did, gave you a new list.18:36
ovidiu-florinyes, I remember now18:37
ovidiu-florinI need to filter that with my script18:37
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: do we need that "Discover Kubuntu" if we have a big button for the feature tour?18:37
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: please avoid using the WP editor on pages18:38
ovidiu-florinit breaks the JavaScript in the posts18:38
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: at leas untill I make it not break them anymore18:38
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: use just the text editor (HTML) for now18:39
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: so don't make edits till your done, ok18:39
ovidiu-florinjust don't use the visual editor18:39
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: where do you see "Discover Kubuntu"?18:39
ovidiu-florinfound it18:40
ovidiu-florinremoving now18:40
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: what did you ping me about?18:40
ovidiu-florinsoee: are you still around//18:40
ovidiu-florinthe editor18:40
ahoneybunoh ok18:40
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: ^18:40
ovidiu-florinbecause the feature page internal links broke when you removed the Kontact KMail duplication18:41
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: I saw that, sorry18:41
ovidiu-florinit's fixed now18:41
ovidiu-florinso, no problem18:41
ahoneybunRiddell: I'm going to update the screenshots for the installation part of the Docs but I'll keep it in my branch till we get control of the ubuntu-docs core18:42
ovidiu-florinlordievader: I cleaned up the filtered file18:45
ovidiu-florinlordievader: https://trello.com/c/36EqHCdB/20-make-sure-all-urls-from-the-old-site-are-available-valid-on-the-new-site18:45
kubotu[Kubuntu Promotion :: To Do :: make sure all urls from the old site are available/valid on the new site ++ OT, OB, JAR]18:45
ovidiu-florinlordievader: they should be all fixed, can you run a check?18:51
ahoneybundarn wifi18:51
ahoneybunRiddell: do you need me to install the nvidia drivers and report back?18:52
Riddellahoneybun: would be useful, I'm not sure what happens18:54
Riddellahoneybun: if you could install it from driver manager in system settings and let me know what's in /var/log/apt/term.log18:54
xennex81i am wanting to start translating something for you guys but I'm starting with the userbase wiki I guess18:54
Riddellxennex81: thanks :)18:54
ahoneybunRiddell: let me jump into irc on another machine and report back18:54
xennex81if there is anything you want me to do in terms of translating software or whatever, drop me a line, but it'd be dutch only, so I guess you need me somewhere in some system right?18:55
xennex81i mean obviously it is just one language mostly18:55
Riddellxennex81: also https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-translators/2015-April/006838.html but I guess you need to be in the launchpad group for that18:55
ahoneybunRiddell: should I use the recommanded driver?18:55
ahoneybunI have 4 listed18:56
=== aaron is now known as Guest75982
Riddellahoneybun: dunno what are the options?18:56
Riddellahoneybun: screenshot?18:56
=== Guest75982 is now known as ahoneybun
ahoneybunlet me grab one Riddell18:57
Riddellahoneybun_: ah i guess that'll install nvidia-346-updates or similar18:59
ahoneybun /var/log/apt/term.log18:59
xennex81Riddell: these three are already translated in Dutch, just not Frysian etc. but that is not very important19:00
ahoneybun_keeping that for later so I know where to look19:00
xennex81but thanks19:00
ahoneybunRiddell: so recommanded then?19:00
Riddellahoneybun: pardon?19:01
xennex81I have added myself to the userbase translator list, now just waiting to be added to the list19:01
ovidiu-florinRiddell: what's that drink? http://kubwp.kubuntu.co.uk/news/kubuntu-9-04-beta-available/19:01
xennex81ie. get an account :p19:01
ahoneybunRiddell: use the recommanded driver then?19:01
Riddellovidiu-florin: scotland's national drink :) http://www.irn-bru.co.uk/bundles/irnbruwebsiteframework/scenes/drinks/a/products@2x.png?419:01
Riddellahoneybun: I guess so19:02
ovidiu-florinRiddell: and that was an official Kubuntu limited edition?19:03
Riddellovidiu-florin: limited to the one I stuck the sticker onto :)19:03
Riddellahoneybun: good luck I need to wander off19:04
* Riddell wanders off19:04
ovidiu-florinRiddell: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/9.04-release/desktop_thumb.png can you give me this file?19:04
* ahoneybun takes a shower brb19:05
ovidiu-florinRiddell: actually everything in that folder19:05
ovidiu-florinRiddell: and the same for the 9.10 folder19:11
ovidiu-florinRiddell: do you have the pictures for those or should I mark this as done?19:18
ahoneybunRiddell: other then the desktop taking a bit longer to load up and a error message about "-session" I'm back up. Log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10720152/19:25
ahoneybundid anyone notice that the installer uses oxygen icons for the check marks and x's19:31
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=== FrogLeg changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: This Topic is now Hot. B===D~ B===D~ B===D~ B===D~ B===D~
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Err, could you remind me in the weekend if I haven't done it by then?21:18
KDDAis  kubuntu-notification-helper fixed now?21:23
ovidiu-florinKDDA I've added the shortcode for the copyright21:29
ovidiu-florinthank you for the sugestion21:29
KDDAit working now within child theme?21:30
soeewhat the wih the chanell topic ?21:30
KDDAwhen is Vivid offical launch?21:31
soeeyofel: ?21:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about schedule21:31
soeeno no yofel: [23:30] <soee> what the wih the chanell topic ?21:31
yofelKDDA: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseSchedule21:31
yofelsoee: oh...21:32
yofelwe got spammed I guess? -.-21:32
soeei dunno :)21:32
=== soee changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - 10 years of friendlyness | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Crash tracker : http://goo.gl/Cdynad | 20 bugs to fix http://goo.gl/Chh7uh
soeei fixed it :D21:35
yofelbeat my by ~2s :P21:35
soeelukly konversation has history21:36
soeenotification for required system reboot works fine :)21:47
valorieovidiu-florin: not urgent, but another user in #kubuntu said s/he had found that and used the advice to upgrade to 14.10 + ppa-next22:01
valoriesince we no longer support that, we should remove or change that advice in all our pages - my search didn't turn that one up22:01
ovidiu-florincan't we turn that into an alias to the valid ppa?22:27
ovidiu-florinvalorie: ^22:27
ovidiu-florinor make a blog post with an oficial statement that we no longer support that ppa22:27
valoriewell, if people want plasma5, they should install the vivid beta22:27
valoriereally, the point is to stop giving out bad advice22:28
ovidiu-florinok, I'll look into it tomorrow, if someone doesn't fix it by then22:28
ovidiu-florinI'm off to bed22:28
valorieit could even be lined-through with html22:28
ovidiu-floringood night22:28
* valorie would fix, but has no permissions to the website22:29
valoriesweet dreams, ovidiu-florin22:29
ahoneybunvalorie: still there?22:33
valorieyes, I'm here22:47
valoriefinally finished reading up -- looks like I missed a busy day22:47
ahoneybundarn you konversion22:55
ahoneybunvalorie: I could make a blog post22:55
valoriesorry, the power blinked for a min and I was off checking that all the electronics were ok23:09
mparillovalorie: I can change some things on the website. Where did you find the advice to upgrade to 14.10 + ppa-next23:19
ahoneybunvalorie: about ppa-next23:22
valoriehttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-14.10 23:22
valorieI put the link in the trello card I wrote about it23:22
valorieso if you fix it, please move the trello card23:23
ahoneybunI have no access to the old site sorry23:31
ahoneybunjust the new one23:31
mparilloI hacked it pretty hard.23:32
mparilloI have to run.23:33
mparilloI will try to update the Trello Card tonight.23:33
valoriethanks mparillo23:35
mparilloTrello does not like rekonq. Switching to Chrome. How do I claim the task.23:38
valoriejust move from ToDo to Doing23:38
mparilloI cannot. Do I need permissions?23:39
valorieare you a member of the board?23:40
valorieshould be a little link up on the top-right23:41
valorieI don't see you, mparillo23:41
=== ahoneybun_ is now known as ahoneybun

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